The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, March 21, 1895, Image 7

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e ei' wel.t U-' !( i') my 1
Mir d o t il not risK aiiotiier
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Highest of aJ in Leavening To. er. Latest U. S. Gov't Report
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1. in e i i new thfl' 1! 'If! I'
nearer and nearer the e.jKe oi
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Qnr Hvmputhirii Aly Knliatrcl a
tbe InHrmilit of thr Vrt-run.
I Hrrali. l(iVir I 'j )
Tle-rc i n old wddier in WimhIkIim-k,
V tn -rvi-d in the war with Mi-Xi,-,J
t.l in t!i f "I tin' r tn lli.iii. Mr. ;
M.liitiirff. Hi- iH.-(i Ik.ii,
((!,. nan without m rioiiK .,!,. !,.
b.-irdsiui". hiwn-T, told scri.,iily ,,n
bun. fer l"ro tlx- crip anii.-k.-t hue fmir
)t-arif aU' ll nearly Lilifl him. Who -i,
l,Hik iii th- iiitirniitim of n v.-t.rmi with
,,! H fft of tliH i.'. ;.. st s'. laimrln ?
tlix him i..i,l,i,..,i I,, j, k
Limn' ruled Willi ;(. m ii,-rv,.ii-D...S
that in- could not held m kind. Hn4
f.,rk at lb table, marei'lr able r,, v,mk,
ton. urn! bHi iiiitiil it. In- i.fti'ii miiiii
tied Bll'l Ml. The) aw llllll treated uv
(hi- 1m mi talent In l- had - luit hi ill In. ,i,f.
fVr.-. on f'r Mir years, ami hh- n,i
(itiullv in despair. Hie day. how-wr, he
n irm k !' tin1 aeemmt nf a cure hi, j
h:i,l b.-e:i effected liy the use ,,f ir. Will
iams' li nk Pills, lie ime.hntely ordered
IhiX al.'l ioiiiiiieh.e.1 t.ikuu; th.-in. Hp
tutyn lif wan Krcatly ri ln-vl uitlnii t iir--
. "--'" way i"
In nni?iT Biiu inn muni v in, ii nun m-.-n
(uiini'd Bmiiiii a nuturuJ o,,l,.r. uiid Iih
n mmii i-imliltil tn iii- liiii kmfi- hi-I
f,,ik Ht the talde. He lum riinvered !,n
utrenvth tn bui-Ii an uti-nt ttiin he in ahle
to c h,ii wikiiI, hIiih k l orn mnl d,i liin rejrii
ai werk nlnMit his Inline, lie now ay
he ran rmt mily walk t'i WiiniUtoek, Imt
run nnlk airunii tlie iii'iiiiii.i,n. ,. ,s
utile t,i lift iii a tilly-twij n,J hi-ik it
with one liiiliii mid siiyn he , .in rmt liimw
what I'r. Williiinm' l'ink I ills liHe ,,,i e
f,,r t hem, Imt known that they have done
a ti, al wurk fur Uiiu.
He wt. In tow ll limt Munday, i-mirt I
d.H. and wan Imid in hi irainea nf Hie I
mediiiiii' that had Kiven him no (treat re
lief, Hi; iiuri hiiHed iiniiiher lea and tn ,,t I
it irnini- with him. Mr. M Intnrft in will- i
Inc to mnkc athdavit tn then- la, is
Thi" iirnprietiirx nf Ilr. illinin-,' l'ii lj
l'llli nlHte that llii'V are lint I ii 1 1 -1 , t me,l
irme hut a liremriiitiini mud (,,r mniK
yearn by an eminent praetirinner who
(iMdiieed the tiioat w nndi rf nl r-fult
wenkiiiw fiiriiiK all forum f wi-ukn-.H
anmiiK from a watery condition of the
l.lood or "hattercd nervex. two frciitf il
r nuea of alinont every ill to w liii h flesh
m lo ir. The iill are alao a h i die f,,r
thi- troutdea pecnliur to feinalex, me h iih
iippremtiniiH. all foriim of weakm,
i li roil ic coiiHt ipatioli. hearing dow n pain,
etc., and in th' cane of men will irie
ulieedy relief and cfleet a peruuini'iit cure
in ali caaea ariaine from menial worry,
overwork, or exii-nrna of whatever na
tiiit. They are i-ntindy hiirtnleHu in I
rat; be Kivcn to weak and snkly i liildr,-n
with Inn Kf'atcH! K,,nd and without the
lisrhtcMt danger, l'ink 1'illn are sold ly
II dealers, or will be dent pnntpaid on re
ceipt of price CM cenu a bm. or mix box-;
for t-.'yilfy are never aold in bulk er
by thp by addrenHing Ilr. Williain'
ilodiclue Company, Schenectady, N. .
