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Ina Sioux County Journal.
( HTABUSB ZD 1688,
iubscripttoo Prieo, U-00
Ciso. D. CinoD, -
Rnteri at the Harrison jot office M
a'eona cltas matter.
Fusion Stftte Ticket.
3Vir Juae of the Suprerre Ccart,
J. J. SULLIVAN, Columbus.
jf; Regent of the State University, .
GEO. F. KENOWER, Wisnor.
S. V. FA RRFLL. Kearney.
Fusion County Ticket.
County Clerk,
m. J, blev;i:tt.
County Trcimirer,
Coaaty fc'Larlff,
CoanVy Bujt rlntendf-nt,
County JaCxe,
onnty Surveyor,
County Coi-oiier,
f'onnty Cctarntesioner, ir Dit.
Andrew i . o;ira
County Comtrditiitoner, 3rd Plat,
J AMIS F. Yocsu.
The coal miners wha were officially
murdered in Penosyl vanii the other
hy are called ignorant foreigner by the
capitalistic .reus. They were itilh7ot
enough to demand living v.-ats and rc
Jose to b'-cos-e the wiping fdavMs of
1-tioir taskmaster. For this they were
t.rin.liy RHs2.:natfcd according to the
! cf feder. coajts. N. Chronicle.
Mr. McKioiey e short tho Ohio Sun
efciysenMI boys ta be virtuous and moral.
THe does not explain to thtm that it ii
virtuous and moral to appoint a disrep
utable New Orleans negro divekeeper to
high office as payment for that dissolute
persoo'n M-rvices bribing delegates t
support the taa3id-:y of so Ohio church
tnei.iber but that is what Mr. McKinloy'
I'ubiio record means.
Call Kugen Debs an extremist fir
what yoa will; but in his condemnation
t, the wholosahj murder of minors by
heriff's deputes in Pennsylvania, be
jprc!iM;& a truth with courage Iww
bich w caonot wii hold cur admira-
ion. Fpeaking of the poor Poles, he
jiid: "Hungry and fooisorvs, their
wives and childreo in rajf, they were
patient to a degree that excited uui ver
nal wonder, and yet, as if to meek God,
outrage humanity nr.d bhock fc.ll Christ
endom they were shot (load in the slrtetB
im if they were V) many rabid dogs."
N. W. Catholic.
Id the Korthwobtern Press of the 2nd
inst editor Davis comes back at ths
J OC P.N a L because we took hini to tnsk in
regard to an article which charged the
Jmocrts K(-lng a" l,fci,t jces m
tho fK3litical alliance a week uo Iftbt
For the bonef.t of Bro T-tvis we have
thiB to say no b( y i3 inclined to Cud any
fault but the P.epuhlican party or at
lei.4t thowi who are most interested in
causing discord in the fusion ranks for
their own political agrandizemcnt or
thote who doubtless are bolter pold re
publicans than they are fnsionists.
No Bro, Davis you aro anxious to
r&ite disention hi the fusion ranks if pons
ibla. In our opinion it would be to your
lasting credit to go ahead and make an
honorable canvas for your self and the
jfoW standard party which you have ea
po'uMd. People who live in glass houses
ought not throw stone. Wonder if I3ros.
D&vig would take a Democrats vote? Oh
horror no! surely r.ot.
Our Trip to the Fort.
Through the curtsy of Dr. Phiuney
ye Bcribe had the plasuro of accompany
ing him to Ft. Robinson last Saturday on
official buwtiess, he beinj; the County
Coroner, to hold an Inquest over the body
tit a negro soldier, who h;ul been tnur.
ilered two and one miles west of the fort
n the night of the first. On arriving at
o'jr destination the Coroner had a jury
urnpfconeled to appear at tho scene of the
trKdy the following morning.
At 9 o'clock Sunday morning the jury
ropftired to tho placo where the murder
wan coturuited and listened to testimony
cf the witnesses interested in the murder
frj and ton, then the jury ropaired to Ft.
