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T .1. blminons K.lltor ami Prop.
F. K. I M. V R. H.TIms1.1.
Coin W rt. Kunt.
go. &, nilxed, 10 40 1 So. K, 7:io
Pkjslclan and Surgeon.
All calls riven prompt utteution.
Office In Drug More.
The rules of the local land of!he have
recently been amended so that settlers
lo make linul proof sl):ill ' le with the
publisher before wending id lle-ir applim
tion. All jKirt ie desiring to u.uko final
proof can luive their p:irs mailt? out at
THK JoiHSAl. otllce, free of charge, ami
promptly traninitled to the land ollice
so that no turn.' will be lost.
Now in tin? lime to suhscrilie.
Uet kouiothing ready for the county
-O'l at Tin: Jontsu, office and have
vour final proof iaper made out. It
will cost you nothing.
J. W. fy-ott has treated the interior
of his restaurant to a thorough ka I No
mining. Dr. Phinncy reports the arrival of a
boy at the home of J. V. Hunter,
nt Bodarc, on Mondty last.
Adam Morrow had a wrious time a
day ago on account of some heart trou
ble, and fear u his recovery wore en
tertained for a time but he came out all
J. W. Hunter was in town on Fri
day and called at this ollice. He says
tliat there will lie mure republican votes
-ast in Bodarc precinct than some are
This week has lieen rather rainy and
cool. The moisture settled the dust ami
interferred with the haying, and did no
good to the ufass which will be left
stnnding for winter range.
THE Jot'ttN U, ollice i.s now equipped
with a Paraxon pijx-r culler which ar
rived this morning. It is a machine
that has long l-. n nei d.-d and its con
venience will l- appreciated.
L). M. Silt tun says his wheat at
Pleasant KiiIm will yield twenty hiish
( Ih wr acre. He intends lo put it home
stead filing on a quarter section of land
in that locality in the near future.
In the ens" over Uiu 04 cattle which
Treasurer Hi I. hi took for taxes Judge
Went over oven uled the motion to dis
solve the injunction, no that It will go
to the district court lo be tried on its
J. L. Staudemneier, of Soldier creek,
had the inisfort line to have a horse fall
with him on Moinlay and catch his h it
foot in Mich it manlier us to dislocate his
aokle. John K.slers was w ith him and
went to the house lor a wagon in w Inch
to get him home, us il was thought I he
leg wu broken, hut while he was gone
the injured man c,uve the foot a twist
which brought the joint back into place.
The result of the cheap Male fair
rate which was made was that thirty
two tickets were sold from Harrison to
Omaha. This iK-iug the point the most
remote from the state fair city on the
Klkhorn line a faint idea may he had of
the crowds which would Iw gathered at
the fair. A iiiiiiiIkt of other Sioux
county people went from other points,
and it is safe to say that they will enjoy
the trip, even if they do gel homo com
pletely worn out.
R. F. Neecc has had a bric k chim
ney built on in house in compliance with
the ordinance to protect the town from
destruction by lire. In view of the fact
tliat little cun be done to extinguish a
fire should one get started, every cure
should be exercised to protect the busi
ness portion of the town.
-On last Monday County Treasurer
Biehle and Constable Hamlin went out T()E Jot'ltNAL early ye'slcrduv
and gathered in a number of VT cattle j llmruK, Uiu tuoliier and daughter ure
in order to collect some personal tuxtf 0liiB well iti il vxpe-trtl tlnl tlr
levied againt tlw owner in 189. K . S. 1 1. vv1, rt,L.ov, r j Ulllt!, if you see any
Vao Tasaell resides in Cheyenne and thing w roiig w mi the paper tins w..ek
effort to collect the taxes by corres- kloW WilU lo .,ur,l,ute il to,
... ni .
imnilanfw hud Droveil uniivaiiinu. a lie
sum involved is about $130 to win. h the
costs will he added.
Id speaking with Commissioner
Weber on Tuesday of his trip to Idaho
he eipressed himself us highly pleased
with the Snake river valley and the de
velopment made since his former visit to
that country. He does not intend to uck
tlkAM Lot. anvs that nnv
, 1 .: . ,,ii .1,.
ooo who i looking for a location will do
., . . .. . .1 , .,,., 1
well to investigate that country.
The executive committee of the,
L'ricultural society has selected Mrs.
