The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 31, 1898, Image 1

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The Sioux County
into. 36.
The Sioux County Journal.!";
ftiWAitijaiED 1 .h.3.
Subscription Price, J 1.00
. lioo. It. ("anou.
Kill-, or.
Hut.irwt t(. the Hunison post ollico as
second e Ih- muvvcr.
11 - - - The record in tlie .supreme court is us
The .lot un-al HtmvU fairluMh":-
, j ,7 . IVtitim iii error was filed in the sn-
and uqu arch on the Cmcvgo ,,r,.Ilu, C)lllt Jline s,.nlwil;ls bUs.
platform, but trill not hesitate ! pend "d and hail 11 x.-il at ?1"-J5.()(i().
' to Kuhriort and work for Me 15,11 or fcxc-T't-'on Wed September
flection of candidates for the
variou ojfice to be voted for
thi fall no matter, whether,
4 l - 1 4.. '.V -
., . ,i
,Or jl'Ce VlVCr J.CjmbllCailS, if i
.endorsed, Inj all the reform ar-'
tie. Conditional, hou cver, ihat
advocate bi-mclalin the
incemie tax law, opposition tow,.
national b(Ull of iwie, are
nnr.n.l in ll,, ..-., ,.,,
freenbac. x and treasury note,
favor government control of
railroad, iilcgrajdh and tele
phone l,ine and the edahlhli
merit of pouted sarin; bank
Jna fistem, and (dm are on-
prnedto the U;u2in; of nation -
. ' I
4(1 OOrid m time of K.ace.
'V .! 1.
VtVh it'n the matter with Ilannn
The prospects lor war seems to be
tbtf wane.
No taU in the Union is doing more to
relieve tlio suffering oppresse;) Cubans
tl:u Nebraska.
Populists, Iti-e silver Republicans and
J k-niocrat of Val, i)ton. hava tuiited
on a slate and conu'tes-ional ticliet to I
.voted, on at next (ail's biemal election.
The $.,0,0()0,ii(Ji), appropriated hy con
gress for coast ili.feiicts wil,1 help give
home of the lioys a good job any way
evep if Uncle Sam wont light.
tianiia, the middle man lictween Wall
Street and the president knew litt ho
yan talking nbout when ho said there
would lie no war between the Upited
States and Spain.
Spain has a lew suinpathizers in Sioux
.county, and we doubt if it has not in th
f tate, from the way thu jieoplo are con
tributing to the C'uhau relief fund, now
dicing conducted by thu World Herald
inaha, relief liureau.
All those fullowH who have hid out in
Jlhe woods for fear o( having to light thu
bloody iipaniard.s, need not bo afraid to
show themselves, for the cruel war is
Xver. I Cine out and beat your ,aworus
into plowshares and priming crooks.
Hon. Thos. Watson of Georgia, who
was nominated for governor of that
stato two weeks ago, by the middle- of-the-road
populists, has absolutely declin
ed to make the race. It seems to be a
clear case of the office seeking the man
instead of tlie mno seeking tho oflico.
A (liaructcrlsllf I'alhfliood
Wli Ich It Told About JuIk'
A lt -ifcnrlnsc on tho Motion
for a New Trial bun boon
Tl) old 8Utte Booller, the other day
without provocation published ouo of
its c.iaracteristic falsehoods, which was
impjodialely Ulegraplied to every part
of Uie iiUte and within two days every
republican rabscallion in tho state was
peddling it from door to door. . What is
Strang about it iv that after having de
claimed for ten years against the lying
of the fltate Journal and after tl.iiiouni:-
a that rtf))HT fronj overy platform in
n-. ' i. " . r1r
::v.-.if . .
I be state a whole lot of i ons nml d rno-
r rats :it nn accented tins stateumnl.
w: bout an y iiiiiiiry, as true, ami l-i
, trail to bowl wor -e than a band of coy-i would won)
tbnt Ibe people after a .vlu would l:irn
tltat iT tliev see it in the State Journal
that it is good c-vi.J, in.,, that it is not
I true.
