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    The Sioux County Journal,
UTakra for Ilia Kubjprt From Cit,u
to n ,ur,tIB MirUlUnlly ttrlrograd.
Uig and tt lllbln Iw Hol.i?-Aii
Lucouragiug Ujiourar,
At th TitlMfniAt'te.
laXhe Hi'iHiSilvn Tabornarln Knnduv
Dr. TaliiiaL'e ireacnuJ a jmwt
elojucnt ami (huriK'teristicallv vior
our sermon in refutation of the oft ra
liewvd ah.i tiin of the onc-mius of re
ligion that ( hribtianity in retrograd
ing and the Bibio losing its hold uxm
tin! hearts ami eonM-icneisn of men.
The nulrect of tho diwourne wan.
"From 'omiu.-ut to 'onijuet." tho text
Udnj: taken from Anion ix, VI, He
hold, the d;iy conn), huith the Lord,
that the plowman shall overtake the
reapeiH. ''
i'icturc of a troiie;il elimo w ith a
eu.n o ;iro,H).TOii that the harvest
reaehes clear over to the planting
time, tnd tlie nwurthy hiihbiuidiiiiin
swinging the sickle in the thick irruin
almost feels the br ath of the horses on
hit hhoiililer.-i, the hor.-;s bitolied to
the flow pri-puring for a new crop
'Hohold, the days come, Baith tho
Lord, that the lowmun shall over
take the reu'ei-." When H that?
That is now. 'J'jiat is this day w hen
liar II v have you done reaping one hui
vest before tho plowman is getting
ready for anot her,
I know.- that many declare that
Ohriwtian'ty hm collapsed: that the
Ilibleisan olwnleie hook: that tho
Christian church i on the retre;it. I
will here and now show that the opo
site of that is true.
An Arab guide was leading n French
intidcl m-ro-H a detit'i't, and et er and
anon the Arab guide would gi-t down
in the sand and pray to the l-oid. It
UiHk'Usled the French inlldel. and after
awhile a-, the Arab gut up from one of
hi prayers the infidel said. "How do
you know there is nnv Cody" and the
Arab guide suid: "How do I know that
a man an 1 a camel passed along our
tent hist night? 1 know it by the foot
prints in the .-ami. And you want to
know how I know whether there is any
iod. Look at that Kunsut. Is that the
footstep of a man,''' And by the sumo
process you and I have come to tinder
bland that thin intuit is tho footstep of
Growth ol ( Mrlxt Unity.
But now lot us nee whether tho
Hiblo is a last year's almanac. Let u
sea whether the church of God is a
liull Run retreut, musketx, canteens,
and haversacks strewing all the way.
The great English Historian. Sharon
Turner, a man of vast learning and of
great accuracy, not a clergyman, but
an attorney h well as a hintorian.glves
this overwhelming statistic in regard
to Christianity and in regard to the
number of Chri-tiun in the d liferent
centuries: In tho first cent ry, ."iOJ.'ioo
Christian, in the necond eenturv,
aKt.OotJ Christians: In the third cen
tury, 5,0O0,Ot ( hristian.s; in the fourth
century, Hi.'HXJ.UM Christiana; in the
fifth century, l,"i,oUi,oo t Christians: in
tho nixth century, Uo.CO,', ooo Christians;
in tho seventh century, fe-U.U 0,0i 0
Christians in the eighth century, ''.),
WMOOO Christiansan the ninth century;
40,0 ,0,000 ( 'hristians; in the tenth cen
tury, f.0,oo,uoij Christians; in the
eleventh century, 70,-ioo,ooo Chris
tians: in the twelfth century, 0,000,0M)
Christians; in the thirteenth century,
7,",000.000 Christians; in the fourteenth
century, 0,00.),ooo I 'hrisuuns in the
flfteenih century, 10 ),000,(;0:t Chris
tians; in tho sixteenth century, 1 li,, -MiU,ooo
Christians; in tho seventeenth
century, l.V,Ooo,noo Chrii-tians in
the eighteenth . century, 2i:o,
000,000 Cliristians - a decadence, as you
olwcrvo, in only one century, and more
than made up in the following centur
ies, while it is the usual computation
that there will be, when the r ecord of
the nineteenth century is made up, at
least :MH';0y 0) Chi istians.
