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'Mt Sif JM
Th Sioux County Journal
L t. imaoai, rrpr4.
Some "Jokes" r so uueny ua t .1
they are actually (jixnt
One of the sweetest thing In neck
tie la a true love knot made ty the
girl's own hand.
An honest man is the noblest work of
; hut many that pass a ub arc
the products of the penal cisle.
It now aps-ars that Hulmes. the In
suraiice swindler, has tlirt- wives
Hasn't he been punished sufficiently ?
When a man makm a nuifmH of any
thing, the n( oili. r iii. ii is i
great that they think they cau do Just
an well.
A cart -driver ought never to assume
that t--ause hi- h:iMi'! any f 1 1 j . Ilie
horse that he is lashing unmercifully
la similarly fixed.
One of the most useful of woman's
modern rights Is her rl:ht to own her
husband's property when ihe sheriff
wants to seize It for his debt.
No one will 1- surprised to h orn that
prise -fighters consider f't hull brutal.
It reijtiir.-s a prize fighter's Intellect to
make these delicate distinction.
A I'ole mimed SzynkoW 1'gdozcJ
kowski hast induced a Pittsburg girl to
iiiurry him ami take hi name I'roha
tly she ti.k the latter in Installments.
A Kingfisher, o. T.. dispatch says
'"It is reported that the C'k gang If
lying in wait near this city." Why not
let the (t.rresjHiiiileuts do all the lying.
That Oklahoma girl who was hugged
by a bear and sustained a fracture of
three ribs ought to have known that
there can be too niiich of a gwl thing
Indian civilization In the Choctaw
nation is a queer thing, The man con
demneil to death Is permitted to go .,1
large, butcoiii.-s In promptly to he exe
cuted, and after execution hi friends
murder the Sheriff.
When a Chinese soldier makes his
esca from the wars lie Is promptly
put to death by his fellow country men.
We have wondered why no many Chi
nese stayed at home; the exphiuatiou
1m here: they are needed to kill the
In Mexico. Homero and Verastagln
lmd hate between them, ami "picked a
quarrel alnnit a woman for whom
neither of them eared," to hide the true
cause of quarrel. Other countries,
other manners. In some countries tin-n
really quarrel alioiit wmcti. and then
they pick a quarrel about something
else that the woman's name may not
lie brought In. They are not so dell
cate in Mexico.
Thoae who complain that the coun
try la ts-lrig filled Up. should note the
statement of Kdward Atkinson, to the
effect that there is enough first rate
wheat land, at present unoccupied, in
the single State of Texas to produce all
the wheat now crown In this country.
Some one else litfurlu on area and
population says that, with the same
number In proportion to area that New
Jersey counts, Texas would !e sujsrt
ln i'l,Sn().(ii)it. or more than all counted
In the lust census for the t'nlted States
Taper, Ih-Iiik ueurly air Unlit, w ill ex
elude cold, and should lie used more
than It now Is. Some builders place
pner Iwtweeu the boards of a house,
and we nhotild do well to follow their
example In smaller matters, r'armer
hare found that the extra warmth He
'cured by tacklint severtd thlckm--
f newffpajKTS arotitn) the Inside of
lienhoiiws. etc., has saved sxtra f'xsl
A layer of paper under a caris-t Is pre
ferable to cotton, which is metime
used, and if the piis-r made for the pur
pise cannot ls obtained, several layers
of newspaiierx will do nearly as well
1'npers spread lietween bed coverings
will take the place of extra blanketn.
