The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, November 29, 1894, Image 2

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Tb Sioux County, Journal
L 4. IUUMH fifiW.
lr any man reject drudgery, ty
that token nothing great or high
ball ever come out of that man's
Ecropk Is tilled with su-piclo'n
that the brash young Emperor of
Germany is gradually working down
to at figure-head Chancellor.
Leabximj maketh youngmeo tem
perate, U the comfort of old ate.
standing for wealth with poverty,
sod aervlng as an ornauientto rahes.
That Philadelphia woman 'who
willed that she le buried In her seal
skin saajue couldn't have been
troubled with brooding over a wls
peot life.
Bxks, rememtier, are friends;
books affect character, and you can
a little neglect, your duty In respect
to this as you caa bafely neglect any
other Dioral duty that is cast upon
A I'Etkified man has Iot discov
ered near Kansas City. He is sup
ped to have been a non -res dent
property-owner woo had visited the relation und to be father of children
city to inquire into the state of the by another wife. The marriage is
real estate mar et , one of the regulation royal contracts.
; The Circassian slave dealer that pre
( Three murderers under sentence gents bis veiled captive In the
of death in Indian Territory got Into market performs his brutal work in
a tight and on:y one aurvivea. ,uw
that is what might t e called obliging.
Even a murderer sometimes exhibits
commendable trails.
Dp. Pahmii ium has made a rather
novel innovation in reform work by
addressing a gathering of the most
radical New York anarch su and urg.
leg them to co-orrate with bim in
h s efforts to Improve the govern
ment of the city. Teleg.aphic re
ports of the ii eetlng indicate that
the anarchists among whom was
Emma Goldman, agreed to ;oin in the
work, though why an anarchist, who
denounces all government, should
care whether government fe good or
bad is not apparent.
Hi xuAiiv alone has spoken the
true word, about sympathy with a
despotism. A Dumber of Hungarian
representatives will oppose j assage
of a resolution in Parliament sym
pathizing with the Oar, giving as
their reason that a country without
a Parliament is the proper ub c t of
sympathy oo that account but that
a country with a Parliament stulti
fies Itself by professing to condole ?or
a grief or i ongratu ate for a joy a
sovereign who denies his people a
voice in their own Government
There will probably I loadle enough
to pass tus vote of coudoience with
a despot, but at lea-t truth and de
cency will have had a chance to speak
out in Europe about despotism.
Ever Bine' dynamite came into
general ud it has been recognized as
the most dangerous weapon with
wnicb p Ivate vengeance can wreak '
destruction on those who are objec
tionable to any classes. This has al
ways been a possible danger: but the
attempt baiijily unsuccessful, of
varae lr t) laborer mar New Po
cbeile. N Y., to blow.up a shanty,
here 00 Italian laborers were
odging, shows bow easily this dan
gerous evplosive may faj Into Xht ,
hands of tho.-e who are wholly" unlit '
to use it. The public safety may le
quire that the sale aud use of es
pecially dangerous explosives hali be
regulated by laws more strict than
any that have heretofore len needed.
S jmk persons live in a perpetual
state of fret. The weather is alwavs
objectionable; the temperature Is
never satisfactory. They have too
much to do and are drben to death,
or too little, and have no resources.
If they are ill, they know they shall
never get well; if they are well, tbey
expect soon to be M Their daily
work is either drudgery, which they
hate, or so dlttcuit and complex that
they cannot execute it. In contrast
to these we sometimes meet with
men and women so bright and cheery
that their very presence is a positive
pleasure. They discover the favor
able side of the weath r, of the busi-,
ness, of home surroundings of social
relations, even of political affairs.