l'oor Christianity! What a pity it
lias no friends! How lonesome it must
Ixa! Who will take it out of tho ihxii
house'1 l'oor Christianity! Three
hundrod millions in one century. In a
few weeks of the year 1-S1
copies of tho New Testament distrib
uted. Why. the earth is like an old
castle with twenty gates and a park of
artillery ready to thunder down every
gate. Lay aside all Christendom and
heo how heathendo n is being sur
rounded and honeyeom!od and attacked
by this alt conquering goBpd. At tho
beginning of this century there were
only I'M miss dnaries. Now there are
Z' missionaries and native helpers
and evangelists At tho beginning of
this century there were only ijO.oO)
heathen converts. Now thero are
l,7."i0,oto converts from heathendom.
Thero is not a sea' Oast on the planet
but the battery of the gospel is planted
and ready to march on, north, south,
east, west. You all know that tho
chief work of an army is to plant the
butteries. It may take many days to
plant the batteries, and they may do
all their work in ten minutes. These
batteries are being planted all along
the seacoasts and in all nations. It may
take a good while to plant them, and
they may do all their work in one day.
Thoy will. Nations are to bo born in
a day. Hut just come back to Christ
endom and reeognio tho fact that dur
ing thu lust ten year as many people
have connected themselves with evan
gelical churvhes as connected them
selves with tho churches in the first
fifty years of this century.
Survival of tlm I'll !(,
People used to say, "There are so
muny ditleront denominations of ( hris
tians. That hIiows thero is nothing in
religion." I have to tell you that all
denominations agree on the two or
three or four radical doctrines of tho
Christian religion. They aro unani
mous in regard to Jesus Christ, and
they are unanimous in regard to tho
divinity of the Hcrlpturos. How is it
on the other doY All cplit up. You
cannot find two of them alika.
makes me sick to sea th-so literary
i Un goin along with a c y of Iter in
j under ouo arm and a case ol trai.slixed
j (drasj-hoppers un 1 ImttcrtHes under tho
other arm, telling a!iut the 'survival
( of the fittest, "and Huxley'B protoplasm
ana mo neimiar nyMitti'is:
, Tho fact is that some natura'ists, just
as soon as they tied out the dilicrence
between th feelers of a wasp and the
horns of beetle, liem to patronize
the Almighty, while glorious
Agansi., who never made any preten
sions of being a( hrintian, puts his feet
on the of evolution and says.
"I see that many ol the natim!it-ts of
our day are adopting facts which do
liot bear observation or have not
passed under olixervation.'' These
men warring with earn olher -T:trwin
waning against Lamarrhe. Wallace
warring against Cope, even Herschel
denouncing Ferguson.
They do not agree alsiut anything.
They do trot agree on embryology: do
riot agree on the graduation of the
1 hjiecies. What do they agree on?
Herschel writes a whole chapter on
the errors of tihlronomy. La l'la c de
; chires that tin' moon was not put. in tho
right, place, lie mu-s that Lit had
; been put four times farther from the
! earth than it in now then; wo ,ld be
' rnor harmony in the univer-e, but
Lionville. eonies up just in time to
j prove that t lie moon
! right place,
i I low many colors
light ,' Seven, says
I Three, savs Lavid
in tho
woven into the
Isaac Newton,
lirovv.-ter. How
high is ! he aurora boreallisV Twoand
I a half miles, says lias. .)ne hundred
j and sixty eight miles, says Twining.
I tiow lar Is the sun from the eart h?
Seventy-six million miles, says Laealle.
