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TraaoAT. Jity. 1st, IWT.
ft. Caner, CdNttl Anil Prop.
F. K. M. V &. sT lw UM.
Gets; Mt uHmr r
J. S. mi Jl : Se. . lx4 '
Pbjeftrfaa AM SargcM.
11 nil (tve prompt attention.
ir&fee la Dcwc
f., E. 4V M. V. tnV fc the best
: to and from the
The rules of the local land office have
recently been amended so that settlers
eo make final proof shall settle with the
publisher before sending in their applica
tion. All parties desiring to make final
proof can have their papers made out at
Tmt Joiunal office, free of iliarge, and
promptly transmitted to the land office
o that no time will be lost.
J. H. Bartell returned from Chadroti
Our village commissioner is busy
fixing up our streets this week.
JT. H. Bartell took a trip to Chadron
on Monday last returning on Wednesday.
J. S- Dickenson and W. L. Aslibrook,
of Bell this county, killed seven wolves
last week in one of their hunts. - .
TWCounty commissioners concluded
their labors Monday, and left for home
or their respective places of business.
for lack of pa, we were unable
' to publish the "Woman's Corner' this
week. It ill appear next week.
E. A- Bigalow, moved the barn pnr
I of L. J. 8iimonou on hie farm
or four mile from town" yesterday.
A splendid shower visited thia locality
iurff SaCutday. soaking the ground' nicely .
The choice for bay crop this year are
fttwiag better every day.
One fare for the- round trip within
two hundred miles. Date of sale July 8rd
void aftr the 6th.
W. E. Poxncs.
Hon. B. F. Johnson railed at the
JoCRXAL office yeaterdaay and left a 50c
dollar to pay for toe Journal to be sent
fcr aie'addreM for one" ear.
-Mrs. L. C. Ltwtev daughter of A. Mc
Irtnie? went to Chdron Tuesday evening
1 have some dentil Work done. She
w ill be- in Chadron about one week.
--ft was reported' in the Omaha papers
iliaf 8L W. Carey of tW county, had
ien indicted by the1 federal grand jury
f r cuMing timber on goverameut 1 and.
Mrs ft. W. Windsor sister of Pat and
Kan Slaftery, who came down from
If void Of a coMble of weeks ago on a
vtsit has concluded to Stay until after the
4th of July
L. E. Dickenson, our genial harness
rttafcer mid hi first new harness made up
t.y himself to Will. Shepherd last
Kiiturdty. Mr. Shepherd was well pleas
ed with it.
Eggerf Roller waa elected school di
rector last Monday at the school election.
Doubtless a better man could put have
heeft.fhnnen Co ftfl (bis important position
in our mtdm.
By a unanimous' vote the resignation
f Louis Oerlacli wa ordered thrown
tinder the table, so he wilt continue to
told hi position, the peore of this town
know what they want
. Mrs. Wallace, mother of John Strut'
ton one of the city blacksmith, went
hi (Hen Monday to attend the annual
AiHidfcy School convention being held
t that place this week.
F017.V3. On the streets of HVrison,
ir order drawn on the Commercial
Bank in favor of Edward Rose executed
- By Peter Paoo; amount of order ft ,000
dated May 5th, 18.
W. O. Pattomkki.
Some one ban been kind eoougti to
feed the dog of the town a little too
4Nje of well, we don't (mow what it
htrt aoaee of ttma tie boys say are
to Mem Our dee; that
Jew vmitt hoeet eaeapad ie aouie
tvrj Oatertoivi way. r
J Uareteer had family left
f rf tfceUiied vkdt throO
i t- . fliWw uatil' attar
I im wuee vmj wim s
: tr z
We undcrvtaad that James Bogle of
Crawford who runs a stloon at that place
is thinking of opening one Isr Harrison.
We have got along very nicely since the
other one closed, bat we presume the
boys are getting a little thirsty again,
Mr. M. J. Blewett and family acrnnt
panied by Mm. Blewett sister Miss
Louise Iindewutn, took an outing on Suit
day aaglintr along the parilis of Running
Wafer. While on their way thither, they
stoned at' ITenery. Wardeka.s for dioner,
after which the two families repaired to
the lifting pond together. Mr. U. report
a line time, bringing home about fifty
fish, of course none of them were Whales.
