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O. D. CA MUM. Editor mmi Trmp.
The theater hat ba fewer friend
than any other old hat.
The toughest woman In the world Is
resident of Japan. During a recent
Illness she wag attended ly 423 physi
cians Mild lived.
The Duke of Richmond sets a pen
sion of flCj.WX). which ha been a per
petuity since the time of Charles II.
Some one of the duke's relatives must
hare carried a rabbit's foot.
A Minueaiwdis woman pinned a note
on her door telling the groceryman
where to find the key. A burglar hap
pened along first and t.Mik everything
except the cook stove and the family
Professor Starr believes that the
American nation Is degenerating Into
Ind:au.v The professor evidently has
attended a professional foot-ball game
and l:as been deeply impressed by the
college yells.
The oldest woman In Vienna died re
cently at the age of 113. She ate and
drank what she pleased, and used to
bacco, but disclosed her secret when
she stated that she had removed only
twice during ber life.
The cable says that Mrs. Langtry is
making her third attempt to obtain a
divorce. This appears to be about the
only available way to keep before the
public the knowledge that such a per
son as Mr. Langtry la still In existence.
It has not been proved that the fili
buster Commodore, which went down
recently, was scuttled by a traitor
anions the crew, but It must not be for
gotten that Stephen Crane was on
hoard and the fact was known that Ue
wriles decadent poetry.
The largest manufacturers of snuff
in Now York City have been sued by
Gerson Levy for lflO.000 damages. Levy
claimsi that he has been made danger
ously ill by using suuff purchased from
the defendants, which, he alleges, con
tained some poisonous chemical. Levy
bought three cents' worth.
John Elliott's coal mine, at New
Straitsville, Ohio, wag set allre by
strikers twelve years ago, and was
afterward abandoned. It is still burn
ing. It has been discovered that unless
the fire is extinguished, it will reach
other mines, and will also let many
houses drop into the fiery ae, the ru
of which has been nearly away.
Omaha Bee: The ingeni,.ty of the
police is likely to be taxed in recovering
the rubber baptismal suit which was
recently stolen from a local church. It
is difficult to conceive wht legitimate
use a plain, everyday thiei could make
of ench a commodity, and of course it
Is out of the question that the garment
has been borrowed by a rival congre
gation. A late president of one of our college
once said, "The habit of standing idle,
waiting for dead men's shoes, kills tiie
life in many a rich man's son. It is a
paralysis of body and mind. I can pick
out nearly every boy in this college
whose idea of life Is to spend the money
which somebody else has earned, ll'w
looks, his acts, his talk, are infected
with a dry-rot."
Mr. Howclis states that only tlilrtc
years ago popular ignorance classed
Dr. Oliver Wendell Holmes "with those
who were once rudely called infidels,"
and that the Atlantic Monthly lost
many subscribers because of the publi
cation of Dr. Holmes' tory, "The
Guardian Angel." "Now," says Mr.
Howells, "the tone of that story vonld
not be thought even mildly agnostic."
In the case of the drowning of hus
band and wife It has generally been
held that the woman, being weaker,
died first; but an Insurance case is
pending in New York where the distri
bution of $20,000 depends uiou wheth
er the husband or the wife was the first
to succumb to the flames in which
both perished. The question is said to
be a new one, and much interest, there
fore, attaches to Its settlement.
A Wisconsin court has recently given
another black eye to the miserable "in
nocent purchaser' legal tradition. The
Court held that the note was obtained
by fraud and represented the proceeds
of a swindle. The holder of the note
may have been innocent enough, but It
was his business to know something as
to the origin and value of the property
he was buying. The real evil aimed at
in the decision was the assumption of
Innocence which is usual.
Nearly half a million head of gfrne
have been killed by the Kirl de Grey
during the last twenty,i, his aver
age being 25.000 head a year. He was
only 1.1 years old when thir record
commenced. In Decemlier, 1884, he
not at fifty pheasants In three minutes
end killed forty-nine of them. In this
Imense Mai, which place the , ',arl at
the head of the sporting shots of the
Id world, are Included eleven tigers,
evera I rhinoceroses and elephants, a
amber of Hons, bison, Russian and
lock? Mountain bears, and wolves.
