The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, August 19, 1897, Image 3

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I New York l'lre-wan' (irii'h c Ac
count of n ItirCI nj Ktprirnrr,
Tlc-re In an intVle oit "Tin- Itlsks of
l 1 ir-iu:i u' Liie" li.v Charles T. liiil
u S:. Mlic::i-. Mr. Kill ki.vs: While
lj1' of i-!!:ir s, hi nc rvkitr an
Ilciden' thai p;iil to some coiii-:iii;."-
Hi ili- down-tow u district lit n
Ire of 'Ids il .- rl;it:on. li oo.-'in-ed ;ii
:S:ireli'y slivtt, 'Il 1 in- Mlb-ccllar of ii
:r i' k"r.v and ghi-ss house, amid
.lie straw i:s-;i 'o pack tin- glas.swn"c.
il si lit loii.Ii -i liM-. h'.iU'a smoke.
Hid Ma Mil l'.gl.V (i.v til light. I v'.ll Pi'-
ate :t i'l tin- l it
ji which it n ;i t
r I'liUi-.ii'N'i'iAtii' way
oid iiiv by n lironia.ii in
aides that were KUin-
it. Tiiv story gives
ill" linemen Ln the
i big city may ha ve to
.!(' Of' I Ili' Oo.ll-
I'.oio-d to sllbo'.I;
III idea of hi t
jusiness par; if ;
.ace at any time.
"riu? station I'iuiii' in oiiv iii.'hr in
ll:.'i We mll-sl, ami found tin- lire la
;'.;iivl.'i -;in-ct in a crockery wurc
louse. iuriil.i straw, jut", excelsior,
inrd Ml! sort of hi 'iff in tit" s.'iti-'fllar.
oki'! I never snw such s.:nnki' suice
i'vv h-n in tliv busi'iess. We wont
ihrough tliv liu"i'litir. ii iii-t found the lire
laeln't got ahovv the esdl'ir. We? trid
:o gut tlir lift.' .lown tin' cellar stairs, it 'IS IK US.-. No (,!!(' re.ll!l live
m Hint stairway for a minute. Tim
?hicf tin. ii di.'.'.d its up, m-iit out. a
li'Coiui ia sit (.u aiarml. aiwl we saMcl
ni to (iroun li out; 'Si vnliv got V.w.
t-iir; 7 (ii'jriiii' tin stairw;:;. , to ki-i it
'io:.i (tmiiiiy: nji: :ril our company. 2!l,
?ot t!w front. Wc ,v-t o:-n the lro.ii
vllar-doors on t.J:c i.i vi .iiiriit. only to
lii'l thr't tin- tli'v.'i tor. tisi'l to curry
!ri'i'''it to tin- loUi.i;i. had keen run up
:o t.hc t p. I. I-,- wrc four iuclics of
.o"ir"r:a iitie to mi tlirotit?li ! Aii;l
,how' such wirk i'l S!ici smoke! Well,
ve sot tlm.ili this, opened It tip, a'-I
out. it till e.-rne! No Iklliles, Juh!
Iik ke, and with foice ei;:mli to
uflix-.'ite a man In a second. V
backed out to 1'ic sutler nu got a
ill.!" flesh air :n our luus, ,'uid went
dt ll ara We t.roti'.'ht a :".f(xt hul
ler over from the truck a.:i..l lovi red It
Lhrmili this ojic!!!.:i, ami found we
'ouMu't tjiueh li.ntoin: A -lo-foot lati
3er was put, and ti!y tli'ev
rutins rei:i:;'uiiil a.'ieve the sldvv.'.'lik;
this sli.jwi d that there was ove r fer;y
feet of cellar and sub-cellar! And
tlown In this place we to ro with
tin; line. . the snoIK r we pit at it
the sooner it was over, siiii't i.a-,' the line
Over the top I'm!- of the holder, so it
wouldn't pd ca;iji,t. down we started.
It wax only foi ;y
foil it seeiiK d li':"
forty before wc x
'OUW When v.
bad; the .mok"
rorn.T in the ('.'
Jon! ' work, a :n! v. i
away to tin- ri
3d wn e pit a di s
r'iiH'.mi.i r lo our la
fret, but I can tell
liil'ee li!Mi'l,tl and
1 to the bi tti.i!ii. (if
: tiieie ii wa.-.n't so
'!, ati'l '.'ave us a
i' thaft where we
m"..;i drirte the fue
:li.' I out; but k-i'.j:4
of Hiooki' we'll all
t (I'l vs."
