The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, September 12, 1895, Image 5

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I . J. Simmon. Fditur and Proprietor.
V. t.t M. V K. II. Tlm taldf.
iioiittf mi. i.iuiik Knt.
Xo. &, lliunl 12:10) Nil. , lulled 11:40
FuK HaI.k m Hkxt Tlie Harrison
I W. ft. Kmitli lias moved into tlw
liousu sou til of the parsonaKe.
For the hik'hest casn pric for
wheat mti Grant Outline.
J rA light front nipped tli viu-
various localities on last Friday nifht.
Horehound compound cough syrup
(he grwat remedy for coughs ami cold:
. at the Pioneer Pharmacy.
Lost UK Stkayku A brown guiding
2 years old, branded circlo ou left thigh,
A. MeOlM-EV.
J County Clerk Dlewett is fitting up
tlieConley house and will occupy
with his bride in a short time.
If all the rumors of approaching
weddings come true Hirrison will goon
lie almost devoid of single ole.
j The reports in regard to the otuto
crop are not very encomaging. The
yield will not be nearly as large as last
A special rate to Hot Springs und
return will be made on Sept. 20th
Round trip ticket, good returning for
thirty days, fUO.
A car loaded with oil from the well
at Cusper, Wyoming, went east Monday
evening. The oil will be on exhibition
at the state fair next week.
E. E. Livermore had the misfortune
to lose one of bis mules by death a few
days ago. He was apparently all right
out a ve.iy snort time before lie was
found dead.
T. II. Knyder came in last night will
Mr. Eaton, of Rawhide, who was pretty
liadly used up by a horw having fallen
with him. His shoulder was broken and
be came here for treatment.
J Jim Nolan's thresher is in this local
ity and the grain is surprising all
Wheat is yielding from IN to 27 bushels
er acre, and oats from to 111) bushels
er acre; which is not very lul for this
Another chapter was added to the
history of the West Hat Creek
trouble yesterday by (', 1),
I'lympton being lined fj.'i and
costs on the charge of carrying concealed
weapons. The case will bo taken to the
district court.
Ayers Hair Vigor tonos up the
weak hair-roots, stimulates the vessels
and tissues which supply the hair with
nutrition, strengthens the hair itself,
and adds the oil which keeps the shafts
soft, lustrous, and silky. The most pop
ular and valuable toilet preparation in
the world,
i It would 13 a good plan for the vil
lage authorities to see that the marshal
attends more closely to his duties so
that the disgraceful scenes enacted on
the streets on Saturday and Sunday are
not related, it tins is a civilized com
niunity it is about time some things
were stopped.
There is nothing to prevent anyone
;nnvocting a mixture and calling it
"sarsaparilla," and there is nothing to
prevent anyone sending good money
testing the stuff; but prudent xjople,
who wish to lie sure of their remedy,
'.ike only Ayer s Sarsaparilla. and so get
i ureo.
-We have a sample of Egyptian
Hour corn which was grown by M. Oay-
I urt which certainly indicates that, it.
u worth iavestigution by the fanners.
It stands drouth Is-tt.-r than uny other
variety and yields 'well, ll, "is very
mien like the iaw corn except that it
.s soft,
C. K. Kalstrinii. section foi-i-nmn
pist this side of Fort Robinson, lunl 1 lie
misfortune to gel his arm broken one
i!uy last week as the result of a contro
versy with a broncho. A team belong
ing to A. Rowland ran away und Mr.
Kalstrom mounted a pony which was
standing near and started to head the
team oil', but the drone evidently stood
ill with the runaways for he went alter
ins rider and the broken arm was the
A peculiar incident occurred yester
day. After unloading the stull from
bis wagon into the car I., i . Hoi k
drove his team to a vacant lot and
turned them to tbt wagon and fed
thorn and went back to work. Some
time after some children not iced lire in
the wagon and gave the alarm. If. A.
I'riddy and Dave Hart lett rushed to it
with buckets t water find soon put it
out. Home damage was done to the
wagon and it coat and tarpaulin de
stroyed. The lire must have originated
from a spark from a cigar or piie.
