The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, February 21, 1895, Image 4

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The Sioux County Journal.
S i.rt.T.pUon Pr-s, 1 2 00
1.. J. Mammas i
Editor, i
-e t.t
i th Hri'.e
We told f a !!
The establishment of a bevt su.
;ar lac
t -rv :it t hadron is 'list cause for the,
1 '. r rr Y. ....... i 1 - 1 ., I .. 1 '
ttlllorrl ii'.Jt J.HH11. It. tUlllJUJlHiv;
himself for more than cte hain. In !
i l. lirt r.lurt it mftar.i thnt the future
r ., ' vi . . , .... ,
or northwest Nebraska is prartiealiv set-
, .. . . u,
lied, for t!;nt industry mai:es it .ri.'siblt' ,
. , ' . , . ,
lor a man to oe as near certain ol "".no-j
, . , ,. ,r , .1 ;
A.Z a living for himself and fami'v frcm !
. , . . ,. i i i
.wi nnt intii the 'round herd ai he
... , , f. I
, , , "f u. !
since " e lij,t oceu a rerRieiu V- iioivii
.. ,, . .. , ,. . j
thi iuld evuiitaally become a rich and j
.rorous locality and in
the tvaliza -
ri.m of Mich n condition thr?e who have i
i r .. i. - :t ..,. i ,r
lieen lu re for years when it eemed as if
, , ,. .. ,1, , ,4 , '
there was uo ltter thicks ill the future
lor them, to re?p a
reward to vvhi,.h
lliev most ceHaiiilv are entitled,
bv he
. , . , , . ;
increase in property values suul general
atlvancrnient. Timt will some I
time vet for such a condition to become I
tahl'ishe.lbi.t it U bound to follow.
In the yecond place it verille a state
ment made by TUB Jol'UJal in its i.sue
of July !. lfW, which follows:
"Tlie question of raising beets for the
iiiiir.iifacture ot su'iir ii bcin agitated
in Nebraska more than ever before. It
is our bi-hef that there is no pls- e H here
this can I done to !Ur 3U-Q."U:p
llnin in Sinliv wilintv Tl'i" ""H
national authorities are takins hW t.f
the m;itter and oflVrinjr a-!sitartce to
this industry. The xil or Siuux cmiijly
is as well adapted to leel culture as any
in the world, and the climate is of the
best for the cultivation of the sutrar
This par has ever since advocated
I ho advantages of this part of the tats
for the sugar industry and for' doing no
it has been ridiculed ahd nick-named the
"Sugar Beet Blade" and its editor lias
been commonly called a "Sugar Beet
Crank" but it was only after inveBtigii
tion that the claim as made and every
xperiment which has been made has
gone to prove that the position taken
'.vas correct. In view of the fact that
The Joiknal w as the first to advocate
the advantages of northwest Nebraska
for the production of sugnr beets and
that at ttie suggestion of its eoitor ex
perimental plats of beets were grown
Which produced beets which tested as
high as twenty-three and two-tenths per
-ent sugar, The Jet'hSAL will claim to
be the father of the beet sugar industry
in northwest Nebraska unless Some one
hows that he advanced the theory at a
date prior to July 4, 18H9.
Tlw courts have held that the income
lax is alt right and must be puid but so
far no blanks have leen received at this
tirlien from the collector. He is evitknt
ly well enough (xisted t) know better
than to wnMe trti and niutetial on
Where it bus been tried the lfU' of
' hecoMUlieshuve relused to vote bonds j
ior the pur ba.-e of seed under the new
(aw, llelu.v issaiUto l.em tlie mtet -
tst ot money snarKS and il that la true
itMboulJOe re-co-.Klered mid r-peaied
tir niiieuued.
lt is suid that tStnator ilundcrson lus
accepted the position ol general so'
icitor for toe H. ti, M. railroad undwill
nler upoti ms Uuiies as soon as his term
of olhoM expires. That is certainly a
littering recognition ol lus noility us a
awjer, lor nucti places ore not made
dimply lor ornament.