O. A. Hester of the firm or Hester &
Son lumber merchants of this place being
of a mathematical turn of mind has fig
ured out the cost of keeping up a two
thousand dollar, twenty year policy, the
premium being 73.00, per year and tlte
rate of interest at 10 per cent compound
ed for the entire twenty years will
amount to $4599.00, in ronnd numbers.
So that the insured must appropriate
$1,.VJ9.00 to the Insurance Company in
order to draw out $3,000 at the end of
twenty years. If the above is true, its
no wonder that the Insurance Compa
nies are getting rich.
Call fur CotMissleaer Meeting.
The Board of county commissioners
of Sioux county Nebraska, are hereby
called to meet at tlie office of the county
Clerk ot Harrison, Neb., Wednesday the
7th day of July, 1397, for the purpose
of appraising School Lands for purchase.
M. J. Blew ett,
" Clerk.
White Hirer Breeies.
C. A. Puddy returned from Wyoming
lust Saturday lie reports the sheep in good
condition, around Glen Uock and Lost
Springs. Everything went off quietly at our
school meeting, our hope is that the
new board' will be as successful in pro
curing as good teachers as the old board
did last year. Mr. Jacobson was chosen
Director and D. Moran moderator.
Rain is needed in this locality very
J. T. Mason has gone into camp on
Buck Creek getting out wood for Uncle
Sam. "
Dave. Colville is shearing his sheep at
Lusk, the weather being too hot to drive
them before this.
The S. S. Convention begins today, we
will report next week. Quite a num
ber are expected from outside and an in
teresting meeting is looked for.
. White's tttdlhf Whisperings.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lacey, were pleas
ant visitors at Mr. White's one day last
Billy. Bogart waa down to the sidings
last week for a day or two, but went
home Saturday to spend Sunday with
his family.
There were several' Cessna oo our streets
last week.
Mr. Jones and Mr. Knori, returned
home Sut ii day afternoon and report a
pleasant journey, they saw several An
telope Rabbits, and fish, lots of nice land
and some with lots to the acre, they
called at several Ranches along the creek
in fact they say they saw all there was
to be seen.
Mr. James Merriam, who has been at
the siding for a few days returned home
Mr. Frank Ban nan's smiling face is seen
around the siding again, Frank and Ollie
tried their hand at breaking a saddle pony
Sunday, they were down to Five Points
Gooseberries and strawberries are ripe
Two good showers or rather rains and
fog last week, freshened things up won
derfully. As seen from the road Mr. Geo. Cant
will have lots of garden truck this sum
mer. , "
W. L. Baldwin came down to the Sid
ing Monday to get Myrtle, who has been
spending a pleasant week with Mrs. Jones
and getting a few Gooseberries, Mia
Piarl Jones accompaoied Uiem home.
'VVhite Siding presents quite an active
business appearance this week.
: '' Whistuhl
' Warheaaet Warbling.
James. Merriam came home from the
Siding Jane 37th.
Mr. and Mrs. Jean Bigetow were down
to Mr. Garten's place Sunday afternoon.
R. L. Keel and family visited at the
north side of this precinct June27th.
The Sunday School continues to grow,
last Sunday there were eighteen present.
B. F. Thomas was chosen delegate to
the Sioux Co. Sunday School convention
to be held at Glen June 29th.
Br. and Mr. Joheeoo were callers at
B. F. Thorns' June 28th.
The aannal school meeting was held
at the school house in district 15. and the
following officers elected; ' Mr, Johnson
Director, Ousts, ve Ifeortwrh Tteureraad
Mr. Wlieox moderator. School commen
ce the 1st BewsVy in October sad will
continue three month.
Who says BiourCo. will not celebrate
the 4th Uses year? rend thta. Ufa of July
4esi M Sam Thomas' nsntber at O. A.
Cartons and still another at Montrose on
July Mil, every one invited to brine their
ciners son nave a goon wast, mnme ny
tSm wetwto OrctsetM.
SPrX'lAL ANltOU!lt.BiaaT.
