The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, October 01, 1896, Image 4

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    Tha Sioux County Journal.
SabBcrlptiow Prv, $3.00
X J. Simmons,
KaUlMt at ths Ilurrlaon post om as
MnuJ class utaUor.
Thctwday. Octobe 1. Ifl.
Rcpublleaa Satioaal Ticket.
Tot proaliient,
for vtcepraMlUrnt,
State Ticket.
for Governor,
For LleatMant-Goveniur,
For Secretary of itato,
For A 'Alitor.
l"er Treasurer,
For Snpt.of Public- Instruction,
lor ComtnUf loner Public l-anils A Euilclings,
II. C. RusWll.
For Supreme Judge.
For Regent or the State University,
Tor Presidential Electors,
A. J. Bt'KNH AW,
If. L. FRlEfeC.
Csngretslonal Ticket,
for Member of Congress, sth District.
A. E. t'ADY.
Legislative Ticket.
For State Senator luh District,
W. B. ELY.
i'or Representative. 53d District,
The world's pacing record was apain
lowered on last Thursday at Portland,
Maine, when John R. Gentry made a
mile in two minutes aad one-half sec
ond. It seems probable thit the two
minute mark will vet be reached.
Four caueidates for the presidency
have (.tumped the country, Henry
Clay, Stephen A. Douglas, Horace
Greeley, and James G. Blaine and they
were all defeated, liiatory will rejieat
itself in 1896. William J. Bryan can
hardly hope to succeed where Henry
Clay and James G. Blaine have failed.
tie ward Reporter.
Aaide from all partisan considerations
it is botiiltiattloK to people of all parties
to the sixth district' to have a roan he
fore the people who has str lost control
of his appetite that he canoot refrain
from getting drunk. There are thousands
of mea who are not total abstainers and
many who may drink more at times
than prudence warrants who do not
want a man who gets on protracted
rpreos to be elected to represent them at
the national capitol.
The reports from the third congres
sional district indicate that R ss L.
Hammond will win out in the race on
November 3d. It would be an everlast
ing disgrace to tlie people of that dis
trict if he should be defeated at the pulls.
Hammond is young, energetic, earnest.
His opponent is old, sour and a chronic
office seeker. Hammond has labored
for years in the interests of hi state and
party, reeeivinj; no salary therefor, so it
is safe to believe that be would tfive his
best efforts to the fullillment of his
.Jti'ies if elected.
Some Yale students interrupted Bryan
during a speech. They should he well
ppanked for their insolence. A lot of
Bryanites recently attempted to break
up tlie meeting of Burke Cochran in
Omaha. Tliey should be prosecuted.
The stenographer of Gov. Holcomb re
cently interrupted the speaker at a re
publican meeting at Lincoln and was ar
rested and it is hoped that he was Ured
(rom his job. It is a fact that there are
pome in all parties who do not know
enough to behave, themselves and who
are too narrow-minded to allow others
to believe as they see (It, or to advocate
what they believe. If the fool-killer did
his whole duty the population would be
greatly depleted.
One of the companies which insure
toployers against dishofjest employees
recently made a report showing that the
louses in 1894 from embeazlement and de
falcation was over twenty -Ave millions
of dollars, aod to this may be added the
nam of such losses as were not made
public, and it show an increase of about
aYM millions of dollars over the pre
eedtftfr year. These ommn are usually
caused by the dislwoesty of men of edu-
tfttioo and ability enough so that tliey
aatftit to be able to succeed in life by
p awes metnoas. sucn men do not go
iUoaf nonestly for years and then make
MrktMl. I aaaaat caaaM toey begin by
' satJbtJkey iarfotaai way in order to
(aftHer thaair iotarests and attconedinir in
wkbovt Wrtooe lerai psshiIu they
more bold and violate tbe law
-.a ,'
cry lob
I tbat iito M
SobrakA' 5xt Governor.