Ttaejr will tell you of all the pleasant
things that happen, and give voice
to all the Joy they feel, of course
they are sometimes annoyed and
worried by petty troubles but the
very effort tbey make to pass them
over silently diminishes tbeir un-
pleasant effect upon, and
preveots the Influence from extend
lot A Disfatch from Row Main eu
fort the fact that at the fortneom.
tag saswtofl of the Chamber of Iepu.
tic Uto fMMltel ftaaiton, M usual,
vUl be Um tetrat I a problem. The
to w tk-UU- t o .0,000 j
Cr Ocaot ISto It H gfofoawi w ,
j the one band that the Government
' (.ball economl'it to the amount ot ro,
! 000,000 lire and raie the remaining
' 4), O )0. 000 by frcith U atioa lupoid
upon a p ople already taxed almost to
death. It Is extraord nary that the
Governcu nt does not reailte that me
the onlv way out of the difficulty U
via economy. It is probably at loo
aa the alllioce with Germany and
Austria tontlnuet that it i hopeless
toe pect any retreDCtitnent in mili
tary or naval expenditure. All the
more important then Is it that the
Government should go the root of the
matter aod reform the civil service
There is no nat'on in the world more
afflicted with tax-eaters than Italy.
They arc literally devouring the bub
stance of the people, if three-fourths
Of them were removed it would be a
stroke of economy which would bo far
towards wiping out the deficit, or, at
leat. would reduce it so that Its bur
den euld be endured. vVhether the
Government ha the courage to take
this radical course and thus antagon
ize a considerable army of politicians
reinalus to le seen. Hut that I the
problem which confronts Premier
Phinckiw Aui of nese was taken
to Livadla. where, in the presence of
a moribund sovereign, she was be
trothed to an unwilling bridegroom,
already known to live In the marriage
his oriental and '-pagan'' way. These
royal" parent, brlstians," barter
off sons and daughters with equal
brutality In their way. liathcr than
los; his right to the crown of Russia
the son of the Emperor breaks bis
vows to anolh -r woman, stlgmatl es
his own children and set to the
young men of bis country an ex
anip'e of licenliousnes they will not
fail to make the most of- It bus
been frequently boasted by apologists
of the present era of royalty that
morals are improed at courts.
There is not a curt in Europe, from
that of England io that of Pua.
the latest to scandalize de eiicy. that
is not sh -meless It may be that In
the routine performance of public
lunctions externals of decency are
more oiservcd The Oar that is to
be the Duke of York that is. need
not send wives to t e bejdsmen to
get rid of them and make way for
new consorts. They can both, with
the full san tion of the representa
tive State churches of their realms,
infringe tne moral law to whatever
extent they please and inflict upon
womanhood disgrace and shame
worse .ban immurement In dungeons
or decapitation. The greatest of rev
olutions was finally precipitated by
the profligacy of one "Chris
tian" Court. The reigning fam
ilies of Euro; to-day are as
thoroughly Immoral by their genera!
adoption of the "morganatic" social
relation as the court of old r ranee
when the 'morganatic" euphemism
a not deemed necessary. H is no
marv I that the common people who
cannot afford to employ ' Christian"
churchmen, arcbbisiiupi and patri
archs to consecrate what the Chris
tian taw condemn as foul, are full of
7iy towa-d rulers who !iv in idle
ness off the sweat of industry and
who do not return an example of even
common !cency in their idle lives
for revenues they have no part in
creating. ,,- -
lnle Tfial Kuat.
Did you ever hear of a squatting
mule? asked a prominent coal op
erator. Veil, 1 don't blame wj for
not knowing what I mean, for, after
fifteen years' experience in the busi
ness I did not know of such a mule
i.ntiJ recently. One o our men sent
me word that on one ot the working
there was a steep Incline over which
it was difllcult for the men to push
the cars. Try a mule, said I. io
reply he stated he bad purchased a
squatting mule. In mines tt means
a good deal of money U get a mule
that can do the work. .and at the
same time small enough to walk
through the low workings of th
mine. Sometimes for hundreds of
feet the tunnels will le high enough
to allow a mule to walk through
them: then at some points trie cell
ing may get so low that the mule
cannot crawl under it. Now to make
the passageway high enough for the
ruu.e would entail a great expense.
But a squatting mule obviates this
by crouching down when it gets to
the low places, adapting Itself to the
beightof the tunnel as much as pos
sible So a squatting mule to miners
is much more expensive than one
that is not so trained.
t-'oanriat Ion of a Fortune.
