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1 HE blOUX
, 5
The Sioux County Journal.
Subaoription Price, 11.00
Qtn.'. B. Canon, - - KJilor.
Enaarert at tha Harrtoon jwat office as
Meond elaaa matter.
o oilier nation has been insulted and
trsjttifiled on like ours for tlie lust BO
President McIIanna Bays no war, llan
na, is tne president's back-bone, Bee?
Keep your ye oa Hanna and Waleott.
Embezzlement of state funds has be
come a legitimate and honorable busi
ness The state supreme court has de
cided Eugene Moore, x-state auditor is
not jruilty. Now, to turn ex-treasurer
Bartley loose will be the next move.
Up to eoing to joess to day at noon,
the Accident theory of the battle ship
Ma o blown up in Havana hai bor on
the Mth inst, is not established. Spain
t-houlcl be made to Htimrt at once, and
noon as the array am be put in readiness.
Senators Lindzey of Kentucky, and
3luf.phy of New York have .both been
censured bv their respective l6'iKlatures;
Mr. Lindzey. for not advocation bi-met-nm
and Mr. Murphy for supporting
tho Teller resolution, showing how far
;ji;i!:itive bi lia-t will go in miking a
spectacle of themselves.
Senator Mason remarked hi congress
recently, that tha paople had lost confi
dence iu the present administration of
the navy departmemL, which made sena
tor Woltsoot blusl) and coma at once to
the defence of our navy depnrtment.
Why did he blush? fcecAMse the old ad
l age was then veriGt!, a "guilty con
science is tfc.e worst aaoiser."
Miss Francis E. Vl'iilard, th world's
treatest temperance woman and worker,
died last Friday morning in New York
city. The direct cause of her death was
attributed to la grippe, jid not a ennc-ar
as was reported by iwiiue of the daily
.papers, so says her physician. No mat
ter what the cause was which resulted
in her death, Miss Willard has done
more for the cause of temperence per
ihaps than any other women in the
world aod the sad sews of her demise will
tie received by the christiau nations of
the world with sorrow. Hut her work
has teen well done and she has been call
ed to a higher be by tho Master, "who
ooeth all things well', and who says, all
things shall work well together to them
that love the Lord."
Charles A. Towne, chairman of the
National silver republican committee,
Senator Jones chairman, Democratic
national committee, and Senator Marion
JJuller, chairmaa People' Party nation
al committee have issued an address to
their respective parties, advising them
to anite again ia this fall's campaign
against the common enemy, the single
gold standard republican party. But
advise the three parties to maintain their
party organizations.
This in our opinion is what ought to
be done if we expect to accomplish
anything in the way of the remonetiza-
tion of silver and other reforms just as
important to the American people. In
union there is strength, aod the
difference in the principles advocated by
the three reform partes do Dot warrant
them in going it alone. All three par
ties are agreed on tbe principle essentials
of what will subserve the people's befit
interests, and we hope to see them hold
together and tight for the common good
of tbe people of the nation.
There is one commendable feature of
justice as carried out in the old coun
tries, which our courts of justice should
emulate; and that is, when a criminal
is once apprehended, a short time elapse'
until the culprit is punished for the
crime committed. For instance, take
tbe case of Lord Neville, who was guilty
of forgery and obtained money under
false pretences; was arrested tried and
found guilty, and senUaced in less than
two months after tlte charges were
made. In this country hundreds of
thousands of dollars may be stolen, for
geries committed and Ac., and in many
cams tbe criminals are permitted to go
scot free, while others who are punished
are given but slight sentences. A good
representation of this statement is the
case of Eugene Moore, who was tried and
convicted for embeszeling state money
to the extent of several thousand dollars,
has now been turned loose by our state
supreme court. What rapid progress
ere are making as a civilizing and chfte-
(jaolxing nation.
Secretary fihermaq is one of the back
tiumbers now-a-days. He is a figure
head, that ib all.
Democrats, Populists and Silver Re
publicans, all advocated the national in
cotno tax law; perhaps the most righteo
us law ever enacted, which was declared
unconstitutional by a supreme court
nominated and influenced by the money
power of the United States in our opinion.
The Republican administration should
issue a proclamation to the people to
have confideUoo in its foreign policj' and
everything will come out all right. But
of course something would have to be
done with that anarchistic crank from
Illinois Senator Mason to insure peace
ful tranquility.
If senator Masou of Illinois, was presi
dent in place of Major McKinley Spain
would soon be brought to time, and the
lives lost aboard the battleship Maine
through tho treacliery of the Spanish
government would be avenged speedily, !
