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BAftaisoir, . Nebraska.
Onr Wild wUl probably Mud for
partuntent bow.
Wtil directed Improvement psys a
for every cent that it costs.
"A "pants" company hsvtng failed,
tat tt bop that It will try trousers next
na pause and reflect Waahlng
lea Post Better reflect, whether on
or not
Th gasoline can, la the hand of a
aareless aerrant girl, la deadlier than
a. grade crossing.
No donbt there la a part of Japan-
treaty atlpuk done which demands cred
it for laundry bill.
A Baltimore paper aaya that the lob
ster lnduatry U waning. It la natural
for It to go backward, anyway.
The flrat thing an Intelligent man
does, after the grocer and the dry
gooda man are considered, la to secure
a good newapaper.
Thla Isn't an Ideal world," saya Bus
lell Sage. Well, Uncle Rasaell seema to
be doing more than his full share to
keep It from becoming so.
There la good reason for New York's
pronounced enthusiasm for salt water
yacht-racing. That is a diversion which
cannot very well be taken away from
her by the West
The best thing that the little Central
American States can do is to get to
gether and establish a nationality
which big bullies like England will be
compelled to respect I
"Every dog has his day," remarks a
Milwaukee paper, "why shouldn't ev
ery cat have one?" Because the cat
has pre-empted the nighttime and Is
already working a twelve-hour turn.
It will not be the fault of the benevo
lent people of Cincinnati if the children
of that town turn out to be lacking
In true grit They have provided 400
large sand piles for the children to play
The women of Grand Rapids have
united In a petition to the management
of the West Michigan fair asking that
"aa a feature of the public exhibitions
thla year the hula-hula style of dance
be omitted." This movement Is timely.
Boston haa a new name. The West
minster Gasette saya "to the limbo of
Ilea theoaophy Is slowly and surely re
turning." The tbeosophlsts have re
cently announced that Ronton is the
eenter of their belief. The inference la
Hie venerable John Ruskin was ask
ed recently whether parents ought to
leave fortunes to their children and
tersely replied: "When they are strong
throw them out of the nest as the bird
does. Bat let the nest always be open
to them." It has been said of liuskin
that of late lie has been losing bis facul
ties. On the other hand, he seems to
have preserved them remarkably.
The bushel of many weights should
give way to the cental 100 pounds.
Hie trade needs but one standard unit
f measure; more makes needless work
ind breeds confusion and errors. The
cental system of weights is the sim
plest and Its use would greatly facili
tate trade. It has no imperfections that
need defending, and even the best
friends of the bushel have no logical
arguments in defense of their opposi
tion to the substitution of the cental
for the bushel.
The latest marine horror is the sink
ing of the Italian steamer Maria I, in
the harbor of Genoa, Involving the loss
of 148 live. The present year is likely
to have an unusual record of great ma
rine disasters, as will be seen by the
following list of wrecked steamers thus
far: Port Nlctheroy, Rio Janeiro har
bor, 120; Nordsee, North Sea, 25; In
Itrahull, English coast, 28; Prescott, at
tea, 23; Cbicora, Lake Michigan, 20;
Elbe, North Sea, 332; Terclera, Rio Ja
neiro harbor, 100; Kingdon, at sea, 40;
Reins Regente, Algerian, coast, 425;
Marie, English coast 20; Bllllton, at
lea, 20; Gravlna, at sea, 108; Dom Pe
dro, Spanish coast, 103; Coliina, Mex
ican coast, 188; Washtenaw, at sea, 30;
Maria P., Gulf of Genoa, 148.
Turkey has sent to the scene of the
Macedonian outbreak fourteen battal
ion of Infantry, nine squadrons of cav
alry, and nine field batteries to put
down the Christians of that province.