There was consternallon In one of the
Astor families the other nlt'ht. Ihh-uiiw
they fotind a tramp In bed on the fourth
Coor. Wtdl, where did they want to liud
him In lied? Not on the Hrst floor, we
hope. What, by the way, are beds
made for? Surely as plains of nestllna
and repoe for weary humanity. And
la not a tramp weary humanity? Isn't
he, In fact the weariest kind of human
ity ff"lutr r Here, then, was produced a
condition equivalent to great Hue-e in
the enterprises of life, for the thinsrs
beat nutted to one another came togeth
er as if by natural affinity. Vet the As
ton were not natlslled. Truly the poi
ftewion of (treat wealth makes people
unreasonable. On this famous occa
sion the tramp, by Kolntt to lied when
he found a bed, and going promptly to
leep, (111 Just the rlht UiIuk. And
they sent for the police. What would
they have done If the tramp hiid found
that there were peas under the mat
treaa and called for new lied furniture?
It t to be hoped that the death of
prise fighter Cod Itlordan In Syracuse,
N. T from a blow given by Hob Klt
launona, will put a atop to this brutal-
tataf aport The flghtera were only
aparrlBf for pleasure, but Con fllordan
bad bacn rtaklng very heavily, and
y0hm ie'MMved a blow on hla cbln
ka tstl nrr to rto again. There ware
twa ekott of blood on hia brain, one of
wait-bed 4 avnoaa. Iltaala
mo us baa been held to bad la ItO.nnrt,
on a charge of manslaughter in the Srst
dVitre. If thl occurrence top the
bunlnewi of prize Btftitluif for auiuae
ment it may be the t-t ue to which
the life that haa tieen hwt could tie put
If there were no prise fighting the Ilvee
of alt would be oafer than any skill In
flat lighting can render any person
while the brutalizing sport Is practiced.
The death of Robert C. Wlnthrop will
hanfly call to mind a distinct person
ality out of the State in w bleb he lived.
Yet st one time he was one of the fore
most men in the ('tilted State. He was
Speaker of the Hou- of Representa
tives while the ariconauts of California
were driuio; oxen across the plains.
ttk'!it!Ii; Iii'.xjuitis-s on the Chairres
Hivcr or faclutf gules off Cape Horn.
Me w:is deemed a worthy succ-ssir in
the S.!,ate to I'nlil.-l Webster when
Webster is-.-aine Taylor's So retary of
State. He uas a yoiiu man at a time
w !n u men now Well alotiK in the sixties
were makltiK faces at a world tiny
I new ui.thluic of. Mr. Wlnthrop was
niiich t.'ie wiuie type of man as Kdward
Kvereit. He was Isiru rU-h ami always
moved In the most exclusive s-h lety of
I'.ostmi. He was distlioiuishel rather
for cul.ure than for originality or r
biist thoiiL-ht. As Kvcrctl's pi!shed
oration at liettysburg w as olwcured by
a few remarks Abraham Lincoln made
on the same o-caslon. so was Wlnthrop
siibim-rBed when the storm of the civil
war shook the community In which he
lived. Itut he went (Kiwn Krais-fully
and uniiitiiphtlnlntly, iMtusloiially sp
iwarinir afterward to five one of his
jMilishi-d orations at college commerii-e-ineiits
or other similar "scasioim. Ib
was a learnei man; In fact he knew
about all a man i-uld Is- taught In one
lifetime, but there was always a iut
tiou if he would ever have ts-eu heard
t had his lot Issti e among either
hand or brain toller. Hut he was a
man of high jsTsoual character anil his
iiitluemv was always tin-own on the
side of a ntrcvTy which he believed
to lie right.
How Vit to
1 wonder If the men who write al
Vertiselliellts ever think how theadter
tlsctiicnt l.s.ks to the mail on the other
ude. When a traveler Is riding ulet
'y in a I'tiUman car along some ls-ntitl-ful
or pii-Tiicsue line, and constantly
staring at htm from the op.;tc
lde of a winding stream or a mountain
valley "Sackbut &. I'salterey's Corn
I'laster and Apple Ham," he Is tot
likely to have a great respect for the
common sense of the monumental
Idiots who have disfigured nature In
such an outrageous manner. When 1
see such a sign as that I quietly make
up my mind that If tny corns are never
cured and If I never have any more ap
ple same, unless I buy of Hackbut A
Psaltcrey. I shall go without apple
sauce. When men produiv offensive
and disgusting advertisement, tl.-y
produce a bad Impression on the pub
lic, no mutter how gissl the article may
Advertisers generally say: "If I can
only make a noise and attract atten
tion, I can succeed In business. Now.
