The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 15, 1896, Image 9

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    oral hlad of oh.
"You look thin and careworn, Td-
iey," said the m in the russet shoes.
"Insomnia?" replied Tadley, with a
'InomniaT" repeated the man in
the russet sheot. "Oh! come now, a
man with no more to worry him than
you have, doesn't get insomnia."
It'i the baby that's got it," ex
plained Tad ley, aa he stepped off the
ferry-boat and resumed his struggle
with life. X. Y. World.
A Household Aeceafclty.
Cascsrels. Candy Cathartic, the most
wonderful medical discovery of the ait.
plennant and n freidnuu tu the tate, act
gently and m 1 1 1 1 c l" on kiduej. liver
and bowels, clcaii-itiu the entire system,
dispels ctdds, cures h-adichf. fever, hu
bitual constipation and tiilimi'iiesn I'Ihioc
buy and try a box of C. C (.'. to-day; 10.
25, 50 rent. Sold aud guaranteed tu
ture by all dnmjjUu.
Treatment for
There it a great deal common every'
day tense in he old ssyinir: A new
broom sweeps clean" beyond it appli
cation to a strantse servant. If you ex
amine a new broom you ill find the
ends of the straws and the base of the
brush equare : after it has been in ute
for some time they become sharp
at needles, and likely to injure the
carpet. To remove these sharp points
dip the broom in hot suds and trim
it off t eitly. thus preserving the square
rr'everv-! TH E BATTLE-FI ELDS.
the smelt still remain, hve the feath
er tak(T from their rover and prop
erly dre-sed. Typhoid germs have been
known to start from improperly dressed
leather in bed etc.
Have been cast by thousands of sufferers
from impure blood, and their verdict hn
settled the question of the great curative
power of Hood's Snrsaparilla. Kvery
mail rnr brings in these letters of praise
for Hood's Snrsapurilla. They tell the
same wonderful story of health restored,
pain and suffering" relieved, and happiness
brought brick. They prove
InloOcS S
! the t.e. t In fuel, the One 1 run Itiood I'lirlflT.
A Girl'aBadden Fancy for an Old Man
at a Meceptloo.
Sometimes you meet with such stories
as that of Col. James T. Stanford In
a play or a uovel which unfold what
Is seerojngiy" an utterly improbable
tnilnjjf events. To Col. Stanford Jt
seems Tike a terrible nightmare;
much so Indeed, that be Is said to D
Ttiere was a moment's awful paune, ruined In body and mind. He left his
and then a small boy by the name of young bride of t wo uiouTbi some tofifZ
Johnnie Challle, in the audience, an-! five years ago to go to South America,
ewered: "Our clothes." ' News soon came aayfag that she was
, . 'dead. He wrote many letters and got
Just try s !' box of Cascarets. the fin- ' no answers. Then he met with reverses
est liver and bowel regulator ever made, jnnd disappointments, and It was many
. years before he saw the United States
If feather beds or pillows have rn agal Fr the last twenty years he
unpleasant odor, set them in the air fir'jjg, u(i,,n ur.turer the lecture
a day or two, then give them a thor- j COUrses of the towns and smaller cities.
OUith drying lefore a clear Ore. Should At a reception given to him In Mor-
rlstown, Pa., recently, he met a
young woman to whom he took a great
fancy. They became so friendly that
the lecturer told her the sad story of
his early life. He had meant no more
: than to touch a girl's sentiment with
i the story of a youna bride's death. But
phe supplied It with a sequel as astou
Ishlng and calmly cruel as the climax
' of one of Thomas Hardy's short stories,
'and the mere telling of which would
j wring the heart of the leust aeutlmen
tal of molds.
"Isn't It strange V she said. "My
grandfather's name was the same as
yours, mid Tie left his bride to go to
South America. But he. and not his
bride, died."
A few direct questions and the long
lost father knew the truth. He led the
young woman to one side and asked:
"Is your grandmother still living
When the young woman, who was as
yet quite unconscious, of what tie on
swor meant to the charming, gray-hair-
cd man before her, said that his wife
wnn dead he nearly swooned, nnd since
tlmt moment his friends speak of him
as being no longer himself. Ho ha
met the daughter who was tinhorn
whin he left his young wife, and who
Is now a mature nintron of 4-1, but
seems to be unnble to recover from the
shock of the news about his wife of
the thought she had lived so many
years after he supposed that she wns
dond. He bus cancelled all of his
lecture engagements, and will retire to
his home in Wheaton, 111., and his
daughter and granddaughter will do all
in thir power to make, his last days
A Greater Scoundrel.
