The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 01, 1898, Image 8

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    r:c -:;i.trx county
Thursday. DEC!. 1st, 1983.
tMeo. D. Canon, Editor and Prop.
r. E- 4 M. V E. i. lime table.
Going Went. UotoS East.
5, mixed, 11 30 i No. 6. Mixed .8:00
y. E.
M. V. R. R. is
to and from the
the best
ell.. A. Holcomb -Governor E. Harris Lieutenant ovemoi
W F. Porter Secretary of Mate
Johur. Cornell Aadltor
J. U. Meserve Treasurer
.C.J.Smyth- Attorney General
, v Wolfe Laii'i CouimUsionei
W. R. Jackio"" .-..Supt. Public Instruction
John M. Thurston C. S. Benator. Omaha
Wn..V Allen V. 9. Senator. Madison
J. B. Strode, CongTessiuun 1st max..
1). II. Mercer,
:t,muel Maxwell,
W. L.JWark,
fx. I. Sutherland,
U. (.reeu.
j 3. sillvan Chief JusUre, Columbus
T O. C. Harrison -As'te Judge, Grind Island
T. L. Korval Associate Judge. Seward.
V. A. CampbelL-Clerk and Eeporter, Uncftiu
;M. P. KinkaJd-.
W. H. W estovsr
M- J- Blewett
..Judge, O'Seill
. Kushvillc
..deck, Harrison
IHstrlet Court, At Harrison, commences
Spring term Jay 9tli,
fall " Sejit l'Jth jury 19th.
tCounty Coort,-At Harrison, cesnmences
,Art Monday of each month.
Otto Motz.. Senator, Dint. NcM, Springvtew
.A. E. Sheldou Dlst. So. 53, Chadron
Robert Wilson..- ..County Judge
-M J. Blewett , Clerk
Cba. Blehle
rjKMe Merriam
Tho Holly
..Supt. Public Instruction
.J. E. Phlnney Coroner
B. F. Thomas . Surveyor
M . J. Blewett , Clerk of District Court
?rant Guthrie County Attorney
Jna C. Meng 1st Dialriet
Andrew lTocunier.,., .. .-2d "
. Jackson Mitln( Chairman) JUL "
E. F. Pontius (chairman)
John Davis..
D. H. Giiswod -. ,
V. B. Marsteller ,
.-JS. Rohwer '. .....
-W. It Davis ,
Jwis Gerlach
;F.ggert Eobwer ...Director
B. L. Smnck , Moderator
JjtmlM Gerlach . ... Troasurer
; Methodist Sunday School meets every un
alay morning at 10 :00
W. U. Davis, Miss B btcll,
Superintend ant. Secretary
Beffnlar business meeting first Tuesday
evcnlnflB caah month.
Mua PauiKB,
O. Kxxdall, President,
Devotional Keetins every Sunday evening
- t 6 :&, MBS. aUDilA, Leader.
Sleeta each Sunday afternoon at 2 :.
MM. KtHIULL., Supt.
SKBT STJSK POST, Mo. K5, G. A. B. . '
Meets second Monday to each month n
- M eestrt house at Harrison.
E. K. Livermore, Com.
''arrtson damp. So. SS, insets on eaeh si
mate Wednesday evening.
W.H.Davis, J.A.UAjmo,
Clerk. Con. Com.
Meets enoh alternate toarj evening
r i o'eloek. J. VT Jimlth, T. C
i. 11. Babtbll Clerk.
W esa Mftts
fonr " iws a i I
oar if iws s
ic. Aj-Wsei '
',-'HJ:-. wvjnsV 4
Prompt attention given to all
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before ttie United Stat
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliable
JSLegal papers carefully drawn.
HaaRisos. Nebraska.
Fhyiscian and Surgeon.
All calls givec prompt attention.
Offlce Jn Brug Store.
Special Locals.
Special Excursion Rates to Hoi
Springs S. JJ,ak.
On dates named below at ooe fire
for round trip, tickets good for return 20
days from date of sale.
June 16 August 9
June !i0 August 28
July 5 September 10
July 19 Seutemtier 20
E. F. Pontics, Agent.
NOTICE: There will be
Lutheran services at the
M. li church Saturday, Dec.
3rd, 1898, at i o'clock P. M.
Rkv. F. G.
NOTICE: Mass will be
celebrated at Harrison at 10
o'clock a. m., every Satur
day before the Second Sun
day of each, month.
Michael P. Waldf.on.
