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The Sioux County ' Journal
HIEISOlsr, IsnEBSK, THUBSDAY, APBIL 15. 1897. ITO. 32.
The Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Price, fl.00
O". It. Canon,
Mi tor.
fnkrwl fit the Ilariixuu post o"tlce a
PCCJIlll CllU UlHttlT.
Tlie flood are
the South,
KliU doing damage lit
v - I
Italv favors the Cret! un to-xnni !
the Turkikli fcovcrument. Why should-!
nt kIio I
Uurant the S-an Kram'ixro prencher, '
wlio muidered Mi- Ulnncli Iniont in
Emanuel church Iu that city is to 1 i
ban -ed June 11th. !
. ... !
Many nouses in .-voriu tjinaii sur-,
"r" !
rounded and water iurinr into cul-of !
i .l... 1.' . r 1 .... 1 . . )
, I
' :
inerging the entire country north of Uie
Jf the statements are true as made by
ortlcinl records and published in the
World-Herald, iu rejpml to the ihnracter
the republican candidate Mr. Moores,
we enn't see bow fieople, who's liuaucial
interests use at stake could vole for him
ir.d liave a clear conscience afterwards.
Lt Tuesday the litlli, init was the
day net apart by Una. niauncy F. Black,
die president of the National Associa
also bv Hon. i
tion of lleniocratic clul Jones, chairman-of the Demo- j itmuKentte the last president at W ush
t ratic National C'oiuniiUee as the day ington U C. ?
to relebrte the birth of Thomas Jell'er- j 0. Why a Bankrupt president's wife
Kofi, the founder of Anieriimn iJemocra-, can wear a tressy, silk and satin tlress be
vy and th auther of the declaration of ; decked wilh jewels and trailing"! fi'et,
indipmileiice. costing $,0Sl0or lO.OflO, while a farmer's
Th forth coming tiiil celelnation
.lo-nises to ! a most imsirtant event, j
.April 22 (Arlmr dn) was Jlxud iion it I
Miituble lime for the people of Omaha ;
and vicinitv to mark the l-Kinntn of i
jiclive work iion the Exposition. . An
-luhnrute nroirram has U-en ari-aned, A
monster ainidewill comprise all of the :
Military mul civic societies in this vicm-;
ity. invital ions having lieeu sent out dur- j
iiur the ast Week by the rciul ,
tuittee. fily and county olllcials 'iH i
Is3 invitwl to Fiirnimi stivets, and will
march wist on Fartutm to Twelfth street
Mirth to IJoukIus, west to Hixteenth
north on Sixteenth tq the i'.xKisilion
ground. Tlie oratorical portion of the j
. xeroses w ill take place in the old rraud j
Ktand on the fair grounds, invitations j
lo .peak have baen exte.ubxl U) Oov-j
.rnor Holcomb of N-braska. Governor,
JJrake 01 jown, rum. . 0. r,... .......
J. Sterling Morion, Hon. John Baldwin
of CoihimI Uluir and Mayor Hroatch
tu, -HI. session of the ofipwp "f thin country Hnt, in WW,
... ,
ebr:tska m a matter of ntstory anu 11
vareful inspection of the laws passed
lmt. the reform fof'es redeemed
.lK.dl.-estotl.emH.ole. Thev imss -
-d sound, equitable aiKl just anli-monop-
y measures providing for the control
nd regulation of tbe ..flair of corpora-
iions, eombinea and trusts. Besides
Iassing wholesotno laws they unearthed
defalcations, amounting to near H00,
00H. Next week TlIK Jol'BNAL will give
it reailers a synopsis of the new laws.
Uwublican nawspipers charged the
fusiouests with attempting to steal
the coustitution Iwcause they asked
for A recount of the lllot providing for
two new judges. Why did they lake
such an interest in the matter? Why
did tha I.inoln g-ing instruct their satel
lite to cry fraud? Why did they get n
iiartisao judge lo enjoin uie leg sm
lure from counting the votes?
The ans-
wcr is that in a short lime the supremo
wort will perhaps te, required to pass on
1 case that will either give Joe Bartley,
Eugene Moore, Kussell aud others of the
gang who have been robbing the ssople
tlieir liberty or nend them to prison
ond tliat's why they cried fraud and did
hot want the will of the people ascer
tained u they believed it would seat
two men on tlie supreme bench that
.would do justice between man and man
regardless of the consequences, just as
tbe recount commission did, and place
those looter of the treasury bahind
prison bar.