The leader in educations! circle of Ne
braska: Hon. W. R: Jackson, State Sup't Pub
He Instruction.
LienU. Governor Harris, Chancellor
McLaio, Prof. Hill M. Bell, of the Lin
coln Normal. J. W. Crabtree, President
Nebraska Teachers Association, 1). Q.
Pearse, Sup't Rublic Instruction' Oma
ha, Prof. W. H. Ciemmoas of the Fre
mont Normal, and the county superio
dents from the various counties reached
by the F. E. & M. V. R. R., in Nebraska
have signified tbefr intention of going
over the NORrH-WFSTERX LINE to
It was found necessary to, provide
special acconnuodatipas for toe .party.
A through sleeper from Lincoln- to Mil
waukee ' without change,, has been en
gaged. Leave Lincoln 1:45 P M.. via F.
E. & M. V. R. K. .Wahoo 3s6 P. M.
Fremont 3:50 P. M Mossouri VeJley 0KM
P. M. Arrive Milwaukee 10:50 A, M. .-
Teachers and others Uking advantage
of t lie low rates to Milwaukee account
N. E. A., from points on the Superior
and Hastings lines, also from the main
lines aud branches west on the P. E. &
M. V. R. R.,. can secure sleeping car
space in this through car by applyiug to
the nearest agent of the K. E. & M. V.
R. R. Rate for double berth accom
modating two people, Lincoln or Fre
mont to Milwaukee, $140 ,
Through chair cars will be provided
where necessary.
J. R. Been ANN AX,
Gen'l Passenger Agent F. E. A M.- V.'
R. It, Omaha, Neb.
Commissioners Proceedings. .
Hsrrlsoo. Neb.. I
Board of county eoaiailsaloiiets mC pur
siuuit todJournniet.-
I'reMDt Commlasloaerr Weber, Toune sad
TlDkham, ud Klerk.
Minute of laat Bieetliff were corrected to
show tbe appOlfitiiieDt ot Jeotas MeGaon as
road oveneer Dlst. No 4. ' -
On motion board adjourned till 8 a. -n.,
Juue 'ib. 1897. ,
M. J. Blbwbtt.
. . Uork.
Harrison. Neb., i
. June 2i, lo7. "
Board of eontaty eooimuuiloDers met our
suant tokdjourament.
FrewDt. Commlulooers Weber, Young and
Tlnkneoi, and clerk.
Tbe road petition of Bobert Oelser and
others wu presented, end on motion ordered
returned tor tbe reiiaon that it does not con
tain tbe number of slgnitures required by
Tbe bridge petl'.ion of Jake Marking and
otben. requestlug that county bridae bt
built on xecUon line beteeenaecUausSl and
'A ten. M. range 64, iu prepntd ajul on
Botloa Conuulsaiuaers Weber and Tiakbeav
are hereby appointed .to view aatd bridge
site and report at tbU sieetluf . .
Tbe affidavit of ,T.-1. snjrder eiaMM to
witaeaa fees la the caae of Jaiue H, Cook ft.
Obarlas Bieble, county treasurer, was pre
tested arid on motion rejected fur the reao
tbat aaid caae 1 still pending In tbe district
The affidavit of T. II. .Soydor relative to
witness fees In tba caae of the State of Ne
braska vs. Frank Harris was presented and
oa emtton sejeeted fur the reason that afiluat
tailed to aetueal aa-required by law.
Tbe official bond of James McOaim as road
overseer in Uat 'Creek precinct, fltL No. 4,
was presented and on mutlofi upprored.
The annual settlement of Henry Kreinnn
as road oversorln White Blver precinct. Wist.
No. 11. was prvsented and on motion allowed
and certificate ordered Issued agaiut said
road district for $27.00, amount of same.
Tbe annual settlement of N. I). Haaalla as
road overseer In Bowen precinct, Dlst Mo.
12, was presented and oa motion alloweAsnd
certlflcale ordered issued against said road
d (strict for 127 .00, acuoun t of same. .
Tbe clami of 7 K. Antrim of 90 cent for
swear log paupers wa presented and on mu
tton rejected.
