The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 24, 1898, Image 1

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    County Journal.
V wUl.
The Sioux County Journal.
Subscription I'rke, ?n.00
ico. I). Cntioiv,
Kntered nt the rimiTisun jiust oftlce fts
. MWund elans iitfil'lnr.
The Jod-.n'ai.- xtand fairly
and xqnarelg on the Chicago
platform, but trill not heiitatC&i than Htandin;r armies.
i flji,iji trnrh fne lht
- j i j , ., i
election of candidates for the
Various offices tO be VOted for
tin fall no matter, whether
they are Democrats, Populixt
.or free Hilver Republican, ?''
endowed b all the reform par -
tie- conditional, however, that
they advocate li-metaUUm the
income tax law, opposition to
national oams of iwie, are
opposed tO the retirement Of tie j
greenback and trC(lur llOter.,
favor aomrnmsnt Control of-
tf - J
railroad telegraph and tele
phone line and the establish
ment of postal Having bank
ing xyxlcm, and aUo are op
poted to the i of nation
al bondi in time of jeace.
1 1
j Ui) wj t.,.iurn (0 private life amid rural
The reiiortof llio M cUnC HI- j w:cnes propitious tor secret meditation
vcHtigation inII;ivanaharhorii"1"Bl!i:"t py.-r. Workin(; ni-ht und
i ii" ji i dav durimr the camriaiuu', when the
WUH plactul till JIIVH- ,", . r
' ! election is over ami the time comes for
dent and Ins cabinet on Tihs- ; lht5 tij;rti
lutiou of the loaves and (jshes
day, The report find, that; now vum-iy called pi..-" i.y m
the Maine avms blown tip ex
temallV and by Spanish:
authority. The cabinet a ac
tions and di'liberations re
Hulted in six of the cabijiet
Voting for War aild jllO Oilier
two, secretaries Jjn ztnd
Cage, were opposed to war.
Every indication points to
war at this date.
Myor Graham, of the city of Lincoln,
and one of its councilnien have been in
.dicted for taking brilie from policemea
,and other city oflieers what will the
eople dig up next down at the state
Senator "Billy" Mason of Illinois .who
a few weeki ago, was working with
jnight and main for Cuba's independence
ha been given to understand that lom
bart street of London, Wall street and
the adminifttralion will look after the is
land of Cuba and the Spanish bonds with
out any of his help. Congress Lax littLu
to nay oo the nuhject any more.
Before the "Pow ot RJIno conclnden
to arbitrate between the United Bute
and Spain, lie would do a bolter tbing to
.christianize the bloody ond treat-cherou
Spaniard, then arbitration will lot be
leceimary. II the boy in blue were giv
,en a chance arbitrnlioq would not be
needed. But, then that would be called
a jingo policy by the Gage tyia of
Ta Wyo,iQif department of tne Den-vtrKt-wt
ia dow edited by John Charles
TootoptoOC, vice Dr. Al A. Johnson who
rvi,'nid. Dr. Johatoo la to be editor in
fhief of the d Deiaocrntic weekly,
m-bith is to appear at Ohyewie about
pril 1st, oud to -ecu re the esUthlish
ti of irhicb 11,200 wcre raised by
Oongroiiiiatt Oborne and the local
njombers of the rrty ot Larini coun
ty . VP hentlacd World.
gaylnct Of Ttaomat Jciferson.
Tail cannot be ( on oiljd by law.
A repitflblo minority t useful
The Most successful war seldom pays
for its luMM.
No nstienal crime ptsxis unpunished
lh lonf run.
i lie press, oonMneu to truth, needs no
other r-straiiit. I
The boisterous sea of Iilierty is never
without a wave.
Fence and friendship with all mankind
w our wise st policy. I
Interior (,'ovemment is what each
-State should keep to it st?K'.
The whole art of government consists
in the art of U-in honpst.
Freo government is founded in jealousy
land not in confidence.
Where tl.e press in free, anil every
man able to read, u 11 is safe.
No government can continue good but.
under the control of the people.
It in iw-essury to j;ive as well iu. to
take in a government like ours.
H.mkinir establishments are more dun-
I thud; all the world would Kn
netting rotnriwn:e nt pt'iTect I i hurt v.
