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    A SI, 000 BMJ. MISSING.
(t Wai Vant for a Whole tiny an. J th
Hank Van Konmickcd.
There wis an abundance of hand
shaking nd a superabundance of glad
uiile iu tlnv Bimhers and Drovers'
Bank Thursday morning over tlx? re
covery of a $1,000 hill which myeiori
jufily disappeared the afternoon before.
When the bank officers came to strike
their balance at the closing hour they
found that for some reason or other
the two aides of their account would
not agree by Just $1,000. They then
polished up their (spectacles carefully,
arranged their ink and pens and went
over the long columns of figure for a
second time. Wtien the operation wan
completed the balance was no nearer
correct than it was the first time.
The third Journey over the figures
consumed about twice as much time
as had both the others, but It was no
more successful than they had been.
Whou the third trip had been com
pleted it was time for dinner, but none
of the bank officers or clerks felt at all
hungry, and then, besides, they all had
other things to du.
'They spent the dinner hour In com
paring nole,aud trying to think up all
the transactions made in the course of
the day's business. In spite of the fad
that on account of the cold they were
Inclined to bo a little shivery, they
were fairly successful so far as ufero
ory transaction went. Rut for all their
memory feats they could not. determine
where the mining money had gone.
- From the fad that just an even $1,
000 was missing, the Officers decide !
that some mistake lyid been made in
the handling of a S1.000 bill. A scare!)
waa made of all the books to see
whether the bill might possibly have
fallen between two page. Then the
floor was swept, and after this all the
men shook out their coats and inspect
ed the ceiling.
John I'. Dees, the receiving 'teller,
bad gone home several hours before
the closing time, so he could not a id
bis knowledge to the consultation, bu'
it was decided at last that a certain
customer" must have handed in a slip
for $l,(ifl) more than the cash he depos
ited. The assistant teller said that he
would go to see this customer, and all
tho men were getting ready .to go Iume
at i) o'clock when the janitor, who had
been poking around underneath the
lesks, aiding Ids search with the light
from a match, made a wild grab at
something he saw 'ticking out from be
hind a pile of books, and arose with the
uilsxlng bill in Ids band.
A gust of wind had evidently lifted
inc. much hunted piece of paper from
its place on one of the desks and car
ried 1r to the place where it was found.
This was the cause of the handshakes
and smiles ho much In evidence around
the bank. New York Evening Sun,
The Children's Bleep.
A physician in a a addrexs before a
woman'! club on the care of children's
health, recently said that it Is criminal
to attempt to save a little money by
not giving every child in the family a
bed to himself. The plnsiiian also
emphasized the need of early sleep.
"It is so easy." he said, "to let a ner
vous child liise sleep In the early even
ing, when hi: or she hould be hard at
it, When a physician prescribes otne
imjwrtant remedy that miLst be taketi
and which is not pleasant, a mother
feels that it Is time well extended to
ciKijt and wheedle, and even bribe the
little one to swallow It. Spend just a
much thought and effort In getting your
child to sleep every nidit, if he does
not fall off his chair at the evening
meal from drowsiness, as the normal
hild should. (Jive up concerts, thea
ters, parties, anything till you have
secured for the nervous, twitching boy
or girl the benign habit of sleep. Coax
lilm to his room, give him a ijnlek
sponge Iwith, tuck him In IiIh single bed,
with a light wool blanket over him be
sides the sheet, and iu a lowered light
sit by him and talk to him till he Is
quieted. Tell hhn gentle, Hoothing
stories, nothing to excite his Imagina
tion, and when he Is .finally asleep,
have the room cool, dark and quiet.
Don't let hlni try to sleep in a room
which has been a sitting room all tin;
evening, without having It thoroughly
refilled with fresh outdoor air, which
may be accomplished by throwing win
dows wide open for fifteen minutes."
t oiK)lernte.
"You Jiy," remarked the debouaire
debtor, "that 1 am owing more money
than oiiylKidy else that your Ann have
ou their books?"
"Yes, sir," replied the collector.
"Ami that I am nliout the only per
son with whom they have trouble In
getting their money?"
"That's what they told me."
