The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, August 15, 1895, Image 2

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Suhacriptioo Prim, 93 00
Eatarad at tka Harrusw port oa a
TMcmdat. Arwr 13. 193.
4'aH r Kaaaallraa Caaaty (Vatral r
UUcc BartlBg.
Tae repablWsui eoeoty central eommttie
Of assess eonaty Is hereby culled to nn-et In
Harrlaua, Meet-., ua Saturday, Aug-utt '.
at e'elook, p- la., fur ta purpose uf cutting
theraaatj convention ami tor tbe traus
aetkas of sack olfc'jr business a tuuy prop
rly mn before iu
All eoaamitteeiueii an urged to be proven t
ay order ia tlCOI (over,
W. II. IUvis, tlutlrmaii.
CeeaJag Coateatioa.
LMnocratic state convention, Bryan
wiag, Omaha, August 22.
People independent, Lincoln, Aug. 29.
Democratic state convention, admin
istration wing, Lincoln, Sept ft.
People independent judicial conven
tion, 15th district, O'Neill, August 20.
Republican state convention, Lincoln,
Oc tober 3d.
Chadron is again working to secure a
sugar factory and ha recently bad a
Tactical sugar manufacturer there to
look over Uie field. There is more likeli
hood of aucoaas with a man like tint
than with aa adventurer such a they
bad on their string before. The out
come will be awaited with much inter
est by all northwest Nebraska.
The Rosecomb-Hol water outfit got
knocked out in the district court in the
lire and police commission foolishness.
It is a disgrace to the state that the gov
ernor should defy the law as he has and
it has been suggested that he be
impeached. Probably if such proceed
ings were commenced he would declare
those laws to be unconstitutional. An
anarchist is a dangerous man in power.
In ancient Assyria and Egypt crop.
were grown by irrigation, the water be
ing raised by slaves in a very cruilt
manner. Compare the possibilities ol
the modern windmill with tbe crude im
pleraents of the of ancient times and '
can then determine what the grei
plains country will be in tbe future aa U
population and wealth. Those ancient
nations were wealthy and prosperous but
every state that embraces the great
plains ' territory will be richer thin,
Egypt in her palmiest days within the
lifetime of men now living. Irrigation
Editor Tim Sedgwick who is old
enough and has had ample opportunity
to observe so as to know what ha is talk
ing about makes tbe following remarks
"It is unfortunate for a man to get int.
politics, and if we had a real good Irtend
that we loved as a Brother, we would mi
vise him to keep out of it entirely. It U
like sticky fly paper. It is a iittl.
tempting and when you fall into it tl
tastes a little sweet at first, but you tug
and pull and swear your fife awuy try
ing to get out of it We know men no v
who are down flat in the sticky Mull',
both wings fast and tbir legs all stud.
tight try ing to pull themselves out ul
the mean. The very bast advice you can
give any man is to keep out of politics"
H." H. Oakley, now president of tie
state Hsh commission, when question),
said: . "I realise that tbe greatest trou
Us encountered by the commission i
the more of leas common practice '
saining.' There Is not much of it gniiv
on now because this Is not the best sen
mm for flsh, bat It hi my intention tc
prosecute violators when they ngttin b
gin operations. The commission Im
now refused absolutely to stock tip cer
taJa streams until assurances ar givet
that Ish will ba protected. Several ar
rasto intra been mad this year aad mor.
wilt follow. I long since commenced u
wart ap casta agaiaat violators and with
Um aaaistaao of Superioteaineat O'Brici.
of the hatcheries I have matter in hap.
for pro as at actio. Liacoia JmnnaL
It k intotastla; to aota that the pop
in soeae of the coaatia ha instructs.
abaer nslagati to the state con van tka
of that party te aana.rt Judge Kaace lot
Xtm laajaattats ror pran judge. Tmv
fmnf Ism' mmn friind, aVsMwatar,
iti all ia hia pewer to idtoe the rajwh
i to lea.i Mai of JudKv
si Mt, that watrhaf fulati
i w5t be trM hi the pop ar
I?, tin raeaM wetkm of Oav. Bstwib
leS KJjBaflsl st fci wtot Mtal PWM09
wto) hi Misr Mm thassh of Masewatar i
BMUmmSu ca to amw to hf inaat
tdmrn. Tanwaftw fMfto wto Oa
rtoMCpeaat wtoeh wa
c&mmcz&Ct'G tow to n
CtttM Um smt Catomb
llcf CswMtov cJ afft
Justus Jarhsnn of th supreme rutin
ol lis Umlad Bute died a ( day ago
at hi southern horn. H was a man
of mora than ordinary ai:ty.
