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If Bout of Money Power that Ihey
Can Do It Again la Well-fouade 1, the
He public Is Uuomcd Now la the
Tiaae for Patriot to Ponder.
Corruption k'n l.
The use of tens of millions of money
to elm Major McKiuley proves Itcyond
controversy that tbe rich are opposed
to republican governments "deriving
their just power from the consent of
the governed." The contest, says the
Silver Knight, was not between citi
zens of the United State exercising the
right of franchise according to their
best judgment, but between the people
on tne one sidi? and the money powers
on the other. The money used by the
prevailing party was not expended to
give the voters an opportunity to freely
exercise their choice as citizens, be
cause no large expenditure of money
could be legitimately imed for that pur
pose. The vast sums of money expend
ed were confessedly used to Influence
the election and to prevent a free vote
and an honest count. The poverty and
dependence of vast multitudes of suf
fering people and the dishonesty of oth
ers furnished the opportunity, which
wag seized by the money powers, to
subvert the will of the people. If It be
asserted that the same result would
have been attained without the use of
Lyman J. Gage, the new Secretary of
turn ne Daniting interests o. the country
money, we ask, Why were such vaat
urns of money collected and expended?
There Is no necessity of knowing the
exact amount of money which the vic
torious party employed.
If the power of money can enable the
rich to seize the government, as was
done in the bust election, the capacity of
man for self-government is a myth and
free Institution are a failure. The
pending of $50,000,000, or even $10,
000,000, In a Presidential election shows
that the republic is In danger from con
centrated wealth. Nothing can do
more to destroy the faith of the people
In free institutions than the fact that
the party which spends the most money
In elections Is certain to be victorious.
When the honest voters feel that the
votes they cast are to be neutralized by
the corrupt use of money in the pur
chase of vote or the manipulation of
election returns, they will ceae to re
gard the elective franchise as a protec
tion of their rights or as furnishing
them the power to maintain the free
Institutions established by the fathers.
They will naturally look upon the mon
ey power aa their enemy, and when !
they are satisfied that resistance to the
encroachments of concentrated wealth
at the ballot box la Impossible history
will repeat Itself In thla country and
anarchy or revolution will follow. The
audacity and arrogance of the whole
sale vote buyers In calling the people
anarchists because their ballots are
bonest are exaspeiatlng In the extreme.
What proof have tbey that the 6.500.-
C30 who voted for Bryan were not actu
ate by the purest motive of patriot-
tat What claim hare those who ex
pended tens of millions to get votes
oat they art honest and law-abiding
aCISseua of the United States when they
ft ostentatiously corrupting the foun
tain of Jostles and subverting the fun
f Tsntal principles of free Instltu
Cisjst If anarchy Is an effort to over
Cjww established government, why
f not the money powers who bay
, zt ud subvert the will of the petv
vkicB Is tbe governing power, by
-TZ&m ttj fraud, anarchists of the
irpaurt type? Tbe rale of avar
: Cast awKsMit despotic, m
Mrrrrtaw sf aa tanm of tyru
J c r Cat rCs la ssevred by
i J fci sf ferMs.bxtiv
cr ksxj ami m
foundations of free Institutions are sub
vened. Nothing that the incoming adminis
tration can do can rejiair the injury to
civil liberty which the expenditure of
ten of m.uiun of money inflicted in
the last electiuu. No matter bow good
Major McKiuley 's administration may
be, it can never beat (lie wound which
the corruptiunisis who elected h:w in
flicted upon our institutions. We al
ready hear the boa-sis of concentrated
wealth that the means they employed
to prevent a fair election in IKxi wll
be redoubled if necessary four years
hence. We are told on every hand that
money Is too powerful for the people
of the United States, and that, what
ever happens, the money powers will
rule the country. If this be so, the
rule of the people i already over
thrown, and thia is an oligarchy of
wealth and not a republic of free men.
We call the attention of the rich and
powerful, who now seem omnipotent,
to the history of the past and wars
them against the danger of forcing the
eople to desperation. The people of
the United States are long suffering.
