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I J kMIMOMk, Proprietor.
Bon. George Curzon's principal car
WU1 be Leiter.
Times are letter. If a beggar
Mts you show blni do quarter.
When It rains cats 8Dd dogs it may
klrly be called beastly weather.
Robert Hall once said that the beat
"way to keep a secret was to put It In u
manual report.
Excellent examples of sensible adver
tislng are generally the result of train
ed experience.
hoos-k.-eplng is as lmrtaut as tin art
of Warning. If a woman Is an author
ity in Greek or Latin, and cannot make
a loaf of bread or sweep a room. -'
la something wanting In the prot
of things, and there is Just as e-ka
need of training for girls In the -u li
menta of housekeeping in the public
schools as there bfor the manual train
bag of the buy.
If there were not so many ambitious
statesmen of doubtful antecedents and
of selfish aspirations in Central Amer
ica, the Utile republics might come to
gether. Too many men want to be dic
tator of the federated nations.
An enterprising advertising agent Is
ending out to the newspapers a life
site cut of the feet of Virginia Harned,
the original Trilby In this country.
There Is every reason to believe that
the artist has been kinder to Virginia
than nature was.
Colloquially speaking, the fellow whs
do beef nowadays Is doing tbe
Moat "beefing.
' If J a nan were about one-fourth the
lie of Russia the latter wouldn't be of
fering It any advice.
t -
Why are choir singers continually
Quarreling, anyway? Don't they all
have the same chants?
We had over loo bridal couple In our
Midst last week. Washington Post
How do you feel now?
Japan wants to know what fun there
la In winning the game If some oDe else
tuns off with the gate receipts.
The simplest and most effective way
C-f writing an advertisement is to write
What a good salesman would say.
It Is lucky that the American Consti
tution does not follow the lines of Brit
ish precedent If the President of the
United States had to resign every time
the House of Representatives punched
boles in his policy the Presidency would
be In a state of permanent vacancy.
Atchison Globe: Secretary Gresham
was doctored fur stoue in the bladder,
and the discovery was made ton laie
that he really suffered wlih pleurisy of
the lungs. A poor man has as good a
chance for life as a rich man. Better,
the doctor doesn't call on him so often.
Two-dollar bills, we are told, should
be carefully txamiued, even If tney
have to be borrowed for the purpose.
It Is said of a model jail to be ex
hlbited at Atlanta that "a prisoner in
carcerated within its Iron cage will
be absolutely protected from without."
This Insinuation that the people out of
jail need safe keeping occasionally is
borne out by the facts, and not alone
In the Southern States.
The silk on which China's thanks to
the President were written was yellow,
to match the Chinese army's fighting.
When a fellow tells a girl that she is
plump as a partridge, is he paying her
a compliment or making game of her?
Some people up in British Columbia
want to have enacted a Sunday law so
rigid as to prohibit all work but preach
ing and all pleasure but listening to it.
Perhaps British Columbia is so far
ahead in the procession as to be able
to afford to take such a backward tep,
but nobody would have suspected It
When people vow at the altar to share
each other's sorrows they Immediately
go to work making sorrow to be
ha red.
The street cleaners of New York CU
are to be clad in white. The mi
faithful workers, therefore, will shw
the most dirt
I Public cabs will have to go sooner or
! later. Ixmdon has adopted tricycle
I vehicles operated by two men and car
I rylng two passengers, and If the ex
J pected Improvement In automatic ar
I riages develops a practical vehicle, the
public will have no further use for cab.
J hansom or herdle The cab horse, like
the street car horse, will be out of a Job.
lba Holm Cm.
Cuicauo, 111, July 26.- oi so aeosa
.local a find was found yesterday as
Wednesday by the men digging in the
cellar of the Holmes building, but it
was one which m.y go much farther
towards securiug the couvictiou of the
murderer. One of the workmen fouud
in a pile of rubbish a letter signed -II.
H. Howard," aua asted May 5, Ibva
The signature is one of the many aliases
used by Holme and ot e of the com
monest cf the lot The letter is iu bis
well-kuown haudwntiug and is ad-
jr eased to au occupant of the building,
to whom the dectectives who took pos
jession of the letter before ihe reporters
sould get bold of it refused to state.