It to fact so wen kawwn to the hv
tsnt portion of the community aa
ty tt ateost a trataa that Americas
IJ are moat waatafnRy and laeO
( goTtrd la e arton wit
I -)ti CaaUiraCl TtarHaattt
city In England. France or Germany
whime government dors not command
the service of the ablest, must Intelli
gent members of the community, and
whose administration Is not so far su
perior to that of any American city as
to make comparison appalling.
The cause of the singular sunhnra
effects produced by X-rays impinging
UmjIi the hands Is not the r.y them
selves, Nicola Tenia says, but the ozone
generated by th-mi In contact with the
skin. Nitrous acid, produce' electric
ally from the nitrogen in .'u air. Uiai
also !e resonsible . a small extent.
The best means of pro:e ring the lia.uls
is to prevent the acccs of u to them
while the exposure 1 going on. This
may be accomplished by immersion fi
The Alaloma iron furnaces are sell
Ing more of their product in England
than In America, and can hardly till
their orders. That is indeed carrying
coaUi to Newcastle: to meet the English
Iron producers on their own lield and
beat them lu prices is a genuine indus
trial triumph full of signili.-inre to
them and to our own producem. It is
not our tirst invasion of the British iron
market, but so far It is the most import
ant in magnitude, and points the future
course of the trade with much distinct
ness. The Baltimore Herald tells a good
story of Bishop Paret (Episcopal), of
that city. Some time ago he was the
guest of an Episcopal family in West
Virginia. Learning from the bishop
that he liked hard-boiled eggs for
breakfast, hitf hostess went to the
kitchen to loiI them herself. While so
engaged she began to sing the first
stanzt of the hymn "Rock of Ages."
Then she sang the secoud stanza, the
bishop, who was lu the dining-room.
Joining In. When it was finished there
was silence, and the bishop remarked:
"Why not sing the third verse?" "The
third verse'" replied the lady, as she
came into the dining-room carrying the
steaming eggs; "oh. that's not neces
sary." "I don't understand," replied
Bishop Pa re i. "Oh! you see," siie said,
"when I arn cooking eggs I always sing
one verse for soft-boiled and two for
Charles D. de Fouct. of Pittsburg,
Pa., has Invented a flying machine,
which he says w ill fly. He has an alu
minum model, which bears a resem
blance to a large eagle, so far as shape
and dimensions are concerned. He was
careful to arrange that the body of tho
bird would hold sufficient gas to maku
the machine buoyant enough to elevato
and sustain Uvjlf In the air. After
making the moirl work satisfactorily
he is .sow bulldiugVi machine that will
su.'ain the weight of a man. He took
his model to an open .field. After filling
It with gas, he attached a rope to It.
As soon as released it started sky
ward until the end of the rope was
reached. The bulk and main portions
of the machine will 1m; entirely of alu
minum. The huge bird is eighteen feet
long. In the lower part of the lx!y a
compartment has been provided to
hold forty-live gallons of gasoline. ThU
operates an engine. The wings are 18
feet long by 14 feet wide, with a 12-foot
stroke. On top of Hie bird's back a
worm-shaped propeller LS feet long by
0 feet in diameter is attached. The tail
is almost square, and acts like the
der on a boat. The legs are iu; ' of
Jght steel and coil springs, ski feet
It will be news for the people of this,
country to learn, says the Washington
correspondent of the Baltimore Sun,
that not !ess than four hundred mil
lions of dollars has been paid ora of lb
public treasury to the Indian for Ian 1
held by th-m. Furthermore, many mil
lions have In i n paid on account of hi
dlan claims of me character and an
other, and the Government has annual
ly, for nearly a hundred years, made
large appropriations for the mainten
ance of the Indians. It has frequency
equipped them with the very firearm
which they have sulwequently turned
against our own citizens. The appro
priation made every year for the In
dians directly from the treasury an I
outside of their own funds foot up
about eight million dollars. Probably
it would be quite a modest estimate to
say that something In the neighborhood
of a thousand million dollars has been
drawn from the treasury on account of
the Indians. It must not be forgotten,
however, that a large percentage of
this money lias gone into the pockets
of white harpers and adventurers.