it doe not strike the purchaser that
way. H? doesn't care a "continental'"
how much noise a man makes. He Is
uot In the market to buy noise; In fact,
llnist people w ould prefer to buy a little
is-ai-e and quietness If It were for sale
anywhere at a reasonable price. It
teaches a lesson, and oue that the ad
vertlser and the non-advertiser are
not likely to learn that the purchasers
are not buying advertisements. They
are buying gissls. It Is the g'ssls that
they want, and not Sackbut A I'sal
terey's effrontery and bud taste.-Business.
A clever advertisement acts In the
same manner as a tioomcrang. If It Is
skillfully handled it comes back to the
advertiser; If not. It remains where It
falls and Is. most frequently. ht for
ever. The art or ukuiruiiy nanuiing an
"ad" Is far more Intricate than the
listing of a lsKimerang. and requires
diH-jsT knowledge of force as well as a
thorough ability to reckon the value of
space. 1othler and Furnisher.
t heckerberry.
It was a little city boy on hU first vK
it to the country, and his comments on
things unlike "what we have at home"
were vastly fliiiusliig. He did not ask
to see "the cow Which gave butter
milk." or complain of the "thick yellow
stuff" on the top of the milk, as the
story goes conit-nilng certain other city
visitors, but he did make many re
mark which his entertainers will al
ways rcmemls-r.
KsiM-clally did the treasures of the
wissi and lli-ld amiixe him. He never
saw ho many yellow flowers together
as the buttercups In Farmer Hill's
field. He wiis altogether delighted
with the pastssie of making "pudding
hags" from scdmn leave mid little obi
Indies from the dlelytra. But oue day,
while walking In the wissls, he made
a discovery. He found some little glos
sy, reddish green leaves, pulled them,
swelled and tasted.
"O auntie. Just hs-ik here!' he cried.
"Only see what I've found! It's a
plant that taste like tooth-powder!"
What do you think It was?
American Athletes fro?n Hawaii,
Hawaiian Isiy are still at the front
In athletics. In the Morgan Park Acad
emy of the 1ulverslty of Chicago, H.
W. Dickey, of Maul, Is a successful
athlete. He took the first on Field day,
won the championship In the tennis
tournament, took the first prlie In Jump
ing at the firemen's tournament July
4, and a beautiful silver cup from the
tennis tournament at Kewanee, III.
Taking the record of all the Hawaiian
athletes In the Htate. no one dare say
that the white boy doesn't flourish In
th tropica. lis is the sanitarium for
developing athlete. Iloaotala Advtr-
Slr aha Tbmpmi It m4
Loxiws;, Iec. It The oodf of Mr
John Thompson, in Isle premier ol
Canada, wsa placed in a colli a last
Wednesday evening an J removed to a
room in the Ciarence tower, Windsor
castle. Thereat midnight a requiem
m ass wsa celebrated by Father Long
lnoto, vicar of 8U Edward's church, in
Winds it.
About eighty persons were present.
Among them were Sir t'harle Tapper,
Canadian high eommiwMouer 10 Lou
don, who had been summoned to the
queen immediately after she learned of
Mr John's desUi; Lord l'elham Clinton
master of the q 'lean's household, num
erous other members of the royal
household and several colonial ofhcials
who had accompanied sr Charles
Tupper from London. Tim seme e
lasted an hour and a quarter. The
bodv was then taken to the Mrble
hall. Early yesterday morniug the
queen received Mr t harles Tapper and
with him and Sir Henry I'oiisonby
made a few arrangements to ij-ecial
details of the funeral service In Wind
sor. It was the order that the removal
of the body to the station should lie
made wltli some of the ceremonies of
state. Shortly before 10 o'clock her
majesty, accompanied by her secretary,
went In a hail chaise to the room where
the body lay and with her own hauls
placed on U.e collin a wreath of laurel
and white flowers bearing the words,
A mark of sincere regard froc
At noon the curfew bell began to toll
The beils of the village soon joined in.