As If the odd were not large enough
gainst the Macedonian, the Christian
powers, Germany, Austria, Italy, and,
England, rt la reported, have reached
an agreemenf,' which agreement Is not
to let the Macedonian Christinas go too
far in putting down the unspeakable
Turk. It Is astonishing the amount
of consideration these cruel and bestial
Orientals receive from the great pow.
trs, As they have failed thus far, how
trer, In any scheme to protect the Ar
sMalaa Christian there Is no reason
as enact that the .Macedonian rrr
"mam over , a nd . help, us"' will be an.i"
frfsd. ...
tiCat K report, on UMrfensesTlrd W.titTfcW S f, be
lt at Oen. Bd0ld
yms ef localities to
''" tn protection by saying
CZi I iritis fSacH where
batteries could be plauted "should tb
department ever extend their fortifies-
Hons that far north." This Is a moat
reasonable qualification. W certainly
ought not to consider any scheme of
piece-meal coast defense, and we ought
not to consider any scheme of extend
ing our defenses unless we know be
forehand Just bow far we are going
to proceed with It It Is juat aa well
to bear In mind that this country 1
menaced by three of the greatest and
newest military and naval stations and
fortresses In the world, those at Ber
muda, Halifax and Esqalmslt all of
them the property of our good friends,
the English. If we are going to match
them gun for gun It la certain to cost
us no trifling amount But unlesa our
defenses are complete they can hardly
be worth undertaking at alL
People who have been reading Coop
er's novels under the Impression that
the novels amused or edified them are
now rudely jostled out of this notion
by Mark Twain. Mark has been read
ing Cooper, and decides that the author
of the "Pathfinder" was an extremely
poor band at bis trade. He shows the
public, so to speak, that the romancer's
art was very shabby and ragged and
full of blemishes. One gathers the im
pression that If Mark were not too In
dolent be would dash off a romance of
the red man just to show bow the thing
really ought to be done. May be Coop
er was not much of an artist It I to
be remembered, however, that he told
his vivacious stories and carpentered
hi somewhat jerky plots in an earlier
day and without any thought but to
amuse his audience. He did amuse It
and still amuses. His artistic blem
ishes flavor his excellences; he is to be
taken without minute inspection. If
Mark must hit somebody, why not aim
at that un terrified crew of English nov
elmakers both men and women who
continue to write slightly varied para
phrases of "Lady Audley's Secret?" Al
though Hardy and Meredith and Wal
ter Besant have saved and glorified the
nation's reputation, the others continue
to thrive noxiously. Individually they
ai small, tut collectively they would
a nrst-rate target
If nothing detrimental intervenes the
country this year will have the largest
corn crop in its history. It cornea at a
most opportune time. The foreign de
mand for both oats and wheat is de
clining, while that for corn seems to be
increasing. For some years the Nation
al Government has maintained In Eu
rope an agent whose business has bees
the introduction of corn as a food pro
duct and this policy has been produc
tive of good results. It haa been bard
to teach the Europeans that corn was
as good a food for man as for other
animals, but this fact has come to be
understood by the poorer classes the
great food consumers and the lower
price of corn a compared with wheat
has been a powerful incentive to its
use. liiia year' corn crop Is estimated
at 2,400,000,000 bushels, which is more
than 200,000,000 in excess of the largest
production of corn on record. With no
foreign demand such a crop would be
almost a calamity to the producers in
this country, but the Indication are
that the exports of corn this year will
be more than quadrupled. There has
never been so active a demand for corn
for export as now, and this demand is
more likely to Increase than to decline.
If corn instead of wheat should be made
the leading exiKirt crop It would be far
better for the American farmer. Corn
Is more easily raised and Is not so ex
hausting a crop for the soil aa wheat or
barley. Besides this there Is less for
eign competition for the producer of
corn than for any other grain. The
wheat area is constantly diminishing In
America, while the corn area is Increas
ing, and the time may not be far dis
tant when the United State will import
Instead of export wheat for domestic
consumption. The growth of the for
eign corn trade Is one of the moat hope
ful things about this country's foreign
Wonders Keen by s Native Alaskan.
"The Indians of the interior of Alas
ka," says a traveler,"are as unsophisti
cated and uncivilized as the natives of
the Interior of Africa. I saw an Indian
lad In Juneau who bad been brought
from Forty Mile Camp, and It was
amusing to watch his Interest In the
big ships, houses, cattle, electric lights,
telephones and phonographs that he
saw there. The Mttle incandescent
electric lights Interested him perhaps
more than anything else, and he would
have gone broke In buying them If his
guardian had not prevented him. He
thought that he could take them back
to his tribe and make them glow by
simply turning the thumbscrew, and
he believed that he could sell them like
hot cakes on the Yukon. The myste
ries of the phonograph seemed to bim
something supernatural, and they were
entirely beyond his powers of under
standing." Growth of Public libraries. '
The growth of public libraries in the
United States is one of the remarkable
features of onr system of progress.