F. M. Smith to be superintendent of the
art department and Mrs. E. F. Pontius
fo be uperioteodent of the line needle-
work depsrtment, and it is urged that
all who re Interests In such things
4 bring twnietbini; to exhibit, it is also
hoped that a good exhibition or flowers,
both natural nd artillcial, lw made,
Tha work should not stop there but all
are ur(fd to bring something for exhi-
bitioa. SuoerinteDdeols for oilier de-
Dartmaot will be announced later. All
award will bo roa by judges entirely likely to pruve detrimental to the ag
disintarenUd, I gressor in the end,
TUe (oantjr Fair.
Everything indicates that the exhibits
and attendance at the Sioux couuty fair
win is? mucn larger limn wan expected
and tluit numerous entries for the races
will Is? made. The exhibit of farm aod
garden products will Imi large and fine,
if an thinif can le judged from the re
lets which come in. The ladies are
showing much interest in the matter
and the decorative, art, culinary and
other departmanu will be worth coming
to see.
Everything that those in charge can
provide for the interest and amusement
of those who attend will be provided.
The Lusk bond has made a proposition
to furnish music for the occasion, but
the committee has Dot yet consumated
the arrangement.
The committee on orts have arrang
ed th? following us a partial program:
Bicycle race.
County trotting and pacing race 5 to
enter and 3 to start, mile heats, Ih-si 2
in 3. purse (50, 3 monies, flTi, (15, and
$10; entrance fee 10 per cent of purse.
Free for all running race 5 to enter
and 3 to start, half mile heats, liesl 2 in
8, purse $.")0. 3 monies, $13, and $10,
entrance fee 10 -r cent of purse.
Game of base hall, purs $25.
Free for all trolling and pacing race
5 to enter and 3 to start, mile heats, best
2 in 3, purse $50, 3 monies, $25, $15. and
$10, entrance fee 10 er cent of purse.
County running raw 5 to enter and 3
to start, half mile heats, best 2 in 3,
purse $',0, 3 monies, $25, $15, and $10,
entrance fee 10 ucr cent of nurse.
i- , t, i
r ree for a ouarler nn e runninir race,
5 to enter mid 3 to start, l;st 2 in 3,
purse $20, 3 monies, $10, $6, and $4, en- j
trance lee $1.
Pony race and other features to be
announced later.
All races to be governed by the rules
of the American Trotting Association.
A Urate Charge.
About three weeks ago , Edward
Schwarz tnis-ed a mure mid colt from
his bunch and Is-K'in to Miake inquires
for them. After considerable hunting
the colt was found in a pasture a few
miles northwest of town and it was re
ported that the mare had been seen in
the posNcssion of Frank Zerbst, a lad
of about twenty years of age.
Schwarz got out a wrrrant and placed
it in the hands of feheritr Bartlett and
together they went to the ranch of W.
A. Bmelow on Sheep creek. There the
boy and the horse were found. They
were brought to Harrison and the pris
oner tiikeu tafore Justice Sniuck for
examination. County Attorney Guth
rie apeared for the prosecution and W.
O. Patterson for the defense. By agree
ment the case was continued until Fri
day and the court (ixe I he bond at
three hundred dollars and as the prisoner
was unable to furnish security he was
remanded to jail.
From cuo be learned the outlook
is pretty good lor the youth making a
trip over the road either to the reform
school or the penitentiary, us he has ad
mitted the taking of the annual. If he
is guilty of the charge and will make
that plea in court il would be the best
for him and also lor the county if a
special term of court can be held and the
case disposed of ins'ead of waiting for
the regular term of court in Novemlwr.
School will begin next Monday.
Hon. Norris Brown, of Keurney,
came on Wednesday to hieak, but a
number having gone from town lo the
state fair, and llie day being rainy peo
ple did not come in from the country, so
no attempt was made to hold a meeting.
On Monday a lot of cattle belonging
lo Hon M. Weir were sold ataulionat
the slock jards ill Harrison on Mod Jay,
The bidding was spirited and the sliak
brought gin h prices. Jir. Weir win g.
Mr. Weir will g.
with his la.uily 111 a short tin. lo M.s
souri lo reside. He has a lot of horses
which he will retain.
A daughter arr.Vcd ul the houio ol
Ou Wednesday nt the residence of
J.B.Burke, near Bitarc, Mr, Francis
L I lost mid M ss arr.e liawoilh were
united ill III I'l lag .t Kv V. . J. 1. us,
pastor o the tburi.soli M. t chor 11.
