The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, January 30, 1896, Image 4

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The Sioux County Journal.
Subserrpfcon Price, f2.00
1. J. Simmons
KnU-rt at tbe
ecoud class mutter
Thursday, January ?a
Omaha i happy over the prospsct of.
having a fine union passenger depot, a
dec ision having recently t-en made to
that effect by the tate board of trans
portation. It will I highly appreciated
by the traveling public. j
Senator Stewart, whose waring lilacs
were plucked by the vandal hands of
Sergeant at-Arms Stewart during the ;
lat legislature, has permitted his iaier,
the Crawford Bmcm. to be sniffed out.
There was no demand for it. Fremont
John ('. Santee, a pioneer newspaper
man of Boyd county, hanged himself in
his barn a few davs ago. Business re-
verses are said to have led to the art. j
His name has long leen familiar in con-;
neetion w ith the part of the state w here
he lived.
So far the acknowledged candidates
for the republican nomination for presi
dent are Reed of Maine, Morton of New
York, Mc Kinley of Ohio, and Allison of
Iowa. At present Ohio's favorite ,
Deems to !e in the lejul, hut the nice
young yet and others may enter
list. ,
It i reported that ttie hotel keejiers of j
SU Louis intend to charge from $10 U
$40 a day for ordinary accommodations
during the national republican conven
tion. If that be true the national com
mittee should fret together and recon
sider its action and hold the convention
in some other citv.
It is all very well for everyliody to
"stand up for Nebrska" but that does
not alter tlie fact that business condi
tions and climatic conditions in the
eastern part of the state are far from
being satisfactory. It is becoming more
apparent every day that some new en-1 Tlie folio uur is a summitry of tiie m
terprisesor industries must be devised ! counts or H . s. WoirutT. county tr.-ni.urer
iii t , . . ! of Sioi-i eouiitv, Nebr.ik4, ?.lioln tils re
and developed before a return to perma- ... . ,
r 1 celiits mi'i ilburinetits from January 4.
nent prosperity can 1 expected. ,w jMiaMy , Mt i(.u,jv.-:
Tlie question of holding one or two re
publican state conventions it bein;f dis
cussed. Tle national convention will
convene June 16th so that the conven
tion to elect delegates thereto will most
likely be in May. That is too early to
put a state ticket into the field, and then
it would be hardly proper for a state
to try to pet ahead of the nation. H
would look like a performer fretting
ahead of the band-wagon. Two conven
tions, one in May and the other the lat
ter part of September, would be the
right thing.
ii. A. Eckles, county attorney of
lhttves county, is announced as a candi
date for the nomination of auditor at the
hands of the republican state conven
tion. Why not? Northwest Nebraska
lias never had anything to brinif it into
prorainece but crop failures, Indian
scares, cowboy races, populist majorities
nd H. O. Stewart's whiskers. It might
lie a good plan to show outsiders that all
is not gloom west of the sandhills. Get
into the rinu Mr. Eckles, get into the
ring. Notxxiy don't get nothin' he
don't holler fer.
There is a good deal tieing said of Itoss
L. Hammond being aliout the right man
to tlli Congressman Meiklejohn's place.
Hoss Hammond and his Fremont Tribune
lias done more than any other one man
in the third district for the republican
party, and if in politics the ones who do
the work were the ones who got the re
ward, he would have a walk-away.
As a rule the newspaper men are ex
pected to "wlwop 'er up" early and late
for tlie party and if he dares to seek a
little recognition lie is slapped in the
face for his imprudence and the honors
and lucrative places are bjstowed on
some fellow who never made an effort
in the interest of the party until lie be
came a candidate for office.
Tbe two new United States battleships
will lie named Kentucky and Kearsarge.
