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tbartfson 3ournal.
GEO. D. CAMI.f, ditrn.l Prop.
The Czar has sent to Kins Menelek a
piano, an organ and a bras band.
Abyssinia may be expected to declare
war upon Russia In a week or two.
Paradoxical a It seem, hot times
may be expected when the dpw artil
lery shell charged with frozen dyna
mite comes iflto use In the next war.
Pugilist Maher was robbed of ?1.7'0
In Philadelphia the other day while he
was asleep. After this Peter should
frequent cities wheie they sleep at
A Moltke Is to marry a Bonaparte,
but as the bridegroom is a Dane and the
bride an American the chasm which ex
tends from Oravelotte to Sedan is not
yet Closed.
A Massachusetts editor celebrated
the arrival of triplets at his house last
week by printing his paper in red. Most
editors would have signalized the event
by printing their papers in blue.
The New York Biscuit Comiwny
seen-f to be out after the "dough." It
mad over half a million dollars last
year and Its etock is still rising. This
is no flowery dream, either.
At the tariff hearing the other day a
representative of the textile Industries
said: "We do not want a change in un
derclothing, but we Insist on a change
in socks." This seenm entirely reason
able. A New Jersey woman who was mar
ried the other day says she waited flf- !
ty-three years for the man of her
choice. Here's hoping that next year
she may not regret that she didn't wait
fifty-three years longer. '
- -- - - - -
Dr. Nansen says that any man pos- I
sessed of the necessary qualities of en-
durance, knowledge, and confidence
can discover the north pole. He has
an idea, furthermore, that he knows
where he can find the man.
The King of Benin sends word to the i
English troops that he has plenty of i
men and ta ready to fight. If music j
hath charms to soothe the savage
breast we advise John Bull to sing a
little for the belligerent Mr. Benin. j
The mummy of an Egyptian Princess
who had red hair has just been taken
from .1 tomb near Karnak. This great
discovery has stimulated archaeolo
gists to continue their excavations la
the hope of finding the white horse.
The Sultan of Turkey recently offered
to decorate Lady Herbert, an English,
woman visiting her son. a diplomat at i
Constantinople, but the offer was
promptly declined. Jady Herbert's ac
tion wag highly proper under the cir
cumstances. A New York girl swears that she was
hypnotized and forced into marrying a
traveling faker. It will be S'"en that the
up-to-date Trilby manages things bet
ter. Du Maurier'a model young wom
an evidently hasn't gumption to appeal
to the courts.
The hospital authorities In New York
City seem to be as criminally careless
as some of those in Chicago. Captain
McGiffln, the brave naval officer, was I
Insane when admitted to the hospital
there, yet he had no trouble in con
cealing from nurses and physicians the
pistol with which he took his life.
They play poker for keeps in North
Dakota. A party of sporting gentlemen
were engaged In a nice little game Just
across the street from where bank rob
bers were dynamiting a safe the other
night, and although they heard the ex
plosion no one of them dared to turn his j In Boston and was graduated at Am
bead away from the table until the t herst College, and almost immediately
game was finished.
The philosopher of the Atchison
Globe, after careful investigation and
studv. Is ready to report that "very
often a girl's disdainful shrug of her j est success of his life was the organiza
shoulders when in company Is really and administration of the Massa-
due to a combination of red flannels j chusetts Institute of Technology, the
and buckwheat cakes." We are pleased j most prominent school of its kind In
that the came of the rash act has been the United States, Prior to that time
discovered at last. I he had filled many high positions,
j among them tliat of teacher at Willis-
Kentucky has now a couple of attrac
tions that will go far to compensate for
ny feeling of Jealousy toward Ten
nessee on account of the big cen ten
Dial celebration soon to occur in the
latter State. One of them is a boy
whose phalangial complement shows
twelve toes, and the other an albino
groundhog who carea as little for the
weather as a last year's almanac.