The people of the town gathered about
the castle to the radroad station. KU.'s
fluttered at half mast. Emblems of
mourning were hung from many of
the windows. At iho station the town
councillors and other olliciali had
gathered in a small groun to pay their
last respects, to the late premier. The
special train, the locomotive heavily
draped with Hack and the curtains
drawn, had been made up and was
ready al 11:30. There was some delaf
at the cattle, .several carriage wvre
driven hurridly up the slope and
through the gale. At 12. ."tithe hearse
came out of the Henry VII gate and
with the short line of carriage proceed
ed around the castle grounds to the
railway illation.
The queen stood In the window above
st. George's gateway to watch the de
parture of the proelo!. To the
wreath placed by heron ihecolhtj she bad
added at the last moment one of laun-1
aioue to be laid on the collin as it w ,ts
removed to the hearse and to lie oil
It throughout tho voyage to America.
The crd studied to this wreittj b ""
lu her majenty's own hatidtt' .
words expressing her jrief and sympa
thy with Mrs. Thompson. At th" sta
tion 8ir Charles Tupper assisted Mi
Thompson from her carriage. She w
thickly veiled almost beyond recogni
tion. The city authorities awaited
with ba'ed head the arrival of the pro
cession and exchanged In subdued tones
the few necessary cour esies. The
wreaths sent by Kir Charles Tupper
and other personal and ollicial friends
of the late premier were placed on the
coliin. Lord l'elham tTliutou and
Father Longinoio entered the same
carriage with Sir Charles Tupper. Miss
Thompson roie with two ladies who
had accompanied bur from Londou to
The arrangements as made at ind
aor were that the body should te taken
U 1' adding ton station in London,
thence to the embalmer's and eventu
ally to the 8t, James church In Spanish
place, where requiem mam is to be
celebrated. Ou Saturday the under
taken said, the body will be placed on
the steamer Berlin at Southampton, to
be sent to Canada via New Vork. The
certificates given by Urs. l'.eid and
Traverse, who had attended Sir John
for several weeks, agreed in slating the
cause of death wsjiyncope. Hence no
inquest will be held.
Ctttnirfrltr teugM.
Boise, Idaho, Dc. U Marlon Min
er and George Wheeler were arretted at
Caldwell for counterfeiting. For sev
eral months past the presence of a
gang of counterfeiters has been sus
pected In that vicinity. In numerous
instances merchants noted brand new
silver coins ol questionable appearance.
Suspicion dnaily fastened on Myers
and Wheeler, who were shadowed by
the police. Their haunts were a dila
pidated three-room house near Cald
well Several times a careful watch
was set and finally at an opportune mo
ment a rush was ni ide, bat no counter
feiting outfit wat discovered, still,
ufflcient proofs were developed to war
rant their arrest and they were brought
to Boise and lodged in jail to await pre
liminary hearing before the United
Slatea commissioner, which will come
off In a few days. Wheeler Is said to
be an experienced counterfeiter who
has made a brilliant record in other
place. He is thought to be the head
of the gang operating extensively on
the coast. Myers is a farmer and has
lived here for twenty year. He Is a
green hand at the business and through
him it Is expected to gain Important
Information that will expose the work
ings of the entire gang and lead to
their arrest.
Pick lw Assam Case Om 0r.
Eau C1.AIKK, Wis., Dm. II. In the
circuit court yesterday afternoon the
Plckio criminal case want over
by agreement or the attorneys. A pro
position has base mads by the leading
Uwysn to appoint a eommltUs to
aiaa a fund to bring Mvaral of tb
bast stsdical mparts in tb country to
Sau OMrs to tor?, if posit bis, Um
proMsmi prassnisa oy um eoaamoo of
tb two girls, and MpaoMlljr BipaoUsta
sad otalrortM.
