The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 11, 1897, Image 1

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he Sioux County Journal
The Sioux County Journal.
f KTABU-HKIl l. j
Hulwcriptum Price, fl.00
. ..- ; . . .
raiK.H. - - Kiiitnr.
Kntercl :it tli liitrilw.ii Mwt uvtli'0
ee jnl clus matter.
" " "
The republican party i. op-'
pwd to an inr-om.-tax. 1
Groverthe jjrreat h:n pass
ed to iniincou desuetude.
Have you read president a,i j,ork trusts, iron and
McKinley' inaugural at- hlrcl trusts, combined with
,Ir''' the Palmer & Ihickner side
Mrs. Henry Ward Needier. hnv and the coercion of the
wife of the -rcatd.-vine, died hiboriii:; cla, who were de
March in Stamford. Conn. . Indent upon the coriKra-
tions and men of wealth for
Ili'h protection ami reci-daily labor, even at a small
procity will be the repubii-r-tipjnd a it was,-is today
can m-ilto and watch-word 1 and will be much worse un
for the next four years. der the jg-old -stardard in or-
S) far as til lower house
of couresH wan concerned it
jiassed tlie immigration bill
over the veto of ex-president
President Mr K hi ley, has
..ill,.. mi, ,.v1 i-:i,,h1 ili:i rv se a.
sion of congress to convene ,
Marcli 1", for the pmposeof
reformiiij.' the tariff and cur-
M,,,.,- uviib.r.i
. .
Tic seven-day Adventists, :
v. i i ) hav.- b"u ius-io!i in
a world's confereu re at Lin-
CO!!!, tillS Kt'lie, Claim tile
tnillftentini i-l llh.lllh lt 1c i
udi.Ted in. II w can that
be with the single Lrold
standard and the
party in jiower.
rhe injunction brought ;
;iKaiiistthe county clerks ol
Dotu.dns and Lancaster coun-;
tics, lcstrainiiiS them from
complyiiiK willi the order of
the state canvasin board,
creatctl undiT an act of the
liresent letrislaturt! was (li' -
selvetl on Saturday, March
(ioveriior Ih'adll'V of KeU-s I larly -HI for V. or uny tiumlH-rof p (ttrni
, , . . i The follow ing are soiim of the notices fr lour cents t-acli tu cover package and
tlU'ky, has appointed Alaj. ' frx,.,.lllt;,.s have made of the former nosta-. W lieu the Milne of the patterns Id
A. T. WtlOd Of Mt. Sterlinis", , eddor of Tl.r. Jo-KN.U.. and will give our mUU-r IU,- .hscr,.,er actually gu
tO h i II S senator to HU-readers an idea of the portion ho oc-i DFMOREST'S MAGAZINE FREE
lO OJ I. btll.UOl OJ but. ' 'Anilwlmtnmi:Jtii. It ll for 1x!i7 It will
i i c Di ii ciipas in the estimation ol the news - ,
CeCl J C S UlackbUril. i ' ltn-miro brllllunt than ever before. New
. .1 paper fralenuty of the stale: j miiiniKenient, new mettioiH, new Mens,
llie, appOintnillt Was Oiled; i J, S;mmous has disposed of TUB Kuclicoiiycmitulns it n exquUlto reprixluii
to St Jollll Hovl Of LoiliS-IJOIUNAI. at Harrison and will h,-eU other ; thm in colors of some celebrated picture l,y
' "" 1JJ" j . ,,,' fiiniiioim iirtl-t, worthy to uilorn the wull
Villi', hilt 110 WOUld not aC-j ""l"'! ' r..stler , f M(e t,lOHtri.m, hmi,c. it Unfllrini-il tbiit
. . .. 11.. ' U'l'l hard hitter, and thi Hub hopes t.) ,(.;.mokKM' In the only complete riiiiilly
Cfpt as lie IS tUO re)Ul)Il('an llvt! UJ,ajn jn a Nebraska MufMXiiM-romlUnitiKnU mt the moot vxi-ur
nominee of his party for the ! town that oiirecite that .kind of ; '""U-mi of iu conte.nPoi-,.ries. i-,ui,
, ... ,1 i.- ,- : li.ivInK iidmltalite features urltsown. IKM-
senate and he-will prosecute !,"-"'N';1i'''' n.n.-Kirney iiu. uHK.vrsuuctu.tiiy ihukh xxiixusf
.... i r it , f 1 , i L Himiinins imuounies in tins j one. - t
JllS Claim LMJ-1 Ore Hie next JK- I Wet.(-!( Usuo of Till-: Sira.-X i:)fSTV .!it:h-l It U a Iilirost of Current Kvents nnd Mens
lature which will elect a! u has severed -.mne-tim : ,u or wo",u li"vXrw "
. ,. , . , ... ii- ., Storehouse of Interest lor nil. Wives, niolti
senator for the full term, i 'th th paper, lb is an able, dngiu PiH H)Btmsanfl(liiUKlltl,ri( can .
