The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, January 30, 1896, Image 7

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    . f , ; . a - s ' s; i&&&m&&i item
T" A
f PAIN eftrn concentrates all 't"!fr
Use at once
St. Jacobs Oil
If you want to for 1 it coneen-1
trata Its LeUing In a cute. (f,ti
VjSa, -Jr- jss. a .
The Greatest Medical Discovery
o' the Age.
Has discovered In one of our common
Pasture wred a temrdv th it -i.r.c
kind of Humor, frm the worit bcrofula
own 10 a common nmpie.
He has tried it in over eleven hundred
uses, and ntver failed except in two ;am-s
(both thunder humor). He has now In his
possession over two hundred certificates
of Its value, all within twenty miles of
Boston. Send postal card for bf ok.
A benefit Is always experienced from
the first bottle, and a perfect cure is war
ranted when the right quantity is t.ikcn.
When the lungs a'e affected it causes
hooting pains, lile neejles passing
through them; the same with the Liver or
Bowels. This Is caused bv the ducts being
topped, and always disappears in a week
tfter taking it. FsaJ the label.
If the stomach Is foul or bilious it will
Cause squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the best you tan Ret, and enough of it.
Dose, one tab'esp'ionful 'n water at bed
time Sold bv "' "-u(rr.i..K
iiH-,f,-ji,! v , ),., . , .
"ttl.T j H,!l,t A fflm-ly , ;., .
"""' " I' ". imim iv ,.,!e..,
III ..(:... M,.,. ,u'y ,, ,a, , ,.,,.,.,
ti. fui-u-.s .-v.- i,.r. ,
T'"ln. II Iv j, t l,e ...,..., ., ..nvBi
" '"-l'!''l In- ti.t- Uuu.
J.iiiniy KiAjiiv.- .-yrtj p i, Kijri.
A cirn at id m.uuiu of h crpon
Hk.rl lii'ikts it set more trucf f ui.y.
I'n iV Cur. i,r I". , us. 1 1,, ,,!!,, j, UII ,M,.,.j
"iv urn,. J mi. lu-iii,. ,,r( in. i,. - M . U
Aveiii, J.,-,e.,r,,, 'li. ..,yini,
I'tuiMe vcvclg Muni iiii a piW
wrt-fii satin g,i, ,r.iiiice a tine t llrct.
FIT. -AH Fit. if--
4ii.t r
4 ""-. li-.iwM(.
f'l- ill 1 I r K .mi- , -
Dr Klinf s C't
1 t " ttre t
.-t .'..:..
Linen c'o(ins jimmi to rule the
new I, tiiie-i tl.ig romiiit.' 8-ann.
lnrKn t iiiinlf. ( rP-
IV. L. Douglas
3. SHOE be0I.TdThe
If jou pay S4 to ) for nhim, i a
amiaa tlie SV. I DourIm hlioe. and O ?
M wtut a good ihiie you can buy for J
and I.AC I', In nil
kind of the b-i! ielertd
loalhrr ,y (killed Rurk
niuk. and
wll rnorw
$3 Shot-.
. IhMn any
o li h r
MulMinr In the wrl.
Nom gnuln unlm nam and
tic it lUmprd on the Inttum.
Ak your d.-ik-r fur our 1.
4. S.fio, Iran. Shws
I.BO, mi and 1.7ft for lvv
TMI M 8U3ST1TUTE. !fvmirdalr
cannot ,ifi.iy yu, wn1 to l.i..
tory.enciming (.nee ami vc?m
WIM4KC. rime Kin'i.iv" I
of toa (can or ijIjuO, Ue an I I Jfi
vidth. Our Cuil .m l).t wii! i ll
your order. Send f'f new !ilm-
Inted Calakvue to Hoi It.
W. L. DOUCLAS, Brockton, Mass.
AERMOTIIH CO. doe half lh "rlil'a
trlafalll bMinM, bxaiiM It liu rwiuc-. u.e ni of
r (A l wriM it waa. it bu niarir Dratu n
AaBft. Douana, anr au&fi'ea ita giwila ai.a repaui
4 W four door. Ilua atia 4-f (urtilurt :
FuUiera. Ii make l'iiR.;!nir an-
IUMrnl, Nteel, 0i:iImhI altei
j....i..i.. i...i.i... rim..