It is believed, however, that the letter
is to C. E. Davis, the jeweller who
jccupiea the building with Druggist
The letter touches particularly as to
the doings of Janitor Qumlan and asks
where he now is. It then goes on in a
jocular manner to discuss the fact ol
the recipient whether be has seeu them
or their goats about the building.
Special inquiry Is made as to the par
titions in the bouse and in conclusion
the writer expresses the believe that he
will not have to stay in jail mucn
longer. It was at erst reported that
two letter had been found, but Detec
tive Norton, who has charge of the
material found in the cellar, denies
hat i h in is so. He declares that the
two supposed letters were only parts
of the same letter. A new accusation
now rests againat Holmes' character,
and that is that be maae away with
Miss Cieirrand, with whom be lives In
the bouse at Sixty-third and Wallace
street, just before be had the Williams
girls there. The neighbors' remember
but little of the girl, not even her first
name. She was a stately looking
blonde about tweuty-ftve years of age
and lived with Holmes something less
than six months.
When she went sway Holmes tola
Jeweller Davis, as the latter claims,
that he had succeeded in "marry ir.g"
her off. It will le remembered that
this is very much like the disappear
ance of Mrs. Connor. Hefaid at me
time he had married her off in Califor
nia Miss Ciegrand 'came to Chicago
from Indiana. She associated but
AMkH Hal4-ap.
Chicago July 26. Conductor Dar of tie Lake Hiore Chicago and
New York express train, which was
beid up at Reese. O., last nitht, arrived
in Ibis city this morning. He said, re
garding the bold-up:
"The robbers stopped tbe enzineer
-ith a red light near Reese sU'ioo.
Afterward we found that a pile of ties
had been piaeod acroe the track.
There appeared to be four men in the
attacking party. They got into the ex
press car aud opened the safe.but could
not eel into the big safe. They made
ih snviner climb don from bis Cob
and one of tbe men kept him standing
beside the engine in the ditch, Tbe
fireman wag under guard next to the
exDressear. After aboutforty minutes
tbey disappeared in the darkness. Tbe
amount taken was. I believe, about
8.000. The passengers were in
they were not laterierea
A Utwlrurili Ho
Silver Citt, X. M, Jaly
Southern New Mexico has been vimiea
by tL most destructive storms and
fljods. Damage ta the amount of
onr 1100,000 is utaii,ed at Silver City.
here tbe water swept through the
sreeta in torrents to a dep.n oi
feet, causing great loss on build-
STATE xNEWS items.
six :
intra aud stock in stores. Many estae
from druuii.g are. reported by people
living in 'he flooded osricn an
cun ruaie by taking them frotn houses .
on horseback. The hotels are the
principal losers. The Broadway hotel
. a total wreck. The Tremont house
is damaged to tbe amount of &10.WU,
the rear wall being washed away and
the water three feet deep in the butld-
Tbe rear wall of tbe timrner
The Denver woman who killed he.
elf because a grand opera sinw.;
would not reciprocate her love must
have been A flat
A Boston paper says "we have Just
launched our fifteenth theater." We
don't think yacht to mix metaphors
like that In erodlte Boston.
It la currently reported that for the
last three months the work on the
Jrant monument has been confined to
the payment of official salaries.
And now It Is claimed that a false af
fidavit made for the purpose of robbing
the Chicago city treasury does not con
tltute perjury. Perhaps It is Just plain
A Los Angeles paper says that a man
who came to California two years ao
with only one lung now has four. Na
ture evidently Is trying to make a poli
tician of him.
White men among the Osage Indians
have been cheating and robbing the
latter. It is humiliating to know they
have done so In so bungling a way
that the Indians have fouud them out.
A Rt Louis woman has applied for a
divorce on the ground that her hus
band Is "addicted to the suicide habit."
We should think suicide would be the
last thing he would attempt
In Japan they sell dress goods by
weight If tbat practice were adopted
here the sale of balloon sleeves would
make the shopkeeper owe the pur
chaser money.