They hive law and order and will sub
mit as long as hope remains, but such
examples as were furnished at the last
election of wholwale corruption by the
ue of vast sums of money will destroy
hope, and when that Is done we have
no' the heart to predict what must nec
essarily happen. If the money pow
ers deny that they are making war on
free Institutions, we simply call atten
tion to the money they expended In the
last election. No excuse exists, no
apology can be given, no explanation
the Tresury, will ne all his influence to
over to the nation d banks Dnver Road.
can be made, for the expenditures of
the vast sums of money which were
used In tbe last election. It means cor
ruption, rraud, anarchy and misrule
and nothing else. The people still have
faith, and they are organizing to again
face the enemy of free Institutions .t
the ballot box In 18!i8 and lJKXi.
We believe that civil liberty is not
lost, and that the people will rally and
by constitutional means restore the
government of the United States to
the people, for whom It was ordained.
If they cannot restore it, we fear that
the great republic will be the last ex
periment of free Institutions, on this
earth. If liberty cannot be preserved
In free America, the anarchy, blood
shed and barbarism which will follow
will exceed tbe aecamulated horrors
which history records in the destruc
tion of former civilization.
It was only a few years ago the Den
ver Road said: "The bottom of all our
troubles la the-Rothschilds." For many
years almost everybody brauded us a
Rothschild maniac harmless f
course. Now show us a dally paper or
any other paper that does not mention
Rothschilds' name every day in con
nection with the settlement of interna
tional difficulties. It now transpires
Rothschilds wants to bribe Maximo Go
me to accept the reforms suggested by
the mother country, and for what? To
save Rothschilds' Spanish investments.
The hook-nosed usurer will And Gomez
true to his country. His bribes will lye
spurned. There is a difference be
tween Patriot Gomez and Tory John
But as we were about to say, "RoUia
childsphobla" has broken out and it Is
going to atay broken out until the
Rothschilds family are all hanged high
er than Hanian and their gold distrib
uted among the people. This sounds
brash, but wait and see If our phophecy
does not come true. Tbe greatest and
most powerful enemy mankind has to
day Is tbe combine that owns or con
trols 18,000,000,000 of the $3,700,000,000
of gold In the known world.
Tals ring la crowding tbe qnea
tton of usury to tbe fort by
cUlmtaf tbe payment of interest Is of
freavter Importance than coverBmeot
r life la the people. Tbe people are
cmdaaSy leanhrg t mass ftat Ue
curse of humanity the world over 1
Ufctiry. The usurer 'inu-l go ln-fire
prsM-rity to l he world returns. Tht
kin-,' usurer of ail is Rothschilds. The
attention of the world is U-ing attract
ed to him. His greed is uotici-able.
When the iteople once get their ntten
tioii fixed on him, thcii wait the mob!
It is the old story. I euver Road.
Weik Hunklae t-yatem.
The campaign cry of "i ;overnmeut
should go out of the banking business"
sounds somewhat sarcastic when one
of the greatest financial Institutions of
Chicago lies in Its death struggles.
Some of those very orators who assert
ed with so much certaiuty and em
phasis that they alone were safe
advisers are now hopelessly ruined. It
Is not a tit subject for exultation by
anybody. This ruin of the great brings
terrible calamities and suffering upon
those beneath them. Wheu a batik or
business house fails. It Is a public
calamity and genuine cause for gen
eral sympathy.
Hut it is a good time to consider bet
ter plans. Government Institutions -re
sound. No runs are made on the gov
ernment treasuries or lstof!lees In
times of fright Wheu times are close,
the government la not comiwdled to
make them closer by withdrawing
funds from circulation or hastening
the payment of claims.
The hanks are a good thing for busi
ness under ordinary circumstances, be
cause the people have nothing better.
