The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 23, 1897, Image 1

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loux County
1 HE
Tfto Sioux County Journal.
Kulwu-iption IVic, 1.C0
u- D. Cnnoii,
'.H.UT.-1 t the Harrison poat offline an
A msrry Christmas to all
v ur friends, is the Season's
ieetinp from the Jocenal
Spain is pretty Dear to the end of her
mpe io the war with Cuha.
It is our opinion that our National and
iitivte elections should occur in the spring
.of the ye&f.
The South Omaha Ouily Sun has
.hAnged hands ugniti. Its politics will
. continue A of vore.
Kuiz, a Spanish envoy, whom Czpt.
Oeoerul Blanco 9ent to treat will)
Gomez, the insurgent leader was hung
for ven atemptirig kucIi an offof. The
Ctibnn pAtriots are determined to have
.independence at all hazzards.
iAwt Iondny wan the universary of
the laodirt,' cf the Pilgrim athers at
Plymouth Itock, Mm, 277 years a;o.
From this little grain of rnuhtHrd seed
6S00 churches have fcprun Iromlhe
firnt one etublished tit PiymouLli
After president Mi KmUy ih his mes
hi'e to congress requested that Spain
b (fiven mora time to subdue urid paci
fy the ihlaod of Cuba, the Spanish
Koveruaient warns Undo Sam thai they
Itftd better keep hands olf of Cuba or lie
will be taujjht a lossou they will not
fcon forget.
Hon. Thomas Brackett Hoed, who pre
eWes over the deliberations of the lower
h.nise of conifross, not ccritent with rvn
tiinx it in the interest of speaker Rued, lie
iOov Meks to l'r stop the uppir house from
iloiuj; buMi.cfs or K'giHlatiu except as he
iseen fit to let them. Speaker Retd is
.'At'll named "Cz.r Reed."
Senator Williatu E. Chandler of New
illampi'iiire has written a p:rsonal letter
to the Washington Foit, warning the ad
, ministration and the Recre.tary of the
ftrvasury that Hie pold standard plan
will floor the party in 1303 and 1900, if
thfy n-i;sist in trying to reform the cur-fT-ncy
cysteni; he is nit talking through
Ins hat, he is no doubt honest in his cor.
' . lusions; keep tab on what he has said.
On laHt Saturday afternoon, the Hon.
'Washington Hewing of Chicago, died at
thit home in tliat city, of heart failure.
Mr. Hossing has been a prominent poli
tician during the last twenty-five years
of his life; he was a Journalist and
ownwl the largest German newspaper
in Illinois and probably in the United
States at the time of his death. Mr.
Ileswng was postmaster at Chicago dur
ing Mr. Clevland's last term as president.
He wgg a man of ability and influence
tia Chitaeo.
It is now in order for the "Riilway
Employes and Expressmen's Sound Mo
aev League of Nebraska" to hold a large
nod enthusiastic meeting io one of tne
Union Pacific shops. The members will
, now have plenty of time to attend such a
gathering. It would also afford a good
opportunity for Mr. Baker, president of
the league, to explain why some of the
members' wagos were cut to $J9 per
month, while the president's wages
of 130 per mont continue to do busi
ness at the old stand.
The above is what the single gold
standard does for those who are obliged
to work for a living. This is prosperity
you know.
Notwithstanding protests of the A. P.
A's, president McKinley has shown his
good sense io appointing a man to be
Associate Justice of the supreme court
of the nation, whom he believed, would
make a good federal officer. While we
cannot for one moment endorse the pres
ident's political viewtj, we do admire his
bsvek hono in the matter of appointments
to oftVo. The American Protective As-
sodotion i s an organization, in our
oninion seeks to destroy, rather than to
build up good government. When one's
reliirion Is made a test of his fidelity to
his country to tlw exclusion of all others
jt looks to us as if it was going too far
It is not whether one is a protectant or
..i catholic, as the cuse may I. nut
whether an aptfliotce will administer
the duties of the otlloe honestly and
js-itbout fear or favor to aoy body.
Hon. W. J. Bryan was invited, and
dtlivt-redari address beforn the Chamlavr j
of Deputies in tlia city of Mexico, on the '
loth lost.
The Jnpanwj.s government has landed j
40,000 natives Soldiers in Hawaii under
the pji-e of immigrants, so says General j
Lew Wallace.
i I
According- to Ju. Kysor of Onmlii,
a newspaier lias no riht to advertise
its own lnminess. If true, has anv body
or firm such HuM?