M?r. and women want half their
iven in insiini! each other's aoiinanii
inre and the other half in regrettitijf
javing done no.
N.-W l.i. flquil Itoitell ItiftCtllt.
For raliwil tiiMeuit set a aponirD to rist
i for bread at fi o'clock. At half past
3 ruu into a ijuurt of Hour a tablespoon
fill of lard, h little white gujjur and a
ie;f,.oonful of wait. .V'ake a hole in the
middle and put in your uporiK-. Knead
.Xnehlly with enouch lukewarm urlk
and water lo make It Into a soft douti.
iM U rise. Karly In the morning knead
tt down, and make in'o lnirnit' and
set before I ht (ire tonne. Hake half
nn hour.
ami wither v. itli tunc ;
tlir blfMiiu tijr rone
in oiil v kii'fv n t't the
health y wmi.m
chf ks The Tlr TV-
the :iih;if nt and
(f lUllUH p'TIMJ-J li HI-"
V'W&-JLr.iV i.ti-1 tlie !ui...t
11 .V ' i r . .
mm win I v il 1 f .11 mi(
a fatiiiK. can o!P n
be tracrd by ttir linen in tie- woui.iu s f:icc
Dull evr?. the a.tllow or wiinkh d fare and
thoM- "ferlmes of wiakiiri ' liav, (leir
tiir in the dcticifrenu'iit aad it n kuLii itics
p'-riiliar to wotiini The fiiuc: iwu' !
taiie nien!, painful disoidi -is. and chinuic
w riin ni'l'wrs of w otlictt, call he I'll 1 1 il v illi
l)t'n I-avniiic Pii'sciiptioii I'm tin
yminn (firl jn-it cnti-iintf woinanliniiil, for
the nioiiiei and those about to tn rotu
lnnllnis, and htct in "tl:-:- (.lunge of lib-."
the " I'rinciiptioti " js (u't r lint they v, l .
it ai'J" nature in prepaiini! the -v-!i in In:
tin" fii.ine. It'n a iin dicine prc-i t ib, d lot
thiuy ycur, in tiio Ui ai ol v.oni'ii. by
fr it. V rit-rre. 'jjef r,,n:-!':::-r pliv i-: u
to tie: Invalids' Hotel and Siiririral In-ti Duiulo, N V. Dr.
lit. J'iypjv ? avmjte
In- cluoini mi,.,;i;:."i
rrc-M-ription will cuu- t!i
lion ol the lining tnrmbmiiin whicli ran"
nut h rxhHiistiitv drains inein tie sv-eiu
Ilnov i nervous oiostt.iiiini. siet -nit -ssin sv
laiutiu s. nervous debility and ail disordt-is
ait-iiiR from dcratisteiiicnl of tin fetii ilc and functions.
Mis, Williams, of .fohnu k htue d ,
Miction, writes " I
was,v-i( f,,f merlin re
yrar wal, l,l,,,il iliy
tlli. rs-ilpuatioii itf
lur heari. jnhi m i!,P
hack md head, and
l tunc w,n;! l hnv
irh a weak tired (e-.
hlft when I Un k h
nn in lie- motttuiK.
and al tiiuri nervou
Thr phvHiitATt ihf
:t-ii a o what niy
tc niu- wm !,( ol,e
" oieui tint nir rnv
tM. As wii a I '
i lnkinR I)r
I'lrrcc ravonir 1-re-
i-'iPUoii. lK-yau io
tl ts-ller : mnlil lren
Mhs William
r-l inirhla anU llwl Pel ui-lvi.ii. f-
I' ll" in my la, 'k tu,-i k-fl ne I ,
l rro.r wilhmit ((eltin!( turd I took I i -ill Ihrse
oiMlleaol prrstnpliou anil Ivrnol Ilinuv-rj "
lb-- f
I sill
OIAI-TKH XV.-rontiniii-rt.
l'hp niuht was liaimy. fiut the great
oi uif day im netl.