'I'll . -li'i tirr.k Mm lint At.. :,. 1 and versatile writer, und we doie d Huit they need tfi mnusn and Instruct them.
l,v ... w... J
ood w ill not be Heated, as
IMC II. weil.llC JUS isiau Wo have it from good authority that
Jished the precedent refus- t..ksio, x co.nty j.kkval i,,s ..-bunged
" -jii-
jiik to recognize me appoini-, !..., ..
i ,f tl nvenmra nf Ihe ! ' lm"1 l,llint Hni' w'" fntinue the
ineiilH 01 lilt KOtrnorK01 UK. j )ul)u;(Uiutl f TnK J0i;KSa1m We dave
(liHereilt States. If they did;iv,t mirm( Wlllt Mr. Hunmon intends
., 111 ill . .i i ii i . .i
do HO, it WO.'.ld sllOW baddo..,g, butlopehe will reman. In the
faith on their part.
Mr. Bryan- has it up his
e f .. ..l. 11 I
HUOOt 10r -laiK Il.inilil
very properly, as Mark laid
him out. As Mr. Iiryan is
- 1 ... . biuLi ldu mrtiillil ' w ...
lieVlT liappV Uni(HHmHinoUXn.,.ar)( of , ifa lluve U.,.Q devoted.-
H at WOrk, llie Will StllUlp Ohio j Alliance Grip.
. .i . , . . i
thiH year in the etfort to ho ThbSiocx (oi-nty JocuNAb timnged
...... lw .li.cfiMii nf -i Mil vi t'
11 if
(Kislaturc to defeat t he elec-
. , , ,.i
1011 OI Mr. 1 Jaiina tf) SUCCtCtl
Jiimself to tlie senate. Mr.
Bryan it will lie observed, is
a gcntlcma who takes very
bip; contract! but never huc
reeds in fxecntin;? theni.
Alliance Thnf.
You may he liks .senator
Thurston was during the!
early part of the late cam-
', iaikr!i, when he declared that i
M r. Iiryan could not carry
his own state and that the
republicans would carry the
state by .'.you: l, hut instead
i you lost the ntatn hy over l' :
(mmi. If it hud not hcen for!
llann.a's money coupled with
1 lit- millions of dollars con-
itnlmteu to u:e campaiirn
fund to buy votes with by
all the national banks, beef
that they mitrlit keep
their families from suffering;
with the pan,t.:s of hunger ami '
col.d that was just'uiK' :
to stare them in the face who, ;
! were made to believe- that;
'all factories would close t heir ;
floors with tile banks that '!
would break all over the cou
try -and they have been at
it eycrsim-e last Nov.:i. -and
business enterprises would
f,usK-nd and every tiling mi
t hN country would be at a
standstill if Mr. Bryan was1
elected to succeed the Cleve-
lailda (imiSiratlon. V (' say, ll
ii li:ul lifil lu-eil forllli.-t ( hlSS
!of voters who we belicvewere
' comelled to vrtr atrainst
their honest convictons by
the disreputable means used
h)V the corp U'atio'i miHioii-
ar(,Si Paiineiwt lV.r-kner tick-
j v tj. j)a v( j, Hills -whoi
paj(i ,om. :uu traitor -and !
