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    Tha Sioux County Journal
The annual
revolution is
watting Its turn.
Joe Jefferson t:a smirk a salt mine
M bis Louisiana plantation. Preserve
A Pittsburg court ha decided that a
razor is not a deadly weapon. That
Judge evidently never attended a cake
Ceunt Catt'Ilaue is at Monte Carlo.
An Interview with the spirit of Jay
Gould just at this lime probably w ouM
prove Jntere-itmg.
Another Pitti-burs: has commit
ted suicide Ut-atij- lit- was tired of life.
He probably cnuUa'l raise the price of
a ticket to Philadelphia.
Some cue asks if the coming woman
will swear. It will not In- necessary for
her to do bo; th- present man does
enough swearing for two.
A cewspaiier doen its work In the
bright sunlight of publicity. A ioliti
cal boss schemes behind closed doors
and strikes his blows in the dark.
An Knt'lish woman writer ban ap
peared who is said to treat the subject
of marriage in an entirely new way.
Possibly she discusses- it with dignity
and common sense.
One long to be the 1a,1 of th emo
tional Chii-flgi girl whocrl d an 1 kicked
the floor when the foreign opera tenor
cut his part Minneapolis Journal. We
guess no one else lons for such a re
lationship. Detroit Is tKiastinc of seven couple
who have b.-en married fifty years
each. Kut that is really nothing. I'p
In South Dakota they have at least
fifty couples who have been married
even times each.
The excuse of the Spanish comman
der who fired uioti the Alliauca is that
the latter was fiyine the British flag.
Of course Spanish cruisers are accus
tomed to shoot at the British Sag j
wherever they find it
A famous Mexican matador was
killed In the arena by a bull the other
day, whereupon the audience vocifer
ously applauded the bull. Served the
ball right; the winning brute always
deserves the applause.
There is a general lmpresion that the
world would not lose anything were
the nations of the earth to pick up the
"sublime porte," drop it into the Bos
porus and split the Turkish empire into
Its original component parts.
Chicago ladies say the high theater
hat Is a sign of bad breeding. This
opinion has only to become general to
exterminate the hat. Even people who
are ill-bred and know it recognize the
Inutility of proclaiming their misfor
tune. The plaint of a European scientist
that the nose of the present generation
cannot smell may be based on fact but
why deplore the circumstance? The j
present generation lives In the city, and
with a keen nose would be obliged to
devote one hand V- the holding of it
The undertaker at t'nion Hill. N". J.,
Is an original sort of person a body
natcher, with frills. Two men were
killed by a railroad accident; he seized
the bodies, embalmed them without
any authority, and held them for his
bill, $175 for each body. This makes
death a very expensive luxury.
The retirement of MaJ. Jen. Oliver O.
Howard from tbe active list of the
army occurred by reason of his reach
ing the age of 64 years. Oen. Howard
made an honorable record during the
war, and his empty sleeve bears testi
mony to the sacrifice that be made for
the t'nion. There h no one of the
Union generals who stands higher in
the esteem of the public than doex Uen.
Howard. All will wiab him many years
of life, which for him will not meun
. years of idleness but yesrs of aervlee
fruitful of benefits to humanity.
England and France are alout to
quarrel over the spoils of Africa. Both
covet tbe same terltory In the Upper
Niger valley, tod Great Britain's Sec
retary of Bvn for Foreign Affairs has
already informed France that any ad
vance by the latter Into the disputed
territory will be regarded as a hostile
act Those historical enemies are Jeal
ous of each other and sooner or later
will come to blows over the dark con
tinent Great Britain's xasslon of
Egypt Is tbe thorn in the side of
France, and tbe latter' s activity in
crowding in noon England works np
John Bull's anger to a crimson tint
A Grand Jury In McLennan County,
Texas, has Indicted tbe Rockefellers.
Flagler and other officers of the Stand
ard OO conspiracy for violation of tbe
anti-trust laws. They may be carried
to Austin a requisition, for the of
fense charged is a felony punishable
by ImprtaoMsMt in tbe penitentiary.