"Young man, I blip your looks and I
like your manner, and I'm going to be
a friend fo you. 1 bate to have that
del knocking around my accounts, but
for your aake I'll put up with It, IT 1
were io pay up, the chances are ten to
ne that yaur firm would tlnd
tlona no easy that they would discharge
you, and then I should never forgive
Kqnul to the Emergency,
Chinese cheap labor may yet ruin
New Zealand, In Olago, where (here
arc a good many Scotchmen, a contract
for road mending was awarded to the
lowest bid, which wo algned "Mae
Pliemon' When the bidder appeared
to sign the contract lie was yellow and
had a pigtail. "But," sold the official
who met blin, "your name cannot ho
"AH llghtee," answered the China'
man, "nobody eaU hee eontlaet In Ota
go unless be named Mac," and the con
tract was signed. ; .
Hmwm Te, '
"Will yon mind the baby, Jack, for a
little wMar eed Mrs. Hlamore.
-I shall torn to. I s'poee," replied
Camera. "Tbe kM won't iad ok.-C-!tr.
Mcbrasha iRotcs
Gering people are having the mumps, j
t-l. . i r . . '
lueri1 arw more lanut-rs uiitu lairuis m
Boyd county.
E. 8. Mitchell of Shelby makes money
raising St. Bernard dog
A court of the T.ihe of B5u Hur has
been instituted at Lexington.
Norman Jackson and wife, of the Crete
Herald, are visiWag friends in Idaho.
A n'Epworth League has been organ
ized in the Methodist church of Gandy.
Wallace voted by art increased ma-,
jority that water ia a good thing to
Pra;rie schooners are moving west
Hard again as fast as soggy roads will
Eiebard Skinner of Freeport, Bannei
;ounty, is a candidate for land office
Mr. and Mrs, Harvey Duncan of Har
risburg, -eiebrated their tin wedding
April 10.
Holdrege has but one man on the
council who favors saloons, and he talks
of -esigning.
Tiie deadly "nigger-shooter" has been
outlawed in Ulysses, and the small boys
are in tears.
Thirteen carloads of California oranget
passed over the U. P. recently, billed
for New York.
The banks at Newcastle show a re
markable gain in deposits within the
past four months.
The stockmen of Banner county re
port no losses among ther herds during
the, recent blizzard.
The Ponca Journal is figuring on run
ning a ( apur in the near future to bt
printed in German.
: A car load of corn was shipped froir
Cambridge to India laet week for the re
lief of famine sufferers.
The people of Watisa are already talk
ing about celebrating the Fourth of July
They also propose to piay ball this tea
son. Mrs. Fritz Wethrich of Bt llevue took
a severe remedy for toothache in such
larga doses that it nearly caused hei
The washing out of the dam at West
Point has improved the fishing in the
Elkhorn river for several miles west of
"Hell," says Judge Edgar Howard ol
the Papdlion Times "is full of a be'ter
quality of justice than that dispensed in
The last report of the Gering Building
and Loan association shaws that no
shareholder has failed to keep up hie
payments in full.
Hon. J A. Tnlleys of Red Cloud,
custodian of the Masonic grand lodge ol
Nebraska, has been terioasly affected
with gastric neuralgia.
Two hundred and ninety cases of eggi
and a ton and a half of . butter is the
', record of one's day's shipment front
( Leigh, d 1 ax country.
j The Dixon Tribune states that the
creamery at that place paid 18 cents foi
iniik in March. This is clear of ex
penses. A good showing.
!, H. M. Sianclift of Alexandria got in
the way of a horse's hind foot and re
( reived a body blow that sent him to bed.
i The bruiee is not a dangerous one.
j The Randolph Times save it will prim
! everything in the line of newrs that U
i fit for publication, no matter who itcon
I corns, what it is or where it is found,
j The room of Dr. H. H. Schultz o;
; Seward was entered a few nights ago,
' by burglere. His watch and $12 wer
taken from his pockets while be alept.
The people of Madison are awake and
propose to revive tne creamery industry
. again. They aiso hope to add a chicory
factory to their collection before winter,
j Osceola baa a large number of "gentle
men who are banded together in
whist club and they meet at the home!
of the different members and have
right royal time of it.
