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    Our N.vjr.
Thi trouble.with the navy ia that the
hiHi are allowed to w to near the
water. We cannot risk having a pier
lea i avy. Chicago Tribune.
What particular spell of the Lore'ei or
what member of the family of the re
apected Mr. Davy Jones presides ove
our navy? New York Advertiser.
The recent disaster to the .Brooklyn
and the troubles with the Texas indicate
pretty clearly thot we are not ready yet
to go to war. Indianapolis News.
CasrMrr3tlmu.ate iver, a'lmn and bowels. Mat
as skea. mm of grlta. loe.
Th hardest oroblems to solve are the
the providences of Go1.
To protect thetrowsera from 'vearinp
by contact with the shoes a cloth-cover-d
metal gnard is attached to the shoe
Jnside the upner and projects down
around the outside of the shoe.
Suffered Host in Spring
Cured by Hood's Sarsaparilla
the Great Spring Medicine
Scrofulous Sor Log for 28 Years.
All Spring Humors, sores, eruptions,
boils, pimples, etc., are cured by
Hood's Sarsaparilla, the "king of medi
cinea." Head these lette. s:
"C. 1. Hood & Co., Lowell, Mais.:
"Dear Sirs After suffering from a ore
leg for 25 years, four bottles
Letter of Hood's have
made a complete cure. My
No. I. ley would inflame aa soon
as dog days would come and
continue to be sore until spring. Then
the sores would heal a little and break out
again. 1 tried do tors and every remedy
I could hear of, but all fat ed. I then
heard of Hood's Sarsaparilla and bought
one bottle, and it helped me so much thai
I kept on until I took four bottles;
cured, in (rood health and weigh 160 lb."
Mrs. M. J. Hartley, Lovett, Georgia.
No Sore, No Erysipelas.
"C. 1. Hood& Co., Lowell, Mass.: "
"Dear 8 Irs 1 want to say once more,
Hotd'g .Sarsaparilla is ah you
Letter claim for It. I haven't bad
any sore or erysipelas since
No. 3. I used Hood's Sarsaparilla
several years ago and was
sored by It. I trust many may be benefited
by Hood's Sarsaparilla as 1 have been. I
recommend it highly as a blood medicine."
Mrs. M. J. Hartley, Lovett, Ga.
parilla Is sold by all druggist. Price SI, six for $5
HrwuH'c Pllle ''ure I'lvr Ills; y to
lliruu S rilia take, easy to operate. 35c
at the Sun
iUDFG I Keep
ifiai. ,
j it r rt mvyvV'.
, Di-i- " A
The Beat
Saaale Coat.
Keeoa both rider and i4J nr.
frctlydryln the harden ilmi.
3UDniutr win disappoint. Atktor
ilo7 Fith Brand Pommel Slicker
It l entirely new. If not tot talc in
your town, wntt for catalorue to
A. J.TOWF. Notion. Ma.e.
Tha St. Joseph and Grand Island R. R
TO a!.!, ro!T
A?ionnwh"tM Ucion Pacific System
I Tint t'avoan ( nm-ris
To California, Oregon and U Wetteru Polim.
For Information regarding ratn, etc. , call on
r arid rata any sgan tor 9. M. Afcit,
i. P. HoamaoK, J a., dan. Put. Aft,,
lien'l Manager, Bt, Jomph, Ma.
pctehts. trWTs7
Bxaroloatloc and Advloa aa to Pafniahlllty of In
aaiion. Sand fnTlaveotore'tJuiile, or How Iu0i-t
I'aieut. I'araivK O'f aaasu. Waj.hl.iu, h C.
m wiiLSO0O..w"rilng
on, ii. i,. nocnaru mi p-
nt oMameil. (50 pair bnnk
frwa. ft . Inor. w
flTUiMm' M fna. Ar B. fllJlT, Mlral am
mi ysVB fiat out
hew Akkly wi
iaelilona to Jewelry.
Fanciful ornaments are decidedly
)iamond tippel clgrettes are in do
niand for finishing ofl a fashionable
co ffure.
A Hitnple but effective Sneer ring em
ploys two contrasting stones, one placed
Ik'litl? above the other in a coiled rinK
of go'd
li.i yi-ling, hunting, golfing and vacht-1
ing all supply motifs for broocheB and
fcarf pine.
Bow's Tnis.
Wt offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for anv cace of catarrh that can not be,
i-nred by il all's Catarrh Cure.