Jack oil tok a honierteaJ adjoin
ing what is now tbe city of Lexington,
in 1870. His ancestors were Scotch, ami
his earl manhood is spent cn a Can
adian furm. He left home in 19 ami
immediately net out for tlie west. His
first work was a a laborer for the
Pacific R. R. Co , aoJ the following year
- "7 "
toA up tliu homestead where lie now
lives. From the Urst he succeeded, be
cause he had learned business method us
well as Tumi routine. The first county
clerk of Dawson county was removed
for cause, and 51ie "oli was app-nnled in
his place. Ho held the office thirteeu
years, althoug-li he took it in the begin
ning under protest He has never been
an office-seeker, nor a politician in the
accepted sense. He served one thrm n
the Nebraska legislature, and waa a
Capable, conscientious menibes. In 1890
his friends in western Nebraska urged
him to become a candidate for the re
publican nomination for governor, aod
he reluctautly consented. L. I). Rich
ards wa nominated. Four year later
he was an active candidate, but the
nomination fell to T. J. Majors. In 1991
his friends were as loyal and enthusias
tic as ever, and they went into the slat
convention with mmy new recruits and
nominated him July 1.
Jack MacColl is called the Nebraska
"commoner." Such he is in fact. He is
plain and easily approachable He is
sympathetic, cordial and wajrg-hearted.
He is a friend of the laborer as well as
the man of business and is loved bv out
and esteemed by the other. Personal!)
he is close-mouthed and conservative,
but all the time strictly business. He
will make an ideal governor.
W. I Greene the combination oonii
nee of the populists and democrats fur
congress in this district went to Sidney
last week to make a speech. He did n
stop at that, but he is rep rtl to hav.
gotten on a '-iiigli lonajmo" of Severn
days' duration, and that he has cancelled
many of his engagements. It, w ill be
necessary for the opposition to '.ady to
either pull Grene off the trick or gt a
pirit proof muzzle for him Ij wear dur
ing tlie campaign.
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master. liiial Proof Notice.
All persons having- rtnal proof notices In
this paper will reeefve a marked copy of Hie
piiper mid are reqneated to examine their
notice hiicI if any rrrort exist roport tbe
auiue to this ofttee at once.
Timber Cnltarr, Final Proof. .Notice for
Cnltrd El ites Land Office,
Alliance, e!j., Ao(uxtT7, IMS.
Notice Is hereby given that Jacob Mark-
Inn. of Montroae, Meb., h Bled notice of In
tention to oiako flnal proof before M. J.
Blowett, clerk of Ott (otirt, at hla office In
llarrlaon, eb., on the lOtb day of October,
IhW.oq tlinner culture application No. '',
for tlie n. H f wctioii So. 17, in toarnsbip
o. n n., range o. a w.
tie names aa witnesses:
Jackson Kriesler, of Ikxlarc, Nrb.
Stephen Serres, " "
Joseph Hoffman, " "
Jacob Waaaerberger, of Montrose, Neb.
1 ) J. W. Wirn, Ja., Register.
Timber Calture. Final Proof.-Nut Ir for '
United NUtes Lund Office,
Alllaora, bob., Aoa-Ost ti, IBM.
yotiee Is hareby given tbatt liavid Ander
son, of Ardasore, b. t., baa Glad notice of In
teiituM) to make Baal proof ban ore M.J.
Blewett, clerk of I'tat. Court, st hla ofdi e In
Harrison, on tue 101 h il ly of Oct isus, on
limner calture application No. 7jH, for tbe
uw. tt of section . Si, in towusnlp fo. Si u.,
range We. M w.
He names as witnesses :
Joseph Ashton, August Meyers, Hiram
Richardaon, J.M. Pliiinb, all of Ardmore.B.
I. J. W. Waao, Jm., Begltter.
Kstray Ketlre.
Taken np hy the endertignod on his nrem
lal.ta.., t j-. .r Ml . .. .
. i .rr , muni wwilv, ,
Nah . tha fatbiwtnar daaaaarlhaal .alm.u ' I
i eorral horaa wltn b ass fa, brandoda -I
' snowier and "on right
right , . I
aaosnaer. anoat 7, '
yearni old 1 'I
face aad left bind, v,
branded a left toorB
with flrat aMve
ars oiu.