'I'll" coirp-aay
r.'ired even worse
had to 'i s"'t:l
unly four b et ,
feet loin' C.'le ,
atl-d forty feet d:
give lU'ht j'lid air
pi.'llar. When to.
fot to Work, t'.e;
werkin? L.'i the rear
ii'.atl the nt her. 'J'li".v'
i'lto a narrow court
!e. about twenty-live
i' 11 h (.!' Ike buihlhipl,
"Ji. Uiele'v a
diaft to
tu the cellar and iii
compajty In the front
the lire to the
I hat this cou
nsel ;id rapidiy
rear wit li -ncli vioh i:.!
pany was e nti pclh-d t
lo the stl'e't th
si' ve t heir li e:
I'll: li I ai loo lll'e.
All plantation life Is to a consider;! bin
cxteiiit palriare'mil, exccit t.liat. in
stead of the worn, n belli. if subordinated
1 1 lniis'euline pleasure and nifi;raiiii;y.e- ,
ment as with the patriarchs i, old, j
they are si i on a pedestal ,md ractical- !
ly worsiiiped. It inaki-s little differ- !
nee to lids modern patriarch of ihe. t
cotton be!! !f h!s cnlTs are frayed am
'his co.'i t rusty so lot!;,- as his wife and I
d.i l! trlil i-rs u'i"ir .eo in i -lie n li 1 Ii t -ir.. '
suits lo chun h Ui. it are
as stylish as his cioim can pav for ami
their vilkip. d;-i .smaker ciiu devise. It j
is a feature of the day In the south as j
tdso where Unit women are bvhitf liolter j
tliicaicd rluin men. In the Northern I
States of the I'liioii this higher culture; !
Is tetnllny; manifesl'ly to celibacy, but. f
in rural localities through the South I
the Kirks come brick from ncfidoiiiiifi
and colic p's and accept the young- men
yho K'li.ei.d nt home to work the plan- i
tntioii;., liie Kline ones they would have I
luarri'd had they not pmo away for!
tho itlui aiion the jitireiilN sncrineod so '
iniich to bestow. Tliey know What :
splendid material these men ire made
of, and !n the attraction between the
etern:il womanly and the eternal manly
the iiie.slioii ui iHHik le!irnin counts
lor lit;!!'. To lead a partriaichal life;
wLthoui a patriarch Would Ih- dull in
3fixl, and II must be said that it. n--ttilrti
coiirap' of a Miiporior order to
rmnaiii sjudo In a nit nation which
would edier llrtJe and stimulus out
side of wifehood and maternity nftur
youth has waned. INir this reason
youth ;.'. considered flic hl'h prize, the
valuable (apital n:ul Htiwk In trade.
Tlie v . omen fade no ellllier tJiau their
Northern Klstei-s, but owlni to mi In
lierllitl labit ot thoiurht, the label of
decay i resjiectl ul!y fastened on t hem
by Ihe iiopular inliiil while they are
twt.111 In their prime aiwl In the Noi'theni
and KiiHlcrli Slates vveiuhl ! aet'oiinted
ciiimble of nil fhitij.rx, ewn of inarr.iii
well. I-lpphwult's MiiKiizhio.
Weediiig Out Ihe Hitches.
A Hlmple device for removing weeds
from au Irrigation ditch hn.s lxtn used
at North Ieup, Neb. Two oak tim
bers, each six Inches square and four
teen feet long, were conius'ted at one
nd by a heavy chain about two feel
long, Ix'tWee lt the rmlierH. A mowing
machine wheel was attached to the
chain as a weight. T1k tlinbe-rs wure
extended up opposite banks of the e-a-ttal
and w ith H srpau of horses attache)
to each timber, and a man to each
in, rapid progTom was mau In
ik1nc down Hie wwdn, Later tlw
el anil gram were burned. Before
Wh( tiie machlon the weoels were
kniu loWD by baud. Omada IJm
A.I venture ut Miulit Have I'
Vrr I'll il 'uMiint ' ndinc.
"When I was nt -ol!'K',' Mil.) oil
heist of iIh- fvi"iiiii, "I thought I knev
fvr-i liiiijr, but tlim- clmmcd my firi
opinion of tn.NM-lf and it .i.h n... khmcall secretary eiiekman a lunatic
whs t mi Mi i ijnv
IJIOIi.V I I Dill I1..1 I.
"!l:c of t Ii ;-c
li wit hi nt in ;k !i i-i-I'i-!;;Ii
iilni ii,lc.
