The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 28, 1895, Image 5

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    - -s ...'.-......- - - z. -Mi.i"--.r'.-
" I '
0 0 XT ;r, 1T a
Ghi or hour
ft ii
1 tS M S
i u Ji tJ X
I.. '. sitr.uiins. F.iitr ami IT' i .
v. r.i m. v u. n.n:-
t.nlntf 1A r-d. "1 K f ut
No "i, mli'il, li:!H Vi. i.inln-t ...
f S 3J
v v T
lAi W li
,1iii i:nal ollU'e. "
- !m S t-Fifty luis'i 'ls ( inr
I'.irlr ami !-.. It use . poM'.-cs.
Wji. N iik:-:;i.
- 1 Iorehotiild com pound rmi; h -' r m
Ore Kl:it I r .nil.:liv a i 'it
i.i the l'n nicer Ili.irii y.
-The whist club A-. ii mael .) i i"ii
Tuesday evening at ihj residence ill Mr.
Mrx. V. H. Wright.
Tli new tii m the ni.iin cistern Ii .s
Uen completed and the cisti-rn l inil
i.nt and it i now in good hli.i. is invited I i attend th.
social ut lli; court liiiis Friday tuhi
by order of. :; n tt!
Histrict court will i ii'iVi- n: on M m
day. April nth. It is hk. iy i n ii it -ui.
I tlm lungc-st term ever 1 ! 1 I in ;i i -i
ET Holltngswortli had Hi-' inisl' i
tan.; to lis kicked cm the lg liy a horse a
lew days a,'!). Tlio wound though pa.n
lul was Dot prions.
-A minilMsr if"vo fol !' t it-I
at tli! residents) of Mr. ami Mi s I, J !
Nimiuotit on last Saturday -.111111,; aici
p iss(l the I line as U Ills ilie ai;cl
- F. ' fee passed liy la re j-u i
il.iv Willi 11 liiincli of stc rs win h .1
was taking from his li nn-; lai u I tot
T Ihix 1. rant h on Ii aw hide
-If tli'J luir has been ill id j to uro'v
11 nal nral color 00 ball h-a,l. in lum
aiids of c:tses, b uslun II Hf I'. -
ti.-(.-r, w by ill it not in your cas V
- Tli." rods for braci nt tin- (..tut (-
ai rived (i few ddvs ,igo und "111 I k- I, o.
put in place in tli near Inti'fe. it. .-i
taiulv ihonld l; tlorai l-f'ite 1 o'ltt. 1 !.
On VV((lni'slay Ju !,;ti Wilson
in marriage Itovnl i.ittui, ( .S.tutx 1 o.iu
ty. .'illd Ialili: M.ilct!, of phw-h huh.!,
'1 hey will lMie IU tie; sontlt part of Has
- The i-aK-J was pnt t..(set.!)cr
i now ready to U; used whenever ot m
sion demands. H is admit ted by all Hut
when the hherill puis a man in tie ie hit
will know where t( find him wlenlie
wants hint.
-Tim bill of exceptions in the irriga
tion 1 a! of .Metii; vs. I "ollce was rcceivwl
trorn At toriit-y Kellar a few- tUysaio h
tim clerk of the district court. Th r
ws nearly two Inmdr.-d pa.:t of it.
wnttcji with type-writer.
' ""T!ii! "spiiler-wt-li" (iocittl n'twn I
tin. Fpwoi th I ague at. lh" court boost
oil la 'I evt'liiiu,' ws largely utti-ud. tl ni.ii
11 o id liiuu had. The net receipts wen
sil l.!, which will be Us. d in ay in:; cdl
lb" mortgage on the pars.unige.
- 8Ti!AYi:i On dark brown or blai I.
1. 1 ley, coming three year old. l-raude,'
7 1 ro-ss bar on lelt liei I,'. A i'il r.--t(Kid
will lie paid for inroiiua'i on lead
ing to her recovery.