While the earthly astronomers are
nhwrvlna the canals on Mars It is to
be hoped the people of that planet are
not lotting sight of Chicago's great sanl
tary district canal.
Tbe sensational preacher and the
sensational newspaper are very much
like the sensational skyrocket They
don't do much sizzling and sputtering
on the return trip.
panic, but
Ptnmi Mesneneer Nettleion said In
regard to tbe hold-up:
1 was dozing in my chair, near tbe
safe, about 12 o'clock last night and
the train was making about forty mile
an hour. I knew there would not be
another stop for half an hour, so I was
surprised sod startled when tbe brakes
began to jar on the wheels. The train
came to sudden stop and I suspected
something was wrong. We bad no
sooner come to a standstill than there
u a shark and a loud report under
tbe right band forward end of ray car
Tbe glass In the window nxt to that
corner was shattered into a thousaud
pieces. I grabbed my r' eucer, a little
short shotgun, and stood it the aoor.
which was . unlocked and bad been
partly opened, lu the darkness I saw
two men with guns pointed at me. I
dodged back into the car, and raising
my gun let them have it, as I thought,
full in tbe face. Apparently it didn't
hit, and after that they wouldn't stand
any monkeying.
"'If you place any value ou your life
you will put down that gun and let us
in,' one of the men. said.
"Then I gave up aud they came 1j
and went to work. They got into the
way safe easy enough, but after explod
ing six charges of dynamite against
the other one, they had to give It up.
Three times they left me in tbe car
while they exploded tbe dynamite and
three times they took me out. They
li tie with ihe neighbors, and even the ept me covered all tbe time with tbeir
guns. There were two who were worx
ing in the car and two who stayed on
guard outside. The men had handker
chiefs tied over their faces and I could
not recognize tin m."
Sir Julian Pauncefote's letter to Mr.
Gresham will be undoubtedly pervert
ed In certain quarters where it 1 cou
sidered eminently "American" to sneer
at anything emanating from a British
representative. But it was, neverthe
less, a dignified and courteous tribute
to the memory of a man who In his dip
lomatic relations was actuated by an
"unswerving spirit of honor, justice and
conciliation." That is a fitting summary
of the Secreary's rule of conduct, and
will stand lu the record of his short
diplomatic career.
Solomon said a false balance was an
abomination, and the wise men of the
lower bouse of Missouri are consider
ing a plan for giving false weighers
lots of trouble. A bill Introduced pro
vides that the Inspector of weights
aud measures, his deputies, or any po
liceman of Kansas City may stop any
person hauling hay, fuel, grain or feed
from a private scale and cause him to
i show the weight ticket therefor, and
If he pleases to drive to tbe nesresi
scale and there re weigh the load and
then to return and have the empty
wagon weighed.
Tbe Garden of Eden la being explored.
It la believed that evidence will be se
cured to prove tbat It was Adam who
offered the apple to Eve and the wora
eua's Bible will have a scoop.
It la not yet apparent whether tbe
good roads movement Is stimulating
the remarkable sale of blcyclea or the
remarkable sale of blcyclea la stimu
lating tbe good roads movement
other inmates ot the building were iu I
complete ignorance concerning her
habns. Holmes was uot orten seen
with her, and on these occasions he
kept aloof from his acquintance and
introduced her to no one. Mrs. W. L.
Doyle of 747 Sixty-third street, knows
more about this girl, it is believed,
than anybody else, but tbe cen'ral
tation officers will not permit her to
talk about the case.
The building in which Holmes' Chi
cago crimes were probably concocted
and accomplished will not be pmled
down. II . R. Chandler, a mortgage
broker who holds a Hen on it for $12,
000, advanced to Holmes witn which to
build it, was told by the building in-
apector tbat all tha was necessary wan
to improve the upper portion. This
will be done at once. An order of fore
closure has already been secured irom
the court and tomorrow or n-xt day an
order will be asked for allowing tbe
improvements to be put on. The pro
perty is now worth 1 40.000. Besides
the principal there is $4,000 back inter
est and taxes due on it.
