The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 28, 1898, Image 1

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3sro. lo.
The Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Price, fl.00
(M. P. f anon,
Entered at Ihe Harrison post office as
Mcond elasa mutter.
r 'y x
As Iixlleu tt-I Iy tlHMlail.v Press.
List Saturday , report from Washington
reached here tbat the U. S. Marines had
ruptured a Spanish men-hint vessel
about 15 miles off from Havana; Sunday
nvoninjr another ieeinl atiiioiine.d to the
people of the United States that more
mediant vessels had been taken in and
ronducted to Key West for safe keeping.
Report also reached here Monday evening
that the (iieon regent and Doy-king
of Spain had been forced to tieu for their
lives and that Spain ws olwut to be de
clared n. republic and grant, f r . dom
to Cuba. But '1)0 last ai-aijruph lacks
verification nt thisdate, Ilowev. rvvilh
111 the next 4't hours there is liable to be
startling IK-WM regaiding the home gov
fke JofRNAL filrilhh fau-!.ww,nlM Madrid. -
tTvl Kqaarcllf Oil tlie ('h:.C(.l(Jo Last Monday emres formally do
J J. L
f i
::J J.
platform, but will not lu-ututc '
to wj port awl. won: j or V'
election of candidate for the
various offices to be voted for'
this fall ?o matter,
mrt'l we may expect lighting from now
. im until one or the other is whipped.
A special disputed to Supt, Harris of
(lit- F. K, anil M. V. railroad company at
i . : . . f . 'iv . .i . --.1.1 ....... ... i, .
, jf . i m:s piat e lur-iiny rigut was lu iuc
'"''W'W'C';'oireci that the lr. S, naval vel Man-
ll.Cy Cive Democrat-', I'opnlud'yovK bad captured another Spanish
()-.' free Silver IkjJuldicaiiH, if tran-'.a.rt bound for Cuban ports with
, , i; j i , .j-.. ., . ; 2,.")d0 Spanish soldier aboard. The name
endorsed f,u at I the rejon.i jiar-i ' , 1 , , ,
"" ' J , , i ot Ilia vessel .'oin l not be learned.
r'.V.', conditional, however, iiuit A rejrt, waH (-urr,.nt hem tho s&tm
.': c3n:-.'.ia
The j-.cj
v;;:u I'..
M to r..
'i , ,' : :
-vi-.h sv:t:
nl u:-;z
r I v i.i
i l'.y of li" ., c'ihcr
rviiicf, Ly which
the or.iy money
KofJee for Sealed Bids on County
Tfl wboTiip it may er!H'-'rn !
.Votieo is hereby given that senlecl bids for
tlji eoustruetiou ,,f a i,r!is;e hcioks udry
(ruleh on Wiute Hirer, public road
erotises the sauie :it the old bridfje site netir
Mr. Stimson's pin. a- vill ty reeiiived bv the
enderslifiiea until 12 o'eiork uoou of June
!Wlli, IKh.
J'liuis Hivt specifications tan lie hud by
CiUuitf Kt tlie ottiee of the county clerk.
All t his must be nrcompituied wit'a a bond
lor ut least one thousand dollnrn.
By order of the board of county comiuls
(.loners. U'j-i-li IS, J. I'.lewett, County Clerk.
Tut! JonnsAt. will publish vourbmnd, Ike
tlx followlnd. for at , per year. l.acli ad
CitioiiKl brand 7ii cehi,H. Kvcry rariucr or
tunehineii in slum itnd adjoininf eoontiea
mionld auvertisn llielr bramts in Tub Jui;ji
fitLUH it cireui.,1.. i over tlm state. 11
may he the means of saving money for you.
On left side of cattle and on left
Hbouldcr or horses.
