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rlar A Critical Tina.
WARrxoTow, March 26. The court
f inquiry appointed to investigate the
sause ot .tie Maine disaster has reported
that the lost of the battleship was due
So an outside explosion.
The slate department, by direction
( the president, hai cabled United
states Minister Woodford at Madrid to
sotify the Spanish government of tbif
SMiclusion. The president and hie cab
net advisers held two extended tensions
loday, one at 10:30 a. m., and another
it 3 :30 p. rn., at which the report was
tortsided in detail. Members of the
jabinet stated after the meeting that
the Jiecussion wag of grave character
tad that never since the wrecking of
the Maine has the situation seemed ao
Tie Spanish government hag cabled
W Washington that the Spanish naval
Bommiseion holds the disaster to the
Maine to be of internal origin. The
joverninent of Spain, it can be stated
positively, is not disposed to turn back
the torpedo flotilla now proceeding from
ihe Canaries and would be disinclined
0 consider a suggestion f -om this gov
srnment tending to interfere with the
Imposition by Spain of her own naval
War preparations rn an unprece
Jen ted scale is being hurried ti comple
tion by the war and navy departments
ind the country is practically on a war
The navv department wag informed
iv cablegram from Lieutenant Col wall,
laval attache to the United States em
asy at London, that agents of this
(ovt-mment had purchased a "torpedo
oa' that had been constructed for ihe
3erman government." The new acqui
lition is of the general type of German
rpedo boats and is regarded as a valu
ibie addition to the navy. It is expect
dthat ii a f-w days she will leave for
ibeUnt-d States. She ia a twenty
ihree kmt vessel and about 150 feet
eng. While of the same general type
is the Rogers anil the Foote, of the
United States navy, she is a trifle longer.
The price paid for her the navy officials
leclined to state at this time, but it was
mid to be very reasonable.
Word reached the navy department
loday that the Spanisn authorities ha e
taken steps to supplement the existing
(unifications at San Juan de Puerto
Rico, the main port of the island of
Porto Kico. The news is regarded as
ugciiic.'.nr. Porto Rico is the only other
fSM'i :'ib which belongs to the Spanish,
ove'tiuient on this b miephere besides
" 3nta. The officials of the department,
wh'le acknowledging ihat information
f t: i- foregoing character has reached
their, are very chary about
ny of the details to the press.
T! city of Porto Kico is fortified after
the ii'd e-yle ptevalent in the ea ly days
the defenses consisting of a wall which
sompletely encircles it, of several forts
Utraieg c poinU, while the only points
f ecrest" and ingress are through mass
ive gates. These fortifications are being
strengthened and the armament has
MtD increased by two large guns of
formidable pattern and caliore, San
loan has 23.414 inhabitants.
General Flagler, chief of ordnance of
Ihe army, today had a long conference
with S -creUry Alger with reference to
sdditiooal gone and gun carriages. A
lew davs ago Secretary Alger alloted to
general Flagler $1,600,000 from the
Hnargency appropriation made by eon-tre-s.
After careful can vase of the
situation Secretary Alger gave Geneial
Flagler a liberal additional allotment to
be mm by the ordnance bureau at bis
siecretion, but no information could be
sbtained either from General Flagler or
bom secretary ' office as to its
The sum must be a very considerable
sue, however, as General Flagler said
that it was to be need to cover provi
lioaol contact entered into for the cdo
trsction of new gone of Tarions calibres
tad their necessary carriages,.
Ponding action on the report of the
eoort of inquiry Lientenant-Comniender
Maris, the judge advocate of the court,
will be on special doty ia the office of
aha tnAm advocate ire n era I. Here be
will be available to supply any infoima
lion that the president or the secretary
of the navv may desire in connection
with the nro -eedingt of the eoort.
