The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, August 12, 1897, Image 8

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J O TJ H 3ST -A. Xj.
Timu, Aro, 12th, 1197.
lino. D. Cum, Editor and Prop.
Ootef Waat. Golac Fast,
ax I. otaal. 11 I Ke. I. Bind I 00
I. E. PSXNEY. K 2.
Pkriielan aad Sirgeon.
ail sails (Iran prompt attention.
Office la Drue Star.
J North-Western
F. E. M. V. R. R. is the beat
to and from the
that informs.
If yoa are going south and
want to know what the trip
will coat when yoa will
Teach your destination and
wby. yoa should take the
Joseph , Kansas City, St. Louis or ANT OTH
ER southern or south-eastern city, write to
J. Francis, Gen'l Passenger Agent, Omaha,
Neb., and re eel v by return mail, a letter giv
ing. JUST EXACTLY the information you
The rules of the local land office have
recently been amended so that settlers
to make final proof shall settle with tbe
publisher before sending in their applica
tion. All parties desiring to make final
proof can have their papers made out at
Tax Jotjrxal office, free of charge, and
promptly transmitted to tbe land office
that no time will be lost
Will Bmoke of aadrews, was ia
Harrison yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs Pat Lacy wen pleasant
callers at this office last Wednesday.
Tbe past week baa been bad for
Baking bay on account of eo much rain.
ateedames Wright and Bartell spent
Tuaad ay at tbe canyon bringing noma
quite a lot of cherries and currents.
There will be Kass at tbe residence
of M. J. BU watt's next Tuesday, at 10.40
o'clock a. m., Aug. 17th.
Isidor Retstein is moving his house
hold goods to Crawford this week, where
be will soon engage in the saloon busi-
Read the minutes of the Agricultur
al meetings in this issue and learn how
much is being done relative to having a
county fair this falL
It is reported that a young cow boy
arrived at Buff Coffee's ranch last Sun
day afternoon. Buff, keep your eye on
him as he may be a cattle rustler.
Grandpa Merriam of Warbonnet pre
cinct, brought to this office a half peck
of as fine, large potatoes raised on his
place as we have seen brought to town
this spring.
Ifacbael Brack "Schuster", who has
been up near Casper, Wyo., for some
time looking after some sheep, came
dawn last Saturday. He owns a valua
ble claim in Sioux county.
Bob Wallace the slayer of John
Brown near Ardmore, 8. Dak., some two
or three weeks ago was, last week com
mitted to jail without bail until tbe
November term of court meets at Hot
Springs. It is evident that tbe Justice
of tbe Peace concluded from the evi
dence presented at tbe trial that murder
had been committed, and hence, tbe hold
ing of Wallace for tbe crime
8. Sherman, who lives out on Raw
bide creek is Wyoming, about 40 miles,
from here ia now stopping in town for a
couple of weeks. He is taking treat
meat of Dr. Johnson, for paralysis, Mr
Sherman baa suffered with tbe disease
. for something like nine years. We are
ia hopes that the treatment will prove
beneficial to him nd that be may go
home a better man physically than when
Che. Thomas of Warbonnet pre
einct had the misfortune to gat thrown
from Ins horse cutting his lip quite bad
ly last Moody white after a herd of
horses ia ooenpaey with Oeorg Tool and
Daa Cattery. Ha was goiag around a
Mil at a rapid rata when his bourse
stumMed sad fell, throwing hiraoa a
atony pieoe of groaad which came near
proving quite serious for Mo. Whs
, the other boys got to Ma be was quit
They brought Mm part
wtyci IN tan Ml then they got a
aai mm tsrwa, where
1 rUamy ImihI m wonaded lip.
jtr t i;;ffatt- Br. Tfcemae was
C3 ca ) r
Bertlett Richard of Chadron was in
Harrison, last Saturday and Moodaj on
bu sinew.
Dr. Phiaoey is treating bis bo una to
a ow coat of paint, hope the disease
may prove contagious.
Rev. Ball and family of Douglas,
Wyo. passed throgh this place Tuesday,
for Scotta Bluffs county.
