The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 25, 1897, Image 1

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    Sioux County Journal.
tSTO. 29.
The Sioux County Journal.
.Subscription Trie. 11.00
Sioux County,
(;. it. (anon.
A new county with
schools, churches,
railroads, etc.,
Our "third quarterly mret
iuiL' will In- held by Killer
.Julian, at Plea.-ant Ride. ' M'" n-1 omo.
April .'inland I1h. Saturday l L":"T'1
!lt .' (HI llC O. k ' .M. ; it , K..r.i.-H.
Sunday at 1i;(M o'clock A M
H will al.o preach in llarri-' '. v;"";
son Sunday wninr. j
. . j 0)'(,l!r:!oN.J, ItKt.V.t ATMiN
! John M. 'I'tM.r-l
iiovj'i i4ir
, I.U'ilt.-tl.tlit 'i''('J-iul
M-rc-t:iry of MiU
, VikI jfor
'I r tuii
t torn y ttchrrnl
I-itli't (jtinU-itMH'l
H,.t. i'ui;.c 1 1 1 -1 m t
Final IVMif Noticr,
Kntrol Hi flu IhirrUoii ntnt otU-t
smi rliHN mutter.
CANON OWNS Tltr. J 01' KYI I..
A statement was made to
11 if editor of Tin-: Jones a i.
and our other party, and in
ihf presence id' others one
day the fore part of the week
by a certain person that jt
was generally hrlieved by
tho-e who were opposed to
the new policy, or a certain
rlas of thrill - of 'I'm: .hi k
nai., that one of our county
officials was the owner of
Thk Sktx Col n i v .!! us i.
intimating thereby that the
editor of this paper was ini
liorlrd to run 'I'm: .Jn kn.w.
for and in behalf of Mr.
( 'ounty ,( Hiicial and that wr
arr as clay in thr hands of
t he poller to lr moulded and
fashioned, to will and to do
as the L'rnllenian nii-rht see
fit in the futurr for his own
I C .. . . I ' ......... A
H'l i airianui.eiiieni.
For tic benefit of tlnsr
who have no bu.-iness of
tin ir own to attend to and
no other motive in life but
to maline others rhara-ter.
circulate falsheood without a
i-einlilence of truth to tlirm.
for no other purpose than to
do thair frllow man a person-
Alt oi-rsiins ill' 11 1 1 :4 1 proof Indices In
1'ils (;ii.-r m III iccn t a in, ii k'' I copy ol t fie ; I'. II.
m:i..t tin I ale j-.-'i t-i i .k . 1 1 1 , i i t c tlntl , s.,,,,,.
iio'.iv iiii'l II tiny ,-iiois .-Xi-t f'jKjl I lii'
! snit.c In this olll' c. ill Imci".
on I . s. s,.;, ,,r Omaha
w V. Ainu C. s. M-aal4r, Mndi-on
J. Ii. -tro'!'-. ( ji, .utiui 1-t 1mt-i., l.iiicoiii
' . I
' i:. i,.
I M.i.i.-.l,
Mil III Till 11. ,
Contains over forty-five miles of
rail oa'! and has no county
I'ii'-J, l' I.;r- tlll'l I.UIlllKT
'ln-aM-r '1 haii n( liny ( II lic r
lM.ii c in Nf!'ii-Kii.
(.i,iri 1 nr.itii m f r Min i, (;mcri.
I.iui I ' :it Mii.iih i', Ni ,.
'.i n . i i. i-'.: ;
NiilK-i' i, lnl' ('V (Tivi'ii I lull 1 Ii" loli"
hilliii'l h'IIiit li: fl:i-( l.'ii'' ol lii lnltll
lio'i to ii. h:i i JtHH'1 Hiini-ul T i.f li:
i.iiilli, liil'l Cl it ili"'l ill f"- in. fit'
..u- M. .1. III.-n.-tl, .-Ii ik i, ii.ii I i.i.nt ni
I I i l'i '. -"ii , i 1 1. i m April IT, 1 .
Il.ili 'l l W. '.IM'lli I i.i .l",i. Ni l. Kim
inii'li' II. I . , N't II I ni' In- -'. . ' 1. -i .'i'.
