The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 07, 1895, Image 5

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I. .1. NliuiiioiiK, KdUor uml l'rop.
r. E.4 M.vb. tt.Tlnwt.1,1,.
Ooing W ,t.. Uolll(f ElwL
o. , n.liwl, io m Ma. , lnllwi
Kiva ca.H of Turkey red print at 5 cent
er yard.
Three canes of Best Mjddor print irt 5
a yard.
flood Apron Check ginghams at 4 tent
a yard.
Excellent Dress KinKham at 7 cents a
One caw left of Canton Flannel at 8
cenU, worth 11 cent.
Two case left of Canton Flannel at 10
ccnU a yard, worm 15 cents.
Beautiful wool brocade at 15 cent
a yard, worth 25 centH.
IW-inch All wool Henrietta ut 2d cents a
yard, worth M cents.
The fluent 54 inch Liidies Cloth at 47
cenU a yard, worth 65 cent.
All the Staple, and Novelty dres guud
33$ per cent draper than ever before.
Our Millinery Department is in
charge- ,f u City Trimmer
who is tin Artist.
Good untrimmed Hats at 25 cents.
Trimmed H.its from $125 up.
200 IllankeU at 59 cents per pair.
The largest stock of LlankelK uver
All Wool Ingrain Carpets, New lsigns,
at 4S cents a yard.
This week we open 100 p iirs of Ladies'
Shoes always sold by exclusive
shoe men at $1.50. We offer them
at $1.00 per pair.
Fifty pairs left of the G. It. Smith &
Co. bankrupt stock of Minks' shoes
left, selling at one-half price.
500 cloaks at less than cost of manu
facture. We are allowing nothing old
in lry Goods, but our prices
are lower than the whole
sale prices of the year 1S94.
Mail Orders Carefully
XI. E. Smith & Co.,
Chadron, Neb.
Fresh fish and oysters always on
liand at Rohwer's
For the highest cash price for
w heat see Grant Guthrie.
Fresh oysters, New York counts, 50
cents a can at Uohwer.s.
Horehound compound cough syrup
the preat remedy for coughs and coldn
at the Pioneer Pharmacy.
A prairie fire burned over a large
kcO ef country toward Soldier crenk
last week.
County Supt. presided over the
ramitiar department of the school on
Tuesday and a part of Wedusnlay during
the absence of Mr. Fisher.
It looks as if winter had set in for
kee at a little earlier date than com
mon. Tuesday was the coldest election
day exierieiiced here for ut least seven
yearn and the ground was covered with
ln the case against J. II. Drown, of
which mention was made last week,
Sheriff Itew went out on Monday and
brought tlie defendant in and a t-omui-j
u anew wai4 made for thirty days it oil the
Isxid fixed al two liutiiJreii dollars,
Wlule cast u few days ago U. F, j
Coffee purchased three hue Hereford
bulls and W. A. Iligelow Ismglil two ot
the same kind and shipped tliem here to
take to their lionien. The lornier bought
enough young steers to lilt out a cur ai.u
they got here on Wednesday.
T. J. Gibson, the Craw lord dentist,
will be in Harrison November 11th anil
will remain to till all enKagemeiiU made
during tiie first three days he m here.
He will lie prewired to do all work in the
line of dentistry and extract teeth uh
solutely without pain or danger of un
pleasant result.
TlIB JoCHN'aI. would suggest that it
would be well for the county commis
sioners to have a chimney built on tlie
jail anil the place made ready to receive
uny who muy lie taken into custody. It
is no good as it is for winter quarter.
Mr. Caroline E. (Hiisner, wife ol
Rev. W. O. Glasiier, nt one time astor
of the M. K. Church al thin place, died
nt Ilia family resident in Crawford on
Sunday Oct, 27, 184. IteceiweiUtt well
known to many people of On commun
ity. It is culi.-tr that there an mora
scholar in the grammar department of
th vilUff schooli than ther ii in the
riinary department. This h.n necmi
latad a chanira in th rooms so that now
Um north room in the mrfiool building: I
ustummI hv Um iMimurv W iwrlilieill
Mm south room ts occupied hy the yram
'War defnrtmeatt
A O. Fish-r ws up from ''hadron
ImmI Tuiirxlav.