' Tbt honest old fellow who cleans out a
bank, with a broom, for a dollar a
Gets only the conrtesy shown to a dog, ex
cept while he's drawing bis pay.
The' burglar who cleans out a bank at
night, with a jimmy and powder and
Gets only a sentence, to pay for his pains,
that's the farthest extent of the law.
The trusted official who cleans out a bank
gets the cash and he's nothing to
Bat why should the erookedest one of the
three be acclaimed as a "financier 7"
The Navy Department proposes as a
remedy for defective armor plate a
chut la the Inspection boards. Wh.: t
to owafatatd la the aobetltution o:
elrlUAM for so-called army experts.
' tl wqlstsj to nude tost the experts
( Y 3a net expert or that they fall
. rrTt c iBMez cam
most loudly f r exr er-ness. The dis
tinction U aot a diffeivjce. The insje
tion boards as now constituted accept
armor jilaie of a sort which uliould
never find a plav ou any ships of war.
Where the fault lie, however. Is not in
the boarl. but in the specificalious.
The minimum test la entire! too tow.
The invesi!gti"a of the coffee trust
has opened the eyes of the people to a
nriubcr of things and has brought out
the statement from a New "."oik man
that the thousand of people who speak
of their morning cup of Mocha" do
not know what tiny are talking about.
According to this person, who is George
II. Livingstone, the official records of
the port of New York show that in the
last eight years "only four haL's of act
ual, genuine Mocha coffee have been
imported Into this country, and that
these sacks were presents to certain
New York and Philadelphia families.
- I
The antipathy felt toward filled
cheese in legislative quarters seems to
be well fouudeil, although it may be.
after all. a revulsion caused by excess
of fastidiousness. A good artlclj of
filled chooe is made, It is said, by using j
the Very thinnest milk Imaginable and 1
adding thirty iuuds of irk fat to
everv lot nounds of mils, and season
ing to the taste with sugar of lead, bi
sulphate of lime, boracic acid, orris
root, tartaric acid, glycerine, cupric
acid, butyric ether, caustic potash, cas-
tor oil. slippery elm bark, oil from sun-.
flower seeds, dried blood, and adding a
little coloring matter.
The Philadelphia Record says: "The
highest paid choir singers in the world
are two American ladies, Miss Clemen
tina de Vere, at the I'axtou Church, In
New York, who receives $4,riX) a year,
and Miss Dutton, at a Baptist church,
in the same dty, who receives fS.UOO
for her services. The men In the choir
of Westminster Abbey receive salaries
ranging from to f'AM). There are
about i'JiJ.iKKt singers In the choirs of
various places of religious worship
throughout the United Kingdom. Rabbi
Wolfers. the Jewish musical historian.
says that during divine service at the
Ancient Temple of Jerusalem, a full
choir consisted of 24.IHX) men, divided
into three great bauds, and separated
from one another upon vast platforms.
The choir of the great Mormon temple
at Salt Lake City is the largest In the
world, numbering 3.T0 trained voices."
Not long ago a Missouri editor who.
In common with the craft, yearned ,; 3,iKK).(Kj bachelors in this country, and
know everything, sent an Insect which 'he "-urplu- of matrimonial raw materl
h found ,.M.-!!n.r rA.m.i in th iit,. ' al ' constantly growing. The new
rial paste to one of the scientific bug
men in Washington and asked for ex
Iert Information. In the course of
time he was Informed tliat the bug
was a very rare one. and that the de
partment would like to have a lot more
of them. The scientist was enthuslas-
tic over the fact that this particular
bug had the head and thorax coarsely j
punctured and that the little tubercle:
on the vertex behind the ocelli was)
wanting, and that the nrothorax. sen
tellum, and postseiitcllum were cari-
nate. Moreover, the squama arising
frotn the posterior lateral ledges of the
puatscutclluin were produced Into long,
In-curved points. He also stated offi
cially that the metathorax was reticu
late, with a triangular median area
which is open above, with transverse
striae within arid passing Mow Into
a long median carina, the lateral faces
being Ktriato-puuetuate and the striae
transverse. The editor was so much
impressed with this profound descrip
tion tliat he has developed into an en
thusiastic entomologist and lias been
so industrious In collecting for the de-
partment at Washington that t'.iere
a cockroach to lie seen in his
The death of Gen. Francis A. Walker
removes from an Important department
of labor one of the most useful and
honored citizens of this country, t'en.