How tlt-lt tit f l is itiitidrivinualiout
III (lIK'tl rBITill 'iw in tli i.i t,.,u '
, "Vi-iaimed or.ildino. Iioundint; H tf'
ni-vcr drive Hlti-rdiiincr in
; oi'inianil. I wonder whv "
Jht) evf-nini'ii art- t-nlHom
fnnuh. ' replied He lend-n, Htndinf
by the (l.Mir for (jranny had not jt
come out. "Vim have not many even
ing liko this at Inchiiiui-ew."
'Hut they are warm enough for tn at
Inu'- or, at li.-BHt. we no, whether it in
warm or not." naii nho. lauhinif.
'.Not clad like thin. ' and ho L'lanced
at ttie Milt white cam'.rie ilonnd for
her aiit h party, and conaidered auitn
lile to end tins day in, the while, in his
mind's eye, he beheld the routfheat.
warmest, thi kest of Herire frocks over
whicli c en a do tile-folded iitu.i l 'hud
no' n unwelcome. "Don't you re
in, uiUt." he added, and aw he Hwike
lie looked her fully and Ixidlv in the
be e, dou t you remember how cold it
j.'i ow, and how you nhivured and trem
liled that mtrtit.'"
'iranny ca i.e outere he had an an
bwcr. (Iranny was much pleased with her
entertainment. The scene altogether
was as novel to her an to ( .eraidino, for
there had been noth ntf of tho kird ill
Ikt y., n(f days, and ohe looked and
won, ered, and admired, and trotted
hither and th liter, and jfavo herself
up so ent irely to the eniyment of I ho
evenini;, that ahe, too, once more Im;
camo the t'ranny of Inchmurew, not
the stately dume Uellemicn had found
in Mo ,nt Street.
After desi eiidinif from t he tower, the
three pioeeeded to wander alwat..
hornet lines looking at thlnobjeet. some
times at that, o -canionally listening to
Hi- niiisiciaim. now taking a eat. now
wa kinf to and fro-all was pleasant,
mid each one was p!e jbed,
lint we must really uo some time,''
cried the old lady at last. "We have
been beguiled into staying much later
than I inten led. and our poor eoa ti
maii will have wonnered what can pos
sibly have happened to mt. I had been
jrroinir a little lidycty bttiore jou
came luck ust now'' - from which it
, may be interred that the chaperon hat.
i more than once been ie't lor a few
minutes to resl herself, whUe the
I other-i had just stejiped round the cor
, Per to sen HO'nethint' absfiliil-ely ini
I perulive to be seen 'we tnust lose no
; t me now," she said at last. '(.ieral
I i i in: your bhawl It m un).ng ,,iuU'.
cold. 1 have put on mine home time
' nco Now." and she set oft briskly.
and either did or would not notice that
it was lielledden who slowly drew the
I shawl round her chaiye. the while he
l bent bin head to murmur somelhinc;
which told her that lie was ttiinkint;
, o; auot her darkened sky and deepen
, in"" chili, when the sel. -same wrvieo
bad been turned into a close ca ess
I le parted from t hem at. their car
' Hatre iloor, saying be would walk
1 iioufe.
' Hi' wished to be alone-, and felt t hut
. (ii Tallinn: did a!so.
"-lie has won me, and I think I base
won her,'' he told himself. "She is a
noble croat'ire. and I deserved richly that (should be despised 'or
inv i nn 1 1 1 t towards her. Hut now we
are I-,
i nie iled now I may say what, I
e, limit what , choose, make any
Hi- I choose How ijuick, how
heiisi e she is' How read, Ij she
s inv meaning and interprets
sign! She ni si know all. She
uinlerst :iud me. i have been
i i.i.ii (oioii.'li. I have -aid every I h i ne;
i o, il 1 in- one lliin. and t nut, I shall not
, hnger oi er now. An I 'o think tba
tin- little I ie t behill on the
I J' ,.liian 1 lot-h was to be my 'utc aftec
I Was he. or
lit tit: too fast:
was lie no', gettinir on a
II A I'l l II X I.
