The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 14, 1895, Image 2

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LJ.WMOm, Prvavtatavt
Lord Sackville-West, let M hope. ex
periences a comfortable filing of re
lief. He has been bottled up a long
A Washington Judge and grand Jury
have advised the use of the whipping
post for wife beater. An ax is prefer
able, but the lash Is better than nothing.
A tramp has Just died In Pennsylva
nia at the age of 81. never having done
a day1 work in hi life. This shows
what cold victual and the lack of wor
ry will do for a man.
A Belgian physician has found that
yawning is beneficial for throat and ear
complaints. The throats and ears of
those who have kept up with the Cor-bett-Fitzslmnions
debates must be in
splendid condition.
An old alligator
Lived down by the bay,
And swiped pickaninnies
When they came his way;
All day he lay sunning
In a one-eyed nap.
And the snakes and the turtles
Said he had a great snap.
Elevator etiquette is thus laid down
by a Boston paper: "Only in private
residences Is it 'good form' for gentle
men to remove their hats In an elevator
In the presence of ladles. In hotels and
business buildings there is no more ob
ligation for men to bare their heads
than in a street car or railroad train."
The fallen woman who advised a "so
cial purity" worker In Baltimore to go
around the factories and try and have
the girls' wages raised instead of try
ing to reclaim the lost uttered a great
and luminous truth. In nine cases out
of ten such Nice is the direct result of
The estimate of tiie cost of the Nica
ragua canal by th?? lust party of gov
ernment commissioners to look over the
route is SllO.boO.MiO. An Increase of
$40,JW,OM over the earlier estimate
suggests the need of caution '.n consid
ering the project. The country will de
mand a more positive assurance as to
the cost than Is yet In s'jrht.
The total value of ail farm property
In the Province of Ontario. Canada, is
officially reported as $',)K'Wi.(nn for
last year. Of this SMT'i millions was
the value of the land, 2U millions for
buildings, 51ty millions for farm im
plements and 111 was the value of the
farm live stock. The total valuation
was about 1 per cent less than that
for 1893.
It is said that no steam locomotive
' has ever equalled the record made by
an electric locomotive In Baltimore.
At its latest test it hauled three steam !
locomotives and forty-four loaded cart.
up a heavy grade at the rate of twelve
miles an hour. In view of such results
experts are tieginnlng to think that the
electric locomotive is at last a practical
reality with revolution In it
.The United States Board on Geo
graphic Names has decided that Korea
and Cbemulpho is the proper spelling,
end that Blucflelds, not Blewfields. is
the title of the Nicaragua town. The
edict of the board that Havana must
be changed to Habana Is slightly revo
lutionary. But all departments of the
United States Government must accept
the amendment
The Kansas City new woman who
sued for a divorce because her husband
.would not do the cooking has failed to
obtain it Now what will she do? Of
course, her husband, encouraged as he
has been, will maintain his position,
and as the cooking will have to be done
by somebody, probablv sne will have to
do It But In that case how will she be
able to earn money to pay her lawyers?
It la a di til cult situation she is In.
It is supposed by some good Judges
of the course of affairs In South Amer
ica that Chili has an ambition to dom
inate the whole of that continent, and
that Its alliance with Peru means a war
with the Argentine republic within a
year. Chill possesses the moat service
able army and navy In South America,
and its aggressive dealings with its
neighbors show that it is well aware
of the fact The Argentine Congress
recently held a secret session to consider
the hostile attitude of Chill, and Braill
also la watchful of the growing Chilian
military establishment
, The death of Ephralm W. Bull, of
Concord, the originator, forty odd year
ago, of the Concord grape, la aanounc-
'. ad, at the ripe age of 89. The develop
ment of the Concord grape from a wild
grape of the wood will always keep
ftir. Bull's memory before the lover of
4bla frsttt There art many better
grape tban tba Concord, though It la
yt giore largely grown than any other.
