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    H..t Hli.ll
Gljwrine it derived Iroui the lye left
after making soap, which for agea a
considered of no use.
When cliooaing poultr for the Utile
aluayi select thosa hir.l which have
email bont-a, plump breasta and white
When corka are to larjre for a bott.e
oak them In boiling water fur a few
minute, when they will become soft,
and may be easily put into the
To make it apparent to thousands, who
think lhmelveJill, that tl.ey are not af
flicted wiih any dinvaae, but that the sys
tem limply needi cleansing, ia to hritij?
comfort home to their hearts, a a rosiive
condition is eafily cured by nsiiiK Syrnp
of Vig. Manufactured by the California
Fig tvup Company only, and sold by ail
druggists. season there are a count s Cast
elaine rape, a Poget jacket and an elab
orate duchess of Marlboroug princes"
dress and picture ha'.
How i This.
We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for anv ca-e of catarrh that can not In
cured li V Hall's I atarrh Cure.
' V. J. ( HhNr.Y t CO.. Toledo, 0.
We, the undersigned have known F. J.
Cheney l .r the In! I'i years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
trunsai tiot f Btid t,natiri;illv able to cairy
out anv itiliK;itions made by "their firm.
Wist A J hi ax, wholesale iirng.'its. i
Toledo, ., Waloivi, Kixmax it Makvt..
Wholeale dregiiits. Tolnin ().
Hall's ' utiirrti Cure t taken internally,
actiim directly upon the bio d and mucous
urtuce ol the system. Tt-iitiiiioniala si nt
free. I'rice 7Sc." j er bottle. Sold by u.l
The new, very smart, very elegant
very fashionable evening toilet has a
Cascarets stimulate liver, kidneya and
bowels. Never sicken, weaken or gripe.
blockings in small checki of various
colors are the latest.
Just try a le Imx of Cuat-an-ta, the fin
est liver and lel regulator ever made.
The correct eboe fur iiie prc-entpleas-ant
weather is the patent leather tie
worn with a cloth gaiter to match the
When bilious or costive eat a Cnscnret,
candy cathartic; cure guaranteed; 10, liV.
H ieen Hwi sleeve ptiHn and Queen
Hess ruffs anil (raises appear u;k)ii ele
gant dresH toilets of velvet, Lyons sat'n
and brocaded rii"ir..
Mrs. Illusion' pium HiN'i .--varr tor ohlM
ren ti'ibii n. Mir.eto ;he .mik,),, rs.iuees lailsm.
Distlon, .Ha r I'tlli rr r' lint eoiic. I'mtIxiIiJ,
Many of ti.e y ke and clia'elainp and
mtitlonleg sleeves o'i I'rench and Eng
ieh goniiS are Inid in tuck!1 ti ft' nre :
ten an inrh and a qu.irti-r wii'e.
Noises in the ears, sometimes a roaring,
buxzing sound, or snapping like the re
port of a pistol, are c.-iuki1 by catarrh,
that eJu-eedirgij disngiecable and very
com in u dis 'use. fyoss of smell or hear
ing also results from catarrh. Hood's
Sanmt 4'ill.i, the great Mood purifier, is
a peculiarly successful remedy for this
disease, which it cures by purifying the
blood. If yon suffer from catarrh, try
The txwl-In fact, the One Trus Wood r"urtflr.
Hond'c Dille rn t4t after-dinner
1 1UOU rlllS j,uu; cure headache. 250.
The CycllnVs Xeceaatty.
U th REPAIR KIT for all
Unequalcd for Quickly Healing
Lameness and Soreness of
Huscles, Wounds, Bruises,
Stiffness, Rheumatism.
Bub thoroughly with
each ride to keep muscles
supple, pliant, strong'
Tn Poni'x Extract Ointment Tor Piles.
inid SbttiM-Wak, Wafrf. Worthltit
Pawp'l IrraCT Co.. Flf'h Arenut. New York.
Th Bt. Joseph and Grand Island B. E
TO ALL tot KTi
.5iB'-au. Union Paeifio By.teoi
isihs riYciSira aorta
To California, Orrgon and all Western Pnlnis
Fot Information rensrdlng rie. etc , end
or addras any aient or H M. Aiikit,
M. P. KoaissoN, Js , den. f'sss Aifi
(ian'l Msnaser. Ht, Joseph, Mo.
hit fared. Rst la 1B7I. TteitManit
ta cuespsi sna vrm cin. "t '
KWtM. Its. MiaM.Ualasf.anci.