( I.i ll. A I J J I K Klv I.VTTA,
tn, it I',
by had tiie wondrous change
i-ouic a i it ol Itself il lul l
res it of no e orl, of no i li
no alii 1 , 1 1 .
en liic1 simplv iBirne his pun
It ha I
been hi
isluuent i"
p. it lellci
an I
after th
li-st. had Iieilln'1'
da. lieu it. and in
rercnlo .. nor dis
this had lam his
ii.'' h. Wnat woman i an long re
: the meek endurance of le-r wrath"
ml h feiirioii t h" old eh irin hal
lie-, ii to work. I 'el'lll!'H licit her lllte
Knew nn, ll It ll.ll H) ticeilll ecl'lHilll
i .cd ne tiid no , and w is lain to con
'in e in i ' or.iii e but .if: er that even
ing i i I lie ai 'ileus, nay. even ufler the
0 her sn nt in tiie hoi and 'l (evdeil
1 heater -Ic could nil long er eom'ea I
iru ii 'm i sei t hat it, was there
she would ' nd her-el lo king lis
t -n Hi.'. re-O'Ci iiny :'s o! yorii. Anon
-In- would ii '.ai.e with II sill. I wil
with le-r-.-., anil with him nil ton
la I . lint was Hi b done." The w ,i
- ill Was ,-e. a', ll hee.lil
, tie" let 1 ! h 1 u - -:i el
I .:uly a', iii'ind. fi.t w i - a i.ei son o
It ore e net Ml ill el 'I' 'Ills I'l i e, op ll e ins
tnau her other and she had not a
t,, -el ci' ai'i''''' '1 ol several inn si
ne nt-, to whi b ' .crnlilliie h. el been
hiKeii: tut Hen , y lo-eatta was L u
line (estiva ol thii veal' of whi h she
w,.-wuli! lo pa take with un iialilied
nlisfaclio'i. Her sister Maria,
y: ill le reineml et'eil, was the other
a' nt oceiisionnll V mfetred to at Inch
tt a t'w hml now issued her customary
invitation to "t" at, The I awn, u
iiown the river in Imals lunch ou the
ban n, and en oy all the pleasures Oi
tin' icgalta with Bone o' its to. Is. Ma
ria had hoped that hot' mother and
niece wn lu lie 'h's yeae of the party
Kiwi and in her letter instructor ( 'har
loitn to concert wlih tbm as to pro-j
"You have got i'ouc invitation, I !
know, said her ladyship, cominsrin
early tine morning, ' and 1 am no if. ad
that i.eraidine will have the treat. 1
con ider Hemey Heatta dtiito the
prettiest of the summe KiKhU.''
Whereu on granny couched and
liyiked at out her, but made no an
swer. " ) ou n.ean to tro of cour-eV de
manded I-ady liaymond, soim what im
periously. "1 - we have not quite made up
minda, my dear. "
The truth was that ecil was the
diltic lty. i .eraidine iiud not. it wan
true, put into words the burden whi h
was daily pressing upon ner in the
shape ot Cecil, saying to herself that
her t'ranumother Haw nothinir, and
that she would not lie so nellish as to
diHiurb her poor dear serenity and
peace of mind; but granny had in
rea ity been carefully ou the alert,
watehinif at every turn for what ini";ht
next betall, and ready to catch her cue
in a moment ot time, at anv emer
gency. She also thought it benttosay
as little a-n need be, ami only to do
notliinir an I a cept nothine; without
her granddaughter B Bam tion.
Cecil had pone with the two to Ascot,
and to Hurlineham, and had spoilt
Inith nays: was he now to sjioil Henley
(ieraidine had announced her inten
tion of Kointf no more to either ol the
former resorta. Ascot Bho sa d, h d
been very i retty.J very bright, very
fjay, the horses thomsel en had been
i eautiful and the racinir delijrhtful;
but she had not liked it an a whole -and
there had been a quick shake of
the litile resolute head and a tie ting
of tho stern younif lip, which mirht
after all, have hud no reference to her
cousin. Jiut in regard to llurlingham,
he had certainly been the chief of
fence. There she had seen nothing
but a harm ess polo match and had
drunk tea on tho lawn, ami dined later
on in the club-hoime, and certunby
whatever evil had been present, it
had not presented itself to her in
nocent eyes, so it was it must have
been Cecils presence on that occas
ion- which had caused the alfairto lind
so little favor in her si":ht.