Walker came of a family which had
distinguished itself in science and po
litical economy, and his own cares
added to its reputation. He was bora
upon graduating. In 151, he joined a
Massachusetts regiment ami served
with such distinction as to rise to Hie
rank of adjutant general and a briga
dier generalship by brevet. The great-
ton University, editor of the Spring-
field (Mass.) Republican, Chief of the
Bureau of Statistics. Superintendent
of the ninth census. Commissioner of
Indian." Affairs, Professor of Political
Economy at Yale College, Chief of the
Bureau of Awards at the Centennial,
United States Commissioner to tho
Paris monetary conference In IblS, and
lecturer at Harvard University, Long
and useful as was his career, the
crowning glory of bis life was the In
stitute of Technology of which be had
been the honored bead so many years.
It was a work for which be was spe
cially adapted and in which he took
great pride. The diplomas of that in
stitution have always been an unques
tioned passport to any position. Aside
from the numerous places of dignity
and honor which he has held he has
made his Influence felt by numerous
contributions ou bis favorite subject to
newspapers and scientific periodicals.
Few men In this couutry have been
more useful, few have set a more bril
liant example of good citizenship, and
few there are whoso lives "have been
more syroarloally rounded out. Ills
death will be a great pnlillc loss, and
the most alnccr mourners will he the
alumni ot tie Institute, win are hold
ing prominent pltlona .Jl over tlm
toon try.
Coaacoti and Criticlsaaa Bueeil Cpon
tka iiappjaiaxa ot tka Day Hia
torical and Near Notra.
A New York man sold big wife the
other day foi AnJ yet Mr. Uoooe
veit claim that he has put au end to
all bunko games in Gotham.
Misguided persons who believe thtt It
Is Impossible to print news before it oc
cur should study the literary achieve
ments of the Cuban Junta in Key West.
The New Haven I!egi-icr announces
with displayed headlines that "The
Devil Is Dead." We advise the War
Cry to get out an extra If the news la
The Itnparclal, the leading paper of'
Madrid, ways that "the Spaniards in;
Cuba are lighting for a glorious past."
Why uot do a little Hghtiuy
present and the future?
for the,
An opera singer in Caracas was nr- j
rMt,.j the other dav for refusing to re- 1
spond to an encore. In this couutry the i
eause of Justice would lie helped by ar- i
resting those who do resKmd. j
"Dressed to kill," said the chief hr.g-
iticker in the packing-house as he don-
npd hi, overalls preparatory for a goesl'
day's work. "Killed to dress," sigh-
Pd the turkey gobbler as he got it In I
the neck.
It has leeu decided to locate the theo
sophlcal college in California instead of
In .New Jersey, as was originally pro
posed. No astral Iswly would look well
covered with mosquito bites and
A Virginia paper says editorially:
"The morals of this place are equaled
nowhere else." Probably the same
statement could truthfully be made by
the manager of the place which Bob
Ingersoll says doesn't exit.
A hat pin five Inches long, with a
fancy porcelain knob at one end, was
recently found in a hog's liver at Hen
nepin. No further search is being made
for the young lady, the relatives having
given up all hope.
Leap year is a fraud. There are now
I woman, matrimonially considered, is j
not so effective as the old woman.