J. C Seairast, aa employe of tha Lin
coln Jvwnmti, received a draft a few
day ago for proving that tha Omaha
live had mada a falaa statement of it
circulation to tha publisher, of Howell's
newspaper directory. It would aeeni
from that that political reports were
not tbe only ones which tha Bee got
The republican uUi cvtitrl cum
Htittee met at Lincoln lititt Me k &.ud n
sued a call fir tlie state convention In be
hel l at L.ti' uln on Wenuemiiy, K t .lcr
2, la . The re(reseiitatioii in iA.-J'i.ii
tlte vut tut lor bUile Treanurer Hartley
and will make a t"Ul of 1,037 Jeleute
eatitled Ui MitK, two of which are al
lotted to Sioux county. As there are
no state officers to be elected but one
supreme judge and two regents of the
state university, and there being no op
position to the re-nomination of Chief
Justice Norval it was thought best by
some to reduce the number of delegates
but lite majority decided that a Urge
representation would ba mor to tlte in
terests of the party and tbe call was
made accodingly. A large number of
delegates will come nearer to expressing
tlie iis of the people than would a
small number.
Jtott Them Oat
Chart ron Journal.
The press is at present engaged in a
crusade that should nave been inaugu
rated long ago, and if the pi ess has the
power that has been ascribed to it, it
will succeed in eradicating or at least
greatly diminish tbe particular evil up
on which it has trained its batteries.
Editors all over the country seem to
have suddenly realized that the toogue
of scandal must ba silenced if civiliza
tion is to advance and a high standard of
morals be maintained. Of all social
evils extant today none is more despi
cable than tlie practice that prevails so
generally of originating and - spreading
candaL Its effects are two-fold, for it
not oaly casts a shadow upon the fair
name 01 those implicated, but it cventa
ally produces iu the community a disre
gard of morals that cannot fail to end id
degradation. The huge boulder that
I mugs poised on the top of a hill needn
Uul a touch uf tit hand to send it crush
ing to the bottom, bringing destruction
to everything in IU path, and jul so a
.andal requires but U be given a start
ul it flies along, britiging pain, Borrow
iiu trouble and fury often wrecking Uie
uvea of loose alto are its inuoceul Vic
tim. In every community there is a class of
ieiiple so morally lv, o mentally
eult uud perverted in taste that they
make it a point to II oJ some
circumstance, however alight, that wnl
warrant them in originating a scaudal.
it only require to be origiuated, (or
there ar usually pleoty ready to attend
lo ita promulgation, it seems almost
improbable thai such persons cau hold
.uiy social pooilivu or Im aucoroed any
iepect( yet they are fivqutiilly fouuu
among limes wlMt are accouuled nocily'a
uprer crust," and it i tins very tact
thai makes Uitih ttmigornUB. it liif
.vere iwknd Ufnjil ai trwiUd wilh the
coiittun't aii:t Ifatlimg that they dt-scrve
Uieir power Would Soon eiid,-atid il Is lo
attaitcu Una leeinig Uial Ihe yrv ih nw
jlrivmg, , . '
it w iiuUMSieriai w ho starU or aswsu
.u npivadiag a auaiMUi. lltey may lwv
sullh aud ingii auoai puaiUun, as toe
.utur unit m used, out Hwa are as vile
as Um luuwt Mavkeued cliarwuUir lu
uwutiuuuiiy. Tile moiaeut Utal even Unt
slightest billt of a scandal uaiaiss Utetr
iips, Uicy slMuld lla atiunned and deapiaed
uy all huMvrable Mu aad woiweu. Tne
acaudal-ulunger glide Ulruiigtl the com
uiuuity like Um fclituy, Oaauly aoake,
rinsing lauoceat objeel iter and there
u Ina course, liuregiait(Ug their pure
uiovid wiUi Um potaoa tttat kills, but
.muself eacapitig. f kt Im pa esse you,
crush him under foot,' for you know not
tit day oor the hour when hM fang
tuall pwro yor flaah.
