The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 28, 1895, Image 3

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; .Ti.l np..n pure, rid,. r.-., no .i-i ij.i "Mv win- -ul.r.-i maiiv year. it i, ra I.I M. Tli- ... rve ! -r r ri-.a. .v. Ii-ioa -i,.--. d. bi:ity,
th .r su-tern.,,.-.-!r..m 'he n : jp t.!(.n tie.-v...t .-. wi.iij- ti.iti ami dysj.. .si
tto-y are weak it b.-.-nus.- ll,-. ,i , , ,,i r- -hi has been tr.-al.-t hy dub-rent d.M-tors,
Ol-'.e tic no'l-lshm.-tlt nr. !. i lhe I ill .11,1 i ;. i ,1.1.. r, I...-.,,-., l,Ht llow.17
en re ,.r , rx. '-n.-- ;. I 11..1 ! . I 1;, -;, arilla his d .:ie more I r her t an
T'- ' "' --ilil.-i oil. porn,.;,. I !.e-,- .'!:!; 'anything . W f,,.,-:.r Hood' Sar-
aliay lb i-". , i-jj arilU a ii..t i'el.,i...;.a!.ie medicine
Hood's Sarsaparilla
Rrm..vf ll.ecaus, l.y j-ur: i i-it: ai 1 11- , lor lamiiy use. and lor all cau-d
rirhii.gihe M.nI. giwn.r 1,. :i ju-t th.-e by t..r(.i.l over and impure Mood in I art
qualities which an- diiiiaicicu lor the n i a won ii-rlul l,atii r.-tor.-r id the
,rn,( r r'i port i.l t- m-rv..u- .y.t.'t,;. !..:. -.-iii. i i . . j-i aiva ..rilia lias
Hundred- ..I' inn. vln. wv uil. n ,1 I .r.v.-. ii-, f in my u.i, - ., ami we
from ii. r v . . 1 ! -1 1 1 w rip tii at tin y liavi. miii la,ihlu;!y rcommerid it- u-e i:, every
lakioi Hoods !-ar-;,i ari.l.t und !irrn,u- lamily." J c,b ll-.M-il L Mm ri-oli. Mo.
"" ''-'!-l'-'-'-'- This U-.-a N. ii.-beeureto e,i Hoods ami only
Hood a t-ar-apa ilia jninln 1 their hlo..,!. JI.mmI'k.
Hood's Pills
innhlmi'ly with
I f.ira il.irilrtr
Instea.l df a bit of wire, it will mend
a broken biryele.
Instead il a liook, it biiUona boot
gloves, and fnifli like.
Instead of a needle ttnd thread, it
will iHKlent d together a ripjied seam.
Instead of uiucik'Kf,. it i aniens to
gelber tle woman rtjmrUrr'B ulu-ets of
eofiy p.'Mier.
1'iHleiid o( h corkscrew, it will open a
boll le; instead of a paper knife, it will
rut open magazine leaves.
The Ortatt? Medical Di.scoverj
"V of the Age.
Has discovered In one of our common
pa-tmc v e-Js a retnej' cures e ery
kind of Humor, trmn the worst Scrofula
down t1) a common 1'imple.
He h is tr.e-1 it in over eleven hundred
taes, ana never f.nlcj except In two c.i'i-s
(both tliunjer humor J. He has now in Ins
poi -osion over t-vo hundred certifkaus
of ils value, all within twenty miles of
BoS "!'.. Send poijl card lur h- t.k.
A benefit It always experienced from
the first bottle, and a perfect cur? is war
ranted when the riiit quantity is taken.
When the lungs are affected it ca: -et
shootint: rains. hke needles ras-:n;
thruLgli them; the same with the Livr or
Bowels. '1 his is caused by the ducts be iz
stopped, and always disappears in a w eek
alter Liking it. K'aJ the label.
If the stomach Is foul or bilious It wil
ca-ise squeamish feelings at first.
No change of diet ever necessary. Eat
the lest you Kan prt, and enough of it.
Dose, one tablespoonful. in water at bed
time Sold hv all I mights.