Aod Spain with other nations of the
earth would be given to understand that
theUnitt-d States, the land and home
of the free and the brave would not tol
lerate insults frora this on. But, presi
dent McKinloy, is like his predecessor
(Jrover Cleveland afraid soniethiug
w ill be said or done that will hurt the
delicate and sensitive feeling of the Span
ish crowa, or jeopardise the moneyied
interests of Wall Street who may possi
bly hold Spanish bonds or securities. No
other nation on the face of the globe
would take what this government is
taking and has taken for the past two
years without making some little dem
onstration. The country is willing
ready and waiting, to teach Sain a les
Sfno, when the government at Washing
tOQ awakens from their slumber to a
realization of their duty.
Mr. Ernest Wright nephew of Will
and Roy Wright, came up fromWhitney
Monday. 11a will visit with his relatives
here for a week or more before return
ing home.
James McCann is evidently about to
retire from the gayetios of the world
during lent, hence he triped the light
fantastic with a number of his many
friends on last Thursday night. Wish
we were aWe to be present friend
It seems sad, but it is a fact never
theless; Sioux couoty is deprived of its
t o most nescessary governing elements,
smely Hon. Judge Wilson and Hon.
tirant Guthrie, the former having gone
on a trip to Wyoming, and the latter
named is now at the capital. Well we
are all at least with very few exceptions
a law abiding people, and during this
vacation of thoso two wwtcorg of justice
we'll try especially ha-d to be on our
good tiehaviour, whether wo succeed or
not, remains to Vie seen.
TVarbonnct Warbling.
Marcos Valdez was a visitor at O. A.
Garton's Friday.
Horn to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Sehilton
Feb. 16 1898 a son, mother and son doing
well and Charlie will recover with ffood
O. A. Garton and Lyon Brother's made
a business trip to pleasant ridge this
Charlie Leeling was a visitor at Gar
tons Tuesday.
TL L. Keel has been hauling house lops
front J. G. Merriam's place the past
week. Echo.
One of Two WaYs.
The bladder was created for one pnr
pose, namely, a receptacle for the urino,
and as such it is not liable to any form
of disease except by one of two ways.
The first way is from imperfect action of
the kidnevB. The second way is from
careless local treatment of other diseases.
Unhealthy urine from unhealthy kid
neys is the chief cause of bladder troub
les. So the womb, like the bladder, was
created for one purpos, and if not doctor
ed too mudi is not liable to weakness or
disease, except in rare cases. It is situa
ted back of and very close to the bladdej
therefore any pain, disease or inconveni
ence manifested in tbe kidneys, back,
bladder or urinary passage is often, by
mistake, attributed to female weakness
or womb trouble of some sort. The error
is easily made and may be as easily avoid
ed. To find ou& correctly, set your urine
aside for twenty four hours; a sediment
or settling indicates kidney or bladder
trouble. The mild and the extraordinary
effect of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, the
great kidney, and bladder remedy is soon
realized. If you need a medicine you
should have the best. At druggists fifty
cents and one dollar. You may have a
sample bottle and pamphlet, both sent
free bv mail. Mention The SlOPx COUN
TY Journal and send yonr address to Dr.
Kilmer & Co., biughamtoo, N. Y.
Tne propietors of this paper guarantee
the genuineness of this offer.
Sheriff's Sale.
Sotii'e Is hereby given Unit by virtue of
an order of s!e to mo directed issued by tlie
clerk of tho OihtrU-t Court of Sioux county,
fu'ljrtuikK, in an ai-tlou pcndiiiK in said court
whcrolu (icorgn H. lurnerla plaintiff and
(ioorKe W. Cobb, ilra. George W. Cobb whose
true chriftliin nuuie In unknown, Farmland
Security "ouinmiy AsaC. Davis, and Mrs. Ana
(.'. Davis who christian name ig unknown, are
defendant. I will on the 2Cth day of March,
I, at 3 o'clock p. m. of said day at the
east door of the Court House, in Harrieon,
Nebraska, offer for sale at public vendue
the following described real estate, to wit
The Sontb half of the North Kast quarter
and North half ot tlie South Kast quarter,
Section ii, Townnhlp34N of liunge ft7 W. of
the (ith principal meridian in Sioux county.
