The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, April 26, 1894, Image 5

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L. J. Simmon. Editor and Proprietor.
F. '.. & M
. mlxnl, II :I5 So.
V ?!. H. Tim t.Ur.
Iih K.n-t.
Hiiifd 63
Wu-at-XT l(iihrl VI
jx-r Iiili-1 ... 4t
( orn -1 x-r bu.-u-I 7
KUirtt-lT humlrid 1 i
Hntn-iH-r liuiniri'fl f o
ft-i it rhopiHil- ju r hunilrnJ t. 1 K
I'otiitofn-JMT lniflK-1 . "
Ksk per lo
Pmiltry-ppr Aur. 50
Oukidx pT 9. S J
IWti ht B- . - 4 t
( Ofll- KT toil 5 (10
W 0;kI - )i t cord 3 5fi
l.tiiiiU'r iiHtivo ik-r ni. ft - lo 00
m 'orrwt-d every Thursday.
All tierMnii indebt-' " The Juhsai
oo anv account and all indebted
gtiWription to tlie hub' mlsitt are
urged to call and settle at an early date.
We desire to liave a settlement with
every one on our books and want to
raise fundi with which to meet our bills.
If you cannot pay cash, notes w hich
we tun get money w ill 1 acceptable.
Do not delay this matter as it deserves
your immediate attention.
E. F. Pontius in exH-ted
f(), Long Piiib today.
Attorney E. V". Imly
Crawford vestcrdav.
in Harrison in the
Itemember that Tun- Jwksal oflice
is headquarters for job printing.
The JovRXai. and the Irrmjaiin Ay,
Ixjth one year for 3.-"0 cash in advance.
If you want to sell your land, list it
with' Simmons & Smiley, real estate
Paner nankins for sale at TllK
J'irnsAi. oflice.
If you want to learn about irriga
tton subscrilie for tlio Imujti'Unl Aye,
Subscriptions taken at this oflice.
The I.ulies' Aid Society nK't yester
dav afternoon with Mrs. (Jeorce
Sherill' Dew cxects to remove hi
flock of sheen to the vicinity of his
claim in Wurbonnet precinct.
For reliable, (irst class dental work
of any kind, go to T. J. Gibson, Craw
fold, Nebraska.
Mrs. Helling will ha in IJarrison,
with a Ktock of .Millinery May 1st. And
'w ill titay one week.
Foil Sai.B. A first-class sewing
machine, new. Impure at THE JoiksaL
Samuel Jenkins, practical boot and
hhoe maker. Cowboy lioots a specialty
Repairing promptly and neatly done.
Satisfaction guaranteed. Shop second
, door south court house.
Strayed From the residence of the
undersigned, near Glen, two dark bay
mares, three years old, weight about
"1,200 pounds, each, branded coifs foot
A lilieral reward will be paid for infor
mation leading to their recovery.
' James T. Mason, Glen, Neb.
On Sunday April 29, Rev. R. J. I)ev-
enport, pastor of llw Methodist church at
'Douglas, Wyo., will preach at Hodarc at
11 u. m., and at Harrison at 7 p.m. The
iionle of Bodarc will olease take notice
i i
of tlm change of the hour tor that day
The regular hour will bo observed there'
after. No service
V. S. Johnson was tip from (jlen on
Monday and informed us that they
would begin to make ciieee next week.
.they expect a much greater output this
year than any previous year.
J. M. Smiley i,i moving to his home
stead east of town. As it is alxut ten
miles from town Jim says lie will not
come in after h upper to get bis nmil dur
ing the busy season
Geo. dinger has arranged to run the
town herd and will put a competent
person in charge so that those who en
trust their cows to him ran be sure that
they will be properly cared for.
Two frames of base ball have teen
plaved during the post week Ik -l ween the
married men and single men and tin-
I..H..I- hiivH Wn defeated in both. The
games atfotd a great- deal of amusement,
The farmers report that the ground
is in excellent condition and that the
early grain is coining on nicely. All an
look in;; forward to a rood crop this sea-
,,n Mini if their hones are realized a great
tii'-inv new neonio will ooioe to Sioux
, .
It is reported that live hundred men
will begin work on the extension of the
l. & M. railroad from Sheridan, Wyo.,
on the first of Mav. That will afford an
iiloi-t unity for a good many to work
ulm would rather heln build railroads
(ban to join (.'oxoy's cranks.
SniAYi:a From the undersigned, 1
ted tow, 4 years old, white spot in fore
head, dehorned; 1 dark-bl ind lo half-blood
Jersey heifer, 2 years old, heavy with
calf. Liberal reward for information
(coding lo their recovery.
E. E. Smiley,
Harrison, Neb.
