The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 03, 1896, Image 4

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    TT.3 Sioux County Journal.
Subscription Price, fi.00
l. J rsiminons.
Mittererl at the Hari-uou post office ax
fe"!jud claan uuikt.
TiicrsdaT, Skptehekh 3. lsuu.
Republican National Ticket.
or preaideiit,
star vice-prc-lileiit,
Mate Tit-Let.
or Governor.
or Llentcnant Governor,
tor Secretary of st-.te,
or Auditor,
e'er Treasurer,
For Attorney-General,
Kor Supt.of Public Instruction,
Kor Commissioner Public Lands t
II. C. KuflL
Kor Supreme Judges,
or Regent of the St ite l-nlver!ty,
or Presidential Elector, ,
J. E. HOLT..
A. J. Bl'KNH AM,
Congressional Ticket.
Vr Member of Conttrcu, Mb District.
Now in the time to su'.-ist ribe.
The eomnsittee of the silver conven
tion will olBciiilly notify Bryan and
AJewaH at Liwotn on September 8th.
U. L. Loofbourrow ha assumed edito
rial and local manaenn-nt of the RusV
- ille Recorder. He is a newsp iier man
uf experience and hails from Kansas.
England has announced that she is
willing to have the Venezuelan !unda
rv dispute settled by arbitration. That
rihows that civilization is advancing.
The democratic state convention will
meet in Omaha on Friday, Sept. 4th, to
lace a state ticket in the field. That
-will be the silver or Bryan wing of th
(dirty. It is not yet announced what
tlie MXJod aioney wing of the denim ratic
xu-ty will do in regard to a state ticket.
Tlie letter of Major McKmley accept
ing the nomination of the republican
tiatidojil convention as the candidate oi
1 lie party for president was ivt-n out
iat weeic. It is a clear, concise dm u
inent,' setting forth in plain language
the position of the party and its nomi
ne. Ifo assertion is maile which is nut
supported by facts and history. There
aire Do attempts to avoid or Mr-addle any
fioint. It is well worth careful reading
liy every voter in the nation.
At the republican congressional con
vention of the Third district last week
Rosa L. Hammond, editor of the Fre
mont Tribune, was made the choice of
the convention for successor to Congress
man Meiklejohn. There is no more de
serving, energetic progressive candidate
in the field than Hammond, lie in
;iein, honest and able. He has tailored
for yam for the best interes.s of the
rty and the state and his election will
reflect credit on the people of Die Third
It is said that Judge Green, the populist
nominee for congress in this district, has
challenged A. E. t 'ady, th- republnai
nominee for the same position, to meet
him in joint debate, and that the chal
lenge will be accepted. The. iu. s be
lore tlie voters in this campaign are not
ailch as can be properly presented by
either side in a joint debate, but if (he
speeches are reported in full the people
an read them and compare the argu
rneoU and thus gain information. 1e
tkitesof that nature are all right to .stir
ieople up, but it is doubtful if any real
ttin is made by either party. The re
publicans need have do fear about Mr.
Oady being able to take care of himself
lo such debates.
The sixth in Ihe list of the proposed
amendoieats to the constitution is un
important one. Under the existing law
en member of a jury in a civil case can
prevent verdict. This sometimes re
sults in much expense to litigants and
it belaitned that to so amend the law
tAatt live-aixths of u jury loay retnrn a
ia .- ..
ae.e. -v-ra. uoa ,,re eii i ine parlies
frtmi mttinir a fair VerH.r.i .a-....ll m
w - . - ... .
IMs true ao long as tbe presiding judge
hm the authority to mt l)m Verdivt f '
Jury aeMe if in bis opiaitin the verdict
wtw erroaeoes, and tlie rignt of p-eni
t Mgtwr court remains un it is. Tite
Jury ejottesw frMjuently said 10 fall lnr
-atWtwf what ft m inteiaiid and the
t -a .a . . a .
, asam ev ww prijpiitwii
JlWfeU avTortl aa opportunity to ut the
: Saw asBSJfciislS awarl..aM..eoa.a 1... :..i.