Some of the biggest lobbies ever known
in the annals of legislation have throng
ed the corridors of the Capitol in ad
vocacy of Indian claims. An illustra
tion of the gigantic filching of these
sharpers was Instanced a few years
back, when. It is said, the Indians re
ceived as their share of a claim of $tibo.
000 about $50,000. The Indians are like
ly to coat the Government a deal more
money for some time to come. for.
although their number has been dimin
ishing with fearful rapidity, and lu Kn
ottier half century they will most proln
ably be practically obliterated aa a dis
tinct race they still hold In possession
extensive domains, which the cupidity
of their white brethren will never fall
to grasp after while an acre Is left
A Knotty problem.
Fond Wife What are you worrying
about this evening?
Husband (a young lawyer)-An Im
portant case I have on hand. My cli
ent la charged with murder, and I can't
make np my mind whether to try to
prove that the deceased waa killed by
woe other man or la still alive. New
York Weekly.
The great school of Harrow, Eng
land, waa founded It? John Lyon la
1971. ' .
Caiaeat and Critic. Based Upoa
Ik Happeaiac ot th bay Uis
torical and Ncwi Note.
It now apepars that all the eiperl
In the Marie Barber) murder trial also
In New York last week the Salvation
army held a Jubilee and "bu.-aad the
devil in effigy." Rather a waste of
time, everything considered; why not
go after him with ice?
A learned professor in one of onr uni
versities says 75,000,000.000 tons of
gold lie In the ocean. This Is merely
an aggravation, professor. Tell us how
to secure enough of it to start a bank.
A Boston physician contends that In
sane people should !e taught to ride
bicycles. The average citizen holds,
however, that If possible insane per
sons should lie Induced to give up that
Down in Whassett, Me., they are try
ing to prove that a woman is crazy be
cause she insists on wearing a man's
aocks. If the people of that benighted
region ever see a full-rigged "new wo
man" what will happen?
It Is announced that the authorities
will not permit Yvette Guilliert to sing
In Montreal. They understand French
up there. A little learing Is not only
a dangerous thing: sometimes It is also
a very convenient thing In New York.
The expectoration nuisance is so
great in Pittsburg that it Is already pro
posed to call the city "Spittsburg." But
Pittsburg expects to do away with the
evil, snd prove It is a live city, while
Chicago is to follow suit and prove It
"Is aliver."
South Dakota has a convict w ho has
had both kinds of luck the past year.
He was sent to State prison for run
ning a blind pig and a little later inher
ited $140,000 through the death of an
English-relative. Had bU relative quit
a little earlier he wouldn't have been
caught running a sightless porker.
Queen Victoria has given all of $2,500
to the fund for relieving the starving
East Indira and her new and distin
guished subject, Mr. Astor, has had the
tiad taste to give four times that sum.
The charities record of New York City
fails to reveal the name of William
Waldorf Astor set opposite any sum in
the last twenty years.
If there Is a despicable man on earth,
that man is the chronic crank. If any
thing happens to please him he never
shows it. Why not encourage the poor
devils with whom one comes in contact
instead of assuming a deprecatory air
and making the said p. d. feel small
and insignificant? A kindly word In
good season Is lietter than all the harsh
criticism in the world.
The English press has been very fclow !
to obtain particulars Concerning the ,
extent of the terrible plague In India, j
and after obtaining them has been slow :
to make them public. The fact that ',
the plague is largely the result of a
famine w hich is said to be directly due '
to a gigantic combination between the
English gove rnors may account for this
backwardness. ,
The enforced idleness of the convicts
in Kings County, New Yolk, peniten
tiary has bred mutiny, disorder and dis
content. One prisoner has taken his
life, and there have been several as
saults between convicts and by con
victs upon keepers. There is nothing
like steady work, not only for convicts,
but free people as well. The commis
sioners have made a grave mistake.
"The value of a reputable new spaper
should not be overlooked," says an
Eastern School Superintendent. "In
the hands of a Judicious teacher, it Is
an educational factor which does not
receive the attention It deserves." This
means that current as well as ancient
history should be taught In the public
I.. -...1 ...,r!1.. .1.1 .,.f i
schools, and that pupils should lie kept
In touch with prevailing influences and
A. A. Lesueur, Secretary of State of
State of Missouri, says: "Missouri en
Joys the proud distinction of having
the largest available public school fund
of any State In the American Union.