A seven-year-old i.y of Top. a Km.,
has heen admitted to pnet'ee lax tv (on?
the har of the impr. m.- o i't if that
state, that is the (vi t , iU: it .' . f a I mis- on
haH been granted hut it will ii"t take
effect until the boy ruaches his maj ri
ty;he is a pretty youni; lawyer.
The World-Herald of Omaha and
the Omaha Dee are havinir another set-
too. This time over the publishing of ? and tlien commence to tack
the saloon license of t bat city. The Bee , la wm1 nii,c!! nii" ": W"kmU?
has been worsted airain and has under-!
taken to enj lin
order to down it.
the World-Herald in!
Rut wnteli Mf iii,..h.l
cock come in on thu home stretch, ha is i
too sleek for R sa. I .
The populist members of congress met,
in party caucus in Washington, on the j
18th int and passed resolu'ions almost!
identical with those pas-secl by the dem-1
o .rats in a si malar meeting the Ulh of
this month regarding the retirement of '
the greenbacks and treasury note, the!
recognition of Cuba and the bankruptcy I
law. Little difference between them. j
Countess'!astellaiil the daughter of J.
Gould who married an Italian Count
time years ao is about to separate
from her husband on account of him
squandering her vast fortune. It is
pretty near good for her and the entire
Oould family, as she could have married
awhitemanin this country whom she
would have been proud of as a life -companion.
The steamboat Arabia that went to
the bottom of the Missouri river over
40 years ago with a cargo of 105 barrels
of whiskey on board has just been Jug
out of a sundbar near Parkville, Mo The
barrels arc well preserved and the find
ers wtli be well paid for their trouble,
besides the government will receive $7,
000 in revenue as a result of the
They do Not Believe in Tletire
meat of the Greenback
and Treasury Note
WASHINGTON', Dec. 14. -The caucus
of the democratic members of the house
of representatives tonight resulted in the
adoption of resolutions defining the party
policy on the questions of Cuba, ilnance
and bankruptcy, The caucus was large
ly attended, 101 of the 125 democratic
members being present despite the
stormy weather. Representative Rich
ardson of Tennessee acted as chairman.
Representative Bailey of Texas present
ed the following series of resolutions:
Resolved, That. It is the sense of this
caucus that the democratic members of
the house of repre-entalives oubt to re- i
sist all efforts direct or indirect to retire
the greenbacks and treasury notes; that
we are opposed to and will resist all at
tempts to extend the privileges of na
tional banks or to reduce the taxes they
now pay; that we consider the necessity
of an early passage of the senate resolu
tion recognizing the existence of a state
of war in the island of Cuba, and that
we favor the early enactment of a just
and wise bankruptcy law.
The tlrst three fea'ures of the resolu
tions were considered separately, the
discussion being vigorous and unani
mously favorable. State Journal.
G. M. Hicthcock, editor World Her
ald, Omaha, was cited to appear before
his honor, Judge Kysor, for allegtd con
tempt of court;
A Grand Oppotunity.
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start in life. If you are short of money
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terest for tuition or if necessary we will
furnish everything tuition, board, and
lawks and give you time to graduate and
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chance of a lifo time. Will ypu let it
blip bv? Adress,
A. M. HaRhs. President,
Grand Island, Ncbr.
County Ootnmissionf-rs will mi.-et in
ndj.iirnf session on WVIndsdiy hi-v,
M. J Blewett went to f'lmdron on
business lust Saturday evening ai-d r
turned Monday noon. '
Since the 4th of March hist. The
hopii (jile increased sul"- ripl ion to the
JOURN aL h is readied 110 or littln ovr
11 "iimthU mvr.iw o( 12.
A very pr-tty portrait of Rev K n-
dall's little d.nii.rlit-r whin they l"t lt
tin- ane of two year and a half was re
o iv.-d by them 1 !,r-(h "farsteilef Br.',
as a ! t'-ri--h d X itsi mi I.
- M-r tj-ri;u !i last niv-.t risi-ul
r - i Si aoru.-r v. Iiy In- (!ul nt l.iii'j;
soi, that evtryliody iva out ii
town. Ejth nothing, savs Frd, since
Mi Kitilev was president the liens tro
out to the nest and set an hour or two
anil then come o(T without layin.' n
Mr. and Mm. Gustave .Noreisch were
callers at O. A
u.irfon s Mjnclav.
