The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 08, 1898, Image 6

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ThCTKDay. Sept Sin, 1S99.
Vo. 1. Can, Editor and Prop.
r.Ltl.VLlL lime table.
Colli West. UoiiiK East.
Ho. t, mixed. 11 :90 I So. 6. mbuxl
E. M. V. K. H. is
to and from, the
the best
'Has A. Holoumb Governor
James E. Harris Lientmiwit Uoternoi
W r 1'orU.r 8m.TBtry of State
Jobnl-. Cornell Auditor
J. U. Meaerve Treasurer
.). -myth Attorney Irfoenu
.i. V. Woi!o l-.'i t f'ouiuiissionei
A . II. JiitVwi. .ft. fliic lu-itruclloa
J ,Un M. "J liurston tT. S. Senator, Oinans
Win. V. Allen . U. 9. Senator. Miuiinon
4 B Strode, Congressman 1st Hist., Lincoln
I. H. M.xcer, " 2d ' Ouiaaa
funnel Maxwell, - 3rd " Fremoat
W.L.Mark, - h " Aurer
K. 1J. Sutherland, " " Slson
W. L.eeu, - Cth - Kearney
J. J. Jflllvnn Chief Justice, Colambas
T. O. C. Harrison As'te JurtB, tirand Island
T. L. Sorval Associate Judife, Seward
1. A. CampbellClerk and Exporter, Liiioolu
M. r. Kinkald Juuge. i
W. II. Westovet
M.J. Blewett
THstrtct Oonrt At Harrison, commences
pringterm May 9th,
Kail " Sept 19th Jnry 19th.
"County Coart,-At Harrison, commences
flrst Monday of each month.
Otto Mutt-Senator, Mat. Ho. 14, Sprinirvlow
-A. E. Sheldon 1 Mst So. S3, CuaJron
Robert Wilson . County Jn4r
, K. J- Blewet Clerk
has. Biehle Treasurer
Elsie Kerriam Sunt. Politic Instruction
Thus Holly Sheriff j
J. E. Fhlnney : ..Coroner j
B. F. Tliomas Surveyor !
M. J. Blewett Clerk of District Court j
Urant Guthrie County Attorney j
Jens C. Meu 1st District
Andrew ITocunler M
Jackson Meitlen(ChairouiB) 3d "
E. F. Pontius (chairman) Trustee
John Davis "
V. H. Grtswod "
W. B. Marsteller
15. Rohwer "
'W. H. Davis . Cii-rk
Lewis Gcrlatli-. . Trent-nrcr
Egbert Rohwer . Director
II. I., 8maok Moderator
(Lewis tierlach Treasurer
Methodist Sunday School meets every Sun
day morning at 10 .-00
W. II. Davis, Hits B .t. i.l,
Superintendent. Sec-rotary
Rpfrnlar business meeting first Tuesday
evening Ui ! month.
O. KKSlrtLI., President.
Devotional meeting every Sunday evening
at 6:45. Jlns.:rMAi.i., lyndwr.
JUNlolt I.EAGtK.
Sleets eaeb Knudar afternoon at ZM.
MBS. K KUALL-, bnpt.
JJKRRt TfrSK POST, No. Wi, G. A. R.
Meets second Monday in each month In
it he cvurt Iwuse at Harrison.
H. E. Livermoru, Com.
Harrison Camp, No. U, meets on eaoh 1
iters ate Wednesday evening.
W. M. Davis, J. A.Mason,
Clerk. Con. Com.
nottma woodmen or America.
Yeete eh alternate Saturday evening
MtO'eioek. W .Siulth, V. O
A. E. Daw Clerk.
Bdby , f
eaa let tyedd Catafan. J
Prompt attention given to all legal
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before tlte United State
I .and Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliable
J3f Legal papers carefully drawn.
Harrison. - Nebraska.
Phylsriaa and Surgeon.
All calls given prompt attention.
Office In Drag Store.
Office: second door from JCERNAL efflcs
For your
JOB WORK ! Stationary.
NOTICE. Leave yourl
Watches and Clocks at Dr
.1. E. Phinneve' Drucr Store
for repairs.
