The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 20, 1894, Image 6

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H yfTFK IV - roiitlniwd.
lor the hr-t tin e In h.-r life she ha 1
ts-crl -M,'jMtil)!Jf '0 hjoK tl' I" Vert, U'-t.
Her iiiumd ev.-a had ga ed with deep
anuiin iu .s .nli-re-1 in o tin; o;d m.r ror
on the for many a year pas-el ig
nobly by. a.- uiiut-;.;y m-n a es-ing
glun..- fur on. e wituoul a murmur p. Ins
had a" omitted the tar gied as- of
her liH-k-, ;s.ainx.m-i.Kc. I any fau- that
awaited the n: and for once tell it riot
a,-i.,ii. mi. g-n', e reader- h..d
the Ji'tie brOWD, !l oi t hiill'is beetl tut
on v pa-.ed in and o. t o the ho wa'.-r
in the hu-iu. but l.a I ic! ji.'.j, labor
ious! ..; nd thorouhiy !: a ati--l
to Lor finger-tips.
' nr of ')iK-tj wa- now o'feroj to liel
1. fl.l'-ti with ail the grace of a little
bo-, .r,
'I saw you omlni u " -li L:-"-r-ed.
I .-a you sits ng tog other in li.e
dog-cart, i) then 1 knew -t win a 1
right I'n'.il I rea ;y -aw you. vou
know. I hardly iioi'i-ii I m-un I rea; A
i d not think you con!. I i iin-au I did
not know whether you had been
tine or not."
'1 as on v J '1st in time.''
" .Wre yon really:
b ei) ti late in alio!
should yoi have
i'-r Uiilivite ''
"Ys, 1 1 1. ink so. "
ri y fan -y. ' amd Jerry, with large
rye- ''kill - no 1 suuju-itig you had
been, yoi would never have come .'"
Vo. indeed."
"Only lain'v! What wouiil you Lav
dun- '
"-toiij c i wbcrv I Wiis."'
'jia.i ianry.' Ail nrvor oomo u at
'No. never."
wi'ieiiin'y a alje.
had I!e;pnJcn,
'l in n there wan a
j. a
on ner part ol nai uiiu iion ana
relief, on bin o wonder wnat wan to
eoine next. ile wa ronitjiieioiio of !.
iriif ii!h Tattered and allium d I'V Jerry.
"Did yo i tell t'ecjil altout me'?" wan
her next. And he faoried that even
there m that va-t aioon. with ii)a.'e
on every side, her v oie sank.
' I tld him that we had met.''
"Did vou i-ay - how .'"
''No, Jerry. I did not ay -how."
"Nor nor wbere"'"
w nor nor where.
ni'tt,: at i.i'
hut yon do
beard ai.
to-dav . you
me and 1
not know Veil. If he bad
about ji-out it. yoa kno.v
know I ineari Vo'lr dart iln
f And you ' cryirn'. "
An i your iM-)aKin me -"
"An jour f nubbinj,'
nd an i ad
i'And and all,' a-xentea lie'.iemien
"oi'r makinjf up the , ,-inel, and btj
rumi's? the t"."t ol friend and h-hin
totfetlier. ainl walkini.' home tok'tiier.
an i . oni'irinj tof.
verv t V il do t he ? :,
!ier to DiHii Him
- w ' wi.-bed
' 1 thij. now ti-H
i.ave aid to it ?"'
i n 1 ! nere i B
s iiiriiaiukabiy . n
a tbi, I would
-i he
lie: wn
!!aJ ii
him. '
had K
H 1;
i: ' k I '
d I e
W 1 '
0. .) a jj-i r o
1. t orb- '. i,
l.ot te i illill
lldeti Il e.' i
v e won't tell
' ( Oiirse. '
H t. i told
' ( d. o
eon-.!. . i
Ma'.. r t.
of fe.l.e t
rue inio i i
how x it."
. "how i i' t ha'
' meh tin aino nit
i i O .K I! ' Let
ry. won't you -"
I .o!i l know that
'I'-anry ni;it(e a
. Tie I- verv l.iee,
.i-ei' think a-ieh
-e ileal of hilll.
' r ;iidi :i
" !i i ooli t K i o w
there ), i;t!yt.;.
fuM ui ' t t 'eel!, A I.
vou keov. And i.
a ureal, hi;?, in. lie
Tb' '." think t. it. i-
"eell l:'ore. lie , Hum only brother.
1 'erbHpft that's it. hi-ter alwiiy ao
thitiK mat of brother, don't, ihey .'"
"1 wish 1 nad a sister to think that
of me,"
"Have you not one not just a i '!.'!
one'" sile was) ouite di-a ;.ril!c.d.