RtlU, It to not likely that the Indicted
bbm win worry. A charge of conspir
acy to ft asatter ef small consequence
In the Standard OU Company. Certain
of Its oOesrs and agents hare been ln-
dicta borers this for arson, burglary.
of Lagtalaturea, robbery
In tfce present Instance
bey mCt yrobabiy lad a convenient
Cait for tbetn In Texas. It to
trel OaX Owy oaaaot taks their
own private jud.'e fnru the New York j
Court of Appeals with them ioto Tela, i
but the check U only reu."rary. No
d-.iibt they will b.- aUe lit bur a custom-made
jude bo will t'.l alt iram
diaie requirements. The public ha
little tope of the Texas prosecution or
of any retribution fur the Standard ' il
t hie Ten ibis side of the state which Is
pulr!y '-! po-fd to be six tuche be
neath the soil of Teia.
EiryptoburUta re!nen.l-r the confus
ion caused a number .f year ajio by
the discovery iu a tomb, I-Ueved tn b
of 2Tk. B. C. of certain tu'J punt-Iain
objects, aiju-tiotiably of Chine
origl&. At un.e the ijUeU ,n a.""se.
"Had the Egyptian such ea-y communi
cation w itb China a to reude.- porceia'a
fairly common to biiu?" At leat. Chi
nese ex;-rt de.-lured that the objects
lu porcelain were of com pa rati rely
modern date-thi;: of yo-terday. so
to speak. They must have ben lniro-
duced by ouk' one who was employed
In excavating the toti;b when it w a , he, ana not lurrant, klliel both Ms 8
discovered, it was a .aloable fraud, j Wibiarr.s and Mis Lain i:it. It was in
Iu the i-ase of mummy v. h-at, then, the j lupport of th.s theory that (iibsn was
greatest pn--;iutioiiK must 1 ued as : liked to ( Durrani's couueel speci
to the "nude derivator." aiens of bis writing yesterday iuoruii:
" 1 " " ieorge Mouteith, a well known a'-
Japan is making t-l.-ar to the Furo- , torney, discovered the facts that led to
Wan powers that she is well versed In 'tin, 0f inveaiijatiou. U i the
internatioitil law aud has the courae jaiorniun after the liudin? of Minnie
to act ou her n-adin of it. Three i-r- j wuiiaru bodr. the Call published a
sons on tlo ir way under contract to j , a!enjer rJm tib,0 aUac-heJ to
China to blow up the Japanese naty I lilh u fjMimi. . namu, r.
nave wfn taken on a t renin man
ateamer and are detained as prisoners
by the Japanese authorities. The
French minister has sought advice from
his government. As one of the men
claims to be an American citizen and
the other is descrtlfd as au Knullsh
subject. Japan will have a pleasant
cause for diplomatic correspondence
wl'h several powers considerably larger
than herself. On the face of the fait
the arrest of the men was justified, as
proor or tneir mission is in possession
of the Japanese Government.
Theace of heroism is not past by any
means; In fact we are just upon the
tlireshoM of It. There have Wn beruew
and heroines lu earlier centuries- -
brave, m.ble men and women --but
none who have displayed more daring
and fonitude than some w ho live iu the
civilization of the nineteenth century.
A number of girls at Passaic. N. J., are
excellent types of the modern heroine.
They belon; to a cooking school and
they recently made a salad
Then they
ate it. Mark that! They did not civ
it to some friendless tramp or see what
Its effect would be on some poor dumb
brute. They were too noble, t'sj brave,
for that They ate It themselves. Ijtte
report from the cooking school indi
cate that they are still taking Jamaim
ginger In large quantities ami suffering
Intensely. How is that for heroism?