Tom Soow of Rawhios Lrotiier-in-law
of 8. Sliermao, was in Harrison
Tuesday night and Wednesday,
Miss. Palmer sister of Mr. Gris
wold will teach tbe primary pe part meat
and tnrs. Gray the advanced grade.
Tbe special train which passed here
during Monday night, killed thrre bead
of cattle about two miles east of town.
Mrs. Pat, Lacy was able to come to
town yesterdy with her hosbaod. She is
feeling much better than for a week or
t wo.
Joseph A. Ashton and Peter Brety
of Ardmore, were in town oa business
last Saturday and called at our office for
a few minutes talk.
The Attorneys attending the ad
journed term of court held here last Sat
urday from other places were, J. E- Por
ter of Crawford and A. G. Fisher of
Burt Hamlin of Pleasant Ridge.
Wyo. was a pleasant caller at this office
last Wednesday. He expects his broth
er Dug, in about two weeks.
James Hogel of Crawford was in the
city last Saturday. While here be took
out bis citizenship papers before Judge
Westover in open court There were
several other gentlemen of Sioux county
who did the same.
In tbe American Munt)Jy Review of
Revieum for Augnst tbe Rev. Dr. Francis
E Clark, of the Christian Eodeavor
movement, has a interesting account
of a visit to "The Two Republics of the
Southern Cross, "the Dutch Boer govern
ment in South Africa.
Judge Westover of Rushville, held a
one-day session of court here last Satur
day, ' The only case of prominence be
fore his honor was, Tinnen vs B. & M.
Railroad, the plaintiff asking for a new
trial. After listening to the arguement
pro aod con,' Judge Westover granted
a new trial on the grounds, that the
plaintiff ahonld have been awarded larg
er damages or nothing. So the chances
are there will be another long fight in
the courts,
Dr Johnson met with a very pain
ful accident on last Wednesday morning,
while going to Mr. Buff Coffee's. Think
ing to save time as he was anxious to
get to his patients be let down some
wire fenceing but neglected to drop tbe
bottom wire aod the result was tbe
horse in some way threw him down and
stepad on him and dislocated three bones
in his nose, cut his lip quite badly, and
battered bim up generally. We hope
the Dr. will be alright in a few days.
Section foreman Wright, had a sev
ere sun stroke Wednesday afternoon,
while hurrying the cvttle killed by the
train Monday night It was with diffi
cult that be was able to get noma, some
man, who was passing aloong at the time
was bailed by Mr. Wright and asked to
either take him home in bis wagon or
pump the band car for bim and be would
pay him for his trouble, but be would
not or could not, which goes to show how
extremely small some people are towards
their fellow men.
Rev. James Johnson brother of our
Dr. Johnson, came in from Cheyenne,
Wyo., last Friday to visit bis brother
for a day or two. While here Rev. John
son delivered an instructive sermon in the
church last Sunday to a fair sized con
gregation, who listened attentatively to
what be bad to say on tbe subject, "Man's
Debt to Man"; tbe text was found in 14th
verse, 1st Chapter of Pauls letter to the
Romans. Dr. Johnson has just closed a
five-year postorate in tbe city of Chey
enne. He has of course staid tbe limit of
time permitted by the If. E. conference
at any one place. Rev. Jobason is a
member of the central Illinois confer
ence, and will depart for that state some
time during tbe summer and fall.
Bod arc Doing.
Chaa, Coffee goes to his O 10 bar ranch
to day.
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Buff Coffee Aug.
8th, a son.
Rev. Mr. Johnson of Cheyenne, was
visiting Mr. C. Coflee's family Sunday
night and Monday.
Mrs Hibblein and ber mother were vis
iting friends on Indian creek.
The usual talk among tbe Valley peo
ple is, we need rain add now they say
they hope the rain will go around. We
have had some hard showers here. Sow
Belly was out of the banks yesterday
Bad weather for making hay here.
The public sale at Doan's was well at
tended considering the weather, and eve
ry thing was sold that was offered at
fair prices; cattle brought tip top prices.
White River Breeases.
Miss Carrie Fraxier has been engaged
to teach the fall term of school in LHst,
do, one.
Mr, L. H. Bowdish will furnish the
wood for the school in Dist , 19 this win
ter. It looks as though the Political states
war about ready to be approved or
expect by the people la this Back of
Mm woods.