Robinson to mw the body which had
beo removed there by tho military
authorities of tho Port, where tha po:.t
mortem anamination took place In the
proffoce of the jury, ft'r vhirb tbr:y
retired to a private room otid found the
following verJict :
.State of Kebrn'iiii,
Soux County. )
At an ioqusit'ion holden at the scene
of the tragedy on, the north-wtst quartor
section 14. TuwcshinSl. mn. r3 iiXir.nt
County Nebraska this 3rd dav of Octolvr
IS97, U-fore J.K. Pl.inoey, co'rouerof said I was heartl ft Poodlv nun,f
countv.uoon the bodv cf Harrison Wi,. Tie next regular r.ppomtirient w,ll be
Uanis, private of troop G. 9 Ji cavalry U.
ii. Army, lying dead; by the jurors,
whose names ure hereto subscribed the
taid jurors upon oath do sy: We the
undersigned jurors being, that we find
by tho evidence that ILirrison Wil
liams came to his death by a gun-shot
w.iuud fired by the hands of Georjifo
CI jwsen.
D. S. Cox; Foreman.
Geo. D. Canoe
II. C. RoJgerj.
Wo. Ktull.
C S. Haiey.
John Spray,
In testimony whereof the said jurors
have hereunto set their hands tho day
and year aforesaid;
Dr. J. E. PiinSNEY, Coroner.
Tito "inrtior lp p-nfl e( T fu rriu.-m mt at,
the M. E. church Oct 2th 13!i7 and or. !
panized with the following officers;
President, Minnie Wfcmk!.
First Vice President Eddy Kendall.
Second "
Third "
Fourth "
" Eln.i Warneka.
" Gwue Williams.
' Roice Tebbets.
Vera Gnswold.
txlna Ruhwer.
Mrs. J. L. Ker,lidl, Supt.
Miss Fanny Palmer Organist.
Ti'arbonnet Vt'arblins.
Mr. and Mrs. P. I?. Bigelow were val
ley visitors Monday.
John Hay reports the arrival of asonut
his home, congratulation; Mr. K:iy.
O. A. Carton is assisting John Kay
haul corn fi.-dder.
Mrs. Lindeman and Mrs. Plunkett were
Harrison visitors Saturday.
Warbonnetitcs were working roads
Friday and Katr.rday.
The commencement of the school in
District no 15 has been postponed ur.til
November 1st. with consent of the pat
ron's of Ulv fcho?)l. ECIIQ.
Cottenwootl Murmerlngs.
Mr. A. C Dove, who went to Omaha a
bout a month ngo to have an opperation
preformed died S"pt. 27 and was fchip
ped home again lie was laid to rest in
the Ccttenwood cemetary fv-pt, 23. Mr
C. E. Rice conducted tho M-rvaces.
Mr, , Lorenzo Dove came down from
Wyoming where he has been herding
sheep for n'lir.a time, to ay during his
fathers illness ho expects to return
Mrs Leah Stull and daughter cf Sol
dier creek were visiting in the valley
Mr. Geo. DeGroff began school in dis
trict no 11, Oct. !.
Mr. John Ilixson has been balling
wheat to Crawford for the past couple of
weeks. P.OMA.
Stories from Story.
BORN to Mr. and Mrs Jacob. Kirker
of Indian creek a baby boy on last .Wed
nesday, another man for Bryan.
Do not be surprised if you see Mr. O.
W. Story with a broad smile on bis face
it is on the account of that big ton pound
boy that arrived at his lme about two
weeks ago.
Mr. and Mrs. Ring of Story were visit
ors at Mr. and Mrs. E. Ccllishaw's last
S. F. Williams Is busy with his running
horses and is also getting ready to leave
for tho sand hills hoping he will ba sue.
cessful in his new home
Mr. J. Reed of Running water was in
this neighborhood tying cattle last
week. Mascot.
Findings Fruoi Pleasant Ilidje.
This lovely autumn weather still con
tinues. Mr. Fancher who recently sold out and
left for fairer fields cf employment hsis
returned and taken a claim near Mr.
Churche's (secoud thoughts are often the
Tho Markham threshnig machine is
still rolling out the golden grain for the
grangers here and all seem quitj well
pleased with the yield.' We understand
Mr. Church has realizedthe richest results
so far. J
The Nolen machine is expected at Mr.
Kirtley's soon.
We are glad to loam that Mr Todd
has recovered from his recent illnes and
is about his work again.
