The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 20, 1894, Image 4

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    tTTt7 i .,
.1' ' .ja, a I I '
I lie Sioux County Journal,
Sub ripUon True. $-.'.sJ
. ...
Miiiir. .
1.. J. (Simmons, '
. . -- i
Tulicdav, I a tMHC t 20, I "ft 4
The Jt'RN aL with all
t liiistQias.
it merry
Six hoi"s sold on tlie ttr-H ytrr
l.y for 10.K), all tnid. ll.)rj tWti l
chi-rr man bull b-ef at a pmiy aj
I pound." Fremont TO uru:
Ttw t irilT U' un.l tl. iikoiu ; t ill
t- inchanJ dunfij; this jtivwiit rou- J
p-'ri-rKi. An attempt us mud to r':il
1 I- !... u... ,l .....,...! f..- r. 1....
, I
ijorpt. i
It is rvjortwl ttmt a hill proikliii for
..ptiooal winter fn.-e r.ina will tw intrtv
iucxi by Sei.atjr Stewart. If Mirh a
:uvt is desired it would to u yood pUn il
those intereUl would lime it inlro-.luc-ed
by some mfciiiijcr who at tion
not be reganled with ui mudi tu-
picioo as will lhoe of the fifty dollar
Tlx? financial M'liem advned by
SecreUirv rarhsle i not only t ailing oul
i Kood deal of oppoMUon, but I d;V..-l-.-ipin
the fact that a miila (fold t.iml
ird w what It l sieekm aud tint the
.'eneral senlnuetil of the ui.iik u a
-.tronyly oijoJ to kui h a pUn an it i
to the wildtat feature of Uie jUn or to
the demands of the extreme silver advocates-
What is wanted is both M
and bilver at a ratio tliat will give eat h
an equal footiuj.', and admit of the coin
ing of lite entire product of Uin miues ol
the Umu-d Slates.
Tlie Cliadron Siijiud nominate Ht:rt
.'ox for chief clerk ol the hou- and calls
on tts HemiDgford Ouid and 'lllE
JdCRNaL to help make II unanimous.
TlIE Jot BNAt. is lor Bert Box for chwp
iaio of the house for some ol the reasons
lor which it is lor Scamahorn lor a .mil
iar potation in the senate, but it lx's
that tlie member of the lower h puc
from the northwest district w ill so eon
duct himself that tie will I entitled t"
the respect of hi associates, and be
like Uie niemlwr from the northwest d.s
irict in Uie upper house.
R. B. Peattie, representiui: the World
iltrald is making a lour ol the drouili--tricken
counties and wrilintr up the
i-ase just as be finds it. In Loau coun
ty from one-third to one-hall the jeoule
will have to be cared bir aud in olis-r
l ounties it is even worse. AdibU to the
lacnoi somevoiug vo eat. ie seme,-, i
lave no ful aud i.anl clouiiiiji to ;
protect them from the cold. '1 lie
jiorts are eveQ worse tliau was exsrcled
and it will take prompt acliou on I lie
part of those in auliiorily to prevent
Pilfering. The isettlers ol Sioux uiuuty j
are to be congratulated on U lact tluit
uiey oave pieniy 01 luei woe iiau ior j
hauling, aud also lor the reason ttial no
one will need to ask aid I rum outiJe
the county and lew will luve to be giv
m assistance by the county ollicials.
Let's Irrigatf.
s wurij ttbuli.
The rainlall in Nebraska for tlie month
f November is reported to be e.leven
hundredthti of an iuch. Tins is lens than
has ever before been known. It has also
heen the dryert and hottest summer m
the history of Uie state. The ground is
veryarytoa great depth, aud il will
take a good d-ral of sooiv and ram to
place it in good condition for a good
crop year.
I'tah'x Lfsson on iSnirar.
i hlcaKO Intnr Ocean.
There are many stales tint can take
lessons from Uuh with pr.iil to them
selves. In no equal area of the republic
have trreoter results been achieved in the
. . . .
litire of grtsiter dilfiuulties. . Tlie diver
sity of agriculture, tlie development of
manufactures, and, above all, the nur
ture of a strong feeling of local pride
ivlnch happily is in subj.tion to a yet
stronger feeling of nationalism in Utah,
would be remarkable m any state or ter
ritory, and are peculiarly remarkable in
a community that has been so sorely ex
ercised in tlie solution of social prob
lems, as well as in thoae of successful
resistance to advarse physical phe
nomena. Among the industries created and
nouriixned by the persevering genius of
tlie people of Utah is that of beet sugar i
The demand for sugar in Utah requires
about 15,000,000 pounds for its yearly
supply. The genius of the people al
ready baa famished about one-third of
thin frMi beet roots grown on Utah soil,
converted into sugar by Utah work
people, aod by the aid of machinery that
is aim out wholly of American construc
tion. The Utah people justly pride
tbsts selves ant a little on this butt cir-
ctiaMtano. Their Lrhl beet sugar fac
tory oihims aearer to being purely
iia-ariCM ia every item of it construc
tion ttaa oay other MKr works in tlie
I Jailad atalaa. -
atantaaag corollary.