After tlie county convention last
Saturday the delegates from the pre
cincts in this caiiimissioner district got
together and renominated II. F. Johnson
for county commissioner. There may
be a iiuestiori ns to tbo regularity of the
proceeding as no notice of such action
was given to the primaries at which the
delegates were uleeted that the nomina
tion of a commissioner would m a part
of their tlutiex, but that is not likely to
nuik any difference. Mr. Johnson's
eoiirw; as an ollicial ha lieen such that
tlier Is a general demand that b con
timifl U serve the people ami it is iutr
likely that h will have no oppositioti,
its tltere is not a man in tlie district who
would stand a glt of a ehaiuu of being;
elected over him. It Is very iretierally
uuiu-edtxl that the board of county com
missioner as at reviit constitute'! is
Me best tliat Um county has ever liad,
tlM opk of tlte 1 ditri t do not
lro lilrly t change.
HV.T 1 15I.IC.VN COt' NT Y ( 'ON'.
Hmigh H-U lip tin- J'ins, Makes
u Slate, ami Puts It up.
How It Was Don.
The republican county convention
met at the court bouse on Saturday.
The delegated were called to order by
H. nry 'ovey, chairman of the county
central committee. On motion be was
elected temporary chairman and M. J.
O'Couuell, secretary.
Coiniiiiltees were npointed on cre
dentials ui ! perm iueiit organization und
onler of uosiness and a recess taken for
(in re-assembling after dinner the fol
loning report was submitted:
our isminttttcc on pi-rimiiii-iit o;-faiii.a-tioa
aii'l onler of )itiincs tn- to submit the
fullnM fliK r'eolniiieiitl:ttloils:
t'nr pi-riiiuM-ut (-halt-mini Henry Co cy.
tor pcrnmneiit secretary '. li, IIoIHuuh-
Hie onler of lninm-i.-,:
1 K.lection of ili-lcg.ilc-, fto tnti coiivrn
lloll. 2- Klcction of ili-lt-Katcs to Jinllcliil eon
3 - Notithi:iUon of Citrehilsite for Mherflf.
4 - Nomination of cHiidl'lutc for clerk.
5 Nomination of ciwMlMate for treasurer.
G-Nonihoition of ciindhlHte. lor superln
temlent ot put, lie Inxlrnctlon.
7 Notiiirottion ol ('Hii'liilate for wiirvcytir.
s- Noinlmitioi'i of cuttill'late for coroner.
II Nomlnittlon ol cuiellilate for Ju'ltrc
U. A. I'HilJliY, j
rKA'K TlSKlUM. ConilnlUei'.
J. W. Hi.M KK. S
On mot ion the above rejiort was ac
cepted and the committee discharged.
The committee on credentials made
the following report:
W e, tin-committee ii)ohitcii on creilen
tinlx ttml t In- following ili-lcitntea enlitleil to
mt4 fn tliU convention :
Howell lu-cclnct-ll. A. I'rl'l.ty, I). llHl tlelt,
li. V. JobiiFuiu, K. (j. IIoukIi.
Antoloiie s, K. Story.
Hoilnrc- J. W. Hunter, John C. Klsr
Andrew -II. Smoke, ('. II. t'nltt.
IliKhlHint Menrj- Covey, J. M. Smiley.
WliHi'ltUer V. K. r.ntes, W . s. Johnon,
Thoimts licvenport.
Snnr uf -M. J. (I'Conneil.
Hve I'olnN-J. W. nutli, Krsnk Tillk-
lint Creek - M. '. Iioaii, C. It. Moiling-
HrlHiniiel - John I'lankett, K.J. Wilcox.
We Unit tlist Kit Smith ws duly elected
i third ddi-Hutc from lllre precinct,
tlmt prerlnet tietiiK entitled to three dele
gate liiit'-nd of two.
yVe reeoinmend llmt the UelexuUi Irom
Hut ( reck precinct lie ullowed to east the
full vote of the deli'Kittloii In the iib-unc'" of
the other.
We find the. credcnlhil-, of WhMle. ( ri
to Is-la such kliuie Unit uc deem It advlsa
ble to Hiihmlt It to Hie will ot the enliven
Hon und niild cri'dentliilK are utt-iched to
tills report.
I!. Y. JoHhON, i
J. W. ssnii, ( ominltief
A, K. I.atks. )
lbhlaiii). Henry t , vev.