Ilanse on Antelope creek
V. O., (ihilcbrist, Sioux Co., Neb.
'. c&ri
,0 i:; t:
iconstifjtbiiol and a
ikey a -iv
ificiim'. t
l Ji i:ie i evening that the sriiu ,;i n-set were head-
,-,,....''.,. m. for Sew'c with tlw evident in-
of inue, are
",' CO'
opposed to the retirement of the
jreenbac's and treasury note--',
favor government control of
railroad-; it ':;, :.; !; a. id- ieU:
phone Ih.e-i and the ed dJid-.-
iiU'Td of ? ' d'il t.'K'itii.
, , i
my zydeo:., and m are op-
posed to tht mueinet of nation
al bond in time of peace.
Everything bow is wur with Spain and
the great da. lies of tlm cation are full of
j lent ion of Istmt itr.Iiti:; that city; Also
! that, there v.-ns ioi alhancf) hetweeu great
Uritton and tiju I'mteil States.
AWti'ie - ay a la-port Via Y.'ashington
from jM-.fhm that V,'!Vier and his follow.
ert had proh.thiy overthrown ! he Sp.noHli
,;oVi;: i "inenl and wv now m jhi? ss;.-n
in ;!. v u-. ii'.ost. im;e.s- ihie obuin any
m - 'i ...a. i no sjijci report
state t that Russia nicl IVanco have
a :re j togelhc-r that if the lirst naval
batli :!hoti l j.;o t gainst the Spanish,
the two natiuis will foreeSjKiiu to
yield to the demands of the United
brmation, facts,
tiu'.'.i, cor.ctmir.g this ahnost suc
:z?i'.:l sc!ic:..e to cornr.r the wealth
of the people, b now boing prated
in ths Cincuiiisti linquirer, a news
Ij)r:r which the combined power cf
riior.?y has failed to muzzle or buy.
rlhe Vcckly Enquirer is only 75c.
a y::tr. 'iTe address is
Enquirer Company, Cincinnati, O.
On let t side or hip of cattle, f
(in left shoulder of horses. $
WC.l?o,iWM ttt. Hie hcurl (tl Wiirhnnni't.
TPP 15111 S
1 liLliL Vw ILL
ays us so.
If you don't believe what lie says go
take a look at those 500 pairs of Boots
& Shoes just arrived last Tuesday, and
you Yvtill see he is warring with every
store in the north-west. You can buy
foot-wear of him cheaper than at any
other store in Harrison.
If r a I'm (T 0tk Rfl r! n r (a J
0Un Head-quarters for HARD-WARE, TIN-WARE, DRY-GOODS and
' CtSCkJ, GROCERIES, FLOUR and FEED and everythiug needful & useful.
or So
h w t t uvrv.
Y",'' i"-'')r left iioulder of cattle and
f; Hange on hittle Cottonwood.
i'O. ., CrawfuVd ebt.
Final Proof Jlotiees.
All persons having final proof notices in
this paper will receive a iniu'ked copy o! tlie,
paper mid are, requested to examine, thcer
notice mi'i If my errors exiat report the
sutue to this office at once.
. Charles Emory Smith of Rhildelphia
lias been rppoipted post-master genera!
vice Getieial Gary resigned.
Senator Edward C, Walthall of Mis
aiippi, died in Washington, on the
2Kt iost caused from typhoid .neuitio
nia. The Ohio legislature has found senator
llanna guilty of buying enough votes in
that body to elect him to his present
high office.
Nebraska to 5'tindsh 2,114 Volun-
IC-.Ts i'srst cull.
l'opfl Leo. ha informed the Spanish
government that they tire couimitUug
Suicide if it does not yield to the de
mands of the United States.
It in intimated by tho tnetrofsditan
pres! that secretary of state, Jidin Sher
man and General Long secretary of the
navy will soon retire from tho Cabinet.