It is related that senator 'A. tl. .Stew
ct, anxious to make a httl
p capital. '
of Sioux '
vrtite to J. Pinlpol v.;urra...
ouuty, askios him to furwaid
i- . . . (. . . . I :.. 1., Mist, n m ' v i ma ncti a a iiosnioio
nent of the number ol lamilies la ins, '
. . . i ,- ,.! There have been many ways suggested
.icini't w lii. nslt-l relii-l. 1 iirrao a re-1 . tstts
,ily worthy of his lamous nauieaifke,
acomcal and to the point: "No one in
-ieed of relief here we are all republi
iips." Alliance (inkle.
The W'urld-Ih'riM persists in lighting
he issage of a bill lor a bounty on
iigar. What in the name of reason can
the object of such a tight is very hard
or the people of the western part of the
"tate to see. A bounty on sugar will do
tore to make the wesVera part of the
-lute prosperous than any thing else aad
i pnper which claims to have the inter
sts of th people at heart should not
a ant a repetition of what exists in the
western part of the state today.
Ttie attempt of Lincoln to get the
tate fair permanently located ut that
ulace by legislative enactment alter
iwviug been Oelealed in a contest for it
,r Ouiaba is not allowing' the iiroiter i Wlu.t Lincoln slM.uld do is to !
u I
a-lp omIc UM Ute (air of 1 rttl.j a
s.ia.. ii,,i,, iii .w.. '
Iritf1.l UU KIMO It lot the Utej'", lf Uteris w itn marked ben
auT tM yew but Uw iuterwata olj-'"1
' tw MbM iaHMHl tlMt tlMire b no dm-, Remember that The Joirnai, ollice
V niti ta it Ul ear. 14 leliarten for job printing.
HA" M1Hru
t Ot It
V JaiVMMlfl hfl (! rrtorV IK-fxl ,
tbf I'NirWMHiti, 1
T!.c tor;., hard Rtf-tig,?!? by '.he (-eople
of t'Rmfrt.nto swrufw factor.- kjj ei.dt-d ,
! a few-dai aw bv the .signing of the!
a f 1 1
.- In the iapitah?.t w ho are to
coostrut t and operate thm. There are ;
jfiutinthe contract ami a teet suj-ar
factoivtocostfVXi.OtWis .it the head,
... .
Tif inMiliition will luive a cattacitv of
, .."...
i.'iO ti -r. of beets tier day so th;it it will
, , , , , . .
work ill) :i:u1 '.'O.OOO ton c l lttt dur-
, 1 ,. .,, ,
ir.g the mw. that ii will he seen
that tailing a yield of ten tous t
the i
acre it will rcinire 2,500 aTv." of
a seaMi! f 100 davs, llicd :t!oi't the
i" - - '
Ihe otner tluve lactone.-! aret oik? lor
cliicol v with a capacity of tliirU ton- a
- 1
&d: one for starch iiii li w ill con.tinie
- j
" 1 ' K 1 i
tot!S 11 : one Jflucoso winch mi!
ronsuniK nne tiiouAnu MiMH-ht o! cram a '
c .
Th- e"lire P,ant ,s tiall to ,o-l
atwul ?1.2K),000. That means a ureal !
; ileal of work for tbewe who are in need of :
it in the ronstruction of the buildings ;
and it mean? that a living will be prarti-
cally assured to all w ho are located mii
as to deliver maiUjrial urown to the fac
toric. The railroad will establish a
fate ?.o tliat beets, potatoes and other '
Uiirjr nn He shipped from other points I
U".d "'a mean that bis locality will !
'-'v iienehUeU.
1MB JfiCHNal. will ive its readers ln
formutiou to the progress of the nnjvi'
and everything that will le of interest
to those who desire to raise material
the factories.
The sooner an example is made of
such blood-suckers as Hilton the letter!
it w ill be for all. A dishonest oiiicia! if-
n ..nrr....rtMU .Ki,, r.A t.u ....IJi,. .I.....M t
be protected against them.
Tile ("Itadron papers are kicking on
charity goods being sent there for
drouth-sulferers. That is right. (Sever
al barrels have lieen sent here when
there is no occuion for any such.