Mr. C. L and Andrew Christian sold
their two year old steers to Mr. Peters
which were delivered at Van Tassel Fri
day. The new shool which was opened In
our district recently with Miis flora
Christian teacher is progressing finely.
The numlwr of pupils enrolled tro 18.
Miss Florence and Amy ("hristain h-ft
the phternivl home fr Ear :ni vher-'
thee w il nl-eift t', .'r,e T"'ii,-&- '
We heartiiy wish fiose ambitious and
worthy young people success.
Pleasant R:de tchool will bein Nov,
1st. Mr. J. H. Newlin teacticr
Our new pastor Rev. Keodell prearhti
his first sermon here last Sabbatb. Hii
uueresving an,, u.sirucnve
Oct. 17 th.
BOP.X Oct 4th to J. J. Zi;ii:bruniifrn
and wife a daughter. Mother and tiiiid
doinj; well and the father wears a smil
ing countenance CLIO. .
AuMiiiminl Locals.
Be sure and read the putnt 3idy of
.Trir-ovir tv.lo i..!r u k....,
.... V nam juni in
menced usoing the reform press put-ep.t-i.
On account of the space devoted tc
the tax. list we areohliijed to slight sev
eral of our correspondents o?-orrytoo.
Notice-Anybody wishing to buy met.
ai win wen on or au-
drets Charles Schilts. HarriKc n. Neb.
I will lecture in Harrison on Wednes
day evening' ct. 13th tli9 subject will
be tho life, the ways, and worshiping,
aid singing in native tongue, in Havana
OalcutU, India, which will be very in
teresting. Ad Imission will be adu Its
25c. children 10c. I'm a native of India
have traveled considerable io that coun
Notice is hereby given to the legal;
voters of Sioux County Nebraska, that
by an act of the las!, legislature, the
judges and clerks of eleotiou in the coun
ty are to ho appointed by the county
jndge, and that such election officers wili
be Uipointcd from those who may be
nominated by precinct caucuses of the
ev.-;&l parties, provided that the Certific
catos of nooiination aro filed in inv otllce
on or before the 22nd day of October;
each precifit t party caucus should
name threu ei-Mins for judges and two for
ierks of tlecl.ion.
r'rm the nominees certified V me 1
shall be required by said law to makbthe
appoint mints on the 2Std of October;
ur.d if any partv in any princinct shall
fail to hold its caucus and certify its
riominiitioa, within the time ppeciliml, I
shall thereafter make such appointments
as shall t'pon impartial information seem
to me most suitable, at:d in conformity
with the law.
In precincts which l.u-ve not already
made Dominations ttu caucuses should
be held without delay, to insure, time
for 'he caucus offliers to return the
ct rtth'cates for hieing by October, 22.
No persons are eligible as election
officers who are not cf food character
approved integrity Mid well ir.formi d:or
who ctnnot read, write and spei.l; nbt En"
glisli language, or have not residtd in the
election precinct in which they c.r to
serve next f.rer edmg their appointment
cr ure not entitled to vcte therein, Cr are
candidates to bu vott d for at the election
to be held November 2nd. 1307 or who
have anything be tor watered on the r
buit of sucti election.
How To Find Out
Fill a bottle or common glass with
urine and let it stand twenty-four hours.
a stsnirierit or seining indicates an un
healthy condition of the kidneys. When i
urine stains linen it is evidence of kidney !
trouble. Too frequent desire to urinate j
or pain in the hack, is also convincing !
proof that the kidneys and bladerare ou' i
of order. j
"What To Do. ' I
There is comfort in the knowledge so '
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's j
Swamp Root, the groat kidney remedy I
fulfils every wish m relieving pain in
the back, kidneys, liver, bladder ami, J
every part of the urinary passages. If'!
correivts inability to hold urine and scald 'i
ir,g pain in passing it, or bad c lfects fol '
lowing use f liquor, wine or beer, and i
overcomes that unplea'ant necessity ot
being comptdled to uet up many time1
during the night to urinate. The milr i
and tho extraordinary effect of Swamp
Root is soon realized. It stands tbf
highest for its wonderful cures of tht
mot distressing cases. If you need :
rnemcine you snoulu nave the bt;st
Sold by druggisis, price fifty cents anb
one dollar. You may have a sarnrdt
bottle and pamphlet both sent free h j
mail. Mention TlIE SlOl'X ftUNTV' j
Jot'RNAI. and send your udilress to I)r '
Kilmer &. Co. , liinghampton, N. Y. The (
proprietors of this paper guaraulee th.',
genuineness oi mis oner.