t Bat without the Concord these better
' " grtpa aad never been. In his old age
t MX. Ball loat what property be bad and
baoaata dependent. ' Ha would have
VttaT. a. pawn ca bad avery one who
benefited by hie dlscertry contributed
-V c3l--ay -1. a faad (or bis ijup-
' & . - .--v e i." ;
r-t a World froa Tiff mm tftat
rr"l atti nttatawg and fewad
U tr: tn tar Cnet fte
rztsim mad wmb mm
for development." It U thought that
the tet made is comprehensive and
reliable enough to warrant a final con
clusion, and it is rejx.rteJ that 'u the I
strength of It the CarueK-e Company
has placed an order in Birmingham
for 2u,tJ tons of the iron. If these j
expectations are not disappointed there j
is likely to be a still further cheapening j
in the price of steel, already greatly
cheapened by the use of the improved
processes introduced in the last fifteen
years. Process steel Is now doing the
bulk of the work that was done by
wrought iron a generation ago. If such
ores as tbe of the South can be used
with advantage for steel making, the
twentieth century will le indeed whiit
the nineteenth has been called au age
of steel.
The London Daily News presumes
that the powers have accepted a Mus
sulman instead of a Christian as 11 gh
Commissioner for carrying out the re
forms In the administration of Arme
nia demanded by them, and adds: "If
so it will be a severe disappointment
to Armenia's best friends." It might
have added it would be a disappoint
ment to the whole civilized world. If
a Turk Is to be at the head of the scheme
there will l- no reforms, there will be
more massacres like the horrible butch
eries now going on at Treblzond, AdiU
and Anatolia, where hundreds of Chris
tians have been murdered pending the
promulgation of the scheme by the Sulv
lime Porte. All there is to an agree
ment Is the manner in which It Is car
ried out. How the Sultan, with a Turk
ish High Commissioner, would carry
It out Is shown in the statements of the
Turkish papers that he has already be
gun to introduce reforms in Anatolia
by increasing and reorganizing the
gendarmerie and "police force, wbi.-h
only means more soldiers, more niur
ders and more taxation. It Is incredible
that the great lowers wlih h have con
trol of Turkey should allow these mas
sacres to continue anil permit them
selves to be deceived over and over
again by the unspeakable Turk.
It will gratify Christian people every
where to learu that at last the Kuro
pean powers have forced the Sultan to
take steps which may fairly be expect
ed to prevent a recurrence of the Arm-1-nlan
ma-ssacres. No one will misinter
pret tiie motives actuating the Turkish
authorities. The porte is no nearer to
civilized practices than It has ever
been. 1 he fact is, of course, that the
comb'.ued coercion of six European
powers has been too much for the Turk,
ami be hits acceded to the demands of
civilization simply from the impulse of
self-preservation. The extent of his
unwilling acquiescence is measured by
the fact that he has not only assented
to the entire program laid down by the
European powers, but has agreed to ac
cept the Installation of a Christian to
put the new system in operation. In
view of this triumph for humanity It
dox-s not seem too much to bie that at
last a means has been found of making
the unspeakable Turk obey the dictates
of nineteenth century Here-
tofore the Sultan has promised lavishly
and broken his promises with simiiar
extravagance. The system perfected
by the European powers does not seem
to admit of much promise breaking
without Instant and very wholesome
retribution for It This time he may
try to break his promises If be likes
and his underlings in power may seek
to inflict other outrages on the Arme-
nians. but the forces of Christian Eu
rope stand ready to balk further mis-
Southern Hospitality.
A discourse on Southern hospitality
would be upon an old text; but as most
old texts are the especially good ones.
It would be a pity quite to drop them.
It has been predicted that with the
abolition of slavery and the consequent
difficulty In securing household assist
ance, there will be a decline of the old
famed hospitality; that it will not out
live this generation. Were the hearti
ness of this virtue confined to eutlug,
drinking and housing, we might fear
that with increased household labor
might be decreased cordiality of enter
tainment but there ia a further mani
festation than the mere attention to ap
petite. It's the being welcome to what
they have, rather the attention to what
they have, which especially marks the
warmth of the Southern manner; we
hope It la long that we shall know and
remember this beautiful virtue. Wom
ankind. As Potent a the Ciar.
The city of Nesswish, In Itussfan Po
land, belongs to Prince RadclwlIL Two
lakes one within the city and the other
near It also belong to him. This sum
mer, when the heat was greatest al
most unbearable, the Prince suddenly
Issued a proclamation forbidding fish
ing and bathing in these waters, the
only ones for miles around. The serv
ant of a Judge, nevertheless, went In
swimming and was immediately shot
by the guards placed by the Prince.