A few more bones were found today
in the same hole from which those were
taken yesterday. They were verubrie
and a portion of a human shoulder
blade. Tbe force of men was doublet!
and the work is nrogressing. The be
lief is gaining ground that Holmes'
wife, who lives in the suburbs, knows
more about her husband's crimes than
she cares to tell. It is probable she
will be put In the sweat boi. Mrs.
tiuinlan and Mrs. Doyle, who were ex
amined today, are still under police re
straint, as are tjuinlan and Owens,
though none of them are actually un
der arrest.
We have authentic information to tbe
effect that the Holmea who waa arrest
ed in Boston on suspicion of being con
cerned In an Insurance swindle Is not
remtlve of the late Rberlock Holmea.
Mr. Hockefeller baa been paying very
close attention to bis duties as super
intendent of a Baptist ftanday school
In Cleveland lately, bat It la thought
tbat be hasn't loat a cent in tbe recent
corner In oil.
China, In addition to tbe boon of
peace, baa the satisfaction of knowing
that abe might bare been walloped
.worse. Other satisfactory elements of
' the Anal settlement seem to bare been
annexed by Japan.
Tbe caution ottered by a woman In
ts north American against the educa
vfI of oat daughters oat of their
' crkeres of life Indicates one of tbe dnn
V. ' . CM of the new education. The hluher
v fjitalac to set to be oesptood, but tbe
V; - "TNit majority of women are to be
"l'-.m 4 otfca-, aarf U art of
A Ridiculous Coitora.
But there is nothing more amusing,
perhaps, In all tbe quaint and curious
"cuetoms" of the House of Commons
than the strange ceremony which
marks tbe termination of its every sit
ting. The moment tbe bouse is ad
Journed, stentorian voiced messengers
and policemen cry out In the lobbies
and corridors: "Who goes home?"
These mysterious words have sounded
every nlgbt for centuries through the
Palace of Westminster.
The performance originated it a time
when It was necessary for members to
go home In parties for common protec
tion against tbe footpads wbo lu Tested
tbe streets of Loudon. But, though
that danger has long since passed a way
the cry of "Wbo goes home?" Is still
beard night arter nignt, receiving no
reply, and expecting none. Cbam!en
Monument to an Apple.
It's an ill-thriving historical assocla
tlon that cannot find something U coin
metnorate with a monument The Kum
ford Historical Society In Woburn has
hit upon the Baldwin apple, and will
erect a shaft seven feet blgb on the site
of the tree whereon the first of this
fruit was discovered. Aa Woburn li In
tbe heart of the great American pie
belt the monument to commemorate
the apple may not be Ill-advised
Springfield Republican.
The Girls Took It All.
Marie" I never could understand
how it Is people say the Kranklon girl
got nil their beauty from (heir inothei-
Krert-"! dare sr.? H a tne Tbey cer
nluly iinvt n't left Yet mur." Illusti at
ad Bit.
A rlou Cpldcnlc of C liolora.
San Fhamisco, July 26,-Corres-
Dondeuce of tbe Lulled press, per
steamer City of Pekin, dated July 12,
aayt: There is every symptom at pres
ent of a serious epidemic of cholera in
Japan, the terrible diaeaae hsung
made its appearance among tne iroopt
at Pescadores, Port Arthur and Chin
1U germs have been carried home by
returning soldiers, ana eireeuy irom
fourteen centres of Infection reports ol
freeb cases reach tbe authorities dally.
Tbe government is making strenuoui
arttana to check the spread of the
Virus, bnt the situation is greatly com
plicated by the fact that, whereas on
previous occasions one or two cenires
of infection only bad to be considered,
in in nraaent Instance the plague w
germinating from over a dozen local
itles. aimuiianeouslr.
Thus far the seizures have aggrogau-a
onlv 315 and the rate of mortality haa
hMin about 35 ner cent. ut wnen uie
summer heat iairiy asserw iwh
graver state of affairs will In all proba
bility ensue.