The assassination of President Car
not has made the fortune of the
hardware deaier Id Cetle where Cas
erio bought the knife with which he
committed his crime. The man's
name la uuuiauiue. s nee toe origin
of the knife became known, do day
bas passed without Gulllaume's re
ceiving order for the "Carnot
polgDard." These order come not
only from Prance, but also from
foreign couotrie, id inch Dumber
tbat toe dealer esonot ml tbem. One
booae in Hruesel alooe ordered 300.
MU(T awBa wiooood( m a
aeur, tsS u wta.
Will Oa aa ! ('. I
Minneapolis, Mion Nov. St. It 11
said here tbat necoeiaUona hare bee '
folngontor some time bat ween the !
Ameriean vesil owner and the Can- i
-t. ,k- .,:
and there now remain only lt.e cn-
aent of the British ministry and of the
boose of congree to throw opn to en
tire lake fleet of the United States, the
magnificent St, Lawrence water way
the Canadians buiK at such t re mend-
mi4rmiiKA It. oriaa withnut savtiiff
that this nation, at least, wia offer no the mine at tbat ti.ns. After the
objections to the plan proposed, and explosion a lerridc whirl of wiod fol
assurances have beon received from , io wd. D o nelly an 1 U ney were go
England that lead to the conclusion towards lUe .,tr;i . The forc
ttiat sne, too, will be willing to I all in ;
with Hie new plan, though it witl neces-1
sitate an entire change In its aealings
with the Dominion and an Important
international agreement. The plan in
brief is this: Tbat the United State
and the Dominion of Canada shall en
ter into an agreement whereby the lat
ter snail cd to the former tbe con
tinual right to us all its canals fr m
the seas to tbe lakes for all Teasels,
commercial arid naval, free of all tolls,
provided the United States will as
sume the expense and maintenance
and repair to the system, the agree
ment to be ratified by tbe British par
liament and the queen.
. Wet Sitkjuor, Wis., Nov. 22.
Tbe secretray of the executive board in
the northern deep water association,
Frank A. Flower, in relation to the dis
patch ent out from Minneapolis re
garding the scheme for using the Can
adian ship caaal, said: "As far a we
know the vessel owners have made no
such move. Our association, composed
almost equally of Americans and Cana
dians, is working to have the two coun
tries unite on an equitable basis to con
struct ship channels from the great
lake to ths sea one via the St. Law
rence and one via the Hudson river to
New York, making two outlets from
the lakes to the Atlantic and making
seaport of ail lake ports. The Cana
dian have the only canal around
Niagara falls, tho Welland canal. Here
tofore e .have had the only locks
around the Soo, bat the Canadians have
just completed a lock on their own soil
around the Falls of St. Mary and next
season they wilt use it a 'id caa then, as
they have heretofore, impose restric
tions on the use of (heir canals to and
Jn the St. Lawrence by American ve
sels. ""Ve hope before there shall be any
Cor.flict to have come before congress
aud parliament a complete report on
the entire subject from an interna
tional, llnancial as well as engineering
standpoint, the canal or canals to the
sea to be free and neutral, a part of the
high seas. In fact, the cost of construc
tion and maintenance to be borne in
equitable pruportlpn according to pop
ulation or commerce by other nations.
Tbe alleged s'eps by the ship owners, I
think, is wholly mythical, as many
mall owners are opposed to deep chan
nels and big locks everywhere, believ
ing' such improvements would permit
the constantly eultrgiug craft to drive
tbe smaller ones out of business. All
tbe owners of big vessels favor the
plan, but not on any such absurd basis
as Is alleged in tbe Minneapolis dis
patch. There will be a meetinif of the
executive board in Chicago next week,
at which there may be further develop
ments." Mtd 1 hair ICrptvrl.
White Bihcii, Wis., Nov. 22.-The
engineers sent out by Major Kesri of
Dulutb under congressional authority
to make a preliminary survey of a
route for the proposed twtuty tivo-7ooT
ship canal from Lakejiuertor through
this town to the MTssissippi river near
8u Paul orliuneapoiis fiAve coinplIed
their work. Their report will be for
wardedto Major Searj and then to the
ecreiaryof war" and itU expected will
be laid by him before congress In his
annual report next mmith. This sur
vey, for which congress appropriated
10,000, has developed several new
facts. Heretofore the tbeorr has been
to erect a dam so as to raise the level
of the upper St. Croix lake 14 feet in
order to obtain a supply of water for
the operation of the locks. This
would add still another lock. Tbe en
gineers have discovered that by dredg
ing o as to lower this lake eighteen
inches a level gtrereh of water twentv-
four mile in length can be obtalned.l
The total length or th proposed canal
is about 112 miles. Tbe total cost has
not yet buen estima'ed. but it is
thought it will not exceed 9UO,000,000.