This fund is divided a follows: Com
mon school fund, $3, 141J r,:. 77; State
Seminary fund, $1.21,2yJ.03; perma
nent county, township and district
school fund, $7,912,01)2..'?!); total per
manent school fund, $12,283.491. 1."
The Gentlewoman says that almost
all the morning dresse worn by the
(ierman Empress are made at home,
and her Majeaty in this way la able to
economize greatly. When In prlvatj
she like to be dressed aa simply as
possible, and her favorite costume la a
serge akirt with a pretty blouse and a
simple straw hat. She has, however,
one great trial, and that Is a tendency
to grow stout For herself she would
not mind, but the Emperor has a horror
of having a fat wife, and the poor Ein
presa la obliged to diet herself and to
wear clothea much too tight for ber.
Thla Is said to lie the greatest trial of
her life, aa the Emperor Is alwaya ad
vising her what to do, and Insists upon
her taking an Immense amount of exer
cise. Her Majesty, however, has atlll
a shapely figure, and she's leaa stout
than she waa a year ago.
The Cur ride the bicycle, and during
Ma nojonfn at the court of the Danlah
King occasionally wast to ride
tended on his wbwl lo one of the royal
forests. On one of tbe rides the Vr.ut
lost his way. and meeting a wheelman
In the woods, asked. In Danish, to lie di
rected on the course he wished to fol
low. To bis surprise, the man reopond-e-'
in Russian instead i f In Danish.
The Czar asked "How does it happen
that you speak Russian?" "Bemuse,
sire," the man answered, "I am one of
the Russian detectives charged with
U! duty of guarding your nmjesty a
person." He, with other detective,
had been wheeling altout the roads,
keeping the Czar in sight, while the
monarch himself was cjoying the
pleasing and unaectntoused sense of lie
lng unattended.
According to the decree of the Em
peror, a court of honor must hereafter
decide whether German army officers
may fight a duel or not. This Is a salu
I tary ordinance and will give official reg
ularity, hitherto lacking, to any con
tests between them. It would lie con
trary to the traditions of the country
to try to abolish It altogether, and per
haps only Quakers and members of the
; Peace Society would find such a thing
desirable; the Emperor has, therefore,
done the best thing possible in the fir- '
cumstances. It will rcd;i the number
of duels, and rule out lots of quarrels
now accepted ns good reason for fight
ing. Instead of bitiug his private thumb
at a foe ami calling him out to shed his
' blood. It will lie much better for the
officer to turu the whole mutter over to
a syndicate, to be tn-ati-d from a Ju
dicial instead of a passionate Miint of
view. When that Bellona's bridegroom
lapp'd In proof has to take out a license
i to fight the same as to get married. It
j naturally throwns a coldness over the
I procedure and tends to diminish its
The Journeymen Barbers' Union of
I New York has applied to the Iegisla- 1
ture of that State and i drafting bills
. to submit to the Legislatures of other ,
j Suites, praying that for the name "liar- 1
ber" the word "tonsor" be substituted, j
A good many barliers have for years ;
called themselves "tonsorial artists" I
and their places of business "tonsorial ,
parlous," but few of us thought that I
there was a general desire on the part
of these tradesmen to adopt the more i
high-sounding name for the commoner ;
and more sensible one which Is familiar ;
to all. It must be an exaggerated and !
Ridiculous pride which suggests tills 1
change, for certainly there Is nothing
practical to be gained by the substitu
tion of a good, understandable term ,
made familiar to us for centurion of use ;
In England and France. Barber we j
get from the old English harbour or the i
old French barbeor. It means one who
cuts off the liarb or barbe, the beard.