Tlie contract is awarded for these two
vessels to the Newport News Ship Build
ing and Dry Dock -Company, at $2,250,
000 each. Such vessels will help Uncle
Sam to retain tbe respect of the grea
nations of the earth. There has n 1 ways
been a feeling that this nation did not
need a large standing army, for the rea
son Unit almost any numccr of men
could be mobilized very quickly if need
ed awl of a class that could be trans
formed into an effective army in a very
short time if the arms and ammumtioo
war in the hands of the government for
distribution. That position is very
largely correct, but the matter of a
Hfjf ia quit different. It takes time to
const uct such hugs vessels, and in the
vast of unusual haste it would be very
at to be at the aspens of safety or ef
fective). Ia view of th recent eom
plicatioo which th nation has been
eaJled wpoo to face, it will be wis Tor
Uk aavjr t be very much strengthened,
for Ik warfare of th future to a great
will b foif hi upon 'Im high sea. 1
ne of tue rnk l things that Iias w - i
rred in the senate for a lonif tune was j
; the iutro luction of a resolution by one
! of the silver senators culling upon tlie j
; president to furnish information as to i
I tl influence used by him to briiijj about
the reiul f the silver purchasing law.
! If the chief executive prostituted Ins of-
i lice the proof should le obtameJ by a
1 different method. The action of the sen
HarrUou boat office us .1 .1 . ; i -
ator is on a pur with that of a Judgu is-
! suing an order to soma man against
I w Worn no charge has lieen made, to con.e
j into court iui. proJufe ev.Jure aMUixt
t ummiwom:kv recoup.
H VKleifcoN, Net) , Jan. it. IKH.
Uo-inl it ciiurkty t-miiiiN!.o:ii uit-t a
p T ml jiiii'i:iit-iit. !
Pn--i !il; 'tifmni-wioni-r TitikU.nn, Wt lr !
M.TI-1 Joll'lMf!l Htdl l"iTi.
lUmi-i cnjltHUfl to -x irnim tin Mt'i-uunlf
of tin iit y Jr;rtteur-r.
i:i motioii IkmT'1 ailjotirn-l unt.I January
if, I -'', at y VlM-k, a. hi.
M J. liLK STT,
County cu-rk.
lIlRRI'fjV, Nkb.. Jftiumry 3tt. f
IVmr t cf county iMimiii'-lait r' im-t it j
N-r nl jourmiint. j
Irint: nii-.Iinnr Ti!ikhtn, VHfr i
aurl JohiiMri ati'l elrk.
H r'i ro;itS:iu"l t ) v ttu:nr trt; mc.'OU it j
of th county trf wirT. t
Oa motion t if 1 a ! u-l until January ;
il, til V uV'k. a. in.
M. J. liLEWfTT, j
livunitoN, Niib., Juuuaryil.
liomlo! (MKiiaillioiier. lull ub p?r nil -joiirnuu'iit.
I're it I o ii'iiissloner. Tiiik him, Wi-bcr
uii'l JonliHi:i mill rlnrk.
Ili:tril co:ilinu"l to ex tuiine t li.' accouiil -
t '"ty
on iiiutWu U.trJ inijiMiriK1-.! until J.timiirv
I. ... t, ...... . u .
M J.
I'.liw :t,
County clrrL.
IUrkisos, Neb , Jan. a, l-V..
! lt....r.l ..r , ;-i,.t...i-- n.,.t tmr.u.ot t..
i,, ,,.....,
l're-M'nt: I omnil-wmiier-, Tinkham, Weber
unit Juluio!i anil clert.'l '"o.'i tiuui-'J to e vjuiuie tli u-ciu,iti
of the t-oiiiity trea-urer.
On motion Iwanl ail Jimrneil until Jar.uary
H., a 'i o'cliM'k, u. in.
M. J. Dlewjit,
( ounty ( Jerk.
IIakkiso, Nkb., January it.
I:inl ol csMiiiniio;iT-i met jiuruur;t to t
ailjotiriiiiirnt. !
I'resent: t'oiimiUsioiiers Tinkli im, ttclvr j
uiiii JohtiHon umi clerk.