InaopH K. f uinixtt Wfddvd.
Uavknpokt. Ia., Fov. 22. Joseph
K. Kmmett, the actor, with hi com
pany, arrived in this city to Oil an en
gagement. A few minute after ar
riving Mr. Km melt, proceeded to the
court house, where he asked for a mar
riage license. Mmrtly afterward the
acior and Miss May Naggint Stevens,
a member of the company, drove up to
the residence of Canon Rogers of the
Kpifccopal church and asked him to
perform the marriage ceremony, which
he did.' A little earlier Mr, Km met t
bad called upon Hector Weaver, but
boding him absent explained that be
could not wait.
At l Old olrilrr Heme.
Leavknwortii, Kas Nov. 22.
Major General MeCook made a visit to
tbe Midler' home and was received
with a salute of tbirteeo gun, lie was
accompanied by Colonel Hawkins, tb
oomroaodaot of Ft Leavenworth,
Major. eorge 11. Davie, the judge ad
voeatse, Mr. Hawkine, wlfaof lite PL.
Leavenworth commaodaot, and In.
PMVof General Brtckinridr,' (ieneral
Mecook nod otbara of tae parly d
i In tbe eVBlBl . . rn. JBn
. V9,ntlWmmm partial li
Ii-MiufKii biti
Stccbevv llk Sot. SL-Bf ai
eanloalon of coal dust yau.r iy after-
aooo , min miUt
... . ,, D..i.r(i-
we' of Kleub-uville on the Panhandle
railroad, seven men were killed
four badly Injured.
The occurred in No. entry,
1,000 yard trim th mouth, anl was
caused by a new Italian baud firing an
overcharged blast woicn ignitel the
coal dust. Tuere was forty-eigbt mB
of tbe explosion olew them nearly U
i yards out of the muth of the mine
tod landed Roouey lt the track, killing
; bim, while Donnelly iandfl in a gulley.
' striking his tie id a; iinU a poit, sill
, lug his brains all over it. I lis wife was
the first to fmi him. and she may die
of the shoe. .
Hundreds crowded abut the mouth
of the mine where tome tragic aud sor
sow ful scenes were enacted. A rescue
party consisting of Ceorge lienbow,
Nick Kemis, John Muter, Jo'tn Stewart
and William Davis volunteered and
went in after the bodies and brought
them out. The sight of the dead men
caused several women to swoon. Pros
ecuting Attorney Cotton and Coroner
Watkinshaw or Wellrburg arrived
shortly after the accident and took
charge of ttie bodies. They will con
duct a rigid Investigation, as this ttn
second accident of this kind that has
occurred as this mine, the other oo
November 21, when three were
killed and seven Injured. The state
mine inspector will be here o!i and
Lis report will show where the blame is
to be attached.
William Davis was in ths mine en
try, 150 feet from the entrance. When
he heard the explosion he laid down
near ttie rib of lbs mine aud the whirl
wind, carrying rocks and fire, passed
over him. An empty car elan ling at
the entrance was blown 25) yard. The
mine is owned by W. fc. Smith of
WelUvllle sua T. O. Smith of New
Cumberland. Rowlands was a former
resident of Bridgeport and Morria is
the only colored man Io the crowd.
The miners blame tbe accident on the
iuexperieiiced Julian miners and de
clare they will not work with any
lie nrnad Without tb Cui a Gng
Mokooek, I. T, Nov. 21. Yt-afer
day afternoon about o'clocc 'lie fifty
Indian police and depaty tnarsaai
that have been pursuing the Co ik gang
since Thursday filed into Muskogee
with a man to tiieir credit. They re
ported to the marshal's olli -e that they
bad scoured the Arkansas bottoms and
failed to find a member of the gang.