Add to this that the Prince and bis too!
are in no danger from the wheels of Jus
tice, and you bare one picture of the
state of liberty and law within the
realms of (be Czar.
At BaaaookbsuFB to Stay.
. A 8cotamau once neatly turned tiie
tables on an Englishman who had been
alluding to the number of Scots in ten
don. . "Well," replied the Scot "I know
a' place In Scotland where there ar
tblrtjr thousand Englishmen who nf er
ge back to their own country " ."Why.
sybereVer tan such a crowd bar atd
the Englishman, to wbom tba Scot dry
ry remarked, "at BatMockbarn.'? ' j
Toenig paag4a eVwerra jaeeX prr
severance at everything ewsept singing
mm piayug on a
Tbe Work of Hunting for the HiHllr
Must Gi seeorae ' M n 7 ara
lot Keeecnlsabl.
Detboit, Mich., Nov. 7 The work
of recovering the bodies of the victims
of the Journal lwiier explosion con.
tinued nil day yeater lay. Bv yesterday
morning all the debris ill have been
explored at.d the last of bodies re
covered. Up to 6 o'clock yesterday mornin?
eighteen bodies had been tikn from
the ruin, nearly all ot (hem frightfully
burned. As the worker eot ui'o that
portion of the debris into which fire
had not crept the en--itfn of the
corpses recovered w t found to lie bet
ter. Iieath bad com! to the victim of
the disaster so suddenly that many
of them were found in the very at
titude in which the-r were at the
moment of th explosion. Fourteen
corpses were takei o U of the ruing be
tween 6 o'clock in the morning and u
o'clock yesterday aftercoon. They
Jennie A'clWur.
Catherine IMIer,
Bertha Weidhuscb.
Katie Leonard.
John Keeper.
Rose Morgan.
J-ihn Jireitenbaeher,
Ernest Prf ins,
Emma Lichtenberg.
Rose ltre'z.
Lue Fret z.
John Francis Ierby.
Joseph Bradley.
I'p to 5 o'clock yesterday evpnlnp
every body taken from tiie ruins lia'
been identified ty friendsani relatives.
One body recovered frr ui the ruins wa
that of a young woman sitting bt It up--lgbt
in a chair an she had ben whei
the explo-iion look place. She had beei
SufToc fed.
At 2 o'clock the ilrft body of tie
afternoon's find w;i taken out of the
ruitis. Friends of Ihe miming formed
a circle about the enrched figure of a
girl, from which one foot was missing,
but there was no one to speak her
name. A silver watch was secured,
with gold chain and charm, also a dres-s
p.n with garnet Benin?. A lew mo
ments later a gentleman entered and
identified the articles as those of li s
daughter, Emma Lichtenburg.
A few minutes before 3 o'clock th"
ghastly find of the day was made. It
was the trunk of a woman. The body
was bloody, the arms and feet bumf d
off. The head was seen at some little
distance from the trunk, completely
severed by a falling timber. It was
bard work getting out these, awful re
mains, for they were pinned down by
timbers and the men had to saw away
the wood bit by bit. Fred Weidbusch
looked only at the red undershirt and
corset and declared it was one of his
two daughters, Annie or Lizzie, he
could not tell which one, as they
dressed alike. ' When th other one is
found I will know them by measuring
their skirts," be said as he returned to
the sceue of the horror to look for the
i 11 ' 1" other dead cntld, the third
of the trio of Vteibiti'Cti gir.s, two Bis
ters and a cousin, who met their death
A Flfta Man.
San FiiANCisco, Ca!., Xov. 8. J. C,
Davis the Rochester, N. Y., forger, haj
slipped through the meshes of the law
and is uow enjoying freedom in an
other state. His case was called for
trial yesterday morning, but Davis
failed to appear. Davis was released
upon bail abou' a week ago, bonds in
the sum ot 9 1,010 having been accepted.
These bonds are said to be good. At
any rate they received the approval of
the police department. The bonds
were ordered forfeited and a bench
warrant was Issued for Daris. Davis'
wife went east a month or so ago, and
It is learned that her parents hare sent
her to 8 ui h Dakota .'or the purpose of
securing a divorce. It is also said that
Davis' bondsmen were fully indemni
fied by his father-in-law before they
qualified on the tond.
