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The Sioux County Journal
n F.ntM-tulnmrnt Whrrw the Lord In tha
, HaniutT aofl Aujcrl. Are the Uilicr-fri-An
KfTtH-tive mid Karoeit Oowpel
YlfU t the lucunverted.
Ktady for a Fat
Dr. Talmajre's suhiect wan "Festiv
Ity," and the text iseftiotoil, "Come, for
til thin'' are now ready:" Luko xiv,
It was one of tho mont exciting times
In Kiitfliih history when juecn Kli.n
Ixjth visited lioid IjeU'OHter at Ketiil
tvorth C'Htli!. The moment of her
arrival iu considered ho important
that all the clocks of tho ca.tle were
jtopjied, wj that the hundH mijrht jxiint
to that one moment an licing the most
sinilicunt of all. She wa,- greeted to
thu gat'.- with tloatini; iriliimln and
torches, and the thunder of cannon,
ami firework.- th:.t et ttie riijfhtalilne,
and a gi'i.'ut huivt of music that !if! d
the whole Beetle into erfect enchant
ment. Then Hhe wan introduced in a
dining hall tho luxiirieH of which at
toiiihtied the world. Four hundred
servant waited titon the i'tiet. The
entertainment coot f."i.(Mi em h dny.
!rd LciceHter made that great Hu)ier
In Keniluorth Cantle.
Cardinal W'oliicy ontertainod the
F'rom h emhiirt-u'loi at llaniilon 'otirt.
The Ix-nt cooks in all the land fire pa red
for the hun iuet. l'urveyoix went out
and traveled all the kingdom over to
find h)oilH for the tabic. The time
Came. The irue-t8 w-re kept during
tho ilay hunting in the King' park ho
that their appetite, might Ins keen
ami then in the evening, to the nound
of thu tr.mpoter. they were intro
duced into a hall tiling with silk and
cloth of fold, and there were tallies
ft;;littei with imperial plate ami laden
t itli tho rarest of menu and ablush
with the eoMiiioht wines, and wlo-n
tho second course of tlie feast came it
wan found that the articloH of had
been fashioned into tho shape of men,
birds and beast, and groups dancing,
and jousting parties ri(iitigugfiin-t t-uch
other with lam en. Lord and 1'rinces
and emlia-sadors. out of cuik filh'd to
the brim, drank tho health first of the
King of Kngland and next of the King
of Franco. Cardinal VVolwy rejared
that great hiipper in Hampton Co .rt.
A l(4markalIc ltHmiiipt..
Hut I have to tell you of a grander
entertainment. My Lord the King Is
the banqueter Angels are the rmt-
(ruents. Tin: hailo of eternal love,
frescoed with light and paved !
with joy and curtained with un- i
fading heanty. a o the tiaiKjuo! inn
place. The harmonioH of eternity are
the music. The chalices of lletven
are the plates, an I I am one of the
servants ' Oinin.' out with Uith hands
filled with imitations, scattering litem
everywhere, and, oh, that for your
Holvea you might hi eak the seal of the
Invitation and read the words written
in red ink of blood bv the tremulous '
hand of a iljing Christ, "Come now,
for all things are now ready.'' :
There have been grand entertain
ment where was a taken o I -'tins w i tie
pAve out, or t he servants were P-bel-lioiiK,
or the lijjht. failed, Jut I have
ffone all around aiHi it.tliis sub ect and
liKiked at the redemption wnich Chj ist
has provided, and I come here to tell
you it Is complete, and I swin open
the door of the feast, felling you that '
"all thinj.rsare now reaily." j
In the first phi' e. I have to iinnounee
that the Lord Jesus Chiist himself is
ready. Cardinal Wolsey came into ;
tho feast after the tirst courno. He
came in Ixxiicd and spurred, and tho
irncsts arose and choored him. Hut !