4b- mil mMf in ll 0Jtr.'fny ... -. u llf tw
ttrKf "it mX tcthW oil tf 11 h(i iilti tifi
Uir iti5.;f tftlnt.' i inn n irt It.irit fktU it?i
mi Mimtri mi If (hr m rt mrtt tit gHjriirif.f
(mo t., .,.inH tmtt, if , tft wni,,,, t41tit4
Shk $15
wk fe'iMi ruK mr i.rk n mn ui sot em
Tni' A MHtlt, lUltlKlf nilhU MiM ItMJ Kilif ur
KUL fill.TMMl Kfrlhtir. ItMMi I I T fUCHIIr N, ir
tot W(tC Ll K4V ( It 111 HI t fHli l i)H If. W h ,id
U (Mst hrtcrw n.i fcnortii Ihtl fn,ld thin ',rt tr
f.'ejf nrrthia, hv tiMhint n. au tU. U.em Tdf
mini rn' ! -f pfnt,( to rt.t t tiM,,iir .l,.f rf. n,r tt
4i .11 ir irtur ohr Ml V It T i t T VFD
NKFTn Ht pt l tl I Ml NIU.H MJ llAllfe 1 Hr If
irrrHAKt nunkM or vifcN nut ot i.n ui7rti
tlirfTt HINT 01 T HHU ttlt D Itlfc MIW IN, Mi,
ill KtniV-H, U iHK, THKHrHtHK, Will 8M I ) i
falftTKU UKn. H-n0 amy ,bh mn our pwn f&t
faiwHJ rtA4ri.J, r(, AmiiW cim. pun, htrt n fit, thr tfal-
rruininM ty thr i that
&t Hl'-tt ffrt fct.'."!! nd ifina:H nui.fwr
. ifmji n4 cUanMi f mrt om- ih trtw.
O'kut n that mnttl,itnd
aimMf 1) n-4ry
tkn;j Hp rtm4 wi fv-
rrifrd ti'A th
UKfrfttT 0M OH fttffm,
'fit Mitt t rtf ni. n
funn to! rltthu It :
I(ctiiv tn d m.l t tii ail
Wa kr MJtooa of not bikI
mam te J"triT A
pmrtum if I km Ati wn-
pit fry fitr mn4 rrrvrt
tit Whi. Van amti To t,
H U yi pu ?M, fr aVr
mtlo. uAvk rmnmvt 61
4MMf 1 MnAj. la pr, f wid mills,
I tir rattan nf what
is mniTii.r r.
tmfttsm) mmd it fimrttratl
ri'iut Ml w Uik4 of
jniilil do in Ih " T "f
ftlbin LUI fILV tux ALL
mi orm op m alitkei. f krv m pphmih ppkd
JrTTKH, ffllRTH 940 M PHK KH UO, AT tlO. M 1MB
KfcATKK HT1BKWT. rmolOf Co., t"W-
A 'rrlMM tilr.
SCM(al. Mritorl
r.nipbit Mallsd Ft
H.)l HnurA.'turra,
S40-tt4 W. Lax St
Chicago, III.
EimiCtloo And Ad vie am to l'itntbl)lty ( In
niti'tn. rtn1 for Jnnt'ir;' Hui'N', or M to i
' ft rtUt. PAI HK K U ABAAI.U, WAMhtUstton. U. C
If 1
This Great Soap makes home, home indeed. Keeps
ererythwg clean. Keeps the housewife and everybody
happy. Try it Sold everywhere. Made only by
Hood's Pills r,.iri:'":,ou'-
A the W.irl.1 Giii-
Mot'lid bncks are coining into use
for l;iii..; purfiosu'i. I'liey give the
l.oiiie 11... ipearance ! castile soap.
u. s Mam will have next year an
ini in 1: ioiia! exlnbitiun of hotel ar
rat!L:e.u,'iits and aecominodations for
Woollen pipes are used by the water
work ol Iienver. They rane from
thirty to furiy.figlit inches in diaiu
eterand are made of Texas pine staves,
banded with iron.
A velvet bonnet with bows so ar
ranged lh it the silhotle would form
the ehr of a cat is one of the novelties.
Among th new waifsare those with
very much business at the lower part
ot the :r ni. These waists are made
Ion cr, 1'ien jrathered lnt.o"""belts The ex
tra fu i; iss, In some o.'-n ainountinir
to three or four Inches, beiui? allowed to
sag over toe w aist line at v. ill.