There are now nearly 5,000 of them;
and a recent writer points out the sig
nificant fact that with the single ex
ception of the county, there la not a
single civil division of our government
that has not adopted this form of edu
cational service. The nation, the States,
the cities and towns have libraries for
general use, and the Work of the li
brarian has become a regular profes
sion, with requirements of systematic'
study and tratniv-AaMria Aorlan.
frteaisatl iVntnv 'AM ' the Latent.
tri uy op fld low,
er sole, and
ftve' springy movement to the foot
calculated to reduce friction with the
gronad and tn alleviate fatigue.
TiSDiko ir run tu. Majmocn:.
aw pan Sars ThaS Th Art Urn mm Mum
Srtr. Washikotom, D. C, Aug. U. -The
report of Ionian Agent TMet of the Ft
Hail reservation upon the meant Ban.
nock trouble was isceived at the In.
dtan bursas yeetarday. It confirms
the heretofore sent aeeonata of the
Ba-wock Indians In connections with
the killing of then Indians an Inter
change report has been received by the
secrstsry of tts Interior. It in from
Cant. J. T. Vsuardsie of the Seventh
United States cavalry, fersnerly acting
agent of too Ft. Hall reservation. The
report says in part:
"Being short rationed and far front
self-supporting, the Han nocks hunt for
the purpose of obtaining ut'enance by
privileges they are granted by treaty.
It would seem that the killing of these
Indian under the circumstances was
nothing more than murder. Further
more, I believe that there is no wanton
slaughter of same by lhse Indians,
while It is a notorious tact that hun
a reds of the animals ate killed by whit
men for nothing more than heads and
born. There are men in t'mt country
who make It n basinets to pilot hu nt
Ing parties from the east and abroad,
who not only slaughter elk, but cap
tore and ship them out of the country.
The killing of gam- by Indian inter
feres with this bust ea. The Indians
can hardly be expected to submit to
the killing of tbetr people while en
gaged in an. occupation which they
think they have a right to follow mors
than white men, aid a failure by the
government to take proper action is
liable to result in serious loss ofjlfe and
The report is dated at Ft Logan
Colo., and bears the endorsement of
Lieut. Col. Henry E. Noyes of the Sec
ond cavalry, commanding the post, who
sets he concur heartily la what Cap
tain Van Arsdale bg said. It i also
indorsed by the brigadier general, Frank
Wheaton, commanding the department
of Colorado, m ho hopes that Captain
Van Arsdale's recommendations will
be favorably cotitidered.
The following telegram from General
Coppinger, dated Jackson's Hole, Au
gust 12, was received at army head
quarters yesterday:
"The last scouting psrties under
Lieutenants Parker and Gardner, now
in, found no flesh Indians. This sec
tion has been well worked. All is quiet
here, Shall take troops and work east
ward through White river mountains.
Address Ft Washakie. I leave Major
Chaffee In command of all troops in
Jackson's Hole country."
General Coppinger evidently regards
the trouble as over and will go home
with a portion of his troops.
TmiIbb the rimlr
Washington, D. C, Aug. 14 A
test of two steel experimental pistes
waa made Tuesday at the Indian Head
proving ground. The flrst contained
chrome instead of nlckie steel. It was
ten and one-half inches thick and was
fired at with an eight-inch gun. The
first (hot was fired with a velocity of
1,886 feet a second snd the second 1,78
feet. Both made dean bole through
the plate. The second test was that of
a seven-inch Harveylzed plate, with a
corrugated surface. The corrugation
was used to belter observe the work of
the carbon. Two shot from a six-inch
gun were fired, the first at 1,800 feet a
second, the second at 2,100 feet, Car
penter shells being used. The first
shell was Imbedded in the plate, with
the front nearly through; the second
shell went through, half of it dropping
on the rear side of the plate. Nothing
of Importance, however, waa developed.