The eMUm of llw Uws 1H mo;.e im.
portant than th nmkirifr of them.
Sreut niu ftr xMii....ui to th n.or
nls, thu hi'.iUh and the liberties of man
! It is the manners and soii-it of the iwi
pia wliicli preserve a lepublie in vig
A Country Editor.
(Continued from last, week.)
'Aj a creator of beauty he double dis-
: counts Mine. Ayres, who rofess"s to in-
,.llllM. jllstiim.(. the country editor
exercising plenary power, lieautilies im
nrU:My hit whose namesapior
i in lii- cduni!is. Ity a touch of his maji- j
jcian'HWand he c.inver'.s paste into diam-j
onds (.'.listening upon Beauty's neck, and j
with u skill of which ancient and uuibiti- j
ous alchemists only dreaming, and with j
a politness winch (. liesterlielil nuglit
have envied, be transmutes brass trink its
into (.'olden jewels, when worn by ruem
liers of a subvribi.MS family. He is the
greatest and most ineriiou of manufac
turer!!, for whde others manufacture
perishable stuil's he is cleaned in manu
f.ict ui injc iiiiinortal statesmen out of
raw sonietiiiies very raw materia!
industry which eventhe ! Jin-ly tarill'caii I
. .
not I ro'cet. 1 1 : IS
"To our virines very kind,
And to our faults a little blind.
We uro nil more or less generally
I inure Ins handsvork, aim the creature1
should not lie utic-ratcful to his creator
Without his genorous and enthusiastic
labors most of us would never have been
j here, and, when be tires of us, most of
, j ntrati(,'e l.ipse ol memory he is generally
Forgotten. I liu.ui j v. lark (onireHslonal
H.cord in optositionto the Loud bill.
A Hbilliei-sMtc Uirormcr.
The kind of a "reformer,'' the tdather
skite who is a standing candidate for any
j or every ollice, eitlierel.-ctiveor appoint
ive lluit is m M,'ht, iiml who never over
looks an opportunity to snub thy reform
.inner, bv caterintr to and nat romziiur
,- r j - 0 - - I ' ,
the opixisition papers, is just the kind of I
biped that every reform paper that is'
honest to th cause must denounce.
Many just such trimmersare now setting :
tiji the pins for the purjiose of sliding in- -to
olliice on 1 he popular ware next fall.
And it is the duty 011(10 reform papers!
to expose them; and the papers that do i
expose them are not Iwltin-paperseither. tl)1. )Hyil.,lt r ,;,.', lm.y 1)(',t(, llirt(,
but the true reform papers that place ; sum of 9 1.1, due and payable June 1st, IK'.. 1.
.principle above boodle and official pap. 1 that there. ,uo'.r due and payable on said
The iJeraocrat knows a few just biu-.1i ! ""t,: ""'1'" tl,u " of inT.:;i, with
Interest at Hie rate of 10 per cent, per an
false reforrnej-s nml they 11 lie showing j nullJ u,u tn 7th day of 1-elnn.ry, Is-.m, ir
their anxiety for "ollis'' about the time which sutn. witli Interi-nt phiintill prays for
candidates bee-in tu ripen. (irand Island ! a decree that th defeudanu pay the same,
Th "Chrap Hollar.
lu The Comity Court ot Slum County, Xe-
Of JollH II. 1IBOWN, LF.f:BhKt.
Now on the Mh dav of March, 1WW, mine
ANNIK IIIKHVN, the AilmlnlstmlrU of;
mtiit KstatM, aii'I prnVM for leave to remter ;
h flniil aeciiunt mh niii'-Ii iiilmlufstratrlx. It Is i
therefore ordered that the. 41 ii day of April,;
ls'JH, at one o'clock p. m., at my ottlee, lu !
Ilurrlson, Nebraska,, Isi tlxeil ss the time
und place for exaininlntf unit allowing such j
Hceount. Ami the heirs of said deceased,!
hikI nil persims InlereMted n mild Kntate, j
urn reiiilri(l to appear at the time und I
plnrn o deniKnuieu and show rinise. If j
Htich Axtsts. w hy Ntibl fteeouttt ihnuld not lai i
Hllowed. It Is further ordered Unit tho I
mild ANNIK liKO WN, Administratrix, lvn
title by rniiHinif n copy ot Hi tn order to be
published In 1 UK Slol A l lllMI .lot I.SAL. 11
leffiil neWHpaiier pi lnU-d hikI lu Keneral cir
culation lu said county, for lour weeks
prior to the day set for mild hearhiK
IIHte'l march K, hhh.
