The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 20, 1894, Image 7

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    ir""' rnK,t for the r,tr ,
10 Trl colors itoiiM, witt, a,,
if- holding- in lit Uk di,
K.rnt If or a $xanl f-ti,.r.
lnHf' nog are d.rni with ,
rf d-Iuc-.. h p-ui ,f which eon
... a iwmr al.aorrt ilif... i
y .j. Up one, wnicb l . turquoia
pa uwiablw ri-ntlKinii' n,,K1 ,,",
T.-.J Vf ,) j, ,rri(()j
km 7. rnerhl , mi i.hitf
jU;ii:r amaiidj
.f.-B - v. - ?.,f j
I . 1
V r J -f
EZ I G 1 rsi AL
V) just'.y acquired the reputi'i'.n .f ht.r.j
j The 5alvstor for
A cr piBit Ai i .i r f r the
L m ir-.J f'"Ti:Tu;i -f IMAMS a- i
Sj; i; .r nutrimc in o-rvinufj rfli
AnJ a reliable remedial ent
kill eatrU: and enteric dicaet;
in n iirium i c irr,i,"i!i(.n .wr
.;r.!t h" dii'f.'.ive er t.
. el ! lu-h a .iw and $er.i':if c.nJiri n
fc,t the I.MI'I.HIAL UK AM M a
he only nourishment the Momji. h
,ulJ tolerate when I.I I I". ccmtd
Irpendina: on its retention ; -k4
y, a i"(K)I It i,M be ,!.:Vu!t v,
Lbf DKt'OOISTS. M.irr"f: her-i,
.ron-s ?: Tnj--, -ew lurh.
dne DisTH?rrBAFF'-Es
'" i,r,f r,f"r'- M'H mi-r.i.t
"' .ha..." , -,T T.'H,,,,,.,,, fr
"""ii l.r II... ,"'' "", ' l-ut.Ji-
. .. ."""'" "rM wu..u ,.t
''J-i. irt, ., , , ' "l"'l-r. All
-,,r.....' "u l'n i I Hi.- i.a
"ii'! i, ,i . -I " ,n ", r "aid: "I
"' M I "" ,,'"'r- ''I"T
' 'i..- . V" '"'''"" "
n... ..V, " '"''"" '""i l'-fl arm
..t,..V-' '"' .""""''"-
,:!, r .... ",; 1 ""I
., ; - i-mi.!..
.r. :!,. . , ' ' ! , ir 1 I. r.-I
' r;.. .' '.' 1 I.hv
i: '-. . t 11 '" '" r'-4-
m.'T-' i''.'r'' Mrv An . "i
... ; M;l" 1 -'".k and
-i.-'-.i--, , . i.-" " ' ' 1 ' ' ... it...
i. , . , ; ' ,V":' r- "t it..- .,u-
1 ' r I' ! ..!. Mr
s.;.:r"-'..':' '';',ri, :. 3 1
! t ' .., . t, r . . ' 1 1 '"' -I. lilli-
.. . ." ,: ' V '' ' r "ltrt in-
,.. , . " 1 "I ... ).
i. r.. , .-' :!. .ir,u.,., I,,,
. . ' " " '. Vfl.-r I
How to Mke . KH,ple rrlve Pump
The llullnin Board piun fT Ht-Ilinit
Off Hur,.lu trm I'rodut t.-Device
for Lnl.)u.liu ioro Kinldcr.
-r, tli,
: - 1 .. j,
-I I ! i V.
?!,.,l I ,
' .:;!'!!. ,l!y ,,.
' ! 1. 1 1 1 1 y
I M ! .,!!'
A Hiune-mude Irlve Pump.