The strangest thin2 about the case of
Frederick W. (Irittin. the Chicago bank
embezzler. Is that a man of bis Intelli-
geuce should not have known that de-!
tectlon of his crime was as i-ertaln as
its commission It has become abso
lutely impossible for men holding swl
lions of trust to steal without Incurring
tbe Inevitable consequence. No de
gree of perverted ingenuity is equal to
the now compact system of account t
keeping through check and balances, j
by which, sooner or later, and always '
sooner than is safe for the culprit be
trayal of trust will Im- exposed. Amaze-
meut grows, not only that Gritfln, on
the one hand so Intelligent, and on the
other so stupid, should not have seen
that patience was all that he required
to make his way in the world, but that
be had everything in his favor. He had
gfven hostage to fortune In the form of
a home, a wife, children,
beckoned him ou from a
place of re-
sponsions u. a sou msu-
luiiMji if! uitic-j innti wjiii a reas
onable assurance of personal sni-cess If
deserved. The American vice of eager
ness, and Iw temptation in siteculathm,
finding In a low moral standard an
eay victim, drove him to felony. I'lty
for the Helpless victims in Ills own
household is the one pathetic strain In jbtlck or anowfUke marble. It is esli
( Jrirrin's fall. j mated that the building wheu com
The question of rural free-mail deliv
ery which was brought up again In the
sessions of the National Orange at
Springfield. 111., ia one which every
farmer and resident of rural territory
should regard with a view to attain
the results dwired. As the Secretary
of the Springfield congres said In his
address, there is no reason to doubt
that an enVteut and satisfactory rural
delivery service could le put In opera
tion at an early day without Inflicting
a heavier burden of expense non the
roHtottice Department tliau the result
would warraut. What those results
would be no farmer, living in the Iso
lation of a home too far from the post
office for daily coin mimical ion. ueed
to be told. Of the various ag-ncie
which Wore long will tend to turn
back the stream of people flowing from
the country to the citie none will lie
more Influential than the tabllsb
uient of rural free-mail delivery. Once
let the farmer have this necessity, and
good road and country life will be far
less the thing of loneliness and isola
tion that It ia now. It 1 true that fann
er should pay heed to the suggestions
made in the Orange Congres and take
steps for an organized effort for free
mail delivery. I hey are entitled to It
and they can have It If they IH but
back up their request by organisation
and present It to the Federal Govern
ment In some practical wsy. Tbe In
creased revenues resulting from snob
delivery, due to the vast increase In
tbe nse of the mall, would very nearly
offset tbe Increased cost The Investi
gations of Mr. Wansmaker while Poet
master General go far toward estab
lishing this.
Chicago victoriously announces that
there are two hundred 'literary per
oom aaul poets" living tavaro now.
M l.a K.,!, Mtbi
"Nn April 2i lu
Durrant trial yesterdav Dr. Vocel wt
r.,-d and repra'e-i htstestimoi.T tan
at lue tnq ir.i II' testified at to the
meeting at Lis boua on Friday evening
(be l-'Ui, and the coujinou . f Durrani
ou his arrive! about 'J.Sj The witLe-s
taw him when he entered. When be
gittot'ietop of the siairs Durrani
i a perspiriug. Tiie witnesa did Lot
remember exactly what was said, but
; Durrant aaaed to be allowed to wash
ills bauds. On cross-examination be
as asked whet her be saw anything
unusual about Durrani' request to
, waaii bu ban ig. Vogei said he did riot
ext-epi that U irraot looked heated.
J At the conclusion of Vosel's testi
mony the rase wai adjourned until to-miTrom-
mor dn, when lJistrict Attor
ny Uirtiesexoects toe include tlie ex
atuiiiation The defence bebere that
it has a cae asainst U-v. Mr. tiibtou
and It will, it is s iM, try to show that
ten en tl.e margin of I be aper w rapjx-d
around the ring's returned to the dead
Jin's aunt, Mrs. Nobie. Monteith is
I an expert iu hand arming and fays be
i scovered the peculiarities in the
writing which shovel ttiat both weie
by the same hand, lie reported Lis
discovery to Durrani' co'insel, and it
is said their iDesiiiratioii have satis
fied them that Durrani's case has re
Iceived a great deal of strength from it.