Th- enlistment of men for tbe naval
service is progressing satisfactorily at
tbe Washington navy yard and a good
elaes of mea is being obtained. Hereto
fore the enlistments have been confined
to ratings of machinists, teamen and
ordinary seamen. On tbe recommenda
tion of Lient. J. Robinson, the recruit
ing officer in charge of tbe rendesvoos,
navy department, bat anthoriaed him
to ID- lode tbe enlistment of coal patters
saw..! fi rsman.
Lieutwnat Caiwell, at London, hat
been directed by tb ry department
to arte the baildera of tbe recently par-
dheaeJ craiswr AIDea. to nasten
eaowtrwetion of the ship with
sibie epeed.
Taajrrow. M. J.. March Tbe
esMV s Uxtwoet late the death of Henry
ftasjaa, who died T-aaday as a reealt ol
t.eariea la a boslag mats
m Moaaaf aiht withJaefc smith r
wc ta a fwtiat Btaaa'i AeaU
CzZ w aaU alAaal baU aa.
bsa Aaatia Msi ltmaw laat
t -.-tlCai
rrnty Thooaaod Arra of Laod ara Over
Flowed. UundmU HuuifleM.
Si ixivak, Ind.. March 30. The levee
jn tbe Vt'abash river went out with a
breadth of 11)0 feet, entailing a loss ot
1100,000. Twenty thousand acres of
land are overflowed, and hundreds of
families are rendered homeless ai.d
destitute. Citizens are responding for
miles around in their effort to remove
families and stock. Hundreds of cattle
and horses are heuitued in. The levee
was seven milea long and was built at a
cont of $80,000. Tne area of farm lands
submerged is about 20,000 acres.
The Indiana and Illinois Southern i
railroad snffers a serious lows. The road
officials are directing and rendering
every assistance in the work of relief.
The water at this hour is making a mad
rush through the bottom lands, uproot
ing trees and taking everything in it
path. It is feared that many people,
who were slow to take warning, will
meet death in the flood.
An Osgood special says : The B. A O.
S. W. railroad letween Lawrence and
Aurora for three and one half miles is
four feet under water. Trains go to
Cincinnati by No. th Vernon via the Big
Four route.
The Ohio is riting at a very rapid rate,
with no immediate prospectof stopping.
The conditions are alarming and fears
that the levee will break at Lawience
berg are entertained. The Wabash
raited 2.22 feet tonight, this being the
highest ever known, and is still rising.
The levee below the c ty gave way tide
afternoon and the lowlands ofLawrenot
county will soon be a sea ol water. Ths
suffering an 1 loss of property will 1
great. Tne low lands of upper incei:
nes and Lecker townships are sub
merged by White river. The staim t
Ostenlioro left t r Bei! with a relie
party tliis evening. Three hundred
p opie are waterbjuud and destitue.
Owinj to a break ia tke Ev insville &
Terre Haute at Emison, caused by tiie
break at Lower Shaker pnirie, all traim
n that line are abandoned. The first
train on the Indinapolis & Vincennei
road since Tuesday reached this citj
Cincinnati,,, March 29. U i.til the
weather becomes settled there can bt
no reliable prediction in reg trd to th
flood in the But for ihe rain
which began about 2 o'clock this morn
ing in the Ohio valley the Ohio rivei
here wculd not have reached fifty feet
Tbe precipitation here up to 7 o'clock
this morning wag one-balf inch. Tonight
rain is reiio-ted from the same storm
from Portsmouth to Parkersburg
Nevertheless the Ohio is falling at ali
points above here. From 5 to 8 o'clock
this evening the river has risen one-
tenth of a foot and at 10 o'clock tonight
is sixty-one feet and three-tenths
What it shall be to morrow dependi
whollv on whether or not there will b
additional rain in the Ohio valleys. Al!
railways are running trains on theii
regular lines tonight. The condition of
people exiled from home by the watei
is tbe same as yesterday, it tne re is
no more rainfalf the river will begin U
decline about midnight at about sixty
one and five-tenths feet and after thai
will runout rapidly.
Work Ins In lolnon.
