The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 22, 1897, Image 8

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Thcbsday, Aran- th,
Ctto. D. CinH, Editor wad Prop.
F. E. M. V K. . Hue telle.
Going Veil. Coin Kant,
sfo. , raised... 1 M No. , mised 7:30
JT. E. PHINNEY. M. 1).
PaysK-laa tmi Suryeon.
All rtlls given prompt attention.
Office In Drug Store,
I North-Western
F., E. 4. M. V. R. R. is the besl
to and from the
Bard Times prices. Small fruits in
large supply. Millions of Strawberry
plants, very thrifty and well rooted.
Get the BEST near home and save freight
or express. Send for price list to North
Bend Nurseries, North Bend, Dodge
County, Neb. 33
The rules of the local land office have
recently been amended so that settlers
to make final proof shall settle with the
publisher before sending in their applica
tion. Alt parties desiring to make final
proof can have their papers made out at
Tmt JOCRHAL office, free of charge, and
promptly transmitted to the land office
so that no time will be lost.
J. B. Burk was in Harrison Saturday
of last week.
Tarpolions, tents and wagon covers
At Bartku8.
. Have you seen thone fine Ladies hat
Old papers, five cents per dozen at
The Jocrnal office.
Hiss Lenoa Noreisch went to Craw
ford last Saturday evening.
Ho to BaRTKU's for your dry goods
find ladies furnishiDg goods cheap.
Read the "Notice to Delinquents"
Ibis week on another page of this issue.
Why do'nt you run your stock brand
in the Jockkal? It will pay you, try it.
Leonard Da Lit of Warbonet was do
ing business in Harrison last Saturday
Mr. Fred Root of Lusk, "was a visitor
fa Harris n Easter Sunday, staying over
night, returning Monday.
Mr. Patrick Slattery who lives 15
miles north-west of Harrison, was a
viator at this office today.
J". H. Bartell wishes to announce
to the public that he can sell furniture
cheaper tln any other store in town.
J. B. Burk of Bodarc was hauling post
toEast Springs last week for Chas. New
man, somewhere down in the sand hills.
8. L. Hartley of Pleasant Ridge,
came down to Harrison Monday to look
after business interests here and dojiome
Fred Btiraroar, who lives on Ante
lope creek about twenty miles from town
was in Harrison last Monday doing some
The jurors of the April term of
Court will not be required to be in at.
(erdsnce on May 18th, when court re
convene. Mr. and Mrs. Jeff. Hewett, who live
out oo Indian creek, was in town Monday
on bunas, stopping over night at the
Harrison House.
The Ranch Supply House has just
received from Chicago, a fine line of
Ladies trimmed, spring hats which are
being sold at unheard of low prices.
On aoeouet of lack of space in thus
iaaW we was obliged to lay of er until
next Week seme news received from
om of two of our special correspondents.
If you want the latest styles and
laebioas in millinery just goto Bartbx's
there is where you will And fresh goods
and as cheap aa aey western town can
ail ttem. "
-Eon. John H. Barron of Lusk, who
era one of the nresidsntial electors in
Cm last faiFs election, was in Harrison
jttttZ court . woek, aad mot personal
fctrJ Wfco woptwri to tee him.
,;. Vf, tiZxj u w? of Crawford,
rcrt li lMaej ImI Taeeiey . Mr.
pJ .pxtCst toam at the
rrrr vj. vsusi em win rt-
. y-'
w -
they ail like to laLe the girls a riding
just the same.
Miss llattie O'Conner, who has aen
stopping at Mr. Thomas Bell's near Lusk
for Hie last two or three months, came
down on a visit to her parents last Satr
lath. She returned to Lhe Bell ranch on
Monday afternoon.
The sunday school will give an Easter
entertainment at the church on Sunday
eveninjr, April 25th to which the public is
socially invited. The program is quite
an interesting one, and all should attend.
W. H. Davis,
It is reported the special correspon
dent of the world Herald w ho sent in the
various descriptions of the Air ship from
this place, purchased t bottle of cheap
whiskey from one of the dealers here be
fore taking his observations.
Mrs. George Davis left for Jersey
ville, Ills., to visit her mother lxst Mod
day evening on the east bound passenger
Mrs. Davis has not seen Iier mother for
seven years and will be gone four months
so she can have a long visit.
L. E. Dickinson, from lower 33 on
Ru nning Water was attending court in
Harrison last week. He will move his
family to this town in a day or two. As
his wife is a dressmaker, she will engage
in that business here in the future.