The fae(
(. that ! Iachi fai t. ry, tt ith a capital
, M. rh ,;.
aar uiui It more thin a fhir of its .
...... , . . ,....!
i at. at , lor isusir una ftiau-ruti u-i u
' tuuniifai tune of liert 0L'4r. Tla ac-
count stands thus:
Ujn irf tH, wul'il '44 2iclvs
I v i.n . 4.1 u.i J i -J :'
i ( ink" x t e - .
i ,,k. j n,,. t.aak hi
41'.' ilouil a ltH I 4v
4. ("
4 M y ..rluf lintf ri U ' I I eta.
, U.l jt ll 1.1 mu I'll-T .
I ' 1.4.
iv m
3 u
! lu.aii.i jm'l U. ol ii ur' I1-' ncul .....
! I. ta.r tort and ialb-r MtiiiillW,
j p.o.j lor Ui.... ............. M."t
' T .1 au.l. ..till L. a fafMlui. I
., pun .ui t r .... . faU1:.'!
The iiuHiii-r 'f w"U iii'. rJ id
the t-ifv, im luive of g.rls and tovs.
2," Tli f.o of work covers
110 day.
(- ,f M f .t.v hi.-h turnH. ut no
j ntorv 2.'M l-irnt f fcuar a ytar j '
rif-iil- f ,':.41 7.'J4 a y-tr f r l itnir ani
uiat-r:al, liitt 'ulJ 1 r.nt'iuul of
iiiiiut'V irijiil for ArinTii-ntxrow a
fc - jir f.iiin muI fi turn . ;.)hl lor Aitu r-
ioati in;ui mm I.iihtv uial i iMtinu ai il
j our market ere u.plii wholly with
home-nimie kunr? The au-r to tli4
qimtiMi i tlw klnliinj; loroll.iry 1 tl
L't.ih f .44 1. A artiil aiuwer i to I
fpMiinl in thi ktau-ment:
If tUe t-Htire ainou it of ftUM ir roPtftijml In
tlm I'iiUc'I -t Ut durlnit tU 0' il pr e !!
i p Jpiiie li.wt tn mnuf . lur'l hi
th:. itry Hi f!iiM f tlm l'iitt.1 Mte.
woui'l li ive rwivtJ tile folio im for .ujjir
anil :
( o-t il,-:iwu loni Iwli !lij SJftso
I o-I 'o i ' ''
H1 rukp- . 11 v,,.(ipp
p. U -1 U p.t- !'. . . fh.i.vr X v
iikIiiii! r liK . M l pIu. ippC b,!1' O
( o.t .i - " Li '
t o l t .I.P.4 S 74 0t
- 4l a:tll' , I"
I u-( Hi l.l pliv ..c.a. 2- ,.V
(4ji 1 .Uirntory uiiu Uiiii-.... 4 M-' ," i
t . k.-. i,pui. .i4U
Tot il woiilil h ive
tl. i-pl t p. iiflt-ij l tlo po - t''. JtKlO SO
The nl or m itIn tiery an ol tr.inpor-
tat-iini of niw wild manufactured niali-ri-
ul i iKil incluib-d In tin"? rstuoales,
proUibly they would ad I a' third to the
But even on the basis of f .', .',44 ooo
we have an expenditure ml home iti'lus
tries ufid on lioine laUr far exct-edmi:,
very ii' doubling, thai pf the value
of all the wbeut exsprt-d Irm Hie
United Slates. The esp'rt t f wheat
duriflii tile - ir i Werof the vahu-
l vy '."'-5t.''"l Tfe amount ill pro
ducing nieriiuifiiMde siiir in (pianti
I V uf!i lent f ir the supply if the Amer
1. hi niMrkei would hive luen near to
ls)'i,()iHi,ii0( is not Uiah lvniif vtilu
able uesi i.m us to larnii r who hiv
treltlny und. r the UfiprolitHblenens of
iJO efit heal?
But we cannot prdut e Anitjr.inn uu
ar ill ij 1 unities .til!- pi It-! to the Allien
inn demand under provision ol the
Wil-sin (iniuian suar-tru-l ft".