Cat t la raver Bvportaa,
TorEKA.Kaa, July 26.-The state
Mvs stock sanitary commission of Kan
mm received a protest from the people
against tbe shipment of 10.000 bead ol
Aritona cattle, reported to bo on the
war d DteD mUl WTiT dDrin tb
neit thirty days. It la stated tbat tbe
cattle are Infected wltb fever. Local
cattlemen are much alarmed over the
reports and ask tbat the most etrlugeut
BMiores be taken to prevent tbe un
loading of such cattle in tbe state.
Uarant ArouMti hirmt,
San Fbancihco, July 25 Tbe in
terest aroused in Dnrant by bis re
appearance, in public has not abated,
notwithstanding that bis case went
over yesterday for the day. There have
been a great many applicants at the
Jail to see him, none of whom were
gratiied with even a glance at bim.
There is considerable money being
trtant An his case, though bis father
was not supposed to hsve much means. 1
A rumor baa been started that Mrs.
is the daughter of a well-known
Placer county mining man and that be
is supplying money for the trial. The
defense is undoubtedly spending money
as it has two detectives in tbe field to
secure evidence iu the prisoner's faor.
Detective Lees has nad the writing on
the newspaper which was seat to Mrs.
Noble wrapped around the jwelry
which Blanch Lamont bad on submitt
ed to a number of the best expert! in
San Francisco. A series of pliotorapks
has been taken and preparations made
for a scientific exhibit in the trial.
Captain Lees has in his possession an
elaborate expert report upon his branch
of tbe case, but whether it is favorable
or unfavorable to the prosecution's
theory he refuses to say.
Santa Crlz, Cal., July 23,-Wllliam
F. Barrett, an iutaue waiter, gave him
self up to tbe sheriff last night and said
bs was the murderer of tbe two .iris
killed In the Emanuel church. He
made a rambling statement of now be
bad killed both tbe girls on tbe same
day and carried their bodies to the bel
fry. He recognized a supervisor In the
sheriffs office as Rev. Mr. Gibson, and
an attache of the sheriffs office as
Duranl's brother. He It tbe victim of
hnllucinaiion tbe authorities are
satisfied, and he will be examined aa to
bis sanity.
house is gone. The postofflce building
is wrecked, but most of tbe records
were saved and the greater part of tbe
letter mail. Entire blocks of buildings
on Broadway, between Bullard and
Main streets, were greatly damaged by
mud piling up four feet in the streets
and water rushing through the stores
and offices. Several valuable l.braries
were des'royed.
The railroad tracks and bridges for
fifteen miles are washed and swept
away. The damage to the surround
ing country is great, but the most seri
ous is at Silver City. The private resi
dences suffered much and the Ions in
household goods will be far into the
thousands. All newspaper offices are
flooded except the Eagle.
(Jillet & Nn will lose SIj.OOO in
oamage to stock and iarly every mer
chant has sustained damage from 500
to 15,000.
l'bn of Vtliui I'alliielr.
San Francisco, Ca! Juiv 24,-Theo-dore
Duraut may get a change of ven
ue, put the most conservative of ftan
Francisco believe the motion will not
be granted. In the Bret piace there
has been no demonstration on the part
of the public against him. In ihe sec
ond place he has been taken from the
coutty jail in an cpen vehicle without
shackles and delivered to the court
without Interference. If there wmi
any public sentiment which would ef
fect a fair trial it is claimed it would
be demonstrated at this time by the in
terceptlon of tbe accused when on his
way to the court room. The under
current of nublic sentiment is that his
attorneys are fully satisfied that they
hive to battle fer a guilty man, but
even this does not effect the securing
of a jury which will try the accused up.
on the evidence submitted and not up
on any "storage" which may have ac
cumulated during the excitement of
the discovery of tbe bodies of the mur
dered girls in E nanuel church.
Chief of Detectives Les, who has
bad charge of the case, Bees no reason
why the defendant should tot have a
f.tir 'rial. The fact fiat many of the
facts agaiust the accused were pub
lished in the daily papers is no reaoon,
according to the prosecuting attorney,
why achangeof venue should be granted.
Dyuamlta Eiploilon.