Mr. W. S. Johnson has pot out a large
amount of strawberry plaots thle sea
son. ,
Sir. M. H. Grata bad a very good crop
of rye ibis year it ws a vrijftr np,
tie sown) rye four Jsars ago ami hat hal
The late rains interfears with hay
making but It is making late crops
grow in good shape Cap.
We understand Dr. Johnson will give
a lecture on oetepath practice if he can
get the court house hall to give it in.
It whould eeem as if there would be no
trouble in ebtaining it for a lecture that
would be entertaining and instructive to
the public.
1 gg
Monti-one Clippings
We have had plenty of rain for the
last week.
Corn is doing nicely and h we don't
have any early frost there will be a fair
crop of corn.
Mrs. H. Zimmerman from Cedar, Co.
Nebr., is visiting with her brotlier Jake
Mike Jordon has returned from the
round-up last week.
Joseph Reinders who had been work
ing in Newcastle had tlie misfortune of
having his arm dislocated. He is at
home with his parents.
Tbe game of ball did not come off be
tween Montrose, Bod arc aod Ardmore on
account of the heavy rain but will be
played next Sunday Aug. 15th.
Mr. J. Koorath is wearing a broad
smile on account of a girl baby having
arrived. 8aqk.
, White's Hiding Whisperings.,
We will try aod get in a few items
this week. We, us aod babies have
been quite tick with bad colds, some
thing like la grippe.
Choke cherries are about ripe.
This wet boggy weather is just nice
for garden truck, but I suppose tbe hay
makers would rather have sun-shine.
Never mind we can have sun-shine
when we cannot have rain.
Mrs. Perry White was very sick the
fore part of last week.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Bogart, and little
girls were at the Siding the 25th uit
Mr. and Mrs, Tietze were down this way
the same day.
Mr. White and family went to Craw
ford Friday, and returned Saturday.
Mr. Bomgartner from near Montrose,
was at the Siding Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. White was up to Mr. Pat
Lacy's Sunday, and they say Mrs. Lrcy
was quite sick.
M assert p. N. Kirkpatrick and John
Christian s to pad over night at Jobo Fin
ley's last Sunday.
George and Mirtle Baldwin spent Wed
nesday and Thursday with Mrs. Jones
and family.
Messrs Bogart and Varley were doing
business at the Siding Wednesday.
Mr. D. M. Sutton was at tlte Siding
We had an awful rain aod quite a hard
bail. In 35 minutes after it began to
rain the bouses were surrounded by wa
ter. The creek bed that was dry was
rushing head long down the canyons.
George and Myrtle Baldwin, who never
seen such a sight thought it was grand,
aod it was really a glorious aod inspiring
sight to stand upon the bank aod see tbe
muddy waters rushing aod basking, one
wave after another. It looks as if one
was trying to catch the other. Pen can
not describe it as it deserves.
A ftraad Opportunity.
There are today thousands of young
people on tbe farms and in the villages
who are tied down by lack of education
to work they heartily dislike. Are you
one of tbem my friend? If so, the
Grand Island Business ft Normal Coll
age can put you on the road to success
if vou are ambitious and willing to
study. It makes no differnce bow
backward you are provided you are
plucky and mean business. We teach
everything neceaaray for a successful
start in life. If you are short of money
we will accept a good note without in
terest for tuition or if necessary -we will
furnish everything tuition, board, and
books aod give you time to graduate aod
pay for ' same afterwards. Business,
Normal and Shorthand courses. Board
fl.SO per week. Established 12 years.
College Record sent free or catalogue
for ft cents in stamps. This is yoor
chance of a life time. Will you let it
slip by? Adress,
A. M. Hasan, President,
Graod Island. Nebr.
How To Find Out
Fill a bottle or common glass with
urine aod let it stand tweoiy-foor hours,
a sediment or settling indicates an un
healthy cooditioc of the kidneys. 'When
urine stains uoao it is evidence of kidney
trouble. Too frequent desire to urinate
or pain in tbe back, is also convincing
proof that tbe kidneys and bladeraae out
or order.
What To Do.