V, H. ,Iui;n.-'.N,
filial, Neil
The has.; of Ayr's Hair Vigor c a
lelinei: and deli, ale llilid, wheh does
liof, "oil or become ran. -id by nipo-nr.- to
1 lie air, and whu h is as p.-rf- t a soli.u
Ml.; I'or the oil sapplied by i"' l:;'K j
vontli or lie.ilili, as ntooerii ' m
l-afl prbtc -
"Success is t,e re. Aard ol IIC'IV.
of assiiiiil.t.ioli. l'ofitllar .-.pptvciat i .n I
uiiat tells in the long I an. i'.lf 0 1 1 s
ears, ople have been iisi.-, Ayr
S.u-aparilla, and today it is tin '! .ml
purilier inosl in l.tvor uitiilhu puhh-.
Ayr's Sarsapartlla cures.
-- It will be well if farmers I us
ft bttlf r;ire in I hw s.-lcclloii ol seed po!a
tx'. A lot ol itii.v-t! potatoes will not
.-omiii Hid the best io; in lh' ".iatl.l
iind it will i-oet no more raise nil ol
.me kind if the lie r v d is
A little trouble in In", mi.
will make, money in the cc..'
We have receive I fro:n
lie itl',1'1
li'.'W N'f
l.-c.m, advance copii s ol to
il s ol'.rt Supplements !- b
with then Sitmlav Is'ie-.
ivutt Irei
, the hudiesl. ex. ceti( e in Ilia ol luho-
grapUv , an I tin- suioects are im la-iucurc
of the clcraled t;i-tu of tint publisher.
This iiia'.;nilicent gilt of The Inter Ocean
cannot he il.ipl.. at"d bv fitly lie s ;r-i
published, and we advise rctd'Ts to have
their orders m eai ly.
While in town last week A. II. I'm
l:eu culled at this olbce. S.iiuu years
ago he recC'iveil a package of sugar beet
r.S'd from the government ta pat tnietil
iilld has l.en grow ing Ih-i'Is is'' it Veat
since, raising his s.... ir nn I It.
Iwefs grow n from tliee'-i-.l shut on! i
lh" government. He says lint year lo
wir tltev hav m. reKs'-d m sweet ik-s.
mid Iih is satisli.. that it v ill p ty In "
hiiiiii; groot setsl as soon its i'. c ut b.
-Th' re is l.ilk of orgMti.ii).; a Hub
lor lll.t piol'S'lton of llsh and gam., in
this pari of tin! country. Tint siren. n
;trtt iM'ing stocked Willi linn li-b and 110
seining show III h allowed and pi. ulnar,
toiiiing in various localities an I Ihev
should U' priittfclml. A good utrong or
g.iui.ttioii would tlo much good
thoM. wltti bay.' no regard f..r the I t" a.
pretty certain th-jy w ill I''"-
. u'.sl if Ib-y violate it they will ivliar.;
i:i. an,'h
- I'.ifH'r napkins for
J V. ."!!' .is iinii lrut lla'.hide
t ' J. V;f 1 of til" Week.
A J K i .i ily i- up from Y.i v. f iri to
j (ft r h s -Ml. lie re.
'A? and Mrs. . H Ui.Ht wtb t lllr
, .(()! r a! tin l is! . f the week.
Mr I Mi s h: is ( 'hi, si lan were
ilivni in. iii rii .is.mi K.' - ! 51 ii.Jiy.
M '-. c. v: vini i.i i i,ir,,r,i i
M -f V- 1 1 t Vls.l I I f II..S.
- Mil" III l.'.l:i W.llt to hadroll
M .d.I.iv vetting In r Mini; tu r studies at
tin it; ii'lcinv.
I', I Sin l v Ins in v. .1 iio aii t n j
Wllla-s K (III si's r ltli ll fi'T a nliil".
- ( .l 1. 1.. rs f..r s.!.-at TliK JuCHNaI. ,
oil! c. o i-fiits per i!"-n. '
-II ,.rv U s- r.-i-.-iK-l a I ran new j
Ihi " a I. : il.usau'fi. Voii'-r liat is !
- I l l: X ! N I. ' Ii pis1 on,- j
I ,r .1... k' ' I. r Mi -(.::. u 1
i. no i. l!o- n l i ! c.'i.l-'. j
-.1. '.V. K (i nes! -Ii pp.'il a ar load of
iit-,e is li.-f last of the ( !;. Tln- ;
: r.. !i, ailed at Andrews. j
Tail ics i i n item pl.t! m' tic aii"' ti.'i' i
.1 a piano ..r ur-all sl,.i,, s,... '.
