The Sioux County journal. (Harrison, Nebraska) 1888-1899, December 28, 1893, Image 2

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a. . IIHMOM, Proprietor
keeps np its
Tbe Kearney Journal
wir for paved ...u. ,
A new opera house will soon rei.lace
tl t one lately destroyed by lire at
Oieighton. I to formulate a line ot prosecution.
Ad educational paper called The ! Some of these men attended the con.
Teachers' Journal has been started in j ference, gave their opinions to tbe re
C dar county, j presentative of the mate, learned the
T. M. WPi-im . of Beaver City has policy of the prosecution ai.d now they
gone to Battle Creek, Mich., to recoup' are to take the stand for the other siue.
h i shatteied health.
Tbe editor of the Shelton Clippei
offers to take the of human kind
neas on subscription.
Madison county is billed for another
county seat fight in Norfolk
wants to be the capital.
The foreign grocery frauds lately dis
posed of a car of shelf-worn prunes and
things in Adams county
,7" MU,P "l ,urlu" 18 ialu "1- !
with a dislocated arm and many bruises j
i the result of a runaway team.
Mowing wells are becoming very
pupular in Holt couuty, as suggesting
the cheaper method of irrigation.
Gregor McGregor of ilartington fell
through a cracK iu t he floor of his hay
loft and broke three ribs loose from the
spinal column.
The Hub complains that the gamb
ling evil in Kearuey is not dying out as
it should do, but is waxing stronger,
bet the law on it.
Bob McDonald of Pierce is short a
beard and eyebrows, the result of heav-
ing kerosene upou the glowing embers j
in the kitchen stove.
The sessions of the Xorth Nebraska
Congregational club at Neligh were at
tended by the leading ministers of that
denomination in the state.
A thief entered the dental rooms of
Dr. H. J. Cole of Norfolk and swiped
$10 In cash and $2 wor.h of gold plate.
The fellow has not been pulled yet.
Capt. J. P. Finly of Scott's Bluff
county fell off the perch while plaster
ing his own bouse and now he lan
guishes with bis leg in a plaster cast
While returning from Grand Island
toherbomhin Merrick county, Mrs.
Ott was thrown from the wagon ani
sustained, among other injures a brok
en arm.
Frank Stromer, son of an Adams
county farmer, was thrown out of tbe
wagon by a runaway team, and has a
broken arm and sore head in conse
quence. J. B. Walker, the man convicted ol
the murder ot sl.eveus, paid out $2,000,
all tbe money he had, and now they
want $500 more secured to them before
be bangs.
A team owned by Jerry, a farmer
living five miles south of Stuart, ran
away. Mr. Murphy, was thrown from
tbe wagon, breaking his leg twice
above the knee.
The people of Shelton are caring for
tbe needy in a most generous manner.
Two wagon loads of groceries were
donated in one day, besides several
tons of coal and considerable cash.
Daniel Lake, a farmer across tbe
river from Niobrara' has just secured a
bride from North Dakota in tbe person
of Mrs. Carrie Brainard. The couple
had never met nntil the day of the wed
ding, but their courtship by the mail
route seemed to have been satisfactory
J. W. Brenneraan has a pet coon.
Not an E'hiopian, but an animal of the
four-footed variety with a fur fit for an
overcoat. Of late this coon has taken
it into his bead to have a little fun.
The other night he went out to S. H.
Campbell's, about two miles north of
town, and scratched on the door for
admission. The hour was late and all
bad retired, but Mrs. Campbell arose to
aee what was tbe trouble. As soon as
tba door was opened in popped Mr,
Coon, who scampered about until he
reached tbe room occupied by Mr.
Campbell, and seeing that gentlemen In
bad be suddenly took a notion to have
a nap, and jumped in also. Mr. Camp
bell was not certain whether the devil
had been turned loose on him, or
whether it was jnst a den of wild ani
mate. At any rate he did not appreciate
the companionship of his new bed-fellow
and vacated his couch with more
alacrity than he had before exhibited
In years. The self-invited guest was
finally prevailed upon to depart.
Fender Republican.
Although tbey were only married
N'avraber 29, this year, Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace W. Draw of Kearney are not
living together any more, and they
Have probably separated for good.
Their marriage wai the result of a
cowtahip by mail, though the man in
Use oasw ta 57 yean old, and Mrs. Debe
. JL UooHon of Dawson, Minn, who
baoaaae ICra. Brown, has clebrated ber
CA btrtbday. The couple were mar
ried at Kearney after a year of corre
iBBwaswee., but instead of taking hit
fcka U a luxurious home, Mr. Brown
eaattod bar to a shanty, whore aba was
Urmi to harry out of bed in tbe morn.
te& hciU tks Bree, prepare tbe meals
Jtko ta washing to support her
fL-rlM toast that If ber story
Lt ti, ad she kaiat bargateed for any
fcmtmt. Jast bow she is stop
':ttt good Samaritan's in Kearney
to rfa mmk money to
V ri to O fctato sU teat basis bar.