Itoarij eon tin llei .o ex.iliiiue t'lB afi-ouut-i
ol ttie coiinly tre ihurer.
lt.-cive(l from ex tre.imrer "-l "5 collections ol lii.Xe!. -V .1
st.tte m.-llool luil'l wpport lOLtuienU... l.-'l mj
x llool lnU l.'ai- VS) fl
sui.: reuel .Al 110
Redemption money on llallU ! w
MlHtfiill oa cohec-UtiiiN i 3
A.vrueU uiiere-a t it
H"Ki i
Wnrrantn reilee.neil tll'M 2s
Scliooi ur.lei-s li no. ll-'ol) il
sclloo! bun'! p li.l H M 3 ;
VliliiKe Imjii.I roupon Jittl! 315 00 j
I'm-iiltt IHIIIli IOIIliJ!l l .Hl --- 14'W i) j
Overseelrt' eei I lul'at.-S J.ill W " -J
nrlidl piiyments on 4lit
M.lte reoel VOilchei;. tl j
M.-ltisil bond mttrei.t p.,nl 7i j
state lreaurer' Mit-e.iiL.. 7-A) 7. j
KeeeipU I rum nh.iK1' irej.nirec IM u;
1 1.- tari-r.- co. ii mn,.-..oti Pi -l '
La..,nee ;
Hlll J
Wc ii hereby certify Unit we li tve i sre
fully rxamilie-i 111.- iU-t-ount-i of II. s. Woo!
ruff, co. inly treitniier; tnat tin- toreolng i-
ujust itnii eorreet HIJutmeiit of hi-, ue.
co.inU for the years lit". ami be S.
Witness our bauds and the County Seal
tin. IS 1 day of Jann iry, lsi.
FuiMTivmii,l ounty ConimlnKioner
li. t . JoHSSo,
"iou x i iint y.
A It l :
M. J. Itl-CwrTT.
l ou.ily i ierK.
On motion tlie board refuse. to c redit the
county treasurer with 75 In tai riteipta
Number. Ift and Itt for the rettwu that the
treasurer lil no an I lion ly to i..ue .ibl receipt-.
The bond of the ( onuncrcliil Bank in the
sum of i,Ofm.on for the safe keeping of the
county f li mis was presented unO on Uiotioa
The road overseer's nnnnul wttlement of
R. I. Ke.i-1 was preseuted and on motion ap
proved and certificate nrilerr.l drawn on
road district No. 3 in his favor lit the um of
It being the opinion of the county nttor
ney that tlie stipulation of f acts filed in the
case of Hull and Satlerlee vs. sioui county
by the former county attorney does not
fairly state We f iet nor ali of th i acn o.i
wliU-u the county relies, oa motioa the coii.i
ty attorney Is hereby ordered and instruct
cd to take the necessary steps to repudiate
said stipulation.
On motion the county clerk be allowed
$.Ki0.()0 for clerk hire for the year IS'.
Oh motion tha county clerk I allowed
i.Vid.(W as salary as clerk of ibe county tio.trd
for tlie year lrtiG.
On motion Ihti county superintendent is
i llo'.ved ii.')U per day for time employed In
thJ performance ol the duties of ins office
for the year IsHH.
Thi! fo.lowinK i tho esil.nate of expensi s
for the year IrtW:
liistnct court expense 2,'0) on
Salaries ...Gain'
Mtatlon.iry f uu
KoaUsaliU bn.lK.-a 2J W
f ri.iiiiiK and paiiluuiiiK-. - sij (m
i..Uiiiu- Km im
insane and pour fund ... 6tw tl
Incidental ?,iill 110 i
soldiers reiiel fund . aw ixi
onlt-eru itris isi uj
t-pevial debt l s l.iil icated by
ri-K.stei-ed warrants for tha i.7, ISfKnnd is 8,(KH .'0
Totil .0,w .0
Resolved by the board oi' county eomm t hereuiur tbe court room la
closed to all meetiiiK4 of every kind, except
district court, conventions and other public
meeting's of like nature, without the con
sent of at least two members of th" board.