A in., Iiaiii..- living h.-ar int- made a
ilrlvt- ,umt from almoin tliirl.-.-n fwt
i.f iron pi,. nVl, l,..s in dianiHcr.
n.I a ooiiii.-. tinj.' ).!..' f.,r fastening
.ll'- to Hi.- Mi! for the spout. In hi. Ii
"I.riiditN with attache to hold the hnn
1Ip, as hhown in the illustration. He
fittcl a m.-H idiiu to one end of the
Ioh.m ,,e.v .,f j,. and .Hilled holes
It H
' ;. ' I iviili
1 " ' '"' I-'IH II V 111"
" I (! thru
,' ' ' " ' ' ' ' ' r-
1 - I (.,.! I lii.-.o
- '' i.' tin- tin
in (ireatest Medical I)i.v.oer
of the Age.
tut n vcvycnv nc i
J.-.r I.
I- .'.
i a :
-i I . .1 ..
. . r i, i..
... . .
i ' t.-.A fil-ll
I -! I. nl l. r
-'-I (ti- of
i,. r.. ... iw.i
: .ii H. it i - - -i i .
- ii -.,.. iii,.
!' :., n : i .-ii
! :ik I..-,...
'! II .ill!l',.
- lit " lirM
' wi.rry,
:. '-. r n.i
i .!.-l.-ni r
-H l-ric.
- ! r .' .Vi -
r I v ii.,. Iihii
M, .i .1...
L (J-vovereJ In one of our comnv-i
' a reinf Jy tli it ci;rrt c-v
j . f H ;mor, fr'.m the worst nA ...i
liitu tomrnn i'lmplr.
Ii.nt.'.rj It In ovrr rlevn tuifiJr'i
fr-., ,ir,j never i.i.iej t. eft In to 1. 1
thunder humor). M h in rm in i.
r.ion over to hurtjrej ert.(K.i's
t value, ail within twenty milci n,t
' n. Viui tislil catJ )..r Nk.
I benefit Is awavs experientej frwi
i i-t tattle, and a perfnt cure M war-
fl lien trie riht quantity It t.iken.
the lungs a-e affeiSeJ it cau-et
r. .;r: i; p.nn like fieejies rasMnK
thrm; the umt w ith the l.iver or
l-ifll. 1 hi is t JllieJ hy the dlKts heinjt
apd alwa t divj-fjrs in a week
:r ukmg il. I'ciJ the latvl.
I the stomaih It foul or MIlous It w ii
n jueamKh feelings at hrst.
SHhanireof U:et ever re.esurv. f .it
lute t you '.at get. and enough t.f it.
, c ue Vtv etpoonful In water at l-ej-rji
NilJ K' all hrutKids.
7l Lf gt Mffav-tufr f
f . Diior m ir u roinr
ajii ' r vni ni.n rs tw
Vwvuno miu iUbULnuo
Industrial and Food
10 Europe and America.
t ! kl rMw, A-k-
Ul4 I Ah rf Ibt4f -fl -'.
M Mrff, M fr jM tArfM MM M '
7.L. Douclas
11 CUnaT HTMl nr
rai wx t vtuti txi'.
txmA rim;. 4
I'M mv tMr br wrrtaf Ik
W. l bmlu J.OO Mi.
VaiM, v r lu l4r"t wmlvtrwi e
"i.,i tattwwUl.jit.-iiruntr i, -
ir MJimpffta t A tiir,. anil u
wsirn rH rx bwn'1
Wii r-et. tmr , i.
J !, Otl ' ll. n-.i "
luni .i'i vm-rvV-ra au.w" ,i. 4( t
rr.'MiiiuHitu(br i WH 'Kk
(Malar ca&aiit ui; Juu, -
lv i
the high wind that prevail may carry
th noil away aud lay lar the seed.
Field an. FHrin.
Corn Stalka HeatitiK In Wiater.