A true copy.
KoaCIIT VTll.sriN,
. -s , :i3a,j County JiulK".
I hkai.. I
a sinm 'it " ,i6'i rot M.;
'uXtiiHoa 'ui.) (I J'u: on.ij uoi Aie,'A o
, .(in el' . r m o..-e
OAJflU All.e'l' k
mUX adeflmisdi
RIpanR TabuleH; gentle cathartic,
lilpans Tabulcs cure dizziness.
Klpans Tabuloa cure coniiUpatlol).
flliorlrTs Sale,
l!y virtue of an orMcr of uli Nmui(1 h- the
( hrk of the ItUtrict Court of Hip county ol
Muuv, uimI atsiti of Ncbruvk.i, U0l Hl-'ri
nh'lTM by hu1 i oupt in favor oi ,I m I;.
I Woodruff plaintiff, uii'i John ?-.ciii))!trt,
1 Jo fpliim Mi'Sn'mrt, , I; n (Tl njr, Mh,
j Lfwin Kufiiiiff, wilf of j.rvU Huffing',, whom;
I tint '!iriMinn nam- N unknown, nm Y. ,1.
j KoU'If-n, tli'fcii'hiiits, I w ill oil thi ft h day
of Apn A. I. Ik'.w, nt tin hour of '2 o'clock
1 p. Hi. (if said day, at tht- cast front lor of
j tin' roiti't hoU'-i', in IImitIhou, in m i mJ county,
' offer und si-il tin; following ilctcrihil
' c-t : t to wit: The s K'i of s-ctlo!i Town
I hhijt :, Kjiii;i -M, In j-iuii coinil v, Ncttruka,
; at imltMc auction to th. h'hi-t hiliT for
oirfh, to a(i&.fy said onlrr H:tli in Dm
i stint of 4-'., u it ii intcp't tiificonat tl:
r.tteof tin per cent, j) r annuui, f rom tin;
'Oh t:iy oi hM-rniht'r, Jt-T, ami rostri and
' accruing t-OMta. 'J'kom k (Iom.y,
! Mirriil' ar. ,tld (.'ounty.
Shcriir.s Siilc.
I'.y virliw of an opler of sale issnnil tiy tie
(,!erk oi e IiKtriet Court of the county of
ioii, ami Mate of Nelr;ikn, upon a decree
rt-ielere-l l,y Ciairt In favor ot iioraro
(,'. Stanton, )iluint;tT, Lorenzo I). Harmon,
A. I.. Or-nsliy, trustee, Kmuk liuiley,
Isnie A. I'ratt and Kiuuels K. I'ratt, defend
iuiIh, I will t a t lie lull day ,f A in il, A. 1 1. lstw,
at tie! lionj'.f2 oV-loek . in., of said day
at ti.e eant -trout door of the court house
in Harrison, in Haid county, oifer and Midi
the following (lcserllic il real st.ite to wit:
'J'heSW in weetiona, Township Ilana
'.!, In Sioux county, Nchne.ku, at (lublie
auetion to the Ugliest bidder for rash, to
satisfy said order of sale in tin sum of
l:il.'ii, Willi Interest thercou nt t lie rate of
leu per cent, pe" annum from the i;tii day
of In cumber, ls'. and ro-iv-i and aceniini;
I ost. TlloM M II'IUI,
slier!ft 4f said Countj'.
