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    taia4e t
Wimw'l iiilit.
Bow ol braid, araoi ouly on on edV
to represent tuckl, trim toaio ol the
loth ikirU.
Pique gloe, with one or two buttons
and heafily titched, are the fashion lor
itreot wear.
A new table cap? ia . nisde ith the
' aCtni,placed horozontaliy, so that the
'Mark atripea run around.
Pelade grant is a new and aupj.le
treat material which regembles p.
tote, made of wool instead ci en.
Cart Vollen aohl S3S0 of ttahwr's Cah
feafe. Labor, seod, rout and all did nut
coet him $50, profit Von can beat
that and make lota of uiouoy on Early
ftadlahea, Peaa, Lettuce, Mushrooms,
Onlont, Sweet Corn, Tomatoes, Pota
toes, etc. Salzer warrants bit bmiIs
the earliest in tbe world. Potatoes only
fl.60 p barrel. Millions of Kastiber
titt, Cherrie, Apple and small fruits.
Catalogue tells till about tht'iii.
Band 16 Cent In Slampa to tbe John
A. gaiter Setnl Co., LaCrosso, Wla., and
get free their big Plant and Heed Cata
logue and 10 packages vegetable and
flower aeedt, novelties worth $1. c.n.
The twifteet fich ia the dolphin. It
tan wim for short disUnc.-B at the rate
of 25 mi lea an hour.
Tbe penalty of buying cheap clothes
It like going to law the certainty of
toting your mit and having to pay for it.
A newborn giraffe measures about 6
feet from bis hoof to the top of his head
In cold weather
We need heat.
The blood must be
Warm, rich and pure.
1 Iood's Sarsaparilla
Keeps the blood
In perfect order,
Sending it, in a
Nourishing stream,
To every organ.
4 v-5
f Prattle
IJl Bend ynorn
rtieanest eTer (rrown1
BEST in t he world :nonc
'ithnr an COOD; war
ranted to lie hv fnr the
f Prattled book Inr-fjpp
the worm
Isanti up for large parkeiH
ra and ni-iirhbnr naniM for
JL lmy I
Beautiful llltntfalfd Catalogue,
8HUMWAT, Rockford, in
iiiiimiiiii itiaattMiat?
Wwiib toln IS4.000 nw co-
I ft. i. way K4v.ii.ti, ion :
tkjK. KtvrlF rprio Turo.p, 10.;
i :
Jantm UiDt Onion, I-c ,
III Above 10 par-, worth tl u0, wa will
11 aittti fDti frB, together with ar ,
III gmt PUnt -nl Hfrl 0tjnHt .
f J BP0 fC.Ct Of thift Di'tlf ISil Tie. 7
I II iidw whn e iaotuje try Hfticer I
I . I 1 roa wil! nvT ift amufr wit h- g1
ion 4. tALAxa ru., la tbom, wra. j
Tkt Bt Joiepb and Grand Isiaad
Iabiu City and Omaha Railwaji
ill TMS
TO ALL r01KT -
5,JVu"m Union Paoiflo Syittm
111 Till rtVoaiTf LIKRa
ft Callforala. Oragen an i att Wwiiern FnlaU.
for latormatlon ragariltng raiaa, aic. ealt an
tr tdilrcM neartal aeui or t. M. Amen,
W, f. BOBIKaoM, Jt., Oaa. raa. Agt.
Hd'I Manager, gt Jnaeph, Mo.
Iillg.Hl taa4 rTATO jgrawara la aaiet
Ta aUrsi Aaw.T srhrr "jt,M Kalaar'a I:
Wtjuaala a lrl4 r TIC k.Ji. l. a
rHaaa airt -. r wai a Haak, I I
ana taaula rtttlirtt !, tmi
-aa mi u., m( rM. wit. l
1 I
, DR. SAMUEL PITCHER, of Hyannis, Massachusetts,
mm$ the originator of "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," the same
that has borne and does now srf n eVtTy
tear the facsimile signature of CSOcU wrapper.
This is the original "PITCHER'S CASTORIA," which has been
used in the homes of the mothers of America for over thirty
years. LOOK CAREFULLY at the wrapper and see that it is
the kind you have always bought STp sfjJZi! on
and has the signature o7 wrap
per, Jie one nas auinorny jrom mo i u-so my mv
The Centaur Company
March 8, 1897',
Do Not Be Deceived.