"Not ev en a little one. Not even a
Jerry "
"Well, 1 have none eittier. and no
hrotliern, nor anyljody. However. 1
don t mind,'' rte overinif. "i don t tare
luueh about irlsany Way. and if I o iid
I), t have loyo, 1 d a noon only have
"Vou c'o not cure much for your Ray
mond eoiisins, then'"
"Oh. yet. Hut they aiwayn 'o S'ive
ttiemseu est such aim to mei and they
laik I rem h, and i?a!ible atmut tiieir
ijov ernei-Heu and rousle nntrete, and
all tbat none-en. They are well
enoujrb. Hut they ean'tride,'" eagerly.
"They think they can: an! there i
am h a fuai atxut their horse and their
saddles and their ridlntr habit but
on they are on. they go oiling up
and ('own. not a bit oue to the horse;
and k.tbel is in auch a Irit'ht if her uny
does but ihy ever m iittie. that ahe in
in misery half the time, and they Ihink
they h&ve done wonders if they canter
for hah a mile at a time. I don't care
for suetv ridinjr a.s that:" Jerry wound
up with Huperlative scorn.
'Vou Hue 'forty minutes on tbe ijraj-s
wltbo it a check' eh?"
"I like juat. aa much aa ever I can
get-that' what I like. And to (ro
go - go like the wind, iam never tired.
Kthel haa to reat when 'ue cornea in,
to lie down on a backboard, and not no
out two days running-."
"And what do they aay to your atyle
of parlormance "
"Oh. 1 don't know. Jlm-that'i the
groom caya be wonld like to come and
hem) giooru here. And t shall have
bio:, too -aome dy. He aayn he would
like to Uko me to ride in the How in
London: and we'd show 'em how to do
it. Tbt waa what Jim aald," rather
oonaeiota of running on loo fan. "I
md only repeating what he aaid, yon
vnm which it will appear that Jerry
wa an artleae llttie woman after ail,
with, wn MgdM4 n
jtW" began again
h lntt-rruote.1 "I only Vld;ouo.y
DaiDt- a leiipnf)-n. '
'Weil, Ihi H oo vour lortiiiatti au. '
fn-d the little gir: trutiully: hut A
t tjoui" h he -tiii-i to the trutli, bv
Lt-r hite her lip. a: tl wa sorry be haJ
ankeJ the question.
" 'h, that aaa it And what rre
you Ko'n: to' Vo i wore oiri u
Jiy eofiiethiiiif.
"I wai t'o rijf to iay oh. I dart' say I
O: t'ht not to a'. it '
' ih yea, I'm ur- yoJ ou6ht U ay
''it a only "
niy whatr"
'Well, what'"
'AUiiit i-i-t. r.- wud Ji rry. aa If nhn
hn i ban'. aU) l i;ho-t--, or wmie nui h
t'oDtraUiii'i a ti iir
' !it fii' '.Veil, b it w hat afout
s Vers '' He txa:i not nna,tn any
thuik,' very tt iTiSne to tf! a.U aitout
i.-t o
"It wa juiit whether you wouid
like to hiiio any '"
"I atiou.d like .1 very inuth," ai i he
"Uiiaul you' Would you ri-alivr"
w :;h eji.'i-rii--j.
"lieaiiy ai ) truly."
"And a.d atjout how old-" d
lua'i.le.l hi- l.ttiv.' run, pan. on, iv'th in
i re.-.seii inxi' !y. "'a' bow o.d."
"Let me mv, tn.ii he i.r-uiitioi
r-J.e l. "l,-t m mjm
j'-i'h:i !;fteen.
aoo it t,!t
"iriU'. '.U That' rov j.'t
naif . 0 o o.:r' yo i ij.d
it h. I am ut hlt'i-a."
" n'ltr'd '
"And and well-'
"Ati'iit lifii en. arid a'o to ride, arid
t t-U. and fdamlc-r up and down rock
kink, and nmk- fri--ixlt with ( .y
ft aiit'erit. and iia eurbantej cju.tie
ail ready to thi-m uu to, an I
lonjf, y.losT. i:,iii- for thejn to j u!l
wben they iome, "inl he wax in the
a'-t of iu .i':' thi? veiiow euii, twloie
him when the '.' or o; enel, and I erii
lUvn.ond en'.ei-eil.
'Hp ft.fe rn tot
And h fcal.J. '( aa r I
li.iii a v .i i l.r lii-ii4
0 .l;iiT tl'J. 't i tiariet' glf nti.
1 j writ or arid n.o.i
It waa jtiet as well that ei il did not
I e wa a ;'ran. vrun' man, with
wmiewbat pouijio i not.onH on tnoxt
ut ee'.s. and in ar ticular very exact
vie wuh regard to j.rojirioty and de
corum. Although he was found of bi own
cite he nev er rom; ed with them,
rior made fun with them, nor t'ij.'w'ed
with them l.-!.iind baekH ll ,-.-t,
when be n.aile any. were ixdemn af
!a'! j. to be ijulv a-it-iU ted an 1 re
t'orded - ti.rtth'" wcTe no Veeiria-onry
with b in And, in on-e uenee l ow
ever kind, and attentive, and consid
erate tbe eider brother and co ; n
miifbt If. he was in their he irtn. per
haps, more ri'siie, tel than l- oved and
wi.d Iittie Jerri drew away, as by in
tirjet. from He iendeti ' touch w hen
the doir ojx-ned.