A famous master of Trinity College,
Cambridge, had been a friend In early
days of one Jemmy Gordon, a solicitor.
But Jemmy went to the bad, was struck
oflf the rolls, and lived from what he
could get from old acquaintances. One
day he met the master and asked for a
"Gordon." thundered the master, "If
Hood's Pills
rum all Liver III unit
ht'-k Mcaiim-lie, cent.
Gladness Comes
ith a better understanding of the
transient nature ol the many pnys-
til... ..;..l, u-.Tiicti )u ,r. nnir.eref.
forts-gentlcefforts-pleasantciTorts you could show me a greater scoundrel
rightly directed. There is cumtoit, in
the knowledge, that so many forms of
hiokness are tint due to any actual dis
ease, but simply to it constipated cimd'i
tiun of the f vsH-m, which the pleasant v laxative, Syrup of Figs, prompt- ,
ly removes. 'Mint is why It Mho only
remedy with millionsof families, and is
everywhere, esteemed so hijfhly by all
who'valuc (PxmI healfi. Its bcnelleial
effects are dim t the fact, that it is the
ojie re::icdy which promotes internal
cleanliness without ik-bdi;;i v.-A t i
organs on wiitcii i U'.'ls. it m. on f-;iu
nil important, in order to g l i:;c
liuiat effects, to i'"lo when y.u pur
chase, that ym have the yc-iinnc nr i
clc, which is in-iHufuclured by the ...
forni Flff Kvrup Co only and sold by
all reputable diiryi.4s.
If in the enj i meiit ft ,rod heaU,i,
apd the system is regular, laxatives or
lhcr remedic i arc then not needed. H .
afflicted with any actual disease, one ;
may be commended to the most skillful ,
physicians, but if in need of a laxative, (
one should have the best, and with the j
well-informed everywhere, Syrup of I
Figs stands highest mid 1 most largely i
tiscd and gives most general satislactioa
Tha Bias aod tbe Gray Beview Incl-
denta of the Lata War, aod la a
Graphic and Intcreatina Manoer
Tell of Camp, March aod Rattle.
Roynton's Close Call.
Colonel Sam Boynton, of Chicago, a
member of Farrngut Tost of that city,
Is a champion story teller. Most of his
stories are of a character to raise a
laugh In the post room, but he has a
store of serious and sentimental ones
as well. Knowing that be hud served
under Colonel John i. Clark when
that officer was provost marshal for a
portion of Wisconsin. I asked him to
tell me oue of his best secret service
"I guess It's all right to talk about It
now, more than tuirty years uner n
occurred," said the Colonel, and then
he told this thrilllngly Interesting bit
of personal experience:
Colonel Clark hail convinced himself
that there was a powerful influence ex
erting Itself ngalnst enlistments in the
southwestern portlou of the Stale to
meet Lincoln's next to last call for
troiis, aud he had every reason to
believe that It was the result of oppo
sition to the war felt by a society which
called Itself the Golden Circle. He
called me to his otllce and said: 'I
want you to visit Benton and ascertain.
If possible, jvho the moving spirits are
In the Golden Circle lodge there, so
that we may arrest them.' I was 'iv
ui2 at .Monroe at the tlm;-. My brother-
in-law. General K. K. Bryant, of Madi
son, had Just been appointed lieutenant
colonel of one of the new regiments. I
told him my mission. He said it was
rather risky work, and that he would
rather go Into tmttle than to undertake
such a task, anil warned me to he very
cautious and to always be prepared
to fight for my life. I had two good re
volvers, every barrel loaded, and was
otherwise well nretia red, and set out
on the journey with both nerve and
confidence. I was a duly authorized
and equipped organizer of the regular
Golden Circle Association, for that par
ticular trip. Beaching Benton, I reg
istered under an assumed name, took
a room In the only hotel in town, got
dinner and sauntered out on the street.
I first visited a saloon. It didn't take
long to discover that the proprietor
stood on the platform of anything to
pit ; an end to the war. While I was
no; a dr'.ni'I'ig man. I Indulged in a
number of dr.tiks that afieniooii with
the saloon keeper for a special pur
pose. 1 took small doses and the man
behind the bar large ones.
"Toward evening my friend was
quite mellow, and I learned from him
that he was a member of an antiwar
S'sdety they had In town. I warmly
congratulated him and then revealed
to him that I had been m-nt there to
regularly organize them Into a society
of the Golden Circle. This greatly
pleased him. He proposed to tak- me
right over to the hall In which he and
his friends hail been meeting for some
mouths. We went. He showed me
the records, and I explained to him
bow much better It would be for them
i to have frequent brotherly communica-
lloil with hundreds of other societies
timn vnnrsclf I would irlve rou half hi I ha u to exist as a lone society. We
cmwn " and he walked stltlly away to i went around and aiv several of the
nrdertook to dispose of me. After
breakfast I told the landlord I would
pay my bill, as I must be lu Mineral
I'oint at a certain hour that day. He
said: 'Yon have no bill here; get away.'