WirrhouH Collapacs.
Leavenworth, Kas., Nor. 8. The
ast portion of Kyan & Richardson's
cold storage plant on Cherokee street
collapsed yesterday morning, wrecking
tbe engine and boiler rooms, damaging
seriously the cold storage and Ice ap
paratus and piling up hundreds of bar
rels of choice apples In a broken heap.
The west half of tbe structure was Dot
damaged. Tba wrack was due to the
sinking of tba foundation built orer an
alley sewer. An hour before tba crash
came tbe trouble was discovered and
tbe employes left. The entire ware
bouse contained SO.nQO barrels of ap
ples. About 10,000 barrels war shak
en up and huntr t rained.
Hare aet oauS ibr Crrw.
. Philadelphia, I'a Nor. 8 The
easel which tank off Fenwlck'i Uiaud,
iatbe Delaware bav, lias been discov
ered to be tba telioener Laughing
Wter af Portlaod, Me. There are oo
tidings of aar of her erew, en4 U If
thought that all bands hart baea lost,
Jfcr wMssTi'ge mkUb , ireav flatbed
- i.slatiM tslksMan
I wreaked f unbar off tbe
Workmen Ftill F:
A HOKKllll.K DIS-lkTEtt.
Th Detroit Kwmmtag Journal la Wrch4
aacl Man Lira 1 oat.
Detkoit, Mich., Sr. 7. At thne
minutes to 9 o'clock yesterday morn
ing the battery of boilers in the build
ing of the Evening Journal exploded,
wrecking the buildings No. 45 and 47
West La-nel streat," killing at least
forty person", wounding twenty others
more or less seriously and causing a
money loss o SiVlniu.
The Itetroit Journal oflice was lo
cated at Stielby ani Lurried streets, oc-
cupying loritsmair. omces a seventy
foot fr tit on Lame I street,
of its building and " rt of
the same
block were two twenty foot fronts
which constituted the scene of the dis
aster. One of these. No. 45, was wholly
occupied by John Dvis & Co., salera
tus manufacturers and dealers in gro-ce-s'
supplies, while in the basement of
the other were the two boiUrs which
exploded. Just above the boiler room
on the first floor was the Journal's
mailing room. The second floor whs
occupied by the Kahlbiand Engraving
company and V, V. Dunlap's agency
for Rogers' typojraph supplies. The
third and fourth floors were George
Ihlier's book bindery and the top flour
was the Journal's stereotyping room.
There were three siereotypers at
work on the Journal's Ikor, about
thirty girls in the book bindery, be
sides the properator, a machinist, and
several others In the typograph supply
shop, several engravers and assistants
in the Kohlbrand company's rooms and
a force of cle'ks in the ground floor
mailing room. There were six persons
ill the Davis building. In the base
ruent were the engineer, fireman and
several pressmen. The first intimation
the neighborhood got of the disaster
was fron the tremendous repor', fol
lowed by a blinding cloud of debris.
smoke and steam, and tiefore this had
cleared away the whole, live floors and
the people working upon them were in
ore inextricable wreck.
The force of the explohion had thrown
down the wall between 43 and 47
Lamed street and the joixis which
rested upon it came tutnblihg down,
tearing themselves Irom the apjotiing
wall. A heavy lire wall separated tills
building from the main building of ti e
Journa company. The weight of this
sufficient to withstand the shock of
the explosion, ana although several
holes were blown through it the walls
remained standing. The firemen were
there in a minutes from the hex corner
The Knxlitlinien )lat.
Ai'STlK, Tex., Nov. 7. The weather
was line yesterday and a lare crowd
saw the regatta races. The grtateveft
of the day was the final beat of three
miles with turn, double scull, for the
world's chant pionsl ip and a urne ot
fl.000, between the English champions,
Bubear and Barry, and the America's
flyers, Teemer and Rogers. Both crews
were in the pink of condition, and the
course, with a gentle south breeze blow
ing over it, was all the sportsmen could
desire. The start was made in txcel
lent style, Teemer and Rogers taking
water slight! r ahead. Bubear and
Rarry followed and a
few ..weeping
strokes sent them ahead of the Anieri
cans, and as they passed the first quar
ter stake a full boat's length of daylight
was between them. The Americans
pulling straight up the course striking
Llieir oaia null a uuni o iciilii otiriu
Uubear ard Brry were evidently n-'t
alarmed and pulled away w ith a beau-
tifiilstorke. The Americans continued '
to gain on them and bo'h crews
rounded the mile and a half ilag
together. Down the home stietcli they
were neck and neck. At the three
quarter stake tbe Englishmen had
forged ahead about a half boat's length.