Arbor lioj Proclumatlou.
Executive Charolier, Lincoln, Neb,
March Sfllh, 1HH7
I'tOf'bnifiliou by the Governor: i
, C'lf.foriii'u ; t. :i .1 1 ;t A y;. hsvlnr !
li t ifci (d..i,n ut ;-nf ;' 't a -! r.: r.;'.' 1,
-'!'.)'!. 1! in it i.-jr..vt'r, t'' t'
j lliat the attention of the people of our
beautiful state may be called to the ad
j vantages to be (ruined by u pnier oleterv-
:w of tlw dav. I hereby nrmlanie
i 1 . . , . , ,... clnrli of the liintriet ("onrt of Sioux County.
I uml Thursday, .A pr.l .', 19,, . N(.brluk., , p., ,,, tM COUI.t
I a Arbor day. I wherein Abary K. Hutn is pluintifT nd
! I earned!- request all eitir.erw to ful- j '""1 a- 'l"orth. iHrtie M. W ad.worth.
!, . ... .. .-..1.1 1 I.ouU I. Wodnworth, Jiwcph li. Morris,
jly comply w,. tbeKpmtof the law m j . Grsbu. ,, AUman. Miller Co.,
j making tliu a public holiday, nod especi- j Hre dcfendiiiiUi, I will on the 17th day of May
j ally do I co'iimeiiil to the public school ' 1W, Ht one o'clock 1. M., Ht tiie Kent front
jtluj propriety of an observance of the ' d"r of t1"' oul t ",ue '" """'on, -'
, , .1. i .ii , braxka, offer for sale at public endue tbe
.day bv Milabla und prat-table lolw,11B ieterlM r,.al t .lt,,, to w.
lebmna in tree planting, iu order that, Tun West Half ) of tlie South Hum
there may be inculcated in (lie minds of j
! tbe children of the state a high appreeia- i
' . i
tioil of the pleasures, etijoyetnent and
utility, tu the present an I future genera
tions, of trse pUntiu anj timbjr resr-
i vaCion.
" t!,at ilay (et un not forget that
h0WS a or train a tl'w-.
r I'''1"1' 11 lree ' il0r tl"in ill.
Kor he who blesses mont is blest;
And Ooti and man shall own his worth,
vvli" t"'U to kare at his bequest
And added beauty to the earth,
I" testimony whereof, I have hereunto
snbscriU'd tny name and canseil
t O be
.,nix,Ml ii,a e-,-eat. aeal of thu
nllixed the irreat seal of
state of !
the OapiUl Of the I
IXjtie tit Lincoln
alate. this l;.Mh
dav of March, in the !
j year of our Lord one thousand eight
huiidrdreJ and ninety-seven, of the state,
I the thirty-fifth, and of the independence
! of (he United Ktates the. one hundred
' aud twenty-lirst.
1 SlI.AH A. HoU OUB.
I Hy the (Jovernor.
W. V. PdltTKit, Secretary of State.
tive to Learn and Lltarn lo Live"
Ko. A. Why did it cost nothing to in-
augenile the llrst. undcost if2,:0(),000, to
wife j;oes barefoot and is clad iu filthy
10. Why the more people there are to
f'.td and clothe, the kws in the price of
produce, and the lean Hie wuge- earner
gels for his day's work ?
11. Whv. if the rond.s ro not al
prollitable investment, there should be
f 11. 000,000, 0(K), cu pita I in them in the
L. 8. ?
j . Why, if fbe people enn pay a bit,'
J ,videu( on "watered stodks" they could
t, a Jividend on their own stocks at
, its real value ?
1:5. Whv it would not laj cheaper and
1 ........ ...... ..r....n..l.l u,i,.u,.int.n,Un
vj - 1
Uf ,.ol,stnu.t public works, than lo pay
H()m() (.ornoration president ?5,000 or
100,0(M) salary to look on, and pay the
sl,,M.rintendent too
( w nro han, Bml
tlw ( heinicnl National
. . y ri... wtlos! nn. value
, stock 'is KK, is now worth $-1,000 a
' share ?
j Vt. The government
reports say, the
1 liIA fiall f,.. uhnmr ilrtiiL-tt nw.'