Tbe ofbe-rs had been out since Thurs
day. They were monted and thor
oughly equipped at the expense of the
government and placed In the Held to
remain until the bandits were captured.
After the arrival aud report of the
otllcers Attorney Jackson and Marshal
McAlester wired Attoniey-Geueral
Olney that the situation was critical
and growing worse every day. Mr.
Jackson, In his message to Olney, called
his ntteullon to the statut-s authori.
Ing the government to usa troops to
apprehend criminal to an Indian
country. Marshal Mc Vlester has also
asked that bloodhound) Lm sent to
trail the bandits io casa they keep to
tbe mountain. It Is reported that five
meruiiers of the bandi's role Into le
border of Muskogee yesterday after
noon and took topper in one of the
dives. Two of the ganz rode down
town, dismounted on jl le trrt and
walkedTuto the posTouiee Vi3i their
Winchesters under their overcoats,
purchased a uepap -r and rods boldly
out of towii.
The United Slates commissioner
saw them in the olUee and at once put
out the patrol ou their trail, but as the
officer pursuing are on foot the gang
will toon reach their safe retreat. Fri
day night Dine of tbt outlaws slept in
one of the dive on the edge of town.
On mat night tbe northbound passen
ger train was to have been roboed
while in Muskogee, but the officers
suspected that something was up and
were at the depot when the train ar
rived at 10 o'clock and prevented the
holdup. Suspect are being arrested
and Jailed every day and the ciliaeus
continue bi wear their arma.
Still Mom Iim.
8a.v Fiuscisco. Nov. 21. There ii
till a faint hope that the passengerf
and crew of the lost ship Ivauhoe are
till alive and If tbey were not picked
up by some outgoi ng vrssel bound for
a distant part, they may be cast away
on some of the many barren islands of
the far north. The United HUtes reve
nue cutter Rush, lias been ordered
north to join the search of the missing
ship or the crew aud passengers who
may have been cast adrift and left port.
1 he Ivanhoe, a collier, sailed for 8an
Francisco on September 27. she car.
ried a crew of twenty tnn and several
paseiigers, Including three women and
Fred J, Grant, editor of the Seattle
Post Intelligencer,
Ml aijp Itrtrk Harnad
New Yobk.Xov.2I-A blgsn-.torj
brick store bouse at Benson and Leon
ard street, belonging to E. . Jeffrey &
Oo., a dry goods Arm, was burned and
fer nearly an hour tbe main building of
the lira at Broadway and Leonard
treeu, and aeveral valuable building
eurrouodlDf It, were alto in i mm went
danger of destruction. Only tbe
trettuooa effort of the Oremen averted
terrible eon itarration ' Jaw... ,
Wasmi.s-uton. D.C.. N'jv. 2J. -Inter
est In tbe Jraoaee-CUioe war inc
ilia publication of the fact that Japau
ill roiv advancalookiug to the eat
tlemeiit of the controveMy alone from
China C itres la tho speculation con
cerning tha limit of further duration
of hostilities. It Is assumed tbat tbey
will In all probability cs with the
fall of Port Arthur. This paint is sa d
by these acquainted with it,, to be
superior to even (i.bra'tar in ' Its
natural and artificial resources of de
fense. The Japanese papers coneeeds
tiittLf Hung .Chang has assert bM
there the flower of the Chinese army,
and admitted e7en that the estimates
of their number are exaggerated by
bX) per cent, owing to th- real strength
of the garrison, good authorities declare
that b.OXl well-uiaciplined lrops cau
hold the place for a periol li .n.teJ only
by the amount of stores on hand.
Knglish and Germ ui engineers in the
employ of the Chinese govern
ment have mined the u.usl approaches
rormected with the port Itself by undet
croiinil electric wires, so that the Japa
nese army under Oyama, which Is pro
ceeding to invest the place, has been
compelled to advance by detours from
the roads over the rough hilly couutry
so the rate of progress necessarily
has been slow.
I'kkssino on rmtr akthi'ii.