WilR when I Will
cpe!iiui.:; my vacation at home with i
collep.' niiite who was as premature a:
myself. Wo win- in that dreadful in!
tiatory state w'lo n We addri i-..'-d eae
other in the (had Itiiii; tin ires and madi
liie a burden to everybody by the lull)
words of our eo!!:,piies.
"My father p nereis !y placed a coil
pie of horses at our disposal, perhapi
in the hope that we would break ou;
foolish necks, and one evening whet
we mounted after sunset for our even
iiiK ride, lie asked us to look up a sira;
calf which had escaped from a paxiim
iicnr Ike house.
"'It's a black crllter,' said my fa!!i
er, 'and as frisky as they make 'em
You can jest run him In an' not ;.'ivi
him time to p-t the turn on you. an' I'l
be down to iipei) an' shot the pile.'
"We had (Mir rid,., and we found tin
calf. Ily that ;inie It was dark -no-ICpvpthm
darkness, but the desk of i
murlit summer sky. The calf wai
bnnvsln en ti e .! of a li nel.v Jiieci
of woods and at lirst puid no atl'-ntioi
to our attempts to start it home war!
Our horses shied at the animal, and k
vva.s all we (tnld do to inanap' tlieui
My friend MipL-esti d that (.lie (f us d!s
mouu: ai.'d drive the 'bo inc.'
i..ei:se me, j answercil, ' i;eel
had any love for farm amusements, o
which drivini; unwieldy r-alvis is thi
least enticini;. If we can't drive Air
Calf with our prot-.i nt force we'li leavi
him in the lureh. I am slroi,tc!y in- iin
(tl lo do that as it is.'
"'Iloift be dls'l ','i'ee'i be. Tom,' sail
my friei.d, 'it's the lirM favor the m-v
cnior lias asked of us. Let kim sei
that we mean well.'
"AVith that he whliijied ui h:s hoin
and 1 followed suit. Hie nlf k-ol K
move on or ! run over, and snc-'itu
lndlp:iiitit:.v he trotted on ahead, !,:;
v.lth so many di versions after s'.ve.
siiots of clover and other deliea.-:,i
that we thought we h;id an all ui.-h
"At last we si'kled the eate, and ai
we f( ached it wc eIos--d ti) en the (!:!:
In such a way that we run him tb'-om-l
It and past the old man hefoie he hai'
a chance for one of his clumsy doubb
and twisted jumps in another and op
poMlc direction.
"I'.ut what was our surprise to set
the pivcn.or take to his heels with list
ability of a boy and pi .-print iru uf
the lane to tliv house like a prize run.
licr. ptlinj.' Ihsid:' of the );o:-ch am:
pulling tee dimr elo.'id a'ter him.
Ho Is Pilnir to put the calf In th
pasture.' I shouted aft, r him.
"'('all'!' h. roared out of the purer.
Winelnw. 'eiilf, you ;u;'i null fool - ;
a bur blcck bear, and he'll chew
Into sauni(.'e incut if veil slav
"It was a fact, and the- bear :
"rj '
pftin.' out, we college boys pit seel
a ronstin n that we shorleicil our va.
cation iind went btn-k to the halls id
learriln-f, where they didn't k:;ow anj
belter than we the differi-nie b,-twe!'i;
a Ihiu- and a calf." - Chie.ipi Times
Herald. The "C'riiirni " of s erpents. I
Any popular so-called prejudice. II 1
leu,' coin inueu, proiiniuy is rounueil tip
e ii some matter of fact, although this
may not have been demonstrated,
writes IN'. Henry bee. in ihe London
lancet. That some animals have the j
power of paralyzing others which thej
prey upon is a matter of direct obsc:-. -'
tioli. A rabbit will rein.iiii lierfeetlv
.,!, ,i..,, it, ,i ..p .,
n nd without, moving will allow a hok .
to be made through the skull nt . -
back of the head. We may suppose !
that the power of feeling, ns 'of million, !
is for the lime gone. Or. Livingstone
felt no pain when seized by a flger. I '
have set-n .: mouse remain perfectly :
motionless tinder the gaze of n cir.
When I'xcited tin; ('.'it's pupils become '
dilated, (in one occasion In the even
ing I saw a ent In an ewlted state re
tire to ii shady plain win-re It could no
longer be seen, but presently I saw two
fliinll red xloUs fixed npou me. I once
saw the same, less defined, In the eji-s
of a kitten, but it is very dilliclll! to get
their eyes fix eel when near.
A general ollice r who has seen loir;
service In India Informed me that on
one occasion n serpent had got Into :i
house and taken refuge in a cellar. I!e
lug a soldier it was suggested that he
win ine proM-r person lo iiisnsige tmi
intrniier. lie tooiv a spear nnu iookch
thronch a hole in the wall of the cellar,
but saw no serpent. Presently
seriM'lit. Presently twe)rin
pinull red globes were fixed upon him.