Hioux county is able to care for all who
may become destitute. But one or two
have upphed to the authorities for aid
and the county can certainly supply
their heeds. It is not claimed that none
could be not made more comlortable(
but that id true in any locality wnd in
any yeur, but so long as the county can
care for its needy whenever application
19 mude it is poor policy to have
charity goods shipped in Iroui outaioe.
A newspaper man is blamed with a
lot of things he can't help, such us using
Htrtiality in mentioning visitors, giving
news about some people and ignoring
the coming and going1 of others, etc. He
simply prints the news he can find.
Home people inform him about such
things while others do not. An editor
should not lie expected to know the
ilme. Und residences of all your rela-
tV(.s milj lrlemS) BVen f he ,slloulc
tltem get olf the tram. Tell him aliout
!it(0rU.Ut,r) jotdoVH t,m )01Il(s on u
j (,r ))apt.r .,nd hati(1 or Jt u, ,m
j KWS U;lt mau,.s a pa)er, and every
man, woman and child can lie an asoci-
lite editor. Oakdale K ntinrl,
Hcsorvoirs a Nereasitj'.
.Nehrasku r'ariner.
To maKe irrigation practical and u
success it is necessary to give it careful
cnuaideration and without reservoirs the
j best results cannot be obtained. Tlie se
! lection (if a jjood location is iniiortant
lor it stioiikl be ut an elevation that w ill
lrin 'l ol covering as itiut-n groiinu as
'H'KMl')',! 4Vll'lou1' having to raise the
; water tcs lngli. and at the (same time
I I. ..... .1 .... ..... .. ..II .... ........I.I..
lor building reservoirs, but one whicn
commends itself on account of its cheap
ness is as follows:
Take from 4 to 10 inches of the top
soil otf the ground thai you intend using
fjr reservoir and use it for making an
oiuoauk.iieiit around ttie ouLside. Make
Hie embankment from ti to 1- feet wide
at tlie bottom and I rum 3 ly 4 feet at the
lop, varying these duneiitious according
to the beignl, which aiiould be from H to
0 teut. When the water la tirt turned
in put a number of hursea or cattle at
work trumping the bottom until it is
well mixed, ibis wiluitstroy the iares
ol tlie soil so the Water will not seep
tlirouu'li ll the work la well Ouue. Tina i
rearrvoir will cost you practically noth
ing but thu work, anil we believe it will
answer your purKse very effectively.
Much ol hie' misery is one to indi-
""'"'"; 'r
wtio can t happy Willi a
iMin "' ''is stomach?
A a corrective and
strong llieiier of trie aiiineiiUiy organs,
Ayeia nils are invaiuaoie, tiivir use
Feed ant) Sale Stable.
Harrison, Nebraska.
l'ni. nt.
ll. 11. r.RIHWOI.Ii. Cashier.
AirniORIXKD CAPITAL. 5r)00().
Transacts a General Ba nkine; Business
ZtiKitK .ti kx utSi.K National Hank. New- Vork.
Unhko Ptatks National HtNK. flnial.a,
I'tKST Nation t'. Hank, 'imdrotl.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
Html Proof Cotters,
A M peramis havtnif anal proof imti'e in
tilt pupT will ret-eiv n Ularki'l Copy of ttie
piijK'r itmt nr rolUftil.(l to examine, their
notice ami 11 any ermt s rxit rr)ort ttie
name to thw olttt.-e at owe.
.Niiticc fur I'utilitatliin.
Lnti'l Oftlce at Alliance, Si.ti., I
January is, Itf.a. )
5tier tt hereby niv-n that the tulloa Iiik
nuiiit'il fw-i i it-r lia notice ol In. Inteii to make final proof in NupNtrt of hit
cliiiin. utet that sahl pniti! a ill i. mud.? la
lorn M. J. I'.lewelt, ch rk of nutriet Uiurt,
at llarrioiii Neb., on Met). 9, l".s, vi:
Willii hn Niiiel li. of Nt h.,
a lio made II. K. No; 9.t for the sa . Vitsre. X,
tp. n., r. .'ni a-.
ne mtmct the ftlltiwtu(f a itiHMSen to prove
Iiih contuiuoui. renl:nee upon aii'l cnili,u
tion of,'1 laiul. vi :
I harnii 111. hie, l. A. liartmii J. W. Hire
ilorff. Jerry W ill. all of llarrliou, Nell. Aio
dunes lili-, m ll.ii'i l-iiii, ,eiii. HHiiillil-lru
tor nt the Ktt" of Knuik lu inu-lir. ile
reatwit. who matte II. K. No. ai'i, for tile t-. V u: ', iiinj
n. 'i , ami lie. aw. "-i we. Xi, tp. .CI n.,
r. ! a .