1 l ire pun li.tsilig.
N.- xt Ttiestlay Hi- v.l ! ,-- ' 1-t i . 1 :
i'l b- In 11. As tll 'TV I- coiisld -rahie to
I . eel no pay In the ..lli e i.f truslc; t !
1, ,(': 1. ' some sliiriti; -bo.g to tin. I ieoi" j
. h 1 -a i in !d 1 unseat to a. t as sin b.
T. O Will anis is pulling d wti a
vll or Hig. I w li- o'a rs. S.-1'.n
io they came here with but very
,f .in', bit notb Itb-t. Hiding poor
ciii-, li.eil li nes and some pi- t ty bad
on I:, t lex lii'"t:ol a living for tlaiii-s.-!v
-s nitil bfiolo-d and are (.' 111
(..(! I- -b.iiie.
- A c mple of f.-lloAS tlnlt-d into
I.e. 11 Sal iir.l. ty and tot (li urii; :i tc i mail"
niiisini ol I lii-ms-lv -4 until th y b it
on lb. 1 .-am a! n ioii .Monday, 'i'l it ne'V
jitarters that, b tve r.-.--nily leu lil'od
up licit i- lit" court bouse should I.e ti-etl
10 :ii-( iiuiiii.-'l t'e stu b until r antl
'h"ii 'Ii should interview :i court hav
ing piri i.lictioit in nil h ra ..
laiCC'c, NK!i., March '.I i, l'-!.',.
i '.ti-iii.-i-s hao Ciirtinieiiccl
ill 1 Dig I
I siiiiill grain. t I
J..h:i I ti.n.l H. UUtx'k have gone
M I'jl.-cnioal to iv.u k f..r the sunini 'i-. :
(;.'..r-t Hiil and P.i.l M.iiph.v went, to j
Montana last week to work on flu; rang".
Asbisry Hill and i'ml Murphy tnt to j
V omiiiir to win ';. I
J. !!, fiui-lie look a tiip to Ardmore j
M .inlay. j
Mr. and Mrs. llollingmvorlh, front
St. wait. Iowa are visilmg with tli' ir ,
s.iih lal und (..'Ian tice I lollingsrt oi : h. j
I'lu-y evjiect to h ave fo ihy for their I
lului'e home on a largo, fruit farm neiirj
I, os A ng'-los, California. !
To judg" from the, num'iK'r of hot brds .
l-eing ma. !v in this locality I think g;tr- J
('it tuc k will be plentiliil this Minimer. ;
( ail far ( .iiiiiiiissiiiiiors' Merlin;,-.
The b, i.i i d i.f i on nt y commissioners of i
Siniix coiinlv. N'-iiraska, itre he;-eby '
.-ad.-d to tiiect ;.,t lb'-oHi.-e of the c inn-j
iv clerk at. Harrison. Nebraska, on i
i- n,,, v,
pril a, Hi I'M
lociocK.a. in., lor ui- iraic.i.-. e ai oi i
I "'' ' ity l.U-.i.ess.
j t'oillllV t lei k. j
( litinTi Scnices Next Siintlaj.
1'rea iiing s-i vice, Sunday itioruiic.'
K!::,0; Suiidiy Scho. l ll::i(); lOpworlb
L ague. f,::w. C. K. 1 'oNSW.1.. IVt-tor.
I'm; Hlls.
Send yoiirannrcss to II. F. fitu kleti &
o., t In. ago, and get. a free sample Ikix
of nr. King's New Life, pills A trial
. ;ll . nuvitioe you of tin ir merits. These
pills an-easy 111 action and arc parla u
uirlv cll'ect.ive. 111 the i iiti; of constipation
and sick headache, 1'of malaria anil liv
er troubles they have been proved inval
uable. Tln-v are j;u.irantc(.d to he per-b-otlv
(r.e Irom every dcl.'telloils
snb-latic" and I i I.e purely vegetable.
i I'li-v do tiel, weaken by their action, but
y Hiving tone 10 s'otna. h and I1.uv.1-;i-eal
I V in vigorate Ilie system. K.-guiar
a.e 'J'c-. per box. S d 1 at Pioneer 1'har
shren'i -iih'.