"It was altogether stulo,'' she told
liellerilen. afterwards.
"Stale:'' exclaimed he in surprise.
"1 did not know. I fancied you had
never t een there before.''
' Neither I had. And," said (Ier
aidine impetuously, "1 never wisli to
V,o there UL'aiu."
"Your cousin tn st have been disap
pointed." observed he. "Ho meant
to please yon, I know." lie hud not
hi . self been of the party, and knew
very well why.
' it wits stupid." cried tho sjMiilt
child, "stupid. We felt so foolish,
(,'ranny and i, and Cecil, sittini; up
therewith no vine to talk to and no
reason why we miht riot as well have
been at home. If Cecil h id invited a
nil'" be " oj nice people "
"iyseli. for Instance."
( erald ne laughed.
"Defray it,'' continued he. only hal'
in jest, "because, yon s, e, 1 was so ter
ribly anxiors to go, and :-o greatly dis
appointed that I was not asked."
ow there was no chance of his be
ing askeil to Aunt Mariu's Henley
party- and that in itse'f iiht Ipive
taken the edge oil so ..eiaiJy's pleas
ure but if to ; hat were to be added
Cecil liuymonds uninterrupted com
linionship for two whole (lays, the
outlook might e regarded as black
indeed, in conse , nonce came granny s
co.ign w hen tier (laughter s pressing
tone seemed to coin pel an answer
"Yea" or ' Nay'- she read consterna
tion on the brow of her fa r barometer.
You will go. of course," pro 'ceded
! ndy liiiymond, however. "1 know
yen are disengaged, and Maria is
co nting : -pon you. She told me long !
ago that she hud not worried vo ' with
invitat ions before, so she bad reckoned
on you foi the regatta. We sha I bo a
family parly so pleasant The I, awn
always ,'ooks lis hi st at regatta time,
lied a lew days in the country w ll do
us all goo;!.'1
"(ier.ildine and I yes I think we
can go but really we mu t talk il
together limt ' protected granny, do
ing as well ascould have been expe ted
of her. "You see you are our I rst
Intimation of the news for though we
had got the letter, ' had really hardly
looked at it. " nervously turning the
envelope l aekwards ami forwards in
he:' hand. "Wit will endeavor to un.
, b'U - '
i "i ih you must really make a p sh
for il All along it has i een uniler
sloiid that I teraUiine was to see lion
ley and I can assuie you both, that, as
a sight, it is 1n its way. unburn. My
girls en oy it of all tilings. The row
iiown tint river for The l.awn , three
m les aiiove Henley the crowds of
boats, the music the br.giiln.-ss, the
gai 'tv o er all, ' c 'ied l.udy IJiiymond,
w il Ii renewed animation, 'and Maria
fi ally eer s her.-elt to get the right
p.'up.o together. I have net e,-met any
on! pleasant people there. Tin; girls
wiilteliyo tliu same. She invites a
cons:d, ruble ii'i nbcr to luncheon, in
addition to thoseslop, ing at the hou-e.
i used to take Kthel and Alicia when
they were still in the school room - I
lelt so sure ot t hei-e only uiuelitig the
right s rl ol people. 'I hat, and the
I ton. an! Harrow match, were the
onlv galas we permitted t hem, HMyoung
"i ih, '. o.i must come to t he regatta,"
Ethel win s.i, iui aside lo ( .eraluine.
' II is really good f u, ami wo snould
all be s i d. -unpointed if yo did not. I
doubt if Aunl Maria wo dd ever forgive
il. Tell grantiv she must go "
Which i-ornlduie ilid with a sigh.
Mio saw I here wm no lieip i,r it. since
to eli .
11 out wo lil bm . b,.cn
" !
fui e ,; i y 1 :uii!.ot ,011 ol a. 1 I III
lo Ih) ik.lixled I't the pf' Sll.'lt Cl'isl;
now all 1 hut n n aiii' il lo bo dou
to try mnl vtriiyyli- ll.iouh lis
and lis tu-iiveiy a- sho ronlil.
" ou lire vi i ti lT to Hi'iili'V." '
11 no
w its
I es.
nili'ii. when in- hcarc of it.