WAsni.NGTON, March 30. At the clow
of the cabinet meeting yesterday Secre
tary Alger gave out tbe following state
"So far as the e being any differena
of opinion among the membeis of thi
cabinet; they are all in hearty acco'c
with the president. When be reid yes
terday his message on the Maine then
was not a dissenting voice nor a
lion of clung. It commanded tbe ap
proval of every member. How coult
the president have said more? He gav
congress the report at once and stat
that he had forwarded it to Spain and ii
awaiting her reply. He most take on
step at a time. It may be said furthei
that there need be no fear that he wu
not take the next. He has not lost
moment, in prescn:ing not only thi
Maine incident bat the whole eitaatioi
to Spain. The country can well affors
to wait the result of the nego'iations
which will be promptly made kuowD
whatever the result "
The Spanish siluati n was the absorb
ing and practically the only subject o!
consideration at the state, war and navj
departments and although the main in
terest of the day was centered in th
e ib net meeting and tbe general cou
of congress, yet the active negotiation!
now proceeding with Spain made th
state department hardly lesi a centre ol
attention, while tbe preparations of ths
war and navy branches went on witt
unabated vigor. The Spanish minister,
Senor Polo, reached the state depart.
ment shortly before noon snd was witt
Judge Day over half an bonr. Tbe meet
ing ws by appointment, one of Jndgs
Day's clerks having been aent to tb
minis er to ask bim to come to tbe de
partment at the earliest moment.
Pending his arrival, Judge Day wenl
to the navy department and bad a tall
with Assistant eweretary Roosevelt aa
soon thereafter Mr. RuoMvelt retumes
the visit sad hand a talk with Jodft
Day ia hia office.
aadod for Aurtoa.
Lokdo, March 30.-Eaeign Sobla
son ind McMorrii, U. 8. N., who hays
btaa studyinf nsval arcbltactora at
Glasgow, ba been rMiOai by raeri
from Waahlagtoa. The UaiUd Itatai
ernieer Baa Fraociaso, which, wlta thi
law Orisaaa, sailvd oa Saaaav latt
thaPaf4rfasa,siftHiiisiagat aias
kat latai. aaiag 4aiass ta the
Caa FraacWtsgiaea. TbaWaw Or
leaae aat aata erdered by Oeianwaw
J HI USiU.N brthKS
Tliw fruit VUlvna u mu InipaMtmi'!
Hrt b unt uba and Uttr Trouhlr by
Our Junior Senator.
W AMiiNbTOK, March 2. A scene,
drama'iciii thein'ensity of its interest,
waa presenied in the senate today dur
ing the delivery of -Mr. Ttiurston of Ne
braska of a epet'rb on the Cuban situa
tion. Not ince the inauguration of Presi
dent Mi-Kinley have so many peop e
been on the senate i-ide of the capitol as
there were today. Trie ga leries were
pa-Veil w.'th people, many o-f whom had
arrived at theeaoitol a earlv as W :'?0 a.
m. in order to obtain netts, Even the
'iplomatie gallery, which is rarely oci-n-pied,
a4 filled with Ind -w and gentle
men from vario'i" foreign le-jitions.
Within a few miii ot" after the sen
I'.e convene 1, every r-n ttor who c uid
he present, wa" .n hi" neat and by the
time Mr. Thuist .n lia i btgun his sjieei h
.1 i7ns of meiiitx -rs of th" hou. were
either ptand n.' "r u-'ciiui-d cia:rs in
the area without the semi i-irc't of i-a:(.
A jar (f ro ea had ! eo pla.'e i on Mr.
Thurston's deik, Out tie -puke iroin
of Mr. Hawley in theeentral part of tiie
His firnt Sentence in wh rh he said
be spoke by coin iund o' silent lip a
ielictte an 1 t .ii tiing ref.T'iici tit. ft
lo-a of hii w if..- h i ht iiiemorihie trip
to Cuba comma -i 1 intrant attention.
huli tell over to kire.t an hence,
which iiung win ! 'no-it l.renthle-s at
lentiou aud mtetit u hi evrv word.
iuh in'iNu i;t ii .Hi'.