The Americans again exerted them
selves and as they neared the last quar
ter flair the boats were about an eighth ,
of a mile of the home line. At this
n.tini Ituhear and Murrv snurted and 1
r " t -I
with a filly-five stroke crossed the fin-,
ishlng line at least a coupie of boat's,
length ahead. Official time, 17:40,
which breaks the world's record, 18:02.
Tbe second event was a single scull
trial best, three miles with three turns, ,
four times over the course, between .1. 1
Gaudaur, H anion, Peterson, Rogers '
and Teemer. Peterson led off, with
Ropers second. It was a steadily pulled
and pleasing race, with several changes ,
Id the relative positions of boats until
the last stretch was reached.
Two Vlllairea In Danger.
ValPakaiso, Ind., Nov. .The Til
lages of Hamlet and Davis on the Fort
Wayne road, 80 miles east of this city,
are In danger of destruction. The Dra
wbicb started on the Kankakee marsh
last weak is burning throuub tbe south
part of Laporte county. Tbe Penn
sylvania officials ordered out all sec
tion men between Plymouth and VaJ
paraaso to go to Davis and Hamlet to
fight tba lira. Tbe company's bridges
and tracks are In danger. Tbe whole
country soutb of Hamlet and Davis is
ablaze and farmers were obliged to
leave their homes io order to save tneir
C-aproaaiea Ta. '
Pah Francisco. Cal., Not. 7.-Tbs
statement pUbli-bed la a morning pa-
bar to tba effect that litigatloo over the
Fair estate had bean compromised to
tba satisfaction of aileooosroed is de
nted by afl IpteresUd la the matter.
Cbtvrlaa L. Tair'ssyt no compromise is
Ukelv and that the ItOfy .published la
altogetber Ineocurate, and Attbraf
OoodfeUow says be baa no inwouou or
A M I SI A NO C Ml I. fcV
A Mas I I Molina. Ill , lakM H Llf-
DAVrNroKT la., Xov. A. Yester
day morning Jacob Schwegart, em
ployed at the Molina plow works, com
mitted suicide by taking morphine, at
Mollne, I1L He bad been on a spree
and vowed Thursday night that he
would klU himself. Tj humor him a
friend drew up his will. Schweigart
claimed to have Sj.oOO in the bank and
t hie amAiini Iia U. ft to Ids brother. W.
ij. Campbell of Msrkeville, Perry
county. Pa. Upon hi death a tele-
i m , . e . . ,hB r.,.moCrat
; ria ui swa v tv - -
lUtisler at liioornll"id. Pa. KegarC-
, j,pff i,is funeral he directed that be be
buried in a rough pine Dox, ana ai it
was lowered Into the grave the Mollne
Light guard band was to play "The
(iirl I Left iiehind Me." Unfriends
were then to nil in the grave, tramping
down the earth and leaving no mound
lo mark the spot. He signed the name
of Joseph Campbell to the will. Onlv
bank books calling for SlOO could be
found after his death. Among his
effects was an accideut insuranc
policy for $1,000 taken out in Canton,
III., last July. He was found to be
long to the Knights of Pythias lodge
number jlidiietown, ., and to a
lodge of the Independent Order of
Odd Fellows at Dayton, 0. lie had
been at Moiine since August, but
nothing was known of his antecedents.
AHfr Maujr Veara.
Denver, Colo., Nov. J. George S.
Hazen, a brother of the late General
Hazen, fourth assistant postmaster
general, was arrested on a ranch near
Meeker, Colo-, and will be brought, to
Denver to stand trial. Hazen has been
a fugitive for nearly ten years, and it
is due to the mrsislent activity of
Snecial Agent Waterbury that he wus
finally located.
