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    The Sioux County Journal
"VOL. X.
The Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Price, fl.00
. ft. Oiion, ... KilKof,
Kntprt-'l nt Uifl Harrison pot ofllcfl ax
HHtond cliinv mutter.
Tills Is our rintforin.
Fxrst Tlicy are unaltirahhj opposed to
gold mottmetalUm.
Second They demand the immediate
rextn-(ttion if bimetallism at the. present
ratio by the imlprndent ari'om of (his
Third Tliry oppose the rrlirenwnt of
the grevnh tek.i.
f ourth Tiny opjione the issue, of jxi j
per money by national mulct.
F'.flh They oppose the inane of interest
Ir'irinq bonds in time of pi nee.
Sixth T'ie furor the. income tax as a
tn nnx of raising a part of the rrivnue
vrff nary to (tdiuinfcliT the. fcd.'.ial gov f With They favor the. almlition of
trust. I
Eight T'.wy arc opposed to government j
by injunction. j
Ninth They tare in favor of arbitra
tion ax a meant of nettling aispule h
t awn labor and capital. II". .. liryan.
A report flashed over the wire early
yesterday morning from Omaha to the
effect that the battle ship Maino had
lieen blown up in Havana harbor late
last Tue-sday evening. Whether done
by the Spanish military, by the bursting
ol the ship's boilers, or by the bursting
of a powder magazine on board the Maine
the dispatches fail to say. Whatever
the cause amy or might have been, 2''i
of the blip's crew ue missing, and the
(.hip is a total loss.
Many opinions are rife ay to the. cause
of the distruction of the battle ship
.Maine. Coming as it does, so soon after
the DtLorno incident, many believe it to
be t!.e work of tlie Spanish boldiers, but
Bottling authoritive has reached the
coutry to corroberate any of Ota tate
cnentH thus far sent out
All is excitement at the seat of gov
ernment at W.sbington, and later
dispatches say that war is liable to be
.declared between this government and
Spain at any moment.
Ex-Governor Boies of Iowa has for
mulate! a new currency plan, which
lie thiuks would work nicely.
It is not impossible but that lion Mar
ina A. Ilanna may have his seat in the
United States senate contested by Mayor
McKisson of Toledo.
Last Saturday was the birthday of the
martyr president Lincoln, and Ike day
was fittingly, observed and celebrated in
most of the large cities throughout the
United States.
One h.ut only to pick up the daily pap
ers an 1 pjruse them over to have any
idea haw m.iny ruicide are taking place
from day to day. It would seem as if
there w,ls a suicid il mania taking bold
of the people of the country within the t vo or three yeari. And it It not
confined to any particular class or na
tionality of people. There are Doctor,
Lawyers, Ministers, Bankers, Merchants,
Mechanics, Farmers, and Laborers; all
ae and both sexes are among thorn who
take their owu lives. Of course there is
a cause for ho raany suicides, but what
is the general cause?.
Barlos, president of Guatemala, who
bad held the important office of president
six yeiri, .ts assassinated in his palace
garden Sunday I i ht. Thot f I he
wore no crown, yet sleeping, or waking
(its every breath was troubled, as he
lives! in contir.usl fear of twine poisoned
or deprived of life in some unnatural
manner, Several years aito he married a
Kew-Orwlean' I Wile which net served to
sdd fresh fuel to the already kindled hat
red of the Guatemalan's. At the time
of his death he was one of the wealthiest
pjeO in Central America.
Chicago's auil New York's four hundred,
limit in order to be fashionable soon close
their doors (o the gay so'-iety w hirl in
which they have Jived during the past
few months ub the jeuitentiel season of
It-nt is almost at huud why not all enter
our clowits a few moment! each day.
l)u Puy IH-lome the Suauinli amlnis a'
or to Washington, 1 as heeti forced to re
s k on accou it of criticising the ad
inifcistmtion of president McKinley. It
in too had that president McKinley per
mitted him to resign; the authorities at
Washington oimht to have asked tie
Spanish government for the Ambassador'
recall. lie li:is b-eo a kind of an olllcious
hlatherskite and has sought every oppor
tunity possible to interfear with the for
eign policy of this nation whenever and
wherever he could. It is similar to and
almost a paralel to the Siickville-west
case duriug Cleveland's Urst term.
Adolph Luuttft-rt the big sausanemaU
er of Cliicno, is at last convicted and
sentenced to penal herritude during his
natural life. The case has attracted
more notice we presume than any which
has been tried in the history of our coun
try; a recital of the case is we think, too
revolting, sutlice it to say if Luetgert be
guilty the verdict wns a compromise, if
innocenct why did those men w ho coin
ssed the jury condemn that poor
wrelcl In conclusion we will say the
duty of any juror is a delicate one..
Content for Haiina.
CI.KVLANl), Feb. 10. Mayor McKis
son sent to the clerk of the United State
Senate to-night a formal notice of con
test against the seating of Mark A.