Some surprl'" lia-j be-n expre-ed
that Senator T:iiirto:i tlrml I apear iu
- uMie proui. oerry so ho mi af'er the
"iiii'e of Mrr1. Tiiur-Tuu, hut. the lii-ut
sentence of ins i-p e'h tuinvsiies tie
y to his action.
Mrs. Tnti'-tO'i's dv'.n reijn -st to her
i shaud i tha' he eh ul i lose no
iiiieon a-oo in! o' ii.-r ij-ath to do his
itmotu t sava an 1 tr-e (.. ibi and tts
X'Ople. In a'Ciirdanc- w-th the reque-t
therefore, Sena'or Ihuriton Hienfieed
is personal feeling an 1 delivere 1 his
peecb a speech tiiit wjs his tribute
to the memory o( his w ife.
The speech very generally re
garded as a misteriy ettort and even
those who could not agree with hip con
fusions conceded ttie power of his
oration. As he near-d theendoftlm
peech his voice, which had teen clear
and rising, noticeably brke. He wa-,
almost overcome by emotion, but rallh d
with an effort and closed iu a minm r
bat thrilled bis auditors.
Staid and dignified senators turned
away and wept, and iu the galleriis
tears welled to hundreds o eyes. It
i a remarkabie n-etie and the stil -
ueec until tbe last word had been pAi-
sounced was a of d atb itself.
As Mr. Thurston sai Ic into his srat
ind buried his face in his hands the
rallerifg were swept by such a tumult
jf applause as ha-t not iu a long time
jeen heard in a senate chamber.
As a brother might bave done, Mr.
i'len, Mr. Thurston's colleague, from
Nebraska, walked to him and placing
lis arm over his shoulders quietly led
aim from the chamber. The act was
me of the touching amenities among
he turbu lance and disc rd of political
Tur t'ubau t'rUU.
I.o.noon, March 25. The imminence
jf tha Cuban crisis hai prompted finin
iers to make efforts to avert war. A
movement on loot in Lximuara street
ind among American baukors who are
leading it are supposed to have the sym
pathy and perhaps th cj-operation of
Rothschil Is. The American bankers are
ndeavoring to secure the influence of
financiers and governments, represent
ing to them the damage to the commerce
f s'l nations wh ci. a wsr would involve.
I he financiers are willing to inuest lib-
irally to prevent war, but apparently
hey are nnable to devise a plan promts
jig success. Tbe American bankers tell
be diplomats that If the United States
iemands an indemnity, and Spain it
willing to pay it, financiers will gUdly
urnish the funds.
The best informed diplomats believe
the Spanish cabinet und dynasty dare
aot risk the wrath of the populace which
would inevitably follow acquiescence in
the demand of tne Unite i htatee for re
paration for the loss of tbe Maine.
Financiers are also seeking to bring
pressure upon vy annington, inrougn
fiploraata, but it is believed they navs with little success.
Slrtka or Coal Mlaara
Pittsbubu, Match 25. A general
strike of river coal miners will be inau
gurated on April 'i, uulets all of tbe con
ditions of the Chicago agreement ar
complied with by that dale or the oper
ators agree 1 to pay tbe men upon a run
)f mine basis. A strike will effect
ibont &.000 men.
Villi Mat be ProMetitod.
Rom. March 25 The chamber ol
deputies adopted, by a vote ol 207 to 7,
tbe committee report recommeoaiDi
"political censor" against Former Pre
mier OrisDi. who ha been accosed of
complicity in the Bank of Naples scan
dals, tie will not oe proescuieo.
Qurtar at a sflllUe far Battaf.
Wi.umoToM. Marsh 16. Aa amead
meat to tbe sundry civil bill to pending
hafora tha seaats committee oa appro-
priattoaa, appropriating 160,000 to far
nisb supplies to the dettltuU poaeto of
Oaba. It is stated that 11 will prooabiy
ba adopted. .