Tonsor means a shearer, from toiidere,
tousnni, to shear. Where Is the advant- i
age in the latter? Will pomatum or I
briliiaiitine smell sweeter when applied
by a tonsor than when put on by a j
common barber? Will a shamjsio have i
greater cleausing qualities, will razors ;
slip mure easily and safely over the j
face after the change? No. In the name i
of Jasmin the sweet siiuer of Provence; i
in the name of Figaro, no. I
The New York Sun told last spring i
of the curious means which Sarah
Bernhardt adopted to send back to j
France the financial results of In up-
pearuuees in this country. During her j
tour, which lasted only from late in
January until April, she made nearly
S'.tO.lKMj, and this she eiit back by cable i
to Paris as she received her share of :
profits every week. During that visit j
to this country stories of her frugality ;
and suddenly acquired prudence were j
told, which, in view of her reputation
for extravagance, seemed hard to be
lieve. Recent reports from Paris prove
that these were not well founded, and
Mme. Bernhardt Is not only poor to-day,
but within a week after tdic had arriv
ed in Paris from this country she was
compelled to pledge her Jewels In order
to meet certain pecuniary obligations.
All that she made on her American
tour was swallowed up by her debts
and by the extravagance of her family.
She has a number of people dependent
on her. chief among them being her
son Maurice, who keeps up an exjicns
Ive establishment, for which his moth
er is said to provide the means. There
are certainly places In Paris where
' . .. .
Bernhardt Is always able to Imrrow
money, and to these she can alwnys
successfully appeal In her frequent
emergencies. She pays 200 or 300 per !
cent, for the use of the money, but she
always pays, and for that reason nev
er falls to get if. But after her long
career she has no fortune whatever,
and her only poseslon g her chateau
at Belle Isle, on the coast of Brittany.
Pr.nce Bismarck's Study.
"Count Bismarck's study, as he call
ed It In English, was a room of uo
great size nor furnished with nny
"plendor. It was comfortable, nothing
more," writes the veteran correspond
ent, Mr. George W. 8 ma 1 ley, In the
Ladles' Home J;fal. 'There was a
rug on the varnished floor of ti.e us
ual hard wood. A large writing uesk,
Uttered with paper, stood in the right
hand corner on the further side. There
were few hooks. A print or two bung
on the walls. A sideboard stood In the
center, near the writing-lnble, and
there were armchairs. It was a work
Ingroom; none of the coquetry nor lux
ury which some hard workers like to
surround themselves with was visible.
There was no lack of comfort, but com
fort Itnd not IsM-n the thing chiefly con
aldered when the room hail been fur
nished. The palace, aa a whole, though
on a large scale, with lare room, and
many of them, had no great splendor.
The Impression, aa of other official res
idences which I afterward aaw, waa
one of dignity; the appointment went
sufficient, the room overloaded aome
tlmea with ornament, bat left ratfear
bare of fnraltora." t i
The Nnabrr of Asteroid.
In Octolier last a small planet, or
asteroid, discovered by photography In
Berlin, was set down in the list of these
bodies as No. 424. Since the applica
tion of photography to the stars the dis
covery of asteroids has Itcen very rap
Id, no less tlian one hundred having
been found between February, lMtli.
and Octolier, iv.s!. Up to 1M5 only
four asteroids were known. Since then
not a year has passed without the dis
covery of one or more.
Mjlerie of Hrlinni.
As further experiments are (arrli!
with the new gas called helium w hich
was recognized In the sun before It liad
been found on the earth the more re
markable It appears. Many chemists
believe It consists of two (:asc, yel
they have not been able satisfactorily
to divide It. Prof. Ramsay, one of Its
discoverers, has failed In every attempt
to make It enter Into a chemical com
bluatlon; Lord ltayleigh has found that
It posseses by far the lowest refractiv
Ity ever observed in any gas. and sur
prise Is expressed at the astonishing
distances traversed by electric sparks
In darting through helium.
A Pct-ntific Vinton.
One of the popular attractions at the
Munich Congress of Experimental
Psychology last summer was a dark
room lu which remarkable experiments
with X-rays were performed. A chem
Icnlly prepared screen was placed In
front of the spectators, and the screen
being rendered fluorescent by the rays,
which proceeded from behind, a boy
was caused to pas slowly between the
sen-en and the source of the rays. As
he passed, his Isiiics, as well as his
heart, lungs and other Internal organs
were visible in shadowy outlines, prof.
J. Mark Baldwin, of Princeton, dicril-
Ing this experiment In the Popular Sci
ence Monthly, says that the move
ments, in regular rhythm, of the organs
referred to were plainly seen.