Earnest Lyon spent Sunday with his
Mrs- J- w- Rxedorh" expects to spend
Car sifoas with her lister fit Chadron.
M s Mary Noreisoli is expected home
CI rUtnins on a visit,
P it. Slal tery has taken s'.ms of Mr.
C. Chiistensen's cattle to winter.
O. A. Oarton and family visit-d with
Mr- i,ml MrH- p- B- Bigelow Sunday,
School commenced in the Lacy dis-
tiict Monday with Miss Uattie OVonner
as teacher.
J. Cm. Merriam finished his contract of
hauling wood for the school house in
District No. 15 Monday.
News is scarce this cold weather.
Edited by - Krs. Geo. I). Canon.
Short articles from the laillcs of Sioux
county are solicited.
The Etiquette of the Bow.
In America the lady always bows first
to the gentleman, thus indie iting that
it is her wish to recognize him; in other
countries, France, for instance, the gent
leman bows first, it r.eing considered a
deeper m irk of respect.
According to the general code of
etiquette, any one who has been intro
duced to you, or any one to whom you
have heon introduced, is entitled, to a
how, which should be accorded promp ly
as soon as the eyes meet, whether on the
street or in a room. If you know per
ons slightly, recognition is slight; if
friends are met the bow is more or less
cordial, according to the degree of in
timacy; the salutations of tradespeople
and servants are always returned. Al
ways give a straight, honest glance into
the eyes of the person y u wish to greet.
.MO'Ciill'a magazine.
Sunshiny Women
Do we know any of them? Certainly
we are greatly to he pitied if we do not,
for social life would experience as gn ai
a hhock as the world would if it were
suddenly deprived of its llv.virs, if i's
sunshiny women became extinct.
In all grades of society one finds them.
' There is the sunshiny Society women
One meets her at garden parlies at,
dances, at receptions; but she is always
the samet Wherever she goes, she takes
the sunshine with her. She it is who,
if any little contretemps occurs, has the
happy knat k of turning general atten
tion from it, and drawing it irresistibly
to another quarter; while in h ir sweet
presence women forget to make ta-cas-tic
remarks about their ne ghhors,' for
get even to be envious of their sunshiny
friend's dress or bonnet, if it' happen to
be superior to their own.
Let me use an illustration. At a
crowded garden party, at which I was
present, there was a scarcity of chair.
A young married I idy, however, o, e
of the queens of Sciety of whom I have
been speaking, was comfortably seated
when I s.iw her sud lanly risi an I go tc
wards ayoung girl standing near her,
who seemed to know very few people
and was evidently very shy, and hot and
uncomfortable. With infinite grace and
sweetness she offered her chair in such a
manner as to place the girl under no
slightest sense of obligation, but rather
as if she were only vacating in order to
walk about the grounds.
A smull every day occurence, I hear
someone exclaim. Is it every day, I
wonder? Why, then, has this very little
incident remained firmly rooted in my
memory, though it took place quite
eight years agol
Then there is the Hnnshiny, philan
thropic woman. Ah, how I hope .von
know her too, be cause, if you do, the
prejudice you may have shared with
some other eople against women who
speak in publiu will vanish away, like
snow in sunshine, You have Ixen told,'
P rh.tps, that Mi-s S .-and -o will adre-g
aud.enc- upn so in : lead i tr nhilaiithr ! e
quest ant of toe day ; an 1 ou expect io--ee
Well when I, d f.unslntie eorms
upon the pi itfonn it will b quit suf
ii'Ment, withoir entn.ig mt ) any oa' tit
ulars, to say the tXi cl - poslle in j
eVerV oart. ol:ir In uti-if vu, ov J
p cled. Here, a;ain, I speak from ex-pi-rience.
I know a philantr-pic woman
ho.e ln!o of sunshoii; is not only d e
t t!ie fact ,!,a' Dam Nat re willi lav h
land srat'iireil suijImkios all over her
h'-ad it) a wcjiliji oi' fair hair v.'sich, le
I io be cjiitr-.ll vi, .v.f.VS' aie, ii in
i! direct ions; lui t from le' v arm ' h a oil
s- leln-.v. o! h,r iiiloi.', which w.aild
IM-se ili-d loVe g!ii'li- all with
!in;ii she comes in coti'ni'-t.