Tlie )oung people expejl to alui'l in a
lew d.ivs lor Boies ily, Idaho, where
they eXect to make their home in fu
ture, muking the trip by team. They
wi II be accompanied oil their journey by
1 ' , .0 1
Lewis I'loi.t and his famil. All wish
the party prosperity 111 their new home.
J. J. and Henry R algers were up
from Soldier creek on ruesduy and called
to chat fw minutes. S ,.no one h is iwen
shooting horses Iwlonging lo the form sr,
two having been wounded and one killed,
the one killed been the best one
las owned. As n, on saw the shooting
donetiuy uvi ti ev,J on w.iuii to
prosecute any one. It a bul act for awy
one lo .11 11 11 ir onppU uu stock of ao-
other. Til destruction of the property
of an ene uy is 1 very p.ior kuiJ of war-
fare and like personal violence Is very
S. Johnson was up from Glen on
' Tuesday.
L. Litrson was up from Whistle creek
II. IL Russell wan up from Andrews
the first of the week.
Mr. and Mrs. T. O. William were nt
Crawford the last of the week.
Commissioner Weber and son. Ror.
were at tlw county seat the first of the
Rev. I). J. Clark goes to Ainsworth
next week to attend the unnual con
ference. C. . Coffee is out to his ranch in
Wyoming superintending the gathering
. of another train load of cattle for ship
ment. ,
S. L. Ellis, accompanied by his moth
er and sister-in-law, Miss Morgaridge,
was in town Monday and called at this
Grant Guthrie, county attorney
01 ;
bioux county anil one of trie rising
young lawyers of Northwest Nebraska,
was a visitor in hadron this week.
Sijval-Jl coriler.
Mrs F. M. S'liith and her mother,
Mrs. B. B. Bixby were easlhouiid pas
sengers Thursday. The former went to
t'hadron to spend it week and tlei latter
returned to her home m Iowa.
Let the Couits Decide.
Superintendent Davis fne:m! to think
that the writer has done him an injus
tice in regard to the certillcates which
have been under discussion for gome
weeks for the reason that I he state
'superintendent tave it as his opinion
i "
that the certillcates are valid. The
writer conlen Is to the contrary and has
for his reasons the law which was quot
ed in the columns, the iction of Mr.
lavi 1HU4, and the opinions of good at
torney, one of whom was so positive
that he expressed himself as willing to
stake his life that the courts would not
sustain the state superintendent, and the
recent decision of the United States su
preme court has been referred to where
in the statement was made that the
duty of a public official was to endeavor
to carry out the provisions of the law,
not to seek ways to avoid the law.
The writer does not believe that the
honest, law-abiding people consider that
any official i.s so high that it is out of
the way to have acts which appear ille
gal or irregular shown up or criticized,
for a public odlcial is not a master but
a servant of the people.
Under tlie circumstances the matter
can be discussed back and forth for an
indefinite time without accomplishing a
thing. In order to have matter deter
mined the writer submits the following
Let Superintendent Davis have a test
case made on the validity of one of the
certillcates in question. Let the case be
submitted to the court on stipulation
agreed to by Mr. Davis and the writer,
that no delays r.eed occur, and a com
plete showing 1m3 made to the court. If
the (inal lecision sustains the action of
Mr. Ixivis the writer will pay the costs
in the case and publicly acknowledge his
error, and if the courts hold that the
contention of the writer was correct
then Mr. i-iavis shall pay the costs and
publicly acknowledge his error and make
such restitution to the teachers as the
finding of the court should direct.
If that proposition is not fair and fur
nishing the most certain way to deter
mine who is right in the matter the
writer is unable to formulate such
an one.
Look at This List
of western cities:
. Iiicugo
Kansas lity
It do-s'nt matter
St. Joseph
which vou intend
visiting. Hie Burlington Route is the
IM" " 'H ''" is '" Mn' "ne 01
AH" ..,.,:,, ,,...... ,.n,i lui lllfl,rnia-
ti in tilxiut trains and rites on applira
t on J F'fANC fl P A T. A.
Omaha, Neb.
Tlie Toledo Weekly Blade and Cam
paign of 19(1.