Iloiiley ti 1 K 1 be very yiioii lun if you i
are I Ii the ri'hl sort l people ' he j
milled. uiiKinscio sly piny uiri inLiuly!
1,'nyinond in his choii e o ioeas. "Whi)'
Hi e vou to be w il h'f'
When he heard of whom the party !
were 10 consist, anil that It. was to be
eonliiied to the t amonils and the St.
tieoi'tfOH, his laco changed.
"I don't know Mrs. deorye,' he sub,
"but 1 xhall see you, I dare say. o re
how. I shall fo down for the ila. It
Ih a miserable way of doing It. bull
nave no ouior. 1 am too lulo lo u'ut a
room anywhere now."
.-o fur. she h'id prevented the nniU
1 dnkT si-tkeu whicii she had f it were
tr, III 11 nL' more than nin e iiikiii I tie '
lilis hard , 1.11(1 haa list Inanaet-d to
turn asi- e more than one moment in
stinct with opiori unity, bo that fclie
had got as far as another weekou,
since l:,e night in the gardens, with
out any adiance having been made:
but she had learned more anil more to
distrust herself, and to watch that
other one.
Was iiellenden but toying with her
young heart a second tuner Si.e (.id
not think o but how was she to be
surer' vVhut if t hike; meaning if uuee ,,
those dulcet undertones, the pains he
took to be near her, tile trlooin on Ins
brow when parted lrom her, were all
but the cunning of a master hund play
intr again its delusive, magic music;
r, e had thought he had loved her
once - not lo ed like this, of course
but still iiad granted her a place in his
altections and memory which she had
lieen proved never to have possessed;
and as she ad refused to doubt him
then, how was she now to trust herseif
to judge h m aright'
The Future of the KmmU
About ti H) miles of the great trans
Siberian Itailroad have been opened for
! travel with befitting ceremonies, savs
the Huston (ilobe.
This is less signilieatit in itself than
in what it portends for the future of
European and Eastern civilization
when the whole road, covering 5,tJ(()
miles, is pushed across Siberia.
We generally think of Siberia as a
desolate province where the victims of
"darkest Kussia" are locked out of the
world; but this immense region of the
earth has vast tracts of fertile land,
and the new mad will prepare the way
for a Hood of cheap grain to inundate
the markets of Europe and appal the
European farmer.
Such a vast speculative enterprise as
this, with rails spanning over a lifth of
the circumference of the earth and
costing li"i,M),i)(Wj for construction,
could hardly be carried through in any
other country than Kussia, where the
co-operation of the Czar counts for
When this load is completed and
unites Asia and Europe its inllueiice
upon the destinies of the East will lie
iiicalcuiibl". Every European country
having possessions in the Orient will
b; fleet d.
It may iiiean, too, that Russia, and
not the t 'nited states, is yet to supply
Europe with bread, for another I'nUed
States, for purposes of supply, will be
set up in the heart, of the i.asteni con
tinent. The world is wide. The vast re
sources locked up in the almost bound
less Russian empire are relatively un
touehed as yet, to say nothing of the
possible capacities of tiie oriental
masses when aroused from the long
slumber of antiquity by the new on
coming forces of progress.
All Depends on the Heart.
Jl ; who rudc'iv iliiius a crust to a
beggar hits, indeed, supplied food for a
hungry body, but has robbed both him- j
s df ami the b 'ggar of what was their ,
due - hmise'l of the privilege of show
ing forth the spirit of .Jesus, and the
begga" of the glimpse of a nobler life.
Sell -isolation is self-destruction. We
need the incitement to virtue which
comes fnuu association with the lowly
and needy quite as much as thev need
"Iir n,'lP- '' lifts so ordered this
world that none have greater need tt.
be th,'i:i the self-sitlislied; and none
are so poor that they may not become
God's almoners, if tiiev will. All de
pends on die hea:t. if the Spirit be
within, His fruits, gentleness and good
le ss, the kindly heart and the generous
hand, will be manifest. -lev. (I. W.
Mcl 'ormick.
The Oldest Stamp.
Parisian stamp collectors liave been
discussing the qu"St.ioti whether the
English stump of IM!), called the Row
land Hill stamp, is really the oldest in
("tisti-m c, and the conclusion arrived
a' is to this view. They claim
t i:it the first French stamp dates from
n 'iit lv two centuries earlier, in lti.VJ.