1 T'. "'""" '-""' '" "i
i why did they do it t im mat iieip mem
i out or in?
i Those who read our questions last
week would do well to file them away as
they w ilt do to read each Monday morn-
m herore going to worK.
( -
Ordi-r fur Ih'iiAis affinal Account In tlie
Ciiiiuty Court of Slam County,
In thn mutter of the estate of Charles J
Puddy, desus'd.
Sow, on the lilth dav or April m
o, on ' "'" ; "
Augustine ruddy, the nduilnlslrKlor of,
" ' " .
said estate' and prnys for leave to render an
account a such administrator. It Is there
fore ordered that the 3rd day of May ls7, at
1, o'clock p. 111., at my oltlce In Harrison,
Nebraska, tie fixed for the time and place
for examining and iilfoa lug sncb accounts.
And 1 lie holm or said deceased and all per-
sons Interested In said estate, are rcquibsl
! lo appear at the Unto and place so designat
ed, and show cause, If such exl.ti, why said
accoiMit should not lie allowed. It is f urlll
er ordered that said V. Augustine l'udny
aumini.triieor, Hi,,,,.,., r. In Mid estate by causing a copy
of this order to be published In THK Siocx
Cot'KTr Joi'Hsai., a newspaper printed and
In general circulation In said comity, for
three works prior 1st tlio day set forsaid
Ilea ring.
Duted April 10th, A. I). 1S!17. ,
ItonKar Wii.sos,
County Judge-
J skal j
Ki-llpw sod Kalrbsnk. Vln'
mills Towers, Tanks. Irrid
tlu Ou.flis. Hose. Ilrlilin
UrlAilur shi-tirrs. WiwmI swi
irli I'ulnts, Plpr. Klciiie,
Hrs riw.ils sss
Mrn1ar,l lAmee. 1'- 'i-i
Ins f..f tlio to u. t'MD
1 c it'r.-' .
or ii kincs.
H03 f ninfirn St, Oi:'f... ?
E!irrilT Kali-.
Notice la hereby iflven by virtue of hii
order of m&le to uw Ulrectd Issued by the
Quarter (e:4) ami Kmnt Half (e',t of the
N,,"n Urx,-r (a-w'4) or Section Nine
I'll In Tnu 11..I1I11 Tlilltv-onc r:H V.. 11 Hulif.',!
Mltv alx W., of tlio MxtU (H) )', M., In
hiu x county, Nebraska, to tl -if y :i decree
of foreclosure entered In said emitc by our
wild Court at tbe regular November, 13,
term of unld Court to wit:
On the tlrat day of November, lt3, vitiere
In our suid court fonud due u the defend
ant Alluiau, Miller A Co., on the caune of
action et ont In 1U rum et;tltlu the aiiui
of $70 41 wit li ten per cent lntcret thereon
. from aabl date and adjudged aanie to be a
! first Hen on said preutUc. Th aaid Court
J nlo found due the plaintiff on the cause of
action et out In bis petition, the mini of
. A. f0. 70 drawluir ten ner cent Interest from
rtti te wliifh u iih (leclii rrl ntil ml IikI iel
by Vhu court to bn a second Hen on auld
premises with costs and acrrulnx costs,
-said preniisa uill tie sold for the purpose
,.f sallsfvlnB- suld mil . tu the order alaive
) HA-i) Mieriir of Sioux County Seb.
'Final Proof Noficcs.
A U persons having ti mil proof notices 1n
this puier will receive a marked copy of the
paricr and tire reu,icited to exiimlne their
notice and 11 any 'rroi a exist reart the
aauic to tills oltlce lit oucu.
lanid (Ifflce lit Alllnnee, Scb. j
March 4, ls;,7
Notice Is hereby given that the following
named aettler has filed notice of Ills Inten
tion to iniike filial proof In aiipportof his
clulin, and that auld proof will be made be
fore M. J. Illnwett, clerk illstrtct court at
lliirrlaoii. Neb. on April 17, Ih-j" vljs:
likhard W. Mlddlcton of C.len, Neb. who
iiiinle II. K No S40I for the S' j of S K 'i rtcc."