W ill a presidential campaign
i-oiiiuig tiexl year, every thoughtful
cit zcti will need, besides hiH local paper,
a great national weekly. The greatest
and 11 st .vid-'ly known of these is the
T iled Weekly Bind.!. For thirty years
ii .s Is-eo a regular visitor 111 every
pari ol the Union, and is well known at
ah mist every one of the 70,000 post
offices 111 the country. It is edited with
r- ference to a national circulation. It is
a republican paper, but men of all poli
tics take it because os its honesty and
fairness in the discussion of all public
vuestiuna. It is the favorite family
paper, with something for everp of the
Serial stories, poetry, wit
and humor; the household department
(best in the world), Young Folks, 8111.
day Bchool L-;ssons, Tulmage's Sermon,
the Farmstead, the Question Bureau
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ers), the News of the Week in complete
form, and other special features. Speci
men copies ladly sent on application,
and if you will send us a list of address-
en, we will mail a copy to each. Only
$1 a year. If you wisli to raise a club,
writ for terms.
Add ret
i Th Blade,
Toledo, Ohio.
Fiuai Proof XotieM.
All persona having Dual proof notk in
this pmt will receive a niHrkexl copy of IU
paT aii'i are rcyuest! lo examine their
notice mid if any trrora exlai report llie
name to tbls otllce at oner.
Timber Culture. Final Proof. Notice for
t'nltwl States Land Office, Alliance Sen. (
Julv t. lHi. I
Notlre Is hereby Klven that John r. Took of
Koyiille, Neb., hits filed notice ot intention
to make proof befor M. J. Klewett,
clerk dist court, at hi- offlce Jn llairlsou,
ber culture apptu-atlon So. for tb n.
S.. U .rter of section No. a, li,
Lowuaiop .so as ii., range o. w.
He MKIIU'S an Wilnesnea:
Mury r..orah.uii,of Itoyville, Neb.,
K. C D. iiiell,
Ix-a is Gerbioh, of Harrison,
I- J. KlimnO'ig also
Notice is hereby (riven that trtwnnl A.
Weir, of ( hiutron, Neb., has tt led notice of
Intention Ui make nual proof at sumn lime
ami l:i i'on tinilK r culture application No.
utf, for the sw. quarter of section No. 1, la
township No. 31. raut;-' No. !H.
He ilaiuea hh witnese:
I-ewis i.erlach.ol llurrlson. Neb.
John II. Kartell,
K C. U. liaawtt.of Royville, "
I). II. tjri-.i)!t, of llarrton, " also
Mary K. i.r.iham, of Itoyville, Neb, who
made II E. No.MiT for the sc. i4, aec. 1, tp.
SS n., r. :Vi w.
He names the followp'jr witnrspi to prove
his coii! uiiious residence upon and culuvi-
fcjun oi n on i.oei, viz:
s. ('. u. luswtt, of Itoyville, Neb.
John K. t 4k. '
l-wls tM.Tlach, of Ilurrlon "
1. J. SilllJIOUv, "
I ' i I J. W. Wkiis, Jk., KeKister.
Timber Culture, Kin d I'ro;f. Xutlc e for
I'nltei! St iles Land Ollice,
Alll.uu-e, Veb , Auuat 27, ISPfl.
Notice la hereby ftiven Jacob Mark
ing. of Montroxi-, Sen., has Hied notice of In
tention to make final proof before M. J.
Hluwett, clerk of Dist Court, at Ills office ill
Harrison, Neb., on the loin day of October,
IsW, ou timber failure application No. 260,
for the tie. of keetloii o. I", in tovtnibip
No. 33 ii., range No. ;4 w.
He uaineH us witnesscti:
Jackson Kncslur, of llodarc, Neb.
Stephen scrre,
Jtiftcph Huffman, '
Jacob VVasscrbei gfr, of Montroae, Neb.
tS',i & J. w . Wtr.s, Ju., lii-KUter.
Timber Culture. Final Proiil'. Notice for
United fit ties Land Offlce.
Alliance, Neb., Auitust 1HW,.
Notice Is hereby if i ven tliat David Ander
son, ot Ardniore, s. I)., Ins tiled notice ot in
tention to niMkc final proof beiore M. J.
Hleuett, clerk of Dist. Court, at his utiles in
Harriaou, ou the lOih day of Oct., Isilti, on
limber cuilure application No. 7 ni, for the
nw. 'n of Ht-ctloii No. '.'7, in to usnip No. 36 n.,
range. No. M w.
He names as witnessed:
Joseph AshUin, August Meyers, Hiram
Richardson, J. il. Plumb, all of Ardmoic, S.
I). W 5j J. tV. Wehs, Jr., Kcgister.
Xotice to Son-Itosldent Defendants.
To Kliuer McFnrling, W. J. Itowden and L.