V not endanger the life of your child by accepting a cheap substitute
which aome druggitt may ofler you (because he maket a few more penniet
M It), the ingredient of which even he does not know.
"The Kind You Have Always Bought
Insist on
Tho Kind That
Mawa , ft m
' 1 1 '"" i aaaaiae- aiiaai aaaaaaaiaaiaaaaawa Ij.'J .11 m . i J THaiai.?iJim im .w i in iLiaanay ii i i H J "ij! "1 'aMrlnni T., j'iC '"i
J'oililail i'aiKiMclia.
Tbe bone, i f conieation usually b
but little meat on it.
Full men and empty pocketbook. w'll
be in evidence Christ mat.
Peace on eartb a good will toward
all of Uncle Sam'H pensionert.
Children look upon the Christmas' toy
dealer as a wan of rare gift.
Tbe ruler ol a nation, like any other
ruler, ihotilri always be straight.
It is better to give a ClirintmHt box
than to receive one from a Tmgili-t.
To Make.Carpeta Last.
Good carjx'ts should be brushed dally
with an ordinary ..weeper, and once a
week with a common broom.
The oftener a carpet in taken up and
shaken the longer it will wear. The
dirt that collects underneath grlnda
out the threads. This is also true of
matting. Matting Hliould be swept
with a bruHh, and occasionally waahed
with salt and water.
Tea leaves should be pressed tightly
after they have been ued and put
aidde to sprinkle over tbe carpet Just
before sweeping and preveut the dust
from flying and soiling the furniture
and paper.
While air and light are neoensary to
the well-being of the members of the
household, It Is not necessary that the
sun should be allow ed to stream across
bright carpets, fading their delicate
Teach Pie.
Bake a shell of dainty puff paste, fill
ing It with rice to prevent Its rising; la
bubbles, or shaping It on tbe outside ot
a plo dish. When the shell la done put
in a half-inch layer of stewed and
sweetened peaches, to which three
chopped kernels for every eight peach
es cooked have been added. Fill up the
crust with uncooked peaches, the rip
est and sweetest to be had. Add sugar
enough to sweeten them well, and set
the pie In the oven for about throe
minutes to melt the sugar; then stf it
cream before serving.
Ctiili fcauca.
Forty large ripe tomatoes; eight largt
white onions; sli green peppers; six
teen tablespoonfuls of brown sugar;
eight of salt; nine and a half cups of
vinegar; a teaspoonful each of ground
ginger and cloven: one grated nutmeg
and a tablespoonf ul and a half of cin
namon. Scald the tomatoes and re
move the skin. Then cut in pieces;
chop tbe onions :id peppers fine; put
all together in a kettle and boll un
hour and a half. Bottle and cork tight
ly and keep In a cool place.
Knocked Out.
It knocks out all calculations of at
tending to biiKlnesH In the right way
for a day when we wake up In the
morning sore and stiff. The disappoint
ment lies in goiug to bed all right and
waking up all wrong. There Im a short
and sure way out of it. (lo to bed after
a good rub w:th Si. Jacobs Oil and you
wake up nil right; soreness and stiff
ileus all j,one. So sure 1h this that nn'n
much exposed In chang'-ful weather
keep a bottle of it on the mantel for
use at night to make sure of going to
work in g'Mid fix.
Effective ornaments for the hair an
gold filiets studded with brilliants and
Cfboci on opals.
Sin window' SoorHimi Rvsnr tor child
ren teeUjIin", W ilms lie sums reduce Inflam
mauon, allay afu. cure iHi collo. 2oc WKtte
. Jewelers have supplied an infinite
variety of baoirle to meet the growing
demrnd for these ornaments.
It it rumored that old fashioned
cameos ar' coming into favor again.
It Keepi the l-'t et Warm and Dry
And Is the onl.i cure for Cbilblaiua
Frost Kites, Da op, Sweating Feet
Corns and Bunions. Ask for Allen'i
Foot-Ease, a powaer to be shaken lnt
the shoes. At all druggists and alio,
stores, 2fc. Kample sent FRKK. Ad
dress Allen H. Olmsted. I.ettoy, N. Y.
Jeweled but tei diet and Louis IV bowi
are fads of the moment, being much
worn in the hair; alto i.n the cortage.