Sheriff .s Sib
Notice Is hereby nlven that, by virtue ot
! an order of sale to me d ireeted Issued by the
I clerk of the Ulstrlet Court of Sioux county,
I .Nebraska, in an action peudin;; in said court
wlii-reiii ,eorer, !L 'turner Is plultiiiir and
le-onre W. l oltb, Mrs. Ct-orc'- V. Cobb whose
true christian name Is unknown, farmland
; Security Company Ak.iC. Davis, and .Mrs. Aa
I ('. I ia vis w hos christian naine lMimknoivn, are
I defendants, I v. ill on the Will day of .March,
ls:, at ( o'clock p. in. of saiil day lit the
st door of the Court House, In Ilro-ri.-oii,
braska, oiler for sale at public vendue
"" """"ihb "escru.e,, r, cs,a,e,
I he .'oulli Mill o llie .MirCl l.l iiiailer
and North hell o! the South Last ouarter.
section si, 'I ownsiiiji i N of j; V. of
the i:th principal meridiau in Sioux county,
Nebraska, to satisfy a decree of foreclosure
I entered in said cause by our said I ourl at
the regular '.ovetnl.r A. II. I 'C" term of said
court, to w it : on the I'.th day ol I icivinber
SWT, wherein our subl court touud due to the
said pliilntift, tii-ore il. Turner the sum
19 u 1th ten ja r cent inteicst thereon
from s-vld date am! costs, together
wilh an amount efjual to 10 per cent, of the
ittnontitso found due, and ndftided thesame
to be a first lien on satd pretnsi's, wltit
co-ts and ucertiiiii; co-its.
Said premises will be sMd for the purpose
of sails! vin,-; sal'l ums.
Thomas Hoi.i.v,
.Niiticl" T.l Nell Kesidi-llt lll lc'llhlllts.
In the IMstrlct t.'oiiit ot Sioux County, Ne
brask a.
Tiie f anners Trust Company n corpora
lieu, plaintiff,
Inivld Anderson und Tiora Auderion,
To David Aii'lTvm ami Hora Anderson
j nun resident defendants:
i Von lire hereby unfilled
that on the Mh
day of Kebuary, is'js, The Fanners Trust.
Company, n corporation plalntiiT henun,
IlleO lis petition In the above entitled cau-ic,
In the Iiistrict Court of Slout county, Ne
brii.ka, against tlie sait defeiutnls, ttie ob
ject and prayer of which is to foreclose a
real estato lnortKaije executed on the 1st
day of .June, 1HU1, by said defendants upon
the property dlscribed aa follow : The s ft
'4 of Sect. 011 lH tn Township 'St ,N RaiisTe Til
u.,.l I., Sinn, ei.ioite Vel.r .sb.i t,. ui.eni.,.
aii'I that in default of such payment naid
premises may ne moki in ttaiisiy ittu auioiini
lound due.
I You lire required to iiusw er mini pclil Ion
on or bclore the till dav of April, Is..
tiie laume h t .i.t Co., riaintirr.
Ity W. W. Wo Jli, A tlorncy lor plulntltr.
Sln-rin"K Sale
Ity virtue of (in order of sale Issued by the
Clerk of the District Court of the county of
Slout, nml state of Nebruska, upon a decree
rendered by said court In favor of Wlllluui
II. Mule, Itenjiiinln l.riiliaiu, William Halls
Jr, and Harris II, lliiydeu und atfiiinst A. K.
(inU'n, lulinlnlstrtitor of the estate of Albert
If, rinueo deceaseil Kosettn ritineo, Hoy
I'lnneo and the unknow n heirs of Allien IL
I'lniieo deceased, I will on the Sitli day of
March, A. Ii. IMS, st the hour of 11 o'clock
tn, of Bnld ilny at the east front door of
j the Court house, In Harrison
In said coun
ty, offer mid ncli the following deserllK-d
real iistutn to wit: T he South half of the
Heiitti -en it iiiarter of K-cllon tit, The. North
half of the Northeast quartet of Section 27,
Township .11, IUiirp .VI west, In SIoua conn
ly, Ncdraska, at public miction to the liiKh
est bidder, lor essli, to satisfy mid order
of mile in the sum of .i:,;i.:,J, with Interest
thereon Kt the rate of ten per cent, per mi
nimi from the l:ith day of April, IW.7, mid
costs mid aecruiiiK costs.
TiioMak lloi.l.r,
Mierlirof nitld rounty.
Tl 0 Sioux County j( icIi.nal und the
Chicago Woeklr Inter Ocean fl.a"! per
jeorju-it think.