...i, v i, ,, ',v '. i, , ii. N W i, ni
N I-', i, i.J ..I,. I n'A n-l,ii .11 ,. t! uiK". ":i W .
in- liiiiiii'J llii' luiliiv 'na !!ii'-"i tu i,iiM'
h!-riiiiliiiilnii- i''i'l''!ii'i' ilni.i aii'i i-'lilivit
tiiiii .,1 .il. liin'l It.
iii'iuii- .!u i'i, w liii lift ii. j'.:i'ii.u, .niiu
I'll.. Ili'i, iiti'l .liiiin '-iiimsiiii, all ill
' nun ha
l1 ri'iiiiii.i
A u nil :i
.mm i.'.i:v :
A. W. 1'ii.t i lii. I Jii .lici', UJiii,,!,!!-
I . i 11 'ii i -nn . AVti- Jii.liji', (.r.iii''l 1-1, mil
f I . Nnl'Vil i -i-o':,tt .lili;.., M'rt ;tf.l
l. A I :uiiji!ii'll..c 1. rk iiinl l;i j,uiTi i , I .a.i( .,;
Hl l l.l 1 11 .ICI'ICl.M. IITl:H T:
M 1'. h i lik u 1.1 Jii'l;.'!', o'Si-ill
U II. i -lm i i I; v ill,
M.J. lSli'Ki-U Cli'l i., ILufi.-iiii
f t'lieiiii r.-U'liii iniillt-r vou :.." S.
;il!'oil t i ni .
1 'ii ri ii lT ii: !f-:it -:iiii !i';:n ,."i !
unt iif ;m, rs mill wlulf
tli.y nre f r-li ;ml newsy. Tin.' SmuI-W'4-.
iilv Sluli- J'liininl, I, inn. In. X, l. .
kii,ih;s Hi- I.-Mi;iiiil. as it will !. luii.l, ,1 LainH :i'.i'i-.
twice :i ci-k Iiiiiii ii" a unlil J.i ii mi iv 1, Fife IiisiitMiice
' lv,.l7, fur renl , i-r Irimi ii')v until
January 1, ls'.H. f,,r ,,f. ,i,;!f. Tl.
I urnty-li vtr-i-ent r, i'isilinti tak.vs iiu
all lliruilli t!n- f.t ni;i i iii, iv.-s itm (lie
eli'i'linu I'tiirns. anil llirnuh Hie
aiire (if tliis (-:tr. A i . 1 1 : . i- fur tin-ii-at
t'.vii ..' ii-imi Ii (:,; rr Irmn n. .vv un
til Jiiiiiiary 1. 1 !-, is thi! Iii,.'-.'st oifi-r
' ever inai!.' l'i re:.'ii'i's. All tiu-.uli li.e
i'ai:iiairn. all llii-niiy!! Iln- .Vi-i.i ,i -I'.a .--islat
ni' , 1 lie rnti'j n 's.i s aril tin ii:ani!
ra 1 1 1 i , ill it lie w ,ri'siil.ii!. Never Mine
llii; Wiii'hiissii iiiiiny iiii iilciits i f vital
interest In tin' mass 's lin-u rrnui!' il in'o
six!i'.'it in.iti'li-, as 1 liere "ill lie ilur'm
Mills jii i i. ill. I'he S-iiii-Weekly Journal
is aiini'st as 'i.iil as a daily. S -ml our
Di'iler il.ii.'il or ive it t) yi.uir ,ast
inast! i'.
(jhant .Uinn.i:,
l'i-,i!ii:it ntteiilion given In all le:nl
unit ters in Ju-tice. Counly ami List rut
I '(nuts, and U'1' tlie United Statu
written in relial.l
l'? I-epil )aiei-s i artfully draw n.
NlXUAsi; .
Jt.paas T:i! tiles,
i i i paiiii TalmU k f.ire nan?ea.
lvij m.s Tai ulo.-s: at cnit'pis;s.
l j:ii3 T: !.m!' r cere & yzincyy.
it Jems TaliU'efi ::h '.st t!i::; Uon.
Ii !.t:ss Tai.iiii ,i cure na.l i:;-,
V'.V..8 Tttiini.'-s rtiiT I:iloi!fnrf s.