V. -I. CHUNKY it CO.. Toledo, O.
We, the undersigned have known K. J.
Cheney lor the lam 15 years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transtacliunc and nnanoially able to eairj
out anvobligations made by their firm. :
Wist Ji Uriiax, Wholesale druggists. '
Toledo, O., Waldino, Kinna.n 4. Mahvik, !
Wholesale drugxits, Toledo. 0. I
Hall's Catarrh Cure U taken internally,
acting directly upon the blo'-tl and mucous ;
BunaoPK oi tue system, ienliiiioiiials sent
free. Price 75c. per bottle. Hold by a.J
Blaala Kiom the Kama Horn.
Heaven and hell are not far apart, but
the gulf between is very deep.
8me people keep such a clo$e lookout ,
(or i he devil, that they ever fail to see. !
The man who gets up in this world by
timttng another man down, loses more
thaii he gains.
There is nobody we like better than
the man who is willing to speak his
opinions, except the man who is willing
ty keep them to himself.
To prevent the hardening of the sub
cutaneous tissues of the scalp and the
o iliterution of the hair follicles, which
cause baldness, use Hail's Hair Renewef.
Detachable hardened f-teel points for
picks, recently patented, will not wear
out as quickly as the usual points and
can be removed for sharpening.
No-tn-Iiac for Fifty Cents.
Ovr 400.000 cured. Vthv not let No-To Rac
rcfculatu or remove your denre for lobai-eo?
Sva imu'y.nikc health and in iiliouil. Cure
KUar.iulHed, 5oc uiM $1, nil n i i t
A newly patented car brake consists of
a steel shoe fastened to the car above the
wheel so that the weight of the car helps
to apply the brake to the wheel.
A handy device for lifting a burning
stick of wood or coal is a shovel with s
projecting prong over the blade to be
presied down by the hand a ad hold th-
coal in place.
Mrs. Wloalow'a Sooth i no STBOf for child
ren teethitiK, nolieni tha jrum, re. luces iatlam
matlon, allay pain, curea wind colic, i'x; boitle
Skates that are locked on the feet by
pressing the heel of the shoe into the
heel plate of the skate has just been pat
ented. One of the latest designs in incandes
cent lamps is formed by placing the wire
between two sheets of glaes set in a flat
A 1 andy heater for cnrling irons can
be attached to a gas burner and has an
opening surrounded by jet orifices into
which the iron is thrust.
A epring safety valve for beer caski
has j'itt been patented.
From tlie Capital, St. John, Kantai.
Your correspondent in an interview
with Mr. John McMillan, who resides at
St. John, Kan., elicited the following in
formation concerning the wonderful cura
tive properties contained in Lr. Williams'
Piuk rills.
Mr. McMillan said:
"In the fall of lSi4, I, with another
man, decided upon a hunting expedition
iuto the Indian Territory. Accordingly
we started south lute in the fall.- The
wcaiher was damp and cold, and we were
compelled to sleep ou the ground wirh
nothing but a tent for protection. The
exposure, coupled with the bad water,
which in that country contains a great
quantity of alkali and gypsum, caused me
to contract a bad of kidney trouble
and rheumatism. After remaining in the
Territory for several months and contin
uing to grow wore, I concluded the bent
thing for me to do was to come home,
which I proceeded to do. But after re
turning 1 seemed to get no better, If any
thing worse.
"I tried several remedies without avail.
My nights were spent in sleeplessness
and misery, and I became convinced that
1 must have help immediately. Koine one
told me the benefits they had derived
from Dr. Williams' I'ink i'llls, and I de
termined to give them a trial, which 1
did, and I can truthfully assert to you
that their action was magical. From the
first doHe I commenced improving and it
was but a whort time until all iiaiii hud
left me, and I felt entirely well. What
is more, 1 have never had a recurrence
of my trouble from the lime of my recov
ery until the present time, I can cer
tainly recommend Dr. Williams' I'ink
I'ills as one of the best medicines on the
market, if not the best."
In conclunion Mr. McMillan Bikcd us if
we intended making hi Htulcmeui puii
lic, and upon our nllirmntive reply he re
marked that he wan perfectly satisfied,
SS he had oflcu contemplated doing o
himself, as he considered it u duty he
owed to suffering huinaiiily.
Dr. Willi jiiih' I'ink I'ills contain, in (
condensed form, all the eli':nenM necen
sary to give new life nnd richness to tin
blood and restore shmtereil ii-rves. TV
are an unfailing spei-IH- f r such discnKr-x
as locomotor atatm. pnrlial pirnlyiin. Hi.