Tiif Jot'hval will ib;ish vonrbnnid, ike
tlin following, .',;r ki-M), n v vcar. K:ich uii
ditiomti t-r tn l 7"i cein a. iw-ry raruirr or
raiii'liuit'ii in wioiix ami ndjoinin con n tics
Fiioulil H.lvcrti-f tlndr hiti iiU in J iikJoi k
NAha it cirt uliitiM nil ovit tlm ,-t itt. It
may bu Ihti imun.iof alhK inoiM-y ijr you.
K A N K '.Vl'lTl .
On left Kidu of ifHttle uuil on IKt
Clloll UU'T Of llOrrK.
m i .... i. .... i.
J. O., ;iul'hrt-t, Sioux Co., Nb.
On let t side or hip of eatt le, I
on ief t slnaiider ol horses, i
IjHiiLre on the hciet oi VS'arbtmnet
Efc3 An
Ai'.dresK Harrison, Sioux Co. Neb.
ittlo and
,'awturd .ebr.
Fimil Proof "Notices.
All personB having final proof notices In
tills paptr will reeeive n ninrked copy of the
paper and are requested to examine the
notice and If any citjh enist report the
name to tlitsoitlia- at once.
I'. S. Lund (iftlcc Alliance, Nell. I
t-eliritary IM S. (
Notire is iterelty jiven tlt'it tile followtiiK
I:auosl settler has lllcd lioli-eof bis inten
tion li niiike Ileal proof in siippurt of bis
ehilni, and that said proof will iie made be
fore ,I. .1. I'lewcU, Clerk Iiistrict Court at
Harrison, Neb., mi April '.'th, Is'.s, viz: Wil.
liaui i IKK "f Harrison, Neb.. Y.hoinadc 11. K.
No. Ml, lor tits S-VV", s-K'i, S'f s-Wij.M-c
lion 4 and K', s-section 5, 2il
N limine .Vi w.
lie. names the foUnwIitir witnesses to pro'e
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
lionM said land, vtr.: W. 11. Lamest, Wil
liam lloe:,'h i, oil 'William llourel t, of 1 lar
nson, Ncli., and lleiirv lirnnilijre, of tilun,
Neb. V. J. Wkus .In,
kotick Lou rritr.H-ATios.
I . S. Land Oftlce Alliance, Neb.
h ebimrv 21, til's, i
Notice i hereliy (riven Mint the following
natned seltler has tiled nutieeof ins inten
tion lo make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will lie made be
fore M. . I. Illewett, Cierk Iiistrict, Court at
Harrison, Neb., on April, lind, ls'.is, viz:
Henry l.lndeman, of Uariison, Jieb., w ho
made' II. I., . W.'.ia for the I-)'.; S -W4 and
V!j S Ki Section 4, Township No. XI N
ltaii'te .'iii iV.
He names tho tollowinc; witnesses to
prova his continuous rc-iii'-ni-e upon Rnd
c'Mt.ivatevTfM! said land, viz.: Lewis tier
Inen, Ctiarle.i liiidile, .lolci l'lunkel and
l liarit-s K. Miiit, all ol' Ilnrrison, Nebraska.
J. VV. Vi;u.s J il, UcBUter.
TIM ;'r:n cui.TUHK, final v t:oor.-xo-
.j IT. ?. Jiuid Oftleo Alliance, Neb. i
C- Kchuiiry 21, IHIW. ! .
Notice is hereby given that Herbert S.
WodlrufT, ot Livonia, V. V., lias Hied notice
or Intention to make dual Proof befor M. J.
lilewett, Clerk Iiistrict Court, at his cfliee
In IliirrlsO:i, Neb., on the 2nd dav of Apiil,
Isiis, on timber culture application No. I50-1,
for the S-K'i of section No. 1, lu Towuthlp
No. 8.1 N liiuiKc No. CI W.
He mines a I witnesses :
John V. lilxson, John V. Tidd, William F.
Ill.'-voii mid Henry t. Hunter, all of A'lelia,
Nelj.-iuk.i. J. W. iiti N J ,
TICK l-Oli l'l IILICATII).'-.'.
t'. S. Land Ollice, Alliance
, Neb.
; 1- cbllary '21
, IH'.IH.