The follorrins; propnred anvnuTjents
to the Cou-.tUatin of the Stato of Ne
braska, as hereinafter sat forth iu fall,
are suLmittpd to the electors f the
State of Nebraska, to be voted upon
at the general election to be hull Tues
day, November S, A. D., 1EC3:
A joint resolution pr'ipcin;j to
amend sections two (U), four (1), and
fire (5,) cf article x (6) of the 0nti
toliou of the Stateof N-branka, relating
to Dumber of judges of the scpreme
court and their term of of3ce.
Bt. It reotvri aud enaciad br to Legisla
ture ul tbe H af ul Keb -aata:
Se-tt-.n 1. Tliat oocti mi ivro (Z) r,t artio
ii ("j tha lu of ih- ela.a
cm i.-iiaaki l- lUMudrtl mimIo read aa lo:-
iwikD 2 Tlv toumat eoert Rh-UJ until
MberaijM p-vl'e4 bj U cniiat of tiv
iz) )o iiria. a m .) ri'y of b .m ut b no -frf
10 form a cjoo.-um or 10 t.ronoanc
aUcrtsi ra 1 s&ul bv ontrtnal Ja ladi u ,a
lu ci' rWatiuir to raveooa lei tmmn la
wkl b lb alate abaJ ' a pir'f. innltiiilK
fjQ warrauOt. babaaa cori li4 n k
appellaM jurlad ellon. aa Bur b proula by
9-H'm t That wct( iB fonr CO of ir lo o
nx () of ta a.a.illoti of lh H !
nf Naonwka. ba amautlatl au aa to rai aa fol
lows: Button 1 Tha litta of tba anprne
aonrt ahall ba aiaotai bv tha atectom of ih
Stat at laxa. and laair lrta f nfflnt rx
rapt a b -runaHK' pruvtd-iL abail oa for a
art si f not laaa Ibis Ufa (i) y.ara a tha
laiiat ur roar itraaonb
i-tMn 8 lhal tioa 8a C) of arM
arm (i) of tba Cnaailtailou of i ha dtata of tia
raaa, a a tnai -a4 to ra m t Uow ;
Bnrtl ;o At i bo C-.t sanaral election to
Wa had la lha ratr lies !brsba i Im, ioi4
(wo (I) fa-lgm of tha nuuiTiii. cu t osa
of whom khail ba twi f r a l-rra of
wo(lj ara. oaa for lh torm of fanr (4)
jaara, and at aach faaaral aauon tkwra
afur, (hera pkau ba alartaa. ona jodae of
tha aaproisa ooart for Iba tm of flvt
(1) 7ara, naloM otbarla provided i-r
law; Troiilad. tbat tha Ja of iht au-oroai-.
ooart vim lrnk hav not oiptrwd
at tba il na of hildiof thi r-narl atro
ttnn of laW abail oaunn to bold sba,r
oflaa for iba romainiar of ih torai for
bl k tbtf wera raapaelel cuBDue
yproTsd March . A. D ls&X
A joint resolution proposing aa
amendment to section thirteen (18) of
article six of tbe Oouatitntion of the
tate of Nebraska, relating to com
pensation of supreme aad d'.atric, ooart
B It raaotaod br tba Lofiabitnrs of rha State
of NorasMa :
tV5tion I. That aaotlon tblrlaan (IS) of
artMiio sis d) of ihi Co latiiotioa o( tba Ktaia
i f Nauia k. ba BiaaBOad ao aa to raad Ba f ol
lows; Kee- 13 Tba Judg-as of tba aanroma sad
dltnet eoe.r bali rarira lor tbelr aanrkas
a.:b com pans tt,o-i as may ba provided by laa?,
parabe qturutriy. -
Tbe lelaiataro hall at ps flrat aatatoa
afwr tba iopttot of tola aiU'-numaut,
th-eeflriba of tba marnbaea- a -tad to
aa b h aaa co-icu. rlnw. avtabiitb ih'.r
rmip-naaiion. Tbo asuapaairlon ea
tab laniJ skmil at ba ausiwwl oftanr
than n.iaa la loar "or a and in no T-n; nuiraa
t-wo-tb rda of tb niembtra r'mUA to
aa b b ua of Iba lal -latoro eoocar
atpprorod March 83, A D 1886.