White Ruer. A. E. li H-
Sugar Ix-al, .. I'. R-viiln-r.
l ive Poict. r. M. Kiii tb.
Hat Creek. M. C. Ik win.
Wdi-bnnnet. Jubti Plunketi,
Whistle f;red;. Iiwi. jirs iu.
On motion the county central com
mittee was authorized to fill vacancies
on county ticket.
H. Hl'U.INllxwiiKTII.
r -J
;t-4 etibel
siMttr "firs.
Give Hough the glory.
Hough did it w ith his l it le toiigu.
Asa packed convention it was a great
success, 4
Everything hearing Hough' (K went.
Nome of the delegates who ikid not
wear Hough's bnmd gut disgusted ami
left the ball mid others said that bad
they known that Hough had 1 1 1 thing '
all cut and dried they would not have;
gone near.
For particulars as to some of Hough's!
eciiliar political methods cull on June'
Smith and August lUssehjoiht. i
The only point where Hough could'
not control his crowd was on the super-!
iliteudeut. He prevented the minima-j
lion of Will Unvis for clerk and had
another for superintendent, Imt the con-'
vention w ould not .stand and Hough's j
gauzy show of magnanimity toward i
Will deceived no one. !
If Hough nets ns many votes
ticket ns he did lor huuvdl tw
ago, will the game lie worth the
The little pleasantry of Hough and
bis convent ion in noiional nig the editor
of TlIK JofKNAI, for coroner may, upon
reflection, have more point to it Hum js
apparent at lirst blush. During his resi
dence in Sioux county the editor o TlIK
Jl'KNAI. h ,s had occasion to sif ou a
good many political corpses.
The Hough brand ol tickets Ims never
proven popular at the polls.
A history of how the convention was
worked up entitled "A Play L'pon
Prejudices," by ( luef Player Hough,
would make mighty ir.leresliu' readui'.
II 't !
i mi,. ...
i. .r- i i '.
1' I'M
' ...
i , . i r i. .
'is It
it 'if the ii al
11 H C'. I. II.
. 1 . II
'.el.e.i -It .
.'. ' : !.y A" .
. I -4 :
in .
for his
i ears
a i
eti!t, -U -i-. -. ,.
J. ,ii?itt 4," '
-' 'iie; '. 'F I S
'HI"lli llll- I"'. . ll.,',
1. -"I'll-I jtl'eu i- I.) .
" ''IW s ,11 ' "
Ol ll.'-!l U ll -'I 'M '
i.e. 1 1 'n'.- hu I'll . , ,
''. 1 it f I I .
a i i (' in. .
! i. .i-i I '
e co::
e .t tj t'.'J
i I '
tneiil lit '
. ...I! 1 I
!) ' iltlT lei'!
f i
c. !
um a Oj
. um. . i ii1 if t JJj
t. i I IHi'lilie.' lu
i ' t i i;,.. Jr
te'o'iii.Ir.l. r l :tie- ! t i "
I" K'.lri.e i l
V 'il!.". -aim - li v
"i 1 I II, Ik. ri e l
. In,-:
SSai'saparilla j
ArtTilUm! for Exhibition
Coll'ee went to Chad run
from the rang
On motion the above report was ac
On motion Mr. Hhrevcs was allowed a
seat in the convention as a delegate
from Whistle Creek precinct and was
authorized to cast the full vote of the
J. M. Smiley and John C. Eberspecher
were elected delegates to the slate con
vention by declamation.
i... n. iioiiuigsworlli vvas elected a
delegate to the judicial convention by
A motion was made the second
delegate to the judicial convention lie
hosen by ballot and the motion pre-
un motion it n inlormal ballot was
taken with the following result:
I J. .Simmons ., 8
M. F. Johnson 13
JI. J. OVoimell . 3
(in motion It. F. Johnson was declared
elected as the second delegate to the
judicial convention.
An informal ballot for a candidate for
herilf resulted as follows:
W. Smith ... .1
Dave liartlett ID
. R. Hew a
On motion !uve Hartlett was declared
the nominee by acclamation.
An informal ballot was taken lor
lerk with the following result;
W. S. Nicholson . 19
W. II. Davis 1
W. Smith 1
On motion V. S. Nicholson was de-
lured the nominee lv acclamation.