Ml, S W ij of S W ii of See. 211 and N-W U or
N K of Sec. ni.Towiinlilp ;ll N, Kannc, W W.
tin names the following witnesses to p.ovc.
his continuous residence upon aud cultiva
tion of snld laud vl-: '
I'einiiH Mornii, William H. Johnson, snnin
el li. Kis.kley and Jeremy Stluison, all of
(,lcn, Neb.
J.W. WEU J., '
f.7-32 ltiRlster,
Timber Cnlturs Pnml.-Notirp for I'ubllcatloti.
Land Olllce ut Alliance, Neb. j
Kebruray, 27, IS!.". (
Notice Is hereby Riven thtit Nels I'. Rosen
berg of Adelhi, Neb., h filed notice of IiiUmi
Hon to make II mil proof before M.J. lllew
fit, clerk district court, lit bis office In Har
rison, Neb. on the Kith day of April 1M7,
on tlinlicrt-ulture application No Iff, for the
N K. iimrter of pection , In Township No.
.'3, N ltaiiKe No. it, W. He names n witnesa
Mc i.iel r. Jordan. James Nesan. Miko Nur-
en aud Charles Naatr., all of AtlelU, Neb.
J. W. Wkiix Jk,
Timber Cul'ur, Fltuil Proof. Xotlce for
Land Olllce nt Alllnnee, Neb. I
. March 10, 1X117 r
Notice Is hereby given that William I..
Hoyt lias tiled liotjce of Intention to make
final proof before M. J. Ulewett, Clerk Hist.
Court ut hip oillce In Harrison, Neb., on tlm
17 dav of April, ls'Jl.on limber culture ap
plication No. ft'd, for the n. I, ne. A n. V
, nw. nuiiitcr of section No.,ln township
, No r(1MKK N()
Jin name as witnesses:
William A. Hticelow, Ilenjauilu K. Johnson,
Henry Warncke nud John A. Haiuion, all of
Harrison, Nell.
J. W Wkhn, JR.,
27!Wt Heglster.
Tlinljer Culture Kinul PriKif, Notice for
Ijnd Office t Alliance. Nebr. I
March t, tSK7. (
Notice t hereby given that Kicifert Koh
wcr of Harrison, Neb., has filed notice of Iu
trillion lo make final proof Is-forc M. J.
lilcwett, CUrk of the District Court at bin
oltlce In Hurrisoii, Neb., on' the 1st day of
... ,. ,, .,
May, is(f7, 011 tlinlwrcultnrc nppllca tlon No,
I 1117, for the N W of N E't
I N EW oif .W'4 of Sectlua No. V,
E or N-Wi,
la Towunhlp
I W, Uangu No.j.
j lie niiincs as witnesses:
I J. W. Earnest, Edward Swnrtz, John Corbin
' and W. II. Hough, all of Harrison, Nebr.,
fno-Sl) Register.
, xiinlwr Culture I'roof, Notice for 1'ubliciitl 011
laind Oftlce, nt Alliance, Neb.
March 2U, 1MI7.
, pe bv lmlt j.,, MM.k.
, .,. nntlM r
Intention to make final proof before M. J.
Ulewett, Clerk of tbn DUtrict Court at hlsi
oltlce In Harrison, Neb., on the 1st day or
May, IS07, on timber application No. 41, for
the Wlj of N E' and K.if N-W of Section
No 1, in Township A4, Range. M. ,
He names as witnesses:
Michael D. Jordan of Adella, Nub.
Kels 1". Hosenlliirg " " "
Aaron t). Wisdom 1
ond Joseph lUdfcr ' Montrose, Neb.
J. W. Wkiix Jh,
129 SI I ' Heglster.
ackage o(er
EaKBi decay, Derroue debility u
.... . b.Mw.n. .M Ilk. mA
!mt vita lit cent frM for II pis. noatftn.
OB. 1TJLBD LIST. If I. VI 11, tt.M H 1
'JJ-1 " t
'M'tieoTWlf MW'Wnit
'an.uum vvm n
psg ij'jiiul iimin . 'ii
Bip tspi mtitr'm
..iC hi Tnw '."M'"1 I LJ J
-jsis flwiiit eaa.