-To thoee who made
arrangements tohaulus wood
on subscription, we would
like very much to have it
brought in as booh as possi
ble. Editoh.
SSTDont forget to look
over the large assortment
of fine Candies, Nuts fcc. at
Smith's Confectionary, b e
fore you buy your Christmas
supply. Prices the lowest.
Carl Leitoff will read the Jocrnal
during the coming year.
Mrs. Anton Moravek was quite indis
poseda few days this week.
" Mrs. Perry White who has been so
very ill the first of this is now rapidly re
Mr. Kendall informed tlie reporter of
this sheet that there will be Christmas
eve services at the cliurch. Full parti
culars will beiveo in our next issue.
Burt Archerd who has been stopping
with Rev, Kendall during the past two
months while attending school, is now
keeping batcbelorg ball with sheriff Holly
John Hibblen of Eckerd, 8. D, was a
pleasant caller at this office one day this
week, and while here did not forget to
add his name to the Journal's list of
Hon. M.' J. .Oayhart of Montrose was
in our midst over night the first of the
week. As is fais usual custom when at
the hub, he did not forget to say a friend
ly" bow"to ye editor.
Mrs. T. Holly, left for Crawford, on
last Monday eveniug accompanied by the
children and Miss Archerd, where thev
expect to spend the winter. Mr. Holly
shipped the household goods by freight
,-4fOB. Judge WWson was out to
Wheatland', Wyo., on business for a
week or ten days and returned Tuesday.
His son Lcn, who hat been farming there
for the past nine months came down with
him for a few days visit.
Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wright and Miss
Wright who have been enjoying a months
outing among friends in the east, return
ed to their .hoaae on "last Tuesday. We
learn though indirectly that this worthy
couple while away took to their hearts
and home a little boy three month old
Mrs.M. J. Blewett who has been at
Crawford during- the past three weeks as
sisting in the care for her sister who
been very sick of tyhpoid fever, rstu
to this city yesterday, and the many
friends of the -family will be pleased to
learn her sister is rapidly improving;.
i C-Tha quill pusher of the Journal
learned this morning that our enterpris
ing merchaot J. 1L Bartell had sold his
ranch to J. W, Reed, of Snake creek, the
consideration being 1850. Mr. Bead doeei
notintsod moving onto the place until
next apring, as it In now occupied by A.
John Ostrander of Ardraore 8. Dk.
was pleasant caller at this offlce oi last
Saturday. We were pleased to ate mm
but paiod to leara that be has been and
is yet MffartBf from a very bad running
sore on ooe of bis bands, which lias incap
acitated him for work for some lime, but
out friend saenod to think Its wijl won
b all right
FOitSALK-A mr of year
ling steers and two cars of
two year-old llcifers and
Heifer calves.
G. W. Hester.
There was a show in town last night
The pleasant smile and happy look
of our genial friend -'Bub" Wright is a-
again seen and heard among us.
A. F. Christian, from Rawhide was
in town over night Monday, doing trad
ing and attending other business.
Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and
Diarrhoea Remedy can always be depen
ded upon and is plea.antand safe' to take
Sold by Dr. J. E. Pliinney.
Miss Claudia Hester and Olney Ken
dall, who came up from Chadron to eat
thanksgiving turkey with the old folks
at home, returned to Chadron Monday
eveniog to resume their studies at ths
academy until holidays.
As stated in the Journal last week
that sheriff Holly was aboiit to open a
butcher shop we are pleased to say that
the market was opened for' business
last Monday morning, with Mr. Peterson
as butcher and salesman, as well as all
round man.
Plnlipp I'unn and his wife left for
Gordon hopital op last Monday night,
where they went to have Mrs. D. exami
ned for what they fear to be cancer of the
breast. The JouRVSAL hopes that their
fears nny not lie realized, and that Mrs.
Dunn may receive treatnientand encour
agement that will ultimately cause her
health to return.
Pain in the chest when a person has
a col 1 indicates a tendency toward pne
umonia. A piece of flannel dampened
with Chamberlain's Pain Balm and
hound n to the chest over the Reat of
pain will promptly relieve the pain and
prevent the threathened attack of pne
umonia. This same treatment will cure
n. lame oacK in a lew uoura . oiu oy
Dr. J. E. Phinnry.
Grand Ma Davis who has been at
Oordon hopital during the past several
weeks and has had one of her eyes taken
out, returned home on last Monday noon
very much improved in health' besides
her sight is better with the remaining
eve, so sny's her son John, and he also
feels letter satixfied with the result of
ths operation on his mothers eyes than
all the treatment she has taken since her
sight became impaired.