; wwm .i..w u, r,B..i,
the state ele ti.n in Wrra 1 1 on
lie- r piiM-cans cam. d tie st te
by the largest niajo.ily ever giv,n in
the state. It is significant f the wit'i
ment existing among tlie voter. T e
result in other states w here e'ectl on
held will lie ,niilarto that in Verinot t.
S;xth district
i 'H'ed V L.
pips loiu:i-ii'.e,i ' . aj t
Greene of Kearney f"riiinw Greene !
i out of the loudest-mouth J lellov in -
' Nel.raska, and ha le.-n qmte succ -dil
in getting himself into Lit places, lfo ti
now district judge. In A E. aily li
mit find tt haid man to bu k. and tlf
people who live in th.t liulM I are vtr
strongly .f the opinion tnl Mr.
will redeem (he di-trict froai populi .
.f he does, tlie Sixth will lor tlie fir-t
tune le represent d on tile Q oor of con-
'resa. Swurd R ' p'rt :r.
W'r I'pou Kear Tructiieut.
Persons whose knowledge f the blu i s
of Nc Yurk citv is not di r.vd from ;.c exjerience cm form but a (ail
conception of their Mjual ir and wretvh-
edness Tins
slittii lelillv real in ti e
tell, ment huu-s which oeii Unu lie
streets, but is iucread teiilold in tie
rear ttneuients winch. In mined in -they
ure by buildings, are ilunwl com
pletely .-ut olf from sunlight and lit h
air. M.nv of the rooms have no wii,
dows. and wher- they do exisl they tip. i.
into narrow ch ills or courts w hit h .r
otleiisive w ith n.iisouie islors result ng
Iron bad nuliiUr.' ui-raiieineiils 1 In
houses are damp and some of th ill
filthy beyond description. H is hardly
necessary to say that they are brte.l.iiK-
places of disease. Statistics show tha
the annual death rate, which is tweotx-
twoineverv tbousiiiid lor the who e
citv, reaches s- Vi-ntv five, and has ris. 11
lo the exireme liure of one huiKlr
andth.riy-hve in the rear tenement-.
The Board ol H.alUi has Iwd many 1 I
the-e pest-holes und.r investigation 101
some time, and recently issued an ordei
cond-. lini ng lor.y-sev. n ot lla 111 ni.d
providing lor llieir dtstrui tlon. Aboi.t
a hundred more which are being ui
specled will 111 all probability meet the
same fate, and 1 he city will thus Iw re
lieved ol niauy pla,ui spls
Uvii oresl's itirjaZine'lor S pteilila?r.
The Vice-rre dent cud the AduitnU
The Vice-president should so far us
possible npitseut ihe taiine vteiAS un..
principles wnicll have se. Ui'.-d tlie iiwtu
liiatiou and election of the president, ao
he should be a man Mauding well 111 ut
councils ol tne party iru-ited ' y ins iei
lo party l.-ad--r, and aide HI Uie ftu
l any acc.d- lit lo h.a cliiel to lake ti)
the work ol (lie iail' r J J-.1 here it v...-
lefl. lll-r ri-pUon;,in partV' ll.lS th.S Veoi
uoiiuliated sucii a man ill ill: p-iSMi i i
Mr. Hobart But uoii.u.atiotis ol th.
kind have by a t means been always the
rule of recent ears. No change of I'-'"'-ties,
lor insttuce, c uld well produce a
greater revolution m elie tiliii wouM
have been produced at almost any tun.
.iuriiig lliu l.utt three years if Mr. .'h-v-latid
had died auJ Mr. SteVensoU mii
ce- d- d Iiiiii.
One sur.j way to secure this desired re
sult would undoubtedly !- to lucrea -tile
power of the Vice-president. U
should ulwais lie a man who would (
consulted by the presdenl on ever,
great part question. It would ijt Vei t
well to give mill a vat 111 tti-j cuibite'.