1 or her elf. the wa not in the
h ut offermed it needed a pood deal U)
j ut Jerry on her dignity a t-be hn-i
leen out that aernoon; b 1 fcl!
intuitively that . e li would te
looKe.i asKance i;;s.m the little byej la .
Ac. ordini? y tut now ate:.M-d up to
liim with the Ix st imitation of her
iirandmother a r ceition manner
which she could asuune. nd. mo. e
ov er, w th her stnaii round face hi :e
tnurel ,- il aio up, that he mu-t l ave
l en a rousle iniieed who would have
. etit.ired to ao ia'.e it w t i p oilnc
of curl-, or t he .:.ike.
iM-lieiiilen i'av wor is were rlajrinj,'
in her ear never the cms, an 1 s-! j ; waa
f in t have so e more o them, and to
L'et away from younjf llayir.ond an noon
us she eo-.iiil . ait noiiji h. up to the pres
en! tiii.. the annual visit of her cousin
(ijwi been i-oiiie! hinf to !' looked for
ward to. and counted iioti. and be
h m--!f hmi lnen uite 'tie ierooiiatf!
of ti.e h-c;r. Now, un l iiii i-. once, i.o
wim cast from his pede -tal. He wa no
longer the I rst and. from iM-in tbe
first he had not even defended to a
e ndary pla-.e. but wsia hnro'J 'o the
d -pths. ft nolViiy. an i le'Tan ouT ail
that the little lady by his bide wanted,
beiu;,' to i ut uhort his openiDi; sen
ten es. and slip l ack to the iw-at in the
window, herein Hat her new riend,
ouiet eno:ii?h no. IWnii down ujain
the llower-beds Ih-iow, aie! think nj o!
Dotliini? les. than ol inaKiiii: an bn
tirenoion u.on a susx-eptibie. child oh
.ferry thought he hxikj-d lea iliful
hitting tticre, bis handsome jroti e
distincl'y cut against the iky outeide,,
and hi hne eay liUtire ba!: in, half
out of the open asemtnl. as hix chin
rifted on hit) arm ou ide. She did
not know how but he felt - for he muf
a perceptive littleereature tbat there
was a di!!erenee even between the null
of mo iest hiarK worn alike ty C'ec.l
and ijy thin Mranifer. t e it wa l ar
ticu'ar to a decree about hia clothe.:
but, somehow, 1lu tout emtemble of
the other waa jut missed by him, and
Jerry knew t. l'oor little innocent
thinI her heart pave its l.ot throb of
a new and unknown nature as ahe
watched that sbaidy-outlined, utronirly
made, fjracefnl fo m ttittini; oi,ulet y
tber.t in the twilight All in a mo
ment, a we have said. Cecil Ix.'1 amo a
bui Jen intoleral)le.
'-"Well, Jerry, and what Lave you
Ijejn about ately'?" 'acgan be, aa tin
e meioua aa a ba!e. and in tie usual
coroprehonx-ivo atyie wherewith re
lation and intiiuau. are fond of ac
coxtinj? eaih other after almence.
i "Hiding much et? How'n the r'ly-
j lnsr Dutchman? Or have you got a
new pony by thia time?"
i "Macaliater i looking out for one.
' fie aaya It will be beat to wail for the
Kalkirk Trvat." replied Jerry, hoping
that the aub ect wat now aUpoxed of.
i "The Falkirk Tryaf. Oh, I remem
ber. A eori of market - eh?" and Cecil
aettled down upon it comfortably in
auite 0 her concluding tone. ''And ao
vou are to get one, then''"'
"Maoalliater ear tbe beat bred ani
mate are to bo had there. '1
"The 'beat brad animala'.' That
maeka of the etable. Mlaa Jerry
doaaal it, ah?"
"Ha aaid ao," aald Jerry, coloring
mora deeply taan waa her wont, and
not dlepoeed to pooh-pooh the oorrac-
I tlon. but rilh'-r looker o aien.
i " !.:, t r Mil l o. 1 only repeat
a hut he a.d.that vou m'ght ai.ow "
' "I 'refilled her io sin kini'y.
j for bo tl! not meant to ex. "And
I I'm I'aUirk Trynt let me e when
uoe- it come off?"
' ' In i' tob r," sa d Jerry chnrtly.
What could the la k rk Trjt or any
thing alxiut it matter to I ec.1, lhat he
nou.d worry her aumt It jut then?
h- u ade a restive movement vo es
cape, but in vain.