F.onteith was iu court when (iilsm
submitted bis specimens of handwrit
ing, and says that the additional sp-c i-
!meng make the correspondei c between
Uie f,reKclier3. wrltll)g all(j lhilt ou
j pAppr wrapper more remarkable. The
idea bjw t,.n thll. Durrani wrote the
! namM foun j on ltm pHper wral,p(,r all,j
' h, , ,, . t(. j.nil..(H tll
wri'ing of Organist King,
iiscovery pun things in
The alleged
a different
The N,Tiity-ixfh Anniversary.
Xkw Yoi:k, April "itf. The sventy
ixth anniTersary of the founding of
Odd Fellowship will be celebrated m a.l
parts of the country today. The great
est celebration of ahe eastern lodges is
the fair which has been going on the
: last week in the I-eucx lyreiun, tb.a
j city, to raise funds for the er. c.ion of
a borne for aged and infirm Oid Fel
lows. During the last twenty years
maty homes have been erected in dif
ferent parts of the United States for
the reception of members grown help
less. At present there are three such
institutions It this state but not one is
available to the 30,000 Odd Fellows re
sideul in this city and the suburban
towns. This fact has long since em
pnasized the great need of a home in
this locality. Tbe local Odd FVllows'
lodges Incorporate the Independent
Order of Odd Fellows' home associa
tion of New York. The adopted plans
of the new home show the facade to be
a novel blending of the Xorman with
the Tudor -yle of architecture. The
building will be four stories in height,
with a frontage of 100 feet The main
structure and bow-wiudowei wings
will have a respective depth of forty
and fifty-nine feet. The middle build
ing will be crowned by au open cupo.a
i jupporteu by eight Doric columns of
I orrucated cranlte. A central one
gt0fy tension of C-oXlW fret
(or the kitchen and diniug room. The
institution will contain rtlly-six rooms
lor inmates, aud these apartments will
contain all modern improvements and
conveniences. The proposed home will
be coustruued ol either trra cotta aid
pleted will cost about MO.OOJ.
Tbe membership of tbe order in the
United Stales and Canada is 77i,4io,
according to the last yearly lodge re
turns. Arrralad a Swindler.
Washington, April 26. The chief
postoflice inspector was yesterday ad
vised of the airest of T. A. Potter st
Jackson, Mich., for swndling postmas
ters about the country by misrepresen
tation!. Some time ago the postmas
ter at Troy, N. advised the depart
ment that the man bad represented
himself as tbe assistant postmaster at
Dsnvsr, Coio., aad borrowed mobey on
tbe strength of it. He also swindled
tbe assistant postmaster at Louisville,
Ky, ia the same way. Its pec tor Chris
tian, was niaoe ths arrest, at tad that
Potter bad saaao a full confession and
would bo tattoo te Chicago to answer
tbe ehargo against him.
freak Hafaw taaturad.
St. Locik, April 21. Information
has been received that tbe train robber
and desperado, Frank Huffman, who
has been operating in central Missouri
lor the last five years, has been caught
at Collins. Mo. hoeentlv he was cor-
: rmii4 in a swamp In Hickory county
j and shot, but escaped from his pursu
ers. 1 hero Is a standing reward of
$300 for bis capture.
Jfaaa CaUarai.
Chicago, April tt. A Bliod gather,
4c g of 120 peopl soon pled the principal
Js panose store toot sight to assist Us
mall Jspaaess eotoay to ootohrato too
victory over China and tbe eonoumms
tian of peace. A Fukusblma ipoka in
JEsfHsh on "Jspaa and Her ClvlJIia
tlon." H. K. Totsuka delivered an
ration la nta native tongue on "Peac,"
Mayor Swift spoke briefly and an
elaborate Innek was served, Mr. Tot-
MKakkwp Bat pv'MvBiBO'ta Sfla4sS Bat COBaaBBBBBsTW'!'
I rrl t .
!-' la lit.- -ra ri4f,
Dk- ilolM la., April 25.-J- f
!! urrjer -utood C ra .mrh or e
murder of her stepiatcr to lile t i
prisortnent t Aiuru The worn n
(a.ut-d an I c rt,e l . rom cou t
room br the her.;! a ,i i r uty.