I Perhaps one of the largest cherry
orchards north of the rlatie river wat
planted by the Boone county nursery al
Albion last spring, 1,000 trees, with
almost a perfect stand.
j Plattsmouth, says the Tribune, is be
ginning to feel the tllccts of an incip
I lent boom, good houses to rent beiiiK
j held at a premium, with lots of peopU
! bunting for places of residence,
i One of the Peavey corn cribB at Cur
. roll was reported smoking, by the rail
I road boys the first of the week, about
1,000 bushels of corn being destroyed,
( Too much dirt which retained the mois
i tuie, is said to have been the cause.
j A total of 700 is now offered for thf
arrest of Ibe murderers of David Jones.
Gage county offers $.100, the state 2(,fl
! and the heirs of the decease 1 $200. The
offer of the county is to include ex pencei
of arrest, except such as are otherwise
provided for.
Professor Currie, superintendent ol
the Broken Fow schools, has been off
ered a position aa manager of a big cat
tle company, which proposes to purchase
cattle in Mexico and elsewhere, to b
placed on a ranch northwest of Anaelmo,
in Custer county.
Lightning meandered around ovei
Wayne a short time ago and passing
aeven saloon keepera, toe county com
miasioners, all the newapaper men and
0. J. Rundell, flopped down on a poor,
inoffensive preacher and knocked the
wnejr ou' oi him, sajre the Diioa Tri
bune. The Tribuoa makaa iteelf aadar
stood, bat it might find a mora delicate
way of handling a dolafal eubjxt.
Th Kearney police killed 1M no
I lean tad dot laet year without dlmla
iMhiCi tiM 'kU a;!.
ttAILtiMJH TO CI T .)!..
Wrlm liiiili llr.ira to Mluiul .t j I a-
BT Tntrfic by Cat,
Chicaoo, Apiil 10. .-ome of the west
ern roads are openly advocating a re
dufl ion in passenger ratei to what they
term an "emergency bteis." The rea-i
son they give for their wish to cut the
rates is that the passenger bucirie's
dead ami tiiateome measures are needed
to Increase the volume of tiatlic. The
opponents of lower fares say that if the
rates are reduced there may be some
trouble, in view of the recent supreme
court decision, in getting the rates back'
to their old ba-iis again without taking
fonie action that would bo illegal. They
t'dnk. also, that it would be most un
advisable at the present time to reduce
any rales, for the reason that it will give
the various legislatures of the western
Elates an idea that the roads cm make
money with the rates at a lower point
than they now are, and that bo-tile
I 'gWatiou. will ensue. The advocates
of the lower rates have no argument to
off'r save that in their opinion thtf cheap
fares will Bir up traffic and that if it
once begins to move it will keep rnov
ng, after the rates have been restored
totheirold level. There ia no chance
of a concerted reduction in rates, but
as long as there is a Ptrong element
which favors the reduction of the rates
a genera! feelini of inse.urity will pre
vail among the roads.
The general committee of the passen
ger acrents of the western roads, which
has for two weeks been working on the
new agreement for the association, has
finished its work. The agreement is
radically the same as the wgreement,
w ith the exception ihat it contains no
provision regaiding the maintenance of
rates. There is no doubt that it will
be adopted by the executive officers
practically aa it stands. Some minor
c ianaes may bo made, but the agrea
ment will be put into operation just
a'oout as it comes from the committee.
JJi w O-'eaiiH Big ( Ire.
New Oklka.n , La., April 16. The
Moresque bio.-';., owned by Gauch &
Sons, was totally destroyed by fire yes
terday afternoon. The' ' conflagration
broke out shortly after 1 o'c'o. k, and at t
half past two the edifice had collapsed
and upwards of $400,000 had (tone up in j
smoke. The Moresque buildina occu- j
pied one entire block, and its walls were
built entirely of iron. Tho Moutjreaiery
Furniture company and Gauch, Sons &
Co., crockery merchants, were the ten
ants of the building and botn firms car
ried full stocks. The fire is supposed to
have originated in top floor of the Mont
gomery section.
A general alarm called the entire fire
department to the scene. The depart
ment saw quickly that the Moresque
building was doomed and the efforts of
the firemen were directed to keeping
the flames from spreading to adjacent
property. In this they were only par
tially successful, for two newspaper
offices, the German Gazette and '.he
Evening Telegraph, were completely
gutted, their contents being destroyed
and se.v. ral stores were also burned.
Adiacent dwellings and business prop-
rtw aurA also damaaeil more or less by
water. The total loss is $400,000, well
"Si-vr Lawn Enforced.