. ,,' ii ;i J I
Sllna 4. Holcoutb ('rovernor ,
Jauiea ;;. Harri Ueiiteunnt lioveiuoi i
H.K. PorUT sivrcturv of Ktala
John . CVirin-U Auditor
J. K. Meaerve Treaanrer
C. J. Smyth Attorney General
J. V. Wolfe Lund ( oiniiilxaionei
. It. Jackaou Supt. Public Instruct ou '
co.n;i:kssional dki.koation:
John M. Thurston t'. S. Senator, Omaha
Wm. V. Allen I. S, Senator, Madison
J. K.Mrode, oiiKn'ssmuu 1st Hist., Lincoln
D. H. Mercer, " id
Samuel Maxwell, " 3rd
W. L. stark, 4th
li. D. mi tin rlund, ' th '
W. L. breen, (,tu '
A. M. Post Chief Justice, Columbus
T. U.C.. HaiTison ..As'te Judtfe, (irand Island
T. L. Norval AssociaU; Jud;e, twwai-d
U. A-Campbell.-Clcrk uiid lU-porUir, Lincoln
M. I. Klnkaid Jiulffe, O'Neill
W. H. Weslover . ..... ' Kushvllk
M. J. Blewelt Clerk, Harrison
ItolsTt Wilson tkiunty Jud(,'e
M.J. illewett.. . Clerk
Chun. BlelilH . Treasurer
W. H. Davis supt. Public Instruction
U. Hartlett Sherltr
J. K. l'hiuney Coroner
It. y. ThouuiH ... Surveyor
M.J. Ulewett Clerk of District Court
Ormit liiithrlo ..County Attorney
Frank Tlnklinm. 1st District
M. J. WeberfCbairiimn ).. 2d "
James K. Voun 3d "
Otto Mntz-.SenaUir, Hist. No. 14, Sprlngvlew
A. t. .Sheldon. . Dlst. No. '), Chadron
E. llohwcr (clialruiau) . Trustee
J. W. .Scott
D. II. tirlswisl "
W. It. Marstidler
S. I", llainlln
W. H. Davis . Clerk
Lewis (icrlach... Treasurer
J. W. Scott Director
1!. L. Minuek Mixlnrator
l.nwis L-lacdi...... Treasurer
District Court, At Hurrisoii, commences
Spring term April lath, Jury Utb,
Kail " October 21, jury '.lh.
County Court, At Harrison, couunonce
tlrst Monduv of each mouth.
Metlusltst Sunday School meets every Sun
day inoruiiis" at WM
J. E. Makstki.lkk, W. H. Dwis,
Superintendent. Secretary
J (C It If V HUSK POST, No. ;-.,;. A. It.
Meets second Monilay iu each 111011 tli In
the court house ut Harrison.
K. E, l.ivemiore, Com.
Harrison Camp, No. .Vi, meets on each ill
terunu Wwlneiwluy eveninif.
Clerk. Con. Com.
Meets each alternate Saturday evening
nts o'clock. A. It. DKW, V. C.
J. W. smith, Clerk.
Iti'gtibir business uiectliijf first Tuesday
evening In each month.
W. H. Davis, President.
Devotional uieetlng every Sunday evening
at 6:l'i. D. J. CLAHK, Loader.
Meets each Sunday afternoon at 2:1)0.
Mrs. D. II. CK18WOLP, Supt.
Timlier Culture Final I'roof, Notice for
Land Offlce nt Alliance, Ncbr. I
March ii, 1HU7. i
. Notice Is hereby given that Charles E.
tchllt oT Harrison, Neb., hau filed notice or
Intention to make final proof before M. J.
Ulewett, Clerk of lite District Court al
his offlce in Harrison, Nebr,, on the 1st day
of May, 1SU7, on timber culture application
No. mm. for the B-W'i of Section No. 22, In
Tow nship HI, Range No. rut
He names as witnesses:
Charles llluhle, Nels Anderson, KH J. Wilcox
and William Itiehle, allot Harrison, Nebr.
Also that Nets Anderson of Harrison, Neb.,
han tiled notice of intention to make dual
proot at the same time and place, on tim
ber culture .application No. 7UD, for the N
E'. of Section No. 17, In Township 33, Range
No. U.
He names as witnesses:
Charles lllehle, Elt J. Wlleo, Charles E.
Hchiltftmt William lllehle, all of Hurrisoii,
Also Hint Charles lllehle or Harrison,
Nub., has filed notice of Intention to make n
n al proof at the same tune and place, on tlm
lair culture application No. "08, for the N
Elt of Section No. s, In Township 33, Range
No, W.