J. N. V. Mo. 4H-4S,
Tork, eb.
Isms aof im taw to 4ttH
la tth imi.
BKJ MClHtl- WKLM at cobliliii'
it way at the wile of a alloc. The
new leather looked iinlt under
Ida illrty hands. It wiih very hot lit Ua
KtnlTy ihoi, auil ho had iiniieil a tiewa
iaHr U-fore the window for xlialc:
not that ho iniiideil the mm hiiiiKclf,
thoiitrh the water Kil:inhel down In
great salt drops from liin foreheml. Imt
to nhade the woman and child who Knt
near hlin. She hud oiiened her calico
drexs alxnit her willow, stringy throat,
and her nkiii glistened with the hent.
In her lap lay the laby, very thin and
limp. A slit of while under the droop
ing HiIh, nnil Its eyes were ntnlned and
sunken. From time to time It moved
restlt'Ksly: then the mother would Ktart
from her drowsing and brush the flltn
"(, papa," Hhe said nt l:it, "the
Imliy'M awful sick, an' It's geltin' hot
ter an' hotter every minute."
".Never mind, wife," replied lilg
Nlchol, lira fly, "lie ain't half so Kick
as he IimiUk; It's Jimt lK-cauHc you're
fired out a watchln' him that you think
so. Why, he laughed Juwt an natural
then when I held out my awl at him!"
The woman smiled pitifully. ".May
be, papa, maybe."
The shallow of the newspaper slid
slowly Aft'OHti the room. Out on the
street the hot air waved like colorless
flames. There were trees before Mchol
Helm's house, bill the caterpillars tin 1
tied tip the shade in snarls of web and
gnawed leaf. Presently the woman
Hsike agnln.
"We've had ten, nil' every one was
prettier and knowlnger than the last.
This one was awful forward; only a
week back lie drew hisself up In a chair
mi' stood steady for the longest, an' he
knoucd you, pupa, just as well!"
Nlchol leaned toward the sick child,
"lie's fallen off terrible rapid. He
used to be the fattest of all." lie took
one of Its tiny yellow hands In his own
hairy fist. "Look nt yer daddy, little
feller," he chirruped; but tin child did
not notice him.
The sun had Ket, nnd the wont glowed
red hot behind the black roofs. Nlchol
Helm sat on the long bridge that swung
Its Kteel cobweb over the river. Below
him the boats steamed up nnd down,
their lights wrinkling on the surface of
the water. Hut big Nlchol did not no
tice them because of the child lying In
Ills nrniK. A cool breeze fluttered up.
The little one opened Its eye and
smiled nt Its father. "Daddy," it
cooed, then It nistled Its head under
the cobbler's arm nnd slept,
Nlchol was very tired. Ills eyes
stung with slifp, and his arm grew
tiuiiib. Yet he sut there that the dek
child might catch some stray breeze de
nied to the suffocating city.
"Poor little kid," he whispered.
"He'd have died In that hole of n bed
room to-night,"
- -
The sky alwve the city grew dark,
nnd ncroKH It opened a vague fan of re
flected light. The river, too, turned
black and oily, and the lights no longer
qulvered In It, but lay motionless along
the banks, "a straight fringe, glosny n
threads; of colored silk. Still the man
Rat there with the baby brenthlng
peacefully In his nrms.
After hl work was done big Nlchol
drew n chair out of doors and sat down
to read his paper. At thin time of day
the street was n common living room.
Hundreds of children swarmed and
sprawled on the hot pavement, while
the woman' sat on the steps, fanning
themselves with their aprons and gos
siping languidly. Now and then a puff
of coolness drifted up from the river
with mi audible murmur of thankful
ness In Its wake.
Mrs. Helm came out of the house and
stood beside her husband.
"Is your tin nd much noro to-night?"
she Inquired anxiously, ns she caught
a frown of pain on the man's face.
A day or ho lsfore Nlchol had driven
an nwl through the thumb of Ills right
hand, nnd now It was tied up In a wad
of nig, rather dirty and blood-stained.
"It hurts worse to-night than It ever
done. It jumps like a devil was pound
ing away under It," Nlchol Helm an
swered, gloomily; for his thumb was
necessary to his trade nnd his trade was
necessary to his owu nnd ten other
"To-otnorrow you mils' go to the doc
tor, papa."
"do to the doctor!" snnrled Nlchol,
savagely, "when I ain't even put by a
cent for coal, nn' winter cumin' nearer
every day."