C. II. Unit! relurn'-d Tuestlay from hi
trip to Seward.
Mrs. il. A. Pri.ldy has beea quite sit k
for wime day t.
S. II. Cofee and John 8rre return. d
Thursday Iroiu the S.jUtlj O ualia cattle
V ill P .iitius arriv d from ; 'ity
Saturday to v.sit his iurm! d'lrtii a
vacaliim of a -Oii le f Metkr.
SupL bav.s Siturd.iy from
Omahi. He found his uioiher iiuprov
uijj under the treatment for her ejes.
C. Y. Hough came down Tuesday from
aspvr to visit his pareuts and looks af
ter Mime business interests, returning
II. L. Fisher went to Chadron the first
ol the week to look after his homestead
and ext-rcise his rifchl us an American
. Fletx Iter was in town the lirst of
the week letking after a claim of the
Rusbville M.lhng lnnpany against the
tirm ol Hough & Son.
(.'limed by Creditors.
List week the general store of Hough
& Son was closed by creditors. It was
not unexpected us it was generally un
derstood for some time that the Nrni was
in bad shajie. On Thursday Geo. H.
Turner liltd a chattel mortgage given on
the stock h.r over t2.400.00 and at oiv e
look possession. The stock was in
voiced mid did not reach $2,000. Mr.
Turner also came into possesion of the
notes and accounts, hut what they
amount to or w hat can be collected is
not known. There are other creditors
but what their claims agu'regnte cannot
lie ascertained, but 't looks as if they
had little show of getting much ns the
assets are all in the possession of Turner,
who was the principal creditor. Mr.
Turner is filling up the stock and will
continue the business as he llnds that to
lie Ins only chance to get even. It is
not known what Mr. Hough intends do-
IhisiiiPss Notice.
Having taken the stock of general
merchandise from Hough & Son by
virtue of a chattel mortise and also
having come into possession of
all notes and open book accounts
held by the above llrm the same are
ayahle to nie and I desire that all will
call ami settle the same as soon as possi
ble as I nm very much in need of funds
to straighten out outstanding accounts
for which I am responsible. Trusting
that no further notice will be necessary
I awnit your calling.
Geo. II Turner.
Call fur Cmn1lnione!l, Mfetln(r.
The board of county commissioners of
Sioux county, Nebraska, are hereby
called to meet at the office of the coun
tv clerk at Harrison, Nebraska, on
Wednesday, Novemlier 13, 1HH5, at 10
o'clock, a. tn., for the transaction of
ordinary county business.
County Clerk.
Church 'nts.
Service next Sunday nt Harrison at
10 30, and at. Bodarc at 3 P.M. All are
cordially invited.
D. J. Clark,
First quarterly meeting at Rodtirc
Saturday nnd Sundav November 23 and
21 Presiding Elder A. R. Julian will
The Leaguers are preparing to give an
-Milei'tuimnent at the church Thanksgiv
ing evening.
0,'t ready to watch the old year out
mil the new year in at the church.
Knights if 1 lie Mac-cnbcc.
The state commander w riles us from
Lincoln, Neli., as follows: "After try
ing other medicines for what seemed to
1st a Very obstinate cough in our two
children we tried Dr. King's Sew Discov
eiy and at the end of two day the cough
entirely left them. Wo will not be
without it hereafter, as our experience
proves that it cures where all other rem
edies fail "-Signed F. W. Stevens, st ile
com. Why not give this great medicine
a trial, as it is guaranteed and trial bot
tles nre free nt the Pioneer Pharmacy.
Regular size 50c nnd $1.00.
School Report.
Report of School .sstrlct No. Sft for
the month ending October 25, No, of
days taught 20. No. of days all pupils
attended 24. No. tif pupils enrolled 15.