TxuiANAi'ous. Ind.. April 16 The
new laws went into forcd at midnight
by the governor's procl nuation. Chief
interest here attaches to the 3 cent ,
street car fare. The Citizens' Street J
Railway company gave no instructions
to conductors and declines to consider .
the law until a decision Is reached in the
federal court, where a test case is under ,
argument. The law provides a heavy ;
n ...... J : I
penalty wne.e more tnan , ents .are
collected. While the 3-eent injunction
8Ult WHB DClIlg argueu 111 lm. irumai i
court, passengers on ainerent line?
throughout the city, who refused to ,ay
more than 3 cents fare, were forced from
tliose who were compelled to walk aftr
refusing to pay 5 cents was police
Judge Cox, who was violently ejected by
the conductor and rnotorman of a Col
lege avenue car. One damage suit has
already been filed. La tn last evening
ex Attorney-General W, H. Miher filed
in tho United States court a petition for
an order restraints the patrons of the
street railway company from demand
ing a 3-cent fare, The petition recit-s
that the proclamation of the governor
putting the laws in force came earlier
than was expected and bad already
caused trouble ou the street car lines.
Itlrycle Swindler Arrentcd
New York, April 10. Willitm S.
Thompson, who was Indicated in
Chicago last October for carrying on
swindling operations through the mails,
lias been arrested here and is held in
$2,500 bail for hearing. It is alleged
that Thompson sent out letters offering
to send bicycles worth 100 upon receipt
of $45. Persons who sent money claim:
that they never bard anything more
from Thompson. He has been arrested
in Chicago and furnished (1,000 baiL
The concern, of which Thompson was
the bead, tent out circulars offerings)
prize to the person msking the greatest
number of words out of the letters in1
the title "Empress bicycle."
rind Mtolrn Property.
Wkbsteb Citt, Ia., April 16. Officer
of Radcllffe hare unearthed an import
ant "fence" on the premises of Charles
Bosen. His barn was filled with stolen
articles, buggies, harness, stores and
dosens of other things. By digging in
the yard they unearthed a large quan
tity of silverware and queensware.
Bo wen, the owner of the place, is a
on of Colonel Bowsn. oi Meiuiota. IILj
I pedde-t of the First National bank of
' thai city. '
Strained Relations Between Turkey
and Greece Threaten War.
j King George Fearful Met Determine d to
Fight to Uik l a 9 rnrk rorniiiily In
form Greek of Their War-Like
Vienna, April 15. The best informed
diplomats here regard "' ar as inevitable.
Tiiey say the strain cannot much longer
be bene by either Turkey or Greece and
that the time has passed for the powers
to attempt to intervene. In view of the
dangerous po-ition assumed by Greece,
the question is reiterated whether she
does not count upon some power coming
to their support at the crucial moment.
Elassona, April 15. The Turkish
troops are now centered in very strong
force at Grevena and the insurgents
have little chance of advancing further.
Key mullah Bey, , the officer sent to
Krania with instructions to ascertain
the ex-ict situation in that locality, de
clared that he recognized among the in
surgents near Krania and between that
town and the border several Greek offi
cers whom he bad met previously at
Athens '
London, April 15. The daily Chroni
cle published the following today from
its Athens correspondent, Henry Nor
man: "I nave had an audience with King
George. lie spoke without much hope
but firmly, like a man who can only do
his duty and leave the rest to heaven.
More than once he said, 'If Greece had
been a great power and had walked into
Crete long ago, her action would have
been welcomed by the pewera, as well
as by the rest of the world, as a bless
ing. But she is only a small power,
and seems unable to do anything that
will satisfy the great powers."
Londos, April 15. The Evening News
yesterday afternoon published a d;e
patch from its correspondent at Athens
saying that the Turkisa government has
formally informed the Greek govern
ment that any furtner raids of inegulars
into Turkish territory will be regarded
by Turkey as a declaration of war upon
the part of Greece.
Hryan Wants Montlcello.