Tbe following claims against Sioux county
were audited and on motion allowed and
warrant ordered drawn on'general fund of
1697 for same:
K. Rohwer, boarding jury
W. H. Davis, stationery .
6 60
John L. stratum, services as bailiff,
I t 00
I 60
t 66
' 60
J. U. L. Uaglaad, wood for pauper....
Marateller Bros, supplies for pauper,
" county,
Crawford Her. Co., pauper,
.. ...... .. c. , .
Lewis Oerlacb,
J. H. Bartell. " .
N. L. Tipton, .wood' "
Christian Jenaea. " . '
6 00
l'J 0
4 40
. 1 SI
. ,04
1 91
David Anderson, swpplte '
- !
" - ,.- " 7 a
t. M . M M f g
W. W. Wood attorney fees la ease of
Batten vs. stoat eoaaty.w a ou
Orant Outbrie. eafarw a
lary asou. attorney, iso oo
I ss
Omaha PrlnUof Co., staUoeers . .
" " ,:.1.l
i. prlatraf aa ubllah-
L.J .
wv wu
.... . 16 at
: 96
Charles Bleats, sossase ;
state Journal Co., tauoaery . . .
" ... It
" w au
Jackson MeUllng. as of raomae foir,
eleethMi'.. .............. .... . 60
V. 1C JajidL. ssraas liuml am 1SS4
taxes j.14
D. St. SuUoa, preoarias! cmtrt rwooa..- 4 us
The followlai claims agalast Bloux eeestty
were a edited and oa awtlon aMewed aatd
warrants ereered drew oa easHBty TnTMe
faad of ISM forsaasei
UwUOerlaeh. bridge spikes .. $ Id
u. A. Pndoy, bwudlnf brldm ...m .... 00
Henry Krsiaan. beiftlae hSdge. ..... 4 70
On moUe board s4jejraed till a. a.,
Ju5. 1SD7. :,'Lwm
- 'i
; Bsrrlso. Heb., I '
Jnne 'is, 1V7. f '
Beard asat parse sat to adjiwirwaisac
Present. Coewilsaleasrs Wsher. Yesssf aad
Tinkham. aad elerk. . t-
Commlssloaar Wsber aad Tlekhaav efla
est viewing bridge sit petltl ed for by
Jake Marklai aad otherr, resort tm favor of
building tbe bridge, and all nerUe destrfag
to bid on said bridge ate hereby rsaaiil! to
II all bids with a bond for tlOOw with the
eonaty efmrk o or Be fees 13 o'clock aeon, of
Aug. Sod, isef. The board lessrve tbe
right to rwjeet aay aad all iM. Tlaas and
seeciacetieas caa b had by esiUs at aft
onVeof the county elerk,, , , ,
On esotlon board ad)ornwd till 1:00 a .,
4 one St. If7.
M.i. ah.WWW., b
June lit. te7. '
fttard rnrr pursuant to sijournmrat.
Present, CrltnuilsHiooer Weber, Vouug Sd
Tinkham, and clerk.
' Tbe following claims aif aln.t Sloui county
were audited and on motion allowed aad
warrants ordered drawn on general fund of
1887 for same.