In Harrison Sept. 25th a small yellow
dog with a small white stripe below ano
between the eyes and largo pointed earf
anwet's to the name of Fido. Any infor
roatinn leading to bis recovery will bi j
thankfully received, leave word at ibt I
Jot'RNAI. office or write a poslut to J. . ",
Alexander A rdmore S. D.
' ' "
Jf. W. trown will' tiike notice that on the
22nd day of Sept. 1W7, I. 8. Cox Jnstiee of
ttie pence for filoux County Nebraska, Issuer
an order of attachment for Slti.1. 00 In nn aoi?
Ion, whore A. I'rlmcstis, Is plulntif anil it
W.l!ron dtifeiiclent, that propry cmnf
lug of 11 hetut of horses of (Infrmlent
ben ;d.tii hetl; s'ii I I 1 1 ill ciel to ; -i
(f'sr ib-; Hi.-t l''7 at Mi ii ni. . ,
Notice ot UttKtiig f SWiool inuile in Sieux
Coa;ity .'t luu.--i.!t.
! c Wll'TV
I IV'"" "":""n at the from, .-.(-,r of the
i un ity court IHi'i'.t on (ictohir lull
r,..;.; i.t 1 o'lo. ;,. m. ,,fl
U:i!'l ot Cilill I.IIKli lallVf liivo often li
'liif law ri'iiiiinw ali I'm u-s m ilrw, sioan-I r'Mtal, hlx p.-r i-ent of th -j'wi-.i '
vuiui'of tif htn.l Ifawl. ff morn i ouu V.i.i- '
rfrn pj:!ii'H fur iiiy truct, the wii! '
l.e i-t to tiie oa o:l'ciiij( i!,u f-riaet '
ftimmnt of. tuiiu.
A portion of tiiew lan'l.n :ir :iCMit by
-ir:tiv of iui or-ler of tt.n JJimrd of M'lea
t:iHiiil Llnfl h:kI fuuUs, iiinkl-ii; 'n?n-';i:i.
l;o.i, i-i.liifj Aiiifest iltii, 1M.7, Hint s-'ime
ii'-y he ryi. ctim-iI, if d!!ii(jin!ueii-s ami cosm
ure p:iiJ U"lore tlie luiiii i,i leased.
ii.."4-;d 1 All I6-25-53
-' -VI All t--r ?ft
...ti-.'i w w , i.Vi7-sj
All -.
17 :-7 ::i I v..
...:.; ::7 iiS j All ii !
. '.1I.S3 I Al! .ir; 3, fu I
Xt, ::, ti a n vw j ( r, M.,.3.j
.-se- .:s ! All Kxe. e,viiw
.V ' AIL.
... :!::i-r.3
it; ;s4 -M
:v, .'.( r.;i
14 27 '.4
IB.'W ,S4
i(i :fc f i
..' -'fi-27 D5
I S-3fl -,'..(
ss-jti rs
!'. M '
.Tll-24 M
.. . rn; h
::.';0 .'i?
Hi: -3 1 '6
e 'A a. n e i n iv . J.v. ; All..
All Xi : ;.. A.I..
! i "
All nr.-ar.-M I All...
All 04 I All...,
e'j.VHw'-, J;;.L:-fil i All...
All.... .Si-li'.i-M All .,
All Ktj. ii-en- I All.-.
r Ifi M M AIL...
1 f. ii;-.;3 :,t ah....
All IP 21 I All.-.
ah n;-2.'.-:,r, ah...
ah ir -,-s.' f ah..-,
All lR-':7-;",.ri s'i... .
All i.'j All
A 1 1 S6-2H-."..-, All...
All..t :: .' W5 1 All
'r,n'..i' ,' 3K-W-5S A ! 1 .