R i:ir.s T:.'l,til. : n-c zhi-K l i;l:i r.
!'.'i:iiis T.tliiil. ;': ci-:i!le cath u'ilc.
Hip.'-ns Tai u'f r, in-v const Ijiaticn.
IC:pai!.-: T.-.'i.'!, j Ici-uiU l.txaiiv-1.
li l-.i'i Tai.iiii k ( tire l;v -r irotililes.
Sintix I'liiinly is the nurtliwest. enniity
uf N.-lir.e-ka. It is a'i'iiit tlnrty inile and el l.y alinut sevetity inil'-s'lli and sniilli and ennlaitis
of lai'il. Tlii-i-e an l.iilit, s,ark
lmr, Miiall sti'i'atiis in tlie (-.unity t halt
cat. !' found in Hi" s.i ar-a e.- here
Hi the Slat.'. iLlii-. He iv H lie 1 1 in her in
it all the rest of the slate .-on,) nn 'I
lis ma-ses aie tin- 1 1 . I t---t and most nii-
' irit urns know a so that lor stoi K ;;roW inj;
it is iineM-elled.
The wat'-r is Hire and refreshing; and
is finin 1 in ahuiiiiaiK e in a II parts ol t he
TheioiHity is iraeti( ally outofdeht
and h is in. r fnily-liv- miles of railroad
within its holders, has a e, In n h;- otirt
lions.' and the m i e-ary lisl'.ii'-s lor nin
iimiT the eonnty anil tin'te ha never
ln-eii one of eonnty hotid- issiised
and hence taxes will .e low.
Tin' Iremuiil, laliliorn ?. Missouri
It'iliert Vi;,ii
M..I. lill'ivett..
I I, if. Illenie .
J U . W .,'!:.. W II- Kavi. ....
;j Iti ;'isier, j l. il i il l.'tt ....
.1. I , I'liiini. y.
; II. r . I .:
r Cm!' lire I'"" '-"I '! tr l'nlilii-tlo:i- j ,.M,.,,
l.o.'l eitli-i- :.l All'.'.oiC'-. S'-'i. y ;i.r.ilit inline
t .-lirar iv, -7, !" 7
el.y Bien til it NeN I" i:o4,'ii
, '..'ll , ll , II '- I lll'liei i, lllteil i i ii. tor.' M. J. Illev.
H'STV '!' t H I.I.'S:
i .(".unit v Jn.U'i-
. ( lei k
.1 ii .isie-i-i
."(IJ't., I'll i ii H-'iu-liini
I ololn r
sur eynl
.( lerk nl IMslrii-t ( intrt
on ii 1 y At toriiey
Al a Hundred Jtiiiitinti I'l-iiits
m Nehraska . eoiniect ions are made
Notn-e I- In
i.emi.l t'll-h,
lln,i t ik.
elt. el !-'.. 'I e 1 I i t i
rison . Nib. on 1 1
in. .il S is n'li " hi II ir
una (I iy ni A in il Isle",
nil t I in I Ml I'll M re Ii I : leit inn N -. Iurl lie
,S I o-r nl vet ion .'t. la I u nsliii Sn.
:'.1. S K.tnx- No. ,!. W. II m Us V.itlle-S
Miell-iel 1 1 .tool ill, .1.(1 lie ( Nils',., Vlke Kill'
a ninl ( li.irle- Nn.ii, ml oi VI 'ii.i, Nen.
,1. . u l.ii s, .In,
j: i Li"-';-!cr.
l:o m:d ok com.m issjo.v i. ks:
I r.tuk ' mi. I Uisirict
M. .1. ( l.eri i li nt nun ail
hiii's t . oieiir ,'i'l '
illtn Vnt sea.i,,i, Dist. ,,, It, sir!ni,' ie
. I.. Me 1 Ion Ilisl. So. l Ii.i. I ri ii
I'.iii linloli Koute I rains lor I hicao, St.
I.otiis, K uisas ( My , Si. .Joseph, Omaha.
Lincoln, 1 leu ver, ( .'heyeiitie and hi vend.
Our maps and time-tahles showing
w here, w hi n and lion ntir Iraini run nnd
wherein t hey excel the trains of other
lines in many itnp-irtant respects, an
sent on ivipiest-- free.