Weii. the I'nfrhman baa carried
vou gahantK ..i many a day," pur ued
her toru.enlof, heaviiy com erliohal,
"so vol will lava to be -o r (jtssionHtij
towar s him now. iiat are you to
ing to o with him'- Is he to U- Urn
'"0 jxiriT. or for the nixir? r w 11
you sell hi :.'."
; II-Te Mr. atni bell entered, and
j made her way to ( apiain lti-ilendeti
I ude
I ' V hat i to become of him'" o .r-
1 d ie I l Veil.
" I low tiresome' Now be will lgtn
ta king to gran i. a t ma. and I t-ha n t
have another word from him. What a
than.e ' muttered tiiet h id to berseif,
lit'ie ao u-!oined to I thwarted, e en
in a tri e "lio (V u doi-s pro-e
How provoking and istu id he i '
'Whit o In- o;ne of hiru'"de
m icie.i t tr, il, for the thir tune.
Hut tii- lit-.i-r kl;ew, for ditiher was
au'iouu e ' ut t'.e mom tit. and . in;
' Uoa ftui'Mthg mwardiy with bit :' d iu
dignatiou and lili'eo w.atii.
' lhere, now, 1 klieW ho it WO Oil
1 e. 1 knew t tint if grand maiuina
a'andm' awav theie hm when
duner wa antiouti e i. she wnild '.e i
him to take her ,u the gh now slo
ou't' to have ha 1 ( eci . She oiS.t
to nave nat t. J. of co.irs..- Mi.
fcliOUid ha . e ie 't ( apt , lie --ti'i n er
nie. and then he wo iid have oies.
to me. iin ! o lered nie h.s a m oh de
: h. h:f 1 ' ,
! "ilie ha i never taken anvil. a- m
, in her l.'e. Trath to te! , ;. i, el Ih-.-ii
fii t nj alxeit ii, her mill t i ter s n-
she had e. ll lle,ienden poi-ttnali ev.i
Sa e .n the ha I. the eliaf't ex O
grea event hai'l" ion.' to her n-.vv
1 1 it . rto vlie hi I eenc!ai elm eh li
a. md the formal iate : uner wi.en i,T
gran tl-oi her bad I ad g-.extx a' ini h
tnaiew. he had either made J.r p.
p-aran'"e w.lhthe e-s-rt or h id o e
, om i. only chosen to run atu! iiii !
! tine-, an i then have some s.ei cr
I brought i.n to her o!-: n i' wr, by the
i o: h the i'oin.iMa y an
I the e cning frock. ..he had. however,
on t he pre-ent o asion in'i
! mate ! h'-r intention of inieg !a'e in
future, and Mrs a np ell. in eo.ij o'i
: Wit h the rent ol the ho .who d, had
Im i-o ts gla to see in the hange t:e
daw n of an v am ing w i.i uiiIkhM V maku
any ort of de ; ur.
X) jich arranged, one M:i! alorl
ing anxiety had h-cui o-d the lntie
gin m.n . and that win. in refer, le e
to her Ix ing l.ande to the dining roo ..
by 1 ell. ndeii.
The more she had thought uixcit it
the more ag r and is she had
l-w-umi; us wax. Jerry way whenever
any desire om-e tx)k mxt--iiu of in r
lit'ie excl'abiu brea:.
To taku his artu To s!ei grani v
along before eei v '"!' .iae a re.i
giowij-jn yo ii.g lady- how i n.'hanl
Hig! she did not stop to remember that t
had re-ver a'ruck Iht as eneiian'.in-.
b ,t rather in a lev.-r-e light h.lhert i.
It wo1, id. at any iate, le a.inpiy heav
enly now.
And of conrxe it waa lie:- right to
lead the way. and do ho or to tl.'i
stranger guest m her own ca-'.ie.
Oianny had oflen tihl he !hathe
ought to re are to take her - a -.
mlt resx and head of all. ere long i
Ja-rhapx. indeed luixtl i ertalniy . genii ny
wou.d think tbi a gii op, ot -tun.iy
for to r U Ix-gin. It wo iid a ii instruct
( apt. Hellejoden in her xition an i her
rights.-and make his blunder of the- f
terlioon all the more astonishing ami
rid! u!ou to hi re olleetion.
He might jerform hi part of the
ceremony w ith a lw:rkie in bis e , -.
ami Jerry would not have freed 1 j
from a y retuini'"nce as he and -he
marched through t be iong gailery to
gether, but. carry il o I as he might,
he could no! (ad to feel u iitt e ()! -h.
and niigfit ie trusteu to - as di-reet
at hers Ix-fore sliel.-tnV.M-s.