Christ comes in at the very lie'innin
of the feast- aye, he has been waiting
,H!i( years tor his quests. lie has
b!on standing on his mangled feet, Hoi
has hud his sore hand on His pune-
tured bide, or no has been pressing
Ilia lacerated temples - waiting, wait- j
Injj. It is wonderful that He has not ;
been impatient, and that He has not ;
Baid. "Shut the door and let the latr- ;
par i stay out," but he has leen wait-
wg- , i
So banqueter ever waited for hit) 1
(fuests so oatiently asChrisl has waited ;
for un. To prove how willinjf Ho is to j
receive us. I gather all the tears that ,
rolled down Hischeeksin Hympalhy for i
your sorrows: I gather all the drop ot
blood that channeled His brow, and Ills
back, and His hands and root, in trying
to purchase your redemption: I gather
all the groans that lie uttered in mid
night chill, an 1 in mountain hunger,
and in desert loneliness, and twist them
into one cry - bitter, agonizing, over
whelming. 1 gather all thu pains that shot from
spear and spike and cross, jolting into
one pang - remorseless, grinding, ex
cruciating. 1 take that one drop of
sweat on His brow, and under the
gospel glass that drop enlarges until I
see in it lakes of sorrow and an ocean
of agony. That being standing Itofore
you now, emaciated and gashed and
gory, coaxes for your love with a
tallies in which every word is a heart
ireak and every sentence a martyr
dom. How can you think Ho trifles?
For the Delayed iueu,
Ahasuerus prepared a feast for 1H0
days, but this feast is for all eternity.
Lords and princes wore Invited to that.
Vou and I and ail our world aro invited
to this. Christ is ready. Vou know
that the banqueters of olden time used
to wrap themselves in robes prepared
for tho occasion, so my Lord Jesus
hath wrapped Himscll in all that is
beautiful. Hoe how fair Ho Is! His
eye, HU brow, His cheek, so radlent
that the stars have no gleam and the
morning no brilliancy compared with
It, hi face reflecting all the joys of
thfl redeemed, His hand having the
omnipotent surgery with which Ho
opened blind eyes, and straightened
crooked limbs, and hoisted tho pillars
of Heaven, and swung the twelve gates,
which are twelve pearls.
There are not enough cii in Heaven
to dip up this ocean of U-auty. There
are not ladders enough to scale this
height of love. There are not enough
cymbals to clap, or harps to thrum, or
trumpets to peal forth the praises of
this one altogether fair. Oh. thou
I flower of eternity, thy breath is the
I perfume of Heaven! Oh, blis-ful day-
break, let ail people clap their hands
in thy radiance! Chorus Come, men
'. and saints and cherubim and seraphim
and archangel - all heights, all depths,
! all immensities. Chorus: Roll linn
I through the heavens in a chariot
universal acclaim, over bridges
Iiosannas. under arches of coronation,
along by tho great towers chiming
1 witli eternal jubilee. Chorus: "I nto
' Him who hath loved us and washed us
from oursins in His own blood, to Him
be glory, world without end!"
; 1 have a word of five letters, but no
fchoet white enough on which to write
it and no pen good enough with which
to inscribe it. Che me the fairest
leaf from the heavenly records-give
me the H-ncil with which ihe angel
ivcords His victory and then, with
my hand strung to supernatural ecstasy
and my pen dipped in the light of the
morning, i win wriie ii out. Ill Uie oap-
llals ol love, ".l-r.-S-l -S. ' It is
one. infinitely fair, to whom vou
invited. Christ is waiting for
waiting as a banuueter waits for
delayed guest tin; meats smoking,
the u-akers brimm ng. tiie , linstrels
with lingers on the stuT string, waiting
for the clash of the hoofs at, the gate
way. Waiting for you as a mother waits
for her son who went oil ten years ago,
dragging her bleeding heart along
with him. Vai1iiiLr! Oh. five me a
rompari-on intense enough, importu
nate enough to express my meaning
something high as liea'. en and ucep as
hell and long lisoternity ! Not hnping
that, you can help mo with Mich a com-puri-on.