Always ylad to (imite rates and e,ivc
iiil'oriinil ion.
J. I'ii vNi'l. G. 1'. & T. A. Omaha,
Nehru si a. i
inc. I'iii'l
I. Del I tin
I'r '..!'. - Niitic
a failure; for 1hr benefit of
this class werex-at, thestatr
mrnt is absolutely falsi' and
has no foundation svhatever.
To those who arr so curious
and meddlesom to know all
about the business affairs of
Thk tJni'KN.u. and its editor
are requested to visit the of
fice of the county clerk and
examine fh" r.1 r.l w'.i mv
i1t..v will find out to their
Vallev railroad i-fussc Sioux couiity
al injury, and if possible to from east to west nnd the II. A M. has
ake one's business and life ' "" " " ! "' l"
tiortiieas; pari in me h - j.
The climale is more pleasiint tliau that
of the east.-rtl port inn of Nebraska.
There is still
thio l land caii lie pun hascd at
reasonahle rates with pivi-niiiii'iil land
.idj'iiiun,' s.i that :t person who wants
more than on.- quarter t ton canoht.un
it. if he has ;t lit t le lueaiis.
There ure ahotit 1..VM) ieople in the
I'oiint V ui.d there is room for thousands
ll.irri .mi is the county sent sunt is sit
uated on the K. K. & M. V. nnd
-.,t Miliilu'"
.Milieu III, I-17 I
N.itire is liel' i.'. Ieii Unit W lilmiil I .
lto( I h 11. tlSeil mil l' (- ot llltelition tu In like
liunl .I I..-!, in- M .1. 111. ".veil. I I'-.k I'i. I. llii- i.lll.'l' III llnl I Isou, .Nell., (HI Hi"
17 il iv o 'i ii, l-'.7.on liuilier i-iiitiire .i,i
'li, ili.i,i No '."I, tu'- tin- n. '-. . A .
nw . iU it !i-r o! .-.-el. on No. ii. in town-hill
No. ,11. 1 nn.'" No, .7,
I te na ll'i'S !l s V, 1 1 nes-ies :
WllluniiA Ills'' !".! . Ili-lij.iniill K ..'iilc.-oil,
Henry ,m ,n ke ninl .loliu A. Ilan-oa, nil or
ll.iiroii. Nell.
,1. V, i.n.v, .11! .
" 7 ;. liev'istcr.
t:. ti'-iii',
.1. V. -.-.Ill
l It. i,n-,No ! ..
'''- . Ii M ir-teil,-
N. ll 1 1 i I , I , ! i ' i ..
V . II, tl.ivi- ..
I .I'M Is t.el Inell
i i i.Ai.i-: hi ni i;
, eliill l lnnll ; . ..
Di.liM forget that TtlK JnCKVAI. tins
a lai''e cluhhin' list and w hen select ili).
; reading mat ti-r for the con line; year (all
iinil ifivu us vour dliler. We rati save
' Vol! llloln'".
):. & m. -. i;. it. i
to and from the
the hest
' m
Kr'tis' ninl I-arrlmuUs Wlti
in' .i 'Il vt'fr.t, Tim t. l:ry,
i n it, Out H I it, lUthf, (V't in-,
( i i ' 1 1 1 1 ' i -tH-!l-r-.. s o(.u Mn ,
tn i !'iiii !i oc. I- I ' 'm ,
lirii-w ir mid FMlrhiink i
St ;tiitt -ii'rt t,en i' ' i d
low, (iri tin bet. i rrni f r
1102 Farnam St. Omaha. Neb.
I leill
.I'll Itslirel
THE ( nit-ire Kin it Pro
I'll liiiejil inn.
l.-dlil (lltlei
i I. Nut;
v chi
ld. Alliii'icc.
M ii, ls.i7. i
Notice Is lii'fi-!,;- (ixi'il tint l-Xs'Tl Hoi'
v.i'1 ol Mi i-1 -" .ii .. N .-ti , len flic 1 notice of In j
teliliiMi to Ili.lUe It 'i ii I proof hcloli' M . -l'i
!!! 1 1 1 . IVtk ol tin- Ihitri.'t ( Hurt lit list '
otllce il' 1 1 o 1 r : SUM, Nell., oil tin' 1st i( ,( ', of '
Mny, Is' 7, on I iinli-r i-altui'" npulici tiun No.
ill? lor the N W. !' N K'. V. , ol N WI, I
,( seelloa No, ll, la TKil'.l: I linni-m oi,,,, ..... .... ...... ...