(Jtiier 11 -tl Km have created nuar Indus
tries by suKar liounties. We must do
likewie if create tbem.
Tliere is anotlier to be learned
from Utah. As as the 1 leVeland-
Wilin t inrinaii-faviired trunl s.i
in-yr-iw ih nl the Utah industry it re
Opilveil to (li-slroV It. To that end It
, ,1( hj.K u.mtl,rv ,ih W(t;.
ar ai a lower .ust than it could be pro-
.loeedalbv the It III winks. I lie mo
live w i.4 plain. The purNisie was to
In en k down I he Ulali industry bv
litalilv low ura i-s, and t r ouii tlte
tru t,v tciiti prices ohtameil alter it bad
regained a inios)ly ol tlie -u ir siie
l'! , T'1" , l'u Wi T'" ,
lieii;(it pf the s casion. Tliey o fusisl lo
,MV Uw tts-;.sr prolm t of the trust.
They cbi-erlully p.nd a temorarily
higher price lor Imiue pnlue, aud by so
diHiiir prevented themselves from paving
a higher price Iwrealter, and at the same
li. ne ci. riser v.d a ureal tiome mdustrv "
whii h, there is Kood reamin to believe, is
as yet but in Its infancy
r'itial l'roof Nolurs.
All persons havtiiR Hual proof notu-en In
tins ia r sill receive - ui..iea csijiy ol tlie
MfS'r aliiJ ari; rcttlesUsl 1 He'll
ipuut ami il niiy etrit exist irjsirl toe
sopite to tills Oillee Mtwlice.
Notlre fur l'ulillcatiun.
latin liftice al Mllaiire, .Setir , (
m . -ii, .s 4. t
Motlce is hereby iriveu iii..i in.: loll..i. K
nsllielt llj U.s iu,,i'e ol tips laU i.'
tloil to DiimI loisit 1., itiliiisiti of ion
eial.ii, aiei tn..t s..iu ijiooi am o.- iu.u Lie.
Iloieja. J. in. sell, i .i rs u.. nil a t niiirl tl
iiMrrisiii, eii., on uury a, isw, v,it ;
l am u i list, ui iii i iiu. .'aa.,
I hii nu'ln ll. K. o. lor I lie .sr. aec.
t. uu r.ii.ifi-.'..
,.e u... e mil lui.owii.K sriliiesses u piove
I his eo.iliituous uioa .nil l-uiiiv-i
taa of S...U unU, vlil:
e, siiUmnpi, Jou.i Hl'-'sii, u, jerry w UI,
w nu-m .num-i-kii, i. oi iirfuw... ieu.
: 1 ix ii. a. w . w an..,
!. aasti-r.
.Sutler lur I'liljliraliuii.
LHlid Oltlce at Aillioice, Na-li. i
o. 1C14. 1
Sotlee 1 hereby given tlwt Uie lonos l..
lllliiaeU selUer luai llaeU l.oliec ol Ills ai.l. . p
tiou lo Ilu-1 jiiool im u.iyoti ol ll..
CUa.1111, ailU tU-t Klu ptool Wli, lis: Ulufle u,r-
lure m. a. louweii, weia ol tlie Uia,Lii..t
court, at ilarriaou, eo., oa nee. .w, isvt, tt :
li vii.K Vv iixiu, o. iw) Hue. Mi t v., . u.
who ll.iMte 11. . IWSI lor tlie S .
ll w. s . V, see. I Mini lie. K. a.:. ,
io n.. rnne j sr.
lie Haines tne follolnK witpi!se j prove
tilseoiiiiiiuous tesiueuee upon ana tuiunaf
lion ol feuu iiid, vix:
a. w . rainiest. aos.-ph utiuitiiy, loth of
Harrison, .sen., tiois-ri eii-e, in-tave liar
rts, hoth of Meile, aeu.
io is j. w . n r.n, J , ici itiso-r
Notice fur I'nbllestiiin.
Ijinil mei; nt Alliance, Sen., j
ov. I, i"j4. I
Niillee la hereby niveil that Ihn follow n;c
UallieO sail Vaer U.a 11. CU I.OVaCe Ol lls Oatl'.