There iw a large amount of njolature
In coru Ktiilkn early lu the winter, no
matter how thoroughly they may fieem
to be dried. The rattlinjj of the leaves
only Nhowa that they are dry, but they
are comparatively a Bniall part of the
whole. When cut before seeere cold
weather cornea, the cut stalks will go
into much smaller space, and ifin lar-'e
masses will heat very rapidly. For
this reason It Is not best to cut the
bulk of the corn fodder very
early. It Is easier to cut the
stalks all at once by horse power early
in the season and make only one job
of it. Hut when this is ilone the after
labor of turning the pile of cut stalks
over every day to keep it from sisiilint;
offsets the advantage. Most pood farm
ers w lio cut their corn stalks by horse
or steam power have also a smaller
cutting (mix operated by hand power
for cutting stalks early In the season.
A MMIi.i; I.ltlVK 1
end for the inflow of water
pipe was then, with a large
down about ten feet
1 In II 1, I, rr . r
llivc ',,,ir,i i ..v.. ...,,.. v.
ixmii.j. of if... honey or :u Hynip
... n.--.. Ifcl, l.' lll.fl
: I liii-a rv is taken lo put the U-efl
w rty hi , iii c i,.:. 1 1 . i j hi the fail it
ni uei.-,a I., nj. t to i : ii. t them
' itroii fml n,".roii m th , yntie.
! Utie rterl'lt-d mlVKt tagt) in w iiiterit) at
-he U in ,'i t'ooi c-eihir i ihiil they I
-an I kept on nil.., it. half the Morea
i 'i. at would t.- t,i-nl.,l if left unprnteet- j
o on VI'- niiiiiiui-r V H
The mik.n!'. ihwi not Ilk? to he Jiho.
xffi).!.i'''i, ai.'l ftiieu hii portratt is
Ukmi the attut lui to d.. It with a snap
thol and then f-'. out of the country as
-julrll in lie can.
I'll faTV.VU.
near tin
O'l. i'h.
mull.-l, iliiven
into a sandy loam, until it had pene
trate.! a layer of sand containing wil
ier. To the top of the pipe the cross
piece was connected, find about five
f.'.-l down a plug was Inserted con
taining a Imle titled with a leather flap
alve on p.p .In. A plunger of hard
wood with n hole In the bottom also
lilted with a leather Map valve was
.-oiiii.'. ted to a handle by nn iron strap,
and the handle was supported from
the spout of the pump on two strips of
hard wood bolted fast together. On
lie piston, .,r plunger lai. strips of
leather are fastened to promote suc
Moii A drive well at first brings up
ilie line sand with the wnler, but. as
the hihhI Is pumped out u cavity is
forme. I whl.h holds' a barrel or two
f water, mid in time all llie sand
le-iir the bottom of the pipe disappears.
me a. haulage the driven well has
.vet- a well that is dug aud walled up
ii In its freedom from mice, toads and
lii-ccis. Another advantage Is its
.-In-aptiess. The Well here described
. ,,-t. only about six dollars completed,
and has done good service for several
,-iir- pumping much water In a dry
, llmate. .1. I.. Tow iisen.l. In Anieii
. an Agriculturist.
r,o voc rxrtCT
To Become a Mother?
tf tw !Vr prrrrut m to
m thai It V,rrcf
J'av. Tit.- I'Tfatri
tu.r, in't-l.
,', W'n " Mother'! Friend,"
Ji Kit n unit
r r
l.-ijj, AtOiiuDirin Lay ,
JlJ'i'i h ptrpjlltlf thr
-.. HT-l' tri nil j.niu.t- I
tloo, tha auMttinf Nalor inn shorfmnK
" Ijhor " Thr juinful otdeil of childbirth
ii riihtx-d of in terrom and thr dnij-rt
th'fof "-i1t Iriwnrd to bo;h mn'hrt and I
child The prri.d of confinrmrnt i al")
frrjt!yhtlm'-(! lh mnthe r ttrnif'.hcnril
and tml'.t up, and in abundant K-tirtion of
oounnhmrnt for th' ch'.M promoted
Send 10 trnl hralatifr IUm.1l (ioj, pages), all partit u'.ar A4(tt'. Womn s
InarKNaaar Mii.kal As.vxiArioN.w-j
Main bt . HuiTalo, N V j
Mr Kt HfMT. ol (,.,. i..V A' Y ,
MV,: ' I reai aU.ot W l ime ra
vu'r ite prrwrnpn.m lmg to good for a o-
mn im, ',
jf,A t0 bottle UI
l.,i.m.f and Ilr-
"1" . . ,
IB i nan a
,,und h.l.r
hen I
17 31 t"l
Ill dl). uji I
not a-Jfl.-r ar.r
n the
riiloadinu t'oril Koddcr.