Washington, April 15. W. J. Bryan,
who was the guest of honor at the Jef
ferson dinner here Tuesday night, left
for the west yesterday. Before his de-partu-o
Mr. Bryan was asked about the
rumors that he was to purchase Monti-
cel'o, the home of Jefferson.
have felt for some vears," replied
,vi Mman "that. Airinnceiio. t,oh noma
- ... ... ,i l l.
of Jefferson, should be made a national
park in order that all bis followers
miht feel free to visit the place and
Bather inspiration from its sacred mem-
- ories. Having this thought in mind, I
(wrote to Jefferscn Levi, the present
! owner, asking whether he would sell it
! on condit'.on that it might be conveyed
, o the national covernment or the state
i r,f Viruin'u or some association similar
j w the Mount Vernon or Hermitage as
eociatioiis formed to care for it. I have
just received a letter from Mr. Levi, in
which be expresses a desire to retain
the ownership of it and assuring me
that a welcome will at all times be ex
tended to visitors. His refusal to part
with it, of course, puts an end to any
plans of ra sing by subscription a suf
ficient fund to purchase it."
Asked whether he had anything to
say about the course of ihe democrats
in the house, be replied :
"No, I have carefully avoided any
. discussions that
. P to time My on,y
have ariren from time to time.
desire is that those who ag.-ee in a com
: .. ,
, U)ethodfJ of it accorupli8hment. Honest
djfferenwfj of &pinio(l 8re alwav8 apt to
arise, but are easily aujusieu wirem
charity and good will are manifested
among those acting together."
KID Om.'eru unit Exeape.- '
If kndkrhon. Kv.. April 15. Near Do-
Koven, Union county, Kentucky, yes-
tcrday evening, James Green and Will- j
iam Green, a deputy constable, were
shot dead and Constable William Beset (
severely wounded by William Cody and
Thomas Hite, who were under arrest
for postoflice robbery. Cody and Hite
escaped, hut are surrounded in a dense ,
forest. They are armed with rifles.
Idi-ntlDed the Body
Salt L kb, April 15. The body ol l
the man found in the Webber river at i
Ogden is believed to be that of E. A.
Kilday of New York. On bis clothing
was found a memorandum oook in
which was written: "If lost, return to
Edward A. Kilday, 1241 Broadway, New
York. If anything serious happens no
tify Mrs. K. A Kilday, 32 Johns street,
San Francisco."
The body appears to have been in the
water about two months.
To llai'K a Woman.
Atlanta, Ga,, April 16. A motion to
set aside the judgment, which fliee
April 23 as tho date for the execution of
Mrs. Elieabeth Nobles for the murder of
her husband, waa made before Judge
Hmith at Jtffersonville yesterday, and
was promptly overruled.
A Tragedy at ibn Table.
Chicago, III., April IS. While seated
at the breakfast table yesterday morn
ing. Matthias Duster, twenty-one years
old, wss shot and instantly killed by
John Formlller, hia step-father. For
mlller then placed the weapon to hla
own temple and fired. He died In five
minutes. The shooting waa the result
of a quarrel. Members of the family aay
that Formlller and his eten-eon have
been quarrelling lor a week over lb
bor'i desire to lea re home.
l:uter ibe I neuij'- V ont)- A ciu .1 IU atj
lid (i ml Cieut ( oiifu ...
NfcwYowc, April 14. A diipjtch
the Journal from Athens fays:
The3,0U0 heroic Hellenes who entered
Macedonia have taken the towns of Bal
tino and Krania. orivine out a tarris -n
of BOO Turks at the la'ter pi nee. They
are now advancing along the eDowy
ridges of the Pindus mountains towards
the town of Grevena. They have al
ready cut the teleiraob w ires between
Macedonia and Epirsna, closing com
munication between the two divisions of
the Turkish army.
The Pindus range, which runs north
and sout h, is the ony safe route for the
insurgents into Macedonia. Tne insur
gents intend taking t ) the heightsabout
Grevena, am', there will harass the Turk
ish tr. ops in the flank.
The enterprise is daring, even to the
poi t of madness, and will go down to
hisiory as tne bravest act of the cent
ury. There are, 3,000 irregulars con
fronting a trained army of 90,0 )0 Turks.
The fact that the Greek soldiers did
not follow the insurgents shows the
Splendid discipline of the army.
1 ae war spirit here has reached fever
heat. Five hundred volunteers arrived
yesterday from the island of Cyprus and
ma ched through the city, headed by
priests with long llowieg hair, 'wiring
flags. '
Siria) prix in Cub i.