'I hese he supposed to be the serpent's
eyes and thrust his spear, as he?
thought, between them. The spear
caught the serpent just behind the head
and killed It.
To Keep Moths Away.
Try putting tansy leaves In the win
ter blankets when packing them away.
In former generations moth bulls wera
rot known, but tjinsy lcaws were free
ly sprinkled ajiiong the' furs,, blanked
mid woolen clothing put out of harm's
way during tin summer moiil tin. and
such things always i'iuiii- out fretdi and
sweet In Ihe fall. New York Sun.
a'ieilfan to Invade Africa.
It Is said that a Cnnadhin bicycle
maker Is llgurlng with n ten in of men
to go over lo AM'-n next winter. South
Africa has no irfrfesslonnls, but lias a
number of rawtrueks that are said to
he geiesl. Thin team would be well re
oulwd, ho It Id reporNMl, and would b
(flven the !et of everything, Inelud
Inff hirge purses for tho rat.
Kill a snake, and turn It on IU bnck,
ind thero will be a rain before nlghi.
i.ondon Newspapers Indulge in Some
Bitter Oora i ent.
;ili''-n ef l-PJjli II rii Ik sll-nvil up In
Iviil I.l!it- i.ix HlutT linut I IK'lo
Sam and llix Nil .J.
Lomi s, Alio;., 10 Comnit'iitin on
l!i inte-rview of llr; New York WcrlJ
with Secret iry Sherman, the St. James
JamcB fJuz'.'lte thi" alte-no n biij'-j :
"Sei'retary Sh'jrman'a- utterances af
ford no material for denial by his frienda
( the Htat.emei.t that he ia suffering
ir an senile decay. But after ail, Mr.
Sht-rinun repreiti-nts A merica, and we
are certain all International courtesies
will be observe I."
Coiitinumtr the St. James Gezette re
feis to the Ka'n iky incident, when it
ays: Austria properly nevere I diplo
matic relations with (ireat Britain, and
M r. Gladstone apolopz ! for his attack
oo the dual monarchy," and aaks why
them in one law in Kuropa and another
in A merica."
In coneluHion, the St. James Gazette
repeats its recent warning that this is a
diitierou!) line of policy ti iollow and
that "some day .ireat Britain may call
upon Washington to back itd bluff."
The Westminster Gazette relerrin to
the eaine matter.') remarke : "The inter
view is a frmty example o Shtrman's
saloon etyle."
The Globe on tiiis "u'oject eaye: "Sec
retary Sherman had lietter lid himaelf
ed the idea that l.'nc'ie Sam is p-jini? to
boss the fihow, either on the gold lields
or in the fisle r es. V'e are not ready
to follow every (piarrel with blows: but
when we strike we Htnke hard, and tlie
iiiea of our bei'nr afraid of a third-rate
naval power like the United States could
only have occurred to a lunatic, or to
Mr. Sherman. Judiiin from his latest
perf: nuances we may charitably a-eume
that the rumors that Mr. .Sherman is
Buircrini: from mental disturbance are
The utterances attributed to Secretary
Sherman upon which liie comment of
the f.ondo.i papers is based, wero as fol
lows: Kokand ia a fc-reat country, but it is j
not a! ways sale to asuinio tlu.t fihe !B
ready to follow up every ejuarrel with
blow?. Sheijiiarrels oftener than she
lip'its. It would be txc 'edingly diliicult
for her to li'iit in all alone, about our eateiiinp kussia ami Japan are in
a similar posit ion. Any (pin'rel between
the United ."states and Kiip'and on this
teore would in all probability involve
those other two countries."
'I'e I- ili Suguntii Atfto,
Lo.mmin, Au;4 ,10 A Fpecial dispatch
from .Madrid, received here yesterday,
The Spanish pivernnient was aware
t ! oit a niee! i n ' ol HnarchistH was held
early in Juiy and that it was decided to
murder sen or Canovas del Castillo be
fore August 15 and to assassinate Senor
Sagasta before August. 3J.
Paris, Aug. 1'), The French newspa
pers say they do not anticipate any
political coiiiieicatiou iu Spain as the
outcome of the i.s.assination, and they
do not think the eoaservative govern-
meat will bo di: placed.