Average attendance 14. Joseph Ijeeling,
Carrie Leeling, Annie Idling, Herman
und Mary Levling were neillier tardy
nor altsent during the month. Willie
and Henry Hittner, le Ring and Ed
wnrd I deling were tardy hut not absent.
mmmtmmmmm mmmm TWdier.
Barklra's Arnica Hah.
Th best salve In Hie world for cuts,
bruises, wires, ulcer, salt rheum, fever
sores, letter, chapped hands, chilblains,
corns, and nil skin eruption and positive
ly cures piles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give pecfa'1 satisfaction
or money refunded. Price M cents per
boa. For sale iy rtoeeer PtwraMoy,
Ohio, Xew York, Mus-iac-hitsc-lts,
Muryluiid, Kunsus uml
Kentucky Full
in LI no.
District Judges Very Close, Ex
cept on Kinkahl.
Citizen's County Ticket Electeil,
Except SlierltV mil
Stipe rlnteiiilent.
The reult of the election on Tuesday is
a surprise to a great many people. In
Ohio the republicans carried the day by
a hundred thousand pluralities and the
legislature is strongly republican.
New York went republican by HO.000,
N'ew Jersey by 15,000, Maryland by 10
000 and Kentucky is also claimed, while
Pennsylvania went republican by nearly
In Utah the republicans were victo
rious and the new slate will elect two
meniliers of that party to the United
.States senate.
In Kansas a death-struggle was made
by the populists but the election of the
republican nominee for supreme justice
by u majority of not less than 20,000 is
the best evidence that Kansas has got
through w ith her foolishness and in the
lulure will Isj found in her projier place
ol the republican column.
In Ntlir.ilia tlie republican state tii ktt
.a e lei ted by go, si pluralities bill the re
turns are not siillii leiitly complete to
give exact llgures hut from what has
is-en learned it is not less than 10,000
The reports from the judicial district
are that Kiukaid is elected, and the oilier
three candidates are very close and it
will take the ulficial count to decide it.
In Sioux county the vote was light on
account of the disagreeable weather, not
more than four (ll'ths of a full vote hav
ing been cast. The repoi Is came in very
slowly, but few of those who brought i it
the returns had a list of the vote outside
I be sealed package, as a result nothing
delluitely coulil be learned until the ol
licial canvass wus made alter all cutne
in, which u as not until Friday evening.
A table ul the Vole cast will appear
next week. The lolluwing gives the
Lotal vole received by the various Can
dida tea:
Forjudge of the supreme court:
. 47
. i;w
1 'Helps . . 27
For judges of the 1 Hli judicial district:
Harlow 151
olden bJ2
Kmkaid 24
Wenlover lii
For county cler!;:
Blewett 2it9
Nicholson Ml
v elr 7
For county treasurer:
Ihehle.. 143
hrisleiiseu 1)0
ovey 77
iJew 70
For county judge:
Patterson 110
Wilson .227
For county sherilf:
Ita.tlett 158
Hamliii .UH
lIllMltM 1 ...
For county coroner;
Mi mfcr. ,
For county HipernilviKl ni;
.11 vi...
For t'ounly iommis.sionr iistrk j
iMing none vgnuiKt Uinu
ra.fti KtN a
A little ring may prop me ut lh vot
ers Willi tltvir ienciln,
Ooltonwoiwi xt ot ven for last
IM nny body my Ihal Welvr ws a
rong1 cnmlKliiteY
iVmtroling n wMly oonwriUon
Very much of wrcwrinK on elnctiop,
8evn tlmn tlio voteni of Hinnx vown
ty hv t()iiliaUHl nt tlw mi1h wlint
lionet hii dvical0(l. Houxh miiHt b -ft
Il tMi Wn My well tknion-lr;Ud
that the Voli?rH f 8kiix ronnty ilo not
Ukvkintlly to ho()mIhU'8 bo nre not
tiUd hy oM sort of 4 coV4Mitio.
Shipping voters in the f.i -e doe n-t
odd votes to th candidates of the one
who does the slapping.
Tlie party lash does not reach into the
voting booth and those who want to run
politics will do well to recognize it.