It might he w.ll if in aildili.xi to h.
vole 111 the senate in the event of .1 (i
he should be given a Vote, 011 oi Jiu ir.
occasion, anil s-rch nice 011 occasi own
voice, in the d liatts. A man of t'a
character ol Mr. ilobiri is sure to mw
tils weiglit fell in an administration, bu
the power thus ex.-rcis tig lufl ieti
should le made ofB -ial rather than p r
snnal From "The Three Va e-l're-ideo-tiiil
l and. dates and What They Repre-
sent," by Theodore Roosevelt, in Sep -
leml-er Review of Reviews.
Iurp-U Vim.
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t ... . '
i ""wr u,rrvl vr e, ' " 3"ur P"i'
. VUmWVmn
MOa Mt MM I Bellas and rslftMaM Was
mint law era. Taaaa, irrna
owa oeieia. nuaa, Bteinaa.
Uriasaf saellera. Wese Ssart,
nof. tisjiaia. Biuas, Venn
l .r I'olSla Plae. ritllacs.
hraas araraia aad FalvtMitMBa
f 'Ll " g' 1 VZ,1 ,oc
. . K . . . . . .
. MRSMM RlUnlS iQ ..j
I ltd Pamam tt. Omh, Nww
The fullowiag proponed Btnen("Tinf
to tbe CfUstitatii.n of the State of Ne
braska, as hereinafter set forth iu fall,
are submitted to the elccti rs f the
State of Nebraska, t be vote! npou
at the peueiai election to l-e held Tues
day, Kovemlier It, A. D.f 1833:
A joint resolution proposing to
amend sections two (2), f. ar (4), and
five (5 ) if aiticle six (') of the Confu
tation of tlie State of Nebraska, relating
to naiuber of judges of tlio supreme
court and their term of nfice.
B-It r.- vei aud ense eJ uj tb i Legists
turw of tba rt u n N--b a:
tiwi'.a I. Tut -e ti ivj (0 ' rtl
six ( ) .f tha i i.n.uu I'u U h' rimim
o' N u uki b amoudod o lo rnxl lot-
8-ctlnn t Th satirem mrt chill nstil
othwiw.e p ti -l br law e -nai. of Dv
() ja am J rl T of a b .u a-t. b- u -ur
o fo- m () kornm ur ,o i ron'idnc
ilwHaim I ah.l nv ur .final Ju ull ti u
to eaaaj rwl lua ti revenue civi cmjm- in
whi b .bo1 staui a km I -e par j. man IsmiK,
nuo warrnt4i. habeas cor u li.l -u b
nppcllmt jarusl.ction ss msf Iwpro.lde by
o.--tlia !. That tt fonr (I) of ur lo a
sis (6) of ta (''uit .b i.f th- 8 .to
ol Nejrta. o fUi.-udrtJ ao aa to i eai as Iiw
iv-ci (on 4 Tha judires of tba snprma
coari ahxll be rt.tx-t-. i b tba e sct.)ra of -ha
stale at large, snl iheir term .f offi.-e es
ospt h -rtiiiisfie prvid it sh I o for a
n i or not lea in n Do i.; T.ars a, tlx
are sar oreacritM.
h tion i J bat se tl o l O of artjfl e
a TI r 1Kb C... ,f tlti . . of h Mula i.t Mte
bra.k.. s aaie i ed f rea-l a. f li.iw:
b. Be ,i , ,h. (... 1.1 t hero .ha . be eleet-d
t (0 1 " lb . .u -em c u-1 ons
of wb'j ii -b.l be rie ted f r a t-rin t
twoC- ears one for th Kim of (I)
Tenrs. and si earh Kuanrai e.eaioi tbsrv
ttl.Ti 1hr.r, ,n ri,.ed one jo'Ue of
J 'J?' Jlrt V 7
lw; I'-ovilad. that iha Julfna of ihi as-
pram eoart w h Inrnsa navj not expire
at ihe tins of biding ih j.usrl elec
tioi or i9si. anau cn:ina ' i- uoa msir
iffloe fur tba rema.n .or of 'h i term for
whi b tbny worn reapocUvsif contaus
aw L
Ae proved Karoh It, A. D lili.