War 1a -
( Hi. aoo, HI, ! IJ--On of tlx
odd results of tb world's (sir It U
claim now mad to awards by somt
who were not even exhibitors. Olliciali
of the exposition Lave not as yet taken
dual action In the matter, believing the
quick wit of the people wlil detect the
spt-nous claims. But to tne case of a
New York baking powder, that hat
been widely advertising an award, the
attention of the chief of awards for
agriculture, has been directed. He
trsnds the claim of this pretender at
fulse, decianng " Neither t.'ie tecofdt of
this department, nor t ie ollicial cata
logue of the world's Columbian exopsl
tiuti, show that this New Vork coin
nnv was an exhibitor, cotnequeiitiy
it co u id not receive answsid at the
world's fir.,'
'I hose who fairly won their honors
st ttie f or seem d.s posed to treat this
fraud as any other fraud should be
treated. The Price IU;tig Powder
company of Chicago, having received
the highest award, say tney are con
vinced their Claims, and those ol all
o her holders of rightful honors, will
be vindicated by the public.
,d llsod al tlx ttiMlu., 111., lec. 13 John
McCauief, wti has b-en on trial on a
charge of stealing sixteen head of C4t
lie from Farmer scroggw. ner llarrls
burg, on the witiiesi sU'id yesterday
gave his life historr. Recording to hit
ilory he has slo.en hundred of head
of horses in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio,
Kentucky, Tennessee, Mmnui, Texas
and Oid Mexico. At one l ine, he de
clares, he stole sixteen hores Iti Mexi
co. For thii crime thtt greaer chased
him across the Bio (iraudw Into Texai.
lie afterward Allied tins Seventh Ksn
os Jayhawkert and rri.trrli-i with them
tfirough (ieoigia, stealing hornet for
t:i soldiers. McCauJey sp-ut Hire
b-rms lu penitentiaries liir'tig the
winter seas in, when not le.i!itig horses,
he says he put in hit time preaching
and holding revival services, and was
ihe Instrument of warning many souls
'o Christ, 1I claims that he never
iloie a horse except from some man
who owed him. Counsel It.terposed In
anity as a defense.
Alvln JnKMus'i ( wi.frMlun,
Los, l)ec. 13. Alvm
Johnson ha confessed to having part
icipated in both the Itoscoe rohlerie
of the Southern Pscllic expn-s tram.
I he old ranchman has tieen subjectod
to the pleat of hit family and friends.
who hoped by confessing he would
ave himself from the gsllows. The
pi-rsuailons have been kept up lor
wveral weeks, but he was recently led
lo believe thai the oliicert hud enough
evidence to convict and that it meant
Jealh. Soluthe presence of District
Attorney Ilillou one or two deputies
mid detectives, he left no detail un
told and went over the whole crime,
Includiug both robberies at IUce, lu
one of which the I) re rim 11 and a passen
ger were k ill d and several thousand
dullats obtained. Johnson says that
Kid 'Ihompson was his accomplice.
lie told where part of the treasure was
buried, and the detective dug up a
box containing frjul lu sliver.
Trl to Commlit NuirM
South Havks, Mich., Dec 13. Rob
ert Webster, an aged farmer living
near here, set lire to his ba-n, shot and
fearfully wounded Eugene Keasey, a
neighbor, and then tried to orurimt
tulclde. Ke.tty discovered the fare,
ud after liberating the animals from
the barn went to the house lo notify
Webster, when the Utter suddenly
opeoed the door and poured a charge
Of shot in Keaaey's face. He then sat
urated the house with oil a ,d after
lighting it, laid down on the lloor and
was fatally burned. Bit It Keasey'i
eye are shot completely out. ills nose
Is shot off and one side of his face is
nearly gone. His scalp is full of shot,
but hla wounds are hot fatal, Web
ster was dragged out of the burning
bouse too late, however, to save bis
' MmarrtO la Cold Blood
Yokohama, Dec. 13. The Japan
troops entered l'orlii Arthur on No
vember 21 and massacred practically
th" entire population in cold blood.