Amoiisrthe popular color combina
tions tor sprintr will be yellow and
white, ;eiiow and black, pr.iy and black.
(Ire.. 11 ami tan will be popular; very
pale f .'v, ii most a pearl, and dark blue,
medium o;own and litht tan and old
rose in a great variety of tints. New
York 1 eiiter.
Doafnoss Cannot bo Cnrefl
l.y local upplii-ationa. hs tlicy rannot reach
the (1 sci,j.-,1 portion of the . ar. Therein
only one ivsv torn re Deifm-si, and that i
hv coii itui'onal rem. (li.-H. liealm-jis is
iaiie l I v mi itiH lined eomliiion of the
mncoiiM lifinir of the KiiHiai lrnti Tube.
U'hen this tube rets inMameil ton have a
rntiiliiii,K' soun.l or impe ('t hcarinjj. and
when il U r: lirelv einse.I iiralm.s ih iho
result, and nub's I he inflaiiiiiialioo can be
taken nut and this tube restored to ils
normal condition, hearim; will be di
!.t royed foievi-r; niiii' eases out often aie
, a ised by eatarrh. hii'h is noihinu but
an irilhuiied eoiiditiou of the iiiucoum fur
laee. We. will irive (me limidred llollurs lor
any eae ol Ilealm ss leans. d by catarrh)
that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh
1 ore. s-end lor circulars free.
K. J. I'll K.N KV .V CIJ.. Toledo, O.
yold by I)i urh'i.t, 7,'c.
Chattar.oo);.! is out of debt, aad there
is a comfortable surplus in the tresstiry
tueer people, these southerners! To
ledo Iihnle.
Another One Gone Ititfht.
"I must say rinht here thai the two
boxes of No to hue 1 bought at the dnitf
store liere, completely 'ured nic of the
tobacco habil," are the cheering words
n-i eived by the Sterling Remedy Co., of
Chlcai,'o. from (i. 11. Hood, of SiiriiiK
(ireeu, Wis.
South Dakota is once more the state
of quick divorce divorce while you
wait, as it were. Albany I'ress-Kuick-erbocKf
f tun entirely enred of heniorrhape ol
Ilium hv I'isd'h (.'ore for Consumption
1.0' iha 1,immn, Bethany, Mo., Jan. 8,'W.
1. FRANCIS, Gen'l Past'r Agent, OMAHA, NEB.
The Cat
Because there was no place like the
home where they used
Santa Claus
1 n.t wy.
KKStTB. The M-nate ased the Mil
alx.lititiinif capital puriisbioent, by a
vote of 17 lo 14, but with two votes in
reHTve- alj, a bill Hiving Linradn one
tsfcefsor, wh.'t i-hall Ui t levied at lartre.
The appoiiitiuent of a lifting commit-tM-
was author. zt-1.
The Mt Keeby reKel bill, appropriat
ing IJisi.iXK), bciiij. a mbetituty for roll No. 'C't, was jiaHsed by a ru e
of 'ii to 1. The following is a full text
of the bill:
t-eetion 1. That there lie and is here
by appropriated irom the state treasury,
from iumis not ortiicrw inc. appropriated,
the ram oi f'JO i.iKXl for the purpose of
piocuriti); teid and feed lor teams
for lhe destitute fanners of this state
during the spring of lWia.
Sec. 2. h vliall I the duty of the
Mate relief coininir.sii.ri to certify to the
auditor the amounts due the severa1
I counties under this act, and the auditor
; f-liul I ll.creiiKn issue a warrant in favor
I oi each county ior the amount to which
it is entitled by Mich certificate. The
amount to lie received by each county
ehall Ui determined by the state relief
comniiKsion based on kno vlede now in
their possession and on information in
writing signed by the county clerk,
treasurer and county judjje of such
county showing the number of farmers
In need of such aid in their several
counties; ami for such services the state
relief commission shall receive the sum
of "SK); provided, that no county shall
receive more than M,00 '; and provided
further, that no county shall receive aid
which does not furnish such informa
tion on or Ufore April 1, Iftdo, and the
dibtrijution to the several counties shall
I complete I on or before April 1U, 18!)5.