That the agc.ttion against Canovas
w as wide spread is further evidenced by
the fact that the police of this city re
cently tore down from La Vators, in
Paris, placards: inscribed "Down with
Canovas ; in.myrs will be avenged ; long
live anarchy," and other expressions in
pIam" roiy manning 10 uie queen
- i .. . .1 . i ..ii:... ii..
regeni ami vauovas. iu auuiuon u:o
ollicials of the Spanish embassy here
1'ave lecently received many theatening
It is stated that at a recent meeting of
the .Spanish refugees at Grenoble capital
of the department of Isere, one of the
speakers declared that the anarchists
' would Boon lie avenged and Canovas
would soon pay his debts with bis
I The Matin yestcr-lay publishes inter
views with a number of Spanish an
archists. They are quoted as declaring
I I hey had no previous knowledge of
j the crime which has just startled the
j whole world. Persons interviewed also
j claimed that the ausassin was provoked
i by the persecution of the anarchists.
Nttgro H uiitf I' p.
Vipkshi'ho, Miss Aug. 10. John Gor-
al;aH Lewi9 .NeiHOIli .10 ,1Kjfro who
,..,ird.,ru,i William Allen at HruriHwiek
, . . ,:, ,,
I J ' J 1 " R""
barrel, and who was rapturid in Louis
iana yesterday, was hanged by lynchers
some time Sunday night. No inquest
has been held so far, and details cannot
be had.
Gordon killed Allen, a much respe'et
ed white citizen, in a treacherous man
ner. He was captured by three negroes
while engage I in a name of craps after a
iesperate struggle.
lie was brought to Brunswick Sunday
(veiling, and when the steamer Annie
Laurie passe-d there Mondav morning at
,1 o'clock, his body was se'"n danglii.g
from a pecan t'oe.
Illl. Ili" Mark,
Nkw Oiii. bans, Aug 10. Kx-Secretary
of State Will A. Strong, ".ho is now
erving in Ouachita parish m a deputy
iberiff, shot and mortally wounded A.
H. Cexik on the streets of Monroe Moil
ay morning. Cook is a Ligitive fro.n
oatice and Strong arrested him yester
ay morning' While the warrant was
eing read to hi in Cook made a dash (or
Iberlty, but Strong rati hire for two
aures, bringing him down with
OIXt K liiCi JJH4 A i'Atl'KI.
Wl.l.iin. KhikI ill linlH-rlK I Hniri Aimj in
li-trimMi- Inutile. i.ia-
Nkw Yohk, Aug. 13. William Rau-
! lal! Roberts, a foimer merchant prince
if New York, who was also a politician
)f interoutioiial reputation, died M :i
'iv, a ,li.irity pat ent in I5.eil"vu l.ov
Jital. Uobert-i was Unite 1 States min
ster to Chile in Cleveland's first aduiin
tration. On May lti. 18HS, Roberts
Hs stricken with parr.lysis in Santiago,
m I in the f llowing year was brought
iia-k to New York by C. V. Sieberts,
im iner e'retary of tjie legation, and
lived with hirn, althougli be had a wife
ind son here, ever fiince, until the 21 of
:his month. On that, date he wan bent
ny Sieberts to Jlellevue. Mr. IlobertB
ivsis hern in county Cork, Ireland, in
Iti'M. He received an academic educa
tion and came to the Unit 'd Stales in
He Kccred employment with
slewart, a;. d eventually went hit ) the
fry pioiis businesH lor himself on the
bowery, when that thoroughfare was
Ihe great chopping el strict. His store
rvus ca! ed the Crystal Palace and was
well kno-Aii as the most typical establish
ment of it kind in New York.
Roberts did sn immense arm
In,' retired witii a fortune that parsed
the million do 1 ir mark, in lS'i!). His
real estate holdin-s were extensive.
AUer letiring from business, Roberts
went into olitics, and to this his widow
ascribes the 1 iss of the greater pait of
his fortune In Lvi!) be was elected a
representative from this city to the
Forty-He' ond and Forty-third congres
ses. I'i 1877 lie was elected alderman-at-la'ge
and he wa-j president of the
board of aldermen that year and the
next. Roberts was a lead-T of Tam
many hall up to the time of his going to
Chile. lie heldotlice until Patrick Eqan
replaced him under the Harrison ad-uiini-tration.
Robe rts was also promi
nent in Irish national matters. He was
president of the Fenian brotherhood at
the time of the raid into Canada by
General John O'Neill in June 18(i(i, For
the part he took in the famous interna
tional episode he was arrested by order
of the president of the United States,
Delii OKlH a C'llmip) or Illo'id,
Consta.nti.soi'I.e, Aug. Pi. Placards
printed in Andiie characters have been
found jiost(;d up.on the walls ol all the
ministries, demaiieling . a change in the
system of government in the Turkish
empire and threatening violence unless
this is effected. Ihe placards declare
that otherwise blood will llow as during
the Armenian massacres.