,e3tJ ICS '-;-
.:','h.- y- . a r if
StUl tba. Trial Goea Oa.
Chicago, Ic. 20. A teusation iu
sprung in the Prendergast case rhn,
at the adjournment of the morning
session, lawyers tor tbe prosecution
boldly charged that they bad been be
traved. j 8 o dock Mr. Datnroscb appeared upon
"The state has been tricked," said A. ' th. conductors stand. He was to cn
S. Trude. "and some of the doctors who i du the Lohengrin overture. IU
will take" the stand for the defense are
I1"" Te,J u""u,s wuu wr",lunl l"
' Kther eT tne state- alon8 wltb others, j
armed with every possible data tl at
the prosecution has gathered. You can
say for me that certain organizations
have raised money lor the defense of
t;ie murderer of t arter Harrison, and I
would not hesitate to say that money
has been freely used by the defense in
securing expert testimony.
Most prominent among the witnesses
examined were lr. Archibald Church
and Dr. Dr. 1). E. Bower. Each of
these gentlemen was asked:
uom TOU .mDloved in tbii
i case'"'"
iu each instance Mr. Trude stren
uously objected to an answer
given and the objection as sustai id.
After leaving the court room Dr.
Church and Dr. Brower explained the
situation as fo'lows, the statement be
ing made by Dr. Church and agreed to
by Dr. Brower as being equally ap
plicable in each incident to himself.
Dr. Church said:
"I was employed by State's Attorney
Kern to make an examination of I'ren
dertrast and to report to him as to los
mental condition and whether he was
mentally responsible for the crime. I
made tit : s examination and last Friday
I made a report to Mr. Kern, telling
him that I considered the prisoner In
sano and that hohUng such belief I
could not take the witness stand and
say he was sane. 1 told him that I did
not consider Pendergast ineutially re
sponsible lor his crime and with niy
t port I submitted my bill for the ser
vices w hich I had been employed to
reform and considered my connection
with the case ended, for if the state
tield the prisoner was sane they cer
tainly bad no use for mv evidence
which was directly opposed to that
idea. .Since that time I have been ub
pu'tiaed for the defense. Of course I
h td to obey the law and come. I have
told what I think of the man and that
I consider him crazy. 'y reftisiug te
goon tbe stand for the state I have
refused a fee of several hundred dol
lars. I believe that the poor devil wag
crazy, and he will not be hanged if I
can help it.
He Knew If Win Loaded.
Ft. Smith, Ark., Dec. 20. A tragedy
was enacted in this city yesterday and
r.s a result Miss Ida Dodsoa is dead
itiid two other persons are not expected
to nv-.Tbe affair occuired at Tucker's
grocery store on Townsend avenue
I about 2 o'clock in the afternoon
I Birnie Patrick, twenty-one years old,
j has been paying Miss Dobson attentions
I for some time past. He was as the
girl thought, too dissipated, and she
j endeavored to avoid him as much as
i possible. Patrick made a fruitless at
tempt to see ht r yes'erday morning.
! About 2 o'clock Miss Dodson, Mrs.
John Hendricks and Mrs. Ella Garrett
w re in Tucker's store when young
Patrick opened tbe door and walked
I in. After some words with Miss Dod-
in he produced a revolver and lired
j The bullet penetrated Miss Dodson's
breast and came out on her back, caus
ing instant death. Patrick then
levelled the gun at Mrs. Hendricks arid
sent a bullet through her lungs. He
then placed the muzzle to bis own
temple, but about thistimeespied Miss
Garret. Whith an oath he fired at her,
the ball taking effect in her arm. He
again placed the weapon to bis temple
and pulled the trigger, the ball crash
ing through the front part of his head
from ri?ht to left.
Murdered far Menejr.
Memphis, Tenn., Dec. 20 A dis
patch to tbe Commercial from West
Plains, Mo., says: A horrible tragedy
was enacted thirty miles southwest of
this place, in Baxter couuty. Ark., last
night. As Hunter Wilson, a prominent
stockman, and bis wife were sitting by
the fireplace the room was entered by
unknown parties, who immediately
commenced firing at Wilson and his
wife. Both were bit and fell to the
floor. Wilson died ana bis wife was
badly wounded, but is still conscioss.