'(. a anl riled Sleel Towers lel
i rrmmea. Mei Feed Cutlara ami I "-
V m Orllirtara. On application H will name on.
itl of umm artlclea that It IU fumlth untl
JaMarr lat al 13 tlM umiat prtra. It aiiwi make.
Taaka aod Puminf ait kinria. Hnd rt cal'
at k. v. No. ai--s.
ork, Neb
' Bll
la tkla aayar.
alaavMaay jo aa w tba adrerincim i
Tllfatll..!!!!' ..f Isti for ,
linil'e.l 1 li.-e itlr in
V i-'- o'l 'V a' oul ikni a
It. M'irysii C'otint
ed .lid i t c.jiii-
. Ihun i. u f
of fi.. b j. alrt uti.le; . n iivhii....
A.i'.nllK Ml H re. In a larm III.- n.n.l ti.. ..I
an 1 i : I k h t .1 fKrin n,l aH .. t, H, ,,, ,,, t.,
i..-.k fl.-r pro erl . ihete l rirtnii (or milv
niore farmer iha!, a, ,,,, ,t)t. tr,,un,
I roiuft ii. I Inn . ili..r--ire j.i-. i.l,i, 1 ne I,. t
farina will ki li rat Aa in. id
lui-n. r .ri.-e m prevail rn hem-e
)'..ti will not la ai,:,-io tiny an acre of Mora-aii
t i.iiiiiv land lor m-n-f ihi iii;ure it can U: had
for Uelwy.
M -rk-aii t'ouni) htm any n um her of advanl
iwi n.-r nine i. nt ,-veiv en laniiitiic wniona
Hi the I filled Statu. S , ( to,. Inilures, no
hail, e .,( , f nt t : r-- . mi ma 'aria, no hot
lnla: no ime. in i , nu i,-.u,.r ,-. 'he
..ij.- are inciid.; 1 In- m IhkiU ( hurt anil
'Int.pliiK f,-:. .11,., .,rP n n1Ml , ,. ,i,.,jrp,
1 ue o i r: .irn! n .i, u i n .ti.i-rallve and
cc. cii.t.-al 1 -I-;in,,.i. licHltnPil. II. e m,i
M-.-uan ( ..t:i -:y'a crop Iw-ui ihe world. W In-ai
ntari, toriv nu in.. i the ,-ic (it-r
IUt Inlt.n- re-.i.rl thj tern' VI, Id life in .ir,
A rrt-tiro anil Cou vcnieilt J'onltrjr
lliioar- How tt Muko tlirj 1'ilmp
I'r(n.trroif-Mr,ViililL- Med Mine for
fr-oi t t-now - lireeti iriu I? oriiU- Cut t le
or Lumber I'linltry Ifou.e,
'I'lif i .-cii!iiily I -1 i -;i 1 iiml con
venient I'ouiir.v in, us.-, ;ui
of Which in liere reil'oiill tl from i'lll'iii
lllel llitllie. in lid I'lt-t lollj I y I'l feel
wide iiinl c:ni lie (oiisliiii-l. it of hml or
lumber. An shown in Die roiiinl lililli,
tlie euiee is divided into foul" main
Jtiirtri. Tlie i'iiieii:il room o, -iiiieh tie
eiilire rihl hitle of i in- l.iiil.lin-.', -is
Ktiown in the ground jtlun in vtliicli
1'. F. arc roosts H ftet It.nji; I!, a lxix
5 hy 5 feet for straw in which to throw
main in winter to induce exercise, and
II, a coo, 4 iy ii for slmltitiK up sit
ting liens. In llie left hand upper cor
ner of the (.'round plan is the living
room 1l hy 12 feet w ilh nesls fill iiliout
I lie sides. Just lielow it is tlie room fl
oi forty ii,.h,-,., hihI nfu aa Pi , it- of lln
i.uanc ro-ii nnd pota!o.- do ennaliv
II. A:fil iaa I'ap e , i.,p ml ylelils, hve
lorn to . .,, m re ( Hie in.l anecp rati UK are
profl al.i... Mrkcl Kar."iiiiiE and fruit culture
recei-, ,- ,le)1 of allciitioii I Ine man ill
Illlike thl, ),ur ,,;fi from I li r.-e Hi-rcK ..f onhllii
Another (Vu from ixlv i.tli.. ol l-. Allilril
h aPeady heeu mi. i..'iO ,i,f in,- prot-e ils of
cv. iiiy e of wheat And , 11 ' ihroiiKli
the cut. re IUt
Full tiifi.rtnaijoii aU.ui Morgan Comity ran
he. ohtiilnttl l.y wrilinic ti.J Franeta, Ci. V. St T.