Zola received only four votes for ad
mission to the French Academy the
lat time he applied, a falling off of ,V)
per cent. Zola may never becomean
Immortal, but If he keep on he seems !
likely to solve the problem of perpetual ;
motion. - j
The Clovenmrt (Kv. News Informs1
the country at large that the good peo-1
pie of that town have "all Joined hearts 1
and hands and gone to work in ear-
nest and pro)ose to make it mighty j
hot for Satan." Kentucky may come!
out all right after all. - j
mmmmmmmmm. j
Severn! vonni? a-nmcn in r'Mencrt nr I
said to ha've perfected an organization I
for the purpose of substituting a five- 1
year carriage contract for the present i
matri.iioulal regime. As a rule, how-i
ever, public sentiment probably will Ik- j
avrse to lengthening the term, of mari-
ttl relations to five years.
A new navy which can steam from
Hampton irfiads to Churleston with a
loss of only four dead and seven
wounded certainly deserves the re
spectful attention of a nation that Is
too prone to poke fun at Its own light
ing machines. The new navy evidently
U no laughing matter.
Mrs. Nansen Is either very uncom
municative or else she Is uot on speak
ing terms with the north pole, for when
she was recently asked by a reporter
concerning her husband's explorations
she replied: "I know nothing about
Nansen." With such a wife as that
It Is not hard to see why Nansen seeks
high latitudes.
The miners on Glacier Creek. Alaska,
Intend to do a great deal of "burning"
this wintertliat is, thaw out the frozen
gravel by means of fire. The burning
commences when the winicr fairly sets
in and the streams are frozen solid.
Wood costs $1 per cord at the stump,
and often cosis ten to twelve dollars
for hauling. The gravel Is taken out
and ! stored and washed In the spring.
There is In Kentucky a lady T years
old who 1s now living with her seventh
husband. On learning that she would
lose a pension by marrying her seventh
husband, she meditated but a moment
and said: "I don't know the value of a
pension, but I do know a husband's
value. Glmui! the husiwnd." What
higher tribute could be ptild to the mas
culine sex than the;:e sincere words of
a woman who has loved so many of us?
A ridiculous tyiHigr.iphlcal error In
an Arkansas paper has aroused great
Indignation In a little town In that
Htate. A wedding took place between
two prominent members of the village
society, and the edilor took particular
pains to give the young couple a good
"send-off." He wrote up the event in
florid style, and displayed It under a
three-lino head, snd enjoyed the con
scious feeling of dty well performed.
Imagine his horror, however, when he
read the next morning In letters that
seemed to him big enough for a cir
cus poster: "Charming Home ed
tim. Pink and White Were the Pro
vaili'.ig Tights. Many Monkish Gowtii .
Worn by the Fair Guests." With a,
how l of rage he seized a shotgun ant ,
started for the proofreader, but he hajJ,
flown. The editor had written "tlcu".
and modish.' !
United States officers of Salem and
Portland. Ore., did uot relish a recent
duty they were called itpm to perform,
involving the arrest of a young woman
of Salem who had sent out a man
dressed In woman's clothes to meet a(
man who had written to her mothei
asking the mother to meet hiin. The'
daughter had instructed her emissary ,
i.x iiir-i-l. i!ip fellow who w.u trviui i
to get her mother to meet him, and the
thrashing was done. The man who,
was beaten entered complaint against .
the girl. The opinion of the officers as j
men was that he should have "taken !
his medicine." '
The esteemed Interior, which should !
know better, says lu a recent issue:
'There is not a hospital in the l.'uited i
j;lJlIt.s ur anywhere eUe, which was.
not built by people who In-Heve in the ;
deity of the Ixird Jesus Christ." The
good Dr. iray surely forgets the Mi-!
chael Reese Hospital of Chicago, which
was founded by the money of a Jew,!
and is managed now by Jews. New,
York has Mount Sinai hospital, one of I
the best In the country, and there are,)
we understand, Jewish hospitals in!
Boston. Philadelphia. Cincinnati and
man v other American cities, not to
mention similar Institutions in Vienna,
Loudon and several European capitals.