1 will say, "lie is waiting as
only the all sympathetic Christ can
wait for the coming baek of
a lost
fnw thfi lou'HCin'I kUi tho Hon
Omio ;,nl wclcoL'jo, hiuni-r, orne.
Il'iw Luther Saw thi Truth.
Again, the holv spirit is ready.
is it that so many sermons drop dead
that ( hristain songs do not get their
wing under the people that so often
prayer goes no higher than a hunter's
"holloy" It is because there is a bnk
wanting - tho work of the holy spirit.
1'nless that spirit, give grappling hooks
ton hermon and lift tho prayer and
waft the song, everything is a dead
failure. That spirit is willing to come
at our call and lead you to eternal life,
or ready to come with the same lniwor
I with which he unhorsed Saul on tho
nn.t broke flown"'
,ydia in her tine store, and li ted that
.'I. ooi from midnight into mid noon at
the Pentecost. With that power tho
spirit of Cod now beats at the gate
of your soul. Have vou not noticed
what homely and insignificant instru
mentality tiie spirit of ( iod employs for
man's conversion'
There was a man on a Hudson Kiver
boat to whom a tract was olTered.
With indignation he tore it up and
t hrew it overboard. Hut one fragment
lodged on his coat sleeve, and he saw
on it the word ''eternity," and he found
no peace until he was prepared for that
great, future. Do you know what pas
sage it was that caused Martin Luther
to see the truth J "The just shall live
by faith." Iloyou know there is one
just one - passage that brought
Angu-tine from a life of dissipation'.'
"1 'ut ye on t be Iir i .Jesus Christ and
make no provision for the llesh to fui
lill the i'lsts t liereo'." It was just one
passage that eon rled Hedley Vicars,
the great soldier, tot'hrist. "The blood
of .lesiiM 'hrist cleanseth from all sin."
Do you know that t lie holy spirit used
one ) assage of Scripture to save Jona
than Kdwards? "Now. unto the King,
eternal, immortal, invisible, the only
wise Cod, our Saviour, be glory.'- One
year ugo on Thanksgiving Day I read
for my text, "Oh, give thanks unto the
Ijord, for Ho is good, for His mercy
endureth forever." And there, is a
young man in the house to whose heart
the holy spirit took that text for his
eternal redemption. I might speak of
my own ease. I will tell you 1 was
brought to tho peace of the gospel
through the Syro-i 'h i nician woman's
cry to Christ, "Kven tlie dogs eat of
the crumbs that fall from the master's
A (ilurlouft Chiirrh.
Again, the church is ready. O man,
if I could take the curtain oil these
Christian hearts I could show you a
K.reat many anxieties for your redomp
tion. l ou think that old man isiwleep
because his head is down and his eyes
are shut. No: he is praying for your
redemption and hoping that tho words
spoken may strike your heart. Do you
know t he air is full of prayer? Do you
know that prayer is going up from Ful
ton street prayer meeting and from
Friday evening prayer meeting, and
going up every hour of the day for the
redemption of the people? And if you
should just start toward tho door ol the.
Christian church, how (juickly it would
fly open! Hundreds of people would
say: "(Jive that man room at tho sac
rament, liring the silver liowl for his
baptism. Clve him the right hand of
Christian fellowship. Hr.rtg him into
all Christian associations."
Oh, you wanderer on tho cold moun
tains, come into the warm sheepfold. I
let down tho burs and bid vou come In.
With tho shepherds crook I point you
the way. Hundreds of ( liristian hands
Iteokon you into the church of Cod. A
great many people do not like tlie
church and say it is iv great muss of
hyjMicrites, but it is a glorious church
with all its imperfections. Christ
Itought it, and hoisted the pillars, and
swung its gates, and lifted its urchos,
and curtained it with upholstery crim
son with crucifixion carnage. Come
into it.
Wa ara a garden walled around.