Hut they are founded on a false sys-1 districts in the state:
tern of matheniathn so fur as safety Is j At Sparta, Ky.. Charles Holton, the
concerned. They are founded on a ; li-i-year-old son of J. W. Ho!ton oi this
system of credits instead or cash. When ' (Galiatin) countv, was drowned in tie
they are most in debt and when they! flocsla lolloping the terrific rains of the
are legs able to pay their debts on de- pagt to days. Others are reported
maud, they make the most pro tit. When J 0lig8ing ami more than twentvfive fain
they are the soundest and the best able ; iliei were peHed t0 flee Jrom thejr
the panic of 1813 their proiiu have
been cut In two.
Our notion Is that the government
should establish postal savings insti
tutions through lis iKistofHee depart
ment, make loans at low rates on real
estate, as Ger':r'iiy does, and Issue all
the paper not . ad coin. There would
still le much ' . sines for banks, and
they could be conducted along afe
Iiii". and the tal-uted business men
engaged In banking would find pleas
ant profitable occupations In other and
sifer lines. Make our financial system
sound and scientific and more than
half the troubles of life would disap
pear. I tie nuslnesM men ami poor
would then have an opportunity to so
adjust their affairs as to lay aside pro
vision for old age and death. Juliet
till.) News.
Reapo-atbillttoa of Rank era.
When a lank assumes the task of
taking the money of other people and
holding it in safe keeping It Incurs a
moral rionibll!ty from which no
amount of merely legal technicality can
excuse it. The case in point is that
of the Dime savings bunk, which has
been paying "its depositors 30 cents on
the dollar. The people who deposited
In this bank iM-long to the Industrious
saving men and women, many of whom
have amassed comparatively small
sums after years of effort They went
to the liauk In iierfect good faith, and
the liank cheerfully accepted their de
posits. In all good faith those deposits
should be repaid in full. Instead, 30
per cent Is offered, ami the depositors
seem to be glad enough to get even
that. They can't get the rest of their
money for possibly months to come.
Wisely administered hanks will al
ways find patronage from depositors so
long as they deal fairly. But the case
of the IUme savings institution sug
gests with peculiar force the advanta
ges which would accrue from the pos
tal savings bank system, which would
give to every small depositor the ab
solute assurance that bis money is In
safe hands. With the whole United
States government behind it, the pos
tal bank simply could not fall, however
it might be managed.-Chicago Rec
ord. Mark Hanna'a Claim a.
Ilanna's claims to Senatorial honors
at the hands of the Republicans are
two-fold. Iu expertnesa as a boodle
boss he Is on a plane with audi past
musters as Quay, Elklna, Chaudjer and
others of that tribe; In point of knowl
edge of trust manipulation the shrewd
est lobblest Is his pupil, and in fortune
he la entitled to a seat at the million
aires' club well up toward the head of
the table.
It Is due Ross Ilannn to add that, hav
ing never dabbled In any politics except
that of the "practical" ort, his useful
ness to the Interests he represents is un
hampered by either knowledge of polit
ical economy or the high alms which
distinguish statesmanship. St. Louis
Reform Reflection,
If McKlnley Is really the advance
agent of prosperity, he has got a long
start of bis employers.
If money talks, it would be Interest
ing to know what It ha to say about
the recent bank failures.
The persistency and bit term as with
which Hryan Is being abused by tbe
Republicans Indicate that bis chances
for 1000 are steadily Improving.
Hanna calls McKlnley the Moses of
America. As Hanna Is doing all he can
to create a wilderness for the President
to grope through, he ought to know
what kind of Moses it takes to com
out politically alive.
McKlnley's new tariff bill will prob
ably have tbe names of the campaign
subscribers that are Interested in each
Industry studied to tbe several para
graphs as reminders for )800 when
tbey may be ''touched" again. .
Tbe country may draw comfort from
Mr. Clevelanr)a assertion that there
Is a "surplus" of 1138,000,000 in the
treasury, but people will be apt to ask
aim what has become of the other
1170,000,000 for whleb be sold Lbs
hfln4a. Esctaaaltt.
Melius 4.KI.M. In. UIO
K. porta of
hi on Ilia Ohio Kla mm I
t h-r.