All of t hi had I -cell i-arefuiiy t bought
cut during the putting on of the whi'.e
frock and ro e- o.oi e l sash, and tie-re
had I en ju't ri I'll csieerta n'y
alont the ce -ired prog aiu heing car
ried out u make ei il iieient.oti
doiib'y irksome and lil-tirned niiice
the fa. t of her lemg beside him and
away frTin the ot her" w a-. she ( o il I not
he'lj fearing, sure to tell against h--r.
it might, or it might not have done
wo. The probability ilhat Mm. ' Bm;j
bell gave the sub'i-l no thought at ail,
an i a a matter of i tmri':. w ent in as
she bad always done U-fore withr her
principal get: but itii ecd'seo ng
in -terry u eye: and. a 1 he naughty
little girl had never yet learned to
control or conceal her feeling, a very
aulky and unresi on ve com; anion the
ir fellow had. and one who aouid
have gladly gi en the arm she he d a
good hard ii.nch, instead ol delicately
touching it With the tips of her linger.,
a he knew she hail ought to do.
lit) I IK tXiN'riM Kil.l
' KHrcnxm.
1 liaron HatiRMiiari waa fellow-pupil
with Hector H -rllo at the Pari on
MTvalory, theo under the direct oo
of ( berubinl. lit-rilo. wa an unruly
geniu-, and wrote music when bo
hlioiild have been studying ounier
I oi nt, (Jons I'liently he was not in
favor with hi-t teacher, and e;ccinl
ly with tbe precise and cUsl- al''
iu examination day, aa llaussman
relate In hi "Meoio re,' Cherubini
wa running over a piece which I er
lio7. had s ibm.tted, when he came
upon a C niplPie rent of two meas
ure 1 "What Is that? he aked, In his
u ual Ill-natured tone,
! "Mr. Director," aaid the pupil. "I
wished to pr'xiuce an effect which I
thought cou d best I e prixduced l y
aileoce "
"An, you thought It would prriduce
a good eflectupoo tbe audieoce If you
auppreased two meaaure."
"Yea ir."
i "Very good. Suppieas the rest, tbe
ffact will ba better tilL"
! Mra. Kigg Tommy, bare rou beao
at tbe sugar bowl again ? Tommy
i Maw. the ausar auaation la entirely
too dellcata to be approached fo oarh
a aotfdoa mao oar. Philadelphia la
fUld tbi ltisi iln, on a but aftrr-
uu n,
What a lot of iin'ke
Sorn little folk make ou Th Mn lo
fh Moon!
Hut that'a bVn up fo e him. Iik
Ari'l call on him frjii.-nt .nd intiiiiiitly,
Murhf drop a few fact tfcat ayuld inter
est juu
Through! -
If yon wanted 'em to--S.ine
R.tual fuel thai tnitlht Intel'
O, The Man in TheMm h a t ru k in
hi brt k!
Ain't you norrj for him?
And a inolenu hi lose that l plirj'le am)
Ida. k.
And hi eve lire o weak that they water
a ml run
If he dr.- to dream ev o 'iK.k at the
Mill -
S) he je' lin ain of la , tlif dm-ter
ad vis-
Mi :
H it isn't he w is..
To j. ' ill. am of iar. a the d.jctori
adv im1 ?
And the Man in the Moon lia a on
In i-ar
What a ninsnlnr thing!
I know ! but tin e fai t nr.- authentic, me -
There a on hi ear: and a crn on
hi chill
He calls it a dimple- hut dimple !irk
in -
V-t ir iiiighl I- a dimple turned i.o-r, you
II .
Why, rejtairdy 'i!
It inik'l.t l- a diinple turned ever, you
And The Man in The Moon ha a rheu
ma tie Lin.
What a pi'y thitt i!
And hi I'm- hai- w..rks round wlu-re
hi heels Ollllht I'l I' -Si he want to go North he
,;,,. H.,tith.
And isiine bek with pirridgn-cninib all
round hi ne iith,
And he bruhe them nf with a Japanew
What a marvel. m nisn!
What a very remarkable eiarT-lmi j
mini! I
And Th Man in the 2uV.. iigh'-J the
Ifus-K'siy Man! :
Oils! !
So! ,
S'.iMonesu.n,... joti know--l'p
Il.-re by hlse'f M-jrc er-alii'll 1-
K'.n! - '
That when 1 roll on him and then come I
Bvmy. i
He grni. nie nd hold me and l-ir me (
to stay - j
Till well! if it wasn't fer Jimmy-cunt-
jiui, j
idd! 1
l.imh! j
I'd gn pardner with him
J.-' jump my job here mid I pardner
with him!
Jme Whit.s.mb Itiley.
Most men fancy that the wedding
march from "Iheiigrlu." however
hackneyed It run y In-, m.-aiis, In their
own i -a e. a triumphant entry Into
heaven. Thl tory I worth telling
only liecniihc the mail lu the raw win
terribly i-ertain that In bi v-.di:ig-limrch
he vu ln-artug hi eoul'a funer
al note the fanfare of the devil usher
ing hilll Into II hell on earth.