AH applications for the Use of said room to
be made to the county clerk.
On motion Thk sioi x Coujrrr Jot'RxxL Is
hereby selected as the paper for th
year imt.
On motion tbe clerk la hereby Instructed
to make requisition for tlie oucesaary reve
nue blanks for the year IW. ;
On motion bojrd sdjourneil sr-.tboiit day.
1'twuty Clerk.
KB -r-l
UikhJ rigs furnivhed on short notice.
Ueliable drivers aud quiet saddle horses alwnys on hand.
(IiHkI ac4 ommoiliitions for Iruiiscieut ( uhtomers.
Horw-s boarded.
R. E. B::KrKTT.t,
l"i evident.
I. IL GP.;.SVpL!t, Cashier.
Transacts a General
Axekk'an Exi iUNfiK National 'ank, New York,
nxviit National Havk. iimaha,
KllNT National Hank, Chadron.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Drugs, Medicines, Paints & Oils.
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Sioux County,
STEADER. Free Homes for More
Than 5,000 Men.
j A new county with
schools, churches,
railroads, etc.,
Contains over forty-five miles cf 1
rail oad and has no county
Sioux county is the northwest rountv
of Nebraska. It is nlsuit thirty miles
east nml est by alsiut seventy miles
north ami south ami contains
OVER 1,300,000 ACRES
of In ml. There lite more bripht . spark
liny, small streams in tin enmity tlmn
can lie fontiil ill the same urea el--ber"
in the state. It has more pine t. nils r in
it th.iti all the rest of the state combini (1
Its grasses lire the richest anil most nu
tritious know n so that for stoi k-row in:
it is unexi t-llej.
Tlie soil varies from :i heavy lay to u
buhl samSy loam ami is caal.lo ol pro
ducing excellent crops.
Thu principal crops are small ra'ti
anil vejreta. li's, although gissl corn i.
rou 111 the valleys- Tim wheal, oats
rye ami baric- are ul! of unusually I ine
quality ami command the hilmst luar-
sei prn-es.
riio water is pur refi-eshtnj; iiikJ
is found ill ahitmluucu in all pa it. sol the
The utility is practically outoftkhl
ami has over forty-live miles of railnmii
within its Isinli-i's, has a goisl brick court (
house atul the necessary lix lures lor run- j
Mint; tlie county and there has never j
I we. 1 1 one dollar of county bonds Isniistd j
and hence taxes will lie low. :
The Fremont, Klkliorn & Missouri
I Valley ta.lroad cronsea Sioux counts :
from east to west and the li. & M. lias
alsuil lifteeii miles of its line III the
northeast part ol the county.
Tim climate is more pleasant than that
of the ta.sio.rti jsji lion ol Nebraska,.
There is still
OVER 800,000 ACRES
of land in Sioux county yet onn to
homestead entry. It is ltter land and
more desirably located t than that for
which such rushes are made on the oeti
inofa reservation. There is no rail
road luud in the county and for that
reason its sett lenient has beer, slow for
no scial ell'ort to jjet het tiers was
made, as was done in the early days ol
the settlement of the eastern mrt of the
Good deeded land can be purchased at
reasonable rates with government laud
adjoining no that a ierson who wauls
more than one quarter suction can obtain
il if be has a little means.
There are about l,o00 'teople in the
county and there is room (or ihououiids
llarrinon is the county seat and is siU
uated on the F. E. & M. V. railroad, and
is as good a town as the thinly settl. d
country demands.
School houses and churches are pro
vid.xl in almost every settletn til and are
kept up with the limes.
All who desire to get a homestead or I
boy land cheap are invited to come tind
see the country for themselves and juile
of its merits. Homesteads will not be
obtainable much longer and if jou want
tousoyour rtlit and kkI lttO acres ol
land Irom Uncle Sam free it is lime you
were ubout it.