Cisuk.nn, Feb 24 Rain has been
falling almost constantly since Fii lay
Dulit, accoiupai.ied at times with thun
der and l.ghtniiig. The inevitablo re
fill will m a considerable r se in the
Obio river. ltisj.a!cl.n to the Times
Mar show that t!.e llig Sandy river is
booming, that lbr-e inches of rain has
fallen at Cattlettsburg in the past forty
eight hou' ami that thousands of logs
and railroad ties sre leiiig carried
away. A I i II further rise followed
heavy rains up the Saudy. At Hunt
ington the Gnyandotte river is higher
than for teveral years, srith a still
greater rie to come. A great many
logs sre washed into the Ohio river.
The streams up the Kanawha river are
also pouring out rpicly, bringing down
great quantities of ti:i.bcr and railroad
Hinuxutos, V. Va., Feb. 24 Heavy
landslides are reported on all railroads
1 throughout southwestern Virginia,
j There has ken a steady rain for lorty
eight hours. The loss to timbermsu
will go far into the thousands. The
orioia is western railway uriuge at
i Lavallette is reported washed away.
Trains on all other lines arrive here
many hours late.
LonsviLLE, Feb. 24 The Times has
the following advices from the flooded
creek. Young Holton attempted to
cross the creek on li s way home from
a call on a young woman. The water is
eight feet deep in the houses along the
creek and the loss in cattle snd hogs
has been great.
At Frankfort, Ky., the tains of the
lat thirty-six hours have sent the Ken
tucky to alxjut the high water mark
I liA ntir 1 rci n rutin. ttil tirtil.A a t!irat..
ened and the tenement houses
the river bank are flooded.
A t Richmond, Ky , tbe heavy rains
have caused great damage in the coun
try, the fl'Ksi being the worst in fifteen
years. The large dam at White's mill
has been swept away, thousands o(
(older thocks have been ruined and
many turnpikes are submerged.
A War of r srrntlo tl a
Canea, Feb. 24. The Kiiglieh, Italian ra" rlips f' coming from Ha
and RuHHian consult have returned from i valm by reuet of Consul General Lee,
Belinos, accompanied by 170 Musrulman ! n,i ll,e indignation of the volunteers
fugitives. They were unable to hold
conferences with the chiefs of the belli
gerents, who are conducting a war of
extermination. Ikilli sides have mutu
ally, maseacred prisoners. Two thou
sand civilians and 2r0 Turkish soldiers
are resisting the advance of the insur
gents with three cannon. Their posi
tion is extremely critxal. The consuls
proceeledto Canadeo on board ship.'
The Christians there, although advised j
of their arrival, fired on the consuls, in J
spite of the white 9;g of truce which'
tbey carried. The coruls returned to
trelinos, where the Chrisiians occupied
fresh positions. Here, aieo, the conguis
were fired upon, the shots rattling all
around the ship. The insurgents have
rehoisted their flag at Halepa, but they
have cot fired on the Turks, who have
planted a flag 1,600 yards from the in
surgent position.
Paris, Feb. 24. An oflicial diepatch Turkish empire,
received here from Admiral Pottlet, the ! The ametit ot the powers to this pro
commander of tbe French squardron off pofal having been obtained, the notice
Canea, island of Crete, states that the for Greece to evacuate followed,
admirals have informed their respective: Ca.nka, Crete, Feb. 25. Fire was dis
governmeuis that anarchy continue to covered at an early hour ye-tcrday
increase in Urete snd that they cannot
any iong-r be answerable for the avoid
ances of conflicts unless they are au
thorized to prevent the landing of all
provisions and the powers obtained the
recall of the Greek troops snd warships.
Tbe admiral adds that during Sunday,
in spite of the repeated protests by the
commanders of the foreign fleets, the
insurgents' out posts continued to ud
vauce and engaged in a fusillade with
Turkish outposts before Canea. After
consultation, the British, Austria, Ger
man and Russian ships opened fire and
only reased when the Greek flag was
fact Ostitnc Keady
CaSKok, Nev., Feh, 24. Corbett and
his friends do not like the cry of sick- :
ness from the Fitzsimmona camp. They
are afraid that the Cornisliman is get- '
ting ready to flunk out of the match on
else is working for a postponement. The I
Cttliforniau will not submit to the latter !
proposition under any circumstances.