;e virtue of 11 rt oeli-r of ilf issiieii hy
tlH- tl.-ik of tin- l-istrjet. ( onrl ol
. inin'y k-i. iisni u .lei-ie. i-.'''l
l,V -.ll'l coal I til I. IV. ir ol t.e.iltfe V. tin k
1 , eh mi . , 11 ibititl. an'l K(f .111-1 Ib r a
I- 1I1II1 r. cl -il . us i'eleii'l mis, J ( III oa til"
.1 1 v ..! Meil, l"-.', nl I'N i.'eli.ek A. M.
1, 1 - .Id'. I iV ..t tin- Mont. . or ol 11 milt
iHin-c, 01 - 1 ...I iti , I 1 if ll'l". . 1 s h tli.
Illinium;; 'lei.-i il.i-l f il estate Oz. lite
.1 in hot nl tne Mil I tives! .)ii liter, an'l
Vnilmi-t"r Miuin wc.t iii rlcr,
ei I . ol s, x. Ill s.'i-! 0-1 ilir-'f in 'I "in .sll
I till t o ie". Ii. II. ".'. Mil. line.- We-.t.
-la I'" M -'ion'. ...ii..ty, i-l.r .1 i, ..t. iuli
lle .ni.'ti'.a lo Hi lutfltesl bi.l.ler tor e .ill.
t. it -I -a. (.1 ler o. sue, i'l Ci" slllll
,it pvy. . :.: ol I l:it" est. co-l- 1. nil it.'i'l-tll.'K
W ii.-n Hint wlir due .11 teielllll. e
.1 Ml li.- ea lo the nil. I. !'-;. H"l.
. II. IM.H,
t.( -) rlfl' ol I onaty.
si,. n;l'i r.'l' i . elite Siile.
li. .Il't'leol I". 01 ler of s.i.1,. Issue.) HI
nl 1 ii- 1 it .1 1 i. 1 1 ..nit (ll sj, ,tX (niat,
i.- .1. i,l..ou 11 j'l'il i.e. 1 1 11 (id 11 ileeree (U
l.neca.-iire Hi. -i. an in li.or nl K ill, t..
ei 1 Ii i t ti, .l .1 1 ii 1 1 if . a 11 'I I in,. unci
t-t ..-lien, ' nil, I l 111 ll.l the tll'-t U.iV
nl A. lb I-'1.'.. Ill l o'cll.ek l. III.
,, s .11 'I .V id t lie I tout 'bio I III
I .' (111,! I llo.l-C. Ill III" MlltlKe III II.O Ttstl.l,
III SOU I'll. Hill, ell.-r fur "III I sell, u t
lilllilie ." .Ill" lot-cell In ll.ill.l, lit'! I11U0.V
1 ,j ilese. ilie.l ui'.rlK ao-il premise, mill re . I
I ile ltl leil III - I I COitatV, tOUlC 'I'lll'
M.rll) anl ill .1 l'i nl tin. 1 '1 lorty lltrec
, '.: il. I'O'-I llslltp 'I llll t V I. Ill I !t .Nil! Ill,
It ee i' I V HiM.'li.) It. . !, Ill llll! I 111 t. I), I.i
..: ifl lOIIII. V.
,. , .1 ,ri.,i 1, Ne!ir.i"l( 1, Kebnt 1 r v 'i
ill. .J.?i . If In . . -IterlfT.
oviv 1. 1 1 ittK. e'lin.i'v f..i I'l .unlit.
if you will come or send to
Chad, on,
'awl buy your (.'luiiiiiitr, Hat.", Y, "tH. Slio.i-; and -i ids1
f U!iii;i!i,L,' k:o'1s of in".
I !i;ivc haiain.-i at all liua-s in clolhifm anl v.iil
!,'iv't.' l!if ii"0ii' of Sioux county simxiai- iiak iain-. '
If you cannot conic down wipI nic your mail oilrr.