Set a. The county board of the ev
eral counties shall use the su'tii thus
placed in the hands of the county treas
urer, or Su much thereof as may be re
nui'ed, in the purchas:nu of seed and
bed for teams and shall seU the same to
farmers, in their respeclive counties,
who are unable to procure seed and iced
by any other means, on such terms as
tney the ssid board, may deem just and
proper. Providing that nothing in this
act shall be cons'rued as prohibiting
suid county Uiard from furnishing said
seed and Iced cratuitotisly to their needy
farmers if they may so decide.
isec. 4. The coutny chirk shall, under
the direction of the board, draw his war
rant on the iuiid thus placed in the
county treasury, in pavinent for Buch
peed and feed as may )o procured by
the county board ami the expenses in
curred in procuring the same, ami be
shall collect any notes or securities
taken in payment for said seed or feed,
and render the proceeds thereof, to
gether with any unused balance of said
fund, into the general fund of the
county. Provided, that when any
money lor grain shall he collected, or
any of the fund hereby appropriated is
left unused, then all Biicli moneys so
collected or unused shall be relumed to
the slate treasurer, and he is hereby
em lowered to receive the same.
Sec, ft. hereas an emergency ex
ists, this act shall lie in force and take
ellect from and after its passage.
Hook. The house passed the salary
appropriation bill. McNitt'a free high
school bill, a mutual plate glass insur
ance bill, several private relief bills, the
stockyards bills and the Omaha fire and
police board bill passed, a call of the
house being had on the last named.
Benedict's age of consent bill was
made a special order for Saturday morn
ing and the university library appro
priation was made a special order for
Tuesday afternoon.
Sknatk The senate recommended
the passage of Sprecher's district attor
ney bill as amended.
Cross of Jefferson spoke on Australian
ballot bills and moved that all measures
amendatory of election laws be made
the special order for 2 p. tn. Monday.
The motion prevailed. Senate file Nos.
231, lOti, 157 and 117 will be considered
at that hour.
Senate file No. 98, regulating life in
surance companies, and senate file No.
132, to regulate the organization of mu
tual assessment companies were ordered
advanced and engrossed for a third
The senate adjourned at 11 :30 until
Monday at 2 p. m.
HorsK The house spent the forenoon
discussing the age of consent bill and
finally recommended it for passage
slightly amended. " In the afternoon
several bills for the submission of con
stitutional amendments were passed
through the committee of the whole,
and one of the constitutional amend
ment bills gave rise to a short struggle
over the question of woman suffrage.
House roll No. 550 Hicketts' bill pro
viding that if a person shall lie taken
from officers by a mob be shall be en
titled to recover from the county dam
ages to the amount of $1,000. If he
shall 1 lynched, 500; if lie shall be
seriously injured, $1,000; if the shall lie
permanently disabled from earning a
living by manual laW, 5,000 was re
Iorted to pass.
House roll No. 434, a bill enabling
the Advent college to issue diplomas,
was recommended to pass.
Rknktk The fifty-fourth day of the
senate opened yesterday afternoon with
prayer by Chaplain Mac.Aycal. In in
voking the throne of grace the chaplain
referred to the latter days of the session
and asked that there lie no unseemly
haste, no neglect of duty, but on the
contrary that each member might use
to the best advantage (or good, those
talent given him by the Creator oi all
The senate rejected two "blanket"
ballot bills, approved s alight amend
ment to the Australian ballot bill, and
Lieutenant-Governor Moore appointed
S sifting oommlttee.
House In the house yesterday the
-oi . 1. g 1. .10 in l..,- in, aii;lio i.' l ai.rr
-in i'liiinated debate; also a committee
was author.zed to ac w i'.h a like cum
mi'tee from the fenate: on tin;.l adjourn
ment. The penetai appropriation bill
was passed and the two appropriation
bills the claim committee. The
Omaha charter wa" retried by the un
animous wish of the J)jugiae ccuuty
delegation and made a social order for
Wednesday and the bill establishing a
branch soldiers' home at Milford was
favorauly renjrted in eommitttee of the
'1 ueftday.
SfcN.vrK : In addition to the district
irrigation bill the senate passed thirteen
other bills during the afternoon, beeide
defeating the passage of two constitu
tional amendments in the very presence ,
of Hosewater, w ho spent a great part of j
the day in lobbying for them. I
Senate I le No. 231, by Cross, was .
passed. It amends the Australian bal
lot law by providing that candidates by
petition shall have their names printed
on the- ballot, followed by the words,
"by petition," and shall not lie followed
by any party designation.