The president has issued n 'proclama
tion ciiUiog for 125,000 volunteers from
tha different states of the union iippoi
tioued according to tho population of
ach state. '
Washington P. C April 23. Under
he call for K'o.iihO volunteers is-uied to
d,;7 the "-ill Le peeled to furnish
the following quota of troops;
AlalMcria, 2.500: Arkansas 2,925; Cal
ifornia 3.237, Colorado 1,:!24, Connecti
cut 1,007, lielevvare ?,.'l, Florida 730,
Georgia 2,71-1, Idaho 232, Illinois H,0l
Indiana 4.WI2, Iowa 3,772, Kansas 2,702
Kentucky 3,407 Louisiana 1 ,!!), Maine
1,25!) Marvi-and, l,f)!2, Missaehuastts
4,721, Michigan, Minnesota 2,
873, mississijipi 2,157, Missouri 5,411,
M iiitnna trin, .vclirasita 2,11!, Nevada
237, Mrw Hampshire 752, New Jersey
2'JW. New York 12,512. North Carolina
2,5st, North I'uKola -!01, Ohio 7,2 f't Ore-j
gon 120. I'eiiiisylvaiiia 10.(i!l, Itliodn is-
land hit), Simth dakota, 1.K50, South)
Carolina 7)7, Teunexsee 3,010, Texas 4,'
22!t, Utah 125, Vermont (:!. Virginia 2,1
7H7, Washington 1,170,, West Virginia!
1,389 Wiscon.siu 3,271, Wyoming 221, j
Arizona 181, New Mexico 330, lJistrict of j
Columbia Mi). Oklahoma 1 12 World-1
Wot m
1L Ml
You may
Ask It.
KOTK'K 1'OIf I't'lfi-ICATiliN.
Land Oifiee nt Alliance, Neb. )
April J), : W, i
Police is tiereliy rdven tlint. the followintr
nam d settler bus filed notice of liin mtcn-
Iton 1o niiike linnl jiioot in support ot his
riiiim, and tiiet said proof will be made be
tote SI.. I. Blewctt, Clerk ilitrlet Court lit
Hitrricon,' Neb., on Muv IMk, viz; 1 hersta
Meier of Jirdinoi", s. 1., who made U.K.
No. 41,'iS. for the -Y.-; -K M Hee. t, V. S-V
urt S-W'j, h-K'i Hee. ::, lownshij) 3, iuuige
.PC nnmes tlw follow ing witnesses to
ptwu lit eontlnuoiis residence unon und
cnHi'.'iition of saiil land, viz:
KMUk J. Mriliir, 1'etor llieraack , John Ash
ton ami John Ostrander, nil of Ardmore,
S. I. '. J, W. Vi'ehs Ja., I'.CKisler.
Harrison, Nebraska.
E. BitKwSTErt,
F. Coma,
D. E. GRISWOLD, Caahir.
RznJyJan. 1, 1S98,
On AH News Stands.
't jt $ v J
Larger, Better, More Complete
Than Ever.
lIon, Cha. F. Manderson of Omfcha
ha been tdate.l for Major General of tho
ftnSy. No letter man can be found any
whir than Mr. M.anilerson and there are
lot of others in this state.
Barring other natiodxfrom taking hand
the Jot'KN'AT. haw ventured the opinion the
Tlie .Sunday Journal Free.
During tho great war excitement peo
ple cannot get enough papers to read on
the all-absorbing topic. The State Jour
nal im a special oiler will tnd tho Great
Sunday Stale Journal threo months to
unir t.t-i.ri Lumlimr i r, ftl flfi f.t. f .-n'iu
war with Kpain will hoover in ttO days. I" ' 1 . 7 '.
. .. ! ubw riplion to the hemi-weekly State
Some peomo think it may last for a year ,
11 17 Joorti.-il in e.t s the old vveeklv a I to mec?s
or two, But of courso then neceKsaily
some international complication may
arino to extend the waf to a longer
Some six week ago tho JiA RJfAL mado
tha statement through its roluinus that
there would be no war with Spain but
we are frank to wvy we were rnihtaken
notwithstanding all that, if president
JlcKinley had his way it would have re
quired another Maino incident to make
liim fight.
The ways and means committee of
CongreM bav prepared a bill in Increase
tho revenue of tim government to $120,
000,000 a year. Of course it It morn of
a war m"air than anything: els".