The ministerial commander for war,
Riza pasha, has sent a circular to all
the Turkish commanders directing
them to watch their otlicers strictly.
This step is attributed to the increasing
piseontent visible in Turkey against the
present government.
Kiillculo .Slieriiiaii.
London, Aug. 13. The Westminister
Gazette yesterday afternoon publishes a
lonif leading article, in the course of
which the opinion is expressed that ii
Secretary Sherman should be lirst to re
tiiefrum the cabinet he will "make
Ohio too hot for Senator Ilanna,"
"It is awful to contemplate the re
sults of Mr. jliUiua being done out of
his price for president. Some innocents
may object that if Sherman is too senile
to hold ollice he must be too senile for
the senate, but as a matter of fact no
one has yet, estimated how incompetent
a man must be before the senate is clos
ed to him' In this he shares the ad
vantage of the house of lords." In con
clusion the Gazette retnn ks;
"We are rather sorry it Secretary
Sherman is to be superseded, as in his
own rough way he expresses a phrase
of American feeling which it is impor
tant for us to know."
lie. plnK Colli Cool.
Dknvkr, Aug. 13. Railroad men are
greaily interested in the discovery
which is allege i to ha.e been male
at La Junta. Colo., that the Santa Fe
Railroad cam pany is shipping coal to
eastei n points in refrigerator cars. Ac
cording to the report, four refrigerato.
cars were sidetracked at La Junta for
rspairs. The cars were marked and
sealed and the contents were billed ah
perishable freiubt, which trallic, ex
cept mail and fast pasjeuger service, is
the most privileged. It was necessar;
for the workingnieu to enter the cars in
or.ier to make the lepairs. The seals
were broken and the cars were found tc
lie filled with coal from mines of Colo
rado and New Mexico Refrigator care
are said to have been going ouL of the
state on a very extensive scale for two
or three weeks past.
A Iw.lvi'-yeai-iilil llrldo.
Kansas city Aug. 13. A Star special
from Mexico, Mo., says: Ernest Cross
whi'eranoff with the twelve-year-old
daughter of Thomas Pickerson and
weni to Halliday, where they were
married. The father of the girl started
in pursuit and secured the young bride
and will try to hold her until of age.
Mrs. Creneswhite is probably the young
est bride in the state if not iu the Unit
ed States.
Swim Hank In Krlnro.
San Fiiancisco, Aug. 13. An appli
cation has been received by the bank
commissioners of this state for a license;
to do a banking business in this citj
from a corporation formed by a numbei
of well known capitalists. It is to bei
branch of the Swiss-American bank ol
Luzerne, duty organized under the lawi
of the republic of Switzerland. Tin
local branch has an authorised capital
Of l,000,0(i0 of which 1300,000 hat beeo
paid up by the incorporators.
Ruth of Gold Hunters to the Xlondki
Causes Alarm.
j tikellio id i.r Mniy llylu of Stitrvai ion K
btioug l'iil(.-i ujpli-ti -an Keue-h ib
Inteff lor.
Dyea, Alaska, Aug. 4. Via Seattle.
tVar- , Aul'. 1-1 The Brit fh fteamer!
tilcmter and Gees have ai rived will:
i .... ....
: a'lout o'ju prospectors, w bich increafcei-'
) the i Limber of the Dyea and Skaguey
I trails fully 1,500. Later reports have
:ome in to the ifft-i t that the Skaguay
i route is open to the lakes and that it is
about forty-fiv miles long. It is a zijr
; course ovei the mountains and the
"oad is very soft. There are 200 or 3'jtl
head of horses in the trail and they w ih
soon tramp its road in a deplorable con
dition. The possibility of one man in
ten reaching the Klondyke is remote.
0 d Alaska prospectors, some of whom
have wintered in the Yukon and know
what to expect, are becoming frightened
and turning back, not that they fear tin
hardship--, but that they are apprehen
sive of a famine on account of so many
men rushing headlong to the mines
without enough provisions to last them
two mouths.
The hot evidence that those upon tin
ground regard the situation with more
or less alarm is the fact that many are
paving 20 cents per pound lo have
freight packed across Dyea pass. This
is an increase of 3 cents per pound since?
the sailing of the Alki, at which time 16
and IS cents were charged. Twenty
cents is the regular rate over the D.ea
or Chilcot pass route. This increase
an 1 exorbitant charge is due to a scarci
ty of horses. Without pack animals 0;
some description it appears to be next
to impossible at thisseason to get freight
and outfits across the divide.