The story wai to the effect that the
supreme court bad ordered a new trial
in (he Jlar'.J -y rax. anil th. t it was done '
at the reouct of Judc Sullivan. No j
now trial has been ordeted and Judk'e j
. Sullivan nt ver made any such request.
,,,,. , .
I-nef iileil by Iiartlcy w counsel Octo-
,!ri,-'f of lt! "tate
filed I-'ecember
( ase submitted lJt-ccniber 2?.
-Judgment and sentence. 0r tlio lower
court .January ...
a re-hearinj,' (ilwl February
Motion for a re-hearing allowed Marcl
To allow a re-hearing of the motion
I '"r " "HW ,ri;i1 ' rlot '"' '"'i'-r for a new
trial at a
vV'hii h of the iinlires voted
for a new re-hearing is not a matter of
record and no one knows. I'.ut it is per
fectly sale I.) say that it na not Jml'o
Sullivan. The order for a re-hearing
will hold the case in the supreme court
for two or three months longer.
In tie) meantime Hartley will remain
'"'ZTVl TT'T
a hond for i.iiD.i, w Inch he has so far
bee,, unable to d.i.
This correction is not written c.i the
hope that the ignorant ai.d prejudiced !
p-aJets of republican papers w ill ja-t the !
fai ls. They will continue to rejoice in
ttie belief that their bite treasurer has
tieen p-iven a new t rial and that there is'
'ood ,,r hd,, u t 1 1 m. t repubb-1
I cm courts will see to it 1h.U Hartley
I vvll n..v-,.. ii t.. tli.. . ... t .... ;
T. Ji. Tibbies.
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dtnliAL U.i.rtl.w III '.ill ii. h.stli irw. Cillnrwrlle.
till. 11. L. lHll"l,llai'.hlil,6l U.u..,il.
ssrx v.
I ?nrr?f Din in Pnrts. t nx'K i:i:am. . ! . - ...
w w 4 . w-t-' i t :i k na t i m h i kj m mt mm -.
Grave errors, iniuntice, wroncs of
i greater or less degree, arise from lack
! f knowledge cf the truth, and nore
frequently frjrn deception.
The most infamous cape on record
cf deception and injustice is the at
tempt to demonetize silver c - a money
of final redemption in the Uniled.
There is no learned iude. -.killed
lawyer, or court of justice that is
capable of reconciling the effort v;ith;L ftj1 f " thl
1 i -
iiiu tt.ii:iiiaai'iiUi iav,n iiiii -Vv;ui
tiic issue of mercy in this country.
The people have been deceived,
officials in j ovver, chosen to adminis
ter justice under the lavs, have
ignored the'r sworn duty, and (jiven
aid to the scheme that has paralyzed
: inrlii .trv rcilurcfl nrnnerlv vniiips
, j , . 1 . WJ j
one-half, and beggared millions.
There is no authority of law, either
..pecific or by inference, by which
gold alone is made the only money
with which to discharge debts, cither
public or private. The effort to
mahe it so is unconstitutional and a
national calamity.
Plain and ample infermation, facts,
and truth, concerning this almost suc
cessful scheme to corner the wealth
cf the people, is now being printed
in the Cincinnati Erquirer, a news
paper which the coriibined power of
money has failed to muzzle or buy.
The Weekly Enquirer is only 75c.
a year. The address is
Enquirer Company, Cincinnati, O.
Trade Marks
Copyrights Ac.
riniy tw fcriain our npihion Ireo wriHhw an
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ionn(rl);ilyrititi!cntfnl. 1 Inii'f hvk on Pnttiuta
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voir: frmr month, fl. Kolil hyaH newHiiniliTx.
fif.NSCo."'a-" New York
liiuiicli OlDco, ia r .St.. WiishlliKton, D. c.
,S'h'rin"s S"lc
,. , , , , , , ,
lly virlue of an order of sale Issued bv the
clerk ol the Histi-lct Court of the comity of
Kloux, and l,nte of Nebra:-ka, iipnn n dcci-cu
"""'I,'r'"1 ''' H:M Court til favor ol Jane K.