If for hoy h-mi'I wy and riizo, and .-tatv whethfr you
want loins' or liort -:ni1s and if lie i larrc or sinali
for hi- a-rc. and .rivr ahoiit the price you want to pay.:
If for a nianV' .-nit j.-iv; i-i.c - coat and vc.-t a.rouiul:
chc.-t, and pant around waist and lcnlli. (
If they do not lit you can return tin n at
Here are a few prices:
Iioys' Knee Pant Suils, si. on, si. .".. sd. .''), WlM s:;.e(!
x: !...(). ' !.,")! I and s-'.uo.
Youths1 Lf-n-r Pant Suits, s.'i.r.o, iyi.U), and
! ui 1o sO.on. :
Mr:..' Suils. luiys a vtiit Hint su!d for ..".(,
."..(II! "
Ci.oo to 7.
Hon to s'.t.(:o huys a. suit thai o!d for l'J.oo tol-i.oo.
. ! n (ir( rin.f-' a. suit ,--tate if ; on wan! liound :
qiiaie Cut, ('u'av.;iy or Sinf' or !)oiih!c- llreatefl.
1 Don"! snd to Oinalsa or ( 'hi ago fur I haw a hif;
slock and will si 11 any of my heavy yoods. at ' S'i
If you want a hoys' overcoat fo4" a-jre.'. 1 1 1o 17 yo'i;
an K''t one for 50 cents on the dollar.
I If will pay you to huy clothim- of.
II! 4?
a - TU ! . VA '
ft .', ' Irt
Blood Poison
the mt cf wmn life,
Driven Out of the 8".- ere. I 7
the Uao of
Ayer's SarsapariSIr
"r or 1,V
. I V
giv;.: C:
UT". If Ii. 1 10 I. at -isic:
i-lilisea )oi!a c.f I In. ai ioiis tv.
1,... I.' ;a-i I look In ii.t; id si.. ,7: j
! it v.-'i:::i'Vt liopin;: tlml :
1 1,: 1. itf 1 !hii;i!: '.vte.iil 1 iickt Ji
1 I v.-ci.t. to 1 :;!:'. to 1- !i.: ii!a, 0 " '
: 1 I tj t "-iialoC" a
-.- I r maiiicd s-iiiu- lin t- :
. ,' -i;.-.:'t V. IIIM J(
., , 1 1 - . At ln-f. ;
)( -..' ' -,'ai f.-i ':'''" I o 1 1-'- A v el . J'
Mn. M-iiri!:-. 1 I ': u lai. : : i . ',
i,-- I ; o" a !...:;;( 1 i" ! !
v.-. 01 l!.ie.,t. '1 "'." I c J
; . I -r lo.'-.e.f ; if-i!'cc1lv ', 0 i
Ol to. V il ii 'it Ki." 'I lt ' :.ic !
l t'l-' 11 t l ft otv I' r s -,r .. j
coo.iUiil'i!. '- o ; i le i ' j
;i-;-i '1 -l-" i :!iv V' 0 . .1. '
,,. . J : ..." .,'.l . .' 1
.: ;.oo- i: i. :..!.! cfo it . , I
'u, ii.-o'tri-a-;
v V ;. 1
J'' O v.i s'... -
. . i.-ialo.l i : T.j-.'ri.'.A .. .
, v t'l z wor.LO's
-. - -s. ,-s fs f A . C, "
Hortl Ntiticc
The iiuilersigiicd vsili run a herd on
Illuming Walvr, 1 1 mil' s south of 1 larri
son. ( iood 1,1 ng'e und plenty ol water.
Term., on-' dull ir per lend lor cattle for
six mouths, beginning May l,ls'.l"i. No
hor.s'.s lakeii.
Harrison, Neb.
XlO!) ItfWHI'tl. !
On the night of February 2Sth, t he 1
following were stolen Iroui my barn: 1
Vtsali.i" ti'.-ii Kaildle. ni.iirly new, 1 !
t'beVelllie saddle No. 11M, partly w, it'll, j
with nne brass-lined stiri iip.ind I he other a
woodnii slirrup; two bridles und two:
nuirls. I will pay a reward of 1100 oi-i
t tin conviction of I In t liief.
li. V. M-K tan,
M t 's.l till . Nehf.