; a subsidised press, Mr. Bry-i
;au nn( iave swept the;
'jr(,utry from ocean to ocean'
l an(j froln the gulf to the;
'ii,.a;j, ,b,m.,lm .
iii.m uiiimioiii.
What Otlicrs Say.
. . . r. ..,. ll,
xniliuv Jj ' ti.T ....
; Tim,,t,
northwest and help build it up. t raw-
ford IhiUi.tin.
, , , T r ,.
By the retirement of t ol. U J. Sim-
I.,,,,, T. a T. ,1 ' I. s' . f ..I If . rriu.n
j iim.iis ii, .in .un. .w
. t,.,t town das lost u very energetic till-
italic cm -
zen mid knigl.t of tdu Quill. We trust
that he may iiyaiti start up Homewhere
, , , , . .
.. ll,, .....l tt ll, ut'.l.. 4, u. ni' l l..n
in,ulM wetki ' J- Mnimons retiring.
i Mr. SiniilioiiH 1H u republican of the Htal -
t , j onu of t)0 wst lln.!iro,un(i
..... .
,,ewspa!r nun to be found in the north-
west, und the Tribune, is dcuirou of Hee-
dig him engage in Ida near future in
tlda section in tlie duniness for which lie
is so well (llted. Crawford Tribune.
After eight years of varying fortune,
tdat is. of dild-rent kinds of dard for-1
turn-. L. J. Sim-lions has txilil TllEKloCXj
. . , i ,ii i
tm i j.n iiyii, hiiii will seen a new
(i-lit f labor. Mr. Simmons is cue of I
the la.lil, bright und ener,etic ne
i"'i - r .... of tu tat and i.y i'J I,
U'lil-I.' laiuii. iiiu .... j ,.,wl-..w.t.v.
lie bus made wmie money
up there in
the wilderness, :iml lets K' now with
credit. Success to dim. Yolk Tim:.
llce of riiblii? sale.
In the matter of the estate of Charles
J. l'uilily, dcceiisttl.
Notice is hereby p veil that in jiursu
ance of an order of K.ilert,
jinU'e of the county court of Sioux
county. Xebra-I;a, made on the 221, day
of February, '.), fur the Kile of the
j,eihonal estate of Charles J. l'uilily. de
ceased, there will be sold at the residence
of the undersigned in While River Pre
cinct, Sioux county, Nebraska, on Satur
day, March, 1:5, 1MI7. at 10 o'clock n. in.,
at public vendue to the highest bidder
fur tush, the full. living icroual proier
tv, to wit:
1 row.
1 horse.
1 mare.
1 colt.
S promissory not! amounting in all to
thesum of ifs:
l . At'lil STINK. FlT HY,
A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s t nilor of the estate o f
t h.iilesJ. i'uddy, deceased.
T ,,av noiv my copyright certincnte.
All rights reserved.
H. F. TlloMAH.
ah accounts due to m have
ii--- i "f Attorney Oram
iuthruMinl in-trurtions iwn him to
. , ... . .
wives in arrears can k:ivo expense by
caving the sune at once
The ac-
ounts include arrearages on do ks of
other papers that were, formerly pub
lished in Harrison.
L. J. Simmons.
Ilcforc Sutxcrililnx for a Mniiazlnn
Sen Hip liest
Detiioicst's t ut l-ajs-r 1-nttcrns are the niot
, ,,r.irtte.,l on tlie iimrWct. They are ol im.v
I , . lucuiu-r i tin; iioiiwimM c.miiire-
j (lilre. Ill eai-ll copy of the MllRrtZlne In
j prluteil eoiiioa en 1 1 1 lint; the ulii'rilcr,
or nurclinser, to a put tern (worth mid rKu-
, nUo pmctlcl helpn In every department ol
I ilomestlc nitd Micliil life, inclUiUntt the fill ip
! tilihiu: and oriiniiieuttiig of tlie home, ei
! t.roldery. l)rloB brae. HrUstlcBn.l fancy work
.ri ki,.iu.e,..ete.. B,,d N,..t.on..n,i
' lvlce rcKiirillng lh well-being und drefii-
, Ill(f of lll(,ir own
j i u m.ope of the tvrtlcles for ln5 and ).!
will cover tlin whole country ami Hs vnnefl
lntrt. nd the Hiticles will 1, 1'rofum.Oy
. Illustrated with the finest enKruvlnif. tin 4.