Corbatt Uta t idied
Buffalo, N. Y.t Aug. 14. Jim Cor
bett and McVey, hi sparring partner,
created considerable excitement at the
Lyceum boxing carnival last night by
giving an exhibition that wasnotdown
on the program. Daring the second
round of their bout Corbett made a
punching bag out of McVey and tbe
latte, In a spirit of resentment, at
tempted to clinch and throw the cham
pion, at the same time burling vile
epithets at him. Corbett pushed Mc
Vey to one side, with the remark that
if it wag a fight he was after he would
be satisfied in the next round. When
time was called Corbett pale as a ghost,
sprang to the center of the stage with
the quickness of a cat and pounded
McVey all over the stage. The round
was cut short by the master of cere
monies and the pugilists retired to their
respective dressing rooms.
Will Nat Take It.
Cincinnati, O., Aug. 14. A Tri
bune special from Frankford, Ky.,
says: Senator Lindsay will not accept
the vacancy on the supreme court
bench caused by the death of Justice
Howell E. Jackson if President Cleve
land should lender it to him. This an
nouncement is authoritative, coming
irom an unquestionable source. The
reason assigned for this I that from a
financial standpoint i-enat'T Lindsay
could not allord to accept a place
where hia expenses would be necessarl
Iv increased and his Income diminished
The senator has one of the most lucra
tive law practices n the stale.
Hard up to Oat a Jury,
. San Francisco. Aug 14 Tbe ob
jection of business men to do jury duty
in the Darraul case and tbe alleged
clas of those who pretend to be willing
bat giren rise to tbe idea that it will
he impossible to get a jury in this city
and that a change a venue will be at
eeesary. Tbe attorneys In tbe ease axe,
bowtyer, satisfied that a charge will be
atweessssry nod that tbe Jury box will
bo filled very soon. No Jurors wars
passed yesttrday. Judge Murphy con
tinned the ease until Friday.
Tto tx-stete Treesersr ef Seats Deket
is Seatsneed at Last
! Bthar SlaaJa Call aa
It la i
laawaat, WkwtSs rtrnmllf Vi
tha author.
4IERRK.8. D Aug. 15. -Ex-State
Treasurer Taylor was Wednesday stern
ing sentonoed to five yean in the peni
tentiary at Sioux Fails by Judge tiafy.
The court room wan crowded when
jud.ment was proooanosd on the
offending ex state treasurer. In a low
voice the defendant, tn reply to the
queston If be had anything to say, said:
"I have nothing.
Itu court then reviewed tbe crime
and the atatutes hearing on the ea
He considered the much-ditcueeed sec
tion void and intimated that the two
year sentence was not Intended to cover
soch a case. The worst part of Tay
lor's crime, in tbe estimation of Ibe
judge, waa that ht had tried to force
a compromise after getting his hands
on all tbe state fnnds lie could.
Oet Bach Har Child
Warrknbbcko, Mo Aug. 15. A
writ of habeas corpus waa served
Wednesday on the Bisters of Charity in
charge of St. Cecilia's seminary at
Holden for the possession ot Corn
Jones, about seventeen years old, an
inmate of the seminsry for the psst
three years. Four years ago in Chica
go Martha M. Jones secured a divorce
from Joseph Jones and secured the
custody of their child, Cora Tbe
fsther stole tbe child and placed her in
St. Cecilia's seminary at Holden. where
she has remained ever since. She wss
discovered there by Mr. Ilinde of Kan
sas City, a friend of the family, who in
formed the latter. An uncle of the
girl made a demand on the sisters for
the possession of Cora and a as refused,
a they would give her up to no one
but ber father. Yesterday Mrs. Abbie
Heinman of Chicago, an aunt of the
girl, representing her mother, came to
Warrensburg and swore out the writ,
Tbe girl was released.
Tlad a Stone Arouad Ml Nark.
Columbus, Kan., Aug. 15. J. H
Cook, known aa "professor" living
about five miles northwest of here,
talked freely with his wife Tuesday
telling ber how he wanted to be dis
posed of when he should die, but d:d
not bint that be had any Idea of taking
his own life. When his wife went to
call bim to bis breakfast in tbe morn
ing be was not to be found. A note
was found on a table bearing these
word: "Look in the wster bole." Mrs.