A stone-mason who's name we did
not learn, came in on the train last Mon
day evening and put up at the North-
Western Hotel for dinner, leaving in the
afternoon for the P. F. ranch where he
will do stone and plaster work during
the summer.
Laney Sutton will leave here on
Wednesday to assist Charles Plimpton
and George Davis to drive a small herd
of cattle from the Piimton place to
Indian creek where they will be kept dur
ing the summer. He will be gone a
week or more.
Ed O'Conner who has been stopping
at theHarrison House all winter and at
tending school, left Friday evening for
Sheridan, Wyo., where he will work on a
stock ranck during the summer. Ed
will be missed by the boys in Harrison
this summer wiih out a boubt.
Hon. Judge Kiukaid of O.Neal will
hold an adjourned term of court in Har
rison on May 18th, for the purpose of
tryi-j the case of John II. Cook vs Chas.
Biehle, county treasurer, for the reason
that Judge Westover was legally bared
from hearing the case on account of ha v.
ing been the counsel for one of the parties
to the suit. ' ''
Notice. All parties knowing them
selves indebiled to the undersigned are
requested to call and settle either in
cash or with note on or before May 1st.
As I liave rented my Hotel to other par
ties I will go out of buisness at the above
stated time. Eooert Rohwer, '
The case of Tinnen vs Burlington
Missiouri River Railroad was concluded
in court on Saturday morning, the jury
bringing :n a verdict for the plaintih" for
damages in tiie sum of $200. A motion
for a new trial was or will be offered and
in case a new trial is not granted an ap
peal to the supreme court of the state
will be taken.
A Mr. Johnson, who's given name
we did not learn and who is a frieud of
Pat Lacey, came in from Iowa last
Friday. Ha shipped his housoold goods
two or three weeks a o. He reports that
there is going to be a big jmmogration
to this part of Nebraska from Iowa, dur
ing the spring. He says that several of
bis Iowa neighbors will follow his exam
ple shortly.
A. Christian of Lusk, foreman on
the Coffee ranch in Wyoming about
forty miles, was in Harrison ou Monday
of this week doing business. He also
called at our office and enjoyed a plesant
chat with us. Mr. Christian reports that
the loss in stock oo his range during the
winter, will be about one per cent, at
any rate it will not exceed two per cent
Hon. T. B. Snyder of Sheep creek
made several calls at The Journal office
during court week. Mr. Snyder is a suc
cessful stock man of Scotts BlafTs coun
ty and is especially interested in the
stock interests of the North-West,
We believe Mr. Snyder is a citizen that
any county can justly feel proud of. We
sincerely hope when in Harrison Mr.
Snyder will make it his business to
honor this office with a call.
IIoo A. J. Bog-art, who made appli
cation for the position of postmaster at
Harrison, about three weeks ago, was
notified officially of his appointment on
the 20tb inst From, what we know of
Mr. Bogart, the position could not have
been confered oo a more hoaerable, trust
worthy and deserving mna in this county
Mr. Bogart is an old soldie and we are
glad to ace these men secognized by the
new administration.
Merchant Gerla'ch yesterday, sold to
a traveling man by the name of Van
back of Neligb, Neb., his share in the
Spring Hill mine. He feel that he made
a serious mistake in selling at this time
M the prospects are very flattering for a
food out put this season but, says it is
too laU aowto squeal The other shares,
mm aii-to or oiae owned hare in Harri
son, eaaaoi be sought far any ordinary
pries Jostoow. ' " .". v '
-Em !.,D. Hamlin, last Saturday
wdaj iweitwl tstrfrtia from her
fctiii at ttnw,Wtin his father
krz iSfcb .wfcfrn ttitif of para.
tt&j Toe aiuti 'f.i'ui of Die tvo
brothers and one sister, Mrs. B. F.
Thomos who live in this part of the
country will sympatize with them in
their loss and bereavement, ,Mc. Ham
lin isexic'ted to return this week.
V. F. Seward of Crawford passed
through Harrison on his way ho,n from
Manville, Wyo. where he has been to ar
range to move his family to Crawford
where he has bought out a livery stable
and has been running it a month or more.
Mr. Seward has been engaged ia the
livery, feed and sale stable also, the res
taurant business for the last ten vears,
but, since buying into business in Craw
ford, Mr. Seward has disposed of his Man
ville property end will try his fortunes
in Nebraska from this on.