The crime lor wb.c i Con u,th h s
been St-nteticed is Use murder of i er
father, M.chael Smith, au cd Hoc! Is
land tn;,uw. Cora uio'ber. Be. rj
MM ili, wai tried a 1 1 con.icte l a yea r
a2), ami is a 1:: s nteiiceu r
'he crime. I he convict, cii of t -ia
in ay poss lly lave tt.- iff-ct of miti
gating 1 er Sentence. i he ev.d-l"
fch wed that Cora Suiiih hdmi!ii-.t ed
the dose of poioii winch kn.ed er
father with a view of securing a j or on
of the life insurance on- ii--r mo'.t.t m
the tvent of tue death of Mike Mnilh.
A former attempt up-ii the iife of
Smith was made by his wife and daugh
ter by shotting him, bu' the only in
jury done was the lois ol hU eesight.
The shooting wai claimed to have been
accidental, ai.d al tiie tail. this story
was accepted as the tru li.
After the trial and sentence of Mrs.
Betsey smith, Cora lett here and went
to Omaha and opened a house of ill
fame on Ninth street. While there
she wrote a letter to her mother in
prison stating that she aa the guilty
one iu (act, anu expn-SMd sorrow tnat
she was not "doing time" instead of
her mother. The priori authorities
disclosed the contents of the letter to
the Des Monies ind immediate
steps were laken to prebend Cora
Smith. L'pon being .c -sled at Omaha
Cora con(essed the cm.. , acknowledg
ing that bhft administered the fa'al
doe of poison. Last Thursday tht
grand jury loutid a true bill against
the woman for murder. While iu
Omaha the woman consorted wifh very
questionable characters of tin crook
NttnaiM I H. lofir lral.
Chicago, April 'JS. Nathauel S.
Jone?, the veteran speculator, known
in every wheat market o; the country
as "Xat" Jones, one cf the "big four"
of bygone days, died at St. Joseph's
hospital i-i this city lat night, atler
lingering for several weeks in a state
of paralysis. He had two strokes atd
bis recovery has been despaired of
since the last stroke. During his twen
ty ) ears' residence here he became one
of the heaviest operators ou the board
of His speculative UeaU in co
operation with Norman B. Beam, Sid
ney Kent and Charles Singer earned
for him a membershin in the "big
four." lie was one of the firm of
Jones, KeanettA II -pk tns when it was
organized on the board of trade and
went to New York to look alter Ibat
end of the grain and stock business.
He met with reverse there and returned
to Chicugo, broken financially and iu
health and spirits, a dtfferen t man.
nhlpmi-DIa if Anna.
Washington, April 2j. The con
sul of the republic of Ecuador at Kan
Francisco, Cai., adopting the error
which has widely prevailed that ship
menu of arms from the United States
to countries where revolutionary move
ments may be in progress are illegal,
notified .Secretary (jrettham that two
vessels were about to leave San Frau
cisco with consignment of arms sup
posed to be destined for rebels In
Ecuador. He 8Bed that the United
States interpose to prevent these ship
ments. Secretary Ore-sham referred
the matter to Attorney-General Olney,
who eave an opinion that there was
nothing illegal in the acts complained
of. The United ntates authorities ac
cordingly declined to interfere ami the
vesse s. it is reported, have sailed for
rbeir destination.
Will Rrarb far Jni the Thousand.
Tacoma, Wash., April 25. Insteati
of a few thousand dollars, as first sup
pobed, tbe defalcation of the late Fau.
schulze, who was land agent of the
Northern 1'acilic railroad, will amount
to 500,000 and may be mora by t&Av
000, according to the report of the' ex
perls who are engaged in examining
the accounts of the suicide. Tbe short
age and disappointment in love are be
lieved to have led to bis suicide. A
farewell letter to Marie Wairwrlght,
the actress, was found on his person
acd tbe statement Is made by but
friends that he played the part of lover
towards her for some time, but the
collapse of bar divorce proceedings
placed an Insuperable obstacle in tbe
way of tbe marriage of the actress and
Bchulze, who obtained ef divorce from
bit German wife over three years ago.
KaMa by Folic.