WAaaiaJrw'alsroii M-follewiag k
tha lam of BTebrts psaaioaat
Iatmai Ismaai jeckler, Oralghtaa.
H 4i umutn will bt rft--iil- tmlay.- K
U.luaft brtwmu ttia t filled Mte AUit
-I. nil aiMi ba rltli d.-Tnc I llliuatv
WsHis(.ToN, March 31. The vital
p i t of the Cuhan Muetion, viz., inde
peii 1'iice, ha-f shiitef rs.-lf from Wasli
ing on to Madrid, when the Spanish
government is now giving grave and
eanu si ronsidoraiiou l rouositions
pn-ented by tha government Oi tiie
I niied Mates. O;: tiie answer to theae
prop.isitiom probibly depends tie fu
ture course ot the relations betw en.
Spam and tbe Unite I States. The Span
ish tuimstry will hold a cabinet meel
ine toil.iy. after tbe propositions l.avt
Uten submitted tot e queen regi-nt, and
an a re-mlt of that conference it is ex-l-."ei
tiy the administration that a de
tin t3 answer to its proposals will b:
re.'-'iva I.
Th-f proow tioni 'uh.-nitled by this
country louteinplate a couifdete and
iui-jiediati ceiation of hostilities in
Cuba, thi return of the reconcentra lo-i
to their usual avocations and ttie in le
p"n fence of (hib.i, thi-i last f.-ature to be
leciirnl proliab y on an indemnity ba--'n,
by w ,i n the island would pay a
"'lb'tantial sum for it freedom irorn
-taiuli rule. Tiie" proposition tnke
a wide s-ope an 1 ther are ina. iy deiaiU
iu tiie ai''- prop in.tioii J, th : pur
iii b,-io.' to pieeiit every ps be
plan pr mming a iolu ion of tli-i Cinau
prohiem m long as u end of tlm CuIhu
war AnA C .lban in b-p -nd -in'e were em -Ui:e
l ill tin; ultimate re-iM.
A HRK vkii'uvs uii Finn r.
H has tieeii ma le perf-clly clear to
p'tin that i ol'u'ng I than the c'oe
ii th't war an t t!r; imlependenca of the
.-laud will sullicK an an a leipate nettle
merit. Never before until now has the Span-:i-h
government ev -r for a moment en
lertained such prop"itioni. Now, in
the stn-sa of the em-rgeiicy, will decla
rations of war introdused in ttie Ameri
can congris, Spain ha- r;lui tant!y con-
enteil to consider them. This in itself
has given lively hope of a satisfactory
re-nlt. Hut it involveii a grave crisis iu
.-p tin, and it cannot be f oreto d what
tiie final action at Madrid will be. In-
il tixlay there was the bent of reason
or the otlicial b.-iief that aa b-st we.-n
peace and war on lhese propositions
Spain would ooose war, but more li-pe
apparently is enti-rtainei here of Spain
bring in a yielding mood, as the Ameri
can plana for solution are being careful
ly weighe ' w ith a view to a final decis
ion. When the answer is received the
future course of this government will be
determined. It iB the view of the ad
ministration that tbe present week will
snape the policy of the future, whether
it is to be one of peace or one of war.
Many representative men of congress,
senators and representatives, called at
the White bouse today and conferred
with the president. To the leaders in
congress he stated that definite results
were expected from Madrid by Friday.
This served to allay the intense feeling
which had ben manifested in cong-ess,
and through the influence of the leaders
further radical action by the senate and
bouse was for tbe time being deferred
At the capitol excitement was una
bated. The meeting of the foreign
relations committee brought ont much
interest because of tbe many warlike
resolutions introduced yesterday and te
ferred to that committee.
On the honse side there waa increased
excitement. After tbe vote , on tbe
Bailey resolution rnsny members went
to the White house to comer with the
president and express to bim their hope
that something might he promised
which would relieve the strained situa
tion. Tbe assurance of the president
was given to these members that by
Friday night, at tbe latent, something
definite could be expected.