,,,,, io,,,twlu ,,, the lina .,
eBt Hctlon. Jt trcntu nt lengtb Out of lUKir
l-porLs, llotnn Amuse tits und Knlerlaln-
nientM It Ktve n (jreut deal or intention, to
U(( (;h1(rull., Il(,mrl ,lt, b.kI -our fllrls,"
.. ... ....... , .. . .
nnu nus ii aiont-iiiv yiiiiosiiini ny t eieuruu
' I 'eoplp. In which nro uiscusseti luiportnil
li'.i ouneiiouroi uueren 10 me oiuir
i readers. j
I lj-tus hnvo your sithnerlptlon tit once.
Vuutfet more value for your nioiiey than U
,,0.,,n,to,c.ire In any other nuiKiizlny.
Th0 Miinhin one year for IM. ;
r nix months for 1.00.
(rtV(,r m dm.ront B,ir,m.Ilt, Rl.0 Bllown
e,u.i, y,.,ir, imtterns of all of which Hrn oh
' tuhiable by mibscrltiers nt 4e. ench.j Hiiuiple
! opy (' imttem coui.n) sent for 100. .
I Dkmorkst 1't ni.isuiNO Co.,
nrU) AV(,nll(.( Nnw. York(
A I.lltr.lUI. OFrKR. OSLV
Hend Your ubscrlptlont to tbl Office. ,
A- IloViiinti
1 i ' i v i ' i nor
J.KMII.'lliLlit i.ov.'riioi
ftecretiiry of Male
- Auditor
j.ull... y ,llirijJ
w. K i-ort.r
J,,n F. I uracil
- '. j s, "'."''
. TrenKiirer
... Attorney i.cncral
I Mil. I I'.. M ....I-.,!. ...... .
v( . K. Jn. ku Sui.t. i-uMic l.,tra.-iioii 1
CoNUHksion U
John M. Tliur-toii
CI S. N'lnitor. Kiiinlm '
V. in. V. Allen c. .,. senator
;i Strode, Culicn-fwniuli lt Hint., Mnrolil
I I'. II. Jllcreer,
'.''i " Oiniilia
Hi ll " h Tt1!!!!!!! t
-Ith " Aurora
Mil ' Nelkon
a.i ' Kearuev'
j isiiiuiel Maxwell,
H . I.. Stark.
j H I. rultierliiiid
I W . I.. On en,
Jl'IiK IA11V:
A. M. 1'nst ( llief Justice, CulUllltlllH
T. . V. llalTl vill ..As'te Jmle, I. l aid Kimia
T. I,. Nurvul Aistx iut.' Judsc, sewsini
ii. a. i.awii,ueij..i,i.ak aiei Krjiuriui', l.lncoiu j
1 ' J ",e, o-Selll
...... " . . i - , UhH Vlilt
M- J- IU,U ( lerk.H.onsu,. ;
Holier! Wilson ( iMintv Juihre '
M. J. lilewi tt Clerk
( Inm. lilelile Treitsurer i
l'i'viH .Stijit. 1'iilillc Instruction
Il.irtlett Sll.llH
J. I-:, riiliincy .( on.ncr
B. K. TIioiiihs siirvnor
M .1. Iileett.
l.lant liiltlirie.