Dknvsr, A prll2&. The police raided
two Curtis treat pooling-rooms yester
day arresting the proprietors and em
ployes, who gsro bail. Tbe attorneys
for the poolroom man bare applied for
a writ of injunction restraining the
chief of polios from Interfering with
their business, claiming there Is not a
law In Colorado prohibiting book mak
ing. Two Western Union telegraphers
were among those arrested.
The II Marhat.
PiTTfcBCRO, Kan., April 23. Tbe oil
market was unusually dull, opened at
2.10 stood at 12. 13 at 1 o'clock closed
Sarroaaalatf by Sir.
EacClaikf, Wis., April 85.-Mis
Lena Ordrootb writes her mother Id
Chippewa Falls that a largo forest Ore
to raffing around tbe town of Prentice
and that If a wind should come up the
town would suffer greatly, if not wiped
out, with terrible loss of Ufa and prop
erty. Tbe fire to within a quarter of a
bUs of tbe plaos. Tbe trees are dry as
ttador and without rain ripittUao of
tbe elamltT of last year aaooao Inert-la&o.
CI ut h r,l-r Japi,., Hlnl.
Lomm.v. Ap il 2i. A u sps'ch from
Yoi brr.a t t-,e J ( ' se ii r- de-pU-'I
o.'li' if'iv that toe tre vj of pt.ue
anl p.H'-e !h- t blaes-4 cus'o"is under
.latMf.e'e "
Toe Ii.oH News :U sy tomorrow:
V. e nicer,, ud t!. t. a governoiefit
will not join in .Of coin'tii-iion of
l.ur opeati powers to mt-rtere with ths
r s ilts ( f Ja-n-e victon.-. AVhiie
r. e m.nin'e-s ar- wt hng aid hxImis
'- av- t ia-, 'li-v do not reztri i ir it
is!l i!,!e;e.-U a, . lljtei by the terms of,"
Ti:e Stan.ltr :'s Berlin c rr-spondent
ka-: ''ihe l'.ussia i u.mis er ui IVkm
hiis be -tt :iitr :i'iS o u--g''i .te ces
sion ot ( bine - territory to hence tha
JapaniS" acijoisitloiis. Chltia, not i.
ing in a pjs.tiou to r ject the clem and,
bop-s to ctHihii- them to the c-s-lou of
parttf Mmchuria a-ij n ice free
The Mtndard also not c-a rumor
from a'l untrutw Jrttiy source that Li
H g Chai g has nad a rel pie and is
urTrme from occasional li s o( fever.
No com rmation ol t ds rumor can be
uistiatch to the Central News from
shanghai s. ys l'ekin advices tv a'e that
si ai" 'modifications .n the China-Jap-atiee
trea'y of jace liave lieni agree
upon, of the five new commercial
ports to be opened it has decided to
su'istituie .Nankin tor l'ekin, and Woo
Chow ou the West ( auton river, for
Huchow. Wei-Mai-Wei is aiso to be
garrisoned by Japanese at China's ex-la-nse,
for a term of yenrs. Nankin,
although included in the existinij
t eaty ports, lias never been proclaimef'
Shot Innocrnt MeB.
()( Af.A. Fla , April 21. At Marti
City, a Hibuib of th.s place. Henry su
ber bio t ai d killed -Leopoldo Blnone
and K A. Odoido, and his brother
Cr-aries dangerously wounded Antonio
Ti ll iletli. Henry and 1'harh-s Suber
went into Taftoietti's store and ordered
some' lung to eat. While waiting for
the oruer to be filled Blnone and
Odoido came in. taikiiig in Italian.
Not understanding ihe language Henry
Suber asked if they were ''cussing him" I
i l ey answered negatively, but Suber
drew his pistol and began Bhooting, one
ba.l striding lUrione in the heart and
another striking Odoido in the fore
head, killing them instantly. Taflol
etti reached up and seized Henry Su
ber's pistol, wheu Charles Suber shot
him in the throat, malting a dangerouf
wound. Ttib Suber brothers then
mounted horses and escaped. A posse
is in pursuit. I'enrysuher is a des
perate man and has killed several men.