S.Vn-wH.1- K 3IB All...
w-iwli&ee'i- :-:a I All...
A II ,..MK-Ar' r,i I All...
All ..i;-:4 v; ah
TIU Id X-;, Ail
All n;-.'i; ; All...
Ad 14i--7-r6 AH
All- UI-2S ., I All...
Ail li, 3'i ;cl I All...
All .J'1-..l ;i Ml...
All HI :?j-m; i All...
Ail lt,-;,l ;,c. I r'-;
AH .fJ! All-..
All ft', 21 ;,7 I All...
All :i :,7 i Ail...
All Hi; 'Ji;-.',7 j All...
All ...!i-27-5- I All...
Ail ;iir.e-57 1 mi...
Ail exe. s W-,!.- All.-.
ig :;iv;
it; 2ft r.7
it; 57
!. .' - 7 :
I!..-'.- '.7
... ..le-so:7
W ,
W'ill f ji'1
Ail I'jc. li e
V. 31 S7 All...
...lrt-3.'-S7 I All- .:-;iii-.')7
i"- J.ots 1 4 li4 M
...10 32 .r)7 Ail f.e si.,n e
...l -3.V57 is WH 1C 30 L3
.... ;v. -u; h
I Mi-
I ""Ill
k !'' -ti ii-ii,.tHk. if-iAri'.;? -eV Is '"8-')3
! " i,n W'ikn .: x s; An ' ..-ei;,-..-I7-2S'i,J
f w '2Ti-wi.4.t.., tc4n-wc,Vi -ec&V e-
1 H)JC:-"l-,.l.11 I1-1A l(S-'. Y !', .. il l
r-H I "- It. ;7-iil
'-c'4i!iJ( ii w,ii ,ki e'n -K'icu
All exe. ri'4s ".v'.in e.'. j i 3I M
U USn-eitwUs ei4.Sii n ti es-e'v, As -e4
i li-eHs-e ' w 'a sm-hb 'n;!i-;;.i .11
"S w .t n c i i i e i.j s e ' i & 1 1 w li s e i,4 & e ; n
V';ti-w';.Vi e'.,n wV.. Ifi.3l 51
N c.,M'1,,(ilii.i-1,,tn i:'i.c'! l'.-.y-W
viC.An t'..,iii-e:i1-''siiv.',.tu-ei,,s-- i A-
! wW-e:4veHi'-e'i.n-e s eU-
E'iXe'in wk?'. wlot i 4 67
N -e h a. e '.j n r i A Js s- w U s " 's K w -
fB-e'4s-e.'i3(l 24-W
S-en.v(j -e-eH'sH" -Win-ws w'n.
I i .24 5s
li 1 ', Ae ; i i w ,te s 'i .-. 36 27 -rA
Kljii-e 4.tfi-w!jn-e AA'i.&i.e'q (iti 2
J. V. U'oi.hj,
Com. 1. L. A R.
m 8EW WAY.
TT70MEN used
v to think " fe
rn a le diseases "
could only ba
treated titer "lo
cal examina
tions" by physi
cians. Dread of
such treatment
kept thousands of
modest women
silent about their
suffering. The in
troduction of
! ft
Vine of Cardul has now demon
strated that rdne-tinths cf sll the
cases of menstrual disorders do
nst require a physicitn's attention
at all. The simple, pure
tiken In tha privacy cf a woman's
ovr. boms Insures quick relief and
speedy cure. Women need not
hesitate now. Vlne cf Cardul re
quires no humiliating examina
tions for its adoption. It cures any
diseaie that comes under the head
of "female troubles" disordered
menses, tailing of the womb,
"whites," change of life. It makes
women beautiful by making them
well. It keep them young by
keeping them healthy. $1.00 at
the drug stora.
For i'vtcs In ttrjtt rwjulrlnp ipwlil
dlrtetfoni. addresi, sivinp symptom,
ts.0 Ldlc' Advisory Department,"
1 ho Chitucuxc Metiidna Co., ClutU
nojga, lenn.
W. t. ADDIS0W , M.D., Cary, Mils., sayi:
"1 usa Wins of Cirdul aiuiniively la
my pricllci nd find ll s mom encuUeut
prejuifllloa for fumHe truublct."