Light v-two million miles, says Hunr
Uildt. Ninety million miles, sitis Hen
derson. One hundred and four million
miles, says Mayer. (July a little dif
ference of '.oou.UH) miles! All split
up among themselves, not agreeing on
anything. They come, and say that
churrlic- of Jesus Christ are divided
on the great doctrines. All united
they are in Jesus Chris;, in t he divinity
of the Scriptures, While they come
up and propose to render their verdict,
no two of them agree on that ver-iLt.
"Centlemen of the jury, have you
agreed on a verdict?" asks the court
or t he clerk of the jury as they come
in after having spent the whole night
in deliberating. If tho jury say, "Yes.
we have agreed,'' tho verdict is re
corded, lint suppose one of the jury
men savs, "I think the man was guilty
of murder.'1 and another says, "I think
ho was guiily of manslaughter in tho
second degree." and another man says.
"I think be was guilty of assault and
battery with intent to kill," tho Judge
would say; "Go back to your room and
bring in a verdict. Agree on some
thing. That is no verdict.'1
No Growth o Inlldi-ilty.
Here these infidel scientists, have im
meled themselves as a jury to decide
this trial between iniiddity, tho plain
tiff, and Christianity, the defendant,
and utter being out lor centuries they
come In to render their verdict. Gen
tlemen of the jury, have you agreed on
a verdict? No, no. Then go back for
another .".'K) years and deliberate and
agree on something. There is not a
poor miserable wretch in the Tombs
iiurt to-morrow that could ! con
demned by a jury that did notagroe on
tho verdict, and yet you expect us to
give up our glorious Christianity to
please these men who cannot agree on
anyt hing.
Ah. my friends, the church of Jesus
Christ, instead of falling back, is on
the advance. I am certain it is on tho
advance. ) Lord God, tako thv sword j
from thy thigh and ride forth to th
I am mightily encouraged Iwrauso I
find among other things that while
this Christianity has been bombarded
for centuries inlidelity has not de
stroyed one church, or crippled one
minister, or uprooted one verse o" one
chapter of all the Bible. The church
all the time getting the victory, ami
the shot and shell of its i.nciii.c Jie-r.y
I have been examining their ammu
nition lately. I have looked all through
their cartridge Isixes. They nave not
in the last twenty years advanced one
new idea. They have utterly ex
hausted their ammunition in the bat-
"" " " " ' i
on iMi.ui t.-B, wniio uiu pttury ui wio
IyOrd Almighty is as keen as it ever
was. Wo aro just getting our troops
into line. They are coming upln com
panies, and in regiments, and in brig
ades, and you w ill hear a shout after
awhilo that will make tho earthquake
and the heavens ring with "Alleluia!'1
it will be this, "Forward, tho whole
And tlu n I find another most en
couraging thought in tho fact that tho
seculur printing press and pulpit seem
harnessed in the same team for tho
proclamation of tho gospel. Kvcry
Wall street banker to-morrow in New
York, every State street banker to
morrow in Boston, every Third street
banker to-morrow in Philadelphia,
every banker in the I'nlto 1 States and
every merchant will havo in his i ocket
a treatise on Christianity, a call to repentance-ten,
twenty, or thirty pass
ages of Scripture in the reports of ser
mons preached throughout these cities
and throughout tho land to-day. it
will bo so in Chicago, so in New Or
leans, so in Charleston, so in Boston,
so in Philadelphia, so everywhere.
I know tho tract t-oeieties are doing
a grand and glorious work, but I tell
you there is no jxiwer on earth to-day j
o uai to tne iacb biiiu mu niuiirii'-iiii
printing press is taking uptho sormoi's
which are preached to a few hundred
or a few thousand people, and on Mon
day morning or Monday evening, in
the morning and evening papers, scat
tering that truth to tho millions, What
a thought it is! What an encourage
ment for every Christian man!
A I t Worth Knowing.