Ilanna in the senate.
They Make a Malicious Attack on the
Populist State Committee.
Joe Johnson and Ed Sizor Propose
to purify the Republican
Lincoln, Neb., Feb. 16. (Special
correspondence.) While the farmers of
Nebraska are making their plans for an
other season of hard -work and giving
all their thoughts and attention to tha?,,
the old gang of republican boodlers are
making their plans to recapture the state
government and re-establish the old
regenae, under which the farmers ot
the state have been so unmercifully rob
bed. Realizing that they have a difficult job
on haed they looked about for a vulner
able point to attack, and found none.
Knowing that their overthrow was in a
!arge taeasure the result of the brilliant,
honest, open-handed campaign made
under the direction of the present popu
list state committee, their malice sug
gested an attack on the olficers of the
committee, so last week the vilest slan
der that could be invented by malicious
men was printed in a Lincoln republican
paper, with the intention of using it se
cretly in the next campaign. The men
attacked were J. II. Edmisnten, chairman
of the populist state committee, and Geo.
W. Blake, its treasurer, with some in.
siiwations thrown in, implicating Gov.
Ilolcomb and others. The story printed
was a rehash of the old tale, so often
told by Joe Johnson, about the re
count ef the ballots on the constitu
tional amendments, but charging spe
cifically the grossest crimes against Ed
miasten and Blake.
These men hate Edminsten with a ha
tred that know no relonting. Why?
Because Edmisten is one of the old pops
who has fought the thieves since away
back in the preceding decade.
Ha was one ol the original organizers
oftbe populist party. He was a del
egate to the Cincinnati and St Louis
conventions, which laid the plans for
the formation of a new party. He was
a member of the Omaha convention
that formed the populist party. Gov.
Ilolcomb was first nominated for judge
in grove on Edmisten's farm, the
us of which and a beef for a bar
becue was donated by him. He was
chairman of the congressional commit
tee that conducted two successful cam
paigns in the Sixth d, strict and sent
tl first populist from Nebraska to
congress, and although he did not have
the best timber for a candidate with him
he laid out the renowned George Wash
ington Dorsey.
The people of Lincoln have been con
vulsed with laughter most of the
time fer the last week. The republi
can city administration became so no
toriously corruot that it could be en
dured no longer. The leaders learn
ing that a lot of the city officials were
pretty sure to be indicted at this term
of court, held a meeting and resolved
that they would purify the party.
Tliey organized what tney called the
Hamilton club and placed Joe Johnson
and Ed Si zer on a committee to do the
purifying. Joe is now a purilied saint and
goes around singing,
"I want to lie an angel.
And with the angeta Htand." ,
T. II. TlBlH.ES.
P. S. One of the libelers, Simons by
name, was arrested, in spite repub
lican judges and political writs of ha
beas corpus.
Something In This Column That Mill
Interest Every Itody.
Some of I.iiK -olo'rt Sayings.
"We cannot escne history."
"Revolutionize through the ballot
"Let none falter who thinks he is
"It is no pleasure to me to triumph
over anyone."
"I do not impugn the motive of any
one opposed to me."
"I have not willinjrjy planted a thorn
in any man's bosom."
"All that I arn, all that I hoe to be, I
owe to my angel mother."
"There is no grievance that is a fit
object of redress by mob law."
"God must like common people, or he
would not have made so many of
"For thirty years I have been a tem
perance man, and I am too old to
"This government must be preserved
in spite of the acts of any man or set of
"Stand with anybody tiiat stands right.
Stand with him while he is right and
part with him when he goes wrong."
"Let us have faith that right makes
might; and, in that faith, let us to the
end dare to do our duty as we understand
"I know the lord is always on tne side
of the right. But it is my constant
anxiety and prayer that I and this nation
shall be on the Lord's side."
"No men living are more worthy to be
trusted than those who toil up from pov
ertynone less inclined to take or touch
aught which they have not honestly
The Typical Mill Man.
Andrew G. Pearce, for years treasurer
of Wanisutta mill and now president,
lives at 103 Spring street, estimated
salary $40,000 a year, or $770 a week.
Believed to be the richest man in New
Family of wire and several chil
dren. One son, Andrew G. Pierce, Jr., is
treasurer of Pierce and other mills with
a salary of $20,000 a year.
Another son, Edward T., is treasurer
of Wamsutta mill, salary $20,000 a
Assessed for ?9,400 worth of real
estate and $&ri,3'i0 personal property.
Holdings in different mill properties
and various enterprises do not show on
city recordw.
House richly furnished through
out. does to his office and leaves there
when ready.
Rides or walks as suits his pleas
ure. Table for three meals a day Bpread
with the best and choicest food.
Keeps several servant.
Family enjoy vacation trips abroad
and have all the luxuries money cau
Is a citizen and voter.