If a community M to praawrva a
.Maltbrul aociaj atmoanher, if naorality
, to Im iu clairactarlaUc aad if honor
tud purity ar to rewjafa thro, than
ma aod women nasi awaken to the
.act Uatt ih tirat iiiatial la the ao-
Mnphahtuot or the things la to si
leno the tongue of swadal. A aowUva
ref uasi to listaa to It, aa opaa caadim-
aauoa aad VauaciaUoa of tboaa mbod
.laeata of all that M vUa who aaak to
,prad it, wiU reauH la tha sradioatioa
J. that' asosi dwaawabk batog, Um
awdal-Monger. Bm aatannaaUaa
aowd b Um Mbliasa aajct f evwry ra-
aUtofs, Xab., Aat. tl to tt.
taa local raaatua aawHttoa aA Baav
wgs aad perjfM gaaifall ar aMy
ng a taaarstlia tar Mm gfaataat
,agrfatoataWaaWlcWaaa aaf
aVMftataSet tfalifcaP '(H 3raaWaWa3a aJa f&
vyal aMjiiaiimajaato aaaqr &
Oood riga furnislml oa ahort notio.
Keliahle driver and quiet aaddlo horse always on hand. ,
OchmI aoconimodaUons (or transcient customer.
Honws boarded.
Harrison, Nebraska.
R. K. BurwgTLa,
D. B. ORIRWOLl), CaahUr.
EVansacts a General Banking Businecs.
Aumciit Ezchaob National Bank. Nr York.
Ukitkd States Natiokal Bawk. Omaha,
Fdmt National Bank, C'hadroa.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
siwrw ilmn promise to excel in number
the attendance of any previous (father
ing. Fully oO.OOO citixenx of Kansas
will join in this trrmid re-union.
The NVImiska band union, embracing
nwr 600 unilormed men, will hold their
innual re union on t lie same dates.
Ttiere will I music galore.
Bj.iiU contest on Saturduy morning.
rwncHHh prizes, 73 llrst: 50 second.
Free for all. Bunds exjctinK to enter
must report at headquarters Tuesday
Nebraska's excellent national guard-
infantry has been ordered into camp at
(lasting during the re union ot trie old
Tbe local committee has contracted
with one of the Iarf3t manufacturers of
lire works m the L'uited States lor a spe'
ml display of lire works on Monday and
Friday evenings. Hignal hht-lls, llred
front mortars, and Imridwtiie M.-1 tiieces
KU).'KtiVe of the occasion will in1, one ,
of the ('harmruir features of the weeks
rjliiim txtttle rri(lay-uiHier coiniiiaiio
f Uru. John M. 1 buyer and Ueu. t,. J.
ilw;rili wiil urou old tune activity
and admirutiofi.
The oitiaviw id llastinKS are preparing
accommodations for a quarter of a mill
ion of beolde.
vamp Siieruian will be turned over , to
apartment commander Adams at i
o'clock, p. in Monday, when hostilities
will eomniense in earnest.
ttut bsloon ascesioos and parachute
drops by one of the leading aeruoauU of
the country.
Prominent among Um speakers from
Kansas will be ea-lieaator Julio J. lo
galls, Oov. Morrill, Bernard Kelly and
u. R. AnUiony.
TIm N ebrask a cong reasiona I delegation,
en-dept. coin manders of the O. A. K. will
also be preseot, aod other promiocot
HpacMi reuucea rat son excursion
tram from all points.
Fra wood, bay and straw, aad an
abundance uf good water.
rare for round trip, from Uarriaoa,
good returning uatil beptamber S, 1HM,
Flaal Praaf Xatwea,
All aarasas aavtaaT leal proof naUosa Im
tats sneer will ri a sarkd ewnjr of itm
pauwr saw ar ri ! to esaaiiua taalr
aauce aaa u aa eresxs mih raHn um
. Xetire fsv rballratMa.