. Wo have not len sending out stale
fnenls lo those, v. ho come to this place
I'reoiiently, but all such who have a
counts are requested to call and see how
hey Bland. This is especially urged on
those whowj accounts came into our
possession by the late newspaper deal
One of the most interesting enter
tainments that has been given in this
i. In for some time was Hint by the
Junior League nt the church last Frl
dnv ovenlnif. Much credit duo to
.Mrs. Phlnney, the president of the organ
ization, wlto was the manager of the
program). The only criticism we wish
lo wake is to say that the program was
uiont too lonjf.
All kinds of wood work Uoue at
'riddy'u blacksmith shoji, ojiposite TllK
Joi'RSAi. otlice.
Take out a (smcy in the Preferred
Mutual Accident Association. It is
cheap and reliable. L. J. Simmons,
Rememlier that The Jm'RNAl. clubs
with almost any publication in the
Unittsl States and can save you money
on your matter fcr the ensuing
Itev. Julian, presiding elder of this
district, will preach at the M. E. church
on Sunday evening, May 6th.
The new village board piet on last
Thursday evening and organized by the
election of D. II. Griswold as chairman.
A. Hester was appointed treasurer
and L. J. Simmons, clerk.
District court will convene on next
Tuesday and it is not likely that it will
last more than a couple of days. The
farmers who are called here as jurors or
witnesses will be glad if iL is arranged so
that their stay may be short for all have
nlentv of work to do at home at this
season. There will lie no cases of upeciul
interest to the public and it is doubtful
if a single case will come before a jury.
Bishon Graves and Rev. Irvine of
the Episcopal church will lie in Harrison
on Friday, May 11th, and will hold ser
vice.) at the church in the evening. The
Bishop is a pleasing and instructive
bear him will lie
speaker and all who
well repaid.
As house cleaning lias been the order
this week County Clerk Blewett decided
to keep up with the procession so on
yesterday he took off his coat and went
lo work und made a great change in the
appearance of his otlice by the applica
tion of water and elbow grease.
A lawsuit is booked for today be
fore Justice Smiick. It seems that
Henry Wertz bought a horse of Ed
Blunt and when he went to get the
animal which was in the possession of
Fit Smith that individual claimed to
own it and refused to irive it up. Wertz
thereupon replevined the horse and the
trial today ill be for the ownership.
V. T. Clark is attorney for Wertz and
G. Guthrie will look after the interests
of Smith.
The Gitcliell Comedy Company will
appear at the hall in Harrison on tomor
row, Friday, evening. The papers down
the road where the company has played
sav that thev irive a good entertain
ment and it is so seldom that a show of
any kind conies that it is safe to say that
nil who can will attend. The company
does not pretend to give anything heavy
but has a number of specialties which go
to make an interesting entertainment,
The walk along the county property
is completed and the repairs on the court
house are lieing made so that it will be
considerably improved by the time court
convenes. It was hoied that the com
fort and convenience of the judge would
be added to by the removal of the
"pulpit" and the substitution of a plain
low platform and a table, but the county
board did not see lit to provide for it.
The village authorities do not see their
way clear to put in the crossing just at
tlii lime but it will likely lie done in
the near future.
( oustal de Russell was up from An
drews the last of the week consullin,
County Attorney Con ley in regard to the
White river seining episode mentioned in
Tins Joi.t.sal last week. The parties
agreed to unoear at the otlice of Justice
Kastor the first of the week for a hear
ing, but they failed to keep their
nromisp. evidently tliilikintr that the
matter would be dropied. In this they
were mistaken for the people oil along
tlio river, und in fact all over the county
who want the law complied with and the
(Ish with which the streams have been
stocked allowed lo grow, ure watching
the matter with interest, and more than
that lawubiding people of Dawes county
have sent assurance of their aid and
support in the prosecution of the van
dals. We did not learn the names of
any of the parlies but are informed that
they will lie well looked after by the
county attorney mid it is quite likely
that if necessary the state llsh commis
sion will take a hand in the matter.
The case is an miorlant one, for if it is
drnped it will be saying practically
that all may seine as much as they
please mid destroy all Urn young llsh
with which Hie streams are being
stocked and that the work of the fish
commission which is paid for by the
state shall bo of no consequence, Every
one who desires to seo that the laws are
enforced should lend all the aid and
encouragement iossible to the ofllcias
id tle prosecution Pf t!l fll!
was up
Mrs. M. ('. l"oau was a Harrison visi
tor the first of tn week.
Peter Henry and daughter, Miss Lil
lian: were in town on Monday.
Mrs. Kikliock was .a Harrison on
Friday and made a short call.
H. rirundirtJ was in Harrison Saturday
and called at this think shop.
J. V. Smith liecame a resident of the
county seat the first of the week.
Mrs, Asa Davis and sons arrived from
Hot Springs the lirst of the week.
S. J. Leeling was in town Tuesday and
made an agreeable call at tins oflice.