Chicago, 111., July 24.-Dynamite
lns antly kilUd three men nd serious
ly injured a fourth on the drainage ca
nal at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Tbe accident took place near Willow
lpnnKB and was caused by a prema
ture explosion during the process of
'J ie men were employe'! as laborers
on section 2 for McArihur Bp s , con
tractus. Xr'y 100 l ien were work
ing a iih'-ri utMi'ce a . Mel it i re
markable liai wore ueauis oui noi re.
ult. At the time of the explosion the
men were pounding aynarnite sucks
nto a hole. ;-uddenly
MaS Marion M III tlprn I ha EipodOoa
. tlanta, O., July 25. The ma
chinery of the cotton states exposition
will be started ou the openlat day by
no less a personage than little Marion
Cleveland. A wire will be run Into
Gray Uables and another into tb ex
position grounds. Tbe sigoal will be
given from Atlanta and tbe baby will
touch the button. Mr, Cleveland was
originally Invited to come to the open
in and atari the machinery, as he did
at the World's fair, but bis engage
mania would not permit. He will
come a montii later.'
rira si Boetaa.
Boston, Mass., July 26. -Firs in
gpitz Bros. & Morek, wholesale estab
lishment resulted In a loss ostlmAted at
hatween M0.000 and 1100,000 fully in
Daatrojad by Sir.
Wasainoton. D C, Jul? 28,-Tbs
Y. 0. A bulldleg was destroyed a sou
davlteat bv a Are tbat at one time
threatened to Involve all of tbe block
bounded by Fourteenth and Fliteentb
streets sad by Now York avenue and II
street. After a bard agbt the depart
msnt succeeded la controlling the Ore
wltb only alight loss to tbe adjacent
buildings o the west. The total loss
is KJ0.000, fully covered by insurance.
Tbe cause of the fire to unknown.
deafening explosion, the rock
them shot upward and
hurled blgb into the air and fel, ovei
twenty yards from the point of the t x-
ploslon, mangled airaosi beyond recog
nition. 1 lie gangs oi men necamc
panic stricken aud ran for tbeir lives,
liealy was bit by a huge piece of rock
and rendered unconscious.
The cause of the explosion is a mys
tery to the men employed about the
canal, nothing of a similar nature ha,
lug occurred there before.
i Masonic lodge has been organized
at St, Edwards.
Phillip Larwr, a tweatv-year-old boy
of Nebraska City has lost his reason.
M; of the new threshers purchased
in Nebraska this season will be run by
A directive as employed to fish for,
Albion booUeg.eis and be caught a
sucr the iirst lisul.
1 rnk liobmson, a IIstingsboy, was
drowned last week while bathing in
the Little Blue near Leroy.
W. T. Hamilton, a pioneer citizen
and promiujnt merchaut of Oxford
died from blood poisoning.
Colfax county wants ber assessment
reduced to correspond with tbat of
other counties similarly situated.
The apple crop in Nebraka is the
largest ever nised and the price is
gradually falling to the oldtlme level.
Christ Hchmidt, a boy aged eighteen
from (Stanton, -eh., was arouneu
Cortland beach. The body waa
A patient named Duprealo escaped
from the asylum at Lincoln, lie is a
middie-fged man, slightly paralyzed in
the hips.
Lincoln county's general fund levy
for lKw is exhausted, aud claims to tbe
amount of 81.5U0 must be carried until
next y ar.
The town authorities of ?criboer
have levied ao occupation tax upon its
business men to replenish the village
On the Stewart p-tition tor dividing
Holt county it is aileued names ap
peared of parties ho have been dead
mauy years.
Ray, the eight year-old son of M. O.
Marquis, who ieidea uear Garrison,
bad his collar bone biokeu while play-
lug with a do.
W. Barker, living near David City,
found Kubmhii thistles growing in a
Deld of allalfn, and is at a loss to know
where the seed came 'rom.
A little son of E. Lauihofer of
Schuyler wat thrown from a buggy by
ahorse backing off a bridge and had
his leg broken near the thigh.
A supervisor in Nance county by the
nsme oi Dobson has made up his mind
that the Russian thistle law is uncon
stitutional and declines to serve notice
as required by tbe statutes.