It should be born in mind by the
stock growers of Sioux county and all
the adjoiruing counties that there is an
organization known as the North-West
ern Nebraska Association of Stock men,
with its head quarters for the present
at Alliance, Nfeh. Those wishing to en
quire into the object for which this asso
ciation was organized with a view to be
coming members of it, can by writing
the sejretary, Mr. Van Boskirk at Alli
ance, Neb., will doubtless get wiiat infor
mation they wish in regard to the organ
ization and the reasons. why slock men
of this vicinity should become members
thereof. It looks as if the stock men of
Sioux county ought to organize and see
if tlje cattle rustlers can't le routed and
when caught brought to justice and le
made to ay the penalty for such crimes.
The stock industry is especially adopted
to our county and the eople in this
county ought to see to it that their own
interests are looked after.
Wlmt came near being a lxid acci
dent and a burn-out for land lord Roh
wer and possible a part of the town, hap
pened at the Harrison House last Mon
day night about eight o'clock, when Mrs.
Rohwer undertook to put out the liht
of the large Rochester lamp in the din
ing room which in some way ell to the
floor and in its desent struck Mrs. Roh
wer on one side of her face and scatter
ing oil over her bruising her face slight
ly but not seriously. It of course took
lire on the inside of the lamp and looked
at one time as if all hands would be
blown across on the other side of Jordan
but, Mr. Ruhwer, who is quite cool un
der exciting circumstances look his hand
kerchief from his pocket and picked up
the burning lamp, carried it to the bar
room, set it right side up in the wash
sink, turned the wick down wheu it soon
went out, fortunately no damage was
done. It was one of the indiest days of
the season and surely it was a narrow
escape. .
About The Airship.
Several who saw it claim to have seen
.riiUereDt colored lights, winch changed
alternately from white to red, blue and
Kretn, which eeini-d to be manipulated
by objects on the ship, and alter siganling
in this way several times, one eye wit
ness says, that an extremely bright
light shot out from either sid of the
huge monster, and that then it gradually
moved of and disapeured.
Charles T. Cofee took observations
from his wjnd mill and was so anutsed
ind, highly pleased with the spectacle
that his w ife could hardly persaude him
to come down. Several incidents of this
kind occured which are too numerous to
The above is a couple of paragraphs
clipped from, the Sunday World-Herald
which contained a special dispatch from
Harrison, Neb.', giving a detailed acount
of the air-ship it claimed passed over this
place one day last w eek, and w hich has
been seen in So many places at the same
time throughout the United States. We
would be inclined to doubt the truth of
the statement were it not for the fact
that one of our reputable citizens had
taken a astronomical view of it himself,
from tlie top of a w ind mill tower. The
World-Herald contained a whole column,
but for want of space we were unable to
print the entire article.
Happenings in Highland.
Mr. Covey has been having a tussle
with the grippe, but we hear he is bet
ter now.
Mr. and Mrs Ed Rrne spent Easter Sun
day with Mr. and Mrs. Will Phillips.
P. N. tfirkpatrick is, intending to
leave Highland for Gering in the near
future to work on the ditch.
C. E. A. Estler is hatching oo his
homestead now.
A bousepeeper wanted, no old maid
deed apply. '
Mrs. Sarah A. Rose lias been staying
with Mrs. Will Phillips while Mr. Phil
lips was attendiny court
Nels Englbrerht has just purchased a
fine milks cow. I wonder what is going
to happen.
Ed Rose has just purchased a work
team of A. McQinter, he paid $80.00, for
them. Horses are cheap now,
Mr. and Mrs. Leitboff have moved on
their homestead South of Nels Engl
brecut's. ,
There will be a large acreage of pota
toes planted in Highland this year.
' ; -. .; - Bcd.
Wkita Elrer JUws.
L 8. Melatosb has Ms aaw house nearly
ready for ooeapaocy.
Mr. Fisher and Mr. Chriasj Oilman are
taking musts) isssopa' from Miss Carrie
fwyier. I ' -
evening, bin health was Letter than for
some time.
Famiintr has commenced in earnest,
the ground is in fine condition and we
hope far better crops than last year.
The Pullen people have moved back
on their claim from the sand hills, we
understand they will farm here this sum
mer. The social held at Mr. Morans last
evening was a very enjoyable one in spite
of the rain, quite a numher were present
and a good time was had.
There seems to be some saddle rustling
going on of late. Roy Pitmen's saddle
was quite badly torn tip at .church the
other night also one at the resilience of
W. D. Johnson. A part of Mr. Johnson's
saddle was carried oiT and has not yet
been returned. Cap.
Warbonuet Warbling.