! In that year people used to buy at the
! P'!air de .Justice, in Paris, ''biilets tie
j p nt p:ie," or carriage paid tickets,
j with which the cauiagc of letters for
j any place within the capital could be
i p epaid. One of these tickets is said
J 1 1 be in the possession of M. Feuillct
1 de Conches. It was used by PcllisKon,
i the famous inmist t and academician,
j on a letter addressed by him to Mile.
! Scudery, the no less famous romance
lllsuipoiiil mif a I'riillil I-ill her.
A jirond father had, just before din
ner, been Mliug the visit or bow clever
,JiiH little girl was. He naid it, was not,
j p-e;'o"i'v; it wits itit"! . Wrien
1 slit- l"U'ii''d h t Ii tritr slit' knew its vain -,
j and she was never known, like other
chi'dren, to ask foolish ipiestions.
Y ou'll see now. If that child asks ,1
jiii"-i'ion about, anything itwillsnr-
p. is you with its sense." At, dinner
; the conversation fumed upon Austria.
I The in!" i e'tilal child was l.tliillL' it u:l
In a iiti
i'l the ta'k.
"Wlct is it.
she pip"d
my ilea'"?"
;i ile;isin
visitor, as
send He' p
smile, its h
t I pirent, with
In ikciI at the
tunc 1 as ;
you list ,.;
(riches in
".Now is your chlinc.';
.'tia, are thev all os-
Iti'ncnicil the 1 11 rtovnl Ion.
Pr. Klvey, in his recently published
iiC'innit'S, t' lis the siorv that, on une
occasion. wh'Ti th
sernion had been
changed to jileiise some visitors, the
orjrun-blouer, uitich ollended said:
on cm play Holers in 1) if you like,
but I shall li'ow Attwood in ('."
In BltVeial i'.Ulopeall couilllltii, in--l
I iiif Kmc-" md IM jiuin, elections
are always held on Sunday.
Crisp Comment
The less money a man has the more
he talks about nuance.
A fool always burns his fingers be.
cam-e he cannot remember that the fi-e
( Is hot. Ham's Horn.
Chicago has a dog show. Its other
exhibition of high moral perception is
the city council. Chicago llecord.
The constitution under which t hitia
is now operating must have been
modeled after a Gilbert and Sullivan
opera. Washington Post.
Humor at the Altar.
Some funny stories are told about
the marriage service. One of them re
lates how an old man, brought rather
unwillingly to the altar, could not be
induced to repeat the responses. "My
good man exclaimed the clergyman, "1
really cannot many you unlee von do
as you are told." But the man s; ill re
mained silent. At this unexpected
hitch the bride lost all patience with
her future Rpouse and burst out with:
"Go on, you old toot! Say it after
hlra just the same as if you was mock
in' him." '1 he same difficulty occurred
in an' ther case. The clerg'. man al ter
explaining what was necessary and
going over the responses several times
without the smalless effect, stopped in
dismay, whereupon the budegroom en
couraged him with: "Go alidad, pass'n;
go head! 'i'hou'rt doi.i' bravely." Up
on another occasion it was, s'rangely
enough, the woman who could not be
prevailed upon to speak. When the
clergyman remonstrated with her she
Indignantly replied: Your father mar
tied me twice before, and he wasn't
axtn' me any of them impertinent ques
tions at all." .
Piso's Cure for Consumption has saved
me inunv a doctor's bill. S. F. Hahdy,
Hopkins' 1'lace, Haltimore, Md., Dec, Vi.'VJl.
When a woman ceases to dress find
put on airs for a man, you may know
that she is in love, and that, he soon
won't be. lioston Home Journal.
How's Thi.
"We offer One Hundred Dollars reward
for anv case of catarrh that can not ht
cured by 11 all's Catarrh Cure.
K. J. CHENEY A CO.. Toledo, O
We, the undersigned have known K. J.
Cheney for the last In years, and believe
him perfectly honorable in all business
transactions and nnancially aide to carry
out nn obligations made hy their tirm.
Wkst it Tkuax, Wholesale druggists.
Toledo, )., Walihnb, KlXNAN it Makvin.
W holesale druKgists, Toledo. O.