Piso'n Care for Consumption it the onlj
cough medicine used in my house. D. U.
Albright, Milllinburg, Pa., Deo. U, '9j.
The forests of the United Slatee covei
one quarter of the entire country, and
over $1,001) ,000 of timber it cut every
which Chas. II, Fletcher is
. M
Never Failed You?
arata. aaw imi am.
W hut the IViIal I'.xtremltii-M Ncveul to
One Who Known.
The person who had his character
read by the palmist muni now go to Ilia
first eouln of the chiropodist iu order
to learn whether the markings on the
foot agree w it!) the prognostications of
the hand.
According to the adi'pis, a small in
Mep denotes religious temperament,
while, If It is high, it suggests nelf-cou-eloign
-vx. If I 'ch 'd. i i n-:i('- a
love of lusnry, while, if il is tnin in
addition. It not only demonstrates the
desire for approbation and applause,
but the possession of honor and lofty
Ideals. A thick, heavy instep, which
the bootmaker would deseri!? as min
er high, is the mark of the individual
who is capable of great exertion contin
ued over a long time, the Instep, in
fact, of the worker.
The hiH'l is another of the great diag
nostic poluts. If it Is smooth and
round, and without any prominent out
lines. It dei-lares the individual to be
long to thai common place order, which
never achieves any distiuclion, and
who, though pleasant enough in his or
her way to live with, Is yet devoid of
any special talent. If It Is small It
shows that the owner is callable of go
ing heart and soul into any work which
he undertakes.
Ioug toes suggest artistic capacity,
Just as do long lingers of a certain
shape, while short toes Indicate selfish
ness. If I hey are crooked as well as
long, they demonstrate the Hsstisloil
of good common sense and ns- little
business capacity, while toes separated
by a distinct interval, in spite of the
compression to which fashionable
of great exertion continued over a long
bits compel them, are Indicative of
emotion. If they curvedowu wards, they
Indicate an amiable tun: of mind, and
different portions of them denote dif
ferent characteristics, as do the so
called "mountains" and "valleys" ou
the palm.
Iu addition to all these characteris
tics, the markings on the sole must be
carefully considered, for they may
modify certain other peculiarities. It
Is impossible, however, to lay down
any laws for self-guidance in these
minutiae, but the broad facts will no
doubt furnish a sufticient stimulus for
further Investigation at Hie bands of
the w ise women of the world; for they
must be Indeed wise who can read, as
In an open book, character which may
b'1 formed by the constrictions of a
fashionable hoot.
Whatever else may be done, however,
it Is safe to say that great toes which
are pressed out of the straight liitf", and
which are, therefore, in hideous con
trast with the U'autlful feet of Trilby,
bespeak an egregrlous vanity In their
possessor, and proclaim a belief In the
proverb, which stales that "to be beau
tiful one must suffer." This, however,
was the old-fasliloned idea which it is
hoped the vogue f Mr. Ini Maurier's
heroine will have done a good deal to
Hhoes! rirms.
fvhiHtrings are made not onJy In
ciioi'iiKius number, but al.o in very
great variely. Thcr- are factories de
votod solely to their production.
They are made principally of cotton,
but also of calfskin, porpoi.-.e hide, silk
niwl mohair. There Is an elastic shoe
string made of a combination of rub
Iht and cotton and a tulnilar cotton
lace that ha.s a linen cord running
through it. In sh;is- slioewtrlngs are
nmde In a solid round braid, of cord
twlMi-d like rope, of Hat bnild and of
tubular braid. Tlwse aje all made In
various sizes.
Flat braids of the klmhs um1 for line
shoes are made in width Ringing from
fourteen to twenty-four line. In col
ors Uiey are inside lo nialcli all the va
riola shades of letither uwl In shoe.
Most mIhx-hi rings are still made with
the tips of the kind iliat are clamped
on, but the use of the spiral wire Is in
ftreaing. These are made In lengths)
ranging from throe-cpiariers of a yard
to two yards and a half. The longest
Ince.s are n-w-d for women's bicycle
1hs1s. Itefitre the Introdiiillon of the
bicycle the longest shoestrings iu reg
ular use were a yard and thrtie-qunr-tcrs
There Is a shoestring a yard long thai
can be sold two pairs for a cent with
a good profit ; there are ah'Wstrings sold
at 5 cents a patron which the profit. Is
prrtioiiatt'ly less. Shoestrings are
gohl at various prices up to i!0 cents
ami 'S cents n pntr, depending uixm
mMterlal, nuality and length. A great
many sImx-m plugs are given away. Silk
shoe laces are nswl mainly for Iowcui
shoes. Th"re are half a dor.i fac
toriee In this oouiHry rodutng noth
1ng MM (MM-potae-hlde sheentrlngii, ud
maiialy (W hrognns.