1 ternafe Wellies, ,y i'V('tltle.
si'oO'H. Hfl-M t:is:
.!. VV . -..,,( liit-cetot
11. 1.. s unlet, M'lilerilliil
l.eivls I.cti. it-It ..Treasurer
I'is'rlct t'oilrl. At, llnrrison, eoiinnenel-s '
orhi' li-l ui uii i,:lli, jury lltli,
fall " (K-iolicr r,, jury ;i 'i. ;
County Coilit. At llurrisou, collltiu-ncei- !
first MoiiiI.iv ol i-iK-li moutli.
Metlio'list sn,ui;iv si-liodl nu'i'is i'cry Stui
day iimruliiK lit In. ill i
J. K. .M tUsna.t.i.K, W it. Iiivih,
Ml),eliuleail('I:t. Sl'iri'taiy
.it'.tii.'V tit s:, pi 1st, N(i.m -,.. a. ii. j
Meets -ei'iiiel Moiulay lii each month In I
tin' colli t I, oils.- lit Harrison. J
K. t.. I.iveruiore, I 'out.
Harrison, Nebraska.
H. E. Bp.k.v? 7T ft,
C. F. f'OFFEB,
D. II. OPJSWOLn, Casliier.
N 1.', ol s
Italilt" No. 'i.
Hi- iciuies it s Wit iicfies : !
,1. V. LarneHl . Hd .v.u-'l arl.. .Iiihn ( urhlu .
liil'l V . II. Ihtil'.'h, ill! of II irritoa. N'ehr.,
,t. V. .V nil V .III,
:'.'.. .11 Ki'l-li-r.
W . II. 1 is,
I.. lldVT,
( (ill. I 'Olll.
'1 illliK'l t IlltUI'l' I'll
if. Notice lor I'uhlic.ti; on !
is as pood ii town as the thinly set tied
satisfaction that Tin: Joi ns- " "..ii...u
, . i ,.,,,, 1... ., Sell io! hotisi's mid .diiirehe tire pro-
AI, IS 1IOI o.mku .i nn " vitM in almost everv settlement and are ,,,.. t . Allhmee. Nvn, ,
tstock company also, that no k Wltll Ul m, Mar. n .... .
. it,.,.,.; 1 1 Notieels licreliv liiviui tint I'.iltnr M.tck
lM't'lsOn Ol' lierSOllS 111 Iiaill-, A1j tt, to wX locations smtn- ,..., M,(,.v, a. his lll.'.l notice of
till' hie lor stock raising and liny cheap laud u ten t ion to make limit pi'mit lieiore vi J-
nr.. itivitiil tu ( nine Hill seethe cunlry lu.iuti, Cit-rk
i-..n i ...Ii'.,u ,..n.l iinl'i-e of its merits.
nr's worth of Thk Smrx
su, K Itlt NT-.
Tnfi Joi'tiN VT. w ill ulills! yunr lir inil. ike
tin- fiillotvluif. tor ; hi, -r ye ir. K tclKnl
ilitloiiiil htiitul 7r. cents. I'A'-ry fanner or
rain liiie-d In sioil iitel ii'ljoinlti cuillil ies
slioul'l mil l-t'll-e their hriill'ls III Til K .1 ol' H
ML us It l lrellhltes nil over the -title. It
liiav lie the inc. tits ol sitv ii, lnoni-y l's,r nu.
H(, rOUX COIl!ll.
htnti of Nebraska owns a dol
CorsTY Jovhnai. printing out
fit, piod will or mailiiik' list.