There is comfort ia the knowledge so
often expressed, that Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp Root, too groat kidney remedy
fulfils every wish in relieving pain in
the back, kidneys, liver, bladder and
every partof the urinary passages. It
corrects inability to bold urine aod scald
ing pain in passing it, or hod effects fol
lowing use of liquor, wins or beer, and
overcomes that unpleasant necessity of
being compelled to get up many times
daring the night to urinate. Tbe mild
and the extraordinary effect of Swamp-
Koet is soon realised, it stands the
highest for its wonderful cures of the
most distressing cases. If you aeed
medicine yoa should have the best
floM by druggists, price fifty caste aod
ooe dollar. You may have a sample
bottle aad pamphlet both seat free by
idsJL Mention Tn &0CX COCWT
Jomx ax. and send your adflrses to Dr.
Kilmer A Go. , Bingfaamptoa, N. Y. . Tbe
proprietors of this paper guarantee the
genuineness of this offer. '
OA A .s t wi.L -i...
Cdltrd by . Mm. Ore. D. f sses.
Wrt arlii-lmi fnmi U Mien i Mo'ii
county r solli'itml.
The Toung f.'lrl In KnauMsr.
Edward W. Bok, writing undr the
caption of "Breaking Down the Fences"
gives some wholesome and sensible ad
viec to young girlsin the AugutLMh,
Home Journal, and sounds a warning
against allowing them too much freedom
of action too much liberty. Mr. Bok dis
cerns that summer brings greater free
dom to young girls than any other sea
son, and presents to them many more
opportunities to unconsciously break
down tbe fences the barriers of the
best and wisest deportmeui. "City girls',
he contends, "often think they are free
to do things in the country or at the sea
shore than in tbe city. Little licenses
seem so much more natural ia sammer
when we live an outdoor life. It is a
magnificent tribute to a girls chartcter
when she can be unconventional and yet
preserve in every sense the dignity of
girlhood. That is what commands the
highest respect for a girl. It is a very
fine line which divides unconventionally
in a girl's deportment from a certain li
cense aod freedom of action, wihch is so
fraught with danger. And yet on one
side of that line lies a girl's possession:
her self-respect, aod on the other side
ber loss of it That line is the fence, ;ind
a girl cannot be too careful about re
moving one stone from it She may
think it smart or clever if she just seeks
to remove the small stone which lies on
the top. But in that very act she shows
a lack of cleverness. No greater satis
faction than this can come to a woman:
the consciousness that she preserved, at
ell times in her girlhood, the prescious
possession of hea future womanhood.
And one little slip can dim that satisfac
tion. Truths Told la a Few Words.
A child's respect for its jiarents is not
secured by over-leniency any more than
by over-severity.
A daughter should never seek nor be
allowed to "outdress" her mother. In
every family the mother should be the
best-dressed member.
The discarded finery of a daughter
should never constitute a mother's warJ
robe. No one feels especially dignified
in the presence of one whose old clothes
she is wearing, and a mother should at
all times preserve Iter dignity before her
children, Tbe mother who never loses
her queenlineas will never lose her
Preventable misfortunes consist, chief
ly, of manifold tilings, little to do, but
immence things to have done.
Tbe man who earns one dollar and
spends two, aad the, man who earns two
and spends one, stands on either side of
the hair-lfoe between heedlessness and
discretion, between ruin and safety.
Parents generally receive that meas
ure of filial respect they deserve not al
ways perhaps but very generally.
When a mother allows her dougbter
to appropriate her wraps, gloves, veils,
or other articles of personal attire, she
begins a policy of familiarity which
sooner or later breeds contempt A re
spect for one's belongings engenders a
respect for their possessor. August
Ladies' Home Journal.
Tke Oily Way.
A prominent educator once remarked
to a class in elements of education."
There are a gerat many methods in teach
ing, that are used by different teachers
with apparent success; but there is only
one way to teach' aod that is tbe right
way; and when you have found that way
failure is impossible. "
Ibis can be said of every profession or
occupation in life, they are all crowded
to overflowing with theories, plans sod
methods of all kinds, both practical aod
impractical sad yet tbe only way, tbe
right way if it was known, would answer
at all times, in all cases, and never fail.