Cook then went to the place and found
bm lying with his bead under tbe water
with a rope around bis neck snd a
stone fastened to the other end. The
deceased was seventy-six years old, a
native of New York state and a man
ot fine education. He was, in early
life, a minister in the Methodist church
but later renounced his faith in that
demoninatlon and became a Uni versa-
list. Hia body was taken to .St. Louis
yesterday afternoon for cremation in
accordance with his wishes.
KlllrS 1 braa Man.
Ardmoke, I. T., Aug. 15. TLe
boiler of a steam thresher at work near
Oakland, twenty-five miles east of here
exploden Tuesday with terrible effect
killing three mm and wounding ten
others. The dead are:
Lee Norwood.
E. P. Xorwood.
Will Craft.
The injured are:
Will Tippet, scalded; will die.
C. E. Hamm, scalded; will die.
James Walker, scalded.
J. B. Walker, badly bruited.
Claud Howell, scalded.
T. P. Carter, cut cn head, seriously.
Short, engineer, scalded; will die.
Three other received burns and
bruises, but will recover, Tbe cause
of the disaster Is not known, as tbe
engines is too badly hurt to say any
thing. .
I.jocWd aad Snot
ELtKrsmno, Wash., Aug. 15. At
an early hour Wednesday morning
Charles Vincent was lynched for tbe
shooting of Milk Kotilopp in a drunken
brawl Sunday. A large mob gathered
at midnight and attacked the jail at
about 1 o'clock. The sheriff made re
sistance, but bad a small force of men
and was over-powered. Vincent was
hanged to a railroad bridge and bis
body shot full of holes. His hearing
was to have taken place yesterday.
Tuesday night John Burglin, who was
stabbed by Vincent' father In the
same row, died from his wounds. '1 lie
elder Vincent may also be lynched.
Young Vincent had served time in
the Oregon penitentiary for narglary.
With Much ulhusia-in.
Havana, Aug. 15 Captain-General
Campos started yesterday morning for
Santa Clara with 100 members of the
First brigade, who displayed much en
thusiasm. t'hanad l7 JtloudliuaiMl.
Lkxishton, Ky Aug. 15. Yester
day morning an unknown negro en.
tered the home of Mrs. Hutching,
three miles from here, and assaulted
ber. The woman's screams attracted
the attention of men working In a to
bacco field near by, and at their ap
proach tbe negro ran out of the house
and escaped. Officers are in pur to It
with bloodhounds. Mrs. Hutching
was found In an unconscious condition
with bruises on ber throat and bead.
mm Bafaaj yatartaaalg tiffHtd la
Mia UWaa,
list F A it Cisco, CaL. Aug. !. The
are still working to ascertain the
uncos of the fnad which is being used
by Ukt defense in the Darrant ease, but
that far without tffeet. Ibe Durrsals
have mortgaged their hotna, but it is
not a eaatl Mia and f Ka monav ao
( raised would to but a little wsvs i
ward pay lag the expenses of the de
fense. The noliee have for some time
said that a great deal of money was be
teg raised by subscription soiong those
with whosa Durraat associated before
the murders were committed. Tbe
police do not say they nave any infor
matlau that money It being wrongfully
need in the case, bnt they think it may
bo and Captain uses says hs is very
much afraid of manufactured testi
mony. This morning 125 veniremen
from the new panel are present, and It
Is hoped that the necessary four jury
meo will be found among them.
1'eoole who live in tbe vicinity oi
Emanuel church, where tbe brutal mur
ders ef Blsncbe Lament and Minnie
Williams was committed, are much
mystified by the feet that tbe police
ere paying mysterious visits to tbe
church. Just what this renewed ac
tivity of the police at tbe church means
Can only be conjectured, for the mem
bers of tbe department are close
mouthed as usual, and even deny thst
thsy bsvs been at Emanuel church
more frequently of late than heretofore.