IjM UMtee at AJIIsaoa, Hee, ,
JagrasM )
MaUre at hereby alvaa that Ma Mtowltur
aauMRl aiMUar Baa tfted awtMa i kis ialau
Uita M ataase aaal as eel la saayaert e Sis
lalw. awl HiaS i araef will aa taade ee
lera M. J. IMewaSl. etmru el IMatTMt (SMrt.
a Uarrissa, Asst., aa nsjK. f, MM, U
WUUaM a. aelaea, eflurrtsaa, .sabn
i Maae M. K. Max aajsfar tae w. JS aw. U.
Is aa. t aad aw. Itttsf ee i tf .
v . f
Ma Ma rasatvlng wwasa M ntwv
hM aUaae raata anaa aa) aaiHva
Maa ml, asM tsaaa. rUl m
9909 IfcatoJCaSaV MT IMaWflt At HsMbfaa tsWSBa
MeVMNta, srsat jajeea, M t tsarrMaa, aia.
I -Ml a. w, w ),,
Meals aul ba ftr a4 M bf
aaal at at u asMsYM
. lee aa i nilnstsgef WM aii tf my
Msrass, ratsat m waaa aaa aaa il'a
m9 89 MaV StMaWMaT 48T JSPaWSsJsbaJ al44 tWl'V
8MaTy tat Jfcaflaa mmf 0mtHttf Af1 ta8) flrMW fN
aaaasy aawa. Mi mm b mtmmmmt-i
bf abaaal la MsassM MM mmmmmt, mf (MM.
sasraM, raaaM M jfrnvm
AM eats a aa ajad a ar IMata
i ar bsol asaarras Um rtgkt t reM aaf
rMaSafaattii. af aaaabr
a. a sjmi
Feed and Sals
C. r. rorran,
Xoflrr hir PnMlri'lon.
IjuidCfflri-st Mtlnnoe, Neb., (
Jaly IS, 1
Mottre I hrmby KivR following
nsnied wtllr hits flll nollco of his lntn-
tlon to niske flnsl proof in support irf III"
Clutiii, slid inst saia prow win iiuiai nr
fore M. J. Rlewett. clerk of the district
court. at Harrison, Nilr., mi Anf.
M, Invs, vis:
VI I n in- E. I'imiIp. formerly XmHh, of Harri
son, Xrb.,
who made II. t No. tMS for the ae. V sso. II,
to. St n.. r. w.
He names tbe following witnesses to prove
nis coiiiitiiiout rtwmence upon hiiu cultiva
tion of sld land vis :
Aufa.t llMsselquiat, W ill U II. tirvn,
John 1. Itnrls, Louis J. rtlmiuims, all of liar
risou, Neb.
45 M J. W. Wins, Js., IUit. r.
A lloasfkuld Treasare.
I). W. Fuller, of t Janajoharie, N. Y.,
says th;it lie always kecih lr. King's
New 1'iscovery in the house and his fain
ily has always foi.inJ thu very best i-
ssulls follow its use; that he would n it
be without it, if procurable. O. A.
Dykuiii.-ui, druggist, OilskiU, N.
that Dr. King's New Discovery is un
douhuadlv the best cough remedy; that
be has used it in his family for eihl
years, and it has never failed to do all
that is claimed for it. Why not try u
remedy so long tried und tested. Trial
bottles free at Pioneer Pharmacy. Reg
ular tae 50c and (1.
Baralra Arnica Naive,
The best sal v in Um world for cubs,
bruises, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fevei
ores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains.
corns, and all skin eruption and positive
ly cures sles, or no pay required. It is
guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction
or mooey refunded. Price 24 cants per
box. ror sale by rioneer rharawu y.
J ast Praai tar Prtwa.
A vary attractive publioalion has just
baao isaaed by the paaseoger depart meot
of th Burliagto Route, t bears the
title "Tb Newer Norttwest" and de-
acribas ia a atoat iatae tiasT aod read
able fashtoa t&oa portion of wortliern
Wyoasiogand Um Black Hill of fttnlh
LsmkaU wMub are r4 by this oom
Tb aoaaary, towns, wmmb, aanpla aad
MaaVriea of Usra tww runairkalaa c
Uamt of coantrv treated of with r
aviate Metaty, 9M paga with illaatta
ttoaa, asat oa faoaspt of It osau In
i PbJKana,0.r.T. A,
5 North-Wcatcm
P I I V, ai tha beat
wW JPIsl fcbjr
susin C5T naos
Sioux County,
STetoai. Fit3 llomc3 lor Hore
Than 5,000 Lien.