He was very nervous.
"I noticed, as I sat In front of the
hotel that morning, various members
of the society standing around talking.
About H o'clock three of them started
In the direction I was going, but turn
ed to the right wheu a mile out. I
asked one of the others to take me to
Mineral Bohr. Within twenty min
utes he drove np and we started. When
we reached the point at which the
three had turned to the right I said to
him: 'Let me drive for a while.' He
Bald: 'No; I prefer to drive my own
horse. By that time I had one of my
revolvers out, and when he reached
for his gnu 1 hit him a blow on the
head. The blood spurted and he fell
over. Then 1 took the lines and start
ed rapidly for Mineral I'oint. The
driver recovered soon, and not liking
the looks of my revolver concluded
that the iiest thing for him to do was
to accept the situation. Before we
reached Mineral I'oint he owned up
that the plan was to follow the three
men and at a certain point I was to be
hustled out and railroaded into eter
"I hnd heen thiv;;-!i tlu' buttle
Shlloh, but saw nothing there as try
ing as n y experience with the Benton
delegation. A few days Liter tne lean
lug It ."ii of the society were
rested."-.!. A. Wat run.
duly ar-Chicngo
Delicious Corn Pudding.
Slit the kernals lengthwite upon a
dozen ears of. corn, scrape out the milk
and pulp into a bowl and add to it
three epgs, 1 eaten very light, a teacup
of sweet milk, a generous pinch of sail
a teaspoonful of sugar and butter
the size of an egg. Beat together until
smooth and light, then pour into a bak
ing dish and cook half an hour in a
quick oven. Send to table in its own
dish. This is as good cold as hot. An
excellant supper dish.
Hall's Catarrh Cure
Is taken internally. Price 75 cents.
Boiled eggs which adhere to the she 1
are freeh.
When bilious or costive eat a Cascaret.
candy cathartic: cure guaranteed; 10, "c
Feed the turkeys regularly go
they will come home regularly.
DandiufTis due Vo an enfeebled state ol
the skin. Hall's Hair Renewer quickens
the nutritive functions of the skin, healing
and preventing the formation of dandrnH'.
Texart Sifter: Aeked a female lectur
er impressively :
"What are the things that touch us
most as we look back through the
For Lung and chest diseases, Piso's Cure
is the heat medicine we have used. -Mrs.
J. L. Northcott, Windsor, Out., Canada.
Krara London linage la a bark
Some years ago a potter named Ful
ler, employed at Billingsgite market,
London, made a bet that he would
jump from London bridge tied in a eack
his only stipulation being that he
shoud be prvidcd ith a knife which
he was not to open till he touched the
water with which to rip open the sack.
He succeeded in accomplishing the feat,
a-idwben picked ud by some fiends
in a boat wi none the worse for his
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Life Awav.
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Many gain ten pounds in ten days. Over
4 M HJ cured. Buy Xo-To-Bac from your
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ling Keinedy Co., Chicago or New York.
his rooms. In half an hour's til the
butler announced that Mr. rompous,
the esquire beadle, wished to we the
master. Now. the master had a spe
cial detestation of the beadle, who,
when admitted and curtly asked what
he wanted, replied.
"Mr. (iordon Informed me that you
den! red to see me."
Said the muster:
"Gordon has made an ass of you."
In ten minutes more the butler came
B',':iln. grinning, and said:
"Mr. Jemmy Gordon lias called, and
says you owe him half a crown, sir."
IookinK Forward to Conflict.
It has been noticed that for some
time past there hava been mysterious
purchases of old helmets of the cavalry
regiments autloced along the eastern
frontier of Krauce. It Is supposed
these purchases are made on account
of the'GeTuian cavalry scouta, aa, 1
case of hostllitlea, wearing the French
helmet, and with their great claaks
hiding thetr uniform, It would be easy
for them to reconnolter positions qulel-
lu ...
Tho button wilk i tai cent u rf
I yAoaVaavuTavui '
tha Idsol laxative j It is said that rati cannot resist sun
and auoraott eo"" flower seeds. A trap baited with these
on rtctlpt of flvt I-ctnl
stamps. saotHi
nin mm cosriir.
eeeds is the most
catching them.
efficient method of
How Old are You?