My son and I, writes .lames 1'.
While, iii I 'n nn and Home, devised U
method for unloading corn fodder In
the barn and have
been using it for
years with most
satisfactory re
sults. Oct as many
pines of -i-lncli
roj', l.'t feet long,
as you want to
haul shocks tit one
load. Make a loop
at one end of each
piece. Lay one of
them on the hot
frame with Hie
beyoU-d the ends
l.av ..lie shock of
Dulryiutf in Cunudu.
The Baltimore. Journal of Commerce
says: "The t'nited States Consul at St.
Stephens, .N. ,, reports that the Do
minion Oovernment Is making special
efforts to Interest the farmers of the
maritime provinces in dairying, and
for this purpose Is sen. ling out trav
eling dailies in charge, of agents of the
Department of Agriculture. Meetings
are held throughout the farming dis
tricts, and information is intelligently
presented. Kadi year shows a marked
Increase In the number of large cream
erh-s established in the provinces of
Ontario and Quebec, and farmers are
reaping substantial rewards as tin
result of the enterprises encourage.;
by the agricultural bureau at Ottawa.'
IN all receipts for cooking
requiring a leavening agent
POWDER, because it is an
absolutely pure cream of tartar
powder and of 33 per cent,
greater leavening strength than
other powders, will give the
best results. It will make the
food lighter, sweeter, of finer
flavor and more wholesome;
Culf KfcdiiiK.
i nere is an impression with iiiatiy
farmers and dairymen that skim mlik
is a rainer tiun met r.,r calves, and ;v(!
see constantly in the dairy paper rec
oinmeiidatloiis that it should he rein
forced with flaxseed meal or jellv made
from the ground seed or cake. So fai
ns the oil or fat is concerned, this addi
tion 1 1 an rigni. lint iiaxsee.i, and es
pecially the ground cake, is exceeding
ly rich in protein, and this is just the
trouble Willi the skim milk. It is de
ficient not. in protein, but in curio by
drute - fat and starch. The best single
addition to skim milk for calves as soon
as they can eat is corn or oats. Farm
ers' Home Weekly.
This I 'lu a a Good (Inc.
uurai .-sew loi-ker suggests a
plan by vhlch many small farmers
would be able occasionally to reach lie
piihllctotheextcntof selliiigofT any sur
plus st.s-k on hand without too great
expense in the way of advertising. Til
plan is nothing more than n bulletin
board, constructed like the one shown
i. .in of the hay
iti'ls .-Mending
of the frame.
i tr!e
cor. tried
..nn and
rhihl "a b"rn 1
i esS intu another r
ir,,! wnt to he 'I
' k'ep
.. a l'.itr.itt
Weed on hand
all 'he
rid "'I'
T'lT ( I
r. er h
i! wis a.
lie I I
fodder on this Willi Hie bulls -ay to the
right. I'm "it another rope, then lay on
another shock with I he bulls to the
,.f. Continue tliis until the load Is
, i.nipleie. In unloading put the free
,.,.( of the roc Ihroiigli the loop on the
other en. I. "Irnw lit- lightly, tie a knot,
making another loop " -ingle how knot.
Take off the hay fork and in Us place
put ii plow 'lew-. I'M Hie clevis
thron.-h '!" '""I'' s!;"'' ""' ''':""'
,,,wl' allowing liie r...e to tighten
:,bil the fodder. I hen go ahead. The
... mpaiiilii illu-iratloii i dalns Hie
,,.ih. of at'' H"' '"I"' '" i1"'
,!,i I...