The point to the joke of tlie little ring
in its nomination for coroner is now
more clearly apparent. There are a
number of political corpses since Tues
day. Word ni-eived here on Monday
that if Wets r i-unie in second he would
contest the fl ct ion. The voters saved
him Ihe costs of d contest by giving him
third place.
The editor of The Joi.'KNAL may be a
chump but half a dozen campaigns in
Sioux county has taught him better
than to attempt to rani a dose down the
voters that they do not want.
The result in the county ticket will
prove that Thb Jovbxal hit very near
the truth in its accounts of the various
conventions. The further fact that some
people got very mad about the write
ups ig unfailing evidence of the truths
therein contained. It is the truth that
hurts and makes them wince.
It May do as Much for You.
Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, III., writes
that he had a severe kidney trouble for
many years, with severe pains in his
back and also that his bladder was af
fected. He tried many so-called kidney
cures but without any good result.
About a year ago he began use of Elec
tric Bilters and found relief at once.
Electric Bitters is especially adapted to
cure all kidney and liver troubles anil
often gives almost instant relief. One
trial will prove our statement. Price
only 50c for large bottle at Pioneer
F., E. & M. V. R. R. is the lst
to and from the
Notiri' to I-uml Owner.
To ll to who. ii It in. iv (ioiu't'i n :
The cu umiMMO.n-r .ipiHii itcd to OHtiblWli
a ro.tti coiiniitMii'i iK "I Uic I'Oiinty nu be
twneit i tWrt utnl nou X i:ou itim, .thl im
tweiMi HictiotiM 1 uixl t p.;, rmiifn M, niii
niuK tlu;itc(! wont 1111 Kt-ction liittt two itiui
W'V(MlMMl)tlH lllllr., tllt'IUU! liori llW!?tt to U
poi -t atMMil i)uv. iiikI (iim-li ill in lit;, tlifiici;
Irn'xiUiiriy throuK-i the t ul l.imin to i
point uhout twenty roi mi th ut tin; moulU
t.ut cur.iiT ol rtftrtioii 1, UiWiiHliip
b A l.tntls to a point on win I tun ilun Uft v'(tu
tlicnce in a generally 1101 Hi wrst tiirtM-tion to
tin hall Hi'Clloil corntT twLWrtill nccIio.h
uml H, toWtiHhip SH, r.iiiK l4 ', nlntt ro.u ncnu
lnK it a .ilxmt 20 roU noutu t tlu1
SOUtlUMst OOflHT Ut HCl'Uofl lf tOvVtl-
uooot iOi) roil-s thtoice Kouuivvct uhoiu iw
rotlH, 'lu'iico Huiuiti'. Ht lo tovvnsh tp illlt',
tlu-iH-e Huuth on lowiiliip lint! to tint north
ut rorui'i ot Miction i.t, lowii.slnp Xl, ra.igc
tliciicM weit on Ht'ctioii line out liait niilc;
H.HO CO.IlMIMNCillK lit tl poillt hbOUt SI X I "
rods imrtn ot Hie li iif s4'rHoi coi nrr tx:
twrtni Hu'lioiiri4 old 1, U)M iintiip Iki, r.iiigt
tlieiic.f' onu milu Mouth, ttiruiiti.ittt .a
lh tjUttru-r mo tion cormT Ot'tw wii H('cton?s
laiiii (., U i(?iliip &it r.iiit; Vi, 1) .m j i poi t ii
In Ittvui ol Ihe .Oiijsli.i.tnit tlM'icoi ith
tiio Iojio ch .nrf.-.', Lu wil: iro .1 pui-.i
40 totls n.tnl ul tlie .niii ill c-t corner ul sec
tion a, townhi JV't, r.ingn A.t, it 1 u o in u
Mjtitli Wi'hU'i .v (tin.'t:lioii ti a poihl tttitiv
nU .oiitli ot Uh; 411. h ut corner 0.1 rfouth
hhUi oi mx tion 4, tiicm-tt tn a 1101 thwcsu'i i v
diriH'lioii to u point zn ro0s wrMt ol s.od fop-
iit-r, tni-iicu iingiiiuiiy inroun u.iU i.iud?