Ensravine done at rea
soni h e nnres. All worn
. All 1
guaranteed to give eatisfac-J
Have craduated from
Jan Omaha Watch-makers In
Hugh C. bcHMiDT.
Address, Harrison, Neb.
Special Locals.
Glen, Neb., Jan. is, tm.
The undersigned agrees to pay the sura
set opposite their name for ja wolf fund of
for each gray wolf killed within 8 miles of
White River, almve Glen, w ithin the next
months, and appoint Mr. 11. 11 P.unsel! as
their treasurer and will pay hliu on de
mand .
David Colvllle .' no Fred Blomburg 2 '
U. H. Kuwell 10 On Jno. S. Tucker 5 00
A. T. Hnghson i SO F. Force 10 00
L, C.Lewis S 00 Emery Glllmor 50
J.J.Martin 00lroyHsU 600
WalUT Johsson 5(0 W.J.Johnson 2 50
Geore Scott
Total 00
Excursion Ratox to Trans-Mls-bisslppl
KxKMttimi at
OmalmNeh. June
1st to Xov. 1st
From Harrison every day (Sundavs
excepted) from June 1st to October 15th
luaf) at $23,20 for round trip good for
return until Nov. 13th.
From Harrison every day (Sundays
excepted) from June 1st to October 80th
good for return 30 days from dale of sale
For the opening exercises on May 30tb
round trip tickets will be sold good for
return June 6th at our fare viz f 14.50.
E. F. Pontius agU
Special Excursion Rates to Hot
Hprings S. Dak.
On dates named below at one fare
for round trip, tickets good for return 30
days from date of sale.
June 16 August 0
June 1!0 August 20
Julv 5 September 10
July 19 September 20
E. F. Pontius. Agent.
Taking effect Aug. 30th,
tickets for the Omaha Expo
sition will be sold as follows:
Every day (except Sunday)
at $23.20 for round trip.
Ticketii good for return until
November 15th. On Tues
day and Friday at $16.50
good for return 16 days from
elate of sale.
E. F. PoimiTS, Agent
Mass Will be celebrated
at Montrose next Friday
Sept. 9th,
Mass will be celebrated
at the court house in Harri
son. Saturday, Sept 10th.
Michael P. Waldron.
Dr. Clark: Our little girl Kin ma had
catarrh from a nursing baby. It made
her ears run matter and she was so deaf
site could hardly bear a steam whistle or
thunder. We recommended using your
catarrh remedy and I feel tliMikful to
say her ears are well. She can hear
even a whisper now. She is fourteen
ears old and I think ber catarhh is
Crawford, July 20th. l9fl.
T. B. Snvder, was in from Sheep
creek Monday last.
W. l Farley is helping Mr. Holly in
putting up his hay.
Xiss Dotha Bartell is assisting Mrs.
rriddy this week .
Landlord Tebbet has just finished
putting in a new floor in his hotel lobby.
Frank Curry, took a tnp to the south
part of the county to buy cattle last
List Monday was labor day, which
by law is a national holidav all over the
Henry Dick man, has concluded to
build a eranerv 14x10 to hold his this
year's wheat crop.
Rev. Kendall, left for Gordon Tues
day evening to attend the annual M. E.
conference which meets there this week
the Oth inst
J. W. Sberill moved thebaro liouRht
of George Turner down on his hotel lot
adjoining the other one on Tuesday.
Miss Claudia Hester expects to leave
fnr Chadron. the last of tins week or
the flrst of next, to attend the Academy
in that city this winter.
-The families of Mr. Sutton and Mr,
Holly camped in the vidnitv of Andrews
last Sunday and put in their time fishing
and gathering plums and grapes.
Have vou heard the merry peal of
the bell? We mean the school bell well,
itraneout for the little ones on last
Monday morning, after several weeks
Perry White has rented the John
Stratton house, and will move his farm
lv to town in about a month. In the
mean tirwe the children will drive from
the canyon to school.
'otlw I tan cattle hides and all kind
of skins with hair for robes, or without
or leather. See sample and prices in
J. n. Bartell's store.
H, OrJiRlCHT. Glen, Neb.