Homlruir pliintiir, and John Meinhurl,
, . , , ,, , ,,
(""inline Mcinliiui, l.cwls l!uItln(C, Mrs.
r.-.vis llnilinK, itc of i.ewis ltuftiin.', whose
One cbri.iiau uame is unknown, anil W.J.
l!"w'1'',., I will oa tliciMhday
"r April. A. Ii. J ..H, nt the Hour or 2 o'clock
.. , , . .
p. in.ol said day, ut the. east Iront door oi
tho court lion In Harrison, In stud county,
ofur and fell Die lollowln;? described real
U' wit: K' s''ttl" K.Town-
ihi. XI, Hani. ,!, in siouv county, Nohruska,
llt ,, ucti to the highest bidder U,r
cash, to .atl-fy said order f sale, in tho
um of .... willi Interest th"rs.n t tlie
""' " l"" ",T l"'r "', iron, the
y liceciiibcr, 1SD7, and costs und
m.t.,.ulllB ,.,,ts. Tm, N ,.,.,-,
Mierlll' or naid County.
N.icriir.s Siili".
!y virtue of mi order of sale Issued by the
Clerk of he I oniric t ( ourt of the county of
niouv, niei mile oi ro-orai-Ka, upon a ib-cree
-,.,,, y (,,llrt , 11V(jr(j
r. htanton, JdaintilT, Lorenzo I). Harmon,
A. L. Orinsliv. trustee. trunk lialh-v
Isaac A. Pratt and Francis K. Prat t, dclcrid.
ants, I will on the nth day of April, A. It. Ih'.is,
at the hour of ',' ,.1'clock p. ni., or suld day
at I lie east I I'm.', door of the court house
in Harrison, in nald county, oiler unit sell
the fol!owinit described real estate to wit:
ill'' HIV1, of section 6, Township M, KariK'n
A:l, in Sioux county, Nebraska, at public
auction to the highest bidder for cnsli, to
satisfy said, order of sale In the sum of
t:il.ati, with Interest thereon at the rate of
ten per cent, per annum from the ('.Lit day
of December, Is'.iT, nml costs and uccriiltig
costs. Thomas lloi.i.r,
.sheriff of hiii County
Ill The County Court ot Kintu Comity, Sr.
OKjollS II. IIKoWN, IjIX'KAHKIi. j m-
ryiwonthc sthdHV of March, s:is, cume
rt. s.r, oioiit.s, llll) Aillllllllslriltlix ol
said l-.stale, mid prnyn (or leave to render
a timil iiccount lis such Hdinliilstratrlx. II i
therefore ordered I hat Mm Ith tiny ot April
Ih'.is, at one o'clock p. , t my olllce, In
Harrison, Nebraska, hn fixed us the time
and place for etatnlnluK and allowing hiicIi
Hccount. And Hie heirs of said ilecea.ed all persons Interestud n mild Kstute
are reipilred to at the lime and
place so designated ami show cause
such exists, hy said nccuiint should tu'il be
nllowed. It is further videred Hint I he
-aid ANSI K, lllUUVN, Adnilnlslratrix, Klve
nollcn to all persons In said hs
tale by chusIuk a copy ol this order n. b
published In Tiikmoi x Cot't v Joliimi a
leual newspaper printed uiul In if nil cir
'U icUon In said county, for lour week,
prior to the day set lor salt) lioarluif,
listed nmrcli Kh, Jn'.n).
A truii copy.
ItollKliT Wil.sos-,
(skaT.) 1:13 :"'J '"unty Ju.Iku.
Hlpans Tabules pure constljiatlou.