The Springfield (Mass.) Republican
thinks that the Sultan's melodramatic
remark, "1 may be the last of the Ca
liphs, but I will never become a second
Khedive," must have had a hidden
meaning. Why was he so brave In the
face of a concert of Kurope? Clearly
this display of courage was due to his
knowledge that the sword the powers
were flourishing was wooden. So long
as no coercion will lc allowed by Rus
sia, "AImIuI the damned" is not near
hi doom. The sine qua non of real re
form in Turkey Is the military occupa
tion of Constantinople, as England oc
cupied Alexandria in Kgypt. The Sul
tan must indeed be made another Khe
dive if his rule s to be effectually modi
fied. But for that Europe is not pre
pared. Chicago Tribune: The first edlt'on
of anti-expectoration cards was limit
ed to IJ."K, but the demand for copies
has 1 n so g:eat another edition of
5,Ki is to be printed and distributed.
If there are any people who think the
crueade is a Joke, or a fad, or anything
else tliat Is not serious and Important,
It will be pruit"!if for them to change
their opinion at once. The Health De
partment is not embarking ou this en
terprise from any esthetic cousidera-
'10"H. "' strnn.v witn tue intent oi
conserving public health. The card, a
'"'I? of which Is to be hung in all
"treet cars and other public places, con-
,alu1 ,m! declaration that "spitting on
,ne n""rs OI P"'' J'l'tccs ami or
conveyances is a nuisance, and Is fre-
n'ntly a means or conveying disease,
alul lH l'-'ly forbidden." and the
Health Department refers the reader of
the placard to Sec. 1,-TJ3 of the Muiilei-
pal Code of Chicago for the authority
to enforce this order. The stn-et car
"Pa iiIps have a deep Interest in the
"''-eme.., m u.e oiuer, ior incy ,,
U,Hr 'ftrons liav"",flr'r"' '"' "i
me uiuiy pracin-i'B oi sonic oi wie men
wl' rkl'- " tllp v&r- A ot
the companies therefore will be espc
cially Instructed to see tliat the order
is olieyed, and one warning from such
an employe that Is not heeded will be
followed by Immediate complaint to
the police. It Is to be boied that none
of the officials concerned will weaken
when this matter reaches a tent. There
Is -no reason why any consideration
should be shown to the offensive per
sons who indulge In this outrage on
public decency.
A tragedy Is reported from a small
village In Hungary that reads like a
grim carnival of crime. Eighteen wives
In the community, It appears, were de
sirous of ridding themselves of their
husbands and they made a social func
tion out of the affair by simultaneously
and successfully administering poison.
The husbands must have been wholly
unsuspicious or complacent, for It ap
pears tliat all died promptly and with
out any protest or offer of compromise.
The words of the report, which are
''Eighteen procured poison which they
administered to their husbands wilh
fatal result," suggest the spectacle of
the husliands standing aligned to re
ceive the dose much like an array of
children preparing for an application
of sulphur In springtime. They may
have reciprocated the sentiments of
their better and energetic halves so
thoroughly that they were willing to
accept this means of escajie from fur-
tner eartmy troume. it is more prooa-
ble, however, that they were not aware
of the little surprise in store for them
and did not appreciate their proximity
to the end of life until It wo too late
to nrenare any adequate defense. West-
ern civilization has occasionally been
darkened by individual Instances of
this kind, but st no time has so large
an aggregation as eighteen wives hap-
peued to reach the poison mania at so
nearly the same time as to make a Jopit
exhibition out of the function. It Is a
very radical method for women to re
sort to when they happen to grow tired
of their husbands, but too spectacular
to warrant general popularity.
He Wondare l.
Sportsman (to Hnobson, who hasn't
brought down a single bird all day)
Do you know Lord Peckham?
Snobson Oh, dear, yes; I've ofteij
shot at his house.
IporUman Ever h)t It i Punch.
VrTk u. .... , -tci
' t
Poultry Shelter.