Al the dale of latest advices the Jap
anese tPKipa were forty miles from
Port Art'.ur and it is Iropoislble to
more than approximate the date of
their arrival at their proposed destina
tion. That (ieneral Oyama will re
solve upon an assault is doubted by
many who bav followed the progress
of the mar
It is believed In we l-lnformed cir
cles that a siege will be resorted to by
'tie Japanese commander. This can be
maintained through the winter, ills as
sert el, without entailing special suf
fering upon the troop, lloth China
and Japan are believed to be anxious
for A sirf-euy cessation of hostilities.
One well-informed diploa-at, speaking
of the probabilities said:
"The reigning dynasty in China most
knntv that in case the Japanese reach
Pekin its fall is certain. They wjil,
therefore, be anxious to conc'ule a
peace before that event can bapen.
should Hi dynasty fall wild that gov
ernment, would the Japanesa treat for
settlement? It seems to Die It would
be much better for tho Japanese that
the present government of China
should continue tu power, even If they
don't quite get Pekln. The Chinese
would fall to fighting among them
selves for the succession to the throne
with such bitterness that success over
the factions aould bj but a h.trren
A H lver-lungard Oratar ld.
Tit UN, O. Nov. 23. Gen. W. H. Gib
son died at. fl o'e'ock Jasl evening. He
was we;l known throughout the length
and breadth of the land as "Gen. Hili
Gibson, the sii ver-tnngued orator." He
born in Jefferson county, Ohio,
seventy-tvo years ago and came to
Seneci county with his parents when
he was but live mouths old. No politi
cal campaign, state or national, ws
thought to be thoroughly Inaugurated
until Hie clarion hotee of "Hill Gibson"
were heard in behalf of ttie principles
and policies of the repi.bhcHii party,
tt whs not In political discussion alone
that General Gibson ws pupubir as an
orator. At soldiers' reunions pioneers'
meetings, etc.. he was alw irs in gren'
domsn 1, and the nriiionii',iiiftt tlit'
be had promised to be present i7ilJ
invariably a'tractj a larger attemlai.c'.
than a',1 other inducement combined.
I pon the outbreak of ttie war Gen
eral GiUou raised Hie Forty-ninth regi
merit and Was commissioned its colonel.
While leading a charge at the battle ot
Khiloh tie received a severe bayonet
wound and had three horses shotuiidrr
him. Kooti. however, he was at the
head of the regiment mid gallantly
serv. d until the end of the mar, for
two years as b igadler division com
mander, and counted the dead upou no
less tlisn forty-two field of battle.
I'poti the election of Charles Foster as
governor in 1HTU General Gibson be
came his adjiiUrit-genersi and In that
capacity rendered Hie stale valuable
rramlairat ferbonl Had.
Yaxktos, s d., .No,, 2:i More
certificates on fraudulent school bonds
were received and pay merit refused by
the local manager for Pierce, Wright A
Co. Harry Filer, private secretary for
J. T. M. Pierce, who ha had charge of
hii ffiut here, was In New York en
route to London Irom Yankton. Il
had been cabied that 1 irce hid
swindled his friends ont of IMOiO and
be has g.ine to 1jinlori to ascertain the
extent of Pierces speculation. it , rp.
ported here that furmers to whom
Pierce, Wright A; Co, had made loa-ts
ia this state will suffer large los-es.
Money pitld to release Inotgagei wiu
recipled for, but the mortgage, have
uot been released. Borrower will pro
bably be obliged to par again.
Nkw Yokk, Nov. 23.-The steamer
Alamo of the ,UI lory line, widen ar
lived her Irom Galveston M dlacov.
red to be on fire at I oVIqck yesterday
morning. She carried a full cargo ol
6,000 bale of cotton and some tobacco
and ieneral merchandise. It wa
found neeeeaary to partially (ink th
McMr la order U av ber, and twe
b were eut in her, and ana eetUed
nUllm aaiD (took wa w
Saariei fern baa brekea out at
A reeding eirele la
organized at Syraeuae.
The Telegrapt reporu several
of diptwia near Friaod. - .
The Dew opera bouse at Madise:
be completed this week.
Over 130 teams are at work oil
Irrigation ditch near Sargent.
A camp of Modern Wood me rl
been organized at Milllgau.
The state Irrigation eooventloaf
hold forth at Kearney l)eceoirj
and 19. ..,.,.