Besides that have vou noticod that
during the punt few years every one of
tho doctrines of tho Bible came under
discutslon In tho secular props'? Do
you not remember a few years ago
when every apor in the Cnitod States
had an editorial on the subject, "Is
there such a Thing as Future 1'unish
nieut?' It was the strangest toing ;
that there should bo a dicussion in tlm !
sec-uiar jiajH-rs on that subject, but
everv pai;r in the I nited States and :
Christendom i iscuHsed, "Is There Such '
a Thing as Keiribution?" 1 know
there were small wits who made sjkji t
of the discussion, but there was not an !
intelligent man on earth who, as th
result of that discussion, did not ask.
himself the question, '"What is going,
to be my eternal destiny?" Ho it was j
in regard to Tyndall s prayer guage. I
A I out twelve ycaigago. you reinem-1
ber, tho bocular apers discussed that
w ith just as much earnestness as tho
religious papers, and th(;re was not a
man in
himself the questions" "Is there any-
. : - A, .i-
iiiinir in iir.iv er . .oay ine creature
impress the reator." Jh, what a
mighty fact, w hat a glorious fact-the
secular printing press and tho pulpit
o the church of Jesus Christ harnc: sed
in the same team!
Then look at the'international series
of Sunday school lessons. Do you know
that everv Sabbath between .'i and 5
o'clock there are "1,000,0011 children
studying the tt.tmu lesson - a lesson pre
pared by the leading minds of tho
country and printed in the papers and
then these subjects are discussed and
driven over to the teachers, who give
them over to the children, so whereas
once - and within our memory the
children nibbled here and there at a
story in the Bible, now they are taken
through from .enests to He volution,
and we shall have ;',I;0o children
forestalled for Christianity. My souf
is full of equitation. I feel as it I
could shout I will shout, "Alleluia,
! the Lord Cod omnipotent, reigiieth!'
w Iiiti sVH'nce Hun no
Then you notice a niorf
lr'. 'i
fact, If you have talked with people on
the subject, that they ur
getting ditt-
satisfied with philosophy
as a matter of comfort.
and s donco
ney say it
does not to anything when vou
have a dead child in the house. I hey
tell you when they were sick and tho
door of the future seemed opening the
only comfort they could find was in
the gospel. I 'eople are having demon
strated all over the land that science
and phi'oxophy cannot souiee the
trouble and woes of the world, arid
they want some other religion, and
they are taking Christianity, the only
sympathetic religion that ever came;
into the world.
You just take your scientific consola
tion into that room where a mother
has lost her child. Try in that ca-.e
your splendid doctrine of the "survival
of the fittest.' Toll her that child
died because it was not worth as much;
as the other children. That is you?
"survival of the fittest." Go to thai
dying man and tell him to pluck up
courage for the future. Use your
transcendental phraseology upon him,
Toll him he ought to be conlident in
tho "great to be," and the "everlast
ing now, '' and the "eternal what is it."
Just try your transcendentalism, and
your philosophy, and your science on
i him.
Go to that widowed soul and tell her
it was a geological necessity that her
j companion should Iw taken away !rom
j her, juht as in the cour.-eof the world $
I history the megatherium had to pass
j out of existence, and then you go on
! in your scientific consolation until you
: get to the sublime fact that ijo,ooo,ox,
i years from now we ourselves may lie
scientific specimens on a goologicaj
shelf - petrisied specimens of an extinct
human race. j
I And after you have got all through f
wun your consolation, if the poor a.
fiicted soul is not craved by it, I will I
send forth from this church the plain
est Christian wo have, and with one
half hour of prayer and reading of
Scripture promises the tears will be
wiped away, and the house from floor
to cupola will tie Hooded with the,
calmness of an Indian summer sunset.
There is where I see the triumph oi
Christianity, i'eoplo are dissatisfied
with everything olso. They want God,
They want Jesus Christ.