A , Burlington Unlllo. (IlKdhn, Neb.
Jeweled centers fur nineties or but
erlly bows are f-ettling to debutantes.
If yon want a reliable dye that will color
an even hiown or black, and will plenne
and sati-dy yon every lime, use Hacking
hum's Dve tor the WLinkeri.
tI7P make a new article, ataple aa food.
" A .enla Kdl thein on aiKht. II. b, Frank
lin I. rove, III.
l.tine coiiiplainla. Kronchitia, AathirjA,
etc.. are speedily relieved am) if taken in
lime, permanently cured by Ilr. 1). Jayue a
Kxpiclonint. Von will find in It also a
certain renntly fur Coueha and Cold.
The Trilby heart, m evidently bowed
down and out.
, KTT ) 1 1 f t 1 1 I
rxcxp L .
s J J 0 i S UJ
dxizb J H I L i r
I i
the pi-nit- i. , do 1, iH rvirr to ri-..r. a
t iiri-e jsiiiiid nsii on i vi-iy ,mui f ool
will make u ail ii iv of till,
I'.nrlr A pp1 iciit ion of Fertilizer.
in ijt-t iiiji my ol.s. i va
fit. us (.,, to favor us early an npplicu
ooii of all fertilizers us poshiM,-. in oi
t! r to l.e nady to feed the cr. p from
Hie Mart to the tiniidi, kijw H. F. ('odd,
in (he Ohio I anner. All the summer
ii lid f all make ol l.arii inannie should
l.e Hilled Willi the soil Irt-fole 11
vroimd clusis up for winier, in or.h r
t'i obtain heat icmiIi in the following
'i"is. Arlilicial or coinnicicial fcriil
iers for htM-.T crops, if properly applied,
may as well . Used at itlautiii and
sate time ami labor of the latter appli
ealioii. W'e cfiimot ufl'oitl to (ilant w ith
out these artillcial feriili.ers after ap
plyiii; as larKe a (juantity of the best
"Itiality of barn manure that we can
produce. Cottonseed meal fed to stock
iticl 'and plaster used for absorbent
tiinl disinfectant increases the vuluo ol
barn manure greatly.
S100 Reward, S100.
The remlSr of this paper will be plfaed
o learn thnt there in at least one dreaded
liaeaae thin science has been able to c re I
n all li f -tildes, and that in Catar h.
i all's f'ii'iir.h Cure ia the onl positive
inre known to the medical fraternity,
'atarrh being- a constitntional diaease, re
i ti i res a ciistitti tional treuiini-iit. Ilall'a
atarrb Cute ia taken internally, actinK
lirectly on the blood anil mucous aurfaces
il t stein, thereby destroy iriK
nundathm of the disease, and (tivinn the
alient atrength by building up the con
tfitntion and assisting nature in doinx Its
vork. The proprietors have much faith
n ita enrktive powers, that they offer One
tlundred Dollars lor any case that It taill
o cure. Hend for list ol testimonials.
Vddreaa, K. J. C IIKNKY A Co., To edo.O.
lWHoi by Druggists, 7.V.
A purse not much wider than a post
t;e stamp la new and smart.
Mr. Wlnalow'a Boothino svacr tor ehlli.
en leethlii aoftena the jfinni. reduces Inflam
nailon al. ay pain. curea wind colic. 'i.'shoule.
nil are dihartfedThaVe
no u&e forany one that has
not sense enough to chew
avl al I I f 1
KJ I 'III a i I
The largest piece of $
tobacco ever sold Tor io
c 5 cent piece is hear!
os you et of o
rlmdes for, io ccn
by )2 feet for sitting Leas, while iu the
lower left-hand corner Is a room 10 by
for chickens. I is n box in which to
put lime and oyster shells. I I,. L. are
feed boxes and troughs; V V receptacles;
for (recti feed; M M M are drlnkliit?