( hotien anil tnada peculiar ground,
A lltlla npttt Inrloa 4 by Kraca
Out of the world ! wild wlldnroan.
Again, the angels of God are ready.
A great many Christians think that
the talk about angels is fanciful. You
say it is a very good subject for theo-
logical students w ho have just begun
so sermonize, but for older men it is
improper. There is no more proof In
that liible that there is a Cod than
that there are angels. Why, do not
they swarm alxnit Jacob's ladder? Are
we not told that they conducted I-az-arus
upward: that they stand before
the throne, their faces covered up with
their wings, while thev cry, "JJolv,
holy is the Iyird Cod Almighty?" Did
not David see thousands and thou
sands? Did not one angel slay Ml
men in Sennachorib'sarruv? And shall
j they not be the chief harvesters at the
j judgment?
Immortal Health.
There is a lino of loving, holy,
mighty angels reaching to Heaven. I
suppose they reach from here to the
very gate, and when an audience is as
sembled for Christian worship the air
is full of them. If each one of you has
a guardian angel, how many celestials
there are here! They crowd tho
place, they hover, they flit alxjut, they
rejoice. iook. that spirit is just come
from the throne! A moment ago it
stood Itolore Christ and heard the dox
ology of the gloriiied. Ixiok! llright
immortal, what news from the golden
city! Speak, spirit blest! The re
sponse comes melting on tho air,
"Come, for all things are now ready!"
Angels ready to bear the tidings,
angels ready to droit the benediction,
angels rea ly to kindle the joy. They
have felt the Joy that is felt where
there are no tears and no graves: im
mortal health, but noin alidism:songs,
but no groans: wedding liells, but no
funeral toft lies: eyes that never weep,
hands that, never blister, heads that
never faint, hearts that never break,
friendships that ar ) never weakened.
Heady, all of them! Heady, thrones,
principaliticsand powers! Koady, sera
phim and cherubim! Heady, Michael
the Archangel!
Again, your kindred in glorv are all
ready for your coming. 1 pronounce
modern spiritualism a fraud and ashnm,
i f ,j(,j,n Milton and Ceorge Whiteheld
; have no better business than to crawl
! under a table and rattle tho leaves,
i they had I totter stay at home in glory.
While 1 believe that modern spiritual
ism is bad because of its mental and
domestic ravages, common sense, en
lightened by Hie word of Cod, teaches
us thatour friends in glory sympathize
with our redenipt ion.
This Hible says plainly there is .oy
in Heaven among the angels o: Cod
over one sinner that repenteth. an I if
angels re,,oiee and know of it shall not
our friends standing among them know
it.' Some of these spirits in glory toiled
for your redemption. When they came
todie, their chief grief was .that J'"11
were not a ChrliUau. .. TJevil-
'"Meet mMri TTeitVf'ii."" ahd put ' tneir
hands out from the cover and said,
"Ooo lby. ' Now, suppose you should
cross over from n sim ul life to a holy
life. Suppose you should lie born into
tho Kingdom. Snpj ose you should say:
"Farewell, O deceitful world! (let
theo gone, my sin! Fie upon all tho
follies: O (.'hrist, help me or 1 perish!
I take Thy promise. 1 believe Thy
word. 1 enter Thy service."
Suppose you should say and do this?
Whv. the angel sent to vou would
shout upward. "He is coming!" and the
angel poising higher in the air would
shout it upward. "He is coming!'' and
it would run all up the line of light
from wing to wing and from trumpet
to trumpet until it reached the gate,
and then it would Hush to "the house
of many man-ions," and it would find
out your kindred there, and before
your tears of repentance hud been
wiped from the cle-ek and before you
had linished your first prayer your
kindred in glory would know of it, and
another Heaven woiul bo added to
their oy, and they would cry: "My
prayers are answered: another loved
one saved. Cive me a harp with which
to strike the joy. Saved! Saved !
A F mil ICxhortHtloti.