Formerly many mllllona of the who
ttrtng annmilly eonsuiiied in thli
country were iniMrtsl, chiefly from
(iermany. l'retty much all of the cheap
shoestrings used here, which Irtcludt
rather more than half of he litol con
suuiptiioti, were made here; of the bet
ter grades altout, half were imported,
W1h Ihe adoption of the recently en
d'ted tariff Uiwn In this country the 1m
lort tt'l ton of KlioMtr1ng ha piiictlcal.
ly ceaaisl.--N"ew York Sun.
Insurance Axalnat Want lei Age.
Th report of the llorlin otllce for tbe
insurance of working people against
wnnl In HUM'S or old age shows Mint
th number of recipients of old age an
nultlet between lStll and the end of
lWNl was 1,.'U"s), and the total amount
received by them was 5.12, tWi marks.
The annuities flven on account of dls
sblenient due to other cause than old
age wife and the total expendi
ture ou this account 4X1,812 marks.
Crime in Germany.
Ia the period 1W to 1884 the crim
inal reeord In the Herman empire In
creased 22 par cent., or 12 per cent
mont Una Um population.
f'uluted f ajntg-niphA
It it A wiso nah that can read between
he lines.
Gabriel will play the laat trump in the
'HUie of life.
It's a poor article that can't get a teg
iuionial of some kind.
Love levels all things with the possible
6tim nial of t ime kind.
The iron gripof proverty iaapt to make
i man's clothes look rusiy.
Straws iu the hands of the small boy
ihow which way the rider barrel it.
Colli COiinomuie.
To prepare cold consomme, chop and
pound a fowl and put It into a Jar with
:hree pounds of ruineed beef gravy.
Add to It a cleansed calf't foot, a car
rot, an onion, six cloven, six pepper
rorns, salt to taste, and pour ou two
juarts of cold water. Cook for four
nours by standing the Jar In boiliug
water. Ktraiu, season and pour Into
imall cups to cool.
Bnow Cream.
Peat the whites of three eggs to a
froth; add gradually three rounding
:ablesioonftjls of powdered sugar.
Beat until very Btlff; flavor with one
:ables:-:)onful of sherry and half a
.easuoonful of vanilla. Add gradually
aalf a pint of whipped cream, meas-
tred before whipping. Stir It In very
arefully and serve Immediately In
Old-Fashioned Johnny Cake.
One pint yellow com meal; half cup
if (lour and one ami a half teaspoon
'u!s baking powder; one ?gg; two ta
despoonf uls of sugar; half a teaspoou
lul of salt, one cup of milk. Bake in a
n-ell-buttered square pan.
Kitchen Kconomr.
A stationary wire soap dish attached
o the side of the scrubbing pail will
ireveut bits of soap wasting in the.
Some heavy unbleached muslin
hould always be placed over the flour
)arrel, under the lid, to keep out dust
,nd Insects.
Soft soap, made from half a pound oi
lard soap and two quarts of boiling
vater. Is more economical for laimdn
lurposes than ordinary washing-map
A variety of bags in assorted s!ze
abeled and fastened to the pantry doo
o hold kitchen towels and dish cloths
M-epnred and ready for use, is a featuri
n kitchens where the cook't couvenl
nee Is attended to.
Tbe yolks of eggs dry almost as soon
s they come in contact with the all
nit If dropped at once Into a cup o
old water will keep In good condition
n the refrigerator for three or fou;
From ths Industrial A'su, Jackton. Mich.
The subject of thi sketch is fifty-six
rears of age, and aMiTeJy engaged in
fanning. When seventeen years old he
uirt hid loul(l(r, and a few yeors after
nnmeneed to have rheumatic pains in it.
Dn taking a slight cold or the least,
he trouble would start and he would wuf
rer the most excruciating paias.