1 a.. U.aa unaili a aallaaUUi I in uualM..t tlla-ra-oil stal lia.als I1..V1I.. Iss-U
Clsl..., SHU HI.. k ti.ool ... ai .....lie li,-
lol'e ctera o. a.iislt.a.v v.oaiV,ut i.ll.aau,
fit JUAIU I.lllir., avuutru-4. Sf U.
who in.atjf if. aso. iAi t-r ln? 1-3 rm. ww,
!, aiiU a. H ' P- - -s"f- '
ia3 li.m- iUi iUiiUn toft im
111 l-UtlllliOUtie jmOs:..UJ UaHJal CM.ilVU-Ua-Jn
Ua .U l4taU tint,;
tMattxii t inn-our, 4ti4tiiL, lliuiry fi
lUU, J 3 tyv at, fit VI miatV,
jMil O.Urt o Mut rmt, .b.,
who KUaU it. o. 4JtJi lur m. h w.
tp. tl., l'afKir .
Ui s O.ih.a. U.WJ .vnMs4?.w tlW!( rtiltl vaiU-
Vtiin til uiu iatu,
JltJtll J tl: HAT MUI lU, xsl I UT,
: .PMIUUM. .illtl,
; i .. .l.... iu ip..i .
( I" ".! - " "l mimu r
THf3 Harrison
Feed and Sala Stable.
PIH'I! irniK
t t r pf. pfl ' 1 f
Hides, Sheep Pelts, Furs.
We uiv the highest market prii e
i and do npt bar.'e commis-ion.
! Prompt returns on all consign
hEFKREN' K:-FiKr Nati
Most Populjr Fepub:,":2r. Newspaper of the West
And Has the Largest Circulation.
f DAK Y '".vithoti: Sunday).
DAILY (with Sunday
The Weekly
Sf W5PAI'f; NTt:
rrpect t -an ntilncr palm
INL! AU I 111: I LM lit- UKKLM I.I I I.K A 1 1 KL.
The Weekly
It has ' m'-tMrvr -( I'HffeM lii
IIS Vfli If.'h S ' hi -n '. I li'k i .1 ..ll l -
PL!TICAI.t.V II f till )M. a. ' . i! il rtailfr. the Ixnrfll ol th
Mnl discussions on a l tiv. iJii.. :. I 'jn,'. II alsoiilv s Ihcm IrHilStWSOl
1Mb WLU.
THE INTKH OCt sN IS ft ",: IM1I t ( CIJAO ). NhWS AND COrtltBCIAl.
CfeNTER OF AU. WI.5. 4 . IM! M 'J -
ADA.P1 i:t TO ltd. M.f".!
fAPLR hAlhl. - I
HI- If... i .
It It in accord it it:-.. ,sruri.:4.; tb.
Pla rcmertiiVr ths i - in f i f-
No!ir a, i uiilir ,e tn a'lM.i l.leli lln,ll
Livr stuck.
Notice Is berehy Riven that by virtue of
u lieu upo.i live sos k tor llH ir Vi-. i,lirf,
il.iUi-il On the I1lt U.yol August, l .4, a.el
I It - 0ae lii thforii-e ol tlie vouiaty i lei k
ol saoiiieoii .tp, .M-tir.nliai, opi Hi- IU ty
ol AUK.p t, is 4, ..j; .iii-i 1., t,. iM lilea, smi
iirMin isp... Il Ihen- in iaisJ itue 111.- nii.u ol
''- '" nl"-' lor
tlie (jret tlleleiil, U.OSl .tlasl. Sillll, Is. 4.
p.i.pI uU.y IlKsJ til Uie onicebl tlie ou..iy
cieik -iori:..nJ o i II. floifi 1 oi AiiKUsi,
is-.4, ..Kipisi s.i'l paiiy. ipi uuoi u.i n
lliefe im im line tlie su.n oi r7-Vl. He-
l.Ult tlaaPatLK las-ll 111 tile l .y i.ji'lt M
Ol miti Slllias, iOOi t.O Sllat Or Ovlia f plO
1-iMiia.Kap at U liviiplj Is-eu ntsltiaitP-ii to
ri-a-oi'et S..1I1 llelat OC SI. ' l 71 tll'-ltsil.
Itieietoie t sin aas-it tin- ioi''iiy ili.-n-iu
a. s r.o 'l, ix: I n.v iar.,usi an
Oil lelt jlal, IsO Hial-laor o.l lei t tl.l aalpaU A
Oil te! I JrfS 't i SOIlei aa..lK ll.Uaalcai jlatcll
fuikcruasoH kit i-tiouiiter unit
on left b ; ; and I btowa hot... .... a .cu
W llite to.ail l-p-t U..!l sjaol 111 I..Ce, ljal U
111 alll .C, ail, at I.UUiaC- .ill t.O. I t my
lii, Us, i,, I,..-,. .. I, eioui eaiiL.t,,
vim- Zi'i U - ol ..eecaais-r, aS.4,.lo.a.
o tun S, p. ill Ol -l .) to sla.. ,..U
UeUl a.ola ..nil ..ecrni l- K costs.