For any further particulars
in reK';u'd to our alfars. all i
who f'd so iindined arr re-1
(piented to call on Mr. Sim-
moiiH, the former editor who
rait and will give any infor
mation desired about Iln"
ownership of Thk .lot hnai., or
call at thr oilier and wr will
br only too iza to arcommo
laU all who comr, h'w'iuk a
completr listory of th" pur
chacc and present ownership
of Thk .Io'onai. plant and
jobbing outfit.
ltrspect fully,
I), Cann Kditor.
if tin- liisiriet l oiiri nt his
oltlee In lliirrl-iui. Neli., on the l it 'la ot
M.iv, Is'.o, on thnhi'l-iippliciit ion No, 4i, luf
Uie W I., ol N Ii', unit K' j of N W ol s.-i -lion
No I, lu Tuwnsitip :;t, llan'e M.
lie nn lues ns ml nisi-s :
Mii'lliii'i ll. -I il'lun of A'leihi, Nch.
:'es I'. ituselilliiriC "
i run ll. XV I s lout " " "
iiiul .l(isi',h llitllcr - Motitro-e, Neti.
.1 . . Wi iin .tu.
pti all i:ei;lti-r.
t ink.
t.'ets elicit iillei'iiatt satui-'lay evenlnj
nl sit'eio, k. A. It. Hblit, V. C.
J. A. lUNSMX.I'letk.
IT'WdltTll I.HAia'K. j
Hek'ulur liiistiiess lneetin 1 1 is t Tnesilny ;
el entnK la eiicll nioiit It. i
('. 1.. M Atisri'.i.i.iat,
V. I. IlllVls, I'l-l'siili'llt.
Seci'i'tury. I
Hi'vot ioiml iiieetiiiK e cry Sunday eventni
t i,:l.,. It. .1. Ci.aiik, l.eiiiler. j
irsun! n. I
Meets 1'iieli sandav liHeriloim ll I, Hid. J
Mils. II. II., suit. I
Transacts a General Banking Business.
Amkisicax ExetiANtiE Nationat. Bank, New- York,
Omaha Natkin.u, I!nk, Oniaha.
I'ilisT NatkinaI. Hank, C'liadroii.
iitlcf to I'likiinwn Heirs.
c. ii.
H!M M l in.
tin 1.-1 1. side of cuttle nnd on h it
M, milder of hor-' s.
1! tiiK" on Antelope creek
, (,lilelirl-l, Mum t o.. Net,.
( II Mt I I s III t. II I K.
(Ill lei side or lltl of eiitt le. '
llii I. ft llollliler of llol-es. I
Itninc on th." head of nrtinn. t of .M .y
AddresK lliirrisiiii, Mnin '". Neli
All nrrniinU ilna t' 'lllV0 ,"''n
tdiieeil in iho Imnd (.f Atlorney Oriitilj
Outline ii ml instruction Kiveu him to j
illcl thein, tind tlif UnowinX Ihem-j
MveH in iirrenm tan Hive expend hy j
yuyinn H) ,lt T1'a lu"j
count Includo nrreurae; on l. iok of
stitlier mrwr that were formerly pu!-
luliwl in Harrison. i
b. J. Swm I
f eMl!
AnrmtK nn1ln krt, h mnl Hwrtpiinn mr
qulcltlr iwis'rtiilii. fi.m, vlii'tln-r nn lnvinit (H
imilinlil inl'iil,itil(i. rf,tiiiiiiiiilf-lt'iim iitrli'tlr
m.niiin.iiiil. tiMiwi '"ruis-iiriiiK 'ni"iiui
in Aiunnea. V'n lie Wtnliliinlnil enicn.
I'atmiM uken thruuKb Muiin A tu, rucuito
pvulai iiiillo In tli
Tlnilii-r Culture r'lmil I'root, Notice lor !
l-nlilicitlnn. i
1,1111(1 lllltee nt Mlliiiiee, Nchr.
March ill, Isli7, i I
Notice Is hel'chy lilvea that, Cllllt'!i"! I". ;
S.-hlltot Hat risoii, N'elt,, tins tile 1 mil ice il
Intention lu iinike limit proof lieloic M. J-
Itletu tt, Clerk nl lie' lilstrlcl. Cotirl itt ,
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No. 'AKi. tor Hie si, of si'clioii Mi. .i, in ;
Ton it -hip mi, limine No. .VI.
lie mimes is v,ltiies -es: I
( nitric lllehle. Nets Anderson, Kit J. YV llcox !
, mid VV t ll.iifii 111. hie, alt ot Harrison, Ni hi .