"It ain't here yet," InuR-hed the wo
man, looking up to where the moon
hung In the hot twilight, while as a
bubble of milk, "an' you mus' go the
first tiln(f to-morrow."
"I'll see myself dead first!" growled
the man; but ho went and sue went
With ului.
The doctor looked at the ioor hand,
nil puffed and crimson.
"The thumb will have to come off.
It's just like you people to wait until
it's too lale, then come here ami expect
me to cure you! You will be lucky If
you don't lose your arm."
Nichol Helm staggered back with a
gasp. Tin sorrows of the ioor come
baldly, with nothing to soften their nn
nor.ncement; for lietwcen them and the
fact of life there Is no buffet of gold
and silver to turn the crudest truth to
In n moment his wife was at his side.
"He shan't do It! I can cure It don't
let him touch you!"
"Send the woman out," said the doc
The cobbler sank into n chair, his big
Isidy limp as a baby's.
"Hut, doctor my trade I'll starve
"Well, If you would rather die "
"You shan't (lie! You (didn't starve!
I'll help you!" broke in the wife, throw
ing her arms nlsmt her husband and
drawing Ids head down on her breast
"Poor pa in!" she whispered, stroking
his hair with her knotted, freckled
hands. "It'll be all right."
An hour later they sat together in the
old horse car. Ills arm was In a .sling
and n club-sliiipe d bandage took tin
place of his right hand. It was iv
doleiit of lodorform, and the people
i. mved away from them; It Hindi
Nichol himself a little sick. He was
very while under his grizzled beard,
but his lips were firm. She still sobbed.
and her face was blotched and swollen
from her tears. Now and then big
Nichol patted her shoulder. "There,
there, wife," he repeated, automatical
ly. "It don't hurt now."
The trees outside the cobbler's shop
were slinking their yellow leaves on the
: pavement. Here and tl e.e among t'lem
! II, 1. 1, I n !,,,, ' ,1.,,
meaning of the caterpillars. From the
open door came the familiar tap. tap
of the hammer, and even across the
street one could smell the odor of
Hut Nlchol Helm was not there, his
work wedged between his knees and
his thin needle stabbing unceasingly
In and out. In his place n womnn bent
over the broad shoe soles. The sun
shine flooded the little room, fusing her
faded hair to bronze, and showing
through her flying hands. A room was
open behind tne shop, nnd one could
see big Nlchol standing by the stove,
the bnby tucked under his maimed
arm. Hi; was stirring something In a
kettle, and his face was anxious.
"I bet she's got them pegs In slant
In'," he muttered to himself. "How
you gettln' on, wife?" he called aloud.
"All right. Dinner ready?" she an
swered, cheerfully; but she thought. "I
wonder If he's salted that stew as bad
ns he done yesterday!" Muusey's.
Trees that Whistle.
The musical or whistling tree Is found
In the West Indian Islands, In Nubia
and the Soudan. It has a peculiar
shaped leaf, nnd pods with n split or
open edge. The wind parsing through
these sends out the sound which gives
the tree Its peculiar name. In Itn Hin
doos, there Is a valley filled with these
trees, ami when the trade winds blow
across the Islnnds a constant moaning,
deep-toned whistle Is heard from It,
which In the still hours of the night has
n very weird nnd unplensnnt effect. A
siecles of acacia, which grows very
abundantly In the Soudan, Is also called
the whistling tree by the natives. Its
shoots are frequently, by the agency
of the larvae of Insects, distorted In
shape, and swollen Into a globular blad
der from one to two Inches In diameter.
After the Insect has emerged from a
circular bole In the side of this swell
ing, the opening, played nyton by the
wind, becomes a musical Instrument,
equal In sound to a sweet-toned flute.
Labor at the tin ana Gold-Kiclils.
Kvery placer has a man who docs
nothing else but pack provisions from
the riverside to the placer. The gov
ernment limit for the load Is fifty
pounds, but sometimes a hundred
pounds or even more Is carried, but of
course for extra pay. The colored boy
Manuel whom I employed not yet a
grown man on one occasion carried
seventy pounds, while I, carrying two
tents weighing nlKiut fifteen pounds,
Ix'cnme very weary after traveling half
the distance; thereupon he took one of
the tents on top of his load, Trobably
ho could have made the distance In four
hours, but owing to my slowness It
took us all day, and I arrived nt our
d(stlnatlon completely wrn out. It la
certainly Impossible for a white man to
labor In that swampy wastry. Century.
Many I'srlsof thcGlohe Are Ytt Terra
Incog-nita to the Civilized Man.