A new county with
schools, churches,
railroads, etc.,
i AND 800,000 ACRES YET
Contains over forty-five miles of
rail'oad and has no county
Pael, Posts, Log aad Laaibrr Chrsprr
Tata at aay Othrr Place
la Xrbraska.
Sioux county is the iiorlhwe.t county
of Nebru-ska. It is about thirty miles
east and west by about seventy mili-s
north and south and contains
OVER 1,300,000 ACRES
of land. Tlier are more bright, spark
ling, small streams in the county than
can be found In the same area elsewhere
in the state. It has more pine timber in
it than all the rest of the state combined
Its grasses are the richest and most nu
tritious known so that for stock-growing
it Is unexcelled.
Tlie soil varies from a heavy clay to a
light sandy loam and is caiable of pro
ducing excellent crops.
Tim principal crojis are small grain
and vegetables, although good corn is
grown in the valleys. The wheat, oats
rye and barley are all of unusually line
quality and command tlie highest mar
ket prices.
The water is pure and ref resiling aod
is found in abundance in all part of the
The county is practically out of debt
aud bits over forty-five miles of railroad
within its borders, has a good brick court
house and the necessary fixtures for run
ning tlie county and there has never
been one dollar of county bonds issused
and hence taxes will be low.
The Fremont, Elkhorn 4 Missouri
Valley railroad crosses .Sioux county
l mill east to west and the U. A M. lias
ilsiut fifteen miles of its tine in the
iiorllieu.t jsirt of the county.
Tbe climate is mor pleasant than that
of tlie eastern portion of Nebraska.
There is still
OVER 800,000 ACRES
jf land in Sioux county yet open lo
tiodiestead entry. It is better land and
more desirubly located than that for
IihIi such rushes are made on the open
ing of a reservation. There is no rail
road land in the county and (or tiuit
reason its settlement lias been slow for
no special effort to get Settler was
made, as was done in the early days ol
the settleuwut of tha tsietero part of lis.
Good dessWd land can ba purchased at
reasonable rata with government land
adjoining so tint a peraon ulto want
mora than one quarter aectiu can obtain
it if ha baa a little p waits,
Thar ar about 9,500 uaofile In Ua
county aad there is room for IboujauxK
Ilaniaoa la Ute-rounty aaal aad is alt-
MladoaUej P. & AM, V. railroad, nasi
i aa good a Iowa aa the thialy sett led
uouatry desuand.
School house a4 -hwnjies are "o-
vidad ia almost every awtteaaieat and are
kepi lift with Use times.
AU who desira tu get a It snail mil or
buy land cheap ar iaviUsi to cwMte ami
sue tha ouawtry for them! va aad Judge
4 Ma aiarita, Huajaati nl will not he
obtaiaahl aauch lunger aad if yow want
Ut aa yoac nght aad gat IM acre of
laad rreaa Uaota fata fraa it is iwu you
war ahoejt it.
Lsvak at TU laM
(hsrago HC laasali
fjaaatia LisMsdsi
M. Uaabt ' linaver
Knsai City iJaasiwooud
ItaVaw'at aasUer arfaiiai you iaVead
fisiiiag. Tha Barliagusa aVssv a las
s st Ihm la nil aa it hi ba any mm) uf
.lien,. f
Advartlshsg easMs awd full infaraia
i'ia alsast tin aw aaal rabas eat 04s 4 mw
coa. JX faAlKat, O. t. 4 T. A.
.- Oaamha, Wab.
srAitujm't l""
-lis X. MoWwiib .- iivrlt.r.