'Iliinlin' of tiii-, on-- ii n .sis' i ily "i -uiiiiile.l
of th i-e words:
"in her h tir she had li e traces
Of a h c,
Bringing Huishin to s.k! places
Where t!ie sunlight could not fal '
Thank O.'d for our si.ns' iuv women,
who carry a little of flis laiglit.eess into
Path's dat kest and sadde t con ers! L 8
y, there is i e suns'iioy wot ! ing worn . .
. Ah, surely e a I i know Ur the se -v;:n'
in our horn it in iy lie wli ) d .;.,
work with a brave heart and a cheery
smile, aod is alvvnys pleasant and oblig
ing.,. Little us they dream it, our toiling
histers aiil a larg.3 sharj to thi sunshine
of everyday life Ons scarcely recog
nizes bow one is affected by the pleasant
tone of the shnpwoman who so obliging
ly puts herself to perhaps unecessary
t rouble on one's behalf; the unruffled pa
tienceof the dressmaker, who, it may
be, merely for a w him; has to alter or
refashion work which perhaps has cost
hours of patient toil. Oil, sunshiny
women, we bless you, for you are earl lis
priceless diamonds, reflecting, dimly it is
true, yet reflecting a light which is not
eartlily, but divine.
How To Find Out
Fill a bottle or common glass wilh
urine and let it stand twenty-four hours,
a sediment or settling indicates an un
healthy condition of the kidneys. When
urine stains linen it is evidence of kidney
trouble. Too frequent desire to urinate
or pain in the hack, is also convincing
proof that the kidneys and bladerare out
of order.
AVhat To Do.
There is comfort in the knowledge so
often expressed, that br. Kilmer's
swamp Root, the great kidney remedy
fulfils every wish in relieving pain in
tie back, kidneys, liver, bladder and
every partof the urinary passages. It
corrects inability to hold urine and scald-
ng pain in passing it, or bad effects fol
lowing use of liquor, wine or be. r, and
overcomes that unpleasant necessity o
ibjing conqielled to get up many times
during the night to urinate. The mild
and the extraordinary effect of Swamp
Root is soon realized. It stands the
highest for its wonderful cures of the
most distressing cases. If you need a
medicine you should have the best.
Sold by druggis s, price (ifty cents and
one dollar. You may have a sample
bottle and pamphlet both sent free by
mail. Mention The Smux t'OPNTY
Journal and s-nd your address to Dr.
Kilmer & Co.. Binghanipton, N. Y. The
proprietors of tins paper guarantee the
genuineness of this offer.
Tirn .IiTmvAr. will pub tsh y nrbnnrl, ike
tV following, for t::iO, pur K.u-h hi!
c liio'iiil br uid ?:, cents. h'v-ry farmer or
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n a l as it circul tes all over the st itn it
may be the menus of saving money for you
On loft side or cattle and on left
Bhuokter of horses.
Range on Antelope creek
f. O., Cuilchrist, Sioux Co., Neb.
On lei t stile or hip of cuttle, I
On left Hhoul'ler of hnt-Mes. i
Range on the head ol Warbonnet
Address Harrison, Sioux Co. Neb.
On left shoulder of cattle
IUmiikp on Little Cottonwood.
fr"0. ., Crawford Nebr.
Traoc Marks
Mf'' Copyrights Ac.
1 I;,,tl""llng s dketrh and riranrlptlnn my
ft! .uRArtAln our ontnlnn fraa whether an
tliiln, .Ictlronnfld.ntfal. lUndbnokon Patent
inn rm ii pronanif ruiemnoie.
t ' . Olilml aeenry for ecurlns patenta.
an liu taken thrnutrh Munn A Co. racei
nntiet. without chains. In the
scientific flmerkatt
A hanftaomely lllnatrated weeklf. I-arrMt rtr
dilation of an? aolentiflo Journal. Tarma. IS
year; four months, II. gold bjall newadeelara.
MUNN 4 Co,!"". New Tori;
Branch Ofloa, OS r Waabinalon, D.C.
KMlgrad liloU pnundf p.rmiafh. N
Karrlai, no, io had Man I It, n. ntaxmna
tfrntfl. Trc1mnt MrfMily harailcM aa4 airlcllf eoam-
4talil. Ou.'Con Dl nk md Ponk Int. Tall or writ.
PH. 1J. D. UVTTt, m fiut ktrM, tt. Uall, Mo.
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'I 1- "M ' tut -ill