11. E. Brewster arrived last evening to
look after Ins Sioux county interests.
Jacob Forster and John Meckem were
in town Saturday making final proof.
John Dout was doing business at Har
rison Tuesday and called to see the
Harry Churchill bus stopped attending
school to prepare to go on the horse
C. B. Hollingsworlh was walking on
the side walks at the county seat on
Rev. J. . Kendall goes to Maoville,
Wyo., Saturday to fill the pulpit of Rev.
Devenport on the follow ing day.
Mr. ami Mrs. B. F. Moore were up
from the south part -of the county on
Saturday and made a pleasant call at
this oflice.
Kirtli to Vou-Koltlcijt liefi-iidiiit.
To hantord II. Tliouijwm, lion resident
dWeiidMiit :
mi ure lii-ri'1,3' not in-d flint un tlm 2fth
dav at Mkii-Ii, a. It. I".4, harlct s. lirowne
tiled in tlie IM-Iri'-I 1 ourt of siimx oimty,
Nelirttktt, liU etitiou HUHiu-t you mm de
fendsiit. tlie oiijts-t mid prayer of w hich
to have Hli.aei-ouiitiiiK of tile amount due
ujioii h priiif-ipal note of Pri.(Iu, dated May
jntli, A. I. Ky. and due's yearn alter date
with M-fni annual int-i-re-t thereon at the
rsu-of 7 j-r centum a-r annum, executed
and deliverd by you to the Western Jrarni
Mortg-ntre Company, which said payment
of interest were further evidenced by ten
couiMjn note- attached to said principal
note, of e en dale therewith, each lor the
Hum ol lu..'ie und iiuiturin on the first dav
ol June and tieeemlier in e;teh year which
aaid promissory nid4x have heeii eudor--d
and di-livered to this pluiutilt'; to ton-close
the mortgaxe d-ed kici-ii to secure the pay
ment of said note-., u)hu the northwest
quarter ot section twenty two lt in town
bhip twenty-nine i1. north .of rane tilty
three west, iii said county for the pay
ment and satisfaction thert4if totfetht-r w ith
taxes paid hy au id plaintirt lor tl.c. protee
tiou of his security, and for general
And you ure further notified and required
to answer said iietition on or la-fore the
uth day ot iay, A. i. ixvt.
3U-S!j Al.HF.KT Vt . CKITKS,
Attorney for Plaintiff.
First Publication prilft, Is'.di
ISiisiiclIN LiUle Joke.
Crawford Triliun.
There is some talk of a county seat
contest in Sioux county this summer.
A proposition will in all probability be
submitted for the removal of the county
seat from Harrison to Andrews. It is
owing to the lack of good water facili
ties at Harrison that the movement has
been sprung.
As Harrison "went wet" at the recent
election the little matter of water cuts
no. figure. Ed. J
Old pars for sale at The Journal
oflice. 5 cents per dozen.
J. w. cott opened the ice cream
season last Monday evening and served
it to a large number of the people.
G. W. Stevens received notice the
(irst of the week that one of the horses
w hich he had sent to Edgemont had died
A number have asked if they can
get any gold fish when the fish car
conies up. There will be no gold fish to
be had before fall ar,d there is no cer
tainty that there will then.
At Casper, Wyo., they are. shearing
sheep by steam. That will doubtless
be fully as humane as was the treatment
given the sheep by the professional
shearers who formeily did the work.
We are in receipt of a letter from
J. G. Morns who is at Jewetta, C'al, He
says he and his family made the trip all
right and like the place very much. It
has been very dry in that state, the
southern portion being completely dried
out and as a result times are hard.
If looks as if the creamery project
would have to be given up for this year
as it is getting so late in the season. It
would lie a good plan for the farmers to
begin right now to make their arrange
ments so as to have one ready to begin
operations next spring. The main draw
back to tlie establishment of a plant this
season has been the fact that the farmers
had no money with which to pay for the
stock in the company and the business
men were not able to take all the stock.
If the matter is taken hold of now and
the farmers set themselves about it with
the determination of having IK','.") or oO
ready to put into the enterprise during
the coming fall or winter it will be com
paratively an easy matter to establish
the creamery; If the ow ners of cows
want to get more than eight or ten cents
a pound for their butter they know they
can do it by taking hold of the creamery
project and making it a go. It would be
lielter if the furmers would own nil the
stock and conduct tho business them
selves for then they would have no one
to kick nt und charge with not running
it in the interest of the farmers. There
is no doubt that a creamery here would
lie a paying institution both to patrons
and stockholders if once established and
it would pay tho farmers better than
anv oilier class.
inT. nnnwer Ann an nminut opinion, write io
NN A- (!0. whohavoliannuurljrllflryenM
prompt, nnnwor n.