Senate tile No. lii'.l, by Ratlibun, pro
viding for destruction of Ku .-eian thistles
and making the cost thereof a tax on
land, was passed.
Sloan's bill, providing that Nebraska
shall Uf popularly known as "The
Treeplanters State," was passed.
Senate tile Not'i(), by Caldwell, author
izing the aptioiiitnient of another sup
reme court bailiff, was passed.
Senate file No. 109, by Sloan, to limit
the jiower of a probate judge in the
matter of serving summons lieyond the
limit of his county, was passed.
Watson's new oil inspection bill, sen
ate file No. 133, had a close call. It
failed to pass with the emergency clause
and was passed without it.
Senate file No. loil, by Holbrook, em
powering cities of the second class lo
issue lionds to the amount of $15,000 for
the purpose of buying or improving
parks, was passed.
Sprecher'B district attorney hill was
Senate file No. 20fi, by Crane, to pro
hibit exposure of deadly weapons in
shop windows was passed.
Uathbun's bill, making do. s personal
property, was passed. His other dog
bill, punishing the person who mal
iciously kills a dog, was recommitted on
his own motion.
House roll No. 101, bv Chapman, re
lating to sale of school lands passed.
M naie file No. 34H, by Tefft, for the
appointment, of a supervisor of state
buildings, also passed.
Hook One of the most interesting
and exciting sessions the bouse has yet
enjoyed occurred yesterday afternoon.
The bill for the completion of the uni
versity library building and the district
and water right irrigation bill furnished
the foundation, while the zealous friends
and opponents of the measures did the
The fight made for the university
library building was ably led by Mun
ger of Lancaster, who avoided all ora
tory and centred the attention of the
bouse upon the facts as they actually
existed. Every question propounded to
him was met and lie had a score of able
assistants, including Burch of Gage, who
introduced the bill and closed the de
bate in its favor. Cole of Hitchcock, in
the preliminary, and Bee of Futnas, in
the final contest, led the opposition.
Davics of Cass made the speech in favor
of the reduction of the appropriation
and McNitt of Webster replied in one
of his best efforts during the session.
It was while these two gentlemen had
the floor that a war cloud drifted above
the horizon leading to an animated
controversy between them that caused
the sparks to fly for a time and raised
the interest in the crowded bouse to a
high pitch. The roll call that followed
was closely watched and when it was
found that fifty-one votes favored the
bill, while the opposition only counted
thirty-five, the friends of the bill ap
plauded and the audience lent vigorous
Well n,n day.
Senate : The Benate advanced an act
repealing the law creating a beard of
sanitary trustees for the city of Lincoln,
the sugar bounty bill was reported b a
sifting committee, an attempt to
advauce the fire and police commission
bill failed, and Wright's bill taxing
foreign fire and life insurance companies
was recommended for passage.
House roll No. 60, as amended and
passed by the senate today is as follows:
Section 1. That hereafter no person,
firm, association or corperation in this
state shall manufacture, sell, keep for
sale, give or furnish to any person under
the age of twenty-one years of age
cigarettes or the material for their com
position known as cigarette paper.
Sec. 2. That if any person, firm, as
sociation or corporation in this state
shall violate any of the provisions of
this act, he shall lie deemed guilty of a
misdemeanor, and shall upon convic
tion be fined for each and every such of
fense the sum of not less than $5 and
not more than $50, one-half of which
shall be paid to the informant.
Hot SB The day was occupied by the
house in passing upon the Omaha char
ter in committee of the whole, in dis
cussing and passing upon the repeal of
the depository law, and discussing and
favorably reporting bills providing for
county boards to secure legal aid for
county attorneys when necessary and
issuing bonus to construct jails.
Senatk The senate amended the
sugar bounty bill so as to provide a
bounty on chicory, and the bill will
come up (or final passage Friday.
One of Wright's insurance bills, sen
ate file No. 132, to regulate the opera
tion ol mutual benefit associations, was
Four bills reported by the sifting com
mittee were considered In oomaiites of
ths wbols and recommended lor passags
b 'lore t 111 ) e 1 ij,!t . easuiii, .1.
suar Uu dy act, war reached.