1 have shown you that "all things
aro ready," that Christ is ready, that
tlie Holy Spirit is ready, that the
church is ready, that the angels in
glory are ready, that your glorified
kindred are ready, then with all the
concentrated emphasis of mv soul J
ask you if yon art; ready? Yon see my
subject throws the whole responsibility
upon yourself. If you do not, get into
the King's banquet, it is because you
do not accept the invitation. Vou
liavo tho most importunate invitation.
Two arms stretched down from tho
cross soaked in blood frm elbow to
fingct tip, two lips (iiivering in mortal
anguish. t woeyes beaming wit h inlinito
love, saying. "Como, come, for all
things are now ready."
1 told vou that when the Queen came
to Kenilworth Castle they stopped all
tho clocks, that tin! finger of time
might bo pointed to that happy moment
of her arrival. Oh, if tho King would
como to the castle of your soul, you
might widl afford to stop all the clocks,
that the hands might forever point to
this moment as the one most bright,
most blessed, most tremendous. Now,
I wish I could go around from circle to
circle and Invito every one of you, ac
cording to the Invitation of my text,
saying, "Come!"
I would like to t ike every one of you
by tho hand and say, "Come!" Old
man, who has been wandering (Hi or 70
years, thy sun has almost gone down.
Through the dust, of the evening
stretch out your withered hand to
Christ, lie will not cast then oil, old
man. Oh, that one tear of repentance
might trickle down thy wrinkled
check! After Christ has fed thou all
thy life long, do you not think you can
ullord to speak orio word In his praise?
Como, tlioso of you who aro farthest
away from God. Drunkard, Christ can
put out tho lire of thy thirst. He can
break that shackle. Ho can reslero
thy blasted homo. Go to Jesus, liber
tine! Christ saw theo whore thou
wert last night. Ho knows of thy sin.
YetlMhou wilt bring thy pollutid
soul to Him this moment He will throw
over it the mantle of His pardon and
love. Merry for theo, oh, thou chief
of sinners! Harlot, thy feet foul with
hell and thy laughter the horror of
the street! Oh, Mary Magdalene, look
to Jesus! Mercy for thee, poor lost
waif of the street! Self righteous man,
thou must be horn again, or thou canst
not see tho kingdom of Cod!
Jo you thing yo l can get into the
feast with those rags? Why. the King's
servant would tear them off and leave
you naked at the gate. Vou must le
born again. The day is far spent. The
cliffs begin to slide their Ion 2 shadows
across the plain. Do you kiiow the
feast has already lieguu - tho fca.-t to
which you were invited and the King;
fcit with His guests, and the servant
stands with his hand on the door of tho
banqueting room, and he begins to
swing it shut' It is half way shut. It
is only just ajar. Soon it will be shut.
It is only just ajar. Soon it will be
"Come, for all things are now ready."
Have 1 missed one man? Who has not
felt himself called this hour? Thou I
call him now. This is the hour of thy
Wlillo Ood invite, bow l.lont tl.c day.
How Bwent tint KfiHj el'H clutruiintf aouud!
Com, sinner, ha-,te. ell. hHMe away,
Wuile yet a jmidobiug- God la louud.
A Siiccessl'iil Kxperi merit.