He is timing hi training so as to he
ready on March 17. A week's delay
might prove fatal, as Corbett appreci
ates that in that time he might go stale
or train off an edire.
Bob Fitxeimmons commenced work
Monday with s lour-round bout with
Hickeyanda hail hour's woik with
R.eber on tbe wrestling mat. He fin
islied the morning's routine with bag
punching for twenty-five minutes. He
bowed no fatigue from the work, lie
does not expect to do any road work un
til the atrip ol ground a mile in Unuih
now being cleared of snow is in good
Thai Sis Day ataaa,
Chicago, Feb. 24 At 11 p. m. yes
terday the score in the bicycle race is :
ftchinesr 742, Ashinger 667, Miller 664,
Lawson 634, Smith 686. 8U wart 623, Hals
664, Hansen 877, Bradis 573, Hanoant
663. Bisk sale 538, Fleming 601, Mier
etein 486, Leslie 516, Hslbrecht 62a
Uitf MS.
cblnssr will fall short ot the fort..
sight-boar record mads at Ksw York,
bat will beat the sit day race. It U
mmmAH that Hals saa not win.
i 1 10 DUX T LIKE IT
Car Consul to Cuba Cxa't Stand
Indignities from Spaniards.
It r- to liaturi to America Hrfura
ttl.uMt -ll H., i,aT IIHID4
Ala'm-d and sptolird f-i I tid
New Yobk, Feb. 25. The Havana
correspondent of the Times, writing
under date of February 20, says:
General Lee, today, in discussing his
course in connection with the arrest of
Americans, paid : "I am tin ler orders
from Washington, and I must oty in
structions from bea l u&r era. The de
partment authorises me to act i certain
way, and I but carry out my orders. I
came here unprejudiced an 1 determined
to form my opinions by whit came di
rectly under uiy observation.
"From the moment I landed my
American blood began to boil, and if I
stay here much longer and am forced to
witness all the iniignities heaped upon
my cjuntrwnen without reetraint, it
will literally all Imi) away.
"They trample on our 11a?, hiss u. on
the htreetf. Americans aru murdered,
robbe 1 and imprisoned ; fniligiihies are
heaped upon our women, and every
atrts'ity conceivable for a Spaniard to
put on Americans is thrust upon us."
A ;cial cable dispa'cti to the Herald
from Havatn says :
I'oiisiil-tieneral Lee cabled bis resigna
tion to Secretary of Stale Olney on Sun
day night. His wri.ten resignation,
with a letter giving his reasons lor wish
ing to give up his odice, will reach
Washington by th lirnt mail from this
I understand that the eecretary of
state is readyo rfVept General Lee's
resignation at once, but that President
Cleveland is unwi ling to have the Consul-general
leave Havana now.
The res gnation was tendered because
the administration did not see fit to in
dorse tue oo isul-goneral's recomrnenda-
; tioes for what he Isvieved necessary
. -
don, in nrvilwrlv tir Itvl lninrii.n
Citizens in Cuba.
No instructions have beta received by
General Iee from the state department
einci his resignation wsa cabled.
A diHpat' h to the .Sun Iroiu Havana
Havana is alarnif.d. The Spaniards
are w idely excited against Consul-Gen-erai
Iej and the Americans.
The report was circulated that Auien-
i a intense over the report that,
f.' a deuioiiHfation aeaiuct the
L rilled States, the Martinis of Ahilinada
privately called to his ottice. the colonels J
01 the battalions of volunteers in this
City ami assured them that the report
was aimolutely lalse, and that General, iu investigating the death of Dr.
Ruizf only obeyed instructions from the
state department at Washington, given
in a friendly, peaceful spirit.
Um-CH Hull W t! titlraar.
Yiksha, Feb. 25. Greece has been or
dered by the powers to evacuate Crete
at once.