1 he defenseless and unarmed people
were hutched in their houses and their
bodies were unspeakably mutilaled.
There was an unrestrained reign of
murder which continued for three days
The w hole town was plundered with
appalling atrocities. It was the llrsl
(tain upon the Japanese civilization.
The Japanese In this Instance relapsed
into barbarism. All pretenses thatclr
cutiiKtaiices justified the atrocities are
I ise. The civilized world will be hor
nlied by the details. The foreign cor
resiKaideuts, horrified by the spectacle,
left the army lu a body.
KllUd bf llol Miewm.
Wu-iiiTA. Kan., Dec, 13. Charles
Cunlippe, who It night engineer at the
Whlllaker packing house iu this city,
was killed yesterday morning. A
team pipe burst and Cuullppe was
overcome with escaping steam and
scalded to death with hot steam before
he could escape from the boiler room.
U llnfrr of Halug Lynch.
Gltiihik, Okl., Dec, 13. Professor
Austin of lb Lincoln school Is under
arrest at the county jail, and fears ar
sntsrtainsd that bs may be iruclssd ba
ton morning. Austin' wife, who Is a
taaebsr In tb school, complained that
Boot Hmltb, a god sixteen, had insulted
fesr. Professor AntUn called the girl
baforw him. aalcad and hat hr
BMretfullr; Um, not eatlsOed, threw
bar down and sum pad oa bar, roar
- - r . - m vui
!L !??L.Wr brokM 11 to fMrad
bbo will a.
trio mu
Mi niwirr, I. T, le. 12. J wxson
Ilarustt, a t nil-blooded Uc ie lodian
arrived In Muscogee la' last evening
and reported to Marshal MeAlte
th whereabout of Cherokee Hill II tr
eat t said be saw HiU ( 00k and Chero
kee bill yesterday morning with eleven
men and on woman, all heavily armed
at Wealaka tuli hi. which Is thirty
five mile west of Matkogee, headed
for the lo;toin near Hlsck stone, the
scene ot the robbery. Harnett I the
rsp'sinofa company of twenty-six
full-blooded I rbees, recently organised
to run down the bandiu. Hj ran on
to the gang iiliexctedly with only
three men in his company, and would
not attack them ou account of his in
ferior force and Inadequate supply of
arms. Harnett was on his way to
Muskogee to meet a small posoe of
Creek light horsenen and they told
him that they sw the foiirteeu bandits
about an In.ur before, but knew that It
would lie foolith lo invade the bandits
stronghold with only a handful of men.
Hill Cook and t horokee Hi 1 have
!een very quiet for two weeks but the
general opinion is that they have been
receiving recruit and are planning
for another hold-op on the "Katy" or
the release of Bill Cook's brother from
tiie jail at Tahlequah. The woman in
the gang was astride a fine horse and
armed in bandit style. Hsrnett stated
to Marshal McA tester thitt the com
pany of Uchees of w hich he was captain
were not nufhnentiy armed to coj
with the bandits with their Urge Win
chesters, and required that his men be
furnished the very I est arms. Marthnl
McAleater wired to St. Ixmls for
twenty Winchesters to supply Harnett
and hit men that they may enter the
field by Thursday morning. Ihe
Cchee have captured more despera-d's-s
In the Indian territory than ail
the I. 'tilted Stales olhcert. Jim French
ha expressed hit desTe to give up If
the court of otliclaU will agree to sen
tence him to no more that five years
in the penitentiary. He says he
has killed no oue during his career,
but that he will iinlest his proposition
itHccepted. Hill Cook asked the
government to accept a like proposi
tion three wecM ago, but the I'mted
sutes did not look fnvoriihly on the
ploMmittou. Hill Says he is now de
Urtnnied to die game and thtokt he
w Hi have more niches In hit gun than
sny live deputy marshals when he Is
intra III if and ( lulttrvn.