He names the follow Insr witnees In pro, t
tli coutnniaiiee resiil.'iit-,? upon Hint culti
.attoti ol ..hI'I l.iiifl, ,1.:
o. A Onrloti. W Uliniii Nun ttcli. l.'oln'rt I.
Keel. Charles K. s.ujt, nil ot llarriMj.i, ..h.
fii ii .1. W . v fcii, wa., iirui-u r
Viti.-e tor I'lililii'iitiiiii-
l.aiet t ftlee at Altlanci-, Neb., t
ri u. a, tT.&. i
Nolii i' is In n liy (fiv. n that tne loilowiou
liallD'U nt'l lier h., uiihI ixuit'e nl ll.. lild'.i
tiou to notkt liiml pi.a.f in iujpoitol n.s
eialm, utitl tnat M.uit fuiMif a ill uv iu.ue
lore a. J. Hoeii, t-ii-rk ol tne U'.mrt
court. nt ii.irn.oii, eor., oi aicii
iA, ist , v le :
bllcn liolliiiifnurlti, roiincil) Woody,
ol oilrin it. Aril.,
who nunti' 11. K. No. lid lor the nw. i i,,
u. S sa. t4 niii.l w. . -4 rt. t, tp. oa n., i.
ia a .
lie naiiictt the foiloa'in a itue-., to pro c
his continuous reMit'nce iiioii .nii viiiiiv.i.
llUU Ol H.,111 lallll , ne :
K. W. Knott, Jiiuich Wliwiii. both of (.il
Christ, Neb.. i. c. im.iiii., t,. r. loil'e, laitn
ol JJouare, ei. also
Jom-jih W, liubiliMiii. of Harrison. .Nell.,
who nunle IL K. No. ; for tlie nw. it !'.
7, tp. .o, r. J-i w.
lie haines lilt folloaluK aitlit'-s It.
prove hi continuous rirstot-nc.- ujaiu ami
cultivation ol aalil laiitl, via:
h. r. i.luilsi'v, oruiit outiirle, Juiui's
Moll, 11. A. I'lmdyi mi of n .; m i.
kt'lluiu '. I.iiiiln i. ol' Harrison. Nell., 1
who mailt- 11. K. .No. Wi lor the ae. ',, we.
tp ill ii., r. hii a ,
lie iid.nfs the follow lull wituvsaea to prove i
his continuous resilience ujnia and cuilivu
litni of, aaitl luntl, vixi
J. W. lUilllnaou, llaVhl llartlelt, James
iseott, . V. olliiol', all of Harrison, eo.
J. tV, W hS, Jk., Iweislt r.
Notice l.y I'iiIiIIi'kIIiui.
In the litntrlct t.'ourt of .Nebraska, In nmj
for htoux county.
Helen M. Crane, plalntitt, i
fi, II. ( rane, tli'fi lldali t.
s. t. ( rane, lete.iili.iit, will take notice
that on the iTlh nay of January, isw'i, lieit'ti
Al. I rane, the plaintiff herein, Ilietl licr a-li-lion
In Hie i.iririct t ourt of moUx loiiniy,
Nebraska, hk.iIiisI the aaill (lelentl.tiit, ti'iu
object antl prayer ot which uru to obuiu a
jiiiiiuittnt Hut! ueeree of nivorce ilissoivlna
imf i-...,.,.,. i,j Litr miil n i. ...t..t.
"" rViU," l"Mt defendant has la-en
KUilly ol cruel anil luliuinaii treatment
ol puiluiitT, anil gross, w..uton and cruel
tieitiect noil lalltiio to aupiHirt the plain-
till, antl lor aenera. etiulta.ile rcliel.