Nebraska, to satisfy a decree of foreclosure
entered in said cause by our naid Court at
the regular November A. I). 137 term of said
court, to wit: on the 6th day ol December
ls, wherein our aaid oourt found due to the
said plaintifl, (Jeorge H. Turner the sum
$'2S.9 with ten per cent Interest thereon
from said data and costs, together
with an amount equal to 10 per cent, of the
amount so found due, and adjudged the same
to be a first lien on said premses, with
eosts and accruing cost.
Said premises will be mild for the purpose
of satisfying said sums.
-Notice To Non-Resident Defendants.
In tbe District Court of Sioux County, Ne
braska. The farmers Trut Company a corpora
tion, plaintiff,
David Anderson and Dora Anderson,
To David Anderson and Dors Anderson
non resident defendants:
rou are lmreby notified that on the Bto
day of IV.buary, IH'js, The fanners Trust
Company, a corporation plaintiff herein,
(lied its petition iu the above entitled caae,
In the District Court of Sioux county, No
braika, against the said defemmts, the ob
ject and prayer of which Is to foreclose a
real ettnte mortgug" executed on tlie 1st
day of June, IM91, by said defendants upon
the property discrl bed as follows: TheH-E
Vt of Section !!3 In Township 29 N Range 64
weit In Sioux couuty, Nebraska, to secure
tbe payment of a promisory note for the
sum of t5i:i, due and puyablu June 1st, 1894,
that there is now due and payable on said
note and mortgage the sum of S407.34, with
Interest ot the rate of 10 per cent, per an
num from tlie 7th day of Kebuary, 19S, for
which sum, with Interest plalnUfl prays for
a decree that the defendants pay the lame,
and that In default of such payment Bald
premises may bo sold te satisfy the amount
found due.
You are required to answer said petition
on or before tho 4th day of April, 1898.
Tint FAkMEhS TsL'bT Co., Plaintiff.
By W. W. Wood, Aattorney for plaintiff.
Sheriffs Sale.
Ily virtue of an order of sale issued by tb
Clark of tho District Court of the county of
Sioux, and state of Nebraika, upon a decree
rendered by said court In favor of William
II. Male, Kenjamln Graham, William Halls
Jr, and Harris II. Hayden and against A. E.
Gates, administrator of tho estate of Albert
II. Piuneo deceased Rosella Plnneo, Hoy
Plnnoo and tbe unknown belrs of Albert If.
Plnneo deceased, I will on tho2Cthdayof
March, A. D. 1S0S, at the hour of 11 o'clock
a. in, of said day at tbe cost front door of
the Court house, In Harrison, in said coun
ty, offer and sell tho following described
real ostale towit: Tho South half of the
South cast quarter of Section 22, Tbe North
half of tho North-east quartet of Section 27,
Township 31, Range 63 west. In Sioux coun
ty, Nedrauka, at public auction to the high
est bidder, lor cash, to satisfy said order
of sale In the sum of 3,ri3.S0, with Interest
thereon at the rate of ten per cent, per an
num from the 13th day of April, 1897, and
costs and accruing costs.
Thomas Hollt,
Sheriff of said county.
tarkareof MP
treatment (or
e " sbsbb decay, norvous debility aau
decay, nerroui debility aad
lost vitality sent free for II cts. postage.
OB. TV AIll) IJiST. 120 1. 91i L, ST. LO&U. II
Something In Thin Column That Will
Interest Every Itody,
Col. Itlxby on l)u I'uy de Lome.
Col. Bixby, State Journal poet sizes
up de Lome in becoming poetic style.
Every body should read this poem, it is
a good one :
Go home, nor longer roam
- Upon Columbia's soil, sir;
Your face disgrace has brought the race
That sent you here to toil, sir.
Your word absurd the nation heard
With more contempt than wonder,
And thought you ought to leave the spot,
And so you are turned under.
Among the great in balls of state,
Your feet no more will patter;
You're dono, ray son, your mouth a gun
For shooting words that scatter.
You talked too much for one in touch
With Culsin's Butchers gory;
It was'ut wise to scandalize
Our nation's pride Old glory
Soon safe at home once more, be Lome,
, Your noisy tongue may rattle
From day to day, while here we say,
"Good riddance to such cattle."
Your Spanish clack, when you get back
will not disturb us, no sir;
Your stay waa short, and now old sport,
Ws're glad to see you go, sir.
Trees ami Plants; f
Onoral Assortment of Nursery Stock.
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ranchmen In Hloux and adjoining counties
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may be the means of saving money for you.
On left side of eattlc and on left
shou Ider of horse.
Range on Antelope creek
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On left side or hip of cattle, (
On left shoulder of nurses, j
IHsnge on the bead ol VVarbonnet
Address IlarrlHon, Sionx Co. Neb.