For three years a iSeliatny cooking
and eating club has existed in a Kan
sas town, proy ng so successful that
it seems likely to have a long life be
fore it. Th club is under tlie man
agemenl. of women. A large resi
dence whs rented for the head iuar
ters, and therein were nstalled a
matron, cooks and table waiters. It
is one of tlie indexible rule-1 of the
club that there shall be no uebls in
curred, and everything is pur hased
for a--h. Not less than twenty fam
ilies have been in tlie club, and often
times there have been more. Three
ladies constitute an exe utive om
uiittcf. with full power to purchase
material, levy asses merits, hire serv
ants, hear grievances, etc This com
I'jittee meets every Saturday after
noon, lays out the work for the tim
ing week, e-timates the expense and
levies the assessment o.i the mem
bers, whi h must be paid promptly
Monday morning. The marketing is
t!iou done, ana everything is paid for
tt)e week. The dining rooms nre set
with a number of tables, so thateaeh
faJnily has all tlie privacy of home
life. Complaints to any one except
to the committee are absolutely for
bidden, and mean exclusion, as it, is
considered that no one should stay in
tht ranks who is i ot fully satisfied
w Hi existing conditions. The expense
h'jiroved to m moderate and tho
' i'CT)LMatisf aeiory. Allowances are
! and guests are charged at a pro-rata
of tlie expense per member for the
week. The freedom from worry and
work has appealed strongly to the
j ladies of the neighborhood, and Hie
servant girl question has been solved
: for them. The girls at the house
like their work, as it is systematized,
j and they have a social enjoyment in
j the pr.'S ti e of the other domestics.
I'oiwiics and I'ountitt.
I What may come of small economies,
when once they are begun, is shown
i by the interesting work of the i'eriny
; Provident Fund. This society, which
has only been in existence about four
years, has received over $10(1,(11)0 in
deposits, and now has on its books
; over S;2o,ooo, all dejio-itcd in sums of
i from 1 to 10 ce sts. Tho idea of tlie
I orgatii.ers was to afford a chunce for
I children and very poor people to lay
by even the smallest sums; and fur
i tlier than that, to encourage and
urge the saving. Saving for spccillc
! objects is always encouraged, and
I this plan yields good results.
When a deposit reaches a com para-1
tively large amount, the owner is ad
I vised to open a regular savings-bank
account. There is no rivalry between
j the Fund and the savings-banks; in
I deed, some savii gs-banks have es-
i tablishcd in their oibces stations for
1 sidling the stamps which tiie rutid
furnishes, in denominations from 1
to 10 cents to be athxed to the cards
and serve as vouchers for the depos
its. On the other hand, the bitterest
enemies of tho Fund have been keep
ers of small candy shops, who have
even sent agents to schools whore the
caids are given out, In order to per
suade the '. h lid ren that they would
lose their money if they entrusted it
to the fund.
This general plan is so excellent
and so greatly deserves permanent
success that it is pleasant to add that
it is self-supporting and rapidly ex
tending its operations. Youth's Com
Having Pretty Pictures.
A pretty nursery screen is made by
I covering the panels with, any solid
(background desired, black, dirk red,
or brown, and pasting pictures cut
: from nursery tales upon them.
I One panel can be handsomely dec.
j orated with th3 pictuies that made
last year's calendar bucIi a thing ol
I beauty Illustrating, as inanyof thera
! do -In Mich lovely fashion the pro
cession of tho months.
The plethora, indeed, in those days
! of really exquisite specimens of the
j lithographer's art makes a disposition
j of thorn after they have survived theii
j brief present In current weekly,
! monthly, or annual, a real problem to
those who dislike to discard them
wholly or keep them forever out of
Hospital scrap albums are a good
solution of tho dilemma up to a cer
tain jKiint, hut there are more than
enough In many households for even
two or three of these.
Oiiave.dkiokkh do a great deal ot
work that is beneath them. I
B. E. Brkwstlr,
D. H. GRISWOLD, Cashisr.
Transacts a General Banking Business.
American Exchange National Bank, New York,
U.n. tkd States National Bake, Omaha,
First National Bane, Chadroa.
Interest Paid on Time Deposits.
P harmacy,
J. E. PHINNEY. Proprietor.
Pure Drugs, Medicines, Paints,
Oils and Varnishes.
School Supplies.
Prescriptions Carefully Compounded
Day or Night.
Harrison, Nebraska,
Real EOstate Agents,
Have a number of bargains In
choice land in Sioux county.
Parties desiring to
estate should
call on
School Lands
leased, taxes paid for
non-residents; farms rented, eta
C. F. Corra,
buy or sell real
not fail to
9' V