A joint resolution proposing an
amendment to section thirteen (13) of
article six of the Constitution of the
State of Nebraska, relating to com
pensation of supreme and district court
B- it rsoilrsd by th Le.-islatara of the 8ut
of N torssks :
bection 1. That sactlot thirteen (It) of
arnc.ti six ( I) ut .b Uo .all at 10 J 01 th tntato
of Na ut k ba amended so as to read as fal
lows: "are 13 Thn Ji lira of lb so .rsms aa-t
tUotricK-oar anal. rn-is lurlb If iwn
so a eomoeiifl .lei 1 ss my be proyl led by taw.
loystj e quu-u-r r.
'-he eii.sta -ball at Its Brat aaaaioa
after -b-4 ai-.iptini of 'his am nlmant,
tb ea-fl n of the membaa-a a to
ea h h.usa co' .a iin. a-tab.Ub ih lr
00m p -iaaUon. Tbn eom-nwilja so
tab .sii-i shall not ba casiuasl .atoa-r
th oj o .c In mur aenrs. a-'d to no even uite-as
taro thirda of tb uie.ub is .Ua.-t-d w
am b hsusa ot ibe eat Ulurs cju.-ar
Atiproyel Hr -b SU, A D 1
A joint resolution proposing to
amend section twenty-four (24) of
article five (5) of Ihe Coustitul.ou of,
Ihe State of Nebraska, relating to com
pensation of theolticere of the executive
Be it reaxrs 1 an 1 1 "tl by tba Loglslaiura
Of be Mat- of s.-h.-aiuu:
Basi.ion 1 in 1 asciioa twent fou" ('4)
of nrtni.e flvs 1. ) t ih I'onsiituilo . of tua
H.lia ot aa tJ sxu tidal lo.e.daafi
tsaciioi M. Th - ofB ra of tba xai-uliaa
dsuartiuaui. ol bj .it goV--.iimeut sbii
ra eir f 1.' tbair arvi -a4 a cmi.eia.aUoa
to be e laiilian i by Bar. abi h smii i
Bitha iD -r a -1 n ir di u nisu -d duria Iha
term o.- ibo sbao b v lasso oui
loi.sio rti i sua .aeysh.i. uot r ete to th-..r
oudbb auy I. eo- a. m.e rs.s, u.shi pu lie
uon s u ihac b d or uade lb ir 00 n rol,
pi3t i .-s of offl -a or -ai.' coin t
sall. i and an lasaj th t miy b -ra.
tf. r ba pa st: taw f r sery.cos
t.e f .nnsd o an offl ar proal ia 1 f .r in
this aril 10 ha 1 1 oai 1 m iuiu a i t) ma
stain t easu j Too le .aiainr- h .1 t it
first . aaiuu a. 1 r ine ad .pi. 0.1 -a? I his atnsnd
iu u t ih a, fl ih of ih mem ' e t4 .a
aa h bou-e ol iha w.ailainra uoa- '
a rial. s dish toe s. s iss of tha
oflSeor nam -d in tb s arti la Tbe eo i
o n ailfA so -a i itoaaa abaii not be cbotiira l
sfia r thbd iiiv ii foor $ai s aud ia ss
yea oa.'ii tso tb rla 01 tba u.etnb-rs
I eied losa b housj of tba laghuBltue oonjur
Av.urad Starch A A D. lOi.
A Joint reaolution proposin-; to amend
ectiuo l of ' "
tn Constitution of the State of Kebrac
ka, relating to judic ai power.
- . ' . , ,
B it rs-o rai wi s.aeod by aa Lajiala-
jura o tb bt e '
sei'tlon I. ibit lib ob ( ) of aril lasts
(a),,f llM oi iwla ecrf Nabiaaa.