An informal ballot for a candidate for
candidate for treasurer resulted as
A. R. i)ew. 4
B. F, Johnson 1
Tiukham. 'A
Henry Covey 12
On motion Henry Covey was declared
the nominee of the convention for treas
urer by acclamation.
Ou motion W. II. IXivis was given the I
unanimous votn of Ibtt convention for
the candidate or superintendent, of pub
lic instruction.
On motion J. W. Hunter was made
the nominee for surveyor.
On motion L. J. Simmons was ile-
lared the nominee for coroner.
On motion W. O. Patterson wasuiaile
the nominee of the convention for i-oho-ty
II. A. Priddy was elected chairman of
the county n'rat on in no lie for Um
ensuing year unit I). U.irtlett, secretary.
The following precinct committeemen
were appointed:
Ho wen, K. A. Itigelow,
Antelope, !. H. Story,
His hire, John kjerspectrt-r,
A 'i ,rews, If. Mmokei,
Mrs. C. F
day evening.
S. I Clery refurned
last week.
Mrs. (', ( liristcnsen was up from
rews Tuesday.
J. S. Bunnell was down Irom I.usk the
first of the w eek.
Mrs. Oscar Ward came down from
Lusk Saturday to visit relatives.
(Ilenu .eihe went to ('liadrmi Monday
evening lo attend the academy.
Mr, and Mrs. Hon M. Weir retuiiied
Friday from their visit to Missouri,
A. li. Kennedy came up from Craw
font yesterday to look alter bis inter
ests. Chris RiilHng started Tuesday evening
for Richfield, Wis., on business and
Miss ljzxie (n-rlach came op from J I In the daily
'...raw ford the last of the week to remain
for some time.
J. B. Bradley was op from Itodarc
yesterday uml renieniliered to call on
the printer.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Ihver.mrt were
the guests of County Treasurer Wood
rull' last Saturday.
Misslluisy Ruth Hollingsu orth nml
her grandma, Mrs. M. C. Doan calkd at
this ofllce Ttiesilay.
L. Ijirson returned yesterday from
Chndron whpre be was called as a wit
ness in the Morrison trial.
Mrs. Elizabeth Oerlnch and Mis. Win.
Oerlach arrived this morning from Iowa
to visit I Oerlach and family.
C. F. tJoll'ee i-elurneil from the 7 Imix L
on Monday. lie whs acconuianied hv
Mrs. J. T. Coll'ee who will visit for ,i
time at bis home.
M. J. OVonnell was over from Mont
rose Saturday and made a pleasant call
at this office, lie has disposed ol his in
terest in rhe storejal Adeliu to his part
ner, M. I). Jordan.
KA.iilis ami srissons i-i r IN uliiiKt:.
(live I me 1 n 1 Cull.
Physiclau uml Surgeon.
All culls Kiven )iniiiit ii 1 1 i-ii I ion .
Ofllce In Drill! store.
Horrible Sight
perforiiiacce of
original tr.idegy iu ival lil'o Hi
his grenl,
Is the name and fame of the 'OM
Reliable" store of MARSTELLE e
BROTHERS, where you .ran al
ways find bargains iu every thiii;;
to be found in a
Now is the time select your
o" P,2.'i!.J;!.S20.e'i'?9e'Sc2"'f'j
n. L. sMi; k.
Fashionable Barber & H. ir Dreswr.
:UMMER 0001
Highest market price paid for produce
of all kinds.
"The Old Reliable."
J-r.'ll si-ll llil.i i' i llioie II- slitlt.i :i.,fl,
iiil Iiiiiimi- i-, I ils j r o ,,ii-,,i .
e ell Mm .;, ii ,.!.-., ill iui:, x ,., l:illh
Ami o noil t- y.uir ueijiblsir
It is in two nets. In the first act the
principal ports are taken by Mr. Oerlach
and representatives ol" eastern wholesale
house, from whom the former purchases
his goods. In this net he displays eivnt
power iu Hie forcing down prices, nml
eJitnionlumry ability in the seleclion nl
goods to sint his customers. Hut 'it is I
in the second act that he most truly;
shines and nl, the points where wilh i !