1 I'OoV Sale I
r Cow 1 1
l A PPL E S Ijj
Potatoes a I
J3 b C K W H E ft t M I;;
Sheep j
1 Eiis J
I 1 Wooo I
n .a. " W3J
, hut I did no! lake ar.r cohl, oni
d any ait- r I am or .i::v other j.aKi
il .hie lo iio ' " ' '
re rij.tioii '! t ompoimd httta.t
, , Wee.! TllH l Ihe elrnill ll"
, . ,..! iild the 1.,-itr.t of them all I Hif
i.",,4Mrrrihir.K that R-h could aifer ith
he other taS," I ai.ay h..d a i lot
.fdtbrn lie could rwt help me verv m h.
( t ,tti, time t.f and rr.y h.i-.i !
I;., ,Ur Willi me My baby ny
,ev, dar. old wh-rt I iM UP 'j11-
d 1. 11 my and auyed up ail c
... hi
t -oil-1
1 1 -' ' '
I ini.l II.
hai '
, al-
W hi. '
I. ill. Is
8t. Joaepb tad Grand I a 1 a n J R. B
i ma -
To au. minra
rUiiion Pacific Sjsten
v -la taa ramaiTa ,a-ii
"l.ula. OfwrM ft4 all e.lii I .I. a
lalueatni.,!! rMl , raiat. ie . cad oa
. any item. at Xin.
' a.iaiaana . (.an. Aft.
am i Man, as. Jotrf. M
i ? 1. 1., ar T
t,.. tit l I'-'-
j.-Jta- ft. ' -
i.. - - I;-,' li.'J
1 ol the lliiri-...
,11 1i;i- II, 1 ' T I' . ell Used 1.1
i,,. ,,. cl.'lit lo W il
-ii.. -ins "I ngricmi-
of some ol Hie
,! ih l .r .--I ar in
f.,, I,,, r- lo do w s, i
in, hi -hoiil'l have
.,, W e r.-r.-r Ii. Hie
tin :.l let- II has up
surface of Die
I.,, pef-islehce Willi
n II W Ii, M! on III.-
,,. , m-:ii- lo year, those
,,liHg vn loul with
,v.,is of .hailing Hi. -in
sorle.l lo I I"' I"'-'
iii.-iliiy ol Hie La re
In the illustration. Such a board niuiod
In a conspicuous place would give you
lots of advertising and your
circle of customers. What are you
raising goods for? To gats them off
to market with (he least possible pub
licity? Why not advertise and increosoj
the competition for wiiat you have lo
g..,.l .;.
m ,.i,g
; ol ImC
l!.- I'
l ll.i- f
III.' I"
h. ' ll I' -
:li in,- in-'
. ami H. -
,. of Ih
I. -e,ol i
,;'.,M a
... I.
to '
,. .... a '1
la . an
,,rtf I."
I .h.i t. h " k'r
vrr i
Silk, taiiliji"
an ""
enej aur tl" aa't
r-'-aa a t daa nmv
fa l aW '",
Ilir.'Pi "i
eal VMkK
feaa ka y!l
L ... l I. .lea'"' ,"" 1 "
, "., I I'.i.ira' l. I""!"1 "'V'
ro '" '" ' ,"k"", '"
;:?7vk.IO.B. V'.rrrnr...Ne;
ihioui;li ih'
ei l)ie grain
. -in t :i. ,- ..' lb.-
;,, , e h i- llol
g.-llelllll). hl'l
.,! II, an. I Willi
t ,.iri.UIHgi'l
,1 alter
..,1 above gr 'ti
ll I
t .tli'. -'""
,..,iii.I il"'
III el I lollc
some larmei
. ..nil.