Tllit action is the result of a circular
note recently sent to the powers by the
government of Rutsia requesting them
; to join In the demand that tho sultan
su'horize the powers to act jointly in
the pacification of Crecc and the organi
sation of a system of autonomy for the
I island, retaining ttie integrity of the
morning in the governor s palace, a
buildiiw constructed of wood, am! in a
very short time the structure, with all
iu contents, was burned to the ground.
During the progres" of the lire there was
considerable excitement in the town
but there is reaxou to bt-lieve that the
fire was not of incendiary origin, but
wa due to accident.
Athens, Feb. 25 A dispatch from
Canea says that during tho fire in the
governor's palace there the governor's
safe fell from the floor on which it stood
into the ruins and hurst open. The safe
contained 7,000 isounds Turkish money.
The soldiers, who haa gathered about
j tbe burning building and were engaged
: in trying to extinguish the Humes, upon
seeing the contents of the safe exposed,
. tried to steal the money, but were pre
f vented by the European ollicers, who
directed the sailors under their com-
msnd to fire a volley of blank cartridges
, at the would-be robbers.
Mr. tioufaf'a I'laa.
Indiamai'Olis, Ind , Feb. 25. Mrs.
Helen Gougar, the woman suffragist,
made the thirl oral argument ever
presented to the Supreme Court by a
woman. She apcaled to the court to '
declare that women have an equal right '
with men to vote at ventral elections. !
At the general election in the fall
' 1
IH'.H Mrs. Gougar offered to vote in the
precinct in which she lives at Lafayette,
and on lieing refused, brought suit to
compel the election officers to receive
her ballot. The court refused her peti
tion and she appealed. She declared
her suit to be a plea lor freedom in a
government which derives all its powers
from tbe consent of the governed.
taaamaali Starving la Loolalaaa.
Laic, La. Feb. 19 It is now
definitely known that over 100 families
in Ihe Sixth ward of Calcasieu Parish
are in s starving condition. One
who has Just been through the stricken
district says that the only food obtain
able is corn meal in small quantities.
There Is no feed for domestic animals,
and tbey ars dying by hundreds. The
sitifsnsof this sity will bold s matt
meeUsg to-morrow for lbs purpose ol
Amrrl a Too loy lu "lulus' I1"' '
j f a t 11 r-a la t ulta
' Havana, Cuba, Feb. -'. N York
World Cl Wraiul The, jute deptirt
inet.t refus. s to autrfer Oiiisul Geueil
Iee's cablol qu tlion whether or not it
will sust.ttii, with a man of war. Ins de
tn ti.d that S paijis 1 outrages u,m A an r
i.uiis cyase un 1 tht iivej. lits-rty i.4
treaty riglrs of citizeni of the United
State be re peeled by the Spanish au
Ricardo Ruir, an American citizen of
educitiou, has just lieen murdered in a
Stianish prio 1 at Havana, and diaries
W. Scott, another American citizen,
has 1 ceil krpt fourteen days in solitary
confinement with nothing to s eep on
ht a wet stone tl'ior. R iiz was k- pi
incommunicado thirteon tlays ls-fore lie
was k He i. To prevent Scolt from ie
Ing innrderei) (ienernl L e tiemanded of
Gen. ral i on Frid'v 'ht Scolt
b brought uu' of close 10 1 1 t and
adowedtose friends. '1 !i ;" n t
done by Saturday and it-ial L'
cab ed to S! retary O'ney th facts, ak
ing how m iny warships were on the
Florida coaft snd if one would h - sent
here in case it became necssry to eii-tori-e
a demand. Not on word iu reply
to these tietions came from Washing
ton up Ui Wedpefday morning f.uir
days after the state department had
been askel by the American en-Mil gen
eral in an emergency if he can le'y U'
on his government fully sustaining him
in protecting the ciiizetis of bis country.
The rii.rrgency still exist. The
Spanish authorities do not in the !ca t
reaped the treaty stipulations that ih
American prisoner 'oust lie kept in soil
urv confinement more than five d.iy
snd 111118' lie acquainted with the clui. e
against him w ithin twenty-four bo'irs.