Tou need not anewer tho question, mndam,
for in your oaae age ia not counted by years. It
will always b true that "a woman ia as old
as she looks." Nothing sets the seal of age
so deeply upon woman'o beauty aa gray hair.
It is natural, therefore, that every woman is
anxious to preserve her hair in all its original
abundance and beauty; or, that being darned
the crowning gift of beautiful hair, she longs
to possess it. Nothing is easier than to attain
to this gift or to preserve it, if already
possessed. Ayer's Hair Vigor restores gray
or faded hair to its original color. It does this
-n. .Istlno nature. D7 SUDDlFing loo
Thar Is
necessary to neoitn ana ipwui.
no better preparation for the hair
members. a::d tle.v were all pleased
at the prospect of becoming regulars
In the treat armv apposed to enlist
ments and tlie Lincoln war.
I "It was nrraiitfed that I should visit
t'aclr l tilitf that Saturday evening.
I The pri'lilllin oMicer was out of town,
lull would be home lu time to take
j charge. Twenty-live or thirty men
I were present. I was called upon to
I talk and I did It. as I tlioimht, lu a
I way to ward off all sinus of suspicion.
! Vet I noticed that the presiding e-
irus Kept ins eyes on me nearly an
of the time, and when he said he
thought It best to postpone oranl.liiL'
for a week or so I was sure that he
suspected that I was not a genuine
Gulden Circle oritanlzer.
"I had managed, from Introductions
and other means, to get tin; names of
nil present, and as soon as I returned
to the hotel copied them in my secret
' "I hud Just gotten Into a deep slum
ber when some one rapped on the door
and said: 'Get away from here and
save your life.'
"The party disappeared before I
could speak. I quickly dressed, exam
ined my revolvers and awaited results.
As nothing transpired In the next ten
minutes I went out Into the hull, soft
ly walked to the end of It and sat down
hy the raised window. A short dis
tance away from the house I heard
several n talking In a low tone. They
were planning to dispose of the Lincoln
hireling. A couple of young fellows
proposed to breuk Into my room, take
tne out. and the society was to have
a night hanging. The presiding geni
us objecled to the plan and asked them
to leave It to him. That was agreed
"I never knew, but have always sup
posed that the landlord, who had a
iirolher hi the army and could not have
been In sympathy with the antiwar so
ciety, must have heard the would-be
assassins discussing their plans and
given ine the words of warning.
"I did not sleep any more that night.
About an hour before daylight the door
of the livery stabU where my horse
nnd buggy were kept was opened and
the buggy run out Two men dragged
It Into a meadow and let It drop to the
bottom of a deep hole that had been
made by the lend miners. Of course
It wns ruined. When morning came
I Ml that the situation was decidedly
critical, but made up my mind to face
It nnd make It as expensive aa possible
to the antiwar society In case they
Gen. fierce Youti''s Daring.
Some years np the genera! was re
i,iiii,r u. .mi. of his exiierielices in til
war. lie had been asked especially to
tell of the capture of the corral of
cuttle, which Gen. Grant had brought
together as ft base of supplies for Irs
armv on the I'hlckahomluy, in isil-
- . i ...I
I This capture was one of Hie uiosi m o-
1 In tit find successful rinds of the win.
In which Gen. Young had played a gal
lant and conspicuous part, but through
out the narration n casual listener
would have thought that he was relat
ing the incident to show how mngnill
cently Hampton had conducted the af
fair. The conception and plan were
Hampton's. It was arranged that a
picked body of olio cavalry, under
Hampton, should sweep around to
Grant's rear, capture the corral, and
drive the cattle Into the Confedcrat.'
lines, while Gen. Young should hold at
bay any Federal troops that might
come to the siiiniort of the corral guard.
The scouts had gathered every detail
of information needed. They knew tic
exact location of the cattle, tncir iiuiu
hcr, the number and quality of the
troops on guard, the relative position of
the great army of Grant, and how long
it would require for him to dispatc'l
assistance to the guard when attacked.
Hampton relied upon Young to keep
back the entire army, If necessary, un
til he could, get the entile out of reach.
As cattle have to be driven slowly, nnd
over fairly good country. It was nec
essary for Hampton to drive them quite
(dose to the enemy's lines, making the
risk very much greater.
Kverything worked smoothly until
the cattle hail been captured. The
negro guard were soon disposed of, and
the corral, consisting of i!..'tii head of
cattle, was shortly being driven toward
the Confederate camp. To reach tie"
rear of the lilies Hampton and Young
and all of their troops had been in the
saddle day and night, and had ridden
lit'ty miles almost without n halt. le
solte the fatigue of horses and men, a
forced march had to be made by Hamp
ton, while Young and his weary caval
rymen had to face the entire Fedora!