Joil.i 11. llASal-l. ,
tw M-r of J.P'US,
.- ; " " 11
In the tnatu-rol the e.t ite of Itosett M.
Ma.s0.i iaais-em-ll I.
.sollee i ha leo Ifive.l I'l all s-roa Inter
esleil U I Oil Uie 111 at ay 111 eur.i.ljer, aS". 4,
!' a.K I. Vnfa-'l O .rS, jlHIKe ill IIIeiUlH
J.i.Pl. 1 .1 U...I1. I. ... r.P.nsai ...a.-7.-,u
til- city ol ll ..lio.i. .aiil.aly, I lie p
pale .la.l.iot Ja.iiea I . MiSO... .U .....11.1 ralor,
lor a license to a..ll tile e. aa-etloa H'U
to..alllp a., r.l.Kil
Or..sK.., uiopcrty ol noaaelta M- aisai.i (ue-
It is tu rclore orilerisl : Th tt all h rson
tuK-reateM la aatd e.l.te p,..i,.r Im-Iu.u ll.o
at tila; i.isj.e tl lie ape! iia a-e aalal aiiaivi
.liy.l.. sllll.l It ..Ot be tir.uusl
Ul aalMl U llO., tO aM-ll SO UlUill Ol
ul releaCU, 1 Is .lev. -...! y .o p.y llle
UP'liui ul toe est..le aiaij eupciiaH-a.
l,.U:ll UV, 14.
Jiullfe ol liie i.istnet 1 otirt.
at. W. llallV, allv lor-aiJiiiliii-iruU.r.
Slotlx Cuiinlt.
J N'otlee is lureby irlveu thai on the i'rt h
jilay ol aeceilwr. 14 t M o'clock.
in. ot aaMpt tla, the Inaleiiinlty sh-IhniI
' ImikU ol sl.Mis comity alll Ik- olTi-real
.for sali- ami tt-aise at tin- court liotissi
v .1.1 eoutily ai (Urrtsim, tl.u eoiinty
Illtl)- . pU,.sisl ,y tile illU.ty , ,ija-
, s.o..-r. of a.iil Oaiuty, .i.
ai.ii oiiiiiIiiiks Mt i.iiicoiii, i.iirsit .,
atatl Ulliv ua.nri.ieil ll, Illtl IM1..I1I ol
l-IIICI iO.ImI ,...aalS Hilll tlluila, lor tllll
st .11 ot ci!rpikat, as pro.talisl iy law.
a. i. lit n It a a 1 ,
t .laiiuaiauiioiier 01 Public
(Il ltl 1 ml. ami, lall,.K.
Italeal l.lueoiai, .seiirMaka, i.ovtoub.'r
llll. .s-4.
bairn) Muilre.
Takisn op by the it iiler.lirneil on his prem
ises In Monn-Ose p.isfiu, t, asioax tsiUpttv,
a.ior.aska, lite lolioa-i.iif'. I nroau
mare Lruitdtsl eroaas s 011 left la.g-ll. a oul s
years OKI ; I Irrowu iii.oe lu a.iil.-.i mtrerusj as
o t iWi sthsti ler. ..Imntl ye .r. iii1, I huok
ski.. Dots , tasutehmJ (tratwl on lelt aliomtler,
ulsilll ll VlV.f. Onl.
I-iii ' . wis)ia.
Khi pink? t.u's and m irk' t rUot:itinfi
furnished on Application.
We want Mitir bu-imsv (live us a
in vf. B ink. 11 idhov, Nr.n
$6.00 per year
$8.00 per year
.. .
Inter Ocean; CI .00
) Sr
O.XASi kcep l.r.t ol ltc timet la all
nor upcri. In ftccarlnf ALL Tnli
Inter Ocean
ciuh m.-mbtr f lh family.
iht vtn brit ui lt kloi.
;ti In I'. .11 lie and Literature.
. Intf- an I OVLH'ONE DOI.-
IX OCEAN, Chicago.
v. ,
; . : : t
laUf ki-cn's Anili a
The liest ktlve in tlie world for cuts,
bruises, saircs, utters, milt rheum, fever
sores, letter, chaps.-d Iklllds. cbllbl.iins,
corn., ami all skin erupli n and positive
ly cure p,les, or no pay required, ll is
guaranteed to ;ive pi?pfe I siilmfm t ion
or motley refunded. J'rice 'i' tenia s-r
lsX. f or sale by 1'iofas.r I'haruiacy.