I Hi: .orifMi. u ;n ...... : ... 'ri HUS 2 ft X K'B W9 n BT H W V KT1
i. . '-..imj vni rr r; II . kp
" ' '"IKoniie. lor , ,. v,.r .,-h ,l. I
"luoiiiil i.raii.l rem.. nil- r ,.r
VT, 1 ; ""' Tinels la Tin: .Joi n
km. I the i,,e.m of llViK ,llt.v tor vou
On left si le or cattle on left
. Iiunl'lcr or liorscs.
l.'iuiKMOii Antelo)o creek
1'. ., (.Inii-iin-t, Sioux Co.. Neb.
h ai:i.i:s .,ikiij.i-
!., ' lef t or lllp ol cuttle, (
; '- " M' iii.ier f j
lien'! ul Wjn-foonmH
A'l'lre-s Harrison, Sioux Co. Net).
i '
s W ! i; I V
y.?jft,TjOii left sliouliler ol flit Ho
lir ''l
tufeiASMil. iiitf"!! I.lltle Cottoiuvooil.
I'd. ., t iawlonl Nelir.
JTiial Proof Notices.
AM ri.rmns hnvlnff Until priwif notices In
this p:ip r will receive n inurkeil copy ol tlie
,iipe-HU'l lint requested to exiunil'ie
uiul it nny r rroi s exist report the
l.auie to this olllce at oliuf.
I'. S. J.iuid (iflicn Allinm-e, Xetj. (
Feliriiiiry is'.s. j
Notice Is licrcby piven tlmi tlie following
JiMiiicil h'-ltier Las llleil notice of his inten
tion i ii he tiinil proof ii. siippurt of his
chiiin, ami Ihal, sail proof ivlll he nnnte be
fore M. .1. lilcwett, Clerk IHsirict nt
llarrl.on, Nch., on April at i.. Is'.., viz: Wil
li nn uk of Ihirrison, Nch.. ho iioulc II. I:.
NO. '.i.M, for tlie S-W i., s-K'i, S',, s-W , Sue.
lion 4 ami S K1., ,S K.'i, -cctlo.i ft, 'l'ownsln p in
N Ifan.c Tiii v.
lie tiMincs tlio followlni,' witnesses to prove
bis continuous resilience upon nml cultiva
tion of mh ll land, vi.: W. 11. ICurtiest, Wil
liam lloil'li nml W illinm lionrett, ol liar
rtson. Neb., mill Henry liriimlic, of den,
.N ib. V. J. W'fciiN Ju,
I.'. . I.timl Oftlcc Aiiiance, Neb.
.ebiiHrv l, t'.is. j
Notice is licr by given that the following
imineil settle" has flieii notice ot his inten
tion to make final prool in support of ills
claim, loci Ihal said proof will be nifule be
1 ore M. J. lilcwett, Clerk District (,'niirt at
Harrison, Nch., on April, ml, 1'JS, viz:
Henry l.lnileuiail, of Il.irrist.n, Nch., who
uiaile II. K. No. wins for the KCj s-Wi nml
V, S t'.ij, Section !, Tounship No. 38 N
li. ne :Vi W.
He names Iho toilowiniy v.-'. tnesses to
prove bin continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said hind, v iz: I wis Oer
Inch, Charles Hielile, John. Pliiukct. and
Jinnies K, shilt, nil of Harrison, Nebraska.
J. W. W KHN Jit, lieKistur.
I- - -
L". S, Land Office AJlmnefl, Neb.
v. Febuiiry 21, 1, (
Notice is hereby Ktven that Herbert S.
Woodruff, ol l.iv.'.nla, V. y., lias tiled notice
!f tntentloii to make (liiiil proof hetor M. J.
lilcwett, Clerk Distriet tJoiirl. tit his nlllc e
'n Harrison, Neb., on the "'nd davof April,
im timber culture application No. I.W4,
for t lie s.ICi of section No. I, in 'lownsliip
No. J. ( N lianj;'. No. . W.
He nancsas witnesses:
.fohn W. Ilix.on, John W. Tidd, William V.
Ill .von ami Henry C. Hunter, all of A'lelt.t,
Nebraska. J. W. WI'.iin J ,
Knit ITIil.IC'ATHlN.
1.'. S. Land Oli; , Alliance, Neb.
Febunry 1, is'.is. 1
Novice ik liercby Kiveti that ..lagiu Wun
tor of Adclia, Neb., filed notice of inten
tlon to nmkii II mil proor before M. J. Illew
ctL, Clerk District Court, at his office in
Harrison, Neb., on tlie Kml, day of April ls'JS,
on limber culture application No. I .TO, for
tlie N V'4 cf Section No. 1, lit Township No.