Uiiel, l,.INI..lH'll."l"!rr""'
.... .. Ii'lll ill
'"" " . ,:.,, ...sown nil ii"-
l ie gram - .
Were It ""
.. ..,,1.1 h. rolll.'
, h,,ltl,clec riliel"'"'"w
...... i. drug II
1 ,.. i....,i.t i sown
w hich gr"' - " ' ,f the soil,
oil Ilie en...."
Itroaih list
r.M.t.'.l s i. ear
Millie ol ii
I lie Mil'-
The deplli "'
will h-
peiul - llrsf
and sis-oil.
" ... a . Il.dit nose nun
"rRlr " ar Ui. S should be
'u rflrm the ground uuiler
preaa drill, lo Brm tn
i,eotU Oia d and above m "
Odds and Knda,
Hub sistons with salt to remove eg
To purify a cistern, tie charcoal in
bag and drop It in.
Canned sardines carefully brovvnec'
on a double-wire gridiron and served
with lemon are appetizing.
l lis. merest uasn or cinnamon In a
cup of chocolate after It Is Miured Is
said lo in 1. 1 a piquant ami undistlu-
gnlshable flavor.
A silk dress should always be brushed
with a soft camel's hnlr brush, as
whisk brooms are too harsh and cut
the silk.
Unseed oil Is better than anything
else for removing rust from stove
pipe. Itub the pipe thoroughly with the
oil in little goes a great ways) anil build
a slow fire until it Is dry.
The breath may be kept Rweet by
using a tooth powder which contains
orris root, and by rinsing the mouth
w ith water Into which a few drops of
l.isierlne or tincture of myrrh have
l.eell pill.
Iii these days of bacteria let the sun
light have free access wherever Its poi
son scut terlng rays (.an reach. In
other places use boiling water and cop
peras, or chloride of lime where-waler
Is undesirable.
A Compliment with a Sling.
Two old school fellows met, fifteen
years after their graduation, and fell,
figuratively, upon each other's necks.
"Well, well, dear old Smith!" said
Green. "How glad 1 am to see you!
What days those were! Ha! ha! Smith,
you were the stupidest fellow in the
Yes, I suppose 1 was."
"Arid here you are now! Why,'
looking him over,) "you haven't
changed a particle.
A carpet may be cleaned by wiping
It off with a sponge wet in water to
which a tablespoonful of turpentine
has been added. This should be done
about once a month, after the carpijl.
has been thoroughly swept, and it will
keep it bright and fresh looking.
Common alum melted in an Iron
spoon over hot coals forms a very
strong cement for joining glass and
metal together. It is the best thing for
holding glass lamps to their stands, or
for stopping cracks about their bases,
as kerocene does not penetrate it.
The hand towels in the kitchen
should be soft anci smooth. Frequent
wiping on Russiran crash will soon
made the hands,red and loiifch, as the
hard fabric scratches and does not
wipe dry. The best material to be used
is a twilled cuasli of cotton and linen.
whirfi may be bought at from to
liic a yard.
Electricity is now used to
the complexion.
The Cynic.
Faith is something possessed entirely
by the children, and they don't know
they have it.
The younger a woman i:i the more
indignant she is when she hears of a
bad husband.
The majority of people are much
better looking than their lingerie when
it hangs on a wash line.
A keen look at the wolf at your door
will show him to be the ghost of your
ill management and shiftlessriess.
I will not affirm that women have no
character; rather, they have a new one
every day.
A Hard Cocoh distresses the patient,
and racks both I.tmus and Throat.. Dr. D.
Jayne's Kxpectorant is the remedy wanted
to cure your Cough, and relieve both the
liilmoiiary and bronchial organs.
Glory can be for a woman but the
brilliant mourning of happiness. Mme.
De Stael.
I can recommend Piso's Cure lor Con
sumption to stillerers front Asthma. K.
.'). Townsend, Ft. Howard, Wis., May 4,'!I4.
The happiest women, like the happiest
nations, have no history. George Eliot.