Add hi Mnile, is be walked down (he
nisle with her, was not u pleasant
thing to watch.
Although evetl Id own . hfid n.
n calb-d li i lit hahdsidiie. IP- v i
tali, and atrulght. mid brown; hi mus
i le were goinl mid bi moral were
good -a iii'mIciii moral go. At b ust
they were when the U-giiiiiiug was of
I hi end.
In thoe circle thai curried him iikui
their swirling i!dh-, tliis young man
was lllillicliwly liked, lie talked Well,
he danced well, and be won prij- nt
teiiii!. Moreover, he wa In great fa
vor In The Mlltce. The Olliee rnnsM.
ered him one of Its most trustworthy
otfielal, and promoted him in delight
ful dlMircord with hi years.
I It to be wondered at that women
Mil I l.-d Ujton him '
The Millie of woman! Who bus
weighed the worth, the We- of III
Kt kle feminine, Minding the eye t
Ueuaoii; rebounding, often, in strange
and v.. ful transformation ti-in iw
Had she but aciised the aadiieaa of
her amile' rebound, would this girl
have smiled timii this iiinn? Who
knows? She was a woman and who
What one does know Is that some
how. In Iietweeti tbe let tent he dictated
and tint words with which she handed
him the tyise-w rltten document, bo
lost her smiles sod her heart to him.
Aa for him, he noticed It and be smiled
back ut her-ami also to himself.
For he told himself In the formula
of tbe modern nietroHillM that she hm
utterly Imitosslblr, except by way of
pnaslug amusement. She waa-well,
one ha hardly time to Ixire the world
with a minute description of jui H ,ttl
sort of girt she was; that would take a
three-volume novel of tbe ltrltlsli tyoe
of Tupperlsni. Thousand of Just aura
glrla come up from little country biwu
every year to go Into city ohVea; they
earn tbelr livings; they marry; they
die; they are awallowed up. Whence
they come or whither they go, who
carea In the metropollaT
And ao the man amtjeed hlmaelf. In
tbe beginning the Creator made man
King, aad nature haa not rhanged her
pbyatcaJ la we to accommodate the New
Hn what had been amnaemeot n Ik
man pr-eiiily lM-auie, for tin- woman,
a Uilfortune. Tbe dream of bliss, tbe
delirium of present Joy, the) all were
gone; ihere wa left a dull heartache,
and the pain of murdered hopes, and
the w istful, tearful wonder futurewnnL
What pleading idie what
j l.iirs were he, one cannot say; whit
! st.-el of wdtUhue held hark the vials
j of 111 pity, only tleme ran know who
. have mt'ii tbe city' siu-r a It teaches
j worldlliirB to Its Inhabitant.
And i. f,,r this time and this re-
cltal. the girl passed out and ofT the
J Mai:.-, to 1 4 swallow.-.) up In the great
; my stertoii web of tangled skeins that
j II" iH-hlnd the city smoke. She bad
) Him b, ami It bud Ih-cii r.-.iiite.
' unto her And ( all her love, wit), It
sdr sacrltice and Its wounds, and It
tear, there remained tin sign - save
Just one letter, ii pathetic arrawi, the
ibs -mucin of her heartache. -
lie put the letter Into the wsket of
hi dress coat, sighed a little, frowned,
mid plesently put on hi gloves to
escort one of hi own set to a dance.
And with the reading of that letter
the episode seemed to have passed
The King had amiis..l himself.
In the iiieiinw bile, and afteiwnrd,
there were many lu his own set who
thought fondly of this young mini.
Perhaps he wa engaged to one. -r-hnps
to more; nowadays thnt sort t
contract is made of such iilry material
us to ! iilmost Intangible Kut there
was one girl In particular w ho said to
herself that he would rapture this
Voiing man, or know the reason why.
Opinion was divided about thl girl.
Some said she wn n genius, other
derlared her to ! deceitful and Ill
tempered. Itoth Were rlghL r-'he play
ed the plate, with such splendid tech
nique u to make her absolute lack of
feeling the more remarkable, ami In
i lie poKMssioti or that one col, I ami
heartless tab tit she had rscii-, almost
all the other virtues. Mie bad a t.-m- (
per like that of all lb- furies pit Into ,
es.-nre; be hml a liercenes of Jeal- '
otisy that awoke at ntotii and devour- !
ed day. I'.ut tie-,. .r defe. t were ,
known only to her father ami mother, j
Whose endowment they were. '
The only llnllty she showed to Ibis J
young man was an admirable amla !