It is the very general supiiosltion that
there la very little of the world we live
on that has not been explored by geog
raphers, and that the very little that
yet remains to Investigate i on the Af
rican continent. And yet the fact Is
that about i-f).!" ),() square miles of
this earth's surface is yet a terra incog
nita, one-tenth of which is on our own
coutluents of North and South Amer
ica. The Cosmos, published In Paris, has
an article on this subject which gives
a synopsis of an address by Mr. Lobley
before the Ixtudon geographical con
gress last mouth, that brings out thii
Interesting question very clearly.
Mr. Ixibley reminds us that. In the
first place, toward the middle of the
sixteenth century all seas bad been
traversed by navigators, and that If the
maps of the continents were not yet
very exact at least their relative posi
tions and their general configuration
were known. Australia Itself appears
on a French map of VA'Z under the
name of Great Java. In the course of
the sixty years included in the last de
cade of the fifteenth century and the
tlrst half of the sixteenth a group of
navigators had advanced geographic
knowledge in a degree that has never
Is-en reached in any other period so
short. Sebastian d'Klaiio had made his
first vovage around the world: Vasco
De Caina had doubled the Cape of
(liMid Hope; Christopher Columbus had
added the two Americas to the map;
the voyages of Cabot and Magellan had
completed this wonderful list of new
To-day. outside of the polar regions,
we must confess that all the seas have
been explored, but this is far from be
ing the case with the land. Au Im
mense extent Is entirely unknown to
us; nnotlier. still more considerable,
has been only Imperfectly explored;
travelers have traveled it, commerce
has exploited some of Its products, but
good maps of it do not exist. Finally,
only the least part is well known: geo
disv has covered It with a network of
triangles, and the maps of it are com
plete even from a topographical stand
point. After the two jsilar regions, which
have remained Inaccessible, Africa Is
the part of the world of which we have
the least Information. Notwithstand
ing the general scramble among Euro
pean nations to divide up and possess
the land, they have only a vague idea
of what the continent contains, over
C,r(i'l,(MK) square miles being yet unex
After Africa, Australia offers the
vastest Held to the Investigation of ex
plorers; we must rcineinlier that even
its seacoast was not fully explored till j
IS',:!. Since that time, at the price of
great suffering. It has been crossed
from south to north, but no traveler has
yet traversed It from east to west.
While the North American continent
has been very well explored, the whole
central region of the southern conti
nent has not been mapped with any
degree of accuracy. Some portions of
It have been roamed over by men hunt
ing for wood, mines and articles of com
merce, but very little Is known of the
Interior of the continent.
To sum up. the yet unexplored parts
of the g!ohe cover an area of about .10,
(HK).O(IO square kilometers (about 20,000.-
000 square miles), approximately divid
ed thus:
Africa fi.500.000
Australia .. 2,000,000
America 2,000,000
Asia 200,000
Islamic. 400,000
Arctic regions 3,000,000
Antarctic regions ."..HOO.OOO
-New York Herald.
. . ,20,000,000
Utilizing the florae Cars.
When the car horses throughout Con
necticut cities were retired a few years
ago with the coming of the trolley, peo
ple wondered what would lieeome of
the (KjO cars that they had dragged so
long. No one would linve guessed then
that a brisk demand for these old cars
would spring up In one season and
would almost completely exhaust the
supply. Yet such has bHn the case
this summer. The curs have been sold
for summer shelters lu rural districts
for hunters' cauqis, for lodges by soli
tary lakes, for cabins on house boats,
and, most of nil, for the homes of
campers on the coast of Long Island
Sound, nnd Its Islands. A Norwich
party at Scotchcnp, on the Thames riv
er, have arranged four horse cars In
the form of a hollow square. A can
vas awning covers the courtyard made
by the cars, and a tall flagstaff rising
from the center completes the pleasing
establishment. One of the cars Is used
ns a kitchen and workshop, and the
others are lounging, sleeping and recep
tion rooms.
London' Tower.
The tower of London was built at
various periods. .The white tower was
built In the time of William the Con
queror. Grandulph, bishop of Roches
ter, was the architect, and began It
about 1080. In 1000 William Kufus
commenced another castellated build
ing, known as the tower of St. Thomns,
under which Is the "Trnltor's Gate."
Henry I, completed It.
Beautiful Gift from .lews.
An attractive fountain has len pre
sented by a Jewish order to the Homo
for the Aged at Yonkers. It Is a taste
ful and serviceable gift. There has,
In recent years. Ix-en n remarkable
growth of the love of art among the
Jews of New York.