U. am a iad lo eada foowa:
a ei.on I. Ii-alnui n. po ' of this a lata
' ih.l ba y-ii m a aup.e ..u t Uiatn. t
oats oouni oars Ju.l-s ot b
lea o 1 o niaa-la m.-a aud la sa h ibr
oar s Inf ilor .u th upra u i t-oi I as i..ay
ba avao-u ii a a id whi h of
tbtf ii.smos s ratal to
sun ar,
Avt-a-uvad K -r.b A, li. IM
A Joint resolution proposing to
I aman.1 aaa.l.iran sh-i-r.ii 1 1 of artiela anv
j .... . , .
! () of the Conatitauon of the btate U
" '
! Neltf-k. relating to increase in B.
1 ' "P- tri( 0OQrt
f J00"-
j x5i53t? tkn1tmn
; "-auiio , i. i ha aao.loo l-ven (II) of
arU la a.1 CO I h t-a liollou t iaeetae
0f Maura. as , aoaaa tad lo raw i a, tn-
u. The leaks stare shaaaw ta-
h rds.rf be m .aors s .. -t-i
savt I eon Hi- ibe.'etn may so f " tass aar
bm tb,.a ua I b ban lrl aa i . Inety
hmuv-i and i a
and cut of tetter ib a awla.-vrr
luatsawa Iba ." of Indn-as
tba B&.B - of Jiula-as of ac
. ill li l.-l eoarl. ant Iha MHoai
ttiatrieis of .bi afiaa. -ah dl-t let-. k I of noin-tiut ieriu.r. ana
Aer-yi Mareh li. A D. h.Ji.
aa,. , . . B
A J"int rwsolatlotl pr ipositlg to BrB"B J
ect ion six (H) of articie one (I) of tb
Co"",at",u ot the M9
musBS SI insi Bf 1S1T,
' " '
ft-It reaxlrt ml anvtet Tr ti? ! ? sl-tare
efth Wtateof ba.aa:
Me tioi t. Tii e.etiai six O i rtl-l
at .ha (un-tiati ra of h stale of Js
bin. . be an, mi d o a d fu :
beet ion 8 .hi it k of I u b jury h-iU
reiaai In loalo ba lue -i n a. pro
n l ih t la ,iv. a i u 11 an hijfi. ej r
ma P y-r t i .an ih v e ..of
ii oia bu x ir a Lr -. yx- of v- ib b -than
.w e lue in oi to
til I ...u t.
i voX Mcli?. A D I.Di.
A joint rps lution jr"j-lnjr to
mend sectinu one (1) of i rtici live (3)
of the Const. tut.ou of ? braska,
ing to otLccrs of the ex uepa.t
incut, b it roe Ir-d snl wiKial br th L ,U.
tara . f h rt a eut N ina-ka:
tl -n I Tha -u 1 oaf (1) of ar
tiol n ( )of a 0:1a i a km i h.. tat
of S rtu e am ua d to la.. a a to.
rsw-U-.n 1 Tb' ex to Ira i1-art e t ahsli
eoua at of s 1 .v.- n r lie t.-n.ut-jo eror,
avetary of at t- - u 1, f of u.i a. u:i a,
ires nr r, -u e inteu n of iu.l 1 1
sfruviloi, atl 1 e s ra . 0111. ... .aio er
of po.i.: and find tiiu U a - sud .b ee
rni road oaoi. j 4-iou a e b 01 . b nn.