Hoi st House roll No 43'). providing
for a Hlperviuor of state j. rioting and
re'iiiations 111 repaid U public, printing
and the duties of I life aforesaid sujM-r-visor,
was read the third time and
pa-sed by a v ite of t0 ayes, noes none.
House roll N ). WI, by'perkms of Kill
core, providing for the extermination
of Buffalo and Canadian thistles, and to
punish landowners allowing such this
tles to grow and ripen ujion their lands,
was read a third time and passed ayes
bi, noes none.
House roll No. 34H, by Benedict of
Douglas, amending the criminal code by
raising the ae of consent to eighteen
years a id providing for the punishment
of miy male person who violates a fe
male under tiiat age, except said person
shall lie notoriously unchaste, was read
a third time and passed aves 94, noes
House roll No 494, by Lurch of Cage,
providing for the completion of the li
brary building of the state university
and providing an appropriation of f3,
OOO ior the fame, was read a third time
and passed ayes 74, noes 17.
In committee of the w hole the constitu
tional amendment requiring an elector to
be able to read big baliot and write hit
name in English was recommended to
Twin Itrothera at Wealeyan Unlver
ity Who Can't Be Told Apart.
Arthur and Archer Young, of New
Britain, tw-ln brothers who are as
alike as two copper cents, or as the pro
verbial peas In a pod, entered Wesley -an
I'niverslty this autumn tn the fresli
man class, and the difficulty of distin
guishing them has led to no end of mis
takes. The Young brothers say that
the joke, being to them of about twen
ty years' standing, has become a tritle,
old. "." ' t i"
In college chapel they sit next to
each other, and If one of them happens
to "cut," the chapel monitor, whose
duty Is to record absences, has to flip
up a cent to decide which of them he
shall mark absent. Bolb twins are
on the 'varsity foot-ball team, and
though they are not heavy, they have
distinguished themselves as belli.;
about the pluckiest players on the
eleven. They wear similar bandages
wrapped around their tow-colored
heads, and their sleeveless Jackets uro
alike stained with the blue dye of
their Jerseys. The other day," in a
practice game, the ball was fumbled
iu a scrimmage, and one of the twins
fell on It Archer was playing hall
back 011 the 'varsity, and Arthur was
lined up on the scrub. A doubt pt
once arose in the mind of Coach Steele
as to which side should have the ball,
Unit functionary, like everybody eLse,
being unable to distinguish the twins.
Accordingly lie ran up to the mini who
was scrambling to his feet with lhe
ball, and asked in a loud whisper:
"Say, which Young are you, anyhow
-'varsity or scrub?"
One of the brothers had an entrance
condition iu some branch of his prep
aratory work and a date was set for
the special examination. The brother
who had the eoiiditiou marked against
him remained in his room, while the
other twin took the examination and
passed It with flying colors. This hap
pened because a mistake was made
originally In charging the wroug twin
with a condition.
A litve Beetle In Iron Ore.
Z. T. White, who Is now, or has very
recently been, a citizen of El Paso,
Texas, was once the ow ner of the most
wonderful entomological specimen ever
found since the creation of the world
a live beetle found in a solid matrix of
Iron ore! The curiosity was discover
ed a considerable depth below the sur
face In the Longfellow mine, at Clif
ton, Ariz., and fitted his Iron sarcoph
agus as snugly as though the Iron
had been in a plastic state when ft
came in concert with the creature's
body. The "bug" was of a dull, reddish-gray
color, and was, of courso, of
a species wholly unknown to the en
tomologists. According to the El Puso
Bullion, this wonder was presented to
a well-known scientific association of
the Atlatic slope about two years ago.
Where iillzcards Oome From.
The blizzards that annually sweep
over the country come from the White
Kiver section of Manitoba, Canada.
This Is the coldest place on the Ameri
can continent, the thermometer regis
tering at times as low as 02 degrees be
low zero It is not, however, the cold
est place on the globe. The lowest tem
perature ever reported was at Wer
aehojonsk, In the Interior of Siberia, on
Jan. 15, 1885. It was 90 degrees below This place Is within the latitude
of perpetual cold. The earth here is
frosen 100 feet In depth and never
thaws on top.