One of tho wo! important feature of
tho bill provided for placing a stamp
tax on document papers which will pro
vide 95 millions of the 120 million dollar
yhich Is bxpectad tlie Uw will produce.
f'Tht tnot -a'Jly sold .tmial Rcftr
am Bovk and Politial Manual published.
rulitzpr Building, New York.
IS I'm sps a Week
-156 Papers a Year
For One Dollar.
and with a big nixteen-pnge pajier
thrown in, is the greatest bargin ever of
fered for $1.00. Just think! you get two
big weekly papers each week for a whole j pbl,Iietl every Alternate Hay eiceptSimdny
vear and a lag mxwen pagn bunttuy pa The Thrice-a-Week-World Edition of
per three months all for ? 1.00. In order I Tim New York Would is first among
to be entitled to this special premium you ' a''- tl,u "weekly papers in nue, Ire
must Mdid your Dollar direct to theState
Journal, Lincoln Nub.
Matter of Rprdlcntlun of Michael Ilruck
for liquor lleensn.
To tbo Mayor mul city ( ounlot tho city
of llarrinon, Sioux eouiity, Nebraska:
Notice In hereby given that Michael liruck,
han filed bin application with the ctly Clerk
pieiicy of publication and the freshness,
accuracy and variety of its contents. It
hasaH the nierrits of a grert $11 dollar dai
ly, the price of a dollar weekly. Ito po
litical newtt is prompt, complete, accur
ate and impartial as all it,i reader will
todify. It is against tho monopolies
and for the people.
It prints the news of nil tho world,
having special corrospondance from all
important news points on the globe. It
ha brilliant illustration's, stories by
gr"a lauthers, a capital humor page, com
tf:" ' " i'ilKJ riffs Sale.
isf ttrttie of an order of sate Issued by the
Clerk of thdDlHtrlet Court ot the comity of
Hioux, and state of Kobraska, upon a decree
rendered by said Court In favor of Jane E.
Woodruff pluintltr, and John Meinhart,
Josephine ilelnhart, J.ewis Kuftiing, Sirs,
Lewis IiiifllinK. w iff: of I.ewls HufTdng whose
true christian naioe 1 unknown, and W. J,
liowden, defemlaats, 1 will on tlm Hthduy
trf J'.ay, A. O. 1;W, at tbo hour of it o'clock
p. lit. of said day, at the east trout door of
thft,Comt bouse, In Harrison, in said eouu
ty, otTor and sell the (oIIokIhk diserjbed
real estate to-wit: The S-E'i of .Section 3i,
Township 33, Kar.),'e M, in Sioux county. Ne
braska, at public auction to the blithest
bidder tot cash, to satisfy said order of sale,
in the bh m of $.'ii.43, with -Interest thereon
at tfiorntc of ten per cent per annum, from
the ilth day of December, IHW, and costs and
aocluuig so8t.- 'Thou a Ho'.ly,
, : . .. ?herjtr of said Comity.
; ' Slierijrn Sale.
$y virtue of an order of sale issued by the
C'k rjt of the District Court of the county nt
Simijr, and state of Nebraska, upon a decree
remit rod by said Court In favor' of Horace
V. Stanton plaintiff, Lorenzo 1. Harmon,
A. L.'Ormsby, trustee, Krauk Dailay, Isaac
A. l'rntt and FraneU K. rratt del'cndants, 1
will 0n the H day of May, A. IK 1CIH, ut the
hour of 2 o'clock p. m. of said iay at the
east frontdoor of the Court house in llnrri
son, u a. ltd ootlnly, offer and fell the foilaw
Ing ileserlhe I real estate to-wit: The fi-W'if
of heftlon 5, Tonaifclitp ;C Huuiru fi'S, In Sums
com.fy, Nebraska, ut public auction to Urn
I'lfjhiht bidder for cash, to satiafy said or
dir of Mile In the, sum of ci;;l,i'i;, wiin inter
t llureon at llie rate ol tea per cent, per
aniniDi jroin tin' .'dh day of lieei inbir, Jst.7
uud and iiia'rulnii costs.