IOn left shoulder of cattle
I itange on Little Cottonwood.
I'O. ., Crawford Nebr.
Final Proof Sotices.
All persons having final proof notices in
this paper will receive a marked copy of the
paper and are requested to examine theic
notice and If any errors exist report the
same to tbisolllce at once.
U. S. J.and Otllce Alliance, Neb. (
Febuary 21, lstis. I
Notice is hereby given that the following
n nmed settler has 11 led notice of his inten
tion to make final proof in support of his
claim, and that said proof will be made be
fore M. J. Jilewett, Clerk District Court at
Harrison, Neb., on April, and, IKOs, viz:
Henry Mndcmon, of Harrison, Neb., who
made II. E. Ne. 8696 fur the KN-WHand
H-F'4, Section 4, Township No. 32 N
Kangett W.
He names the following witnesses to
prove his continuous residence upon and
cultivation of said land, viz: I-ewls Gcr
lach, Charles Iliehle, John Plunket and
Charles E. Shllt, all of Harrison, Nebraska.
J. W. Wkhn Jk, Register.
U. S. Land Office Alliance, Neb. (
Febuary 21, 1898. i
Notice Is hereby g-lven that Herbert S.
Woodruff, ot Livonia, H. Y., has filed notice
of intention to make final proof befor M. J.
Blewett, Clerk District Court, at his office
in Harrison, Neb., on the .2nd day of April,
189s, on timber culture application No. 1594,
for the S-Ei of Section No. L, in TownBhlp
No. 33 N Range No. M W. .
He nanes as witnesses:
John W. Hlison, John W. Tldd, William E.
Hlxnon and Henry C. Hunter, all of Adelia,
Nebraska. J. W. Weh J k,
ft og Inter.
U. S. Land Office, Alliance, Neb. I
Fobuury 21, 1898. t
Notice is hereby given that Maggie Wan
der of Adelia, Neb., has filed notice of inten
tion to make final proof before M. J. Blew
ett, Clerk District Court, at his office In
Harrison, Neb., on the 2nd, day of April 1898,
on timber culture application No. IMiJ, for
the N-W'i of Section No. 2, in Township No.
33 N Range No. 04 W.
Pbe names as witnesses: John Serrcs,
Paul Sgrres, John F. Meyer and Anton Mo
Kem, all of Montrose, Nebraska.
Also, that Andreas Wander, of Adelia,
Nob., baa filed notice of Intention to make
final proof at the same time and place, on
timber culture application No. lor, for tho
of Section No. 3, in Township No. 33 N
itango No. S4 W.
He names as witnesses: John Serren, Paul
Serres, John F. Meyer and Anton MeKem,
all of lion trow, Nebraska.
Also, Andrew Wander, of Adelia, Neb.,
who made H. E. No. 3317, ior tho S-K S W
and B.t'i S-W'i of Section 11, Townihip 33
N Range M W.
Hn names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence upon and cultiva
tion of said land, viz: John Serres, Paul
Serres, John F. Meyer and Anton MeKem,
all of Montroso, Ncbraxka,
J. W. Wehs Jr, Register.
SlH-rifTs Sale.
Notlco is hereby given that by viltue of
an order of sale to me directed Issued by
the clerk of the District Conrt of Sioux
county, Nebraska, in an action pending in
said court wherein George H. Turner it
plaintiff and George W. Cobb, Mrs. George w.
Cobb whose truo christian name is unknown,
and Dakota Mortgage Loan Company are
defendants, I will on tho 2ith day ot March,
1SW, at 3 o'clock p. m. of said day at the
oast door of tho Court House, In Harriion,
Nebraska, offer for salo at public vendue
tho following doscriljed real estate to wit:
Lots one (1) and two (2) and the east half
of tho north-west quarter of Section 19,
Township 34, N Range 56 W.of tho (ith prlnci
clpftl meridian in Rioux county, Nebraska,
to satisfy a decree of foreclosure entered in
said cause by our said Court at the regular
November A. I). 1S97 term of said court,
to wit: on t.ho 6th day of December, 1897,
wherein onr said conrt fuond duo to the
aid plaintiff, George 11. Turner the sum
42.63 with ten per cent Interest thereon
from said date and costs, together with
an amount equal to 10 per cent, of tho
ainoiintno found due, and adjudged thesamo
to bo i first Hen on said premises, wltb
eosts and accruing costs.
Said premises will bo sold for tbe purpose
of satisfying said sum.
Thomas Uoi.i.y,
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