. His Teeth Caused Ills Heath.
A man was drowned while bathing at
Rocaway Bench through his false teeth
slipping Into his throat and strangling
him so that be could not keep afloat
Writers ud yirtlon.
cir Walter Besant. in collaboration
. with Mr. H. Pollock, is about to pub
jUsti a volume of eight drawing-room
, plays.
A French author, M. G. Deecamps, is
trying to find out bo far the character
of modern French fiction has affected
the marriage rate.
Hector Malot, the Frer ch novelis-, is
going to make himself disgrea!)le by
I publishing in his autobiography a key
to bis romances, nil of Khicii, Ua ue
clares he took from actual even 6.
Don't Tobucco Spit and Smoke Yonr
Life Asar,
If you want to quit tobacco using easily
and forever, regain lost manhood, be
made well, frong, magnetic, full of new
life and vigor, take No-Tu-Hae, the wonder-worker
that makes weak men strong.
Many gain tea pounds in ten days. Over
400,000 cured. Hay Xo-To-Hac from your
own druggist, who will guarantee u care
Booklet and sample free. Address Ster
ling Itemed- Co.. Chicago or New York
Corded silks and riblt: i woo.eris i.nd
velvets will be extremely popular lor
handsome gowns, entire stn-e: cos'umes
and elegant wraps this winter.
Dandrutfforms when the .-hinds of the
skin are weakened, and if neglected, bald
ness ia sure to follow. Hall's Hair K
neweris the best preventive.
New importations olfans for full drees
occasions show a tendency to return to
the very lare ones that were in vogue
a few years ao Something new in
fang are those with jeweled fticks. The
it may be superfluous to s ate that can
not be had at the department stores
- -
V aW T J' ' ituaa ,
i IDCnrnTCTV rniIDa1ITVPnte'1T,,cn",,iiII.''aiicartarttliIdM-LaxB
f ABjULU 1 LLI UUrtliiinlfjEiU (j,,. nl.T).r CTip or (trijicliul rimw nty natural result ham-
pic anil tHMiklr t trw. Ait. STKKMMj jj" rr;yr'.''"f " "'.'."''l. "m "J ' . '
my s ' Lzm m
8 " "Protection' g
s I UaS ' M
511 x X I II II IllfT I fA. Taw
1 1 If you want protection buy "Battle Ax."
1 1 It is man's ideal tobacco. It protects his M
1 1 purse from high prices. It protects his M ...
i J lealth from the effects of injurious tobacco, g
It's the biggest and best there is nothing j
C less, nothing more. j
8 An investment of 5 cents will prove M
H this story. M
ill nsm
II Will Vf, t--l
rid of
1 '
It Mut Troe.
"I've bee. ,me interested in palmis
try," remarded Dukane to Gftswell.
"Yes, and I have been itruck with
the palmists' assertions that women
with a rnaeteiful disposition always bave
large thumbs."
"That strikes me es a reasonable pro
vifion o! nature."
"How BO?"
"A woman who keeps her husband
under her thumb needs to have a large
one." Pittsburgh Chronicle-Telegraph.
L'omfoit to Cut foriit-i.
Yes, and economy, too, if you take the
Bur in'on rcute's personally conducted
once-a-week excursions which leaves
Oaiaht and Lincoln every Thursday
Tourist tdeepera clean, bright, com
fortable through to iran Francieco and
Los Angeles fceconi class tickets ac
epted. July 5 fr a double berth, wide
enough and big enough for two.
Write for folder giving full informa
tion, or call at the depot and see the
local ticket agent. J. Feakcis,
Gen'l. Pasc'r. .Agent, Burlington Koute,
Omaha, Neb.
She: "When a mau propose? to a
girl, it doesn't always mean that he
wants to marry her." He: "No; itmay
be a matter of necessity " Life. (
Pi.-o'? C'ire for Consumption has been
atiod-seiid to me. Win. 15. MeClellan,
Chester, Florida, Sept. 17, 1HU5.
Did you ever know of a dog killing a
belled sii cp.
Don't bear
the burden of the wash-board any
longer. Hasn't it caused enough dam
age and trouble and weariness ? Do
you realize the amount of wear and
tear that it brings to your clothes in
a single vear? Get Pearline pet
the wash-board and that eternal
rubbing. Be a free woman. You
ought to see for yourself that Pearl
me s easv wavot wasntner soak.
j i o
ing, boiling, rinsing is better foi
tho clothes and hettrr fnr vn. Ui