He suffered fojover thirty years, and
Ihe last decade has suffered so much that
uo was unable to do any work. To this,
frequent dizzy apell were added, mak
lug him almost a helpleea invalid.
In all Sorti of W'athtr.
lie tried Hi best physicians and upd
several specific rheumatism cures without
being benefited. About one year and i.
nionttat ao h read in this paper of i
case aoiuowhaJ aiuular to hi which war
cured by Dr. Wllllama' I'inlt I'illa and
concluded to try this remidy.
After taking trie tir-,1 rx he folt aonie
what better, and aftr uaiag three boxes
the petal entirely disappeared, the dizzi
dm lfCt hjui, and lie has now for over a
yearben entirely free fnwn all his former
trouble and rajoya betier health than he
he haa bad siiice hi txjyhod.
He ia loud in hia praiaes of Dr. Will
iams' Pink Pilla for l'ale People, and will
gladly cornrWate the abore atateuieiila.
Ilii postofhee addreat U Lorenzo Neeley.
llorton, Jackaoa County, Michigan.
All the element! neceasary to girt new
life and richneas to the blood and realore
shattered nerrea are contained, in a con
densed fonn, in Dr. AVilliaina' Pink Pills
fur Pale People. All dmegiata se.ll diem.
Mrs, A. G. MeCrae of Chicago bat
regularly es al lithed hr-rtelf at a land-
tcape gaideder,
ow't Tan.
We offer Ont Hundred Dollart reward
for any eae of catarrh that can not be
cored by Hall'at'atarrh (Jura.
F. J. CHtNiiY k CO.. Toledo, 0
We. Ihe undaraicnad havt known h . J.
Chtney for the last 1ft years, and belitr
him pertectiy Bonoratne m an Duiineas
transactiont and financially able to carry
out anvobllf ations aiada by tnalr nnn.
Wear " Isoai, Wholeaalt drugists
Toledo, O., Witeise, Kiha A Mabvin
A boleaale dmRKiata, Toledo. 0.
llall'a Catarrh Cur if taken Internally
acting directly upon thn blood and muooim
urtac-a ot tlx syttem. TemimoDiala suit
fret, frice 7o. per boitlt. bold by all
The elephant can neither trot, canter
nor gallop. Itt only pace it a walk,
capable of being haatenee to a fatt tbuf-
Do Ton nance To-Mght?
Shako in your a hoe Allen'i Foot
Base, a powder for tbe feet It maket
tight or New Shoes feel Easy. Cnret
Corns, Bunions, Chilblains, Kroat Bltet
andHweatlngheot. At all druggist and
time toree, 25c. Sample tent FREE
Addreat Allan B.OImfd.Dt Roy.N.T
The lightest known solid it laid to bo
tht pitch ol tht nnfjower, with atpocilc
gravity of .OM, ar akoat OM-aigktb that
of eork.
fata laaakaVa I 4
Au-lilwi (lul Sljlila.
Amobalwayi drawl the line a', a
The man who losea bit ahado.7 gett
ahead of the detective.
Tight shoes might be properly clasced
as articles of bard-wear.
Beauty draws more than an ox and is
easier to get une'er the yoke.
The wire-workers' union Bhonld em
brace politicians and telegraph operators
The small tumbler is retoonsible for
many of the alipa attributed to tbe cup.
Mrs. Pinkham Asks Women to Sack Permanent
Cures and Not More Temporary Belief
From Pain.
Special forms of suffering lead many
woman to acouire the morphine
One of these forms of suffering is a
nersistent nain in the side, accompanied
heat and throbbing. There is disincline
tion to work, because work only increases
the pain.
This is only one symptom of a chain of
troubles : she has others she cannot bear
to confide to her physician, for fear
an examination, the terror oi au sensitive,
innrtAwt. wnmpn.
The physician, meantime, knows her
cannot combat her shrinking terror.
her supplication for something to relieve the pain.
He gives her a few morphine tablets,
rrrv nn.nt.ion as to their use. Foolish
thinks morphine will help her right along ; she be
comes its slave I
A wise and a generous physician had such a case ;
tia -ifii-;t.r 1, frmlrl rtr Tn1 h i n cr for her. as
she. was too nervous to undergo an examination. In despair, she went to vistl
a friend. She said to her, "Don't give yourself up; just go to the neareat
druggist's and buy a bottle of Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound.