Andrew Roeenburg of Ardmore
was in town yesterday on business and
stopped over night Andrew reports it
about as drv around Ardmore this sea
son as usual.
Miss Maggie Hunter expects to aU
tend the academy at Chadron, inr- fact
quite a number of our young people
will likewise attend school in Chadron
this winter. '
School commenced last Mondav
with Prof. Frank Lindeman of Griswold
la., as principal and Miss Maria M.trley
of Inman this state, as assistant, with an
attendance of 58 scholars the first
M'.ke Prie' who writ it l")vi"'W.
Wyo., two or three months ago to heard
sheep in that vicinity, came down last
Saturday evening to dispose of some
business affair of his. Ha returned to
Douglas Tuesday.
The Journal family were remember
ed very generously by Mrs. Bourtte Sr.
as we receieved on last Monday some
very fine samples of vegetables raised in
her kitchen garden. We take this oppor
tunity to thank her.
Mrs. Will Hough, Daughter of Mr.
ami Mrs. Peter Bourett, who was
near death's door last Friday morning
to reported to be out of immediate dan
ger and will doubtless be up and around
in a week or ten days.
Perry White, was obliged to go to
Crawford last night to get some repar
ing done for his engine and also have
the foundryman come up with him and
assist hirn to overhall the mill and put
it in best of order, as he has orders for
lumber to keep him saw ing until snow
flies. .
Olney Kendall left last Tuesday
morning with liis mother for Chadron
where he will attend the academy dur
ing this scholastic year. We are inform
ed that George Williams, will later on
this fall go to Cliadroa to attend the
same school and that tie and Olney wilt
rent a room aod board themsel ves.
Mr. and Mrs. William Bourett, who
were married in Harrison I ant Thursday
and who went to Cruvlron toe same
evening to spend Die honey moon for
three or Tour days returned last Monday
noon, while titers Mr. and Mrs Bourret
purchased some fine houee furniture
which arrived on the same train with
them. Hence, Mr. and Mrs. Bourret
will be t home at their Running Water
residence from this on where they have
set np bouse Iceeping for the future in
the new house which Will bad just com
pleted for the occasion.
The Journal family r Indebted to
Mr. Perry White and hit estimable wife
for a pleaeant trip to their hospitable
horn on Spring Creek last Sunday, Par
ry having come in to town after ut with
his Ujm in the early morning and Uien
broght us home again in the realng. To
,y we were treated as Kings aod Queens
by our host and hostess is only putting
it mildly. Their table w fined with
the best tbat could be had, on which the
inner man feM, while the outer man
feft.'-tl on niD'jntaJa eownery.
Dr. Clurk Discovered the catarrh
Remedy now sold under his name in
1S78 aod has used it in his private
practice until he thought the public
should ha ve the benefit of his discovery
aw) wherever introduced it has supatsed
every other Catarrh Remedy on the
market. Catarrhal matter on examina
tion, was found to contain germs and
cholesterine which proves it to be a
germ and blood disease; and t!e mis
take of catarrh specialists is that they
only treat for one of the causes. Read
the following testimonials.
1L H. Lorrimer, the Andrews town-
iite boomer was in Harrison Tuesday.
The last four or five days have been
cold and windy to the extreme.
W. H. Davis is building himself a
new house at Andrews this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Burt Smuck's little
babe which was quite sick the most of
last week is now very much improved.
M.J. Welder, of Glen, administrator
of the estate of S. W. Kemp deceased,
was in town yesterday transacting legal
business at the court house.
-The F. E. & M. V. R. R. Co. are re-
iaring the two pile bridges, one a half
mile east of town and the other near a
mile west of town.
The family of Ed Hollingsworth ar
rived from California Tuesday evening
and will doubtless make their future
home in Sioux county.
The application of H. G. Newcomb
for license to run a saloon in Harrison
was refused by the board of Village trus
tees last Tuesday evening.
Banker D. H. Griswold left last Sat
urday night for Hot Springs, 8. D., to
take the baths at that place. He is ex
pected back to day or to-morrow,
The mother-in-law and also a sister-in-law
of Frank Johnson arrived from
Mapelton, la., yesttrday.