bility. Mhe was swoetin-ss Itwlf when- j
ever he vt as near her. f
As for hilll, be allowed billlef to '
drift Into a certain tacit ad oration of ,
her. lie wa. r fellow, very fond j
of music; the glamour of thl girl's j
growing reputation Minded him with j
It promise. a.f mother ske of a j
trip to KurojMv Hhe played lu every- j
bjidy's .Ira w Ing room. He played with i
the Idea of coll.lleritlg her. I
And then, again. It ..liic over him j
that be did not love this gfrt - all; J
that she merely faiiintei him with I
a cold glitter of mechanical talents. '
He rcw.hcd to Ioom-Ii the slight, luntg- i
Itied tl.-s that hoj., on her part, had
btlllt l't H ell t In-Ill. j
Pursuing this liiSenti.iii. be grew chi :
er. Clever a she was, she Hotbed the ;
(linnge at once. Hut, clever thoiii.ii i
she wa. ll" VVIl Ilol clever ellollgh to '
fillister her telliT. in e or t Ice. ,i,y, j
several time, she showed him a spirit
he had formerly never dreamed of in
In r; she disclosed her r.-al, hyena- !
like nature. She Implored, nnd iljeji
she stauilKil her foot mid swore to be
ftut she hud tio hold on him. He j
shuddered and smiled, alternatively, j
a he thought of what he had ecuM-d.
Hut l ate I like the cowlx.y; she '
Sometime gives II II glHl deal of
rope, but she usually brings u up '
with II Jerk when We least cl,M-et .
To thl young man the jerk came at a
ball. She was there, thl girl who
wanted him. ami, not lo seem t., cold,
be v, a sitting out a dance with her. i
They talked lightly, flippantly, an
people who In ll.-ve nothing they say.;
lb- t.Kik out hi hatidker. hi. f to f!ei k ;
K..IH,. diiM off ids coat, a slight slip of j
pa;r escapcil with the kerchief. Hut- i
t.-rlli sil.-Iitly tisiil her di-.-ss, She
corsied II with her fan and sl!pi-d her
bund upon It.
When be got to her room that night,
she unfolded 11 crumpled piece of noli- -
puM-r and read them, word addressed
to the iiiiiu hhe wanted the man who
wauled to make her understand h
via tln-d of h.-r: '
" by did jon hot come as you prom
Ised? Il wa terrible, terrible! I wa
alone. s.i forsaken! Vou bud prom
ld to Im- thel'e, to help me bear the
news that I feared to hear; and when
the doctor had told rue the worst, you '
were not there. In the dark, alone, I
walked home, w jtb the an fill surety of i
my fault heavy on
there to help me!
me. ami you -ii..t
there. It would have been easier! Put
now - now that you have failed lue so, I
I feel that Joti have put the shllhle Up. j
on me mid shirked the Weight of If. i
The doctor say It must be! Oil, If 1 j
had Is-eu able to tell yn tlutt then, to
h'ear your comfort! Put you left me, j
nt that hour, alone-alone to bear my j
sentence of shame, alone lo tlud my
home In sorrow
"How could you -oh, how "could
yiur . . .
There wa mor.. Q that strnln, dis
jointed and heartrending. It wa the
anguished agony of Is-traya! grown
e.tient. And underneath wa a girl'
The girl, having rend the note, forked
It away In an escritoire. Then she
smiled unpleasantly, and, remarking
to herself thnt jx-ople were fool not to
burn alt letter, she drew the curtain.
Armed w ith thl damning knowledge,
ur of hi fear for 1,1 reputation In
the world ey. she tbereujsin pro
ceeded to prove to thl young man that,
nolena olena, he waa caught He must
marry her or, she held tiie alternative
in her hand! Khe had ascertained all
the detail, aim had all tbe rirruin
etantlal, to aay nothing of the docu
mentary evidence.
Expoaure aa a libertine or, np the
a tela with beraeff.
Caaght, like a mole lo a trap, ha hast
1 fi that, not Joti afterward, real i
trt-rfi-ctly the oott of a human d.
I.m was tying himself to, picturing I
Idly the aafalilc ragea be knew be
puble of, the hideous jealousies
llie.niiiejM-s of her ll. tie walk.
the aisle of a rhiircb with her to i
her hi Ife
l!nt bis smile was, as ha tseo
not pleasatit. Man Kranrlsvi Argo
fSomc Kemarkat.te Instance of Hi
H'itl'il Kenwu.
' Can It ! that bug are endowed
it wonderful sixth sense T Prof.-
V. Itiley think be ba discovered -
factory evidence of telepathy anioi i
s.s is that I to say. a sixth sen
which they ar able fo iiimitiuti
Id.-a fr-.ui one to another nt gre i
t.-im-e. The isiwer. as lllutraf-
the .use llsillt to Is mentioned
lletlll.V dep'nd not UKUI sight of
i r hearing. The fact that man is
to transmit sound by telegraph a
iiist.ilitam-oi'sly around the gloU
Kitggest something of this subtle p.