There never -a. II aie In the lu;,ty of
ouri'oaalty a Ilea th.f U lof ni.ifae
l(UIa, la too ..rta aliU
aw-.e., i:i Hf; ..a:ii. m ..a mt H.' a- -s ajafa..
'I Uu roiaVeille..eea of wialaki.aU ill tile !,.ctOi y
Bail atira suop, tile lloUatuuoiil, O l lll.r larai.
ana Hi oMIi-IhI lile, reitalle coaliaUul tc-c-
saaUS to itlO pilartHSS'S a.iii luapatl.alC'llt. ol
e-cu in onler l..ior, ll.i.e rx-
p.-UW . Jill' S1.11CA1 Cha..Ki! lU Illtl sllaaillllS
lr-t.oa of Uo:a not .llit lue
,Mtm Ol I lie A .ueflf il I I 'e.H. , H HO Og-
' ...
'"K '- Ul
existiaag tli'lli-ie.aeles, lioa; not js-r.ull llle
.rfJ. , , (u, ....aoit ( u..Ur I .(aicaiy coalmen I. m llle ra-aila.V to
op r. n...e vcl.-K ms i, p.o-iet. 10 rffe,.l
crK cu l.ol 1I e..i . it ... Clio.... .. C....1
I. Ill UU .ai.ll .11 alloi a.ey Ol (laail.le aaall
pa seaUtir aill P ,a a '.t 4 Ui.l lof l.tUlat. Vallt
. ...ler,-.,, Hj,r u. , u ,o,l ..,l .ie.llov-U
i ll IlluU.lier-lliU la..tll. ea o tue e..,..oy
Ilia-Ill of liM-OallJU't!at eOPl.lsei, .tai.l esiNS'lal
ly I. tins atJV.Ct raitaaf lO UlUta! WHO
uUopt tlie ".Ml palsaul, till jy" sysl-iiii.
7'., " . . ' . ' .
a.iias, w. ua tan paa-j , ny a, iiiiaaiii. aat ..,
! as liu lili-'llli aia streniflh ol tne p.l. ul I.
.never eoitsiiferaHl In v w o( a apiick enileav-
' or to if "I a n tahotaiiee aiel niit.ilii llicfai.
I u. ,(... luK piirss tLxitia lo-41-vst,
. J"'"' fldei Imiiii. t.i-ii.-rul ni.niiii(. r, s 1
siri.-a-t, N. W ., Vt .i-lllnjrlaiii, i. r.-pr.'seut
J1( m a 1,,1.(1 f , ,u1a,ru,,t ,i,,. j.
a-ek.y p .pa-la, - Willi KCI-lul l...lj, ala.
ot Uie ivil.,11 y , ... l.lslnaltt-,t to p.oli;. I tta
eu.pao,eU,l lua. .I..I) I.I LaU.l.a ... 1 II.. ....I eli.iKe ol a.i
t O.a
pMle..t UU.aaieaa lrtltu.U'1 UJ it lair rcASalll
.III. leeaj, null ptt i..rea wia.l piiassrif tea
applil'ataOlia k'p.e..nj , laiCillPlla.K aa.a- ll..,. lO
.1 i.aVcial.ou., ue. K a p.Uul., ti.ulaa ui .i a .,
Uls-i., copyrights, Law rfereaacea, lulriu.: v
uteiiia, Van...! iesirtai, ami eap..s.'tl
atiatta.tioit to .eiH.-iaist easca. tt la also pro
p.. ram to e.iu r islu couiM-litiu.i a im any
nr.. tit 'iniiii( lurraoa y.uiitt,
W rita for lualructiu.u) wu.1 MUtlee.
, joiia ,w r.tuaat n, -
iii f street,
i. tl. Itm Js. W'uthtnirtoii, il. (:.
SitiiiA County,
STEAOER. Free Homes for More!
Than 5,000 Men. ,
j A new county with
I schools, churches,
railroads, etc.,
j Contains over forty-five miles of
rail oad and has no county
Fuel, I'osts, lp tnl l.timber lirnprr
Than at mij Oilier I'lact
In Nebraska.