ITowTo Find Out
Fill a bottle or common glass with
urine and let it stand twenty-four hours,
a sediment or settling indicates an un
healthy condition of the kidneys. When
urine stains linen it is evidence of kidney
trouble. Too frequent desire to urinate
or pain in the back, is also convincing
proof that the kidneys and blader are out
of order.
What To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that I. Kilmer's
Swamp Root, the great kidoey remedy
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the back, kidneys, liver, bladder qfld
every partof the urinary passages. ' It
corrects inability to hold urine and scald
ing pain in passing it, or bad effects fol
lowing use of liquor, wine or beer, and
overcomes that unpleasant necessity of
being compelled to get up many times
during tne night to urinate. The mild
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Root is soon realized. It stands the
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proprietors of this paper guarantee the
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Fit AN K Nl'TTO.
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Ifiuifrt. nn IVilt.onwrfd.
a w t ' i tt If v
I'O.jr, t raw ford Nebr.
riual Proof Notices.
All pTions having final proof notices In
this nWjer will rei-eire a marked copy of tho
papeijftid lire requited to exunmui the:-.-nothpVfid
if any ri-nus exist report tho
samefo tlflls ofneo at once.
JL ---X- - . -
Legaf Notice.
Christian JeBseiyrflil i1ce notice that on
the With day ol JuftJuttjlttM tt. 'h. Smuck ft
Justice of the, pe.uofi of llowcn I'rccinct,
Sioux county Nebraska issiiod an order of
attachment and garnishment for the sum
of fl.1,40 with In lereat due thereon at 7 per
cent, per annuum from July lt, 1HW, In an
action pending before him, wherein M. J.
dayhurt is plaintiff and Christian Jensen,
defendant, that property of the defendant
conalsting of a school order to the amount
of liii.OO dated Oct. 1st 1897 Issued by School
District No. 23 of Sioux County, Nebraska to
said (lirUtlan Jensen has been attached un
der ald order. Said cause was continued
tot- .litu day ol March. 18W, at 1 o'clock
p. m. - '
Harrison, Nebraska, Fcbnary S, lstw.
Sf. J-W thabt, riaintlff.
lljr Alvis T. Clark, his Attorney.
Sheriffs Sale.
Notice la hereby given that by viltuc of
an order of Hale to me directed Issued by
the clerk of the District Court of Sioux
county, Nebraska, lu an action pending in
said court wherein Ocorgo 11. Turner la
philntlU and George W. Cobb, Mrs. (ieorgc
W. Cobb whose christian name Is unknown,
and Dakota Mortage Ixan Company aro
defendants, I will on the 2ith dav ot March,
lsfft), at 3 o'clock p. m. of unld day at the
cast door of the Court House, In Harrison,
Nebraska, offer for sale at public vendue
the following described real estate to-wit:
Lots one ( 1 ) and two (2) and the east half
of tho north-west quarter of Section 19,
Township 31, N Range 56 W. of the 6th prlncl
clpsl meridian In gloux county, Nebraska,
to satisfy a decree of foreclosure entered in
said cause by onr said Court at the regular
November A. D. ItW term of said court,
to-wit: on tho 6th day of Decern tier, 1M7,
wherein onr said court fuond duo to the
said plaintiff, Ucorge 11. Tumr the sum
42.83 with ten per cent Interest thereon
frftm said date and costs, together with
an amount equal to 10 per cent, of the
ainouiitso found due, and adjudged the same
to be a first Hen on said premisss, with
costs and accruing costs.
Said premises will be sold for tho purpose
of satisfying said Hum.
. Thomas Hollt,
Sheriffs Sale.
Hotice Is hereby given that by virtue of
an order of sale to me directed Issued by the
clerk of the District Court of Sioux county,
Nebraska, In an action pondingdn said court
wherein George H- Turner Is plaintiff and
George W. (Xbb, Mrs. George W. Cobb whose
true christian name Is unknown, Farmland
Security Company Asa Duvls, and km. Asa
Davis whoa christian name is unknown, are
defondcnU, I will on the )tb day of March,
1IW, at S o'clock p. m. of said day at the
east door of the Court House, In Harrison,
Nebraska, offer for sale at publlo vendue
tne following described real estate, to-wlt
Tee South half of the North-East quarter
sad North half ot the South Fast quarter,
Section K4, Township 34 N of Range 57 W. of
tke Sth principal meridian In Sioux county,
Nebraska, to satisfy a decree of foreclosure
ettored in said cause by onr said Court at
the regular Noverntor A. D. 1H97 term of said
court, to-wlt: on the Oth day ol December
IW7, wherein our said court found due to the
said plalntlfl. George H. Turner tho sum
J2.4 with ten per cent Interest thereon
from said dato and costs, togrtln r
With an amount equal to 10 per cent, of the
amount so found due, and adjudged the same
to be a first Hen on said premscs, with
costs and accruing costs,
said premises will be sold for tho purpose
of satisfying uid jims.
,', Sheriff,
f4. m ymn'
vnasSMtMprMtlf. TrwIaMBt antaaaSM
X Crw
k a4
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