Vitus dance, sciatica, neursigin. rheniioi-
tism, nervous headache, the after effect
of la grippe, piilpitnlion of the licai t. pale
am', sallow complexions, all forms of
weakness, either in mnle or female. I'ink
rills are sold by all dealers, or will b
est postpaid an receipt of price, 50 cents
S box or six boxes for J-..VJ, by address
ing Dr. William' Medicine Compunt,
Ing IJr. w uiiaimr
ficbsictd.v, N. Y.
The p.uiiotlsm of the men of Cuba
has long been, known and admired the
world over. That the women are none
the less devoted to the cause of their
country has lieon frequently attested.
An Illustration of this self-sacriticlng
spirit Is related by S. T. Dickinson, of
Milford, Va., who has Just returned
from a ttojouni at Colon, Panama.
While at that place Mr. Dickinson be
came acquainted with a Cuban and his
beautiful daughter. The old man, who
waa one of the most wealthy of the
residents of the Island, had been forced
to leave his home by the Spaniards on
account of his ardent sympathy for the
Cuban cause.
In this land In which he found refuge
he waa forced to work for his living,
but every cent he could spare promptly
went back to Cuba to aid the cause. His
(Laughter was strongly imbued with the
same spirit and grieved that she had
nothing to give. The chief beauty of
the girl was a luxuriant head of auburn
hair, for which many a woman would
lie willing to give a fortune. The young
lady decided to part with her hair if a
purchaser could he found, ami to do
nate the proceeds to the cause she held
so dear. The beautiful locks wore
shorn from her head and Mr. Dickinson
became the purchaser for a good, round
figure. Mr. Dickinson brought the suit
of hair home with him, and It is now In
Richmond to he sold.
Aidinc the ' x position.
The brainy women of Omaha are tak
ing a prominent part In the affairs of
the forthcoming trans-Mississippi ex
position. Mines. Keyser, Foos, Hittle
and Chittenden constitute the execu
tive committee and will have charge of
the art and educational features of the
big show. They were selected for their
recognized ability as art and education
al critics, and for their social distinc
tion. They are prominent members of
the Omaha Women's Club, a branch of
the National Federation of Women's
clulw and four of the best known wom
en of the city. The directory Is com
ported of ten Omaha women and two
women from each congressional dis
trict of the State. The executive com
mittee of the woman's deportment Is
already considering a number of strik
ing features that are calculated to make
the expositon a historical Incident of
the century, especially as far as the
works of women are concerned.
Agnlnst Hitch Hats,
Sarah Bernhardt joins with the many
who believe in the crusade against the
high theater hat. She says: "France
should Imitate the example of young
America with a view of bringing about
the total disappearance of the hat from
the theaters. Often as monumental as
they are Babylonian In shape they are
a nuisance to the spectator behind, and
I am sure that 1he gentlemen would re
joice If In our country such measures
were applied."
Afternoon Gown.
Trifle that Add to Worry.
"Overwork and undorexcrclse. result
In nervous diseases," said a physician
recently. "Preventive nioiipires may
iw nmmo1 up In two words," ha con
tlnued"physlcal development. Wor
ry nunnally kills more people than
work. One should strive, however, to
avoid nil things that tend to disturb
tb torres. Throw away th pen that
s-rulcboH and a pencil that has a hard
"pot In it. Discard a needle That
squeaks and a basin Uiat leaks. I'm)
sharp tools, wear soft garments that
do not rustle. Oil the hlnsjcs of tho
rheumatic door and fasten the creaking
blind. These mnv seem trifles, but
such trifles Irritate the nerves as much
as a piece of woolen docs a sore.
Charles Lamb once sai l that a carpen
ter's hammer in a warm summer noon
would fret him more than midsummer
New Spring Wraps
Why Women Want the Ballot.
A famous advocate was recently ask
ed why she wanted to secure; the ballot
for her sex. She replied by giving the
following, which she declared to be six
out of sixty good reasons:
Because they are American citizens
and the United States Constitution
says: "The citizen's right to vote shall
not lie denied or abridged on account
of race, color or previous condition of
Because every citizen in a free repub
lic is entitled to Individual representa
tion, nnd no person having but one vote
can represent himself and another per
son, even with the latter's consent.