Look ( This I.Ut
of western cities:
I'lncaKo St. Joseph
Oniulia, Lincoln
Ht. 1ouis llenver
Kansas City, Is ndwoood
It does' nt matter which you intend
visiting, The Burlington Route is the
best liuo to all as it is to uny one of
Advertising matter find full Informa
tion ubout trains and rates oa applica
tion. J. FjtANC'B, (i. p. 4 T. A.
Omaha, Neb.
TATFf.rric f.ut
silss K. ri..lri,mh.. Gnmni
K. f- .laeuU-umil l.uunwl
J A 1'iit.. iwreUirjr ntmiM
tuitne M' AmliUir
Jwiii s. Iinrtiev - TrimmnT
A. . liiirrniii Attorney iirl
Jl. ('. Ku-li--. uiiiuium-r
II. K. i urlell suiU I'ublH- Inslrm tluu
COM; K F.ssji i ji a I. 1 Y. X.fX. ATK! :
John M Thurtm V. . --unUtT, Oinxh
W in. V Alien I'. Sent4r, MwllaoH
J. rl SI rule. luii;ifmiimu lt iu-t.t I.ImwOi
1. It. Mererr. " "I " liiiili
I.. I. Meililejollll " S1 " Kullerlou
K J IIkim.t, " " Arur
W . K. Amlrew Mli" lVi I
0. M. Keui, " nil " lirokeu llr
Jfli.'CIAIIT :
A M rit... h -( JiiKllce, t otuniliil.
T.i.i II ji rion A'i- Jinlic. iirnJ tln,l
1. I.. NlVn -Clilte Jtlt(e,
il. A. t uinpbeil-.l U 1 1 mid luSrK I , l-lluoltl
M. I". Kttikul.l Jll.ltff. O'Neill
. II. nUni'l
M. J. lilinell
Hl.b Ilia
ClL'l k, llMU IMM
Hubert Wiin Ouonty Jwlpf
XI J. r.le, tt
.11. .li
I lln. Blelile
.1 1 ttiivitrer
VS . II. IK l 1 1 1 I I'llblir lHlrui liou
I II. llHItlett slwrifl
I J. K. I'liiiuiry oltHler
. I.. Kill surveyor
M. J. Ill. xetl
i .ran t i. ni urn-
.1 in k ot I'Utl'ir I I util I
.1 oiiiily Altoriiey
I rank Tit'kli,iuf I li iirm i.i .. ..It Insiru t
VI . J. Weln-r . l
II. . JOilUMjll . -.i
I K.iilsl.AIH K:
II I.. Stewart. .senator. Uit No 14. t'r i font
. lli'lliM- .. . Itep., Ill.l. No. jj. ll'llllll(or'l
VIl.l.Ai.K ulfK I.HS:
tl .1. tflrweat (rhittrinnu ) Trustee
K. Itoliwer
J . siitt
l. II Irnoirl
. It Simple. h i ...
1.. J. simiitoii rierk
lew i l..'1'.ui ll 'In-H.uirr
s lliKH. nlKli Klis:
i .1. W. si oti in. i i.,r
I I'.. I.. Mlllll H . . tliVli'liittir
I t... Vi . Ilrtri . . .'I reuulrr
'IKK Ms it (ill KT:
III. trie! Court, -At Hu rnsoii, coinilieners
Mt.n-li 2.1.1 sin! ovemler ! tli.
loniily lourt.-At lliirriMin, i-oiiiineuei-4
till iioiidav ol eat li inoi.tli.
Metlnslist sninl;iy s. Ins, i.teetp. every Sim.
ilny lnor:ilii! ut li
J. I.. .IaIo.1 l-.l.l Hi, W . II. !AVI,
Sllliel ln len.lent. .ss. ret-l v.
tliirrioii t 'tin. p. No, .Vi, meeU on eaeti sl
U' Wfine. l.i evenini
w . li. i vis, ' . I.. Horr.
I li rk.
t Mil. t Olll.