' ev. n though It furnishes Uu ei ;
tlofl thereof
I Hi. e tljsill time Professor Till.
tn rilianthti tree In bis front
Thev suggested to him the Idea i
taiiiing from Japan some .gg ,
allanlhti silk worm. He got a
and hatched them, rearing the !
and w niching anxiously for Ihe a; ,
mice of 'be l)rt moth from t!
ris.ii. He put all of the moths In
tie wicker rage and hung It tip .
ibsir on -ne of the allaiithii
'I I, is w i a female moth. On tie
evening he t'ik a male moth to a
l, r) a mile and tl half away and !
p .... having previously tied n
thread n round the bus.. ,,f his ah
to secure Sllbse.pieht bb iit Itb a t i.
-r,.f, ,r Hlb y' purism- lu t!
, f,,r ,,,.,,,,-e u a to find out If the ;
j ,,,.,(,. ,,,! the fetiial- muth would
together for the purioe of i,
they bdiig In all probability tl -liise.ts
of their si--les within
t in. e of hundred of miles, ev -
only the other possessed by Pr .'l
ISil.-y hilliseif, Thl power of ..
null other had previously
marked In these Inserts. Ill th.
sure enough the male was found
the raptlvc female the next lie.
The latt.-r had Iw-ell able to attri:
former from a distance of a mile
Ti e IMid Hog of ArOoio
When tie- Into T I ii . Hill n Illytl,
try Ing to sc'tle a -ol.iny at Ir.lo
five iiille Is bnv Yuma, on the
do, le- s. nt dow n a large nun,
very line full blooded Il.-rkshlr
Poland i 'hlua pig, and turti'-d
lisis,- on tiie banks of the rlv.
IaT-I'i. where they lived on the
grass.-, w.....s. tub-s and m.
I litis, bled and mul'lplle.1. U.
and tilled the low and tub- Ian.!
a larg- iiiimher or hue .rker
seeing a human Is-iiig except n
tiii-n n Ion.- liidiiin, thi-y s.m.ii '
lid. and w lld.-r still, and s
Until tie-low land and wissl w
.f them,
Notv.ithstafidltig that the
slaughtered the little one In
liuiiilM-r, they have Increased .
I estimated that nt the preset
tln-re are mop- than t.-n tle-u.
th.-m roaming up and down II..
rado atid Ib.rdie lllv.-r. fr..n
mouth up a high a the tide r
from sUly live to seventy m!b
the Ctilf. Tbelr range give th-
finest of fee! will sweet p.
tub , slay rob, calm, (h ad tnrl
seaweed along t!ie river bank
tide. They nr.- unmolested, ec.
nnd theii by a hunter who pi,
way down the river Mot of
fer give the wild swtne tt wld t
except now atid then us th.-y
to spy a hie.- litiie roaster on tl
and w it hia easy !;!e sled.
Humors of 'be Poor,
' oiihtiy .Ps tois are to U ri
all of ti.ein have experience a .
Ing a thus., d.-criu-d lu the N'.,
Lumber of the Corahill Magaz!
otie -a-.. the d.H tor found
woman tolling fo hi door w lib
l .ud of jw.iat.-. "Tn ke "em.
take em, sh. said. liiaghuuH
"H hat Kii'h the srrlliltircs? I
pobit.s on the il. tor, and tb
had th. ni aft. r many day- !
about ( hrlsUiia time," l,e nd
ly, and, with obvloll glee at
geiiioti inetbinl of insurance
the pr.vat.oii of ViuUf, old
hobble,) off.
Thin same old ladv, when
til t-d said "she ilhln'f etn.
j to I,...,,,.,,, but wherever she
,,,,, 1 ,..., ...... I
i ,,. '" " - ""'" ""
Another woman lost h-r bf
The doctor found her tearful
Inconsolable. "Ah! jss.r Jbl
said "My good man! Kb! II
grateful to you. d. tor, but It's j
the linj iiKik the case Into j
blinds "
An old -(uple fell UI, of old
getber. The husband dl.l.
w ife hud more vitality. On the!
lowing her husband death
I. .......
is-ner, niui ine in lor wa r
laung nimiMdr on the ucrd
treatment. Hut the womao'
new wa uinerent, hbe Coli
bitterly; for. a she forcibly
out, "Kf .'( me alone onel
'ud 'a' done for u wo, an' hs
It 'II cost now, lsrrylng two of
Which Waa the tlral
A gissl an example of burnt!
tire a could easily be found
vealed In a remark made by a n
waa recently run over on the
a cabman.
The Injured man waa aak
knew the cabman's number,
"No, I couldn't aee; bat I g
with the brute. Jmrt as be waj
away I hit his boras a faarf
wiu mj cane, ajM I ahoalda'C
tf it wom lajaa Uar
Vvl it
-d n
rfTtV t
M the
kaulj t
ly I
lac Or
I W. L.
?, Wl
r , (
7'' luni i
i "
, t U..
V li t
jNtwi,!.. i