ST. JoM I'Il. Mo Dec. 12. -DVld i.
Spragg, a farmer living four tidies
from Kidgeway, east of this city, kliled
his wife and two children and then
committed stticlda. The killing was
done with a butcher knife, Spragg
was lus.iiie. He complained during the
afternoon of p un in his head. John
Meyers, a neighbor, wat with him Blid
was sent to ilidgeway for a physician.
At soon as Mr. Meyers left the house
pragg went into th kitchen and
seizing a butcher knife cut his wife's
throat. 11b then killed lilt two sons,
Caiey and Albert, In the same manner.
Dora Ohstotl, his eleven-year-old step
daughter escaped and ran lo Um house
of a neighbor, but before help reached
the place Spragg had completed the
butchery and killed hrnm.f. The
youngest child, but eleven old,
was tound with hi lies" resting on his
slate with which he hud been playing
when his father sprang upon and killed
ors-k by a t'yelnu.
'Atlanta. Ga., f)ec. 12. A cyclone
and electric storm swept over Harstow,
The storm came from the southwest
and the rainfall wan terrific. 'J he
cycone struck the county convict
camp, located one mile from Klugstou,
about 4 o'ciock. Tents were carried
up and some landed in the tree, tops.
One fell upon a lent In which some
convict were chained and Thompson,
a negro, was kliled. Three other negro.-
and two white men were serious
ly Injured, tieorge Harris' bant was
blown away and live mules were killed.
Timbers from the barn were carried a
mile away. Dr. Goodwin's home at
Btllnooro was so shaken that a stove
was overturned and the house caught
tire. Many persous who lived lu the
track of the storm became partly para
lysed several hours after the storm had
passed over.
Th ( hluraa l.u.t 100 Killed
Lo.NlKis, Dec. II. A dispatch to the
Cutral Newt from Autong says that
a Japanese division ou Monday, De
cember 10, defeatel the t hlnese near
Km Kwa-Hu. The Chinese lost 10
killed iiud a large number woutidad.
The Japanese, whote lost was only
forty killed and wounded, captured
two banners, ten prisoner! and a large
number of rillos. Four thousand
Chinese were engaged. The Chinese
fled toward So lluL-Kou. Meld Mar
thai Yamagata haa started for home.
A dispatch from Hiroshima say Field
Marshal Oyama it still at Port Arthur.
The Chinese ar concentrating at Foo
Cbuw, and a Japanese brigade under
General Noge is marching to attack
Outlaws Arresiartl.
Wichita, Ka. Dec. I2.-Deputy
t'nlted Htatet marshal a'resied atTer
rail, I. T., the three bandit who held
up and robbsa the Hock Island train
at lied Kiver yesterday morning. Tb
prisoners hav beau positively identl
lied by pangr who wr victim of
tbsir ouUswry daring tb bold op.
Tktr av boon kaoting am and Tor-
i - mhh auu auauiciuu
dlrrUd to tbam wbo tb robbory
okBM kaowa.
ran i or soma tint and lusniclon was
Hog cholera I r.-evalllC to q
etunt In Iodg county.
Bcarlot fever U raging at Ran
and the city ha no board of heal
Antelope county claimi to hat
most conveniently t arranged
bouse in tb state.
Mr. W. H. Skinner of New
Couo, ha been engaged as city
of the Kearney Hub.
The I'laturaouth Daily Newi
tssen greatly ttrengthened by lbs
chased of the Weekly Herald
Since the cotton nail starts
Kearney people are agalu flguri
the probability of securing the t
Member of the Nebraska edJ
association anticipate a big U
York, and are waning irapatlen
learn the da'e.
The DikIb county agricultural t
has sued W. II. Atwood belure a
court to secure $w fur reut of tlJ
grounds a year.
A Dawson county farmer k;
hog last week tli at weighed p.