The barrel poullry house shown in
the first illustration makes a capital
house for a small lot of birds. Any
cracks or crcvU'cs should be filled up
w ith clay or putty. The inside should
have a good coating of lime, lu which
some carlsillc add has been mixed, and
the oulside should be well tarird or
painted. When jsTfedly dry It should
1m; placed on bricks or blocks of wm1.
so as to raise it a few Inches from the
The other sketch represents a more
elaborate house, which can be made
according to the number of birds for
which It Ut required. The illustration
explains itself, and the space under the
floor is of great advantage, as It gives
protection from the weather and Is
much appreciated by the birds. The
house should be removed every few
days on to fresh ground. It will b
noted that two important points, light
and ventilation, have received attention
from the designer of this house. Strong
handles placed at each end would fa
cilitate removal, or the house could
readily le fixed on wheel. If corru-
gated Iron Is used for Oie nsif It should
have a wooden llulng, as the former is
a rapid conductor of heat and cold.
Transplanting Lartre Trea,
When a large tree Is removed from
the ground, as much earth as possible
should be taken up with it, so that the
small, fibrous roots may uot be greatly
disturbed. The tree will have a much
greater chance of living In IU new loca
tion If this Is done. Dig first atiout the
trunk at some little distance away, but
do not cut off the big mots that are met
Follow these out for some distance.
When the trench Is dug about the tree,
work under the roots aufl get chains or
ropes about the ball of earth lu two or
more directions. Then set a long pry in
the manner shown in the Illustration,
when the tree can be gently raised. A
drug or stone boat can then tie sllppei
under the ball of earth and the tree
hauled home on it, without disturbing
Uie root In the least. With the earth
left about the roots in this way, eveu
trees of considerable size can 1m? safely
transplanted, aud they will hanllv
(.(,m (0 (),.,, the ehauge In their sur-
j rouudlngs.-Exchange.
j Cob Chnrcoat for Hon.
j Fattening hogs eat charcoal greedily,
but thut made by charring corn on the
!cob is eaten best, and this In our ex
perlence has proven all that is needed
to keen them In health. But In one of
j the Minnesota Farmers' Institutes,
Theodore Louis tells how he makes cob
'charcoal on a large scale where hogs
are kept by the hundred. He digs a
hole five feel square at top and five feet
deep. Into this he throws some cobs,
setting Are to them as they are thrown
in until the hole is filled. Then the hole
Is completely covered, banking earth
against the edges of the cover, lu 12
hours uncover, and the cotsj will be
found completely charred, so that tliey
will easily crumble. Mix bushels of
this Is then mixed with eight pounos
of salt, two quarts of air-slacked lime
aad a bushel of wood ashes. Dissolve
. V z. 'z. - :?
one and a quarter pounds of coppers i
with hot water, and sprinkle over th
niah. This mixture aids digestion
and destroys the lutentlna: wornm with
which fattened bogs are always
fesled. Hogs, thus fed. have no oc
casion to root, as they get what they
reijuire without this Laltor. (
Feiinr Value of A poles.
We do not think enough of the value
of tiie orchard for feeding it fruit
to the farm animals. Apples an? nu
tritious, and an aid to the god diges
tion of other food. The mlid acid of
them i.s excellent for the health of th
stock and e all know how gratefully
they will receive a feed of them at any
time. Tor the cows they are espedal
ly d.tdrable; a ins k of them chopped
atid sprinkled with tneal of any kind
will belli much to add to the flow of
milk of the cows. Horses love thit
fruit, and they tend to help in the shed
ding of the coat, by their gently laxa
tive effect. When the selection Is made
for the spring planting, a few of some
of the sweet varieties, ripening from
the summer to the winter, should not
be forgotten for this use. We may be
gin with the early Sw eet Bough for the
lirst. then the autumn Sweet Bough
and the old Pumpkin Sweet, and for
later use there are the Talmatl Sweet
and the Wlnesnp, all productive sort
and unexcelled for this use as well a
for market. Orange Judd Fanner.
t lpenina: Cream.