Ilourish his jirices hid t
The cheapest place to trade
in town,
Yes, that's the name, just
('oi-r's nii Um ice,
HohAfiC. Nkb., Sept. 10, lHil.".
Asbury Hill had a slight stroke ol
paralysis a week ago.
Mrs. 'bus. C-ollVo was it l 'luiilroii visi
tor lust week.
i Johnny t oll'uu is unite, si k.
(ileiiu Zerbe expects to start for ( hail-
ron to att-;nd school al the acaileiov.
A. Soiitluvorth moved his family loi
liaoron so Ills children can hove the
lienelit of the schools there.
i Miss Haworth couiiuenced a six!
months term of school nl. Hie Hislare!
dislnct, , J
Born to Mr. und Mrs. Orion on S.-pf. ? !
a Kin.
4 MissMyrtl .iiiiiuerman i., leaching :
an eight months term of school nl.
J. H. Itnulley lias srdd (jnite a fininlx-c -
of his cattle lately.
his classic ciuinleliinica benrs a look
j that, is almost heavenly.
Performances, every day from ," n. tit.
lo Id p, in. Special low prices on nil
goods j d.-i s in tlie week. Adm ssmii
free, llou'l forget the place.
ester son.
Id'iM.Hlfs IN
Lumber, Coal and Farm Implements,
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime,
Lath and Shing'ltB.
Windmill and Pump Supplies. ,
llMrsn' - Mfltn !KV.
t i
!i'.,vi''v.; .
Vhin - "f
do not ho ', ..(,,
j ftlkfHt Un.MJ i' . :ll
Most Vo:zrAcx?
for h mr' :jv - , ' ; 4 -i ,t
VO'J tV : . I !-
i. (uru-r ' . ; (.; -i
flcaJiii, y. u a ,t ', y .: t
t .litv. Vmi n.mi t-a. i .
i rw.w: tw am.; i..h
.. I, IT.1..S,
GqvvAx Surveyor,
'1 U J I N !i""tnr-A lo do Mil kind- of St4rf.
1 '.'KV.'Vl ao-l HIT 'II I.KVKI"-.'!! IM ft
; (iroinpi ; i;,l i!;-(',i, i,,-v litfiitfii r,
rfs O i r '
. i m i. d . I J . . .
r,fc."e ii, -.- '.i -
. K , Ji '' 1-- .se ...i -.
4 - :
New IIomi;
U Ttm ear containing lie county ex I,
bit for I ho slate fair starteil for Oruaba I
last evening and tli committee tx look j
aftr it w ill go toilay. As part of Uv; '
products w-i-e lo.t.lisl at iilen and nrt j
at t 'rawfonl it is lurd to siiy how it u ill j
site up, Imt froiu lt went iiitu lite
our Uere. it is -rtain llwit the c,Us-tiou
will l iur coiiipJet tb.tij Vrnr Ufoi.
TUere MHais t Im mo rsni why ou of
lh iiwimuni, s...uU ai k, u .,,1,1 i., 1 VfuJ m Isis . ,iiim,ll
r , - "' vr ,v,.w,,.ll. Si lit.v. Pi. IIUJ4K TMM.
Siou count v.
t ht. AwHimQc Tm', 1r?cAm I'wil, ullli
C ' tVKUl 4jf Ul-4 4).t' '.I 0B4l).SllJl4lMI-r iwiv
.:t :. o.Mltuf ZiSkjil -n in; rbvl ;,.1;-U
i, -i ... ceff.U:vt trktioo u
i. i,i . . f -
Jm the yventttt nifnfj1 iff,
of ' tlir MiMonri Jllmr
It mlrocatA FHKK Mlf.VKU
at tins prnHsiit r4t.U nl iui
to orts
ItK nr s,trvie( m tb tit U
! obU.iiu
t:iiiy. fO M w W)cri1
: year .
j W0f.'L.D r-tf-'VAu. '
,'j,i w,,. llj Si t.v,
no 4si rir
'. ' X. ';(! I'.
' Photoi'aplior,
.', Hilf.t.
,1. tff f":r..-t ft onfr f.vC im,1
nss,! rt,t ,rlMf.
11 " "!'(' ".M'ie ,X W itW4
i;sli ',u, Amw.