!i::e and "draw their 111".'" until tic-imMci-s
were out of harm's way. Geo.
Young accomplished this lu most bril
liant style. He stretched out his J.r.lli)
troopers Into so long a line that It seem
ed as If nothing h'-s than an army di
vision could occupy the space. By
rushing from one point to another a con
siderable body of his men and conccii-
(rating tire ou the Federal advance he
succeeded 111 keeping up the deception.
The Federals expected momentarily to
engage the Confederates In force, and
so advanced cautiously, feeling their
way. The dashing cavalry officer was
playing Napoleonic tactics in minia
ture. Before the army of Grant real
ized that It was putting forth Its
giant strength against a handful of dar
ing horsemen. Hampton was safe, nnd
the spectral lines of the grand army of
Confederates closed up and galloped
away, having completed the most reck
less foray of the war. "The Federal
cattle," added the general, "formed the
basis of our supplies for the rest of our
ampalgn." New York Times.
Judge: ' Look here, sir," Slid the
irate customer to the dry goods clerk,
"you sold me this piece of goods war
ranted a fast color. It we.s a gieen
when I bought it and now it has turned
to a sickly blue in lesa than two weeks."
"Well madam." expostulated .he clerk
"you could hardly expect a color to
faster than tint."
Comfort to California.
Yes, and economy, too, if you take the
Burlington route's personally conducted
once-a-week excursions which leaves
Omaha and Lincoln es'ery Thursday
Tourist sleepers clean, bright, com
fortablethrough to run Francisco and
Los Angeles. Second class tickets ac
cepted. Only $5 fir a double berth, wide
enough and big enough for two.
Write for folder giving full informa
tion, or call at the depot and see the
local ticket agent. .1. Fkancis,
Gen'l. Pasr'r. Agent, Burlington Route,
Omaha, Neb
Cascarets stimulate liver, kidneys and
bowels. Never sickpn, weaken or gripe.
Bismark ia represented
townB and villages.
by eighteen
0 Mrs. Wlnslow's soothing fcYROr ior cnim
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mstion, allavn piun. cures wind colic, iic bottle.
"I find that Wil :? 1
absolutely curs. 2': cc.
foreign to the p:-:
of vnvz cccca: trc
the preset is in every
"C.V.wci iTorp tu. sure c
cf an c.:e'.:xca", a leal', a
rfctnec. v.ri-h to ce
the well-known Chemist,
aker & Ce.'s 3re?.asJ"Cocoi is
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c: rrai'fcia! i. a
:.z cdor is that
artificial; md
:.;v,3t have c.en
z;:'; the Wcn
ci'tiT sub-
in cc:::
N. m
XT) 11 I I mmr
x. 9 m i MPVWH i I v r
fl i afmiT l.aiBir.Kl IW I IB 1
"How happy could I be with either
Were the other dear charmer away."
An I n m ' Approach.
Anions the experience recited In
"( Mir Army Nurse"" Is one by Mrs. Cod-dlii),'ton-a
midnight alarm. House
keepers may find In It sometliiiiR more
than a hit of humor.
We were so far removed from the
seat of war that we saw lltitle of an
cxcltlmr character. One day's work
wns much like another's. Once Gen
eral Price threatened us, and every
soldier who wm able, whether In the
barracks or In the hospital, was order
ed to sleep on his arm.
I remember well that nlifht. After
tups had been sounded and lights were
out I went to my window, and looking
out Into the night, wondered If the
enemy would really come. After a
while I heard In tho distance a sound
like the tramping of horses' feot and
the rumbling of wagon-wheels, and I
expected every moment that our en
tire force would be railed out to at
tack General Price and his army.
In the camp all remained quiet as
usual. Still I listened, nnd soon I
could see In the moonlight ft train of
wagons approaching. It was an en
emy In very truth loads of sour com
missary bread.
The ripest and sweetest leaf and m
the purest ingredients are used in the
manufacture of "Battle Ax," and no
matter how much you pay for a
m much smaller piece of any other high-
grade brand, ycu cannot buy a better
Sf f - -.1. II IT
cnew man aarae ix.
For 5 cents you get a piece of
"Battle Ax" almost as large as the
other fellow's JO-cent piece.
Do You Know that There Is Sci
ence in Neatness? Be
Wise and Use
Etaialnstlnn md Advice M to PtUubartr4it !
Patent, V,
nd tor latenton' OuM
irmicK o-r laasu, '
N. N. r. No. 40-4.
WUbn mt FM