The situation at tbe capitol is one of
waiting expectancy. Senators and
repm-entatives are willing to give the
president an opportuniiy to carry out
bis plans, but there is impatience to
have some information regarding these
plans and some assurance that they will
not delay action too long.
JSegotteUviu About Cioaad.
Philadelphia, March 81. Negotia
tions are about closed between tbe gov
ernment and P. . B. Widener of this
city fortbe purchase of the letter's ocean
going steam yacot Josephine, the yacht
ia 182 feet over all, twenty-eight beam,
draws sixteen feet of water and is of 400
tons register. She cin carry 300 tons ot
coal and baa a speed of about eighteen
knots an hour.
Orders for the refitting of the old mon
itors Mabopac, Canonicus and Mohawk
were received at League island tonight.
The big monitor Miantonmah will re
ceive her finistting touches of paint to
morrow and alii bt ready to sail at
moment's notice Today additional
rapid fire gons were mounted in her
fighting top.
Great later ait tUeltaa.
Wasbixotoh, March 31. Tha nary
lepartmea baa received a dispatch say
i kt aaMpal H Danish warshiM have
toft Cartfaagaaa, Spaia. Tha destine
has not bean learned as ret. The news
netted great mterest at tha navy da
perf cat.
It has beta learned later that tha
ahi-a wblcb Wt Oathagena are the ar
iJJrU armiaars Iafeata Maria aad Oria
lobal Oeeaa aad tbe torpedo boat da.
Ttia rahlort MfnilMTO Hon WKa FratUva,
writlulay buitey.
Wa-hikutom, .March 28. Tbe preei
d nt ea a number of members of ths
cabinet yesterday at the White bouse.
Tnpy d oppf d in one by one until al
most a quorum was present. With
them w as Assistant Secretary ol State
Ia, who presumably had some dig
patciiee to thow the president. Tin
meeting was not a serial cabinet meet
ing, but was simply a talk between tlit
president and his advisers such as oc
eurred last Sunday concerning matter
on w bich he deBired to consult them.
Toe Cuban question and the report of
ttie Main- board of inquiry were tbe
subjects discussed, but so far as could
be ascertained, one of the members o
tiie cabinet sating subsequent. y that
there was nothing new or startling in
the situation. The presence of Judgt
I ) y w ould infer that there were ad-
v i- s from Minister ooolord, out tur
ner than an acknowledgement that
minunication is in progress ln-teen
ti e state department and the minister,
ithing could be a-certained.
At the state, war and ntvy depart
ment there was during the earlier por
tions of the day little semblance of the
Sabbath. Cniefa of bureaus, mesnotig
ers ana telegraph operators were at
work, 'rub ilily never Since the dayi
oi the late war have fo many otlicial!
fathered at the war a id navy denrt-
ineiits on a Sunday. Dipatch'-i- th t
rH!if there regar ling tin m jveuii'ii of
snips and other matter were received,
and as many of them re ju re I prompt
answer in th present emergency, r
plies were forwarded. Secretary Long,
however, did not apjwar at the navy de
partment iluring tti ii.iv. Mr'. L in?
has been ill for some titu" and the sec
retary iu part shook off otlicial caret
and spent the major. ty of the day with
AsMstatit Secretary Day spent a por
tion of the Sabbath at the state depart
ment and there rec ive! a call from the
Spar ish minister, a rather unusual pro
cedure, indicating imjiottaiit matters
for consideration.1 The conference last
ed tome time.
Tonight Commodore WdfordS. Sch
ley, just appointed the commander ol
the "Hying squadron," l'-ft for Norfolk.
It is expected that touiorrow he will
noist bis ilrtg on the Brooklyn, which is
to be the flagship of the squadron. Ths
only other vi s-'el of the fleet now at
Hampton Roads is the Mas-a limeits.