. W. Carey, supplies for pauper....! 4 7S
Krrderit-k tterUcr.uau, lnd f jr couu-
ty road
W. H. DavlK. service at county supt.. 60
W.J A. KUlu, Mr lee a fcaasseor. ... til bU
LV. Antrim. .... M
Johnrwrres. " .... we 60
Heury X.imiuerman " " : .... u 40
Nels iCngbwi, ' " " ... 14 eO
John W. lldd. M " " .... 4UUO
W. H. Hough. " .... SU)
rVJ. Miller. " .... "J oi
r red Hteuiuter, " " " " .... M oo
J. W. Scull.- M " " .... 44 OO
Tboma L'urran, eervices as aasessor,
claimed Mi.uu. allowed 40 00
John C. ttbipley. sMrvlces as assessor,
claiiaed 64O.0O. allowed 46 00
Qeo. It. Cauum- priuilug aud publish
ing claimed nl.'Jj. aliowetl 79 43
ftobe.t Wilson, coart fee In tbe caa
of Mat of Nebraska vs. Laaln.... 6 70
David Hariiell, svr vices as slterilf,
claimed 4.HI, aliused 36 W
JamesW rlKbl.repairing county chair 11 45
Crawford Mercauttis Co., supplies for
pauper 34 26
V. i. Mllier, overseeing tbe pour 6 OU
M. J. lilewett, salary us clerk of ilia
board of eouuty coti niisslonen,
expresn, posts ffu, eic... 2SH 47
James t'. Voung. scrrices co. com., CO
Krank Xlnkhaiu, " " hJ 40
M. J. Weber, " " " 12 40
rlenter A Son, coal for county bl 70
Charies Dlpperi, services as i.seemor, 4 Oo
James Noiaii, services as hsseseur,
claimed HK1.40, allowed 43 40
N. D-. Hamlin, uvsry hire 0 oo
fc. K. imlib. work on Bounty buildtag, 'J isj
tiraailUutbrle, necessary expeuses as
county aitorticy 48 44
BobertrlarriNou.svovices as Juror,... u oo
Thomas Dunn, " "... e oo
Peter Weldenfeld M 00
B. . Johnson, " " " .... 7 OO
Henry Liademaa, " " " 10 80
.lams HcCann. " " .... 12 Oo
V. m. ClUberry, ' - .... la OO
A. McUiuler, 4 O0
True Miller, U 60
L.C.Lewis, " " " .... 10 BO
W liber Shepherd. " " " ... 13 uO
PeteUsasua. " " .... 13 Oo
J. C. Alexander, " " .... t) 60
lleary Oibrtcbt. . 8 bo
William Phillips. " ' .... 11 OO
r red Blombrra. " " " .... 11 'M
W . H. Johnson. " .... 11 ho
W. T. Jvoee. " M "... lo 6o
AmosJacoby. 9 -M
W. L. Wallace. " " " .... 16 OO
A. C. Cullers, ' .... IS oo
Wm. Miller. " .... 7 fXi
A. K. Dew, " " " .... 3 10
Andrew Pracnnler. costs In justice
, uourt in atoneklng caae 14 26
The claim of V. E. Jandt for pauper sup
piles were ordered returned for the reason
that tbe names of tbe parties for whom the
goods were furnished does not appear in the
claim.. ' .
Tbe claim of J. E. Hartwell for medical
services was ordered returnwLfor the reason
that the same is not properly werlfled and for
the further reason that said dlalm has not
been 0. K. by the Julc of peace of the pre
cinct In which tbe aervltfa wefo rendored.
The claim of M. J. Blewett lof 7 00 for
preparing road overseers' boitk was pre
sented and on motion allowed and warrant'
ordered drawn on county road fund of 1897
for same.
On motion tbe clerk U hereby ordered and
Instructed to cancel warrant No. 2 on special
debt fund of 1896 and to Isiue warrant on
special debt futod of 1897 ior amount due on
same. i f
Commissioner Weber, after vlcwlnjt bridge
site petitioned for by V. Wohlbeterand oth
ers, reperfcMhat In hi opinion there' would
wot be sufficient travel over that line of road
to Justify a bridge at Ibis tin, and oa mo
tion salo fietltlon is hereby rejected, u)
. O motion board adjourned without day.
.' ,s , f M. J. Blewett,
' Clerk.
Nnilrr to nn-ltesltlrnt Defendant.
In the District Court of loux County, Neb
Horace C. htunton, plutntln", vs. Iorenro
D. Harmon. A. L. Ornisby, TrUHte, frank
Dallcy, Isaac A. Pratt, Fruncls K. Prutt, Ue
To Lorenzo D. Harmon, A. L. Ormsby trp
Deo, ami Frank Dallcy non-resident defend
ant. You are Hereby notified that on the 2ftth
dav of April 1WT, PlulntiS herein, filed His
petition In the above entitled cause, in tlie
District Court of Hionx Comity, Nebraska,
against the above named defendant the ob
ject and praverof which is to fore lose a cer
tain mortgaire executed on the 2lt dav of
Jnne l7, by Lorenzo D-Harmon upon the
SW', of Hec. 6 In Twp. Si N. Range OS west of
the Mb V. M. the same being in moux County,
ebr.,toserve the payment of a promissory'
note tor tbe sum of SSjOdue and payable on
June 1st 1892, that there I now due and pay
able on said note the sum of 6310.20 and the
sum of 114.02 taxes paid by plaintiff to pro
tect bis security with Interest at the rule of
lOper cent, per annum from the first day of
May ll7,ror which sani, with Interest plain
tie prays for a decree that the defendant
Day tbe same, and that In default of such
payment said premises may be sold to satis
fy tbe amount found due. ,
Yon are reqatrvsl to answer said petition
on or before tbe 6th day of July 1867.