She managed to drag herself to a
neighbor's and gave tbe alarm and a
niessenger was immediately dispatched
to this place for assistance, there being
no sheriff in Baxter county. When be
left the scene, the messenger says, the
woman was only able to say a few
words, but she managed to tell what
occurred after the shooting. After
finishing their fiendish work, as they
supposed, tbe murderers, who seemed
to be acquainted with tbe house, went
to a trunk, took out over a thousand
dollars and made their escape.
Oaceftke Jarre r leaaea.
New York, Dec. 80. One of tba
jurors In tbe trial of Dr. Heory C. F.
Mayan went crazy last evening and
tba trial was brought to a sadden stop.
jrraotborH will bo continoed or a new
trial ordered la as yet an open quot
as, Jastiot Barrett has requested
Br. Carlos Ms-Posjaei to
teat, ami maoa, of eawnv wd
btaitfort. Tba sCiataa teat tras
lrsrB. Lwwa, wto sas;::l km
rsrcttjitttjcrr '
A Mat Strike
New York, Ie. 11 A remarkabh.
scene was enacted last night at t'arnef is
Music hall. A large nHience was pre.
sent to litten to cue of the concerts of
the Symphony orchestra, of which
Walter Damrosch is the conductor. At
d his baton, but there
se from the orchestra.
was no re
in astou-
ish lent be looked at Us musicians and
agHlU waTed hig intw. Not the slight-
est sound came from the musicians,
Haising his baton a third time Mf
Da urosch beat a few bars of the over
ture but tbe same silence prevailed
among the musicians. A sharp hi
was beard in the fiont of the hou .
It was taken up by row after row f
j seat 4 and quickly spread to the gal
I leries.
j '1 urning to the assembly Mr. Dam
'rosctisaid: "Ladies and Gentlemen: I
j am .-.rry to say that there will be no
j con . i tonight My orchestra refi- es
to p iy for me on account of my ',
Hej. r. I regret to tell you this; I re
, grei i tell you the fabric which 1 havi
I been patiently weaving for years is
! ruineu. I blame no one for these hard
I facts. Your money will be refunded
! at the otlice during the week."
The trouble was brought about by
the trouble which Mr. Datnrosch has
recently been having with the Musical
Protective union. They protested
against the importation of the famous
violoncellist, Anton Ileguer, who has
not been in this country a sufficiently
long time to become a member of the
union. On Friday night "Mr. Dam
roscli resigned from theMusical Protec
tive union on account of the persist
ence with which the raemberi refused
to suspend the six month rule In
Hegner's case, and fearine (he union
would be to much for them, the mem
bers of the Symphony orchet'ra decided
to follow tbe union's mandate.
A Cowardly t'rln.
Mason City, la., Dec. 19. A cow
ardly crime was committed in London
township, North countv. Friday. Frank
Cherney had allowed a tramp to remain
at his home to do chores. Mr. Cherney
had been Belling grain at Lyle, intend
ing to make a payment on his land, and
the ramp became convinced that the
mo'.ey was on the premises. Mrs,
Cherney did not propose to give it up
and the wretch gat down her husband's
old army musket and threatened to
sho"t her. The plucky woman refused
fo disgorge, whereupon the follow fired
upon her at short range, hitting her in
the left side. Failing to kill the woman
with the gun, the tramp tried to beat
her to death with a fork handle, bnt
the woman fought him off and got the
club away from him. The authorities
were notified and attempted to capture
the scoundrel, but at last reports he
was slill at large.
Kr'lenrd ),. l',,rtr..llo
City of Mexico, Mex., Dec. 19.
Senor Joaquin Barando, secretary of
justice and public instruction Iu the
Mexican cabinet, will resign has port
folio. The reason signed is in conse
quence of the late r ssage by the cham
ber of deputies of. ie bill making the
tenure of office of tn judges of the su
premo court for life or during good be
havior. Mr. Barando is quoted as feel,
ing that he ha been improperly dealt
with by President Diaz in the way the
bill has been handled. Mr. Barando
has been one of the cabinet since I t0,
and Ins administration of affairs in the
educational and judicial departments
of the government has always been
most satisfactory and successful.
1 he atlunal Capital
Washington, Iec. 19. Representa
tive Simpson of Kansas has introduced
a bill to place manufactured woolens
on the free lixt. Mr. Simpson intends
to urge this bill as au amendment to
the Wilson tariff bill.
George D. Alien of Las Vegas, N.
M., I' as been disbarred from practice
befo e tbe pension bureau for improper
and inprofessional conduct
AcUng on the report made to him by
the civil service commission, Attorney
General Olney has instructed the dis
trict attorney for ll.e northern district
of Ohio to look into the alleged viola
tions of the civil service department In
t i cane of political assessments at
Toledo, O., by the republican central
a mm it tee.