Skattlk, Wash., Aug. 12 A sp cia1
to the Post-Intelligencer from Dyea,
Aia-ka, dated August 4, sajs: Although
the United States statutes strictly pro
hibit the importation of liquor into AI
atkafor other purposes than for medi
cine, yet there are thousands of gallon?
01 alcohol, w hisky, and brandy being
hi tided every week. A large part of it if
being shipped to the Klondyke. The
worst kind of whisky finds ready sale to j
Jndiana 1or !f,5 a bottle. In almost ev-rv
bay or nook of hinds where Indians live?
are sloojr-s from which whitky is sold in
abundance. At Dyea and Skagnay, a!
well aB Juneau, Wrangel and Sitka, art;
found many saloons runniriir wide open
The government issues internal revenue
licenses and at the same time prohibi e
the improtation and sale, of liquors.
An I rrialiou S- loon..'
Dkmvek, Colo., Aup 12. Colonel Bal
com of Wall street, New Yonk, arrived
in Denver yesterday to make arrange
ments for carrying lorward agk-anfit
irrigating project in western Colorado
and Utah, in which he has beeeme in-t-nf-t-d.
He has "een investigating
the ground to he cove.ed by the irrigat
ing system. The plan is to irrigate
Mtisa county, Colorado, and Grand
county, Utah. The canal will start al
! the head of Platte cn ek, above Grand
Junction, following the Grand river and
oranc.hiiig off to the west, then running
through a now practically arid section.
In t lie first six miles the canal will ir
rigate 80,000 acres in Colorado alont
and 200,000 in Utah, provided the Utah
state government consents to build a
two-mile lunnel through which tht
waters will be eonvevi-d.
A svvilt t aiiii'r.
San Francisco, Au-i 12. News has
just, been received here that the record
for the fastest transpacific oceen trip
wa" made by the royal mail steamship
Empress of Japan on its voyage from
Vancouver to Yokohama. The time
consumed was ten days, three hours
and thirty-nine minutes. The distance
rover 'd was 4.270 knots. Heretofore
the quickest passage was made by the
T'aciiic. mail etearner China from San
Francisco to Yokohama in ten days,
eleven hours and forty eight minutes.
Dihi i in s.
Brazil, Ind., Aug 12 -The miners'
executive board met here yesterday and
gave out the report that there were 7,187
persons in the mining camps of this dis-t-iet
t'tat were in actual need of food.
The largest distribution given yet hai
not exceeded 7 cents j er capita.
Pkokia, 111., Aug. 12. A number ol
mines in this district have resumed
work this week, and the ranks of the
striking miners seem to he breaking
ba lly. All the mines along the Peoria
Mild Pekin union are working, and two
mines at Pekin and one at Elmwexxl
have resumed operations. Most of the
men have gone back at increased wages,
Setli t.nw a Canelidiile lor Mayor.
Nkw Yohk, Aug. 12 Convinced thai
those who have been urging him to ac
cept tho candidacy for mayor represent!
a majority of the republican voters eif
Greater New York, Seth Low has en
tered the race and will assist in the
canvass that is being made for him.
I'.i- lull Suldlnm MliialUiiln
London, Aug. 12 An official dispatch
from Simla reports that the British
f rce of cavalry, Infantry and artillery
w:ii(!o was sent from Peshawar Monday
lo rnnish the rebels in this Mobamme
d o c -i try, who under the Mullah, at
tacked i t. Shabkadar, eighteen milei
from Peshawar, Saturday, had oveitak
in them and defeated them after a hard
(ought engagement. The loam of t.h
British were twelve killed and forty
eight wounded, the latter including
three otlicen.
A Maidrrer Trie to K1m From PrUM.
Hrlpntl bj lila Hrolbrr.
Boston, Miss. Aug. 11. Everett Wil
lis arrive I at the state prison yesterday
forenoon to pay a monthly visit to his
brother, Herbert, a murlerer. He was
admitted by the usual official'. Herbert
was escorted to the guard room to meet
him. Five other visitors were in the
rotunda at the time. The brothers had
been conversing in a low tone, eitting
apirt from the others in the euard room,
for about half an hour, when Officer
V.'iiitham saw Everett pass a revolver to
to his brother and together they ran to
wards Turkey Darling, evidently intend
ing to secure his keys.