.: N RaiiKi- No. M W.
Siie as witnesses: John Serres,
Paul Series, John F. Meyer and Anton Me
t'em, nil of Montrose, Nebraska.
Also, that Andreas Wander, of Adelia,
Neb., has hied notice of Intention to milk.
final proof nt tlie same time and place, on
timber culture application No. 101,1, for tli
S Y. of Section No. 3, in Township No. S3 N
l.'aiiKe No. M W.
I.'e mimes ns wltni'sses: John Serres, I'atil
'.-ires, John F. Meyer and Anton "Icj.em,
ail of Mo.Hrose, Nebraska.
Also, Awlrciv Wunder, of Adelia, Neb
ho uiaile II, F.. No. IL'l 17, tor the S t', a W '
ami M.l'i, N-W 'i of Seelion 1 1, Townihip :;i
N Italian "si U ,
lie names lol lowing witnesses to prove
ids continiious residence upon unit cultlva
lion of Bald land, viz: John Serre., Paul
Serres, John.. Meyer and Anton .McKcin,
nil of Montrose, Nebraska,
J. W. WEili Ju, Kcgistrr.
Notice, To Noic Resilient Dcloiiilailts.
In the District liurt of Sioux County, Ne
braska. Tho Farmers Trust Company a corpora
tion, plaltitlir,
David Ander.Hou and Dora Anderson,
To David Anderson Knd Dora Anderson
lion resident defendants;
Tou are hereby notilled that on the . th
day of Febunry, 'is, The Farmers Trust
(nriipnny, a corporation plalntllT licrcln,
filisl lis pi'tltion In the above entitled cuiiso,
In the District Court of Sioux county, No
hrnska, nyalnst the said ilcfenants, the ob
ject and prayer of which Is to foreclose a
real estate morlKufro executed on the 1st
day of June, said defendants upon
Hie property dlscrilicd us lollown : ThrfS K
4 of Section Win Township M N Kiiiie M
wet in Hlotix county, Nebraska, to secure
the pnyyient of a pronilsory notfl for Hie
sum of :,l.'t, due and payable June 1st, iwi,
that there Is now duo anil payable oil snlil
note and inortifiiirn the mini of HO.m, with
inlerest nt tlio rnto of 10 per cent, per sn
aiitu from tho 7th day of Fehiiury, Mis, for
which sum, Willi Interest plnlntlll pruys for
a decree that ILu (iefemlants py tho same,
and that In iliifniilt of sucli iinyinent miid'
priunises limy bo sold to snt.lsfy the amount
lound due.
Von me required to nnswer said petition
0:1 or before the 4th day ol April, Ism.
TlIK Fti'MK ST i 'TCii., liniiilin'.
ByW.W.VVom, AtUrO 'Vforplaiiitiir.
14 1 mt 'r .1 n jun. n i . n n b rn m h
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take a look at those 500 pairs of Boots
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you will see he is warring with every
store in the north-west.
font-Wfiar nf him .
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other store in Harrison.
Fresh Garden Seeds
plon Tfeid-quartersfor HARD-WARE, TIN-WARE, I.RY-GOOL'S ani
dlOO, (JROCERIE,., FLOUR and FEED and everylhiu- needful & useful.
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B. E. Boiewstls,
D. H. GRISWOLD, Gashi.r.
Transacts a General
A.iniBKAJ 'ExcHAJfene ViiomfiAtit?$f
Oxaha National I.ANK,. Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
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4k . .
Says its sa
You can bu
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for Sale,
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Banking Busine
editors it B. 0. Tloiv.' ',
Montltly, too targe pnes,
lllmtrated, not a dull line in
It. It is huhtinit yinir fif,-t; '
it dewrves your mipport,
yZZbacis" .Wffl -
lor fix cents.
Fifth Ave., CHICAGO .:
1 --s
r r,
c .
t ...
r .. . ;