A joint meolation proposing to
amend section tweuty four (24) "of
article five (5) of the Constitution of
the Stato of Nebraska, relating to rom
peDsiition of tiieoCicen of tbe executive
Ba it rnxjival snd anartad by ths Lila:ara
of ih ntai of Kebraa:
rjatclioa 1. lb t acllon twit.- four ()
of artiui ova .) nf to. inaitutto of tua
Kiaieol K.rj ba am to ie.l aa !ui
fte-rtlon 24. Tb oO -ara of tha xwutle
d;iartuieut of iba . .a goviuaient ahti
rv . fr their b-tvi iua a e nnpn.anoa
to b e.taoliah by aw. whi h abiti oe
Bvither m?r ti fir dlaniiith d durni- the
trrn tor whicn th-iv aba.i I t iaaa "-001-nil'io
ie.1 aoi .boy ah in not rn vie to th"ir
own n-eany fea-, s 1. Into eats, u mu pu .lie
tnoua. a in Iheir ha'.da or uaia. tb -ir r.ou.rol,
porqul.1 as of nili -a or -.'b,,r fri r
aari iu and alt fi ih I atxy h ro
Bfi r ba pt tti:a iaar fir aerriret
pa f irmel o an oS er provt.tai f ir in
tbia aril la than n iaid in aOvan a lata tbo
state traaaai y Toe la taiatarn h ui at 1W
firat waiun ait-r tna ad pvton 'f tbis amena
mrtit. th aw fifth of tha nira ana a.e tei to
es 0 bon-e of tbe a.aiature eou
en rtnz. ta a.iliah th Ba of the
ofBoir. naar.ed In th a aril ie Tha ot
p n (ton ftt ea aooaha abail not be rbTiuad
ofVuior than Hit ti far ai a aod In 00
aereO'. oui.aaf taotbria of tba uiembro
el-cel loaa. h huutM wf tha lglaaia. concur
Approved Mare BAD. ISO.
A joint reaolation proposing to amend
aeetioa one (1) of article ix (6) of
tha OoniMtation of the State of Nebras
ka, relating to judtc al power.
Btt roao'vod ao i onaciad by iha Lalthv
tare or th Bt o f Na irn ka:
section 1. Tint eado i on (i) of artl la six
(irof iba Coustitntiou or .befSto a of Nebraska
ba antoilad to end a. foi.owa :
Bmuob 1. The Jodi ii poer of this state
shall ba VMtau in a snpto n -nrt diatrt. t
courts. oouai.y oottrt Jani-ea of iha
pea o po I o magistrates aod in aa. h a bar
oar s iof trior to th -upracua eouit as may
ba e anted or la in whtrh two-thlrdB of
tba tuembe a o.oetud to
"Approved March S. A D. Us
A joint reaolntion proposing to
amend section eleven (11) of article six
(6) of the Constitution of tbe State of
Nebraska, relating to increase in am
ber of supreme and district court
Ba it resolved and sasaisd by tha Legists
at tba Stats ol Ke raax s
eoetsoa I. 'J ba. aoscloa -I'van (11) of
erttfla sts ( of .k tMa.iMtloa . f tbe Mate
of Msbraiha ssiaa isl to rsavt as fsf
- " arka lasnaaawam. ssaaaaaaar tar a
laurasof ibaBvainars atantad to aa k booaa
shsil eon ar iharads aaay in s , f ar tha aar
ss tbu sd I bt htudrsd an t nloaiy a ran
ssd not of laaar ih a s la MKry our yeses,
naraaas (bo nam sr of Judgea ef SK
prams ss-t diaseiet eoarta. and ths ladiosl
districts of th stats, na h diit.ict. ahsil
ba formed of sosipaet territory, and
boBsoad hy es it liaea: ami aetib in
-- - or anr abin a in the b iBudtrtcS
of aajstrtet sksU aot vacs to tha oatus of say
in I SB--
Arovsd Marsh IX A. D. UOS.