exe pt iha fai . oomra a. tuna
sbsl bold hjl cftlce or a le. 31 ol
two vess f-i.u, toe fl. at Th'irla, ft -the
nrat Tnes a 11 ani-rjr. after
b s el. tion. an entl hi-, a 10 . as .r s
e te . a id q a id -d Ka b r 1 . ai .m
sni aio .er sh.i 1 hot . his oftl -t f .r . errn of
tbrti . x s bj.unl 1 oa fl -it Tuu s a
itor the Brn 'lnesl.y in a ur a tef
Lit a. a and unn hi- -s -a
or is rle ai m qi iflal Po liel
however, j ha s t 1 be fl 1 gen--, a e o
turn h. .dale- he adM tio . of n , ame.11
aitfut her h.i be ,.. imu lb a rsi . uul
Ofinmi -aio -or .otf to' the pato I o. one
year, one or h. p-ri-d of iwo yeiir, and
obm for the p rtod of tbrei yen 'Ih ir.iv
amor, se.-r. ta ', of at ., an. l or of i uh
lie a. rooms, si t irea ti er ahiil r.-. a
tha rsi.l:a. LU-in Ibe-r Urrn . f oftl :
taeT ah -II k -v ha p b Ir r-co d . 0.4
a.iu pap -r Ihe.-e a I I ah-i 1 p rlo.ui aB-boa-ues
a m bi req ai rej 1 w.
Approval Mar, b . A. U. 141 i.
A joint resolution propos-ne to
amend M-ctiou tweuty-six (-'(')) of ar
ticle fire (5) of tbe Coiistiiotiou of the
State of Nebraska, litiutiug the num
ber of executive state cllicers.
Ba It reovl an I use el ly ib L-K-taialnra
f Hi -nle .f K -iira ka:
Kee.lon 1 Iha' ae- ll-el t.eiiyaix ( ") of
artiela five ( ) of the (-m ma ioj o. ih
M ate of Neb. aaka be am d d 10 red a-.
tee ton 2S. So o'bor . in a lv stata offl
eers ex opt 'b -s na ne-l n -e ti-i 1 ona (i
of this art.r e chill b .-re ted. x ot
by an act of b lem-latare wli' lt ia
ronrnrn 1 in .r i.ot le-s tb u h a f nribs
or tb meuibvirs eiH-tod to . b b ui
tfc-r.s.f ;
Pron ljd. Tht any " (80 rre"j i,r an
aoi of the le. i ialurn ro.t Iw sho sb-l t
lb lea-islature, ls-otinr is of itis in m-la-ra
aleeted to ea. b bin tberei ouucuo
Approved March WAD. .8.11
A Joint resolcfion pmposing to
amend section uiue (0) of articie eight
(8) of the Coi siittjtinu of 1 lie State of
Nebraska, proviuiug for the iuvestment I
of the permauent educatioual funds of
the state.
Bait as 1 and enart-d by lh-L--Ua-turaof
b nta is of S bra.ka:
hec Ion 1. Ihitse-in nln (' ) of ar'l a
eivht (4 o' ths 101 utl n if ihe
of ch.. a ka 1 a Hnt-B led to rea-l aa fol
lows: reel on. All fna la he onrlnsr to the ata'a
fur ual po. p.a b int. r-S' a id
bl'-onia whereof i.uit a e to la u , h 11
tade-mai tru-t tauda hi t by h- at te.
a..d h sat- fhili snp... ai. 1 .as s .her.e
of that mar In an mi nar a-rr.i,.. ao that
th . same -h U reins u or.ver mv oi Ut
and u lUlml il-ll -d am ahil 1.01 1 ia
vesed or oa. et ax ;it on U 'ttd S aiai
or st.-.ta aa if re. is er.-d county
bin Is or rej-oior.xl a. ho 1 -.1- H 1 bo-d.of
this suta. an 1 au h na ti wr it th tn-er
est an 1 mr-oms therei. areh-r-bv wonno
1 pledal forth. i.ufmeo Inr whi h -hey
ara gran tal and a.-t a-srt an 1 aiiail not
m t ausfarred Pi any 01 bar land fur other
Utes ;
Proriled Tba board e-aa el by aeetlon
1 of this articie la em owfls-d to S'M' fr-om
lime 10 time any or Ih" s eurt le. i I- nit ni
to ib. ta9imineot s h .ol f ind 'ml inv-t
tba ofOf.- is n t tn tb.-r fr 'm in a .y 01 hi
sa.-nrilieB eua ueaei iu ibid e- teei iair
In a ni her rato of mtereat w h- .ever
an opiH.rtuuity Tor be ter lnveatma .t is pre
sented; And pr .y dl further, That when any
warrmt a. ha aia' ir-iao er r-g
u .r.y ls-a d la t ur.aan a of an appropri
ation by lb leirt -In ne and aenrei by ihe
lavy of a Ux I t na ia ment
be P'asented t-i b aboe treasurer for
psyma it. and lb -re ah .11 not . auy
a.n 1. in 'h onMMr fund to psy auub
warrant he board ereted i.y e tlnn 1
of this artle a in y i:-?t Ibe state treas
urer to a ih -anion t dna 01 au h war
runt from moneys in hi hinda lonKlnff
to ha per anent ac-ho .. f u .1.1 of h- s uie,
and ba -ha I b -Id -aid aarra-il aa an tn
tsj: ot -at 1 larcii le tahio.fuad.