Hail's Cutarrh Cnre is taken internally,
acting directly upon the blond and mucous
mirtaucn ol the system. Testimonials seni
Irce. l'riee Too. per bottle. Csoid by a,l
No woman Is a natural liar. She on
ly tells untruths when she thinks by so
doing to please the man she love1-'.
Texas to the l'ronl Agnin.
That the cigarette habit can be com
pletely cured Is demonstrated in the
Htatemenf of Emerson M. Noble, of
Houston. Texas, to the Stcl'liug Itemed'
Co.. of Chicago, manufacturers of Xo-to-bac,
who writes that after using one
box. of No to line, which he bought at
the drug store, he had no desire for
cigarettes, though having smoked them
for eight years' that there is souieliiing
indescribable in .nci'llcet- of No I" b:ic,
and thai he has nothing but good words
to say for it.
Silver cones and stoppers to ph. as
bottles are pn-lened perfectly plain
with monogram
mnttw vtu
that there is one rheumatic, neuralgic, sciatic, and all-pain
remedy, as harmless as water, and sure as taxes It is
J3t. Jacobs Oil used by everybody, sold everywhere.
"Thoughtless Folks Have the Hardest
Work, but Quick Witted
People Use
suing clothes
rquullcd. Try it.
h N. K. Fairbank
Koth Probably KlKht
"You are always talking about how
ciiiiaren ought to be 'rained, Maria," M,-. H'i'.us, "but I can't see that
Joiinpy improves a particle in his be
havior at the table."
"And you are a ways telling how
easy it would be to put business on its
teet again and make every :.o -it pros
perous, but I can't see thai yi u leave
any more pin money Iviiik about die
house than you ever did," return d Mrs.
billus ( hicago Tribune.
!l jor Tyaon of r i ie, ,
Aljolit i.otSpriuca, S. U.
1 left Erie, Pa., about Nov. 1,
surrounded by my friends who
much doubled my reiiini in betier
health and arrived at Jiut Springi,
S. (., sit weak and dishearti n tl that 1
required aid to leae the cars and
reach the hotel.
Tne iir.t few weeks I felt no im
provoinent, then I experienced a change
which continued uuiil mt oeparture.
I returned to my home very much
stronger and almost tree from pain.
1 uo not hesitate to sav to anyone
seeking relief from p.uu thai I believe
there is no place where 411 invalid wili
feel the benefits of the curative powers
of the waters, the pure nr. ihe tjran i
mountain scenery and the hospitable
treaunent more than at. Hot Springs,
South Dakota. A11 eleeant hotel with
every provision for sum lore and ail
that goes to make one leel at home,
can be found there.
Wm. W. Tvso.v,
Commander Peun, Soldier's and Sail
or's Home, Erie, Pa.
Send to J Francis, G P. A. Burling
ton Route, Omaha, Xeb., for a beauti
fully illustrated folder, descriptive of
Hot SpriiiL'B.
The Lartrertt .Manufacturers of
i fWk t-ontmnt, have rrtiMTea
lfrm Ulf;:)ECT ADftQ
Vein the g-at
In Europe and Afflerica."
T'niiki UK' Utiffti Vn.cfnt, nn Alkn-
x or UIht i'li( iili'iils or Jycn tro
I'll tn inv :il flifir tirclia .MiI,
Ttu'it (Iciiciuua UHKAKl- AST COCwA 10 ibiw.utely
pure tod noluble, .-rtt ''-un vie n '-up.
SOLD BY GriOCE.-.S J.vLHvotf(.
No Slyle Excels .
In sirks or in sai ind
In linen or wool
In trill? that are milled,
In folds that, are full;
A t all sue:; 1 f unenons
Where fashion does lurk,
There is untight that excels
Our Fine fjJiuniirv work.
New Pearl Steam Lanudry,
- 2Uo"fc.
Agency Woik a Specialty.
x . n. i . -No. aa7-i
York. Nb.
illl KN WltlTIMi
' pli-a-i- say ymi
111 llus puui'c.
ro in 1:111 iskhs
saw the ticlverr.lHi-mi'iit
There i no oap in the world that 1
stands so bik;h in tbe opinion of 1
thoughtful women as
Bum nisina
1 1 m
or doing housework, it can't be I
Sold everywhere. Made only by i
Company. - Chicago. 1