1 ou lire required to answer mot! petillou
on or before, the lith day of Man n, A. u.
law. . I
Datisl Jiuiiiary Jlst, A. . ."tin. j
in a; HM.a M. CAK.,(ilntirt I
liy & (itck, j
Attorneys, j
ii..LM..s i ..i... v.i.w !
ria la?t aalve in the world for cuts,
bruise, sores, ulcers, sail rheum, fever
sores, tetter, chapped ha-alu, chilblams,
corns, and all skin eruption and positive-
ly ciii-.s piles, or no pay required, it is
guarantees! to give .-fec.l satisfaction
r money refumttxi. rnce cents per
io. for sole by noneer rharinacy.
I There uevrr wb :i time la t!' '.ti ory of
' our cOnn try when the dciiiaint lot luven
jtioiuantl lmproVrinents In the arts and
science generally was ( trreat as now.
Tbt: ptjtiVrnleuee uiaitliiiid in the lactory
unit work-hhopi thii li'.ustdiolit, on tile fariiti
mid In oftlcial life, rctjuiro continual iir-ces-sinn.,
to the ;.ppurtances und liuplenieiitn of
each in order to uVo labor, time and ri
pen?. T ne political riiiiiire In the n-iinliiti-tr.itiou
of (foveriiinent tliM'x nut utTect the
jimi?rT'Mof lh! Auienean Inventor, who tut
lnK on the alert, and ready to Oerretve Ihti
eiistins iletieieneies, does not permit the
alfairs of the Koverui.ient to ilett-r blm
from iiuiekly concelvlii- the reuietjy to
ovi-rc-oiue exlstluR dlscrcpaneles. To ureal
care can not la1 excrcbted in choosinir a com
peteiituiitl ttkllllui attorney to prepare uiul
prsi'cute an application for patent. Viilu
nble Interest have laton lost am! Uetroyett
tu innumerable instiiiiees by the employ
nient ot inetmM-i.-nt eouiisel, nt
iv Is this i ll. ice ti ti 1 1 it-.i l il- in tin.
ad.ipt ibo ":.o p..l.!itt, no pay" aj-siem.
InveiitoisaUoeatriisttheirbusiiir-s to litis
class ol i.t:or.iey do at. at imminent ri-k,
u. the Die.uin and -trenifth of ti. patent !
never co.iHiderwi In view of ntiiU-k nd-av
or to if t an ullowauee and obtain tlie lee
then .Hie. I'd.. I'Hhss t'tiiHs,
John Vt etlilerourn. titiiieial inanairfer. titt j-
I reef, N. W ., tv ashlliKtou, 11. C, re pit sent
tin it large i, mutter ot important dally uud
weekly p..pers, as well as general periodicals
of Ihe country, was instituted to protect it
patrons from the minute methods heretofore
employed Iu thi. line of business. T he said
Oiiipany is nreared to laku cliaiue of nil
p.itci.t biisiue.s cnlruafod to it for reason
uble let.-s, antl pn-iiares mid jirov.-cults
iipplicutioiis ifciierally, iurludlnK; mechanic
ill lavt-nUous, design patents, tra'lt; marks,
lalatlsi copyriKhis, luicrlerencits, nilriuie
mttnts, valeiity reHirls, ami (five especial
attention to icjected cases. It is n!o pre
pared to enter into co.npetititiii with iiuy
firm lu securing foreign patents.
W rite for Instructions and advice,
HIS f Mreut.
!'. O. box ft- Wu.hiiiKtoiii IL I'
Just rrom tlir Press,
A very attractive publication has jut
been issued by tne passenger deparlineut
of tlie liurlinglou Itotite. II Items the
; title "The Newer Noi tii-West" und tie
scribes iu a most int-ei.-stiiig atul read
' able luhia thottu portions of nortliern
Wyoming and the Black Hills of South
IsiUolit winch are reached by this ciuii
panys lines.
Ttie scenery, Uiw'ns, mines, lieoiile .mil
induslries of these two reniurkitble !
tions of country are treated of with ,ili-j
solute lideletv. 21)0 agcs with lllustrn-.
lions, st.'ni on receipt, oi jo cents in
sumps. J FltiNi is, ( .!'.& T. A.