The various nations of the world have
each a form of government of their own
while in some of them there is a great
deal of similarity, yst in each there are
somethings characteristic of the people
of the different nations of tbe world that
show there are many ideas as to the bast
way of governing the people.
And in every country and every clime
there is strife and contention, which shows
that wrong is being done the people in
ome way. It shows that the right form
of government has never been established
not a right form of government, but
the right form of government, which ad
minsters to each aod every one equal
justice and mercy.
When all the world it governed in the
right way, than strife aad contention must
cease, then all will receive equal justice
and mercy, aod all will be satisfied.
Large volumes have been written on
the various religious beliefs of the world
many of which claim tot their foundation
tbe sacred scripture, and many mors of
them would fain try to attribute their or
igin to the same devine agency;
Yst ws know that it is impossible for
afl to be right Only one plan was gi v
en whereby we might inherit eternal
They handle every thing usualy handled in a scl
eral department country store.
American Hand-Sewad Sioe Co's
JUftTTRTA rAIROrTlie.4EtlorSA'! ff-
I am Agent for the world
ERSand MOWERS. I keep
line of tmpplies for these machine.
Last but
Webn you are badly in need of the only
sold in Sioux County, call on me.
ff 1 ir t i in w i ii i nr. t rtf -
I Ili-u. .arr."4r f KC 4r?
Si D
.?! 6 YOU
ltd, with
Now wrlto us for Description
about It. V o liuve !ecn IclUu' out-
Ufa. Tn noosf nil Mm
kftenl th risa wo nsake
and his divine word a
sVfferant tbeo
Ood out liar
ttctino. Fur
narrnw is tha
to ntnraal
lifa; but broad is the road to distraction.
So wa Had in religion as In all other
things there is but one right way. And
the divine weed tells on to "seek and we
shall And knock aad it shall be opened
unto us,'. A young Persian gentle
man delivered a lecture in one of the
Lincoln universities a few years ago on
the manners, customs and various re
ligious beliefs of Persia. Amoog the
different religious sects, be told of a
people known as devil worshipers, who
worshiped the devil with many times
more asal than do the pro tressed
christians worship Ood They believe
that the devil and Christ are brothers;
and that, before the creation they quar
reled and tbe devil was oast out But
that he will ooe day be reinstated in tbe
kingdom and will share equally with
And all who have worshiped bim
here and have done his will, will also en
ter with bim in glory and have an equal
share in the blessings of Christ,
There it crime In ail history of crime
We are on our way to (he
,V wift vuul one of tliosfi
and dry fW rroriiojix ,
J need a Spring SUJT
and ire think- we can nave men
CI ly trading at tha
Also, We handle a full line of
Groceries Sc.
famed M.-KORMICK UlSkS
on hand all the time a Oil
as t:;h
J TV A 7 T
Jet'rn;1ui and Western Iowa.
Vou Uc-t $195 Orcfiti for
a mi: doll;
down and jior month.
Onaraatccd lor 5 r.
snd Catnlona. Wo will tell you all
friends about Ihix now 23 years.
too revolting to a civilized people for ft
worshiper to commit.
Tbe more treachery and heart) . rru.
elty he can display the better dev i w,.r
shiper he in. Tho will of the dev.! i .
break every command of God wA ,-
every thing to Ik directly opi . i,
Ood. (ContiiiDftd ncii . . i
Xlkola Testa' Grout Dlacoirerj.
NEW YORK, Aug. 4.-X,koU Tesla
announces today tlie completion of his
wonderful, new discover, the t u ilt.
neou transmission of messa !v
means of the earth's electrical ;nrt. i "s
to as many scattered points on t ' s .i -face
of the globs as may bt n ; , -This
he regard a by far hi? t-i. i! ,1
To a few intimates ho jfave ' '!.r,I!;i.;;
demonstration of , tlie operate i ! : ;
device for arreHliiic uml mib.-. i i ' ft.
control, under natural laws the -n l
substances in and shout tlie on- ',. lid
latest invention, or discovery, it t
suoh a disturbance of the . Iw-'iici
ty of the earth which can It .V.t ai.d
omu BiiDuiuneouniy at all par . of ttw
globe. Denver Newt.
Vsiioio aits yuu fcuili