! Havana, April 14. Smallpox, is rag
ini at Gaines, a village of 800 inhabi
tai 3. During the past, week there have
been 150 victims
'j Guerillas killed ten insurgents at Ped
ros , Matanz.-s, stripping ihe dead of
t . r arms. :
, The coast steamer Triton, arriving
here after to icliing at various points,
brought seven ofiicers ar d 150 soldiers,
all -ick. " "''
'. be insurgent leader, Ricardo Gonza
les Falcon, will be tried tomorrow by
court martial at the Cabanas foi tress.
Pedro Garcia, an insurgent a; cused of
ine-ndiarism, was shot.
, i skirmish with the insurgents has
tal -.n place at Picojo. The insurgents
lef' eight men killed on the field, among
th. m Lieutenant Gonzales.
The Barcelona battalion has kill ad
fifteen men in a skirrni.-:h and it is ie
lieved that the latter formed part of
Bandera's band 'of dipereed groups
fortaerlv belonging tn toe force com-
rnanded by Gen. Maximo Gomez. The
I troops bad fifteen men wounded
Some Spattifiu TufTy
Havana, Aprd 14. La Lucha in an
editorial yesterday says:
"We have been waiting for a year and
a half for a break in the. relations be
tween Spain and the United States, due
.1. . I : .... I ; . : u., V.
. io luh dohliciu exci tuneu t, in wuai cuuu-
, tries, which their lulers were unable to
J subdue in spite of their efforts in the
i way of prudence, tact and patriotism.
j Bur, now, the coolness of both govern-
: ments has quieted public ODinion in
both countries and the fear of a rupture
t of amicable relations now seems far off.
' There exists a feeling of great cordiality
: between Spain and the United Status
. which it is understood will foon be of
priceless benefit to all concerned. The
policy of the cabinet at Washington is
now firm and energetic in compelling
Americans to obterve neutrality in
Cuban affairs. Spain, on her side, ac
cedes to all the claims made in friendly
notes regarding American citizens and
has thus nullified in the United States
the propaganay of the anti-Spanish and
the American government has quieted
the violence of the press and the sen
ate." The Union Constitutional also treats
the subject editorially in the same tone,
and adds :
"An offer of J'iendly intervention
upon the part (ft' the American govern
ment cannot be ill-considered. Yet the
; Union Constitutional expresses the hope
; that the Unil(,d State8 will e proo
of its friendship for Cuba.
A Clone Kesemlilunce.
New York, April 14. Joseph Adams,
w ho was sentenced last Monday tc three
, years in Sing Sing prison fo.- forgery,
, nns confessed to
having swindled the
Columbia bank of this city out of $580.
Ibis is the crime for which Alonzo J.
Whitemau was tried and acquitted last
week, Adams, whose right name is
Hecker, is an ex-convict, having served
time in Ohio and Pennsylvania for
forgery. His resemblance to Whiteman
is remarkable, and his confession clears
up a mystery that puzzled everyone con
nected with the case.
A Cnmljr Krror.
8an Antonio, Tex., April 14. Two
Southern Pacific freight trains crashed
together three miles west of Lang ry
early yesterday morning, resulting in
the death of Fireman A. S. Welch, and
the severe scalding and crushing of En
gineer Geo. Farr, Firemen L. C. Lane
and Brakemiin Bobiuette and W. L.
Harris, all of this city. Through an er
ror of the telegraph operator, Lozif r, the
eastbound train was not held and the
-wreck resulted after it left the station.
Knot Insurgent InrtmclUry.
Havana, April 13. Jose GlUmIcs
Carlos, charged as an insurgent incen
diary, was shot at Cabanas fortress yes
terday morning.
Own Half n City
Kansas City, Mo., April 14. A deed
was placed on file in Kansas City, Kas.,
yesterday conveying to William J. Isaao
of this city nearly one-n-U of the city
of Argentine, a manufacturing suburb.
Argentine, a manuiannng luuuru.
ThTdaed 1. mad. bV the hein of the
'eblldren of Nancy Wbltefeather, .gbaw
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Awaits War and Prepared to Maks it a
Savage and Fierce One.
Should the Turks Aiirmpt to Cron the
Fronlinr, Die Walian's Army Will Meet
Wi.h Jii'fiHtttiic - Grecian Officer!
to Act Unlit i UKly.