He was the husband of the Mrs. Suber
who with ber child was killed in the
railroad wreck on the F,ast Tennessee,
Virginia & Georgia railread at f cot
land, Ga., about six weeks ago, and he
recently received ii.000 from the rail
road company as damages. He has
been drinking hard since getting ths
rarilcmetl a torlon Couvlrt.
T'iI'kk A, Kas., April 24. W. S. Han
cock, late storekeeper at (he state jini
tentiary, appeared before the executive
committee that is investigating the
charges perferred against S. W. Chase,
warden, and testified that while be was
employed ai the penitentiary he was
approached by George II. bchoiiewaldt
a couvict, and informed that there was
a large treasure bidden in Arkansas,
the location of which he knew. He re
peated the story to Wardeu Chase, wbc
in turn told it to Governor Leweiling,
After 1 he matter was discussed with
Schonewald', Governor I,eweiiing gave
him a pardon and two days after it wat
delivered at the prison the governor,
warden and Hancock went with the
pardoned convict to Arkansas to searcl
lor the treasure. While on tiie way to
point indicated as the biding place
Schonewaldt gave his distinguished
companions the s'ip and baa Lot sine
been seen. Schonewaldt was one of
the most notorious convicts in tbe
prison, aud was serving his third term.
He had told the treasure story to thres
of Warden Chase's predecessors.
Will Crul. Sou ill.
Wamungton, April 24. No Amen
can naval vessel is at present under
specific or det s to go to Cor In to, though
the Monterey's general orders to cruise
'as far south as Callao. on the Pacific
station, stopping at convenient peiata,"
may cause her to visit that port within
now and May 1. 6be is not expected to
leave Acapulco for a day or two, aad In
tbe meantime a cablegram from tiecre
tary Herbert would prevent ber from
passing by Corinto on ber way down
the coast. It is stated positively that
no such suggestion has yet been made
to her commander, Captain Higgiiison,
but as without danger to his ship,
which only carries 200 tons of coal, ho
can seareiy make the straight run to
Panama of 1.43? miles, he will be very
likely to put into Corinto, 719 miles
from Acapulco. and after taking more
coal there make the voyage of 490
miles further to Panama with greater
Lata riald' fiar to Naipead.
Washington, A prll 14. Kate Field's
Washington, a weekly paper, estab
lished by Miss Field In 1KXJ, will sua.
pend publication until next winter on
account of the ill health of the owner.
lira ad atoyal Araaaam.
Stracchs. N. T., April 24. Tbe sev
enteenth annual session of tha grand
council of tbo Moyal Arcanum opened
In Freeman's hall. There are about
840 accredited mala dels gates and there
are also present about 100 women,
wires of tb delegates. Grand Regent
Justico F. Price of Brooklyn presided.
All tbo offlosrt of tbe graol council wo
In aUoadaoce. Tbo session will last
two day. Last night there was a re
saptioo to tbo delegate at Yates, kotol.
H ; ti ol ia I as uiali i up -r ire
,t Hoi' rook,
('tBlKr 11, 1? limd 11 t'e t e
at f : l e Colt x c uu'y lair.
TheC etiej Cou: ty Teacher' assort ,
ion .i meet in .votn May II.
Ih- f.ruirn rear Woib-u-h lave
l,-n ed to raise 2 j atr-s of beefs.
AbUe of the At.cent Order if
Tunc Vers ha been orgain.ed at Si.ver
Tbe railroads of Nebr.irka ,T
I better b'Uiliirs HOW th-U ii thi UU.d
at jear. t
The la.lroali of Nebraska are doing
i Is-tter business no than at this tiu.e
ast year
Bev. 11. P. Fiid-e cf Aehlan 1 has
iccep-ed a ca.l to fie Baptist church
it Valparaiso.
diaries Johnson's hore at Holbrook
la committed by drownn g
t-if in the river.
L. Bretiizer and wi'e of Loi.g I'ltie
ately celebrated tbe tiftietli aiiuiver
lary of ll.eir wedding.
Randolph lias granted an electric
ight lr-rC 'ise to one of the citiz-ns of
that place, B. Boughn.