David lIunLer, living about a mile
uorth oi Smtherliiud, has harvested this
season thirty bushels of red raspberries
from a pn'ich covering about a riiarte'
of an acre.
The bite of a (ly caused the hand of
Rudolph Lerke of Dodge county to
swell almost twice its natural size. It
went dow n under the Influence of hot
Joseph Nickman of I'leaaantoii shot
and killed bis divorced wife, wounded
a irieiid, aud afterwards committed
suxidf by cutting his throat with a
pocket knife last week.
lion, E. M. ( orreil of the Hebrou
Journal has returned from Excelsior
Springs. MoM still sulT-rntg from the
complications chat have made his life
miserable for almost a year.
Editor Noak of Fremont's new Ger
man paper, Hie Merneiibniiiier, proposes
to conduct his papt-r an Independent
d tnocratic siieet. On '.he tinancial
queMloti lie will make it an advocate
ol sound iiiuiit-y
1 lit-receiver of the defunct Nebraska
F ie Insuriie company is charged
wuh fraudulently conspiring wltb
creditors of the company, and allowing
larre claims to be filed against it with-
benath ou- .i quiring proof ot tiieir validity.
tlieihreemeni Stephen A. Tierce of Omaha, haa
there wss S
Angry With Their 'llllwri,
TerkeHactk, liid., July 24.-At
Washington, Curry ville and Star City
tbe coal mine operators are to nay last
year's scale of CO cents and the Sulli
van county operators have offered to
do tbe same. This displeases tbe other
operators and the miners' leaders, wbo
say tbat tbe operators should have ox
pressed a williiigness to pay more than
tbe 51 cetl scale at the recent confer
ence. The miners' second vote on ac
cepting tbe El cent scale shows a larger
majority in tbe negative than the Oral
vote. The men are angry witn vueu
tale officers for referring tbe proposi
tion to them, as they bad made knows
they would accept nothing less than 60
cents, and It la naw crobabie there will
be a disruption in tbe organization.
The operators are also at onto among
themselves and it will be difficult to
hold aaother joint conference seen.
A ftaaarlal Wreck.
Chicago, 111., Jaly 84,-BidiieT L.
Frazer, a broker ea the Chicago stock
exchange, waa unable tessake good his
contracU on tbe floor yesterday and
stock waa sold for Us account. He la
said to bave loft the city. The failure
is not regarded as Importaat among
members, although It Is not known bow
much stands with the customers. His
seat waa sold Monday, and although an
active member, lie was financially a
kuo'i the l'ullmaii car company for
2,000 d.i mi ges because be was dis
charged last October by a local super
intendent, and (old that on tbe August
pievlous while lu charge as conductor
of a car enroute to Deadwood he had
failed to account for fares.
A oolored waiter iu a Norfolk res
taurant was presented wltb a small
bundle bv a veiled lady wbo Imnied- ,
lately took her departure. It proved
to contain a live picklniuny six moutlis
of age. She said it belonged to him
and he thinks she was right about it,
and baa made dae provisions for its
care and maintenance.
A. L. Crandall went to Wisconsin
some time ago, says the Ord Quiz, de
claring tbat no one but fools would
live In Nebraska, and tbat be would
never come back to live. He returned
last week sioglng a very different song.
He thinks Nebraska is all right now,
and at any rain Wisconsin does not be
gin to compare wltb It.
While out In tbe pasture to bring In
tbe cows for milking Henry Buchholz,
of Grand Uland, aged about twelve
years, waa attacked by a bull and quite
badly Injured, the aulmai's horn going
completely through the boy's nose and
just missing tbe eye. The bull had
only stubbs of borns or lbs lad certain
ly would have beeu killed.
Fullerton will vote t-3,000 for enlarg
ing its school room. It has so many
pupils tbat aome of then bavo to sltou
the window sills or stay at home.
The flve-year-old son of Jim Boauett
of Long Pine tried to tide the family
horse and failed. Nothing mors eeri-
i ous than a broken arm waa the result,
Cheslee Andersoc of Paplllion offers
a reward of 9100 ftr the coo vis tlon of
as aaknown scoundrel who catered his
pastors and stabbed a valuable horse
to death.