TchhcIs; A A lire nests 18 Inches aipiare.
Windows find doors can be arm lined as
shown in the illustration or to ault
the taste of the builder. There In a.
partition In the room for t hickens, di
viding It Into two parts, one for I hose
tulte hi tin 1 1 nuil the oilier for larger
ones. A lath door between this room
nnd the main room allows the chickena
to pass.
Timothy la Klhaliatlve.
In a recent letter Theodore H. Terry
rpiotes Mr. J. S. Wisxlward as allying
that tie would not sow timothy on his
farm on tiny account, nnd that he
would shoot liny man whom he cuiiKht
Howiiik timothy on his farm. That,
however, was a time when wheat In
Western New York was a safe crop for
twenty -live to thirty-live bushels per
aTe, and worth f 1..KI a bushel. There
was K"ol reason In those days In al
ternating clover with w heat, mid grow
ing as little timothy as possible. Hut
with the decline of wheat to a cent a
pound or less It Is not ho paying a crop
to farmers near to market aa la good
timothy hay. If tho land can be fer
tilized to grow wheat It will pay equal
ly well to fertilize It for timothy and
to aell the product. Hut even where
timothy la grown, experience has shown
that tie? jrrn.sH keeps In the ground
longer without running out If red or
nlslke clover Is aown with It The
timothy hay will be nearly frt from
clover aftev the second yeaj, and the
first year's growth will lie better for
honip feeding than nil timothy. Ameri
can Cultivator.
Froat-Vroof Pumn.
A 1kx of the right size and sharx- is
pris'tired, and, with one end removed,
Is set alsmt the pump and (Irmly nnd
tightly fastened to the platform. The
cover Is hinged to form the front, and
a longer spoilt Is used Instead of the
one thnt belongs to the pump. This
long spout can be Ixired out of a piece
of pine In a few moments. The In
closed air about the pump will keep It
from freezing," even In very severe
weather If the dKir to the box shuts
snugly, and no other cracks let In tho
cold air.
Welulit of Fodder per Acre.
As an acre of land contains 4'!,,r10
square feet, a yield of two tons of buy
per acre, which Is considerably above
the average, ought not to be thought
extraordinary. It Is only at the rate
of one pound for eleven square feet.
The green grass of course weighs more
than this, but It loses fully half or more
of Its weight when dried Into hoy. Con
sidering how large an acre Is, the yields
of twenty or more tons of fodder corn
nt acre ought not to seem Incredible.
Twenty-two tons Is really only one
pound 1st square foot. Kngllsh fnrm
ers ou very rich land grow still heavier
crop of innngel wurtzel and of ruta
bagas. Rut with troth fodder corn and
roots tlw largB yields are best gained
by tbin seeding, allowing each plant to
make the beat development of which It
la capable. If two roots grow sldo by
side neither will amount to much. It la
not uncommon to grow roots which will
singly weigh three or four pounds, and
tach take up less space than a square
foot. But there must be room between
Horn'eaa Cuttle.
A herd of horned cows was bred to a
polled bull, whose mother wore horns;
ninety per cent, of the calves had no
horns, says tlie Wisconsin Agricul
turist. These young hornless heifers
never had a horned calf. This snows
how easily the horns may lie bred away,
and. although slow, 1 1 1 i k way is the Ik si
of all. Iliinied cattle require twice as
much Kin bit room as polls, for the
young cuttle of the latter kind can be
herded in a pen like sheep until ready
to drop their lirst calves. No chains,
stanchions or halters; never disturb
in;; one another as they crowd around
the feeding trough. If we look through
stock yards we shall find tlie horns ac
tually gone from nine-tenths of the
stock brought there. Whether this is
due to the chemical dehorner, the saw
or to breeding, It shows that horns nr.!
no longer tlie fashion. The chances lire
that they never will be again.
To Grow Profitable Crops.