Detective Cody, who appears to be
leading tbe van of thla last descent
npon the church, ssys be waa simply
engaged In securing accurate measure
ment of the building to be used as evi
dence during the trial. But why half
a doten policemen should be engaged
tn tbe same business along with be
does not say. Rumors are plentiful.
They always were ever since the two
distorted snd lifeless bodies sere found
In the church one In tbe belfry and
the other In tbe library.
Tbe statement is msde on good su
thorlty, however, that the present
movement on the part ot the police is
to forestall all evidence which will be
Introduced by the defense and upon
which it is said Durrant's attorney will
take their firmest stand and make their
bitterest fight. This movement will be
to setsblish, If possible, Durrani's
statement that he was at work on de
fective electric wire in the loft ef tbe
ehurch on tbe afternoon that Blanche
Lamont was slain, and that the die-
beveled appearance wbice he presented
when seen shortly sfUr wards by the
Organist King was the result of being
overcome by gas which had escaped
from the pipes and collected In the
Won't Lat lha Law Stp Him.
Colorado cphinoh, Colo., Aug. 15.
A great dal ot Interest is being man
fee ted in the proposed bull fights which
rre looked to occur at Gillette on Au
gust 24, 25 and 26. There is consider
able difference of opinion regarding
any law wbieb might be Invoked to
prohibit this class of sport. That then
Is no law specifically forbidding bull
fl.bilng is generally admitted, but the
humane-disposed citixens claim that
ths statute relating to cruelty to ani
mals is sufficient to stop the brutal per
formances. Joseph Wolf, the promoter
of the coming sporting tournament,
assured a United press reporter yester
day that the entire program would be
carried out, tbe main feature of which
was a regular Mexican bnll fight each
day and that no court lujunetion could
stop the fight He says all arrange,
menta have been completed, at a cost
thus far over $10,000. Mr. Wolf says
that tbe notorious Bull Hill crowd from
Cripple Creek will brook no inter
ference from tbe peace officers from
this end of the country.
Marrlad Conpla MlMlng.
Chicago, 111., Aug. lfl. No trace
could be found of either Dr. or Mrs.
Hamilton, who came to Chicago two
days ago from Los Angeles and lost
track of each other and finally disap
peared entirely. Dr. Hamilton, it was
thought, could be found with a Dr.
Moore at State and Adams streets, but
no Dr. Moore Is in the neighborhood.
Mrs. Hamilton was cared for Tuesday
night by Miss Katharine Stein, who is
cashier of a restaurant on Adams street
and lives at tbe Rons ford hotel. The
clerk st tbe hotel said that Mrs. Hamil
ton came to the hotel at 5 o'clock
Wednesday morning and waited for
Miss Stein, who come tn at 6 and took
her to her own room. Mrs. Hamilton
went out later in the day and the hotel
employes had not heard of her since.
;Anha All That U Left.
Bloom ington, Ind., Aug. 10.
Wednesday uighl the town of Hmdos
stan, Just north of here, was wiped oil
the face of the earth by fire. Incendi
aries got In their work and yesterday
nothing remains of a beautiful hamlet
but a few smoldering as lie. Lots
about J0,0(O, with only a few hundred
dollars insurance.
To Ha a Syraru.a.
New York, Aug. 14 The democra
tic state committee selected Syracuse
aa the place for holding the democratic
state convention. The convention will
be held in Alhambra bail, that city,
September 24 at noon.
Shot Wall. K.llii,.
WniTEfHCR, Ky., Aug. 16. Mrs.
Sarah Keilcy, who lives in Lee county,
while sitting at the supper table in her
house, was suddenly fired upon from
tbe outside and mortally wounded
Wsdnesday. Tbe bullet sruck her in
ths fees, entered ber mouth and sev
ered her tongue. She to a good worn
aa of good reputation snd no reason is
known for tbe dsed. Officers are scour
ing ibe country for the guilty party
nd If captured bs will certainly bs
lyoohsd. t
1895 AUGUST. 1895
s. at. t. w. t. r. .
1 2
7Y o 10
IT 12 13 1415 16 17
18 19 2021 22 23 24
5 26 27 28 29 30 31
Soma of the wells at Rocs are run.
ning short of water.