Fashionable B..rbrr& HairDrtsrcr.
ft VZtlUM AN' It !U KS(I!,S l'CT IN C.IUU'.II,
(,Uve I tv-e 1 b c all.
W W a
7. :,
nun ,
On accotiul, of hard times I will si a ml I
: my ;bV-ra,ld;,hi,e Stallion for sti.Ub to;
insure a nnire 111 loab
! lb i a bright, bay, with eood stle
land it. ' i. 111. and wi-ighs ab nit 1.700
; potjtiii s
I 1 will tal-.i! -1 . 1 1 1 cr ciittlu at the mat...-!.
; value 1.1 payment of .scrvict fees.
Ti.e b ir-e can always be found :tt tn.v
, barn, oco mile south of llod ire.
l'l.TEIt Si 'H W.VEU.
i Owner.
o CK
O a.
'5 -
rr s- r-
J- I
"-' ' ... .
J. i;. PlllNNKY, ..!.").
. riiyxfclnn nml Surscm!.
Ml eitlls given protnpt ivt tetillnn.
ontoe. In Prnf? Sto; .
U.'.RnUi'N. - NElUtAWi.V.
! and 21 doz. pairs of Shoes
Ijnst received ai Ma rsteJ leis'
1 -Mh.T.froia iviUv'" ,-Ui.J "HIc $," huih No 1 ilouv. !.:.
; A p;it;'i;f. Hour rt ?.'.)' i-.ntl hiirli iaiciit ai .'.!".
;The leople's Store!
XyjRjUr , S;'('! "-'oe h ('h:-,ter Broad: loth.
GrOOIDS ihtr-A in the liiurki t, at 7'x; per yd.
Shaker Fi'iniK-ls from 7c up. l!ed and colored Ihinm 1
at reduced prices. A coniplete line of Outing Flaiuiel
aitfl Calicos of the latest pa 1 levin. Cotton Kl;i nnH . ','
all ur.'ides aii'l prices.
BOOTS : Ili'adqua Hers in ihi.- line a. '..
SIEiOIEJS are in all other lines. Ladle . I ,.,.
grola Shoes at only i'l.."tO. Calf Shoes;, (Train-lcat her
Shoes, Fine Shoes. Slippers; a!ithiii:.f. every j liiiu".
All s-'nides of Overshoes. Felt Hoots, (icriiian So. , ..
The ctdfhiated "F!ue.iiiliholl" ('owhoy liool.
v Kids :it i-. fiil 'e
A line
Acompleto lino oi
ware. Furniture.
if ftp
lit ii
i j I Si
hell -lo' l.s ri 'e
And 1: 10 1117. 's hi.. - a 1 In' "o. oi ! 1.; hi .
And men talk poortiuil women climb
S x pair of si.: 1 ,-. s I 1 -a ve : liinnt -
Then is tie- '.line f,;r niii-lt-r luiiii!
-ouii- iica ec.-uotny lo Iind.
t )nc i-cuiioin-.-do.lge you know.
Just trade Mlh HtU'OH (V SONS.
In rig-e line if Dry (.) !., IV)ots and Shos's.
Cliestnuts. ('.'indies for the hahie:-.
Oranges for the ladle?.
. r 1
Tea Set 01 56 piCCeS
$50.00 worth of goods.
Your- K'es-pectluny.
Lumber, Coal and
Sash, Doors,
Lath and
Windmill and
ii !:i;:son
V -Viiw1,
's'MAi; '
How to Save Money!
Volt call sllr from .VI lo l"! p'T ! "'"
nil reii.iir Hork b "e iiliim year ' VP 1.!
nail .1 1 to G P. VASHfiURN,
i neb. .Mi -.-ei." am 1..11.V Kaaiio.i
' for , ilie vear tihen cleaned ami rep nrfil
He )l p.iy i' nil work sent ie.
Send i,,i uiii- l.!.-h v.i'1'.l neeflilc.' 1-1
11 its mill be fill ivi y.11 lie EXACT
; COST of pnt t lie: il In ftr-t cli ... runtihiv '
1 order. .Viii.e but Hie finest iniilerci I a .i d.
i'i lionni ul low your w.itrlt ti mil loeet-r
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