New York, April 13 The press prints
the following from its sjecial corre
spondent at Larisa :
"I had a personal interview with tho
Crown Prince Constantiue, commander-in-chief
of the Greek troops, at bis
headquarters here Sunday afternoon.
The prince talked freely of the situa
tion now confronting the r eople. He
said: "I am duly piepared to make war
when it becomes necessary. My troops
are in excellent condition dnd the war
like spirit prevails in th" i ll of every
man under arms, If the '1 urkish army
should make an attempt to croes the
frontier and attack us I should act
promptly. I shall stand by thisde--
cison,. whatever may happen, but I
shall not do anything to force the cneis.
"In the face of any popular demon
stration iavorable to a declaration of
war I am convinced that my soldiers
would nrove true to their allegiance.
and would obey me no matter what ' in
fluence would be brought to bear on
them. Therefore, I do not fear any
baty action on their part, without first
considering my orders. The incursion
into Turkish territory by several rebel
bands of armed Greeks was wholly un
authorized by me and absolutely aaainst
my policy and my instructions from the
king. The attack uoon the moslems
will, by no means, be used as an excuse
to begin war, and I shall do my utmost
to pi event a repetition of such a viola
tion of the neutrality laws. The Turk
ish position captured by these rebels
will not be occupied by the Greek army
nor will we aid the invaders in any :
way." '
Waters Break a Lerse.
Memphis, Tenn., April , 13. The
mighty swoop of the waters south of
Vicksburg has at last had its effects up
on the lower levees, and last night a tele
gram from Tallalulah, La., reports that
the levee which protects Davis island
has given away and the island will in
all probability be flooded. Twenty-five
hundred people inhabit Davis island,
which consists of about five thousand
acres of land. The placs 6 situated in
Warren county, Mississippi.
Throughout the upper delta the flood
situation 6i;ows little change since last
reports. The work of government re
lief has been actively inaugurated.
Many people are being fed and housed
at Greenville, Rosedale, Helena, Friar's
Pnint and other noints alone the river.
A relief steamer is now plying - up the
St. Francis river with food and forage
for man and beast.
At Helena the river has fallen two-
tenths of a foot in the past twenty-four
hours. The weather observer at that
point says last night that a steady fall
will be noted in the river, despite the
rise at Cairo and upper river points.
The Williamston crevasse has widened
considerably, but the velocity of the
water has been checked and no further
breaks are feared.
At Greenville the river is stationary
tonight-. Capt. H. C. Martin, represent
the secretary of war, bas arrived at
Greenville and is now thoroughly in
vestigating the needs of the overflowed
eufferers in that territory. Fully 3,000
negroes in Washington county alone are
penniless and must be taken care of.
At Memphis the river is still falling
hIowIv. the weather bureau reporting a
fall of one-tenth ef a foot in twenty-four
Bull Fight Terminates Bl)y.
Yuma, A. T., April 13. La Grand
Fiesta de Yuma wound up Sunday night
with wild west sports and Spanish bull
fights, which constituted a crowning
feature of the five days' revelry. The
feature of the show was the Spanish
bull fight, headed by the renowned bull
fighter, Capt. Carlos Garcia, from Juar
ez, Mex.
Capt, Carlos Garcia and bis troupe,
innindincr La Carlotta. a female bull
fighter, displayed wonderful -kill In
fighting fierce animals, but a manifl
' cent black bull, Porforio Diaz, proved
almost invincible, and before he was
dispatched in the third fight in which
he was used, he cauht Captain Garcia
upon his long, slender horns and ripped
open the man's jaw. Captain Garcia's
wound may prove fatal.
After goring and badly mutilating
Garcia the bull charged full at the bull
pen, and after several desperate at
tempts, he smashed into kindling wood
a panel of the pen and charged into the
grounds surrounding the amphitheatre,
which were filled with people. Many
were injured. After a long chase and
hard work the bull was returned. .
-ink" Seltlrd.
Chicaoo, April 13. The strike at the
H. P. Nail company was settled yes
terday on the basis of sixty houra of
work per week,
Arrect Baab Official.
Chkoo, April 13.-More warrant
were issued for the officials of the de
Junct Globe savings bank yesterday
afternoon and officers were tent oak to
mat O. W. Hpawinf , presiawii; a. u.
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