Approved aUrch Hi. A. D ISUa.
A Joint resolution proposing an
amendment to tbe Comtitutiou of tlie
State of Nebraska by adding a new
section to article twelve (12) of taid
constitution to be numbered section
two (2) relative to the merging of the
government of cities of the metro
politan clasa and the government of
the CGuntioa wherein such cities are
B It ra-aoWed and anselad by tba laagto
utlure of tb riiata of Nsbra-ka:
Baeiiasl. That artw-le tai (1?) of tba
Oonatl tttioo of tha btata of Na r stta ba
amstidad T a-di ' g to said artl -le new aee
Itoa lo numbered section iwo (T) to read
ss follows:
Bactiun 1 Tha gurarnmast of any ottr of
tha matropo iui eiaas and this coy.
rnmssit of iha eonnty in ahch
It bt lo ateai assy tat merged ahuilr
or ia pa t wh-n a protaanMou so 10 do baa
ksan aoomltiad tiy atitao Ity of law to tba
yoters of soa-h ett and oonty ai.d re.
eetval be aaa-nt of a m J .rlly of the
Tolas aa-t la u. b ett a id al-o a majority
of 'ka yolaa eal tu tha ax .usiea
of hoav t-asl la sa h metioponiaa city alsacb
a,jil n.
Approrsd March . A. D. IMS.
A Joint reeolntion proposing ao
amendment to section six (S) of article
even (7) of tbe Constitution of tbe
State of Nebraska, prescribing tbe
manner ia which vote tball be cast
Ba It raivea nasi ease led by tb Lagisial
ara of tb Stata af Nebraska.:
Bee .loo 1 Th l as'tion 'Is (S) of srttrla
aaf..i (,) of ike Omstliatloa ol tha Mi .la
of ' rr- ba amaadad lo read as ful
kantlaal A'l -k'll Ba n? bal ot or
aw h o b-r saethol aa may ba P'.sen tat
b- law rovUai tha seurssr of ve las' be
f. ei riat.
AiiBvevssl Mureh . A D UH.
A Joint KtwiolioB pmprajng to
ameidawetioa two () of article f oi
teen (14) of tb Conatitntion of tbn
StaVta of XtsVraeka, ittotivo lo doiisiiou
to WtriW f iBteTBal iBpniireaieut and
1 t
B- it tvaa lr i sn4 e-" -t by ta
lala.ura of tb -.ale .a . . :
anion I Tn aee .. () f rtlot.
f..nrt-B (H of h. iaj , . i f aa
b ata( fe0.a la w laUl 10 1.11 as
follows: .