A good way Is to hold the cream at a
temperature of sixty degrees for twelve
to fourteen hours after the first taste of
add is apparcut, and then Judgment,
formed from experience, will do the
rest. The method for warming th
cream for ripening b ail right, but It
will be necessary to keep the tempera
ture of the room at about the tempera
ture It Is desired to keep the cream.
For a starter, some ripened cream or
buttermilk from the prevlotw churning
Is often used to "slart" the ripening. A
U'tter starter Is made by taking some
skim milk from a healthy, fresh-milking
cow, warm It up to 85 or tX degrees,
and hold it at that tempreature till It
become thick. Put Into the cream
from three to five per cent, of this start
er, and If the cream Is held at HO to vi
degrees for twelve to fourteen hours
it will be found sufficiently ripenetl.
Massachiisetts Plowman.
Training: Tolta.
I commence to halter break from two
to four wi-cks old and shoe the feet at
the same time. Now we want to com
mence at one year of age to break them
to the haruewt. Is-ginnlng In the barn
floor and break to the harness and bit
Treat them so kindly that they will fol
low or come at your call anywhere. I
would select the tlm-st bird colt and
raise it for a brood mare, using only
the liest slock horses. We think from
experience and observation that wo'
an improve our present class of horses.
We commence to f --I the colts lieforn
we wean them, warm milk, water and
grain, and continue till they are a year
old. Feed the same as the horss then.
Farm News.
fredlnur Newly Cleared I. ant).
Where land Is newly cleared of Its
tree growth and Is full of stumps It Is
Important to have It seeled as quickly
n possible, utili-sn it Is intended to let
it grow up Into forest again. The
stumps will prevent all cultivation or
attempts to cultivate for several years.
If the land Is not seeded with clover
and grasses, It will tie wilh weeds.
Home timothy should always be sown
with clover, as the hitter soon runs out.
Some object that the stumjm do uot rot
so fast when there Is sod around them;
but that Is a small matter compared
with keeping the land free from pesti
lent weedK.Amcrlean Cultivator.
Oat Nrrd Klch o'l.
The oat crop will make a fair success
where other grains would fall. But It
needs rich soli quite as much as any,
and Is especially benefited by phos
phate fertilizers. The average yield Is
low, Ix.-cauite the crop 1 generally put
on the iHsirest soil on the farm. We
have grown IHt bushels of oats per acre
ou a four-acre field pluuted the previous
year with potatoes, and with 150
pounds of fertilizer drilled In with th
oat seed In the spring. -Exchange,
Glraninua. V a
to go dry. Some cows will keep right
ou giving milk.
Irregularity" In utablliig, fi-eding and
watering and milking has been the
cause of many dairy failures.
Red clover Is one of the -nt plan's
for orcha rds. 1 1 keeps the ground loose
and enrlehc nud shades the ground.
Top dn-ss liie garden with fine man
ure, am' if not well drained, throwing
up in ridges will facilitate early work
I u the spring.
Good cream rising can only tie at
tained by k'M-pIng the milk sweet as
long as possible and skimming off
t lit cream w hile the milk Is ;weet.
All wagons for heavy loads should
have four-Inch tires. Good roads are
Impossible otherwise. Abate the road
tax of those w ho use wide tln-s.
When all artificials have liecn tried,
few or none are so reliable or available
us barnyard manure, which Is too much
disregarded by many farmers.
Hows with young pigs need liberal
feeding. If they do not get It, the sow
will fail to give sufficient milk to make
thrifty pigs snd the sow, too, will lose
Success In growing peaches demands
frequent examinations In search of
Isirers which am found Just below the
surface of the ground. We scratcJi
tiicm out with an old butcher knife.
The sheep is a natural gormandlser
and being a frail animal needs plenty
of fresh air and exercise. Don't bouse
your hee,i too closely under the Im
pression tliat you are doing tbaan
. ,, ; .'t.