William Ellis has lieen si.k with a bad
cold, but iii now much better.
O. A. Onrton and family nnd grandin
Lyon spent Easter at Jean Bigelow's.
B. F. Thomas and familv have oil
been sick with the la grippe, but are
now recovering.
It is reported tlmt death st ill ront innes
to remove the life from among? Mr. Fili!
perald's cattle. We did not learn the
Sunday and Monday April 11th nnd
12th. wre lmd days in Warhonnet, mist
and snow Sunday and a genuine snow
storm Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Garton were callprs at
Mr. Dowry. s who live out west of town.
Mr. fiarton made a trade of a couple of
hogs for potatoes with Mr. Lowry.
Lew Wilson hag derided to try farm
ing this year, and is desirous of engaging
someone, well iiTifornied in all the intri
cate work of housa keeping, to cook,
wash dibhesand entertain callers etc, etc.
Now girls there is your chance, so
wear your hair in the most becoming
style, and smile your prettiest smile for
it is nearing the time for the spring
work to begin and Lew is apt to call at
any time.
Last Tuesday James Marrinm went
over to White's saw-mill to finish put
ting in his logs, but on account of the
rheumatism settling so in his lnck,
he was obliged to quite work and Friday
he returned home again.
w From All Around Bodarc.
It seems the grippe has settled in Iho
valley. There is quite a few kept in. It
is lest for people in such weather not to
expose themselves so much.
It is reported that there will be a sur
prise dance lietweeo Montrose and Adelia J
on easter Monday. I hope the parties
which are going to attend will have a
pleasant time.
The grangers are out at work again.
It will be late before those who intend to
put in a large crop can get it in, hut
they have more confidence in a crop now
than the single gold standard bringing
prosperity to this laud.
Mr. S. W. Carey is going to move his
aw mill toP. M. Smith's canyon. Mr.
Carey and Mr. Smith had a contract
there. Mr. Carey has agreed (50,000
feet each year, two years in Miccesicn.
Mr. Smith has some of the very best
timber in Sioux county. There is not
less than I V), 000 feet of lumber in Mr.
Smith's canyon. But.
of tlio ED I TOU of
Harrison, Nebr. )
April ltt, 18UT.
An old Sioux county veteran and life
long democrat notes with glowing pride
the steady, forward and ever onward
march of the free silver cause, which ha
ever been a link in the chain otrue demo
eracy, while revelling in secret over
the bright prospects of our country, and
ripht in our midst a new star shines forth
viz : Thk Sioux Cocsty Journal chang
ing its dusky garb to one of the purest
white. We were informed that the hero
to occomplish this great work hailed
from the land of the Kiotes (S. D.) but
on inquiiy we 11 nd one of our own sons
from the hanks of the Platte, w ho is
to guard the future policy of The Jocr
nai. Yes, old Nebraska is never second
in her patriotism, but is always ready
to give her most cherished sons to the
cause of democracy and free silver which,
we believe is in the interest of the farm
er, labores, the mechanic, etc. Now dear
Mr. EJitor here's to success; may. your
paper ever glisten with the radiance of
the cause which it is championing and
may the peel of Its silver tongus be
heard over the entire state of Nebraska)
and especially In our own county.
A RARcnKit.
1(1" V, ''. K,ri!,.i. 1.1.,. . F1
I can sell you a suit of clothes cheap
er than you can buy them at whole
sale prices in Chicago or Omaha.
Call at The Ranch Supply House and be convinced.
Spring will soon be here.
I also run MEAT MARKET in con
nection with the HOTEL.
Your Patronage is solicited.
They handle every thing usualy handled in a gen
eral ueoarimeni
Now w the time
It is the Legal Paper of
Arrlcsltursl Hsrletj Jffttlsf.
There will be a meeting of the Sioux
County Agrlcultur a Society in the office
of the sheriff at the court houe, in Har
rison, on Wednesday, April 14, 1807. Lt
nil interested In the succssn of the society
be present, as there will w important
butdnees to transact. ' ;
coun rv s ore. .
rr-srwrr Ti-ini
Celebrated BEER.'
to subscribe for
HNinmcr Srnsol.
Arrangements have been completsd
for the holding of a .summer school at
Harrison for the benefit of teachers and
jothers who might desire to attend such a
school. Is will begin June 14ht, sod con-
linue four weeks, followed by tno wtss
normal institute. 1 ' '
For full.prtlrtui.n wrfU. r ' ..
-r-h I
. 1 In.,. I . !' , .V aft-t !
1 1,