- Horace C.stanton,
W.W.Wood aad Grant Guthrie,
attorneys for plaintiff,
first poblteattoa May X7th 1167 (18-41
... ofrT-Btatlfenda.
In She District Coart of sioas County Keb-
Jane K. Woodretf, plaintiff, re. John
Meinhart. Jowphlwe Meiahart, Loals Boff.
Utr.lTu.Kaaanf wtfof Leuls Bnfflng, chris
Un aaia naknesrn aad W. J. Sowden
defeadaht. '
' T -John V4nbdv. ileteehlae Meiahart
aatf,W. J. Bowdeawow-reskkrnt defendant.
, are aewbTrnotlled that oa the :'4th
day ef April MM etatntur herein, died her
nsvitlon in the eteove entitled cawn, in the
tfstrtetOeurt of Stowi County, Hdbraska,
Aa4nst the defendant abor a named tbe oh
jjaet aad prayer ef which I to foreclos a
evrtaln skartssffe eseeeted oe the 14th day
ef Jau MM, by JoM Meiahart and Josephine
Meinhart apoa tbe lK, of . K la Twp. n .
Bang Ml West of thA P. M.tbe aas being
la Moss eoeaty Bebf to seenr the payment
of a prowinilsMry note for tbe sen of SJ
du aad payable Jane let IBM that there I
sow da aad payable on said not the sum
of sajlJAand for tea paid bv pUdntlff to
proteetaeraeearity the sum. of gCa.M with
Interwetot the rate of leper esot. per anaeav
rmm the 1st nay of May MT. for whleh sum,
with Interest plalatuT pray for a deere
that tbe defeadaato pay taJ;ame. and that
la defaell of rneh paywMfVald premlae
mast be oM to aatlafy the aesonnt faUwd
de. . '
'Tee are required to aaswer said peffOen
on ay teforwlae rtth dsy of July 1SH.
tleMsssK. W0tltifcWi t
i, : . phUatlff.
By W. W. Wood, aad Orant Oatbri
attorneys for plaiatlff.
They handle every thing
eral department country store.
i "' Stab
, ..WE SELL THE ' ( V
American Hartd-Sewed Shoe Co's
Just THTruBorTiiBt soor i vi t , .
I am Asent for the world famed McKORMICK BIN'
ERSand MOWERS. I keep on hand all Ihe time a full
line of supplies for these machines.
Last but not Least.
Wehn you are badly io need of tlie only PERKIN S WIND MILL 'J
sold in Sioux County, call on irfe.
p V yc
: r I
i O o
Now write us for Description
boat it. We have been telling our
i. - s ilzl r! N 5 s ? 0 ?
i-g ; pPti rJ IU iff!
is nil ipKiK'j
si t W mAm
Where are you going?
We are on our way to the
rciricir suppLr house.
Jfy wife wants one of thot
beatiful SPUING HATS
and dry good provkicn dr.
I need a Sprirg SUIT myelf
mid we think we can save mon
ey by trading ai the
usualy handled in a gen
Feed and Sale
. Also, We handld a full line of
Groceries Sc.
We pay the freight
Kimball o
. v-r jb.y vxivjl l
In Wtwfca aad Wetrtem Iowa.
Yon Oct $198 Organ for $88.
down and 15.00 per month,
ally eeareel ter B yer.
and Cftalog-ue. We will tell you all
friends about this now 23 years.
' V
? '..
- - . ft t " ' '