Mr. Hardin Norris, clerk of lliedrug
store of R. Slirmmaker, Perry, HI., snys:
"A man came into our store the other
day and said, I want a bottle of that
stuff that saves children's lives. I raad
in the Nt ws about it The children nxiy
gt sick when we can not get the doctor
quick enough. It's the medicine you
sell for croup." He alluded to Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy and bought a
bottle before he left the store. For sale
l y Lr. J. E. Phinney.
School Report of the Yillnir of Ilsr-
rUuis. for the jKciitli nf oVODiber.
Room No. 1.
Pupils Enrolled 41
Average Daily Attendance 'A
Number of Tardies 11
No. Neither Absent or Tardy
Pupils who were neither absent or tardy
Willie Bartell, Henry Hewett,
Minnie Sutton, Henry Moravek,
Gene 'Williams, Eddie Kendall,
Edna Robwer, Annie Walker.
Room No. 2.
Pupils Enrolled oO
Average Daily Attendance 42
Number of Tardies 8
No. Neither Absent or Tardy 22
Pupils neither absent nor tardy were:
Walter Bowker, Lulu Sherman,
Mattie Sherman, John Stnuck,
Gordon Sherman, Edward Priddy,
Karma Priddy,
Ooa Sutton,
Lewis Slterril),
George Wright,
Cora White,
Perry White,
August Biehle,
John Wilson,
Lucy Gerlach,
Ellery Shemll,
Arthur Kline,
Effle White,
Olive White, e
Viola Wallace,
Bertha Biehle,
Tomroie Wilson,
Miss Maria Mablet,
Montrose Clippings.
W. W. Gaybart made business trip
to Ardmore, last week.
Everyone seemed to have hod a good
time at H. Wasserburgers thanksgiving
day aqd also at Joe Hoffman's last Sat-
MikaO'Conell and children are
to Barrett, Wyo., in a few weeks
bar Ausbaod is working in a coal
'Henry DsBock is at home for a
it from Skeleton creek, Woy.
Cbaa. Wasaerburger, is helping his
brother Juke plaster this week.
r"Johh Marking is taking a week off, he
will work at Sheep canyon bridge for
the winter. Sage.
910. REWARD,
Strayed from my Ranch ooe dark Bay
mare (no Brand;) about 1000 lbs weight,
black legs, mane & tail, tuay have very
small star, is well halter broken send her
to Lusk Wyo , or hold her for me aid
get your f JO.OP 0, J. Imnum.
lMk Wyo:
I "Highest cash price paid
for hides.
Tuomas Holly.
llarrison. Nelj.
Commissioners Frrccdiags.
Harrison, Keh.
Nov. 23, ls" I
.Hoard of County Commissioner met a
per .call of Clerk.
Present commissioner Mettlen, Mengand
On metion the Treasurer be and hereby Is
Instructed to transfer Irom the
oetMTul Fund of 1S0O the sum of at 46 tt
" W as
" 17 11
i. sl 74
4 T
" 1SVZ
" IKWt
" I Sill
' l-.'i
" lr'JS
" 1KM1
" XM
8 47
1 U7
li. in
7 4i
14 &
3H !.i
15 IS
1S!I7 " " "
lMi " " "
to the General Fund of
On uiotlov Hoard adjourned till 8 a. m
Nov. S4, im. M. J. ISLKWETT,
Harrison, Neb. )
Nov. i, IMS (
Board of County Commissioners met an
per adjournment.
Present Coiuiulssloner Mettlen, Jlenr and
I he following claims S?aln't Slonx coun
ty were siulitea snd nl!oed and uu mulloii
warrant ordered drsttn on the ixeueml
r undof lsiis for ninnunt due on s.inie :
li. A. Priddy gunr-ung Insuiie jh-isoii i Swi
Diedritk 'clou " " ViUt
J. w. ftinith "
Perry w hite " " " W
J. K. Phluiiey fniii'r of insanity ' 10'
M. J. Kleu eti H'U 'cel rsr fair lor lnsiic M iy
Smforil Crawford wlt-n',.. fe- s
A u (? st Meier no-sl l'r pjiiT
Dald AiilarMjii supplies ir '
4 i
t) uu
7 Hi
7 hi
7 4
7 .A
7 JO
Si uu
& uu
ll w
5 (XI
lj W
W. C. I'hlpps instructor In Institute
John K. Gray "
DIeilrk'k Seon overseer of poor
Go. I). Cation Printing A htatiouary
I-roy Wriuht Pnbllsliiug
B, I- llitrr Juror in statu caw
Omaha Printing Co. stationary
Jeff Hewett Livery hire, claimed W 09
John Alcorn use of house for election
Klsle Merriam service as Co. Supt.