H K. Maura.. l.butMiaiit uuvsrnwr
J. A I'lsar saaretiiry ul si-
l,u Muore ..Aadiior
Juauli s. Msrtley Tnsar-i
A. . iharrblU Altornsf lMiri
H.t.'. ku-rll .......LaadtomiiilsaUMii-r
It. aitMrboli jaipl. 1'nbllr latnndlm
. IsJ.NllKaSMlOJUL Jis.iai.ATKO
C. F. Mauderson I. a. aanalor. isw.h
Wia. V. A!iu V. . saalur, Msdisuu
W.J. Mryau. t uiistmsihbji 1st Ui., MihsjIu
il H. Hit aaf. ' d ' innahn
O.' l. JfetkMJtan " ' " r uirruti
K J, Uaiuaff. " " turui
W A. MoKkajraan. " Jtti ' Wil,-i
u. M. fsrn, sth " ItrnS'ii '
Jt iHClAHt :
T. L. Norval. fat'l JusIUh-, -n I
A.M. I'ost AssucUW- Judgi-, I ulumlius
T. O. C. Harrison ..As'la Judge. OMud Man.l
It. A. liaaipladl.. Clerk and K Mrlrr, I.ii-iih
rirraKNTH jrimuLiM'nHK t.
M. P. Klnkakl -Jmliri'. ti v-lil
AUrl Uartow " I'ti'idiim
M.J. aiewatt mr-rk, llsm-.ii
Kutxirt Wilson t oiinty Juds-
M.J. MeweU Il'jk.
II. s. Woodruff Traiwmvi
W. II. Iiavls upt. Hubllc Inroi r:.ii
A, K. Ic.... Hi-rllf
J. K. Hhlnuiiy i ojiHicr
s. U Kill Mir
M.J. Bli-wett... Clerk ul
Alvlii T. Clark tminiy ln.rm-
ltOAKH ir ( (
Krunk Tlnkham 1st Ul-irl. P
M. J. Webnr l
It. r . Jo'.inwni (chalrinaii; .At "
l.rXilSl.tTIV I.:
II. O. Mcsiirl-.M imlor, HUl Nu. 14, 1 r: lout
W, I i.-ii, t . . Ki,p., liUl. So. .Vt, Ilriiilnyii,
VII. I. At. K Klr tl f H"
V.J. Itlt-Hctt trhmrumu, ..... . Ini-ii...
Kohs.-r -. '
J. W. hs-ott ,
II. II. t.rl"l "
W. II. MnrstelliT
I.. J. Simmons . .....t'li.k
ltiih lf-rltii-li ... I ifitnri'i-
J. W. iiiltli lur-li.!
M " Mil. r 1 1
W. fH-Otl
J. W.fKtdl I"IIS'I..-
It. I.. Sunn k Mi'iiTutur
it. W. Hotter. .................... 'I riMim t
TKUMS nr" l" KT :
lil.lrn l Cimrl, At llsrrisli, ihiii,.i-u. , .
April Hth Slid Nuteinlsir 'Alii.
L4iuuty ioiirl, At llarrtwnt, iutii'iHu-.
tlrNt Mondity id :h!i mitntli.
Cllfltl UK- AMI ms K1 K.
M. K. Cliurt-h -I'rvHi'liliiK mcli intxrnui-Smiil-iyst
I0;:in. 111., uud ,-n-rv viih.I., y i-m-i,
mar it 7 :ko. Kkv.c. k. Cos sri.i.. I'ii.lir,
Mi'tluslUt siinda si-ttH,l tiiiH't . i-H-if "'tii .
dsr iimrniiiK hi 1 1 :."i
J. I,. MaKi tl.Ll:li, w. ll.lxviK,
KllHrlll(-IMrtl. S,-.i':, , .
HurrlMin Cuinn, No. niti-ts nn (hi dr.t
and third Siilnrdav nliir n( eiwli nmnlli
J. .. I'Missrr. r;, r". I'umu s,
Clerk. Cm,. ( 'um,
Mets eni'h Mll'Timl" f itnnl iy m-miiIhi;
at s uVlovk. A, l(. OK. w , V. ( ,
.1. W. MI1TII, CliTk.
r.l'HOUTII f.h.tul I..
IX'viitloniil inurtlng every Sunday mwii!u
at :.'!. labtni'l nii-rtliiK uu u.iU m' ,i.-.i
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