"A windmill to Irrigate such land,
with all the necessary material for
utilizing the water neetl not cost more
than $."i(mj. In one season the crops will
more than pay for this cost, says the
f Joiinecticiit Farmer. Several years
ago a dry spell swept over Long Island
and Kantern Jersey, almost ruining the
market gardener's crops. Only a few
had their land Irrigated by windmills.
The prices for all farm crops went up
amazingly In price, and the few who
could raise their crops made sixty per
cent more than usual. In short, they
made enough to pay for their wind
mills several times over. It Is not a
good pluu to mortgage the farm for
anything, but If there is any ono thing
tluit will be sure to bring In the money
to pay off the mortgage and Interest It
Is a good windmill and a perfect Irriga
tion system."
Hied Hhoe for tsft Know.
After a light fall of snow, or when
the snow has softened by reason of a
thaw, the comparatively narrow run-
ners of the ordinary farm sled cut down
deeply, greatly Impeding work. The
accompanying illustration shown a wide
shoe thnt enn be put on and off In a
moment Its use will prevent the sink
ing of the sled, even In light snows, the
wide shoe serving the sled much ns a
siiowshoe does the hunter. The iron
strap at the rear end pusses through
the shoe, but Is filed off smoothly with
the under surface. The strap In front
moves quite freely, so thnt the sled run
ner can be slipped Into the rear strap,
when the one In front cnu be put Into
position. Two light wedges make every
thing tint). Orange Judd Farmer.
Let Knch Farmer Help the Honda.
"Select the worst piece of road over
which the people of your neighborhood
frequently travel, and see how ninny
of your neighbors will Join In covering
It with gravel or broken atone, urges
the Maine Farmer. Or, If there Is no
good road material to be had, see who
will Join lu ditching a road so that it
may dry quickly. At this season far
mers' teams are often idle, and In many
neighborhoods t!e fanners can easily
lie Induced to turn out for a few days
of volunteer work, making a short piece
of good road at a point over which they
all travel. And If this Is kept up for
a few years, an effective object lesson
as to the value of good roads will he
furnished, while the very act of doing
volunteer work will arouse enthusiasm
on the subjoct.
Don't Prune In Zero Weather.
Much has lieen said about pruning
trees during the mild days on the win
ter, snys the Agriculturist. Now I
wish to protest against any pruning
until the sero weather Is past. If the
young orchard tree has one central
trunk, nnd side branches eight inches
npart coming out at right angles, very
little pruning will Ihb necessary.
Cold Rtorauo for Farmer".
Cold storage Is used more and more
every year In Iloston, and not only by
the dealers, but also by farmers, who
rather thnn lake whntever price Is of
fered during a glut, prefer to store
their fruit or produce In one of the big
freezing rooms and bold it for better
The public employment bureaus In
the leading Ohio cities aro pronounced
by those acquainted with their work
ings a growing success. How general
ly they are being patronized Is shown
by the fact that In all the cities except
Cleveland and Cincinnati the private
agencies hare been entirely driven out j
Senercil Jfcarrison
TJho Presidential Office
A striking article in the February issue of
ZAe jCadies' Jfome journal
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AfTAriTC VUaniaA to look after renewals and newsub--agCIUS
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The Breakfast Cocoa
Mtni sv
Walter Baker & Co. li
Waiter Baker Ko's.B.ieakfast Cocoa
made at dorchester, bears -their
trade mark la belle chocolatiere
nniverny oatd ted recom
mended for Cum, Burn, Bruliei,
Cold , Catarrh, Sore Tbroat, all
Pain, Pllea ud Inflammation.
Genuine In car bottlei
only, buff wrapperi. &t our
name Pond'i Extract Co.,
Htm York tod London,
Says it saves time saves money makes overwork unneces
sary. Tell your wife about it. Your grocer sells it.
Made only by
The N. K. Fairbank Company, Chicago.
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OCUU r "the sssm ss Nulla. IT'S FALSI Pavliaa li samr (wddUd,
la, T ' l siMI II rear tracer sends tm sosMUUBf n Pf9 resHiDe, mm
ir 1
.......... i i. 1 .i .ay easaajajaajwiaaaaaaa..
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