M. J. Blewett distributing election '.:p-
plies etc.
Thoin.-is Holly services as SlieilfT
Jack Mettlea ser'lecs a Co. Coin'r
John S, Tacter Judge of election
A. htaudeimiler
15 m
C. J. Martin ,
W. II. Smoke Clerk
L. C. !x!Wi
H. J Leeltlng Judge
O. W. Mury '
John Herman "
S. K. Story Clerk
A. L. Ui g
J. W. sailtli Judge
K. A. Illgelow "
ottol'ietzo x
J. K. Marsteror Clerk
K. K. Livermore -Johu
Hplcs Judife
S. W. Carey "
H. E. llrown "
J. W. drove Clerk '
II. S. Clougli ,
John Elierspchrr Judge
Michael Uniting
.T'm ph Hon" tt im '
Levis VV oliilieier link
J. W. Hunter
Jacob J. Wasscrtmrgi;r C'.k
Johnllenry Clerk
llertnan Kourath Judc
I'eU-r Haben ",
Joseph Anhuni "
W. L. Walla, e Clerk
Thos. Cnrreu "
John W. Cuddies Juijga
L. E. Dickinson
John C. Curren "
John W. Tldd Clerk
yt. t. Jordan
John W. HI non Judge'
A. P, Ilosenhiirg "
J. E. Pelren -Jauies
F. Young
Edward Irou "
J. . I.aCroiie "
J.C.Shipley Clerk
True "
John L, Kay Judge
Corwin Lewis "
Phillip Kuim
J. G. Merriam Clerk
Uco. W. Davui "
M. J. Weber Judge
C. A. Puddy
John Nelson "
A. E. Gates ' Clerk
A. Jenson '
J. F. Cook
i returns SK)
" ,1 W
' Soil
" A returns 7 30
8 00
' 3 00
" S 01
3 l
" 3 0!)
' aim
3 00
3 00
a o
" 3 IN
" & returns 00
" -A0I
" ,IM
" A returns 7 fi
" ' 300
' 3XI
" 200
& returns II 00
" 03
3 00
8 00
" i. returns 9 00
" 3 00
3 00
" 3 oo
3 oo
" A returns s 00
3 00
" 3 00
' 3 00
' & returns c 00
8 00
" A returns 7 00
" 8
3 00
' 8 00
3 00
" returns 4 40
M. J. Blewett Canvassing Board 2 00
Grant Guthrie " " 2 00
W. IL Davis " . ', 2 00
The claim of Marsteller Bros., of4S0 for
Bridge .pike, was presanusl and on motion
allowed and warrant ordered drawn on
Bridge fund of UN for same.
The claims of J. T. Mason, F- E. Jandt,
John Rerres, and O. W. Hester, were on mo
tion laid over till next meeting.
The affidavits of J. P. LaCrone and Fred
Wilt relative to taxes were on motion laid
over till next meeting.
On motion Jeff Hewett Is hereby author
lied and instructed to furnish Sioux county
with 12 tons of Hanna Egg Coal for an So per
ton as specified In bis bid on file.
Moved, second and carried that all Lots
in lbe Village of Harrison, the taxes upon
which have been delinquent for any three
years excepting lot 6 and T of Block 7 and
remaining delinquent at this time and uu
sold for want of other bidder at the regu
lar annnsl tax sal be purchased at tax-sale
for ttie ni and benefit sad In the name of
Kloux county, Nebraska, and that the Tress- J
nrer b and he la hereby Instructed to issue
Ills certltlcstc. of sa'.d lots wltbont interest
on said delinquent taxes, In the name of
sloux county, Nebraska.,
Moved, seconded and carried that the
proposition of Or ant Uulhrte to purchase
tax-sale certinuatesof lots of Village of Har
rison, held br county at fifty per cent, of
the amounyexpreSsed lu said certlncstea
plus Vi cents mi earheertlfleaUs bo eccepfd
and the Clerg is hereby Instructed and 1
requesM to assign and endorn tlie same !
on presentation to him by s,iid (,'rmit 0i!li-!
rle of tl,0 receipt of the treasurer shnvltig
that tbs s!d nil. on nt has In-rn p,U'l. i
Cu motion Poerd adjourned without day.
, M. J, JJI.Lrt'l' Tr, Cierk. I
Why, thats where every
body trades these days.