Mr. Wlnslow'n HooTUINfl SYKTP for child
ren leething, softens the gums, re.luces inflam
mation, allays pain, euros wind colli;. 25c bottle.
An opinion formed by a woman is
inflexible; the fact is not half so stub
born. Anonymous.
Intense Headaches
Ifas found that her little ones are im
proved more hy the pleasant laxative,
Syrtip of Figi, when in need of the laxa
tive, effect of o gentle reined v than hv unv
other, and that it is more accuptafilc tb
them. Children enjoy it and it benefits
them. The trne remedy, Syrnp of Figa, is
manufactured by the California Fig .yrnp
Uo. only.
The portable electric lamp has come
into frequent use in London, and it
now forms part of the regular equip
merit of the omnibus inspector, who
finds It of the greatest service in the
performance of his night duties.
$100 Seward, $100.
5 idea
to learn that there is at least one dreaded
iise .se that, science has been able lo enre
in all its stages and that isi-.ilnrrh. Hall's
Hlarrh Cure is t he onlv no-aa ive cor,, nou
known U) the medical fraternity. Cntarrh
being a constitutional disease, requires a
Jonstitutionui treatment. Hall's Catarrh
L.ure is taken internally, acting directly
upon the blood and muc'ns surfaces of tli'e
lystcm, thereby destroying the foundation
t the desease, and giving the mitienf.
itrength by building nn the constitution
nd assisting natnre in doing its work.
I'he proprietors have so much faith in its
curative power-., that they oiler One Hun
dred Dollars for any case that it fails to
;ure. Send for list of Testimonials.
Address, V. J. C KXKY A CO., Toledo 0.
Sold hy Druggists, 70c,
A Hope Pull.
I do not know that she was virtuous,
but she was ugly, and, with a woman,
that is half the battle. Heinrirh Heine.
till night.
"For four years T have been a constant
suflerer. My head ached from morning
trying everything I
could think of, the
only tiling that gave
me any relief was
lo keep my head
hound with a cloth
to keep tne air from
striking it. Tho
nasal passages of
n i y head and my
ihroat were very
oit linn trave me
intense pain, expectorating much corrupt
matter. 1 was told that the weight, of my
hair was the cause of my trouble, and I
had it cut off, but tnis gave me no relief.
Reading about a lady sirtila Iv alllicted
who was cured by H'ood's Sarsaparilla, I
began to take it." Before I had laken
one bottle I felt greatly improved, and
at the end of three bottles was entirely
well. I now weigh '.'10 pounds, which
Is a gam of 10 pounds in the last, three
months. .Mrs. .Mary A. White. Franklin
Indiana. (Jet only Hood's. '
fjjM rsMa ry A w hi re 1?
llood'a l'llla do not weaken, bill aid digest
ion and tone the Bloiuach. Try , hem. -lie.
Examination and Advl ns to Pnreniabillty or In.
'7 - "r .vcniors' otn.ii,. er Hew to
i Patem. 1'atrick o'Karuku,.
N. N. U. No. 314-fft.
W-.lim,.,. i ,
York. Nub
pl,'e any you saw the advertisement
In this paper.
m pain
Blood Diseases
Bitch as Scrofula and Anrrmin, Skin Eruptions and Pale or
Sallow Complexions, are speedily cured by
Scott's Emulsion
vaaai waaa.
oott V town
the Cream of Cod-liver Oil. No other rem
edy so quickly and effectively enrjcheB and
purifies tho blood and gives nourishment
to tho whole Rystem. It is pleasant to take
and easy on tho stomach.
Thin, Emaciated Persons U
Buffering from Wasting Diseases wo re
stored to health by Scott's Emulsion.
Bo Btiro you get the bottle wii
trade-mark on it. Refuse cheap
Send for pamfhltl en Scott' t Emulsion, fi"
Y. All druMlete,
iiVvV1- tw....t Iii "J
teu liui mmum umi hum