WANTED: A good compentent
girl to do general house work, work not
hard, good wages. Apply to Mrs. A. D.
Cook, Douglas, Wvo.
Miss Marley the teacher of the pri
mary grade arrived in Harrison on last
Sunday though not expected until next
day, and Is now domiciled at the resid
ence of Mr. J. Marsteller.
James Ifcihlmsio, chairman of the
Democratic state committee passed up
the road to Douplas, Wyo., Tuesday of
this week. He says there is no doubt
in his own mind in regard to the victory
in the fall campaign in favor of the re
form forces.
J. L Davis and E. Rohwer, were ap
pointed Tuesday evening by the village
Board to fill out the unexpired term,
caused by the removal of J. L. Stratton
from town, and the resignation of W. O.
Patterson, two of its members.
Attorney W. W.Wood of Rushville,
was in Harrison Tuesday, on legal busi
ness. Mr. Wood is now the prosecut
ing attorney in the court case of V. A.
Hester vs Myrtle Hester, asking for a
decree of divorcement.
The Democrats, populists anl free
silver republicans of Sioux co-intv will
Is? sati(ied with nnlJyn'X less thm the
nomination of llocj. Lewis Giriacli of
this place for representative at Craw
ord next Saturday. Sioux county is en
titled to the candnlated.
Capt. J. J. Adams and F, E. Wheeler
of Crawford, were in Harrison, Tuesday
and Wednesday of this week looking
after irrigating matters on Sowbelly
creek. We learned while they was here
the former was a candidate or legislative
honors from this representative district.
Tuesday morning showed the first
frost of the season in this vicinity, ice
being formed in watering troughs to the
thickness of window panes. We under
stand there was scarcely any frost in the
canyons or over in the valley.
NOTICE: Until the Bodarc post of
fice is reestablished the Journal sub
scribers will be obliged to get their pap
ers at the Harrison office. It is to I
hoped the department will arrange mat
ters pretty soon as it is not only doing
an injustice to the patrons of the Bodarc
office but it does tlie Journal an injury
as well as most all the business houses
in Harrison.
The Post Office Department have
notified postmaster Bogart of Harrison,
that he should, Sept. 3rd, discontinue to
supply the Bodarc office from and after
the above dale. Hence, Judge Hunter
has a post master's commission, but no
mail to hand out to the public. Post
master Bogart says he understands that
only three parties get mail at the Gil
christ office; if so it should be discontin
ud instead of Bodarc.
Notice to the Public.
The public sale of Mrs. Annie M.
Schaefer hat been stopped for the reason
that the cattle have been sold in a bunch
to Frank Curry of Whitney.
Mm. Akkib M. Schaefkr.
Montroae Clippings.
Quite cool and windy to-day (Monday)
a aign that autum ia coming.
Andrew Wasserburger is through put
ting np bay for Dan Jordan and is now
working for Joha Anderson.
Little Mary Uayhart spent the latter
part of last week in the canyon with her
grandparent Mr. and Mrs. Nutto.
All of the boys around her were
at H. Konrath' Sunday topping off
some broncho's which he wished to have
An enjoyable time was had at the
Haa turpriM party as w hear.
Mis Frances Peter was visiting wiUt
Here Ve Are Again.
500 pairs ot snoes
The above is an addition
We have the largest assortment eer -uou m
North-West Nebraska, and
Competion and are sure to
IS STILL THE LAKtihb l. A.wt inii
Marsteller Brothers.
the Misses Marking several davs lastj
week they went to the canyons to pick
wild grapes which seem to have been
very plentiful there.
Miss Katie Henry came hack from
Chadron Friday when she returns the
Misses Smith will go with her where
they will probably be employed in the
Blaine Hotel.
George Slrauler and the Misses Smith
who are visiting with them took ft
pleasure trip to Hot Spring's last week.
Mrs. Dan Jordan was staying with Mr.
and Mrs. J. J. Wasserburger a few days,
she went home last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Henry went to Hot
Springs Sunday on business. Sai;e.
Warbonnet Warbllngs.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Bigelow and family
and 0. A. Garton ard family spent Sun
day with James and Elsie Merriam.