1 TltOMAH IlOl.l.T,
3S CJ , . huerlir of said Comity.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Americas Exctiakgk National Bank, New York,
Omaha National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
PffPl!T Ullll P PPfl flf P
L mm usitS b Uijy Ui u
at my harness shop.
TLird Uuildin Wt;3tof J. IE. Kartell's Grocery Store.
irl'l n- i iii.i. in m.w .imiii. i. 1
.0tirB (o uiil'rshlcht befeuilaiits.
To 2sietttt L. Maine, Silas L. U. Maine,
JannvX). Hiircenl:
louart'f ene.1 ol you will take notice that
J. Y. t'astle ha filed bi.r petition hi tlie
District Court of Sioux county, .Nebraska,
the objiwa and prayee of which petition is
tho foreclosure of a certain tax lien upon
the foIlowiriK described 'pfr-fhlces In Hioux
count,, Nebraska, lo-wlt; Loll Wand tl of
Uioelf T, of the Village of Harrison, that
you it.ul each of you bu tiarred o( any riht
or Intca-est 1n or to the same ; that the said
prefntwtpc sold to mllsfy the until tax lien
and fur Keneral relh f.
you. (ire required to answer the said peti
tion ou or before the sixth day of June, 1W,
' J. Y. Casti.i:, Plaintiff.
. 40 Attorney for I'lalntift..
of Harrison, tlonx eounty, Nebraskn, fur
lleeuso lo Hell malt, splrl I no -m v ml yhmini , phite market s, depart men ts for t he house
HipioIH In )liirriuu, ISoiyiu tore n ji, Mom
county. Nl,ra.ik i, trotn theTtli day of "la!',
h'Ss, to the 7th day of May, )'.'. If tin re be
no objections, remonstrance er protest
filed within two cclti prior 10 the Vth day
of May, 1SW, the nald llennse will 1 raHted,
Micuh IIbCck, Applicant
Id and women's work and other xpecial
ilep.aitrricnt j of un i--Jittl interest,.
We taller this umqunlcd imwspaper
and Tiik siorx ('Jot-NtY Juckn.m, tot-ether
ono year for $ 1.70
The regular suescription prieo of the
' .Notice to Non-Keslilenl, He Sudanis.
To Huf us Colt In and Couipany;
You and cneh of you will take notice Unit
D. H. rlWj)W Ikis filed his petition in the
lHsttiet Court of Hloux euunty, Nebraska,
the object and prayer nt which petition In
tlie foreclosure of a certain tax lieu upon
the following desc ribed premises In fipwx
county, icbraska, to-wit: Lotuof liloek 9
of the Village of llarrinon, that you and
each tit you he barred of any rlifhtor Inter
ed. In or to the same; that the rahl pieml
ne ho Hold to satisfy the, said tax lion and
t-r ff' a.cral re'.t.-r.
V'.n . n 1 In aesver the said peti
tna on or before the i-l.tli day of .lune,
IK'jH. 1. II-UHlhWoi.n, I'laintlff.
tiKAUt (iOTIIKin,
Vi AUomeT for I'lnlnllff.
C I K k' j
i 1' I i k.a ,J J , ' ,".J '
R PI 53 trs
The best of Wines, Brandies, Whiskey
and Beer kept constantly, on hand.
1 liaiiilie tfie luilie leer
, , y : the cssat ?ma
j. :
editors i: E. 0. TIcwtr
Trcfiaick ilpbani JTosais it
T3" J--. '"X K Monthly, ico Inrjre PfiRcn, f
nniMranai. mn a oiiii nee ill V
It. II la Mithi!! vent f iit;
O tt"urrv( s vfmr Kinase-!.
.. - .r -- "" One loilir a vcrir. loernl'i "
NcwTimc. Lit mc take those loads from your barks" a eepv: "ample uiunhci imiiha
bir vi x ff nl s.