Mr. Morgan, democrat of Alabama,
r.liairmau of the committee on foreign
r -si'i 'M, introduced a bill as to pro
visional governments. It provides
that whenever the United States shall
acquire dominion over any foreign
country or place by treaty of annexation
or otherwise the president of tbe
United Slates, with the advice and con
vent of the sena'.e, may appoint a gov
trnorioribe same and a legislative
ouncil, to consist of any number of
per .i., not less than five nor more
than twenty-five, whose acts shall be
subject to revision or repeal by con
gress, and, unless otherwise pro
vided said governor and council
shall constitute and conduct
the.provisional government for such
country or place until congress shall
otherwise provide by law. The bill was
iroferred to tbe committee on foreign
SteatfaaMeae atoeelvaaj aatf Accepted,
Washington, Dec. lit. Secretary
Carlisle has received and accepted the
following resignations. J. C. Boglin,
amis tan t appraiser, New York; Dennis
jBSgan. eoUoctor of internal revenue, dis
trict of yiorMa; John j. KWgway, sur
veyor of cosioms. Philadelphia: Theo,
l. Willis, naval omosr. Nsw York;
'boras V. Cooper, collector of cus
toms, FUlsmslfbla; Tbos. J. Powers,
raval oCasr, Pbllatlariata; Wm. T.
Xltrym, eoHattor of saatomt. Porta
, v. r.
PorrlKn MlnUtar Talk.
Washington. Dec. 18. The British
anibasHn ior. Sir Julian 1'auneefote, is
keeping himself and his government
fully informed conceruint the tariff
developments. Only last w-ek copies
of the wav - and means committee's bill
were forwa ded to the British foreign
odicer at l-ondon. A representative
of the Ass.. . ited press, who called at
the British -mbassy. was asked by Hon.
Alan John.-'.jne, one of the tectretariea
oftheeml y, to submit the exact
questions i. wished to submit to the
ambassador m writing. Tbey were as
"Will the ambasBidor favor the Asso
ciate press with a brief expression, to
be used witn similar expression from
other embassies and legations, as to
the interest taken or a'tentiou given
to the revision of the tariff, as it con
templates broader and more ir:tim.te
commercial relations between the
United States and Great Britain or the
Rrltisli rntnr i'"
'1 his Mr. Johnstone submitted to the
ambassador and returned with the fol
lowing answer.
"The ambassador repr-s to inforn.
the Associated press in. lie deems it
inexpedient to express an opinion on
the inteni'il legislation of the United
Prince Cantacuzene, the Husian
minister talked most entertainingly
concerning the tariff question, as it re
lated to Rush! a, but he would make no
reference to the question as a phase of
American legislation. The minister
says that he regards the protective
policy as essential to tbe developing of
the industrial and manufacturing in
terests of tbe count-y and regards such
development .is outside the bounds of
entlment and abstract theory and one
of plain business calculations. This
statement, however, the minister re
stricted in its application to Kussia, a
he would Dot discuss tbe American
Sen Don E. de Muruaga, the Span
ish : .ster, said the treaty conferred
man) commercial benefits on tbe
United States. American flour was
admitted to Cuba at a much lower rate
of duty than before and this feature
ha-resulted in the shipment of thou
sands of barrels of A merican flour to
ceived a benefit in the remission of
duty on raw sugar. N'ow, however,
there are Indications that a duty may
be restored on raw sugar. As to
tobacco, also, the dimmer. ,al relations
aided by a reduction of the duties, but
the indications are that tobacco will be
one of the articles on which an increase
will be made.
At the residence of Baron A. Von
Saurma Jell h, the German ambassa
dor, the subject was discussed trom tbe
German standpoint by an official of
the embassy.
"Germauy would be glad to extend
her trade with this country," said be.
"At the present time tbe balance of
trade is stro..,'ly in favor of tbe United
States, as Germany buys very heavily
of your giain, pork and meats, which
this country makes no corresponding
purchase of the goods of Germany.
The McKinle. tariff further restricted
the commerce between the countries.
It is to be hop d the new tan li will be
In the directii. . of eucouragiug com
merce between the two countries, but
the drafts thus far submitted give
little evidence of materially changing
tbe present conditions, as they appeal
to cling to the policy of protecting
local industries against competition."