H you wi-h one of ihc 1M,(XX)
5" j tKWTT? c.r, tiuti hurraii can advise you
'flSR 4 to irrn fi IO m urc it,nl lit
. V ill l1 I l-llsiiliii inr rftiuirea .iu
,Yv 5l ft rt i' e cK-Bi'D-iOtin tlirrt-foT.
L i .1 , . I. ii ! di.r a rutnmr.n sehoel
.1 t'l CiC ft qutunicoiii
I 'la.'. Muicu iiV tv.- ihtit"tr.'letorob-
iinnni' palenct and topy'iijl'ts in this and foreign
i . , . .... Tl.. -Li. I .1 .. J.. . L . 1 ......
li iini,v., i lie inn' I ol IIIIH t rt 1, r.t lin v yrmi
etprrteiice s Chirf Knnminer, ( ommiioner ol
f jipnt', n l Pt, n: AtiDtnt y, n I in Tery mic
I'l' in RerurinK bri,:nl p-weni n1 in tlie prowrcution
ol nil patent Img.iiion Hi (ore the coiwts.
Th)i Bureau cm fit yo! for dtnllon to Hie Hnr
and pri-pure you fur ar.tlne practice in two yearn,
nithuut matrrinllv Interferon wilh your other du
ties. Our intructoi are the ablest, our lyitcm
l'ior"UKh,nd curcliarjrrn rnacn:ible, Three cottin
' ,i...ul; ',' i v i, iv, j-it ard c.tcfl.ll,
;;"..i 'be nj ii it! ns ire, a., -cr.
,,,'. ","'. j V t ,!rj ftlp.ltA.fJ.
W T' Si Jif i
OCT. 7 1897,
f-TOi'K J'.tlA.VDS.
Titit Jo::n.vAL wil! r.i.ii)iU yo;ir brun-t, ile
' folic wiiiK, tut 12 :W), per f:ir. Eaofi ud-,
Jit'on'u: brand 7r, c.-nt.i. i y farmer or
ranehineain Siunx and adjoining countici their hrundj in THEjocn
vCi;s it, eireulate all over the state. It.
may t. tne means of saving money for you.
shnol'ter of biji'.es.
H inan on Antelope ereek
I'. O , GUilchriat, Sioa Co., Neb.
On lelt side or hip of cattle, )
On left shoulder of lioraes. j
V".9iUriite ou the head ol Warbonaet
Adilress Harrison, Siou Co. Neb,
tvyrttyW2 S. W ' . CA H KY.
.. ST it..le 1..C. .....,i
ffmnni Biii,u, vj kuv,.j
.tjRB liane on Little Cottonwood.
., Crawford Nebr.
A G'raud Opportunity.
lucre are today thousands ot young
people on the farms and in tiia villages
who arn tied down by
of education
to work they heartiiy (iishl.e. Are you,'
one of them my friend? If so, the!
Grand Island Husiness & Normal Coll- Third building south of livery barn.
age can put you on the road to successi
if vsii ivre ambitious and willing to!
study. It makes no difTernce how
ka k'.vard you are provided you areiJjQ YQJ '
piut r.v acu lljeitu i'iiMiiei. Lt'iii n
every thing necessray for a successful
start in life. If you are short of money
we will accept a good note without in
terest for tuition or if necessar)' we will
furnish everything tuition, board, and
books and give you time to graduate and
pav for sann afterwards. Business,
Normal and Shorthand courses. Hoard
$i.5fi per week. Established 12 years.
College Record sent free or catalogue
for 6 cents in stamps. 'I his is your
chunce of a life time. Will vou let it
slip by? A'Vess.
'A. M. Hargis, President.
Grand Island. Nebr.
They handle every thing usualy handled- in a gen
eral department country store.
transacts a General
American E&ciianoe National Bank, New York,
Omaha National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Cbadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Krltpie anil rtlrbanka Wlnl.
tnllla Towrn, Tank, lrrlga
Hot Oultlt.. Hoac, Ueltln
Orlniir.liller.,Woed Saw.,
Drlva Pulnta, Plpa, Klttlogii,
uar Neales
. l-rlrea
tituA fur
low. Get the beat
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