He names as Witnesses:
KH J, Wilcox, Charles K. Hchilt, Nm Ander
son and U. A. tiarton, all of Harrison, Nub.
f J. W. W'Kiitr Ja,
I34J BcgUter.
-!-Don't forget that Thb Journal has
a large clubbing lint and when selecting
rending matter for the coming year call
and give im vout order. Wa can snv
Oujahii I
f r"'"""t IWBBJ
Nebon i ifej
Keuruey i Tj Ht
STOCK Kl'.AMi.-;.
Tiif. JotfiiNaL ill ptibiUli yourbrmd, lr.
t be following, for jj:!W, p:r year. Lath ad-
djtional l.iaud 7:i cents. rai ry far:i:er or
ranch men in hiou.x and adjoining rounliei
"bould advertise tbeir branjis in iiilJolk
K&Lua it circubiti'.s all over the relate. H
may be the uicau of Huvlujf ii.oncy for you.
Oir left side of cattle uiat on
fliuolder of horses.
1'. O, Glllll hri-,t, Sioux Co., Neb.
On let side or liip of cattle, (
On left sbuulder of liorsi s. i
Kaiige 011 the bead of Wai bonnet
Address Harrison, Moil x Co. Neb.
A 11 nnnn..l.. in l.H'O l.ui.n
Al I 111 1 UIIU IS 111113 H iltti ..
placed in the hands of Attorney tinnitj
Guthrie and instructions given him to;jg
collect them, and those knowing them
selves in nrrenrs cm save expense by
navinir the same nt otu-e. 1 lie ac-i
i "
counts include arrearages on books of
other papers that were formerly pub
lished in Harrison.
L. J. Simmons.
Anyone (ipntllnj? ft nketi-h and donrrititirm may
qulttitiy hwertriin, lion, wtielher an inveii'-iott ii
iirodaiilv imte'it, 1M0. rGiniiiunicutiftiig strictly
coiiHdeutlal. o'ttH eneii'7 for Mcuriny piimiiti
in Aiii:rica. We hnvt) u VVumtitnytnii oflice.
Patents tikrn tliroutcU Mtum Cu. recelvo
pticiit. uotioe iu tlio
tieautlfullr Illustrated, lnrcet clrcnlntlun of
n nv scluntlSc journul. weekly, terms t?.W a yeari
11.50 SIX months. Hpwtmcn eoiis unit LlA.SU
boon ON I'a tk.vts sent true. Adiirus
3(11 Broadway, New York.
D. E. Brkwstih,
D. H. GRISWOLD, Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
American Exchange National Bank, New York,
Omaha National Dank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits,
Good rigs furnished on bhort notice.
Reliable drivers and quiet saddle horses always on Iiand.
Good accommodations for tranecient customers.
Horses boarded.
ofi.vNT :l"1hu:i",
Prompt attention given to all lral
matters in Justice, ComJ.v
ibd listriit
Courts, and liefore the
United t-.tutirsi
Land 0:'.i...
Firo Insunince written in reliable
t"? "Igii I l.pcro cartful!.',' draw n.
IIakihsox, - 'i:i;!'.asj;a.
thiot: a-v.'xe:-: e:htij:i.
res a wcca- 1 ."
I a Yi-ars.
A paper as useful to ynu lis a giwat if 5
daily fur only on-? (lollai' a yen'. B-dter
than ever. 1lt(. Jicws f AH tbft
rVorld All the Tinic. Accurate ami lair
lo every body. 3 ernocriitie and for Jt!e
people. Aguiiist 1 rusts and all nionnMV
lies. Brilliant illustrations. Stories by
Ureat authors in every number. Splen
did readidg for women and other special
departments of unusual interest.
It stands first among "weekly"' papers
in V.V.P, frequency of publication und
freshness, variety und reliability of con
tents. It is practically a daily at the low
price of a weekly; and its vast list of sub
scribers, extending to every state and
territory .of the union and foreign coun
tries, will vouch for the accuracy and
fairness of its new column..,
We offer this uneqtinled newspaper
and The Sioux County Journal together
one year for $1.65. The regular subscrip
lion price of the two pxpers. is $2.00.
T. Cornts,
Feed and Sale
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