! A! i thnt Nels Ainlersoa of Hitrrtmn, Neli,,
, has llli'd uollcii of Intention to ltuike flmil
proot lit tllf sinne time itnd plnep, on tint
! Ih'I-cultllle Bllillealloll No. 7.1.1, for IY; N
h', of Mrctinn 5j' '" Township Si, tt.ti.Ke
No. M.
' He iitmic no wltnessi s: :-,
;(1irl niehle. t.U J- Wilcox, Chirl". h.
Scltllt mid Wlllhini lllelile, till or Hiirryoii,
' Nell. ,
( Aim Unit ( linrle lllehle or Hnrrtsoti,
Neli., Iris llli-l ..otlee of Intenlliiii to innk" ll
' mil priKil lit tlie Kiitni) tune nnd pluce, o ,1 iui
H r rnlltiri' Hpilli-.itlon No. 7(K, Inr tile N
, K.'4 of section No. i', In Township it'l, KimKP
, No. .'iii.
111! tlllllll'4 ILH VlliiiM-ie:
tHiitlfiillr lllii.trntnd, Inrirost rl mil at! on of j, v Hem, I linrles .. sclnlt, Net Andcr
iND : moi ninl ). A. l.Hrton, till of llni rlsnn, NcU.
J, W. V Kill JK.
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lluoK OX fATHKT Mut tree. AdilruM
3ll tlrondwny. New lark,
i?.i :;tj
To tlie uiiUiion ii heirs ol Ulicrt II. l'inneo
(liceitsed; da 11 in I each ot '(in ure herehy
iiolilh-'l tluit on the isth day ol .Iniiuiiry
IMT, WilllM'ii II. Male, P.enjiunin (.rnhiini,
Willlatn Hulls Jr., and Harris 11. Hiiydiui. us
ihilntiirs llli'd tln-lr petition hi the lii.-trtct
Court of slum County, Ni'lirnskn. itunhist
;,ni as ili'liuid. nits, inipleildeil vtillt A. K.
I. utcs i mill 1st la tur ot the estate of Albeit
II, l'inneo ileeeiscd, lioset t I l'i it lien, Hint W.
J. Itow'lcit, iih your co defend, int.s, the
ohji'i t nnd pr.iyerol hielt Is to loreelose ii
i-ertiitn iiioi lirnifi; trust deed, made, cxceiil.-d
mi, I dellM red hy Alhert 11. Plnnco ninl Hos
etla Plnni'O his lie itpo i the South liulf of
tin' south r.i-1 ipiartei ot section 'i2, and the
North hnlfol the inirlh east, ipi irter of Sec
tion -J7 nil til Township 111, Itnillle Ml, Stoux
County, N'ehrnsliii. which nld niorlKaire was
Klveu to set'iire tin) payment of it certain
tlti-t morlKiiire hond, nnidc executed nnd (le
livereil by Allien, P. Plnnco nnd Hosettit
l'inneo tils Mile to W. I.. Telloid lor till)
sum of ii VI. ilh interest thereon nl the
rate of 7 per cent, per annum payable semi
nniiiial Honoriliiii; to tlm terms of ten In
terest coupon- thereto ntt iclieil, Which wild
lioiul mnl morttiiitfc Inn c I n, for a valua
ble foiislilei'iition. duly sold, iisslinicl mnl
delivered to these plaint, ll; to have nn He-
ciimt liiK of the iitnoilnt of prim iple nnd In
ti rest hteti mny lie due the pluinlllts; to
bur loreelose itnd i'eliide the said defend
mil i nnd nil ol linen out of nil rixht, title,
lien, interest, nnd i'(iilty ol redemption In
mid to said tnnrlH'HKcd premises nnd real s
late, nail lor ueneriil relief. Voil lire requir
ed to ims'.ver said petition oil or belore
the sMh (lay of Mitrcli, 111".
.). A. llAiiMiidKii, Altorney for
! r, 21.1 I'tnlntllfs.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Feed and Sale
-,niJir-zni-.iii sh sh
s an ft
(iooil fie;s f urnislifid on short noti 'e.
Itelinlilo drivers and quiet saddle horses always on hand.
(iood accoiiiinodiitions for tninscietit rtiKtomcrs.
, Horses lioanletl.
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