There is nothing they do not
pep for sale.
They handle Suitings for Ladies
& Gents,
Novelty dress goods, Plain dress
i 7
Flannel for all purposes. Also
Cloaks, Capes, Shawls, Carpets, Oil
Cloths, Matting Shades and Curtains.
We are Head-quart ei H for all kinds of Groceries and
Provisions, Flour and Feed.
Right here, before we forget it; we want to call the at
tention of the public to our Canadian Maple Syrup,
try it and be convinced.
We have on exhibition at our store one of the
that can be bought Any where. Price S33.
Call and see that Range.
Two Point C I l Xl l I t -H 1 1 0 1 1 s
What is the use f making a better ar
ticle than j our competitor of you can
not get a better price for il?
Ans. As there is no difference in the
pn; the public will buy only the better
' s that wtnle our proltts mav be smaller
j on a sirtr'e sa!a I! o? will l in ji-h gi'e i'
S er ia lb: ;ign't ,,''..!.
How cad you get the public to kROw
your make is the besl?
If both articles are brought prominent
ly before the public both are certain to
be tried and the puolic will very quickly
pass judgment on them arid use only the
better one.
This explains the large sale on Cham
berlain's Cough Remedy. The people
have bjeu uiin it for yea-s and have
fouud that it can always be decoded on.
They may occasionally take up with
some fashionable novelty put forth with
exaggerated claims, but are certain to
return to the ou remedy that they know
to be reliable, und for toughs, colds and
croup there is nothing eijual to Chaiii
berlaiu's Cough Remedy. For Sale by
Dr. J. E. Phintiev.
Call for Bids.
I desire to let a contract
for grubbing qut about five
acres of timber-land in Sow
belly Canyon, to the lowest
Parties desiring to bid on
Contract, please call or write
me at Harrison, Neb.
Frank Nutto.
Estray Xotice.
To WnoM It Max Conceen :
Notice is hereby given that the under
signed has taken up on his premises in
Five Points precinct, in Sioux county.
Nebraska , one gray horse as an estray, U
inf more particularly described as fol
lows: One iron gray horse, about six
years old; branded uoor key on left
Dated at Harrison, this 23rd day of
November, t898. I
Are you a voKKr:
k lo Wea ,.r Hetal T II so
snd tor CuUibgijj ct
isarmes' i oct
Power Machinebv,
Practical, Streag, rrWe.
W, p. & Juha Iternn Co.,
ll Uitbv St.,
K's-srura, iii.flijis.
HHl i. '-.! U ta it ,uti,l. m ... lr. '--3'
I ro ss p r-f
ym9m m94m
bit. M. j. Kvrf r.m -if, uT-e- ja.
- o - o -
For yot 1
JOB WORK i Stationary.
, Some Plain Facts.
Crave errors, injustice, wrongs cf
greater or less degree, arise from lack
cf knowledge of the truth, and T.ort:
frequently frorrt deception.
'j lie inost infamous case on record
of deception and injustice is the '.t
tcmpt to demonetize silver as a money
of final redemption in the Unite J
'ihere is no learned judge, skilled
lawyer, or court of justice that is
capable of reconciling the effort wij'i
the constitutional laws that govern
the issue of n-.oney in coumtv.
'I hi people been d'tuvt J,
!3 i:i pover,
J. 'l trj
!r j!v.icc t;r:;:tr i ;i i.twr., save
ignored their sworn duty, and given
aid to the scheme that has paralyzed
jidustry, reduced property valuta
onc-ha!'", and begfjarcd millions.
There is no autiiority of bw, cither
pecific or Ly inference, by uhich
-;old alone is made the only money
.vi'.h vIiich to discharge debts, either
public cr private. The effort to
-nakc it so is unconstitutional and ft
national calamity.
i'hin and ample information, facts,
.rA truth, concerning this almost suc
cessful scheme to corner the wealth
if the people, is now being printed
n the Cincinnati Enquirer, a news
paper which the combined power of
money has failed to muzzle or buy.
The '""okly Enquirer is only 75c.
a yeat "he address is
Er.!. .-r Company, Cincinnati, O.
The II iSialtv im.i.i .
Ilaud (land ii,,l V
iM-votfii ertwirUT ii f.,...M..i ti ..
tml(.,ry..f I'm, im3!1 f..itMir,,i ,,.,7,,di,
S,ST.N OS vr. If f TO SI
niii Aitriiir ah f.t ir.r. tu
til? n r A ..rif j i