Ilrnlna Kiucrr lhon Mmi'
According to Prof. Max Weber, of
Amsterdam, the only animals which
surpass man In the absolute weight of
their brains an? elephants and whales;
but there are several that rank ahead
of him In the ratio of the brain weight
to the total weight of the bo lv. All of
these, however, are comparatively
small animals. Among them are many
monkeys and certain members of the
squirrel and mouse families. No ani
mal of greater bodily size than man has
a brain which Is relatively as Large as
his. I'pon the whole, it seems that
man's mental superiority is due raliier
to the quality and organization than to
the ize of his brain.
Khip on heclw,
A French Inventor, M. F.rnest I In, n.
has recently lnuuchcd a modi) of a
steamship which. In place of an ordi
nary hull, has six large, wheel-sliape.l
rollers, on whose axles the frruew.nk
of the ship's body rests. As t ,ie Vihp1
is driven forward by a screw, the tl.;at
lug wheels that sustain it rotati, al;d
Monsieur I'.azin tliliik.s tills roll'i.g of
the wheels must result In a decrease of
the resistance offered by the water to
the advance of the ship, lie asserts
that the saving lu motive pjwer will
enable large steamships constructed o:i
the roller plan to travel thirty knots an
hour, with a consumption of only .soo
tons of coal in crossing the Atlantic,
wiiile the best ships now In existence
consume more than 3,000 tons of coal
during such a voyage, and arc able to
go only twenty-two knots an hour.
The Birthplace of 1 elf.
Prof. O. B. Grassi, of Rome, recently
received the "Iarwln medal" from the
Royal Society In Iondon In recognition
of his -biological dlscoverii. "The
iiioh astonishing case," says Nature.
"Is that of the common eel, the develop-
of which had been a mystery
since the days of Aristotle." It waa
known that largo wis pass from livers
Into the sea, and that young eels, called
In England "elvers," ascend rivers from
the sea; but no one before Grassi had
lieen able n find out how elvers were
produced. The Italian naturalist, tak
ing advantage of the currents near 'he
Straits of Messina, which occasionally
bring to the surface Inhabitants of the
deep waters, discovered that thn eels
which pass out of rivers arc uot fully
grown, as they bail been supposou (o
be, but that they attain complete devel
opment after entering the sen. There
their eggs are hatched, the young tak
ing at first a larval form which Is Iden
tified with loptoeephalus, formerly sup
posed to be a distinct genus. After
ward the leptocephall undergo transfor
mation Into elvers, or young eels, In
which tate they quit the sea for the
How an Kmpcror Ilode to the Ctiaan.
The Emperor himself is carried tijton
four elephant In a fine chiunlier made
of timber, lined (nolde with platea of
beaten gold, aud outside with lions'
fikln, for he alwaya travel In this way
on hla fowling expeditions, because ho
I troubled with gout. He always keeps
beside him a dozen of his choicest ger
falcon and la attended by aevcral of
nla Baron, who ride on horseback
alongside. And sometimes, aa they may
be going along, and the Emperor from
hla chaUDber la holding discount with
the Rimni, one of !b latter shall ei
claliu: "Sire! I-ook out for the Crane r
Then the Emperor instantly baa the top
of hi chamber thrown open, and hav
ing marked the cranes, b fl.ea one of
bis gerfalcons, whichever be pleases;
and often the quarry Is struck wlthia
bla view. o that Ue baa the most ex
quisite sport and diversion there, as he
it In his chamber or lie on his bed ;
and all the Baron with him get the
eujoymeut of it likewise! So It I not
without reason I tell you that I do not
believe there ever existed !n the world,
or ever mill exist, a man with ucb
s;iort and enjoyment as be has, or with
a'ucb rare opportunities. St. Nicholas.
-The llouod' and 'the Hover."
'The HoimiU" and "The lLovers"
were rival bands of twiys, not In The
Boy set. who for many year made
out-door life miserable to The Boy and
his friends. They threw stone ami
mud at each other, and at everyliody
else; anil The Boy was not Infrequent
ly blamed for the windows they broke.
They punched all the little Isiy who
were lietter dressed than they were,
and they were depraved enough ami
mean enough to tell the driver every
time The Boy or Johnny Robertson at
tempted to "cut bcMnd." '
There wa also a t.jud of unattached
guerrillas who aspired to be, and often
pretended to either "Hounds" or
"Rovers"-lhey did not care which.