H. Winchester of Gibboo ha
Adjudged insane and will be take
the asylum at Norfolk.
D. W. Frownfeltar lias comma
the shipment of twenty carlo
straw from Adams to Lincoln,
A man named Nioti. who hsi
Randolph, languishes in J til et
with the crime of .eailng a sadd i
Tbe W. C. T. V. ha the figur
show that Nebraska spent last yei
itrong drink eleven million and
dd dollar.
Campbell & Sou of Drock
n.ippvd seventy-live car of applet
teasou and Hill send one LuudrrU
to Hie toaikeis in tbe northern r
the state.
The gw I Methodists of Crele c
uiianiiiioiis vote m favor o( ln,
women as dlegsl-s to tbe genersi
fcrence. And St. Paul looked
and wept.
Charlie Gibson of t, Fdwards m
paring to stoop all the geese Iron
rice fields ot i ritish Columbia. I
the possessor of a real live, iquu
wlid brant,
F.merton boast of a brick bu.
the Drst one in town. It is to I
copied by the Farmer' State bauk
lory, and the A. r. and A. M
have lodge rooms iti the second.
The recently suspended Dixon I
has come to life agaiu under the
management of J. M. and F. J. !
ing. It will s'eer clear of p litlci
cumin It sell to printing the news
r c , ti .,
I'baiiy, the auce Coun'y Mile :
derer, as Hie first prisoner luca
ated in the iiew jail at Fullertou
i ipec ed to hang In April, but his
torney have tiled objection In the
premc court on the ground that i
Mis Vesta Gray, daughter of V.
Gray, a prominent attorney of Fre i
argued a will case before the c-
court this being her first effort In
directum. Mis tiray acquitted
self admirably, presenting the p
of law In the case without brail
and showing scommeiidable faoiil;
with the Subject.
James I rttteu wa may ir of W,,
lie was also a candidate for repre J
Htivetothe legislature. The J.r
fore the e'ecUou h resignei as ni
and the next day the voters dn
tbat he should riot go to the le
ture. Then he was a root tesj-
private fltten, out of a job, wit :,
iroiibles of office to worry over,
r"w "-"'
After January 1. says the Pi
mouth News. the. Burlington A; .'.
ourl will begin work on their OreoJ
budge which will b entirely ret
except the long span across t'.e
hei, which is neatly new. This
give employment to a large tore
men ail winter. There will be
lderable work done In tiling the tr
at ti e mil end of the .Missouri t r
aVi, af'er :he tegmiiiiig of Ihe
llurginr entered the postoflice
the general merchandise store of
iramer Son at Hardy. At the j
office they secured only a dollar o:
in change in pennies. At Crame
Hon s they blew the safe door to l
in an expert manner and secure
couple of dollar, some notes and o
papers of no value to anyone ei
the owner. They also took some p
a :ew pacxet knives and a couple
aarx wine-colored I edora hat,
rstterris. There seemed to be tw
them, and they fitted themselves
with clothes, knives, etc. Only a n
or two ago a small town eouth of h
in Kansas, was glvm a call.
A prairie lire about three mile n
of Fremont caused considerable
age. it was started by a tenant
tne tiioson farm who was bun
some ruobish out of a dry dl'eh on
east S'Oa or the Itroad street gr
road. The lire got beyond his coi
weeping southward aod eastw
until extlngouhed. Several bun
sober worth of hay belonging tt
K. Got! was destroyed and a great
ot (eticing was also badly damag
he post burning off close to
ground l.oberl Cramer wits hell
light the tire and with Lis team
buggy was surrounded, lie let
horses loose 1ni in iim.. II
singed somewhat himself aud
boggy was burned, Ihe (Ire
eventually stopped by well dire,
hard work on ths part of everybod
Hie neighborhood.
It is said the K. of I lodge at l'
win present, among other entert
mani mis winter, the play' "Dan
and Pythias"
Lyon bad o man tone-hs a fail 1 .
i Bummer, li na proen
rai punuer. Not a pritouer
www sawn loOfM la Jt, ,
n ivuua bbm namea r'rasna rerfii
' J
ly red from MaiwhaJitAn I
Cretf-Uo, UM tfteta, In three an4
: : .