A guard named Whitham rushed to
Darling's assistance, and as he did so
the brothers opened fire. One bullet
struck Darling in the thigh. Whitham
returned the fire, but missed. Officer
Abbott saw the trouble and grappled
wiio Everett Willis and both brothers
then began to beat him, Officer Town
send, from the ollice door, then fired a
shot which penetrated the back of
Everett and a second later Ollicer Ben
jamin tired a shot through the bars,
wounding E verett iu the head.
Meanwhile Herbert Willis fired sever
al shots, to which the olficials respond
ed. Oae shot struck Herbert in the
head, wuile another found lodgment in
the back of the murderer's head. Fler
bert was then secured and removed frc m
the scene. Jiverett w as also taken away
and the wounded officers were given
prompt medical attention. It is thought
none of them will sutler seriously, ex
cept, p ohably, Darling, who is of ad
vanced age.
Herbert Willis is in a precarious con
dition as a result of his wounds and
there is little hope that he will survive.
His br'o'.her, though seriously wounded,
it is thought, has a chance of recovering.
Killed tu tho Chair.
Dannemoua, N. Y., Aug. 11.- -Frank
C. Conroy, the Og lensburg wiie mur
derer, was executed by electricity at
Clinton prison yesterday. Conroy was
pronounced dead four and a half min
utes after the lirst sho.rk. He met his
fate calmiy.
On the morning of May 20, 1893,
Frank Conroy returned to his home in
Ogdeneburg from Montreal. Waikine
into the house he accused his wife of
unfaithfulness. Angered at her denials,
he snatched up a carving knife and
hacked her head and throat she
was dead. Conroy's two little daught
ers witnessed the butchery. Conroy
gave himself up, saying lie was satisfied
to take hii punishment.
Iieath In His Hath idiom.
Belmont, Macs., Aug. 11. Ffenry F.
Marcy, president of trie Fitch burg rail
way, was found dead in the bath room
at his home yesterday. Death was due
to apoplexy. Yesterday it was develop
ed that a shortage of from twelve to lift-en
thousand dollars had Iieen found
by experts at work on the hooks and
these lacts, ir. is stated by friends of
of Marcy, brought, ou the fatal stroke.
J nmpeid For Thuir Lives.
Oakland, Cal., Aug. 11. Paul Cer
rosso ..nd his family had a narrow es
cape iri in death early Tuesday morning
when a building at Temescal in which
he lived burned down. The first occur
and shortly after 2 o'clock. Corresso
was awakened by the -moke and escape
seemed entirely cut off. Outside his
window, but a cons derable distance be
low and to one side, was a platform
used as an approach to the roof garden.
The Italian took his four children and
threw them to the platform, landing
each one safely. Ilu and his wife then
leaped to the ground, the. room behind
them being entirely in flames.
Train lir. ekers at Work,
Phii.i.ii'.siil'ko, N. J. Aug, 11. train
wreckers on the Central railroad ot New
Jersey Tuesday riiuht for the fourth
time in as many months accomplished
the wreck of two fast freight trains, the
blocking of the tracks until 5 o'clock
yesterday mernitig and the loss of at
least $o(),000. Monday night a train
running at afty miles an hour struck a
pile ot ties The engine left the track
and landed down an embankment, a
complete wreck. Fourteen ears were
also i. trailed, piled up in confusion and
their contents scattered along the track.
Engineer Shupp piitaciiiously escaped
with hi" life. Ooiidoctor Mattress wad
seriously hurt. The liremau jumped.
Another fast freight, composed of cars
loaded with fish and peaches, ran into
the debris. The engine and two cars of
null were demolished. Engineer Strub
ble and Condueto- Moyahan ere badly
Motheir Mcttltil. y Tiav. lie.
Loraink, O. Ann. W Mrs. McKinley
mother of Preside .1 McKinley, Miss
Helen McKinley nod Met. A. J. Diuu-au
sisters of the p.erfident, arrived here
Monday Ir ( anion, unesis of Editor
uihI Mrs. S, L. Bowman, wilh whom
they will remain rsv-ral days. Mrs.
Bowman is a ni -ce the president.
After ii No
Williamson, V
stories are beinu
.el 1 -p.-fudii,
V.i . Aug. 11 Wild
cm Hud about ihe
r.ciz to capture
officers who are
"Cap" llatlioid. tie '. oirado whoes-
casjd last week fmui jail. The Hat
field are said to be t '" "".dy enseonsej
in a mountain pass e el n have recent
ly killed Deputy sheriff Johnson and
lour other deputies, but none of these
reports is confirmed The officers are
in hot pursuit and Judge Doolittle in.
ista on the sheriff capturing 11 at Held
t any coit or rilk. j