Sioux county is tin) northwest county
of Nebraska. Il is aUiut thirty rinb-s
east and west by iiUmt seventy miles
north and south and contains
! OVER 1,300,000 ACRES
! of land. Then- are mure bright , -pirk-i
tmur. s call streams in the 'unity than
I in the state. Illcis m,.pmet,ml. rini
j it than nil the r.-l i f the state umlaut tl '
j Its trra-ses ,ir- the ndiest and most nu- '
i known so thai for st.s k -ro,K i
" .
j it is une.-i Il.-d. j
The so. I varies from a l.ity - lay to a
.i.. . ii..
i will ing l-si t-io-lal. i npps. ;
i list prow ia-il r.pps are sooiii ;niiii
hind ve. tabl.-s, !iltha.iii;li (,'iml urn is
! L'rown in tbi vail -vs. Th- wtH-at.oats
rye and Iwirb-v are al1 of unusually line
piablyaud command tlie Inchest mar-!
ket price. i
The water is pure und rein-shin aiwl
is found in abiiu lam e in all juris of the
county. !
TlMifounljk is prai'tii ally out of ill lit j
and has over for'y-live uub-s of railroad
w it lull Its tmnlers, has a f'ssj bra Uf ulirl
hotisj- und tlie neccssiry llxtures for run
ning the county and there has never
tsss-n one dollar of cmnty IsmiK isMised
and lieni v taxes will I. Ippw.
The rremoni, Efkhirn & Missouri
Valley railroad i r.pssin Sioux county
from east to west and the H. pSL M. has
alsiul llftf-n miles of its line in tl
niii-lheast fart of the county.
Ttf f lunate Is mure pleasant than that
fpf the eastern port lot! of Nebraska.
Tliere is still
OVER 800,000 ACRES
of land in Sioux county yet r--n to entry. Jt Is belter land and
more deur-ably In ateil than that for
whii li sin h lushes are made oil the o-n-itiii
of a reservation. There is no rail
ro.ul land in the county ami for that
reason its M-tlleiueiit ha ls.-t.-n slow for
no Sja-clal elfort to get settlers was
made, as was (I. mi: itl the early flat s of
the selUcini nt of Ibe eastern part of the
(iissl land i.-iin las jpiin haw-d al
reiivinalplo rates with government land
adj.'iinn so that a -r"i!i who wants
more than one quarb-r s:ctioii t.ui ohtaiii
il if he has a little lueaim.
Th-nr are about Sa-Vi1) -f ..! in the
county and lltere is room for thousauds
Ham .on is the ctuifity si at and is sit
uatetl on tlte V. E. & 51. V. railroad, aud
is as g. si a town lot tla- tlmily s ttlnl
country demands.
School boiis.4 anil t-buribfs are pro-
videtl in almost everv settlement and nrv J
kellt un Willi ll.e
.11 II I . i
All whoilesire to get a homestead or
buy l.uial cImp are mvittsl lo t onie ami
it the Count rv for tle-insel v..s unit iiul -e
of its merits.
i. . . . ::v 1 i
iiiiiiiesieans win mil is-1
obUtmable mm h longer uml if ton want'
luuwjtiiir rwiit ami get HWI . tw ol
lanil iroiu Cm le Kim frec it Is turn von
wrre itlsiut it,
' PurrliSi fir!o t ami I inolifii Vf.fir I ffigU
via 111
P C ' 9. VI W -O 0 f 0 D
tj C A lilt It v"j Vl Ul tt It
It A 1 1. ItOt Its,
H. (i. nUHT. Otnertil Manger.
K. C. Mfxteiifat b, J. ft. ,iniA!A,
W1 rcitHit Agt. leu I I'aas. AgL
I 7
1 I
Writ for 'at log ue Ui
4 .
wfl. r r .
yt, oo
own fnl'osrlni hr-.
Vt i
.'" si s
Jas. Boss
Watch Cases
r 'l grild at f J ai roo tan trc. They l'
like f l.d cioMi, wear bke solid catex, ti
ir. puah t r4-if..r oil martieal oamcavea-l
r?i)y cost about hall av tnucb is id d
and-cut tlid fold cxc. Warranted i
wear for 2oyear; miftr Iq enrmant q
fthirtyMS Detterlhan ev iiocetb
arenof.urd,tooetracovl. whlherrf-
tow (tint;, whitll tannct te fnUiJ trfiruu
f the CAit tne
Can only hi Isti ea thtcatet
ttmptfl with this trtdt mark.
A'l cthen hi e the oid-rtyle pall-out
winch u only held lo the cae by frior.
ar.J cn l i.itcd off w-uh the fingert.
Sold only throu'd tek 4lrt. Sernl fur
vraleh casa opria-r to Uia nsattttfacturt
Keystone Watch Case Co.
I Oteno t roiliiaae, I ,ovei tpl.