Forty gallons of lard were ret
from the car cess.
h or six hois sold at aurti
Fremont tle uaner rece vei a to
fli) si and tbe aiiolioiieer char, ar tor his ciimtiy j ib.
1 ne Congrega' loimi Society r
tiea thlppep several I10X--S of ci
s m lilty-iive sucks of flour t
western drouth sutfereis.
Haililigtoll Stock dealer "Up;
few c-r of bogs to s IhI.t
as an ex penment. Hreafter tli.
palronl.e the home uiarset.
The store of Albert Holme at
ton was broken Into by sneak tr
who secured a quantity of good
twenty gold standard dollars.
From the nor h part of the sta'
reported that Huisiau thistiet '
opeI nicely and the crop of
ufhcieut lo supply the entire ttat
Th editor of ihe Ftillertou Jo
deals in organs, sewing ineclaries.
gles, and advertise to take
carrots and cornstalk an ub:r:
lUy Martin of Hsrtlugton i
heavy road scraper drop on tue ei
his thumb and that was the end o
end o! hit thumb. It will never
The jeweb-ry store of McDonal
at Ttldeu, was enlereu the older
and hrrriAl watchet and ring
It is the secona roblwry cf the
within a year.
A man named Little iund th
therift of Lincoln county. D. A. 1
for tl.'MM for Uie liupriso..
The Jury placed the damage a'. 9'
the lawyers got Hie must of U.
John W.Hann, who started the
neta Href e nearly eight year ngi
afterward sold It and sought gr
pastures, hai repurchased It and
no ii 1 ices that he has count to stay.
A humane society has beenorga
at Wayne and men who leave
teams standing in the cold w bile
loaf in the stores and eat prunes
be taken Into court and lined for d
Atkinson has but one ssloou ari'i
marshal hat been Instructed to see
1 closes al lu p tn. sharp, and to
hi eye ou the back door Sundays
none tnsy enter, let th lhirl be
It will.
Irrigation, isyi the Sydney Teleg
is the current topic. In tlore, w
shop and olhce one can hear of s
thing new. There are quit a mini
of our cltlmi at pfesent at work
developing schemes for private plJ
In a very few wm-kt there will Iss
ral new plants for Irrigating at w
Id this valley.
The MethodiiU of Ord are all
favor of letting women vote In clui
mailers, both at home and at 1
ference. Thus are the shack ler
slaver) being torn asunder, and wo if
will soon be as frely and fully ernal
Dated as anybody. It beat all ri
majestic stride the world can
when It itarlt out.
The county commissioner of Nd
oils county are helping the needy
that county by expending about
thousand dollars In road work. '1
pay 25 cents mu hour for man and U
and employ only such as are sorely
need of money for the tupport of tl
families and have ro oth-r means
gaining a livelihood at thlt time.
Hon. L. Jl. Baker of Battle Creek!
one ot the best men on earth at
time. The other day he gathered
gelher the hired men and fat at4
and bad the former kill about a b
tomb of the latter which heditlribil
among the destitute of lbs iielghtf
hood. There it a pearl crown for tl
over yonder and a harp a big at a II
John Fill of Fremont who
lately arrested for asaulling Will
K. Neary with a neckjoVe in F.Ik I.
lowntlap, appeared ifore .Iu
Wlnterttaeo and waived prelimli
examination. He was held In bom
:J for trial at the next term of
trlcl court, Neary, Hie prosecnt
wiinrws, rreq run" and Jonii llren
were placed under II no bonds each
appear a w Unease.
Nathaniel T. (Jadd, the clerk In
Broken How land offlos who was Ind
ad for embezzling land offlca , f "
sod destroying paper belongtntii
sttlsra, has been tndlctad also at
term for embezzling tetters.
I Mia Ma Phillips, lbs lady v
list who waa so uocful at Hal
Croak and I'llgor last viator aad
bat joatdoaada mooting at BoW
wbors of or a handrad psopio twofoW
000 Torsion, haa boon scwatod U 11
In too Mstbodlot ltaeopal eborch