George Hazen was postmaster at
j Meeker in 1SH5 and lS-, and on No
; vember 20, iHtyl, was indicted for pledg
i inir and disposing of several hundred
( dollars" worth of postage stamps and
for making false reports to the depart
I merit. lie lost two months and knows
nothing of ptnding trial, bet when, tie
cape was culled he had disappear !,
F.x-Uiiited States tv-nator Tabor, bis
bondsman, subsequently had to pay
' the forfeited bond. Wi.terbury at Ihe
. I i m uua II,.-. L.!t.r l,i ,ll'rU Ut thill
.limn t, a iimiw,ii vM-.ip...
point, and he vowed he would fin-l
' Hazen someday, Ilazen's daughter l
i teaching school near Meeker, to whom
I Hazen, thinking the cpsb had been foi-
gotten, receiHly returned.
On to Atlanta. .
CllK'AfKi, III., Nov. il. Nearly
Chicago citizens, accompanied by dele
(rations from Aurora, Peoria, Jollet
Milwaukee and Racine, pet out for At
lanta yesterday afternoon to be pr(- i
Brnt at the celebration of Chicago day
Ht the exposition in tiiat city next
Tuesday. There were live trains of ten
cars each, over the Petit svlvania ai.d,
Chicago &. Eastern Illinois, and a I
were comfortably tilled. Besides some
of the most prominent in business
and political circles of this city, includ
ing Alenander H. Hevell, Senator trhel
bv M. Cullom. Ferd W. Peck. Horace
', Tnilrur Vrutllr V ( 11 DH.i 111 OS And
I ,. ' ..... , . ,.,
r-ecreiary Clone oi uin iimiu ui no'"-,
the delegation contained the entire
; First regiment, Illinois national gua-d,
: and a car load of horses for the use
, tltn sif!ii-Mra TlkA l-'lrttt. la ( '.h icfu-,'s
crack md ,g up fof U e
most part of young men of wealth and
social prominence. It Is under the
command of Col. Henry Turner, w ho
has planned an elaborate program of
drills and military evolutions to be
gone ihren'h with in Atlanta. On
board the first tr.iiu were Govenor Alt
geld aiid party, including state officers
and members of Ins s'aff, Mayor .w ift
and other municipal nihVers, W, II
Harper's private car, a car for the re
gimentals and one for horses.
Allen Thiiriliaii In Serloue Condition
Coli Jim s. O., Nov. 0. Ei-'-ena- '
tor Allen G. Tiiurman fell from a sofa I
in bis library last Friday and suffered
Injuries which have developed into a
serious nature, and lie cannot Voiibly
At 11 o'clock last night the condition
of Judge Thurman was somewhat im
proved. Tbe members of the family
had retired, leaving the distinguished
patieut in the care of his nurse. Dr.
Whlttake, bis physician, saw Mm at 10
o'clock and did not call again last
night. He does not now think there is
any immediate danger ot death.
Judge Thurman Is sleeping quietly.
His condition is that of collapse and
the physicians says It is altogether im
probable that be will sun ive long. No
bones were broken by the fall and the
only wound uotlceable is a slight abra
sion over tbe hip bone. In a young
person the accident would have been
On Uand at Lewat.
Rome, N, Y., Not. 9.-wllllam
Hawkins, formerly of Rome, shot his
wife twice and then killed himself, in
Canastota Friday. It is thought the
woman will recover. Tbe cause of the '
'hooting is unknown.
Aea,alil f the Charge
Linden, Kan., Not. !. It.
R. B.
j Mullens, a nephew of the secretary of
tbe treasury, John G. Carlisle, wss Frl
day acquitted of tbe charge of rour er
tng J, W. Blake. Ob the afternoon of
December VI, WH, Mullens aud Blake
met m a 'Hillnd pig" at Arvoola, Mul
lens shot Blake three times as tbe re
soil Of quarrel that ensued. At the
trial Dr. Mullens pro vsd a good' char-
eater and
that be aotad lo, self-
i "Nebraska TRotcs i
Norfolk has a cemetery association
composed of ladies.
lironeho breeders of Custar county
are finding a market for the bucking
brutes in Georgia.
Danbury had i' first coal famine
last week. Not a pound could be bad
for love or mouey.
V. W. Haskell of the Ord Quiz Is
nw recognized as the leading poet ol
northwest Nebraska.
Wicked womeu in Fremont are re
quiiei to plead quilty and pay a
monthly Cue or go to jail.