A joint rasuiatioa proposing to atneiid
eettoo six () of artick on (1) of tb
Cooatltstion of th Btato of MoonikB,
rvlating to tTiai by jury, '
. B-llrMn4alaote! jy tbe LeftalUairo
-sfth Btalsofh" be.:
ikliii I. Tnai aot.i-. X fO rtt- r
(lo(it (.oa-i mU' of h- .- of
UmU be iueol U o d a la
Mntleo I. , U n h of i b j-ry st
rt-mai t tu the . ta as a at-io
Wis th t to av. a t-.i. 4 - at. hauf.-sj.
ma rtar a v- r- It th i-ati a -1-OtB
b- In t' jir of .. . W !
: than i ve ma in . o a lniM lr to aha u
in I con t.
Airo'sd atdM D U0S.
A joiac rf..lntioa propooinir to
mend section one (1) of article five (5)
of the Court. tot. on of N. brail;,
ing to olLceis iA tue ex -cuuve depart.
ta it r. It -4 ant anartd br tha L-gU.a-tura
f b S a a o. M -tna-ko:
tl n 1 Tba. -ti i oaa (1) of ar
ti"I n ; ( ) of a Cooa I a Ku il ba talo
rl Na ,raaa aio.-ua. i to trnmi a- lo,
low,,: tMK tioa 1 Tba aoen lva dnart o it sbaU
eon st of a grraiatr. banket nt-go vroor,
aerrt-tarr of la aa ti r of iuu t- oc bji.b.
trea ur r, (u Imaa lent of f.uS i ln
irui iloi. atw ..r f i n coia.uuaio er
of iuu.h iaud4 and but d n .'a. and ihraa
ri i od rommis.ioo - ea k oi v bora,
eic l tba u . ' il .i eotaia axione a.
ahal botd b'ji offloa lor tar at of
two ton f-ou tba flrat Tburaday afta.'
tbe trA Tana a la anu try, after
ba elation, aa anri hi. atic laenff s
e a to i a-ia q a itl-Ml Eo h r brad .on
ail aiouer aoa 1 bot , uta oifloe f ,r a .arm of
thrnnpti rvioni i.' on tua Thu.i a
niter th fir.t IvntLiy la .a usr. a te.
bi o.a tim. and unU' hi a&v.a
or la rl 1 ml qa lfiai P oi.ia.
boeer, iha- at ih fl t t""" m o-'
hob b d a ler iho ado tio of bu amaal
Benl hara h.l b e,a-ia th a lai.ioad
aottiDnl..,lo ar. ona fo- tba poctoJ ot uni
ywax, ona lor h p. rl id of two year, and
ona for tba p nod of thraa yr. 1 h kov
ervor, anrrela.-r of at u. audi or of i ah
lie araoonia, and iraa-uinr abail rl l" a
tba capital dnnnic ibe-r larm -f offi ;
thay ab'U ka.i iba p b ie r-co d. o k
aod papers the. a aa 1 aha i p-rlo. m aawh uo
Uaa aiaif b rvqulraa o 1 1 w.
Approvoi Uar.b . A. D. UU.
A joint resolution propotnnaT to
amend section twenty-six (26) of ar
ticle fire (5) of the Oonstil utiou of the
Nate of Nebraska, limiting tbo num
ber of executive state officers.
Ba tt rMl I and nao ad tij tba L1f
Isialare f tba Htata of NsDra-ka:
Hatcllon 1. That aavtlon twamy ail ( ) of
article fir CO of tha Conttiu.iod of th
H'ata of N.biaaka ba aasoi.ded to raad aa
rWciioa IB. No othar rtacn tr atato (B
ears i pt ih'M named la aa tlon on - (1)
Of thi arttcla abail l- erailad. X pi
bv aa act of ih lea-i.Utura bih la
aoacorrol in oy not i-a this threw t urlhs
nf tba la an bars aiectod to aay-b boaaa
tkrof ;
Proaidad, That Bay ofBoa ran tad by aa
aot of tba leifi.latora mar ba aba sh"d r
tbo lasialature, two-thiria of iba in at
bars aleatod to oacb boa tbaroof sousur
ring. Approratl March a, A. D . 1Kb.