M.-i-ts e.u-n iiit-r;i.tte SAturilxy eveniiiK
it so. Iocs. A . .1. i.-, S.(.
J. w . si, mi, i lerk.
I I'WdllTII I.KVi.l F..
he f,t:,n,iil liie.-tina every Sniuiiiy eve-ilnif
it S:.W. t'allliet meetlilK oil e.ill il it'esi-
1 .lent
I IVM.. UMI miHIl,
! ilss. II. .. I lll
- . ( I.IV.
Ili'lor; ll liseritli III lor H ll,i( line
S-f I lie llest
AN L'NlAIl,il.l,K:i OFFKIt.
Iiemoii-si's cut I'.ip.-r f it ti-r-i ire the most
.r leticil o i t i.- ui.irk'l. Til -y ure ol Any
si.e u lueuiLN-r oi' tli - li tiiseioi emld re
quire. In i ,t.-ii i ojiv n the M.itfKzlm. li
printed ti ioiiimii i n i .ilinir tin- niiliserils-r,
or inrr!cirt, to a p it.-rn worth hiiiI reyn
lull- soi l lor or .my nuiuls-ror p itv-rus
for lour cents eui-h tl cover p o-ksve Null
nl,ie. When tlie vulne of the piltcrmll
rtiiiiilered tin- siilwrllier aetn.illy f-ls
Viol I. li I a iiiiik.i.Iiic It is! Kor IK It trill
Is' mure I rillidiit Ih ui ever lieluru. New
ili:lliit;ement, new luettio-ls, new l.less.
KtII i-iipy i inil ilns im e.iiitHlle r pr.sllle
lion In roiorsof noiiiP eeelrn t.-i pli-lare by
ii Ikiiioui, Hrtlft, woitliy to Hdorn Ilie wsll's
ol the most rclTied hone. 1 1 is H ttirnlisl thst
HI M'IKK.-'I s ( the only eouiplele Kuuilly
.Miursitie colillilnliiK all ot tlin liiiat Pleei
lent Miints of its eoi.leiupomrlctf, h-Ii1im
IniVlt-t.' n I III i t.l tile II re of Its OS n. IIKM-
tiKl.sT's i m-ttially n HU.KN l U, A.1N K..S
ill one.
It Is h Iix"stol urr.'iit KtenU hii.I Idea
for the lnuy ma. I or hoiiiiiii. s Keview slid it
Muiehou-S- of Inten -t lor nil W Ives, 11,1,1 It
e . IMe s nml i. oilfiller n li. exiutly
hnl they nee.) to Hiiuise tutd instriii.-t iheui,
nlso pnii-tli-Hl h"lp,in every (lepurtiuriil ot
(loiiientle Hint lite, hii-liKtlng the I urn
Ivlilnif mid orniniientliiK of the lioilie, rnl
l.roi'li ry, hrle s lUtic sml laney work
of Hll k lli'ls, eU'., ele , inni iln wl loin nil'i
silt ire reirmdii'i' Ihe el tM'ii. and dress
llilof tli.-iroHli pelsoiiH.
'I tie seoM of the iirtieles for l-i.1 itnd iwiii
will cover the hole eonntrv sod its varied
int. -r-sts. uii'l tlie iirlKles u lll Imi I'rotiiselv
lllu-trst.-d w ith the llnesi eiiKrjt iiKt.. mid,
in Hihlltlon, it will .ulili-h the Is-.i ,! pur
iiviion. ii irenm Hi leiiKin Hill of IliKir
sHrl. Home Aifill..ii,eiil hiiiI Inl.-ituln
menis; It (fit es h ( iliml ol ul leu turn to
the ( hll'lreu'ii In mi inn-ill., niel "iiir ,rl,'f
Hint Im i. h Monthlv sviiisoiiii iy ( elehmltxl
I'eople, In whi.-ii nre illwiis'd liiiKirtiiut
ipiestioni of Hie hour of liili-ns-t to the older
4-I ii liave your iilnu riplion lit onee.
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