Because they are taxpayers, nnd it is
a principle of our government that tax
ation and representation are insepara
ble. Because every citizen should have a
voice In the selection of those who
make the laws which he or she must
Because a vote means power, and
women need this power to protect the
Interests of themselves, their homes,
their children nnd society.
Because politics, which means the
government, needs the combined Influ
ences of men and women. Without the
ballot woman's Influence Is Indirect,
negative ami irresponsible. Votes talk,
votes count, votes compel respect, votes
FHiikh nt the Fair Hex.
Kean Isn't your wife afraid to drive
that horse? Ktean Not at all. It's the
people she meets who are scared.
Hartford Times.
First Artist But, good heavens, man,
that doesn't look llko her. Second Art
ist If It did she wouldn't pay for it.
New York Advertiser.
When a girl wants to know how she
looks she stands In front of tho looking-glass
nt the angle that makes her
neck seem prettiest. New Y'ork Press.
Mrs. Howso Did you attend Mrs,
Omnrock's funeral yesterday? Mrs.
Snidso When she owes me a call?
Why, tho very Idea! -Washington
As soon as a man Is comfortably set
tled at reading on Sunday his wife
finds out that he Is occupying the cor
ner that she has not swept. Atchison
It Is questionable whether a woman
Is ever quite so happy ns she Is when
she has a man on exhibition under cir
cumstances of which she Is proud.
Milwaukee Journal.
Stranger (to man In front)- Won't
you please ask your wife to take her
hat off? I can't see the stage nt nil.
Mat In front Ask he yourself I doo't
dari -Brooklyn JJfr -
KSi fa?
K 5. V i i.t X" i
sr.-1 rrti
These are the positive fore-runners of serious womb complications, and unless
given immediate attention will result in untold misery, if not death.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound will, beyond the question of a
doubt, relieve all this trouble before it becomes serious, and it has cured
many after their troubles had become chronic.
The Compound should be taken immediately upon the appearance of any of
these symptoms above enumerated. It is a vegetable tonic which invigorates
and stimulates the entire female organism, and will produce the same bene
ficial results in the case of any sick wOman as it did with Mbs. Cha.8. King, 1815
Rosewood St., Philadelphia, Pa., whose letter we attach:
" I write these few lines, thanking you for restoring my health. For twelve
years I suffered with pains impossible to describe. I had bearing-down feelings,
backache, burning sensation in my stomach, chills, headache, and always had,
black specks before my eyes. I was afraid to stay alone, for I sometimes had
four and five fainting spells a day. I had several doctors and tried many pat
ent medicines. Two years ago I was so bad that I had to go to bed and have a
trained nurse. Through her, I commenced to take Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound, and I never had anything give me the relief that it has.
I have taken eight bottles, and am now enjoying the best of health again. I
can truthfully sav it has cured me."
N. w Y.irk feunbeama.
It is said in New England that Bath,
Me., ha more smokers than any other
town of similar size in that country.
Two white-winced crows make daily
visits t ) Robert Mutlini's farm at Iiches
ter. Md., but bo far they have eluded ef
forts to capture them.
Four yearB ago when wool was low a
Jone 1 mo, Me., man sold all Mis sheep
but one, which each year sines then has
raised a black lamb until this year,
when it has a pair of white ewos.
The Hebrew ceaeed to be a vernacular
language at the Babylonish captivity,
but was preserved in sacred writings for
the Jews.
The Arabic vernacular' furnishes a
singular illustration of the popularity of
war in the eaat. It has over 50 names
for the sword.
Ivrr try a 10c box of Cwareti, candy cathartic, Rav
an liver and Liowel reeulu or made.
Zion's Herald (Methodist) says that
Methodists who think that they will
Kurely get a federal office because Presi
dent McKiuley belongs to their denom
ination, will find themselves greatly
A few years ago Alfred F. Oalvart, the
mining king of West Australia, refused
J5,t)UO,000 for his mines. The other day
lie sold the eame mines for $325,000.
AOOUbU 1 lib I UUAnHflirjCiU tire, never
pie anil booklet free. Ad. STERLING REMEDY
For Male
Tfs Doctor "Ona layer of
V paper 1ft had enonarb, you have
rnrr A Tint Card J2 desirable tints, i
I II L L SoTn!r Krx-k sm free to anv one mem io
Finreenera. naoy may recover
, butoannottarlve."
"The Best Is Aye the Cheapest.
Avoid Imitations of and Sub
stitutes for
ruiic" o
For U yean thli
hoa.ljT iiisrlt alone,
hi dUtftticed all
00 mutt it or a.