8 s-. t So ci'j, rei-iT tw i. fnoinrt,
nam -ios uy r ie..- su.n.i 1 04 ibe
stai. shall ever m be .. i.a i - ,s to any
works of ml r.u iin : . iu .ui. or
Bnau.ila.-f. ry. ones a ia- p - 1:1 m ao 10
do ahav. b-ra baoa fl'st a . it. vd to tb
qua lA-al a tors an. rn ill 1 1 a tare
thirds t a. at el.- iton o, a thuitr ut
iaw: Pioti led 'ib t -u h d : ..l na of a
count- auh th a -n- ti u o' neu -a di-
VlalobS j 1.U a. sr va hi! l.ol X .-ei
ten per rut o til J mill I-u -f
su. b ouoot . ; Provt-.ei la 1 r. 'lb t idi
cn or nuuii hi a . bv a ihr - four n
vote, ini rna-e an b In I . five per
ornl. in adiitioM 10 -u b t n p r ent an I
eo bond or evi .e of .nt.o..e-s a-i
la-no-l thai a v id n:ue-s h a. me b I I h T l a -e d l -t ed
by lb seer In 7 ad an 1 or f aiat .
Shos log tbii th asn.s is i-sae. poiaUo lo
Approved II .rcb rs. A D . ItCi.
I, J. A. Pper, ewn-taiy of s'a?o of
the stale of Nebraska, do liPtt-by certify
that the foregoing pr pisud amend incuts
to f he Cousliiuliou of the State of Ne
braska are true and corre -t copies of
the original enrolled and enproj-sed
bills. a passed by ihe Tv.enty-fourtl)
session of the legislature if the Stain
of Nebraska, as appears from said
origin :il bills ou file iu this of.lco, ami
that all and each of said proposed
anieiniuit nts aie submitted to the
qualified voters of the Mato of Ne
braska for tneir adoption or rejection
at the general election to le held on
Tuesday, Ihe 3d day of November, A.
0., 1(SJ.
Iu testimony whereof, I havs hero
nnto set my hand aud uftixed tiio great
seal of the Suite of Nebraska.
Done at Lincoln this 17th tiny of
July, iu tbe year of our Lotd. One Thou
sand, Eight Handled and Ninety-Six,
Of be Iiiilepemlftuce tf the United
States the O . Ho nil ted a ml Twenty
First, and of this state the Thiitietu.
(Leal) X A. PIPE It,
Secretary of State.
(ioisl rign furnished 011 short notice.
Reliable .hi vers and i-puet s-nkl!" hors-s always on hand.
Good ai-coiinii.Klatioiis lor I lent
Horses 1m ia riled.
Harrison, Nebraska.
D. IL ORISWOLD, Cashier.
ansacts a General
Americas ExctiASfiE National "avk, New York,
Omaha National Bak, Omaha,
First Natiosal Bank, ChadroD. i
Interest Paid on Time D3posits.
y:r" r
' " O '' : I 1 r- 1 - ,- e-, -rs
m'aL.V.l!..a..sA'ilt,'' ''' N,5S ' '!e hv Any.
!',. .,.. . f I! t.o-,..-.,
."'."'; A (T''" l. !' I
i. . ".' i-:.- ..- s. , i
I.VH i.'i .,., . ...
oi.kaid.j: o-i ad livo polltlo 1 t--7 . ; ; . ., ... ,. ,; ,,. ,
.a 1 , n ajo 'fl w.t.t the jj.nrj of tho -!.! l..o. r . r. . ,
t'i -. .") y..m fn' ' tia. tbe p-lo t.t Tli." V. I ' , , :. ,, -
i.'. "?; 1Ul.LAl. 4'tll ygAR. ArJarcio
THH virrp. DC? .,i.,.
!'.- ut.' atiet.tiot: given lo all legal
h't r.HlJl lire, t.uiily uthl I'istmt
ufts, tali J the United States
'.in.! Oliice.
1 .re liisiiritu-e writ'iti in rel.alle
"i. .. it .tj r, . .11. Tiillv drawn.
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ii. U S1L K.
r.icliionab'e Barbort!t H iir Dresser.
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tur." r"D.--,ip,:t!';n.
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V.. & M. V. It It. is the liest
to and fr .i! 1 he
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j J i 10 oief-leil. E. K. tUKOKfc
Feed and Sale
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Banking Business
- f niar ! r-hijjii.t Newspaper
",'sH at-- ya at n a-S i easJ"tBasaraMBlBnyaBatfBfa
it - Sh. J ..." '. '-i Circu.ation.
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