I'ra.'lh-Ml hvldcriiT. I
Talk about tho exact sciences; there
is only ono exact science. It is
not mathematics. Taylor's loga
rithms have many imperfections. The
only exact heienco is Christianity - the
only thing under winch
propriat.eiy write, "guod erat deinoiv
two make
You tell me that two and
four. I do not disuute
it, but it is not so plain that two and
two make four as t hat tho Lord God
Almighty made this world, and for
man, the sinner, he sont his only be
gotten son to die.
I put on tho witness stand to testify
in behalf of Christianity the church on
earth and all tho church in Hoavon.
Not fifty, not I,ooo, not, but
all tho church on earth and all tho
redeemed in Heaven,
Vou toll mo James A. Garfield was
inaugurated President of the United
stales on tho -1th of March, 1-1. How
do I know it? You toll mo thero wore
!i0,000 persons who did soo and hear
him. I say I cannot take It anyhow; J
did not see and hear him. Whoso tes
timony will you take? You will not
take tny testimony. You sav: "You
know nothing aliout it. You "wore twit
thero. Let us havo tho testimony
of the 20,(KHi persons who stood belore
the capitol and heard that magnifisent
inaugural." Why, of course that is as
your common sense dictates.
Now, hero aro some men who say
thev havo never seen Christ crowned
in the heart, and thoy do not lieliove
it is ever done. Thero is a grout) of
it jH ever done,
men who say they havo never heard
tho voice of Christ. Thoy have never
heard tho voice of God, Thoy do not
Iwliove it ever transpired or was ever
heard - that anything like It over oc
curred. I point to twenty, 100,000 or
1,000,000 people who say; "Christ wan
crowned in our hearts' affections. We
have soon Him and telt .Him in our
soul, and wo havo heard His voloo.
We have hoard It in storm and dnrk
noss. Wo havo hoard it again and
again." Whose testimony will you
take? These men who say thoy huve
not heard tho volco of Christ, have not
soon the coronation, or will you take
the thousands and millions of ChrU-
tians who testify of what they ay with
their own ejts and hoard with their
own ears?
V oniier is an aged Christian after
SO ,v ear experience of the power of
gixiliness in his soul. Ask this man
whether, when bo buried his dead, the
religion of Jesus Christ was cot a con
solation. Ask him if tbroutfh the lori"
j years of hii pilgrimage the Lord ever
forscjok him. Ask him when he looks
forward to the future if He has not a
peace, and a oy. and a consolation the
world cannot take away. Cut his testi
mony of what he lias seen and what he
has ieit opjiosito the testimony of a
man who says he has not seen anything
on the sub ect or felt anything on the
subject. U ill you take the testimony
of people who have not seen or people
! ,!. 1 1 1
1 w nu iiavc seen.
Vou say morphia puts one to sleep.
Y'ou say in time of sickness it is very
useful. I deny it. Morphia never
puts anylswly to sleep. It never alle
viates pain. Veil ask me why 1 say
that. I have never tr.ed it. 1 never
took: it. 1 deny that morphia is any
southing to the nerves or any quiet in
times ol sickness. I deny 'that mor
phia ever put anybody to sleep. Hut
here are twenty per.-ons who say they
haveall felt the soothing ofiect of a
physician's prescribing morpnino.
H hose testimony w ill you take those
who took the modi ine or mv testi
mony, 1 i.over having taken the medi
cine? Here is the gospel of Jesus
Christ an anodyne for ail trouble, the
mightiest medicine that ever came
down to earth. Here is a man who
says: "I don t believe in it. There
is no power in it." Here aro other
people who say: "We have found out
its power and know its soothing in
llueiico. It has cured us." Whoso
testimony will you tako m regard to
this healing medicine?
i ieei mat i nave convinced every
man in this house that it is uttor folly
to lake the testimony of those who
have never tried the gospel of Jesus
Christ in their own heart, and life. We
have tens of thousands ol witnesses.