Tin y always hunted In couples, and If
they met The Boy ulone they asked
him to which of the organizations he
himself belonged. If he Raid he was a
"Rover," they claimed to be "Hounds,"
and jKiumlcd him. If he ibcl ired him
self in sympathy with the "Hounds.")
they hoisted the "Rover"' colors, and
punched him again. If he disclaimed
Isjth associations, they punched him,
anyway, on general principles. "Tho
Head of the Rovers" was subsequently
killed. In front of Tom Riley's liberty
pole In Franklin street, in a fireman's
riot, and 'The Chief of the Hounds."
who had a club-foot, lieeainc a respect
able egg merchant, with a stand In'
Washington Market, near the Root
lieer Woman's place of business, on the
south side. The Boy met two of tho
gang near the Dcsbrwses Stri-ot Ferry
only the other day; but they did not re
ognlze The Boy. Sr. Nicholas.
American Women and Itoyaliy.
"During the tour through Canada I
had attributed the strange conduct of
the ladies to au excess of loyalty. Ah
soon as the Prince had left a hotel they
would rush Into his rooms, seize all
sorts of articles, from a furniture but
ton to a soiled towel, as souvenirs, and
even bottle up the water with which
he had Just washed Ids face," writes
Stephen Flske In the Ladles' Homo
Journal. "But lu the United States the
women w ere equally curious and syco
phantic. The luggage of the royal par
ty was carried in small leather trunks
a trunk for every suit of clothes
and whenever the train stopped the
crowds would beg that some of these
trunks might be handed out. and wom
en would fondle and kiss them. I need
not say that the trainmen were never
too particular as to whose luggage was
subjected to this adoration, and 1 have
had the pleasure of seeing my own port
manteau kissed by mistake. Before
the Prince arrived at Richmond his
room at the Ballard House was en
tered by Die ladles, and the pillowslips
and while coverlet Were so soiled by
the pressure of hundreds of fingers
that they had to be twice changed by
the chambermaids. When he attended
church on Sunday the whole congre
gation rose as he departed, and climb
ed upon the seats to get a better view
of him."
Krtlntng Influence of Poetry.
It is a great mistake for any young
woman to Judge pis-iry by the melodi
ous tinkling of current verse, and to
say that she "can't read poetry." Heal
poetry finds a home In every woman's
heart. Its tenderness, Its music, Its va
grant fancies. Its vivid emotions arc
more adapted to her nature than to
the masculine mind. If she docs not
read the best tsietry she is mlssliiir ono
of the most refining and consoling In-
flucncos that can enter her life through
the medium of books. A woman who
has not read Keats" "Eve of St. Ag
ues." Coleridge's "Chrlstabel," Mrs.
Browning's "Aurora Leigh," SheJIey's
"Adonals," Wordsworth's "Ode to Im
mortality," Tennyson's "ldvlls of thn
King" and Iongfellow's "Evangeline"
has unconsciously missed the er
part of her emotional Inheritance-Ladies'
Home Journal.
'1 he ' rat of Flowers.
A Dutch nuturallst In Java has made
some remarkable observations on tin
Increase of temperature which occurs)
in cerlai.i plants at the time of flower-!
lng. In one case the temperature In th
nower was ji degrees Fahrenheit
above the temperature of the surround-i
lng air. All the plant In which thM
phenomenon has been observed are en-(
lomophlloiis; that Is, those In which feri
till.atlon Is effected by the old of ini
sects, and It has been suggested that
the rise of temperature may serve to
attract Insects to the (lowers.
Man' Kconomr,
Jack Come and have a drink.
Tom I thought you were eolnir to
Jack I am doing so. but I don't want
to overdo th matter. Four beggar)
asked me for dime rind 1 refused them
fill, SO that I 40 cent saved. On thn
strength of that I can afford to set up1
the drluks.-Truth.
Halt In Water.
A ton of Atlantic water, when ersn-
orated, yield 81 pounds of salt; a ton
of Pacific water, 71) pound; the waters
of the Dead Sea more than twice as
much 187 jKiund to the ton.
It la officially declared by the Russia
Government that cholera ptevalla
seven governmtnta of Mouln But,