No American prisoner ever mi brought
out of solitary Cfinfineinent in a tlurk
ceil w ithin the time specified.
Hark cells terrible hole are oed
as placs of ttirture to make prisoner
confesa. Rnii went crazy in his ami
was 1 iuhbed to death because lie made
a noise.
General Lee lias probated to mmh
against sucn illei-al treatment cd Allien
Cus that he l as become t r- t. Ihe si
lence of Washington is dibcartinini.
He never dieimed thai lbs answer,
"war ship dispatched," won! ! net come
back aa fast as lightning cmld carry it.
Tiie 8 rongartn of the Ann-Hen nation
is needed. Until it is extend, tlies.tua
t on w ill remain rriti. al.
Cta h Iiitttan Hip raa.
CnitAoo, Feb. '.'(I Time fersot.s
killed outright and several injured,
three of w hotn, it is thoug t, ma v v t
j Ule' 1H ttie '"Khtrnl result ot a collision
i ' two trains on the Chicago A Eastern
j Illinois railroad with an electric car of
the Calumet K'ecttic mad at he one
hundred and third street crossing ye,
terday afternoon The dead sre:
George O'Maliey, motorman.
Peter Fucherpriiice, a cattle buyer.
R. W Young, a collector
The most seriottly injured are:
Robort Hines, empl ye of the Calu'
met company, may die,
Henry Madison, conductor on the
electric car, recovery doubtful,
Mary Mochelle, 'Titernai injuries and
serious bruises, may not recover.
P. A. Vounj, fireman for Chicago A
Eastern Illinois, will recover.
The collision occurred shortly before
2 o'clock. The crossing gales of the
Chicsg) t ' Eastern Illinois road were
down, but the motorman was umblu to
stop bis car. It crashed thr ugli the
gates directly in front of a rapidly mov
ing engine studied to a southbound
subuiban ttain. The car was purthdiy
shattered by the .oliisluu that followed,
but a moment latar was ground into a
thousand fragments by an exj rets train
bound toward the city, which crashed
into the wreck. Eight or ten passen
gers were on board the shattered tn.ifor
and weie more or less injured. The
engines of the two railway trains were
also damaged and the fireman on the
outbound suburban was thrown to the
ground and severely hurt. The motor
man was lyinz under the front platform
of his car Hnd was crushed to d-a'.!i
The mangled bodies of two of the pas
sengers weru taken from the debris and
removed to tho morgue. They were
killed outright The injured were
taken to hospital in patrol wagons!
IM, an lh Ohio
CiNcixxATt, O., Feb. 2'(. At 8 o'c o k
li e O do river was s xtv f-et ricrbt an 1
one-half inches and riling at ihe nts
of only three fourth oi n in. li ptr
hour. A s'aiidtill will Undoubtedly be
reached Iwfore midnight. A careful
eitimate mads last night puts tbe num
ber of faniiii s drivci 'Mm home at isJO
in Newport alone, 'i'tie dsmaire in (list
c.ty iill not fall b-low il.KirXKl Th
jiil, court hons and i ther public, build-
ing sheilrr iiuti'ire-l of fl.iod vutiiiis.
Churches and t hotjl Ictus s will tie
t irown open if required. There were
tires yreteiday in NWf ort and Cincin
net! and Him tiremen hd to light irom
boat. All railroads sre still using tem
porary depots.
Train llsUs ful.
Chh uio, Fel. 26. In spite of tin
Joint tr li e sgreeuu n' it no lon.t;r S
e. ri that east, rn road have Ue.i
slaving grain rale, from Chi. ago to
Mi w Yorir, for some time. But a halt
ba beon called Chicago grain shipper
stste that rut rate will be a thing of
tho past after this week. Thoe who
have been enjoying a special rate, snd
lew were not, have been notified to
clean up their old business as quickly
as posaihls. as tariff fWra i
I ;pnt In fores atones.
nattaw rsusf