uh pr.ttut for in petition; msu, to ro.n
iminctMit a point tvvtiit! I'otirt Hoitlli of the
qUt.rUr (.'oriu-r on the M)iith Midi) 01 Ttion
4, towoMiip :(, r.tij(; t, runiiiiiK t)it'
.lotitn to fiU iitt l' corner ott eiuiiiu tiult oi
wctioii V, township raiiKi! a.t unit tl)iic
ICl'iiailftU, HIKl till tlOjtH'llOliS thci'iU
or cl.ilniri tor (LiiiitiK''' naist 00 Pica
In the olllro of i-outiiy lu k 0.1 or beune
uoonol the aiwt Uay of ino.iiiM'r, A. i. InM.
or H.itil 10. ul will lu ortt.ibiirtliuil w ithuiit
t!rmi' thereio.
M. J. ltl.KWKTT,
.HliM' to Noii-iii-.-iilciiI. Di ft'iKl.iuL.
I-pwIh M. Kalib, hfMi rMidcnt ih-l.inlan t,
1m ht'H'liy ntlllHl on Orlulit'i' it, JM(-Jt
NtttiiueJ outiiwortti, pmlntiil, jla-d in llii
li".(,i i(r v oui r ot Monx uninty, tM'hriiMK,t(
ilia prt itittti, h herein lie ncck ..innl H.iiu
(li'Ksnd.Liil, und othrrrt, un nt'cuiiiiMnK 01
the Hinoiint due upon liottj ot drti;nti.iii t.
It, .00, to It. K. rltmoii & t (., d.tOMl Uceetii-
iKTi. with iuUMit theivo.i lio.n d,li.
and lor u !H''CtO-iire ot the. inort tn hiv
eurinx p.iyiuiMit of j,(id note, eoavnyi" lo
the hoider ul Maid not" the Motiiliwet qu.ij
ter 01 KeeiMin !4t tow.iHhip '27 uorto, ol
raiiue & wrnt; and w hirl) note und inui't
K.iHu for value received were aHijf.itd and
irMiiMlem1! to plalnlitl 011 Juno 1, lKSofc 11110
N ikiw 4wiiio hy plaintitT. Vou uVtt re
.(iili. o lo answer N.ild pt;lit. on 0.1 or hetore
ovt'mlNT i, ihtiA, or .tJd jHdition wui in
tktuiiwc.iiiwd to Im true hv yon and
Judgment aceordiiiiy Mfuderl.
J'l.tliitijri Attorney.
Ily vlrtup of Mti ortlrr ol Xuln Ixsutttl hy
tilt, t'lfi-k tif Hit. Iiitrlt't I uiirl of lav. Luuti
ly l Itiux. .4. tl Mtitt! if t'l'r..f.k.i, uimiu u
iltfretiifiitl'TttJ by 1. ill Court In f.tur of
'I lit .Itlt'lllM-l'l SttvllIKH -lid iMAll Art'MM'itt
tittii tuiti .. ii .Ht SV mi. .in U. nutitti, 9
fjillltll, .Ifpt-tl 11 tltl'l 411111 .-.Uillil,
i hiii 0.1 iht mil tJuv .ovt.'..itfr, 1-41..,
hi tiitt iiunr u( oVitH'k, p. iii oi nt,iti
tl..y, l inn tvm. li.ti otttu- 01 tit.t toiii'i
uttiiM it. il rttt 11 .1 1 .'Hi .tr t.4
Kt.l4 tlltl'l IT ttl .tiltt M.l tUtT Jot
ltiti.ri d hm;.i r; .4 titt. (ttt'ii; ijt
11 u. uO i' rivt.?, I.. k ..u.t.tii'i' .ia, tn ilitt
iotvuol 11 .rr.toii. .-ioi4 t.'a .l, t;li rf.i...
Hi fl IHlC ltO.t, lo lUt IlifalU nt hllillt-1
lor ('..nil, ut ,.ln.y a .I ttrJci til .w. in
lint MUtu ul nix iiuiitintl Hll.v .xluti
a 11m itoil..r, Hud luU'ifnt, txjiit untl ttc--rul..n
emits. A, U. Htw,
I Mt J MieolT.