It will build you up. You will begin to feel better with the first bottle." Sb
did so, and after the fifth bottle her health was re-established. Here is her owi
S A friend advised
table Compound ;
the best medicine
like myself.
my head, but
rat inn of the.
SN pains, since
-,i tn
bottle will prove what it can do." Mrs, hver Peaslet, Derby Center, Vt. j
"The Best Is Aye the Cheapest."
Avoid Imitations of and Sub-
stitutes for
There it no long waiting for help if Ripans Tabulei are taken fof
dyspepsia and headache. Relief comes quickly. One Tabule (abort
the size of a small button) will relieve distress in the stomach withim
hfteen minutes and the headache will shortly disappear. There was a
industrious, hard-working woman of Cooperstown, N. Y., some lixtjr
years of age, who for a long time had suffered greatly from dyspepsia
and dreadful headaches. Her stomach tormented her so that she could
hardly work at all, and, although she had tried all sorts of things, the
got no relief. A friend sent her some Ripans Tabules and she felt
better as soon as she took the first one. She felt more like working.
" I have continued with the Tabules erer since." she says, "and they
always help me."
a now atria ae"t aontajalaf nmirini rtwm.m
troa rtoMa eni
of 'H nentrr
i"-. rblrM', " iu Inil ' '
Li luA, .SOU vik;-jf i tiw
Doa'tmonkey with polttiej and neitleot the (arm. Aloni with your other oropa this Kprlnf. a
mine well nelected r lai Seed on your new around. NoihiiiR will pay ao w"ll. Tha aeraaira U
roint? to he llKht, and tha prh e ought to be hlah. There will he a better market at yonr Soaf
than ever before. Di-vernlfy your crops, aad ha? more than oneitrlng to your bow.
For aowlnt purpoae, will br ottered by n a lone aa the supply laiu. Our mill will Makm
orara half mll lon butheli In I? Write tor prlcee mid how to nw U.
ol.ii vitoi KSx tiround Unived CaVe, for atoek, alwayi on hand. W alae raanoratlau
the celebrated Woodman Unaeed Oil, Polled and Raw.
K.t.bilahed VVtOIMA!f I.1NSEF.D Oil. WOKK1, Omaha, Nab.
Um Bic Ci far iHnitinl
IriiUMuBt or ulcratltti
f aictai nnibrit,
TftliltM. tvsid nut Mtrlm
iTHEEviUlOHrMIOlLCC, Cantor poitoBtui.
or twnt In putt) rrftBfr.
hf HirNi, prftDftisl. for
Circular imt oa rMtjM
wt Vaar f !
rl Stft. O ralULL, fwliiatt,WMaUtw, t.t
Life! Life! Life!
Catlar'a rarkwlat t IMIaa rawkat I
l Wra ar mail ll.oo aaanw ,
W. VTSailTh a to, rra, Baa-ala, M. 1
wmJTu sjm to fwwiiri,
EswSmtnnM saBMCia.
Wf aciTi, I 1
J lolke'f Mot.
The football playert ol Chicago will be
apt to kick goal from the field, with
Podgy Plotke in tbe role of pigskin..
Keokuk Constitutional Democrat.
If Alderman Plotke of Chicago were a.
memoer of the Georgia legislature, he
would lead the rush line on a nti loot bU
legislation. Nashville Banner.
Chicago alderman cannot be accused
of being reformers, but one of them in
irnilncdl an to prohibit foot
ball playing. New Orleans Picayane.
a I
condition, but
He yields to
with very
woman ! She
VmlK TwiiiJK--J
I 11
' ri
letter about it :
" I was very miserable ; was so weak that I could hardy
get around the bouse, could not do any work without feat
lug tired out. My monthly periods had stopped and I wal
so tired and nervous all of the time. I was troubled ver
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me to take Lydia E. Pinkham's Vega
1 Have taken nve uot,ues, uuu main iv w
I ever used. Now I can work, and feat
I used to be troubled, greatly wiw
I have had no bad headaches or palpi
heart, womb trouble or bearing-dow
I commenced to take Mrs. PinkhavmK
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But maka Money by buying alaak ad taa
Far aartlaalari, pmapectna, eta., i
n Kaw York Balldtn, Saatila, Waahlafla
N.HU, NO. 476-6.
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