I believe you aro ready to take their
testimony. Voung man, do not lie
ashamed to be a friend of the Bible.
L'o not put your thumb in your vest, as
young men sometimes do, mid swagger
aixmt talking of the glorious light of
tho nineteenth century and of there
being no need of a Liiiilo. They havo
tho light of nature in India ami China
and in all tho dark places on earth.
Did you ever hear that the light of
nature gavo them comfort for their
trouble.- They havo lancet tocut and
juggernauts to crush, but no comfort.
Ah," my friends, you hack bUter Stop
our skepticism. ' Sunpoae you are put
in this crisss: Oh, father, your child
is dying! What aro you going to say
to her?
Colonel Ethan Allen was a famous
infidel in his day. His wile was a very
consecrated woman. The mother in
structed the daughter in tho truths of
Christianity. The daughter sickened
and was aliout to dio, and said to her
father: "Father, shall I take your in
struction, or shall I. tako mothers in
struction? I am going to die now. I
must have this matter decided. That
man. who had been loud in his infidel
ity, said to his dying daughter: "My
dear, you had better take vour moth
er s religion. ' My advise is the same
to you, (.) young man -you had better
tako your mother's religion. You
know how 'it comforted her. You
know what she said to you when she
was dying. You had better tako your
mother's religion.
SUiitlnii in Stockholm.
Every ono In Sweden skates In tho
winter, from tho King downward.
Lake Malar presents a series of roag
nillcent o;.eu-air rinks. It is most
exhilarating to join the varied throrg,
any evening after 7 o'clock, on one
of these spacious swept and garnished
areas by the side of the central is
land. They are here in their thou
sands, men, women, and children.
And band stands in the middle of
tho areas give facility for tho music
so loved by the Stoekholmors. and
electric lam is arc slung round and
about tho enclosures. Above shines
tho moon benignant here as else
where, while on tho outskirts of tho
rinks aro booths where one may havo
hot coilee and sandwiches tho
i-wedish air is very or
shoot at blown eggs dancing on jets
of water. Homo of tho Swedes skate
superbly. They are deft at (Igure
skating, too contriving most of
their work on tho middle part of the
skate, which is made .slightly convex
for tho purpose. Under such condi
tions of weather as exist here in-wln-tor.
it is natural that there should ho
rink rules just as thore are .moral
rules of the pavement Cigar-ends
and dogs are. you learn from the no
tices, not to be endured on the Ice,
This is well. But the ordinary Swede,
whether man or woman, boy or girl,
can endure some hard tumbles with
out complaining. They are a hardy
peoplo, and not apt to complain of
trilling inconveniences -an admir
able quality, when -one rellects upon
It, and well worthy of imitation.
Much a Funeral Too Guy.
The old member of Congress had
boon appointed as one of the commit
tee to attend the remains of a fellow
member to their last resting place.
vl can't possibly go," he protested.
"Why not'?" inquired the chair,
Because tny wlfo died about a
mouth ago."
"But that certainly is no reason
why you can't o t j a funeral," expos,
tulatcu tho Chairman.
"Net an ordinary funeral," argued
tho member, "but you forgot this is
a Congressional funeral" Boston
Distrust others as you know oth
ers tiavft tfood reason to distrust you.
B. B. Brbwst&r, "
D. H. GRISWOLD, Cashier.
Transacts a General Banking Businegx
AMKRICUlf Exchaxob National Bank, New York,
Un.ied States National Bank, Omaha,
First National Bank, Chadroa.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
J. E. PHINNEY, Proprietor.
Pure Drugs, Medicines Paints,
Oils and Varnishes.
School Supplies.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
Day or Night.
Harrison, Nebraska,
Real Estate Agents,
Have a number of bargains in
choice land in Sioux county.
Parties desiring to
estate should
call on
School Lands
leased, taxes paid for
non-residents; farms rented, oto.
C. F. Corra,
buy or sell real
not fail to