Omaha, Nebraska.
Pid Von Kn r
T,y Kb-ctric Hitters as a remedy lor vmir :
. . . t
trouble.' If not, get a bottle now and
g.t ndier. This medicine has la-en found
to le peculiarly adapted to the relief and
cure ol fill female complaints, exerting
- i wonderful direct inlluence in giving
'strength nnd tone to thu organs, jf you j
MVtt UMIi of nppt-tia., tonstipalion, head-
m.w flllnting sills, or are nervous, !
htt,,, excitable, melancholy or troii-!
bled with di.r.y pells. Elet trie" BilUirs is
the medicine you nwd. Health and i
strerigth aro iruur.inlecJ by its use. I
j , , rgP tiotl I'm only IIU y ccnta at rioneer
n. - ualore. i
STEADER. Free Homes for More
Than 5,000 Men.
A new county with
schools, churches,
railroads, etc.,
Contains over forty-five miios
j rail.oad and has no county
! ' bonds.
r..,.i ii.Mit. ri-u i i iiw.,.
j Than at any Other I'l.irf
In NclirasliH.
j Sioux county is die north we-.t comity
of Nebraska. It is nlKiut thirty miles
I east and west bv about s;ventv mile
north and south ami contains
OVER 1,300,000 ACRES
of land. There ait? more bright, 'park
ling, small streams in the county than
can be found in the --aiiie area elst-uliere
in the state), It has more pine timber in
it than All the ret of the state combined
Its grasses aro the richest anil most nu
tritious known so for so k-grow ing
it is unexcelled.
The wjil varies from a heavy Way to a i
light sandy loam and is cntible of ph i
during excellent ctop. 1
The principal chips are small grain
and vegetables, although -rood corn is
grown in the vall-tys. The wheat, oats
rye and barley are all of unusually fine
quality awl command tin? highest ' mar
ket prices.
The water is phle ant! rvfreshitlg and
is found in abundance in all arts or the
The county is practically out of debt
and has over forty-liva mile of railroad
within its borders, bus a good brick court
house and the tiecessry fixture for run
ning thu county iiinl there has never
la-en one dollar of county lionds issuswd
antl hence taxes will la? tow.
The Fremont, Hlkhoni A Missouri
Valley railroad crosses Sioux county
from east to west and tlie It. & M. has
alntlit tllteen mile of 1U line in the
northeast part of the county.
The climate is more pUnu-tant than that
of tlie eastern portion of Nebraska.
There is still
of land in Hioux county yet open to
hoinmleud entry. It is better land and
more desirably ltx:atetl than that for
especial w hich such rushf s are nuule on the open-
i-e i,!ingifa reservation. There is no rail-
roan lanu iu uie county nint lor that
reason its settlement lias been slow for
j 0 eiKfial ellort It) get uettlers Was
ntiule, as was done in the early days of
tlie si-tlU'inenv ol (lie eastern part of the
1 Sill it
I ll.i.l ,L., 1.1 I .,., I ,-,. i. ,..l,.,...i ..,
..-. ....... .... HI
reawtruilile rates with government laud
adjoining so that a person who wants
morn than one quarter section can obtain
it iT lie has a little means.
There are about 2,o00 itcoplt! in the
county and there is room for thousands
Harri.oti is Hie county seat and is fnt
uatt il on the V. 11 & M. V. railroad, i.iid
i at. got a I a town its the thinly settled
country demand.
Ht-liotd houses antl chilli lies lire pro
vided in almost every settlement and are
kept tip with the time.
.Ml who desire to get tl homestead or
buy land cheap fire invited tocomeiinil
see the country for themselves and jud 'e
j of its merits. Homesteads will nulla
! obtainable much longer and if ou want
to use jour right and gel 1110 aerus of
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i Every Man whose wa:ch
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(ring), by a pickpocket,
Every Man whose watch
has been damaged by drop
ping out of the bow, and
Every Man of sense who
merely compares the old pull
out bow and the new
will exclaim; "Ought to have
been made long ago!"
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