-('lerk of District Com t
tounty Attorney
I,-, , t ,., , .
frank I inlilci.'n ((hair. nan) 1st District
M. .1. t r!,. i -2,i
.liimcs K. Youiik "
)lfoMntz..tmtor, Klst. So. U. HprlnBvle-
A- K. Iln-I Ion Dlst. 'o. ii3, shadroii
K. Uolnrer (clmirinuni
J. W". sidtt
D. II. (il -Uw.Hi
W. It. Mursteller
N. D. llaiiiliii
W. II. DnvU
I.uu is (ierlm li
Clerk !
..Trenurer I
I sciioiu, omcriis:
'. J. w. scott
,..rirrrtor I
. MtnltrHtor
j h. i.. .... u
" w" r,,ll,u
District Court, At Han i-on, coniiueii ccs
lllltl-4, l.'Plll All. II I 'll, l.lrv lltl, I
fall " uutlKT 2'., Jury ititli.
County Cunt, At Ilarrlsoa, commence
llrst Sloiiilay of encli inonlli.
Metliinlist Stimlay School meets every Sun
day uiornhur nt 1000
J. K. MtHsrKi.LKK, W. IF. Dwis,
.siiieiinteiiilent. Sicretiuy
JKItltV UCfK POST. No.:ir.,(i. A. U.
Meets secoinl Monday hi each month In
the court kouse at lliirrl-um.
K. K. I.iveriuore, Com.
Harrison Ciimp, No. i-l, meets on each al
terniiln Wcilncrsiluy evening.
W. II. Davis, w. L. IIovt,
Clerk. Con. Com.
M'M'ts encli nlti-riiate Saturdiiy evening
at o'clock. A. It. Dew, V. C.
J. VV. .Smith, Clerk.
i-a-woinii i.kaock.
Ih uulnr business meellnjf llrst Tuesday
evening hi each moiitli.
C. 1..,
W. II. Davis, Preslilent.
Devotional meeting every Sunday evening
at 0:C. D. J. Claick, la-uder.
JCXIOIt I.KAlil. v..
Meets each Sunday afternoon tit 2:no.
MH9. D. II., Supt.
Something for Sotlilng.
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week tdo Semi-Weekly Slate Journal
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Just From tlie Press.
A very attractive publication das just
bnetl issued by tdo passenger department
of the Burlington Route. It dears tde
title "The Newer North-west" and de
itcriho in a most interesting and read
able fashion those portions of nortdern
Wyoming and !de Black Hills of Houth
Uikota which are reached by this com
pany's lines.
The scenery, towns, mines, people and
industries of tdese two renin rkablo sec
tions of country am I rented of with Ab
solute lldolety. 200 pages with illustra
tions, nenl on receipt of 10 cents In
stumps. J.Fuancis, U.P.A. T. A.
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.. I;.... .1... .1 . .. t. .. .
. ...V '. .. .
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t , . . ,
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elecliou returns, and Ihronh the bal
ance of tliix year. A dollar for the
reat tAvice a-week paper from now un
til January 1, lSIS, is the digest oll'er
ever made to readers. All throu-h the
campaign, all thiuuh the Nebraska leg
islature, the congresses and the inaugu
ration of a new president. Never since
the war has so many incidents of vital !
interest to the masses been crowded in'o
i sixteen months, as there w ill 1; during I
,,is J)(.riod.
I'he Semi-Weekly Journal !
, A . , . ,
,! I,S 11 d-"'.v
Send your
umler iliiect or give it to your
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j n,, ,.,, ,, . ,' ,0,., .,
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Always glad to iptote rates and give
I '''formation.
J. FhAN.'.'lf!, (J. P. & T. A. Omaha,
, v..i,..ui
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rransacts a General Banking Businecs.
Ajikrican Exctiaw. National Bank, New York,
Omaha National Bank, Omaha,
Fiust National Bank, Cliadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Good rigs furnished on short notice.
Reliable drivers and quiet saddle horses always on hand.
Good accommodations for transient customers.
Horses boarded,
Prompt attention given to nil legal
matters in Justice, County and District
Courts, and before the United State
Land Office.
Fire Insurance written in reliable
tirkwtl papers carefully drawn.
11a:;Ris)N. - Nf.buaska.
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