If a boy earns ten cents he wants lt
he Isn't willing to trust the richest man
Every tea year an old Jok la new
The Venus' belt is a thin, flat mem
brane from one to two feet lone, and
about the width of a lady's belt. It'a
mouth Is in the middle of its body.
A round moonstone, cut In cameo
and supported by a crescent of saphires
Is one of the prettiest of the new de
signs. When the gulf stream passes out of
ths gulf of Mexico, it temperature la
about 70 degrees.
The lied sea takes Its name from the
presence ot great r. umbers of animal.
culm of that color In the water.
Every tiny protuberance on a branoh
of coral represents a living animal,
grows from it Ilka a plant.
Colon un.
(Prom the Creek of Sophocles.)
ColonusI White Colonus! rest and pee
Haunt thy green eludes aud thy low-
iiiuniiiiriiig streams,
Thy limpid w aters gurgle sweet surcease
From toil ami pain. The gentle-guarding
Hover with drowsy wings above thy bow
ers. Where dark the pine, his leaf-laced
hhiidow throws.
With low love -litanies the hosom'd hour
Cradle the 'turhed soul to soft repose.
Here lie earth's fairest home, here ever
Thro' dreamy summer woods slave-charmed
and still,
The Imperial bird of song that constant
The darkling thicket by the babbling rill.
Here, here, Idoneus! pour in slumber deep
On mortal eyes, thy dark immortal sleep.
M. C. H.
Some Other Day.
There are wonderful thiufa we are going
to do,
Some other day;
And horhors we hope to drift into
Some other day.
With folded hands and oars thut trail.
We watch and wait for a favoring tale
To fill the folds of an idle sail ,
I Some other duy. i
S u- C" ' ; ,
We know we must toil if ever w win 1
Some other day.
But we say to ourselves there' time to
Home other day;
And so, deferring, we loiter on,
Until at last we find withdrawn
The strength of the hope we leaned upon
Some other day.
And when we are old and our race is run
Some othiy duy,
We fret for the thiugsthat might have
been done
Some other day.
WTe trace the pnth that leads us wher
The beckoning hand of grim despair
Leads us yonder, out of the here,
Some other day.
Alfred Ellison.
To Draw To.
A pair of wandering Willies sought
All labor hard to shun
Two souls with but a single thought,
Two tramps that heat a one.
Atlanta Journal.
I looked and saw a splendid pageantry
Of beautiful women and of lordly men.
Taking their pleasure iu a flowery plain,
Where poppies and the red anemone,
And many another leaf of cramolsy,
Flickered shout tholr feet, aud gav
their stain
To heels of iron or satin, and the grain
Of silken garments floating fur and fre.
As In the dance they wove themselves, or
By twos together, or lightly smiled and
Or curtsied to each other, or else played
At games of mirth and pastime, unafraid
In their delight; and all so high and
They seemed scarce of the earth where
on they trod.
I looked again and saw that flowery pac
Stirring, as if alive, beneath the tread
That rested now upon an old man's
And upon a baby's gasping face,
Or mother's bosom, or the rounded grace
Of a girl's throat; and what had seemed
the red
Of flowers wn blood. In gout and
gushes shed
From hearts that broke under that frolic
And now and then from out the dreadful
An arm or brow wa lifted from th
As if to strike in madness, or implore
For mercy; and anon some Buffering
Heaved from ths mas and souk; and a
The revelers above them thronged and
William Dean Howell in Harper's
Might Have Known It.
Where wa it I kissed her?
Or wa it her sister?
Mayhap 'twn neither
Not like me eithor
Or could I have missed her?
'Twas a rnre osculation,
A kls of persuasion,
Though I have forgot
I know I ought not
Who cntised the station?
And now I'm despairing,
My mind 'tis impairing,
Since If it were she
At once I could be
Nw kisses declaring,
And now I remember,
It wa in Deccmher,
Somewhere In the South
And full In the month,
'Tw there that I kissed her,
Both sh and her lister.
rNew Orlean Picayune.
A Feminine Fear.
"I do not care for office,"
They heard a fair one say)
"The Legislature might keep In
Upon a bargain day."
Washington Star.
What makes you rail about ths snow
And winter's cold misdeed.
And long for summer time to showT
It's sure to sprout th wteds.
Philadelphia Inquirer.
Bow long ma a man properly "gV
with a girl without marrying bar? .