A joint resolntion propoaing to
mend section nine (B) of article eight
(8) of the Constitution of the State of
Nebraska, providiug for the investment
of tbe permanent educational funds of
tbe state.
Bo it resnlvaat Bad enacted by tha Lagts'B
tara of iha IHate ot Nebraaka:
tsaciloB 1. That sac toj ola. (W of article
eacbt (a) nf tba t o a I Btl .a of tba btato
of Na.i a.ka pe smaaaad to raad as toi
iuws: bactioa . All foa la baeoBarinf to tba state
for akiuoavt al paipaaa. tiaa lat -reB' and
IncoBiB whereof onl ara to be n-a ., -h ll
to oVaal tru.t fasda haid by tha stita.
Bud the B'l ah til sepj.11 all l-jaaea I here
of that nay in ao aat vnar aecrno. so that
tba Bans .h.ll raatasl rnrrvaar lonolate
and uudlmlulahed asar sha I not ba In
vest ad or oaiiot 0X1 arpt on United Btatoa
er state uritlea or rals.arad Bounty
bonds or rwap.torwd aa ho 1 dbi'riit bond of
this state, an-1 nb mads with tht is lar
iat sad liinnma thereof ra b-robr snlatntf
ly pldes for Iba purpanai for wbl h thay
are f rtnabd and sat apart sad shall a.i
la tiaaafarrsd 1.1 any ulnar fend for other
fesaa; .
rTovtfWd. Ttia board ereaied by section
1 of tbw srtlcia it aiaiioworad to sell front
lima to lima any of th a-cnrliloa brlnnfiai;
to th permtcjttDt s h A fund and iuvi'.t
tbapioc oila a I wu then-fr m in a-iy ot iba
a-uritla ennineraiai la tbia -vt'ttoh inrsr
la4 a bt 'hr ratj of intaraat whenever
an opoortuuity (or bo. tor Investment is pre
sented; And provided further, That wbaa say
warrant o e n 'b aiaio lii ar !
inny ls-ol la t ur-uan a ot an appn.pri
atloa hy ths ltfrKlaiure and aanurrd oy iha
levy of a tux for us a maot. ahail
ba prasentd 10 ha atata treasurer for
paymaut. and lb-re shall aoi 00 any
Binn in iha proper fond to pay aoch
warrant (he board crested by sa-lion 1
nf tbts artic amy dlra l tha atata traaa
crer a ay th" amount dna on au h war
rant from mouays la bi bands lieionrlng
to ha per tianaot scboil faad of tba Biato,
and ha abail b Jd atd warrant as aa la
Vaa'raaut of aui permanaut sehwi fund.
Approved March 28, A. D laVa.
i A joint reaolntion proposing an i
amendment to the Coni-titntion of the
State of Nebraska by adding a new
aection to article twelve (13) of said
constitution to he numbered aeetioa i
two (S) relative to the merging of th
government cf eitiea of the metro
politan class and the government ef
the counties wherein such dues are
Ba It moivasa and on acted by ths Lsfis
latar of ths dials of Hsbrasks:
RecUxs I. Tbat article twalra (1Z) of tB
Coast! ottos of the Htasa of Ma r .aka bs)
ananded i'y aidiig tosaud artl la a bw aaa
tlon to i Boasbsrsd aeetioa two (!) t raM
as follows:
BacnuB X. Tha tovoramaat of any oily f
tba matroponian eiaaa and ths gs
arBtaeat of ths eooaty la waeh
It is lostad may ba m.-rgsd waStlr
or la part wbau a pro noal tioa so to ato has
beao BBbmlttad by autho Hy nf law to ha
votars of such clt and county snd rav
cadval tha assent ot s m-J-irity of tha
votes esat Is SU' h dt. sod slao a majority
of tba votes esat In tba county ex lustre
Of thoas east is aa :h Bsstropoiltss eity St sayh
- Approved March B. A. D. IHA
A joint resolution proposing as
amendment to section sis (0) of article ,
even (?) of th Oonstitotron of tb
But of Nebraska, prascribiBf thj
aMBBer Id which votss shall be cast.