MINN v CO.. who linvo had miarlr
ximrii.-nni In tho rimKmt biiKInc. Omiroiink-ji-
tlm M.ilrtlr nnnfldmiUa!. A llnnithnali of In
formation oonoornliijf I'iiIphin and bow to oh
tnln llidin nont fnHi. Aloo n cutnlovue of mechan
ical and sclentlllo hook wot fn-o.
Patunu la-kan turauKU Munn ft CO. receive
pnelAl notion In the Nrleiillllc Anierlrnn, and
tluia are brought widely tadnrnlhe public with
out omit to the Invuntor. Thin uplendld paper,
liwiind weekly, nlesolil ly lllnmruted. baa by far I ho
larvoat rlniulatlnu of any Kileiitltlc work In tho
world. 4I; year. Hnnipln copies Bflnt free.
Bulldlna KdltloD. monthly, llftua rear. Mlnelo
eoplHA, 'J.i oenu. Kvery nuniiaw oontatna ixau-
ulldert to nhow 111
Practices in all tlie courts and before
U. S. Land Oflice.
gl LUVAN A fOM.KY, tawyem.
Will j-hactick in- all this local, state
and federal courts and U. IS. Lund oflice.
t t t t
Office in Court House,
Wagon and Carriage Makers.
Repairing done on short notice.
Gixid w ork and reasonable ehurges.
Shop south of livery burn.
llAliKISON. ... seb,
J. E. PHINNEy, M. J). -
Physician and Surgeon.
All culls given prompt attention.
Oflice la Drug Store.
Fashionable Barber & Hair Dresser.
(live l me ; u l Call,
Harrison, Nehr.
own following lyiunl :
Write for Catalogue to
Chicago, 111.
ilfnl ptatem, In oolort, end ptiotoeraphi of nw
nooMi. witn mm, eneRiim buiioim to now iu
hWP't (isnlfrnt aud wrura intrM. AiidmM
h 17 TTfIT IF
m im easiest-
AfFMcv rna
The above picture is intended to call
A 1 1 e n t i o
i . -; - -
Have the largest and most complete stock of
Ever offered to the people of Harrison, and we are confide),'
that we can suit all, both in
Our stock of Dry Goods, Groc i
Hats, Caps, Underwear an ?
Furnishing goods is
We have for Men, YOUTH'
and Boys; which we
are selling at
We also carry a full line of
Hardware, Flour and Fee
Harrison, Nab,
Bend TEN cent to 38 Onion tq H. Y.,
for our prlie (tame, " Blind Luck," and
win n Wow Home Sewing Machine.
cf ho New Home Sewing Machine Co,
ILL. tO10-A'iO-"'ft' 1AU
u;ar f OR SALE BY "u,itv
New Homh Skwinu Maciiin Co.,
M N- UtliSt., Mo,
Fine Spring
Suits and Overcoa
Made to Order,
From $25.00 to $4
Also cleaning and repairing done in first-class order,
J. Cerxy, Merchant Tailor,
dumber, Coal and Farm Implements
Sash, Doors, Blinds, Lime,
Lath and Shingles.
Windmill and Pump Suppli
Press Claims Company.
EUal with tlie interest of those having claims against, the ttovnmi-nt i
that of INVENTORS, who often lose the benefit of valuations bu :,W ( tli
inconijienlency or inattention of the attorneys employed to obtain iteir jv.lent-,
Too nnich care cannot be exercised in employing competent and rnhubk r.cli.;i.-rt' i
to procure iiatents, for the value of a patent depends greatly, if not .nn'ivly, upon
thft earn and skill of tlio ntt.ornev.
With a view of protecting inventors from worthless or carei-.-" :t(.tc.iwii
I . r i: ...ll .,,.1 ,1 1.., ,..,11.1 nn.,i. Tl'l' I'VlfUH
CLAIMS COMPANY has retained counsel expert in patent practice and i Uh-iv-fore
prepnred to
l'lti;s-;ci l K UKJK( TI-:i CASKS, ItKCIXTKK TIt ADK MARKS ami Clll' . I ii t) t -
i::nhki! opinions to scopk unit VAi.nuTV of
I'okci;tk and ukkkxd inkhinc;k.mi-:nt svits,
ir yon have an invention on hand send THE PRESS CLAIMS M!'.VN t
sketch or photograph thoreof, together with a brief description of v unpr-i tain
features, and you will be at once advised as to the liest course to jnn-si-.e. MmlelK
are not necessary unless the invention is of a complicated nature. If .rlluT; mv
infringing on your rights, or if you are charged with infringement by olln i -, .ub
niit the matter to us for a reliable OPINION before acting on the matt")-.
Thr Press Claims Company,
(IIS F street, northwest WASHIirOTCN I '
P. O. l?ox 40.1. JOHS weddkiuujrn, managing altor" ,'
WW V..t. VKK W. ""A tt TWt ttMi'tf r? 4