Oi the remaining three the Texas is iu
New York receiving munitions, and the
Columbia and the Minneapolis are at
League island, where the final work
preparatory to their sea service is being
hurried to completion. The latter will
be at Norfolk about the middie of the
both suits iioi-it roa piacx.
The developmen s of the day in ths
Cuban situation inoicate steady pro
gress iu the negotiations, but the govern
ment of this country aad Spam look, at
least for tbe present, to peace. It is
lUled on good u hority that Spain's
wish is to secure a cessation of hostili
ties in Cuba rather thaa engage in war
with the United Stales and that it ia
more than probable that the negotia
tions between tbe government of tbe
United States and the Sagasla ministry
will take that turn in the mm-.iiaU
future. The present Spanish ministry
has professed a pacific disposition from
the beginning and indications are
strong now that it will avail itself of the
rood office i of the United Stales to tbe
fullest extent that public opinion in
Spam will allow in bringing to an end
tbe hostilities in Cuba. To what extent
tbe United States msy go in assisting
Spain in beY present design of securing
an armistic is not determined, but the
conservative element in the adminis
tration consider the manifestation of
this desire on the part of Spain for even
a temporary peace a direct result of
President McKinley's diplomacy and
they are naturally disposed to contend
that the president should be left free
for the present at least, to pursue a
policy which promises much in the way
of preventing war between this country
and Spain and also of bringing to a
close ths hostilities in Cuba. Hence
there will be an effort on the part of
the peacefully inclined in congress to
continue to hold that body in check and
to prevent inflammatory utterance!
there until this promising diplomatic
lead may be exploited.
Terrlbla LMaaalar.
Bt. Jouns, N. T., March li8. The
aeal steamer G-eenhv'd, which put in O
Bay de Verde last night with a story of
terrible disaster to her crew on Wednes
day and Thursday while among the lea
floes in le arch of seals, arrived here this
She reported twenty-flva men dead,
twenty-three missing and sixty-one so
fearfully frostbitten that about twenty
of them will lose their limb.
The colony is aghast at tbe magnitude
of the disaster, nothing like which baa
aver been kdowa here. Already a relief
fund ha been started to assist th re
latives of tha deceased.
The Greenland ha 14,000 seals. She
reports that the Aurora has 18,000, tha
Plana 19,000 aad the Iceland 11,000.
fieil O Qakatl.
MaiiaiB, Marco SaVThe elect ion lot
the popular branch of tha eortee have
passed off, oa tbe whole, quiet). The
indication are that tha government of
Senor Bafeeta will hava aa eaoraBoa
saojorit, eaUaaated at KM at tha 41)
seat la tha ooagrea.
, Disardaraara appreheads. at Mfbaa,
where the polling saaatil great eeita
gtaat. Tha military Jadge at Bliaaa le
aae a wamat tar tha arrest at
rn wilta Amw hai ! Slada aa4 SB
thr Hand uf lha Aolharttlaa-JSarfca
by a 'oorTailaTne.
Wariusotov, March 29 Tbe United
4tate government bas presented
;h rough Minister Woodford at Madrid a
:-ef 1 y prepared note dealing with
ihe distressing condition of affairs ia
Cuba, and making clear that this gov-
irnment cannot much longer withhold
inch definite a.-tion as will bring ths
jre-ent struggle and tbe suffering it is
K-casioning to a close. The note wf
iiibm tted to f e Spanish government
;he 1 itter part of last week.
The Spani h government hai made its
reply to the note of the United States
thus sntitni'ted by Minister Woodford.
1 brief cable dispatch wai received from
W.niKter Woodford, but this is believed
lot to have conveyed the Spanish reply,
n it was confined largely to an inquiry.
It can he stated positively, however,
: iat the Spanish answer has been mads
ind tcmnotbe doubted that it is in
,iie hands of tbe authorities here.
Both ttie note of ttie United States
ind tiie answer of Spain are. marked by
i c m-ervative tone, which, however,
loei not overcome the dignified firmness
Alrcii rharaeteriz-s the representatives
)( both governments.