Ba it rasslvsa saai i
by tha UgtskBV
are of lbs Basts of Msbraaks
BaMllOB I That SOCttOB Bit )
ssven (0 of lbs CossMfstlos of
ths atata
of Keorsss ba ssssadsd lo
as Pat
bsrolr lows:
taction 1 AM votes shstt to hy
a.b othar mataes as maty as
bv law iiriivtistl lbs soar ear af
aVprorvd March . A D. ton.
A joint rasoloHon propotlBc lo
amcui oactloo two (3) of article fuar.
' tM (14) of the Cottititntioo of tht
r 6(Btt of Kobnuks, rslartr to tVoMitotM
I to WCTlfs tottnikl lBJWOTMBtai
Ba tt rwilTed and a-v d by Uta Lef
lalaanro of Ut Mala of X r.ii . :
atm-Uud 1 That aac lou I Hi () 'f arttola
fuarua Oil of c)u" l u "l u
tliataof 1Mm .aa, ba an.. w roavi a
lollowa :
aUa. Ko dry, cotin'y. hii, praelBea,
aaosaabavtiy. or oibar autitl'iua ot the
vata. abaii Mar aaiha ti .nail .aa to Bay
works of utwraai la)rmiiil. or
aaaaiafBctorT, uaira a pr p luoo bo to
to abaJI baas baoa Brat "iau:Vd to tba
aoaitftad a.o iora aa-i raiilUa it a two
tklrua aota at aa alav-itoa or aalhorlty of
low: pTortdad Tbt aavh dals of a
eooDtr with iba donatloaa of aocb aatt
iiooa la iba BKraa! .bail not ax aod
loo per cant ot ka- asaaad raJatttoa of
auab county; Provldad. lb. I any
our or ouBoty mar. by a tbr. foariea
rota, lacraaM an b bvlrl.l Hn aa Bra par
mat. la add.tioo to .ocb t.n p r eaut awt
mo ouoda or eviuo.te of inoa.:aoirt so
isanad abaii lo ra id ualoaa lb -h 1
hava and rvl ihiraja a a fl -as- Bifued
by tba awcr tary ad ao 'Cor "f atata.
boanac tbat tbj aauia la laaua t iuxaait to
Apvroravl Uarch 3. A D . trA,
I, J. A. Piper, secretnry of state of
the state of Nebraaka, do hereby certify
that the foregoing pn posed amendments
to the Coustitntiou of the State of Ne
braska are true and correct copies of
the original enrolled and engrossed
bills, as passed by the Twenty-fourth
aaesiiiu of the legislature of tbe State
of Nebraska, at appears from said
original bills on file in this oCice, and
that all aud each of said proposed
amendments are submitted to the
ajualified voters of the State of Ne
braska for their adoption or rejection
at tbe general election to be held on
Tuesday, the 3d day of November, A.
O., WM.
Iu testimony whereof, I have here
unto set my hand and affixed the great
aeal of tbe 81 ate of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln th iTtk day of
July, In the year of our Lord, One Thou
sand, Eight Handled and Niurty-Six,
of he Independence if the Uuitd
States the O . Hundred and Twenty
First, and of this state tha Thirtieth.
(Seal ) J. A PIPER,
Secretary Slat.
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Reliable drivers and quiet smldie horses always on hand.
Good accommodations for trantcieiit customers.
Horses boarded.
E. Brkvi s rut,
D. H. ORISWOLD, Caahisr.
cacts a General Banking Business.
Amerxas Exchanob National ak, New York,
Omaha Natiosal Bak, Omaha,
First Nattcwal Basr, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposito.
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Is the Most Popular Republican Sewtpkptr
of the West and Ha the Largest CircMlaUoti.
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DAILY itvlih Su.tday) $6.00 per year
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3-I-p-.iI papers carefully dra wo.
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F.. E. A M. V. R. R. is tbe best
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