Platumouth has a resident whose
name Is Johu Likewise Who says
there is nothing in a narrfe'
Gold hunters at lujCool are not find
ing the banks of the Bine as rich la
good quart I as they hoped.
Newcastle has expended more money
for new buildings this seasou thaa any
other town in Knox county.
II. Sciiby of Ames is mourning the
dlsaparauce of a valuable buggy.
Someone took it from Danbury.
The Methodist brethern of Chadron
have set about the good work of biild
iug a parsonage for their able pastor.
Several farmers north of Bur well
neglected to make lire guard around
tneir hay stacks and now they have
Farmers of Valine and the south part
of Seward county are hauling corn
from near Garrison to feed their stock
the comiug winter.
B. Mick man of Dodge county has
broken tbti record. He pul ed a beet
the other day thai weighed almost
1 wenty-nine pounds,
Mrs Henry Ahl, living near Milli
gan, Fillmore county, gave birth to
three girls, and all parties bid fair to
live long and prosper.
papers were recently filed with the
! register of deeds in Buffalo county, de
claring the South Park addition to the
city of Kearney vacated.
The sons of a farmer in Chase county
uuearther a den of rattle snakes, and
in three days put 123 of the "pizen"
reptiles out of thlr misery.
The editor of the Humphrey Herald
says of the editor of his loatl.S"ine
contempcrary that he Ims -'t brains
' i "'
Johu J. G lehel, the "efficient" clerk
j of Cedar county, has held the ollice
; three years aud au expert finds his nc
i court short to the tune of S4,U3 io.
Dudley Trusdell or Fremont while
playing shlppy pot a rap over the heal
that "put Idm to hep," The doctor
thinks ho will be ah ri;;ht in a few days.
A spelling match lias been arranged
between the literary giants of I'.looin
lield and Wausa, who will contest for
a pnzo and the championship of the
A Mrs. Baudt of Erina, Garfield
county, while going about with her
household uulies, suddenly fell to the
floor and expired. Heart disease was
the cause.
The chattle morgages filed during
October in Uuffalo county were l'.'J,
amounting to g-lS,o3i.oG and the tn tu
ber released were K'V, amounting to
The ermine of the Sixth Juliclal dls
trict wilt be worn by the s-ime oldteiwn
of first class jurists, William Marshall
of Fremont and John J, bulilvau of
j Columbus,
Thieves cracked llm windows of a
store at Mitchell the other night, and
tapped tbe money drawer for all there
was in it. The amount of the find was
less than
A freight train of 115 "empties"
went went over the Union Pacific the
other day. The train ws three
quarters ot a mile in length aud drawn
by two engines.
I Two sprigs of tender manhood bad a
! fistic encounter at N allace over title to
the undying love of a farmer's daugh
ter aud the sensible girl deserted them
both as unworthy of her platonic affec
tion. One of tbe best farm houses in Madi
son county, belonging to Charles Lauch
burned to the ground with most of its
contents. The Insurance of &700 will
scarcely cover one-third of the loss. A
defective flue was the cause.
Charles Coleman was exhibiting a
thirty-five pound spoon billed cat fish,
i says the Plattsmouth News, which was
caught last nlgnt by some Dslierman.
Tbe bit! of the fish was about fourteen
Inches wide and half an inch thick,
and was quite a curiosity to many.
Mayor Dablman handed in bit re
signation as mayor of Cbadron much
to the suprise of everyone. He states
that his time Is so occupied with his
duties as deputy oil Inspector and his
outside business that be Is unable to
attend to bis office at mayor.
Silver labels no mora, says tbe Soutb
Bloui City Record, and where once was
a beautiful body of water there is now
nothing left but rashes and musk rat
houses. John M. Moan eight yeara
ago contemplated placing a steamer on
tba lake for pleasure parties. .
Tecuinseh is rolng to hare a broom
factory . Thomas Goodman, now a
resident of (he county and an nperl
need broom maker and raiser of broom
oora will shortly remove to that city
from his farm and establish tba fac
tory. Ha baa aoaraoturad broomi
on th farm for a Domker of- years on
asmatlseaie. ' ' ' - :
. There's bait oa ftorfoti job need to
manage and tnal hi yotoMtf.T. D
Witt Talmag.
s'Ulng. defense.
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