Notice Is hereby (liven that .Ylaiwl" Wan
der f Adella, Neb., has (lied notice of Intnl.
tion to niiike final proof before M. J. I'l(-.w-ctt.
Clerk Iiistrict Court, nt his oftlce hi
Iltirriou, Neh., on the 2nd, day of j! pril l.-ii'S,
oil ilinls-r culture application No. 1T,0'2, for
the Ji-W'i of Section No. J, lu Townsliip No.
3:) N liatiKc No. M W.
She nanien as witnesses: John Scrres,
I'nut Series, John K. Meyer and Anton .Me
Kent, all of -Montrose, Nebraska.
Also, Hint Andreas Wander, of Adella,
Neb., has Hied notice of intention to make
(inal proof at the same time and place, on
timber culture application No. 101a, for tlie
H-V.'i of section No. 3, lu Township No. 33 N
HaiiKi! No. M W.
He name as w itnesses: John Scrres, I'huI
Nerrci, John K, Meyer and Anton McKein,
all of Mo.itrosc, Nebraska.
Also, Andrew W under, of Adella, Neb.,
whonniiie II. K. No. 3.117, tor the S V.'t H IV,
mid S.K'i NW of Section II, Towiuhlp X
N ItllilRe :.i W.
He names the follow lux witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon mid euitivii
ti.'.l of nald land, viz: John serrcs, I'mil
Serrcs, John K. Moyer mid Anton MeKem,
all of Montrose, Nebraska.
J. W.W'KliN .III, Hetflstor.
Slicriirn Sale.
Notp o is hereliy lven that by vi Hue of
nil order of mile to tne directed insued by
tho clerk of the Iiistrict Court of Sioux
county, Nebraska, hi an action pcmlinn hi
said court wherein (ieorire II. Tinner in
plulutlft and Ocoriio W. Cobb, .Mrs. Oorne w.
Cobb whose true christian name Is unknown,
and Dakota MortKnife Loan Company on;
defendants, 1 will on the 2iilh day ot March,
IW, nt .1 o'clock p. in. of nald day nt, tho
east door of the Court House, hi Harrison,
Nebraska, olfer for sale lit pitblle vendue
the lollowlnif descrllied real estale to wit:
Lots one (I) and two (2) and the east half
of the north west quarter of section HI,
Township 31, N limine 'id W. of thelilh princl
elpiil meridian In Moil x county, Nebraska,
to satisfy a decree of foreclosure entered In
Kit let cause by our said Court lit the rrumlar
November A. 1). Isu7 term of said court,
to wil: mi the lith day of Iicceiuber, in'.",
wherein our said court fuond due to the
aid plaintiff, (ieorK" II. Turner the mini
Sli.Cl with ten per cent Interest thereon
I rem "aid date mid costs, together with
un aiiimial f'lnal to 1(1 per cent, of the
amounts'! found due, mid adjudged themimn
to lie it first lien on mild piemiscK, with
costs and iiceruhm costs.
said premie's will he sold (or the purpose
of jti '(J hit ald Hum.
Thovas llol.l. ",
tty'ln left shoulder of
w. liores.
lij('ilJi:aiii;eon Little ( otti-uwood.
J". .. I
iibSSL Wlr IkL UL
Ii you don't believe what he says go
take a look at those 500 pairs of Boots
& Shoes just arrived last Tuesday, and
you will see he is warring with every
store in the north-west. You can buy
foot-wear of him cheaper than at any
other store in Harrison.
1 Garden Seeds for Sale.
ITead-quarters for
dlbU, iR0CEIi
n. e.
D. rf. GRISW0LD, Cashier.
Transacts a General
American EkchisKok National Bank, jsew Tofk, ,.
.... Omaha National Bank, Omaha, ' s1"''
First National Bank, Ohadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
harnesses i saddles
Hour and Feed of all kinds
at my harness shop.
Third Building West of J. IL Kartell's Grocery Store.
RGGKRT R0IIWER, Proprietor.
The best of Wines, Brandies, Whiskey
and Beer kept constantly on hand.
I handle the Omaha Deer.
Xcw Time. "Let nc lake those loads from
V mi. sayS jts so.
FEED and everything neidl'ul & useful.
c. r.
Banking Business.
editor ii B. 0. Tkwrr
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