Tin-United State note clearly indi
cated tliattne situation in Cuba could
no much liiHger he tolerated, snd Id
ieta 1 recite! th- distressed conlitions
preva.hni and the apparent inability of
the present Spanish policy in Cuba to
tiring the e conditions to a close.
Tiie Spaiii'h ans er is reassuring and
furuivicM a basii for ive y hope that all
diff -ri-nces may lie adj ist d on a basis
'UUa.actoiy to tin-government.
The cabinet meeting, which was
-all il at 10.3 t i' I n k ye terday, was
largely devoted to ! 1 u reading of the
president's un s-age, sent to rongress at
noon, heveral minor cnanges wtn
made n the wording of the messeve
and after it bail b. en dispatched to tha
cipitol some time waB spent ir. the con
sidering of late messages from Minister
Woo-Uor . Although the details ol
these di patches are not made pubho, it
is known that they are reassuring in
character an 1 give a basis for the be
lief that the present strained relations
may yet le satisfactorily relieved. Al
though retic nt as to the details, a
in--ui tier o' the cabinet said alter Use
meeting that the conditions were mah
more hopeful than threat days ago.
It is undoubtedly true that Spain la
illin' to make imjmrtant concessions
to the United States and is willing to go
even so lar as to agree to withdraw lie
iroo from Cuba on conditions which,
if not satisfactory to this govern meat,
are more liberal and conciliatory then
any thing hitherto received and cieatty
indicate a purpose to avoid war, even if
to attain that end Spain is compelled
make sacrifice never before considiaa.
Notwithstanding lhee hopeful straa,
the negotiations have not passed tfce
danger point, nor is it believed that fat
government will accept any comprosseae
that does not involve prompt ceesatasa
ot hostilities, even if the question oi the
future government of Cuba be left ta
future negotiations.
firm Hunt Completed.
Ixdoh, March 'Jtt. Forty rapid Are
five andslx-inch guns completed by tha
Armstrongs and dest n d for the Uh tad
State will be shipped immediately.
Lieutenant Colonel Alfred K. Bate,
United State military attache, started
to lay on a tour of Germany, Austria
and Belgium in an endeavor to pure&at
The United States military attache at
Berlin, Lieu., H. T. Allen, after scour
ing tbe country, report that no gam
are procurable in Germany, The Krtpa
stock waa all ordered before the gaaa
were begun and that concern is uoab'a
to sell any to tbe United State. It ia
expected, hoev r, that the United
State will be able to secure a lot of gu a
made in Belgium for the Beigiao govern
ment, which does not need them. Bat
it doubtful whether these guns will ta
deliverable at an early date.
Bxsxia, March 29. A high official at
the German fore gn office, said today ta
tha Associated press representative t
"Germany will joyfully greet any I
to improve Hpanish-Amertesn re It
but this interest doe not go so far aa to
induce Germany to participate In nflsn
Ing mediation. Moreover, there at aa
indication that America it inclined ta
offer such mediation, nor on that Nitisf
Mothlac Laas Thaa rraaeasa.
Naw Yob., March 27. "The Uaitai
Bute may make arrangement with
Spain, bat the Cubans will never aaa
sent to an armistice or any other paVa
but Independence," said Horatio Ba
bens, couasel for the Cuban junta.
"Tha Cuban would be thankful fay
the interest shown by thi country, bat
w ould hava to respectfully decline al
uch proposition, it u aa abaosata
loss of Urn lor the Uaited States ta W
tertain aay aegoiation ol the kind With
Koaa, March 4lgmor Fraaaajw
Orispt, former iiasatsr hat gtmM
Falersao toaiplala to hit Itisaaj
hisaaUoa, daring hi premUnhip,
enaaaattoa with tor Bank al "aeiet
aoandaUaad oU.aronaadlaai that aata
aasa mfH aaaar aansidetatLaa a
J depalisa, treat wtlakta
M.a geait agalaat tha Wl
lapaaaaaat aatka
atlavait attoa.