The town marshal of Cotad gets 10
a month and boards blmtelf.
The plum crop In the North Platte
country Is mueh lighter than common.
The susar company at Norfolk has
decided to use crude oil for fuel instead
of coal, j
A wave of reform hu swept over
Sidney and everything except the hotels
is closed on Sundays.
The appearance of Canada thistles
In a few fields of Bart couoly is mak
ing the farmers feel weary,
Seward county has decided not
hold Its fair this year on account of
the partial failure of crops.
Lexington has a whsel club contain
ing several speedy riders who will bo
developed by sjstemalle training.
A Wayne man by tbe name of Thom
son received a jail sentence of thirty
days as a penalty for beating his wife.
Burglars entered a hardware store at
Staplehurst and carried away about
i5 worth of cutlery and $1 in money.
North Platte proposes to send s trsin
load of produce, moetly potatoes, to tbe
Atlantic seaboard as an advertisement.
Tbe mortgage Indebtedness on farms
in Gage county decreased to the ex
tent of 820,847 during the past six
Itelentless creditors have pounced
upon the Scrlbner creamery and will
sell it at auction to satisfy a modicum
of their claims.
Thurston county farmers are receiv
ing letters from their Illinois friends
asking if they can supply their demand
for hay this fall.
A. J. Aahmead, a former well-known
Union Pacific railroad man, died re
cently in Palestine, Tex., and was
buried at Valley, Neb.
Messrs C. F. Ingraharoand H. Phelps
of Tecumseh have organized an old
style one-ring circus and bate started
out for a tour of the state.
Llncolu county has more than an
average crop of prairie chickens and
local sports will kill none of them till
the birds are legally ripe.
Green precinct, Deuel county, haa a
movement on foot to organize an Irri
gation district for the purpose of test
ing the artesian well scheme,
A. C. Miller, a farmer living near
Lexington was adjudged insane and
taken to Norfolk, A sunstroke some
years ago was the indirect cause.
To avoid being butchered by a fall
ing pile driver derrick, George Todd of
Nance county made a phenomenal
jump and broke his leg In doing it.
Mrs. Mary E. Frye of.Nebratka City,
hat been pronounced Incurably insane
by the commissioners of insanity and
will be takeii to the Hastings asylum.
Plattamouth is a well-behaved city.
Only three arrests were made in July,
snd the police think the boys run In
must have acquired their jags across
the river in Iowa.
About twenty of the leading ladies of
Khelton watted upon the city council
and aaked that honorable boay to take
steps to suppress the boot-legging joints
that are running open in that town.
Bert Taylor, a brakeman on the F.
E. AM. V., was injured accidentally
at Newport while switching. The
right arm broken: also four ribs. He
a aa taken on to Long Pine, where his
Injuries were looked after.
A west-bound passenger train on the
F. E. & M. V. road ran into an open
switch at Crowell. a little three-year-old
girl, of Plattamouth, was the only
one severely Injured. Fivejcars were
smashed into kindling wood.
The slate board of transportation has
ordered 5,0fi0 new maps of Nebraska
printed for the use of the public. These
maps will show the Irrigation; ditches
completed and in course of construc
tion as welt as the railroads.
The comptroller of the currency at
Washington report thai at the close of
business July llth, the national banks
of the state had total resources ot
2O,0M:fl7; loans and discounts, 113,
045,610; stocks arid securities 9118.121,
6X; furniture and fixtures Sl,12U,fl2l,t3;
due from reserve agents, tl,4iH,I37;
gold coin, 5W.23rt; specie, ii'J7,052,
cspiUI stock, ,M5,(J00; surplus, $1,3J3;
tW; deposlV9H,8J2,3l5,'Jl; re-dlscounts
James Eatner, a farm hand at Ne
braska City, some time since showed
signs of Insanity and disappeared.
When found It developed that he had
been hiding In the woods, and was very
weak from lack of food. He will be
sent to the asylum.
H. W. Lleyd, a farmer living two
and a half miles from I'nloa, Cass
county, l farming out ibe water from
ibis welt at a big profit. Tbe water sou
'Ulna some of ths slmests ot stomal
youth and sick seopts drink it for ths
fun of gotting well.