Alviit T, Clitrk, Ally for i'JulmtHf.
Mit rltri ShK
Hy lrtnnof n-n orilwf n Un HhM hy Xhi
olt'fk ol I li ttMlici 4HHi'lM tli ouitiiiy tl
hlotix ititil niitUttil .Ntir.tttka, Minna iltMrfit
rtMittfrrtl hy H.t.ltl ntuiai-i m t or of JlitiMisjo
IM'Uo .K-o'im. loui't-j Kttin, Auifiitt
kit. 1 11, Jut. pll ii, AriimtrouK, W. W. WimhI
mitt in t!. II lawn, 1 will, on (hn III.U d iv tl
NovTinUfi'. A l. IhWi, , t tkii'iiiHir of 10
o'fliiik, . 111.. 1 1 he e .ul 1 1 out iltHir of I In
onnrt Ikpihii. In il..rrioii, in .til fotuity,
nncT Hull wii in-' toiiiiwinn atwriiHtti rt'itl
mi ,ti' 10 wit: I'll" ' tin iiti f of
HtifUo ' thirty lhit in Inuiinh p tlilrl.y
n .p etii. Morih of r nit" tif iv thriM' i H), vrt
ot Ilitt n(xth I'. M. In Um oou .tv of Monx
mil t ilt! of NPlimalt 1, t pnlilic u'Mon, to
lliti Intthi'ii olililiT, lor emu, to mimiy icl
onltT of , Im tlin H'i'ii of HV.1, ni'l 1u
tir'!"t. lout'' n.4 icttnl C co.t-..
,H A. H. ('"w,
W. M, mntln. AUr.for rtaltUtC.
Is the name and fame of the "Old
Reliable" store of MARSTELLEE
BROTHERS, where you can al
ways find bargains in everything
to be found in a
Now is the time select your
Highest market price paid for produce
of all kinds.
Marsteller Bros.
'The Old Reliable."
H ester
Lumber, Coal and Farm Implements,
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime,
Lath and Shingles.
Windmill and Pump Supplies.
Prompt attention piven to all lentil
miitlers in Justice, County and bistrit t
'ourtx, and before the United Suites
Lund Olllce.
Fire Insurance written in rt-linble
1Ia:i iiiiers riiivl'iilly dr.ivvii.
rashionable Barber & Hair Dresser.
(Jive J mm tat rail.
IMiysicimi a ml Sitrsront.
All r.itllK Rivfii piompt nttfiition.
linice in Drnn sttirti.
do not hi
mxitl bn 1: .'
fir. est liniv
i vvd
V c
you buy ir.A.
tactrcTS tbfl , i ?
Sewiac !VlaHnnn i - . .r-S
bttlty. Von tvtw. -'"ii-rt
Light Running-
'C'tu t'iajJ in tfWLiaiuiiciU
r;ir;K, NiiWCii ol finish, tT.tity
New Home
irt Aul' TrnVm. ItnnMa Peed, alike
'.villi ' ! wl'.t I .'...''.'.Vflr),nnathrr huv
, ..:. i(li v.v . timv-itip: whMsliiln
. t:ijut ii t.t.-vitti4 s udttctiiK UkVmt
fx : yon ccuLAWft.
! -,m.j it.YttH., n.i-r wisf, li r now MraMuCV
i tc..i. J, i- i.ifp.Bo, MtAMifc
J,kii-wr ti,! !. t.iJ4, (M.
I mutt tuc
has jusv re e ve ) a large ix
vol e of winter
Vests, and
a lid wlittti j on t..l unyllilnjr )n t,t
j li nt" vim -jliould purely go U)
Hv iism a line jmorliMwt of !.
tfir iiiil r,if. x'ioves, ujiljen, fwty'
eajit, hijoen,, HW.t U;
j.juijiujj .-.jlu jiltio imd on nil iotisl
he wjjj iutkt you imUuek