Ernest Lyon was a Warbonnet visitor
V. A. Hester spent Sunday at R. T,
A. Christian of Pleasant Ridge was a
caller in the valley last Tuesday.
J. G. Merrinni is hid ping E. A. Bigelow
stack grain. lino.
How it, Tt 1 1 To-Morrow
A short, clear, entertaining and
valuable lesson for umateur weallier
observers is given in the September
1au1u$ Home Journal in the form of
a series of pictures of clouds, with brief
explanatory notes. The page is well
worth examining and saving. tor there
is nothing in the article which would
not be understood by anybody, even a
child and a little close study will make
one qualified to form belter opinions
than ever before as to what the weather
will be.
DUitiNG Tin: wattle of
Sick or Well, liTtiihli Night Aii'l
ThtparkT t the Bsttle of Sinlinjro d f nbs
were nil hrrors. TUHr heroic Efforts In gi t
tin; Amanltlun uud IUllunt to the front
savvd the da'.
B. E. Butler, of pack-train No. 3, writ
ing from Santiago, I Cuba, on July
23d, says:
"We all had diarrhoea in moreor less
violent form, and when we landed we
had no lime to see a doctor for it was
a case of rush aid rush night and day
to keep the troops supplied with amu
nition and rations, but thanks to
Cliamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Remedy, we were able to keep at
work and health; in fact, I sincerly be
lieve that at one critical time this medi
cine was the indirect saviour of our
army, for if the packers had been unable
to work there would have been no wa
of getting supplies to the front. There
were no roads that a wagon train could
use. My comrad and myself had the
good fortune to lay in a supply of this
medicine for our (tack-train before we
left Tampa and I know in four cases it
absolutely saved life."
Th above letter wa written to the
manufacture of this medicine, the
Chamberlain Medicine Co., Pes Moines,
Iowa. Foraale by Dr. J. E. Phinney.
Inl.j c i ''Cl,,l"v "ll Vlia nwd
s'.lnu Lm a ,f I'm fmuI feuut
, Cti.'J. ri )if tiro.
i.'t tu,n Kurt
U.iu.iwa ol
! Ih.y.,1.1 re 'Hi)' to Ir (potf n If,,,,, ,t,f
' i"" ' ("-iu!i i.v irt ii t
' Iwl ninu si ce mm rrtm.
V .1 Avr:,.,:tv ii.y. v t,,,B co
ri rr.-
Just received overt
01 me iaujsi biyiea.
to our already large and
I kIhu'k now on hand.
as to prices
suit all who come
Some Plain Facts.
Crave errors, injustice, wrongs cf
greater or !cm ('.cgrcc, arise from lai k
of knowledge cf the truth, and more
frequently from deception.
The most infamous case on record
of deception end injustice is the st
tempt to demonetize tilver as a money
of final redemption in the United
'jhere is no learned judge, skil'til
lawyer, or court cf justice that is
ct.?Mz of reconciling the effort with
the constitutional laws that govern
the issue of in this country.
The people have Lte.i deceived,
officials ia power, chosen to adminis
ter justice under the laws, have
:j:no:ed their sworn djty, a;.d ivcn
lid to the scheme that lias paralyzed
ndustry. reduced property values
jnc-half, and beggared millions.
There is r.o authoriiy cf law, cither
;pecific or ly inference, by which
;oid alone is r.iade the only money
,'i:h which to discharge debts, either
ublic or private. The effort to
ial:e it so is unconstitutional and a
ational calamity.
Plain and ample information, facts,
.r. i truthoncerning this almost suc
cssful scheme to corner the wealth
f ths people, is now being printed
.1 the Cincinnati Enquirer, a news-a;x-r
which the combined power of
noney has failed to muzzle or buy.
The Uf;kly Enquirer is only 75c.
a year The address is
Enou.ier Company, Cincinnati, O.
You may
Ask It.
$ Standard
Ready Jan. 1,1898,
On All News Stands.
Larger, Better, More Complete
Than Ever.
mail wi&lj toU Amrnti fUif
ma Book and Political Mamul pbUk1.
Talltzer Building, Now York.
lanl k
aerrrmj Muyaaj
m World
Almanac .0