I.J. Ai-hiis ...i.lctio-ti ,ait t.ovrria
J.i. Alien se, retjry of si J
r-Uaa-ue, Altai 1 1
josa pn s. cttia y trvwanr
i. n il. Attorney iariier
A. H. Ililiiiltlila-y IjiiiU i OMiliptssloft
A. tk.ooti'ly.. supt. I'uoltc lu.trurtii
uS'-msi(is.i, iir.i.uiAtinV
('. Y . M 'liialP'f . ail. ...... . .1 . S. Sella tor. taSl.a.
W Ol. AliCU I . S. "si llutor, Ma'tlaS
vv . J , lirysii, oattcr-.iiiait 1. 1 lost., l.biro
ll. II. Meiiet. " .U llltia .
la. 1). Mcll lej'ilm " Ja! "yul,f,
I.. J. I l.a titer, 4ltl Attrm
VV. A. MeKlrtjIiara, - Sill" Ileal t, Ux.
tl. SI hem, " fclh " lir'aken H..
Jt lllf lAUTt
I , I,. .Vorval tliiel Ju.t.s, Sarr
A. VI l'ol , t.sfa JlfJa-e, t ultliipl.p.
1 . f 1. 1 ll r rtiu ,. As'le Jll lii, i.rtia It .aia
It. A. I liapl .l..t ta Ik am! le (Hjllajr. I.lue.i
M P. hltikata) ...jtl'ltjas, :
Allrt.l li.,ru. I h.r.
M.J. lliesctl Ucrk,llrti.
irrv i ricKiit:
Itolaerl Vr,(ti ..toanly Jio!t i
nii .pu ....l i. s .
ll.s. Uisiir ilt Tteaur
W. II Uavis supt. I'Mliiie lii.trm l!a
A. II. INS. alter' r I
J. K. PrillHIC .... ...........,( oraalia-'
s. i... I. ii.s. . sitr)'p
M.J. Iii.a.n t lerkol lo.irti I tour
Alviu 1 . t lurk... i aj!U.l Atfort
Frank I inktiui ii.if
M.J. W clsr ;i li.,ii,i.,)
lieiij. t Jll'laaSUll . vi -
I I i.s.A1H ::
II f
tea art. .t iialaaf. 111. I sai, 4. i.m!.
J. II. Wlaarl
in p., I'l.l. M. at, llay sj i l, g, I
mi i.Ai.i, nun i:s;
II. II l.rl.aiaiil ,a tLiiruial!)
. 1111.1.
r.. li'aiiaa r
W sroll
if J- "l
MOIirW'l I IliPla-lliiOi.
i j siuo.,.,.,, ...
I V. A. li. -i.-r
I J- ' ! I". ........
'" IM
. I r ens . ;sf
sir.s-i t ikmiuis. v r
S4 llisil. nt Kll i:
J. , h, i,h
,...l.l. ll
. . Mitaii aiof
, j. . vur.u ll. t
H.. - "et r
, 1 ri-n,ir
I II Vs oy f , j i
I lUstrli t fouit. vt MarriHn. ,i
j May 1. 1 mill Sii.i ml. r lfl,, 4
iia.inuv iiiuii. i ,.rri)
i Itrt iuii.J.i . i.i i rt, h nun,!!,,
I III i:i Ills , ,(H Kill"
i M. r. I U.i,. 0 , .. ,..1, f .,:,u
Miii.luy at 11 a. in.,ai..n.rvstinavn
j 1. nt t . M. Ml.. ,, k , oaiatL, fa.l. r
! ... thoaii.t -tiinuy .i,(Jf, meet. arrl"s,
I day iiioriilnif at MM. .
I J I.. M k.ln.l ia,
1 suiait Inn n1aiit.
W, II. Oavia.
"sr. llaT
llHrrlsou I Mu.p, No. Vi, u.e.'la on isi till
. a .,Z " : ' r""mi' ach moats,
a. c. aiasii, ,r
I letk.
on. t out .
r it 1
1 1 II
i ii -
Mwiunii I.Ai.tT.. '
.'T'Jf' T 1'1U,7'" -very tsttmur ra.,li,B
at hJU. talmiel iiuelliirf ,M, rU 4,t i.rr.l
fl''"1 t.'ii K ilxart a
Jl MfiiTTr.AfifK,
(IV .rt.
fw. "
1 '
1 K
rjpflt furi!"'
r..lL. !
LOU pa:.n
B 4nt
Lfifrfi't l"r
I.daa. '
,4-f J-M-
ail-o '
U,n t,
M sur'
U tat i.f se
,ny km 1, l
tto T"!
.f isttl
an if
L jrtat r'
lux r.oua
V'-l w 1ml
to ll be
-A "'f:
To to I
trs n, i
V ,et.'.. e
The y
Uin" at I
r. Font
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tnd '
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jtly on
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