Alice Watson, non resident defendants:
You and each of you are lierebv notified
thnt on the iTth day of July, lhi, Win. II.
Male, Henlainui (iiah on, William II ills, Jr.,
and Harris II. Iliiyden, as pi dnllffs, filed
their petition in the District Court of
Sioux County, Nebraska, ag.iluwt you as de
fendants, Impleaded wilil James T. ilason
and Mrs. ilnnon, his wife, Christian name
unknown, the object and prayer of which
Is to foreclose a certain mortgige made by
Klmer McKurllng upon the followinc real
estate, to-wlt: IaU Three (3) and Four (4)
and the South half of the North West
Quarter of section Four (4), Tow nship Thlr
tv CM, North, Range Fifty-three (.r3), in
Sioux County, Nebraska, glen to secure
the payment ol a certain coupon bond in
writing, dated November litli IHsK, made,
executed and delivered bv Klmer McKar
ling to V. I.. Telford, for tlrt.OO, with inter
est thereon at the rale of seven per cent
per annum, payable semi-annually, accord
ing to. the tenor of ten coupons thereto
at Inched, which said bond and mortgage
have leen duly sold, itKHiKned and delivered
to these plaintiffs before maturity: to have
J aa-jiceonntlug of lljn amount of principal,
intercut and laxenHlvch may be due the
plaintiffs, that defendants be ordered and
decreed to nay the one, tb it In default of
such payment the said mortg tired preitiiKCH
may be sold to satisfy the amount found
due; and for general relief.
You aro required to answer said petition
on or before the 2lt day of Septemls-r, 1S1.
J. A. lUtlKOOKR,
(49 M Attorney lor I'lalntltTs.
Dated at Harrison, N'ebraaka, this 14th
day ot August, issw.
Sherir Sale.
By virtue of an Order of Kalo issued by
the Clrk of the District Court of the coun
ty of sloux and State of Nebraska, upon a
decree rendered by said Court In favor of
The Yllchlgan Savings and Loan Association,
a Corporation, and ug ilnst lirant Guthrie,
Isabella ;. liulhrte, Sarah K. Hough, (Jeorge
H.Turner, and Surah A. Turner, I will on
I he sth day of September, A. I)., 18!ie, at
One o'clock, I. M., at the Kant Kront door
of the Court House In Harrison, in snid
county, offer and sell the following de
scribed reel estnte, t -wit-Lot
Number Eight i f Bloek Number Nine,
In the Town of ot Hi rri-on, in Sioux coun
ty, Nebraska, at Public Auction to the
highest bidder for c sh, to s tistv said Or
der of Sale in the sum of 45s.31, with inter
est thereon at 10 ner cent per annum from
the Klghth day of April, IH'.i.'i, and i ons and
accruing costs. Daviii lURTi.KTT.
SI 4 Sheriff of Said County,
Alvin T. Clark, I 'lain tiff's Attorney.
I will put you is a machine which will
elevate from 300 pu lions to 23,000 gal
lons per minute with the least possible
power. It can be operated by wiodmill,
steam, water or horse power.
It has been tried and its merits are
It is just the thing to use in streams
where a portion of the water can be
used to elevate the other portion.
They are cheap. They are durable.
They are simple. They are up-to-date.
Prices on larger machines or on iron
work alone, furnished on application.
. Writ for further information to,
L T. POOLE, Agent,
Mursland, Neb.
Sioux County fair
SEPT. 17 and 18, 1896.
Every effort will be made to make
it pleasant for those who attend.
The farm and garden products, art.
Decorations and similar articles will
be exhibited in the second story of the
house. No charge for entering arti
cles for premiums.
See race program in another col
umn. Admission to the grounds
Isador Rich-stein,
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Pabst's Celebrated
We will send THE SIOUX COUN
TY JOURNAL until January 1, 1898
and the Toledo Blade for 3 months for
Or the above papers and the Chicago
Inter Ocean a year
This offer is to all new subscribers and to those who arc
subscribers, provided they pay all arrearages on subscrip
tion to date of settlement at the regular price.
Cash in all cases will be required from those who wish
to take advantage of our campaign offer.
The Journal is the only paper in Sioux county that is
authorized to publish the oiScial notice of the proposed
amendments to the constitution, it is the official county
paper, and is the only paper in Sioux county that is quali
fied according to the Statute for the publication of legal
notices and other notices repuired by the laws of Nebraska
to be published.
for $1.25.