Prof. A. O. Thomas ai.d (i. I. Keliey
a ill uieu a summer school ill t. Paul
lu'ie 21, t i Cou:inue bix weeks.
Smith Bros.' store at Madison has
jeeu closed under a cnatlle mortiMgd
lor 82,0 0 help hy tiie Madison .state
The Young Men' Christian asioela
uon rooms at Chadron are being re
rinxieled, and will be thrown open
Vay 1.
W, N. l'ickrell of Unadilia fed as
foetida to bis hogs after twelve out ol
forty bud died, and he lost iio more ol
Ihe annua a.
J. L. Mclineti of Orleans is said tc
I a candidate for the job of superin
tending the asylum for the a1
Nebraska ( ity.
John Johaiisen, a farmer living near
Elba, bad l is arm caught in the coij
wheels of a wind mill and has had tt
have il amputated.
Bev. I-H-letke, who has been foi
many years German Lutheran minuter
t McCook, has removed to a new field
of labor at .Spencer, ia.
Samuel Wilson of West Beatrict
killid a toad dog, which had all tl.e
symptoms of rabies, but had not bitten
any persons or other animals.
The residence cf Max Giessing ol
Colfax county was destroy ea by fire,
household goods and ail. The loss is
partially covered by Insurance.
Up to April 12 a year ago tbe trea
urer of Madison county bad Issues'
1,500 tax receipts. This year the total
on the same date was only 400.
Ex-Clerk Ksvanaugh of Greelej
couuty has turned ovrr county papei
and mtney so rlicient to cover the de
ficiency iu bis accounts of 32U50.
Auburn has offered a piece of land
and a a bonus to a mauufnetur.
ing firm of Malvern, la . which wai
looking for a location in Nebraska.
Jacob Sutitnvnl, an old fanner liviri
a few miles from Kim Creek, fell inte
a tank while trying to get a drink ati4
was drowned in a (ew feet of water,
Chas. (ireeu of HasKins died of ap
plexy this week at the auejof seventy,
five. He sett.ed twenty-six years ag
on the farm where he breathed hit
Three men named Heket, Kern and
Gross' believed to be members of tin
notorious Citron gang, have been an
Tested near liiiighat:i and taken inti
India. una Congrecalionalists havi
decided to extend a call to Bev. Mr,
Corwin of Kaukauna, Wis., and n
now casting about to raise money t
pay his salary.
William Baden, living near Wayne,
has lost bis barn, sheds and contents bj
fire. Three horses were burned. Tut
loss will aggregate about 5uO. Th
buildings were insured.
John Hicks, a colored man of Beat,
rice, was bunting near Dewttt and ai
he aimed at a rabbit both barrels of lilt
gun burst. He escaped with a fee,
sever wounds on bis face.
El Senator P. M. Higgins, who lata
ly died of paralysis in Colfax county,
wss one of the most successful farmer!
In the Platte valley, and leaves a wif
and nine children abundantly provide
' Mr. C. Seeley of tbe Havenua flour,
ing mill has made arrangements U
commence work ou bis new elevator ai
soon as tbe wheat crop Is assured. II
will bavo a storage capacity of 40,03
Bob Kneeks, the well known horse
man of Wakefield, announces that b
will return to Germany to stand trial
on the charge of 'ringing" horses, lit
says tiiat he baa euough evidence to
clear himself.
Cordova mules should learn not t
kick against the picks. A hybrid bo
longing to Henry Kensler of that, place
had to be killed because of blood poison
ing In Its foot caused by kicking tht
tine of a pitchfork,
A petition has boon sent from Wake
iold to the graud lodge for a ohartoi
for Uoldenrod lodge or tbe order of ths
K tern 8 tar. L Kimball, worthy pa
iron; Mies Bortha Hunter, worthy ma
troo; Mrs. C. II. Martin, assistant.
Tha business men of Keya Paba bar
raised Beans and purchased , seed lot
boody far mors. This sourse was re
sorted to oa neooant of toe delay io se
curing Bood froos the state appropria
tions, awoo was parchaosa at