Iniloi-Md by OTsr
1.010000 wrkiem am
tlW bout In atyle, fit
nnd durability of
nny ho) over offer
eU at a.OO.
It la mad In all
tha latent BHAI K8
and fityle nnd of
flvfry variety oC
1 tut her.
One rtenlr In a
town (ftv-n exi'Itit).
Ivb units and advtr.
tlord In lorn I fmjmr
on receipt nf ran nun
ahla aula,. Write
for catalogue to
W. la. Uul'til.A,
Jti-aaktM. Maaa.
ur durera.
1 X. V. No. 486-M.
' Tork,
' wisstso aay nt lata MrarUsoaanii
m UK
I k
A WOMAN'S ?,0D7.
7 hat Its Neglect Leads to. Tra. QhMMl
King's Experience.
most delicate mechanism in tha whole
realm of creation, and vet most women
----- t j
will let it get out of order and keep out of
order, just as if it were of no consequence.
Iheir backs ache and heads throb and
burn; they have wandering pains, now here and
now there. They exr 'Hothi-j c.::trene law Itiulc,
that don't-care and wanl-to-be-left-;ilone feeling,
excitability, irritability, nervousness, sleepless
ness and the blues, yet they will go about their
work until they can scarcely stand on their poor
swollen feet, and do nothing' to help themselves.
Aitom tha Piml.
Chinese cheap labor may yet ruin New
Zealand. In Otago, whore there are a
good many Sc tchmen, a contract for
road men ling was awarded to the low-
est bid, which was signed McPheraon.''
Whsn the bidder appeared to sign the'
contract, lie waa yellow and had a pig
tail. "Bu'," said the ollicial who met
him. "your name cannot b McPher
8"n." "All lightee," answered the
Chinaman, "nobody caUiiee contlact in
Otaio unless he named May," and the
contract was signed.
Whsn billow or costive, eat a Cascarai, candy ca
tharUc, cure Kuarantedd, 10 , 25c.
The royal palace at Athens built by
King O'.to, cost $2,500,000.
Hellas is the name by which the Greeks
call their country.
The Bug'e Call, the official organ of
tho United States Church army (Episco
pal), will be under the editorial super
vision of General Hadley.
I believe Piso's Cure is the only medi
cine that will cure consumption. Anna
M. Ross, Williamsport, Pa., Nov. 12, '95.
The speech of the aborigines of Africa
rhxnges with almost every generation.
It is said that the Sanscrit language
contains 16 vowels and 34 consonants.
The Zend is said to have bt en thff
ancient language of Bactriana, and aleo
of Zoroaster and the fire worshipers of
i Persia.
eonntlpatlon. Canearets are tlie IdeotLaxa-
rln or urine, but ransn enavnntNi-ulrr-u.Ifa. K.m.
CO., Chicago, Montreal. Can., or New Tork. in.
Wall Paper ia I nsanitary. KAf.HOMIWB IS
Is a pure, permanent and artistic
wall-coating, ready for tha brush
ty mixing in cold water.
by Paint Dealers Everywhere.
also Alabastine V
nine t his naner. A
ALAllAHTlltK dirand iSapid
i, Mich, r
Every Thursday afternoon a-!
toorlxt sleeping car for Den,
ver, Salt Uke Cltv, Baa Kran-'
ciaajo, and Lul Angeles leaves
OnialiH and Lincoln via tha
Burlington Route.
It la carpeted, upholstered
in rattan, hut upring eesls and
backs and In provided with
curtain, bedding, towelk.noap
etc. An experienced excur
ston conductor and a uni
formed Pullman porter a
company It through to the
rscinc uoam.
While neither anexnenslvelr
Hnlahed noras line to look: at
aa a palace sleeper, It la Jimt aa
good to rids in. rteeoiid cla4
tli kets are honored and h.
price of a berth, wide enough
lor two, la only A.
for a folder giving full par
ticular, write to
r. . 1,...-. i... v-.w
Uae Ul( l for uuaatnMl
diackarsea, IntauiaiaOaMU
irrltatioaa or ulceratioaj
Jffl?MU HIIUIM. 1 1 . . . I , . 0ftJ4
a " - ' mi, ana Dot SMTUia
TH(EM OkCKICuCo, (at or itolfttnoua.
or sa.l In alaln irimr.
bf aiarrn. mimidV lit
Ciri .lai mt an reaaast.
m g i I taaa I
JL -f OaanaiM U
r oisciri,o.r -n