1 A - the Chinese embassy little could
be learned as to the interest taken In
the tariff. It was said by one of tbe
official that no active interest In the
subject had been taken by the minis
ter. It was added the in. isterfavored
a development of the cou..nercial rela
tions and regarded China as a fruitful
field lor American enterprise j
lrftratd the Coiner. '
St. Jok, Mo., Dec. 18. For some
months Harrison county has been
oaded witb spurious silver quarters,
halves, dollars and nickels. The coun
terfeit was a very dan -out one and
the government officials ave worked
on the case for months, knowing that
an organized gang was doing tbe
work. Charles Holmes and E. M
Ash ford were arrested and brought be
fore United States commissioner.
Four -rfect sets of dies for making
I'Jie coins Indicated were found iu
Holm' ' possession. Ash ford Is a
merchant of Bethany, Mo., and Is
.charged with passing the ttuff. He it
worth 50,000. Other Nrrests will be
Preferred Oraih tu Capture.
Loni . N.Dec. IS. A dispatch re
ceived ere dated at Moscow says that
he police of that piace, assisted by a
ietachment of Cossacks, surrounded
vnd surprised a large number of nihil
lists in an isolated house outside Mos
row. The nihilisU made a desperate
eslstance, fifteen of tbe police were
' -ounded. and live of the nihilists com
jiitted suicide, preferring death to be
,nf captured. Twenty-two of the m
otiists succeeded In escaping and fifty
were captured.
Sarah Hernhardt'a Meaaelra.
Paris, Dec. I8.-Sarah Bernhardt is
about to publish her memoirs. Tbey
will appear in two volumes.
Cloeee) ap the Lattery.
Louisville, Ky, Dec. 18. Manager
Douglas of ths Frankfort Lottery com
nany announced that the lottery would
tasjond operations for the present
Thars are about forty offices in this city.
Dr. Douglas said that bo believed that
tba lottery had a vested right and that
lbs eat would be taken to the United
supremo court, Major v. w.
sders. Urn ehlef legal mvisot of
Tfc Chlcaf ElMllo.
Chicago, Dec 21. The democracy
of Chicago was victorious at the polls
Tuesday, when a mayor was selected
for the unexpired term of the late
Ca, er H. Harrison. The new mayor
is John P. Hopkins and his defeated
opponent is Gxotge B. wift, now
mayor ad Interim, who will resume his
duties as alderman. The campaign
was short and sharp and the cou'eat a
close one, as shown by the following
figures: Hopkins 112,16s, Swift 111,73;;
plurality for Hopkins, 1.2J0.
The total vote Klled was 227,307,
there being two other candidates in the
field. The election passed off quietly.
A democratic majority of 10.1MJ was
expected and the small difference be
tween the party votes indicates that
C hicago is not safely democratic at a
local election. The late mayor's great
ersonal popularity was responsible for
the large democratic majority given
him last spring.
John P. Hopkins is a young man and
'has been only thirteen j ears a resident
of Chicago. He was born In Buffalo
X. V., October 2'J, 1H5H, in the old
England ward, Cleveland and Biaell's
ward. He was educated in the schools
of Buffalo, but is not a collegiate. Like
. I
ins opponent ne is ciasseu as a oum- j
ness man. lie resides ai tveiifingiou,
near the southern limits of the city.
His first work in Buffalo was in a
foundry. Then he got employment in
F.van's elevators, w here he was soon
promoted t his first portion of re
sponsibility, that of weight-master,
which he held until lie removed to
Chicago in 1879. Here lie began bis
career shoving lumber in the yards at
Pullman. He advanced in the Pull
man company's service to store time
keeper, general tirrekeeper, and pay
master. Kobberi I be Uobbirn.
Chicago, Dec. 21. Four men held
up the cashier of Morgan A; Sbrin's
gambling house on Quincy street and
secured W iu cash. Two of them
stood guard at the front entrance
while the others entered the place
and, covering the cashier with
revolvers, coolly emptied the safe.
Threatening the frightened cashier
with deatti If he made an out
cry, the robbers made good their escape.
Four of the employes or the place were
present at the time of the robbery O.
l!aer, Henry Dale, John Keefe and
James lioberts. The quartet was com
pelled to stand with hands up while
the intruders went through the place.
Ills thought the job was done by ex
perience crooks.
Kklpprd In I.ixkI Tliritt.
A l dniio.v, la., Dec. 21. A telegiam
from San Francisco states that Chris
Hanson, who is wanted in Poplar, a
small town near here, for robbing re
gistered mail while assistant post
master, and for for King the names of
prominent farmers, has been Hrrested
in California by a postotlice inspector.
Hanson was the manager of a general
store at I'oplar, and had charge of the
postoflice. Mories of crookedness
leaked nut and an investigation was
about to be made, tvlien Hanson de
camped. It was found that he had
forged notes to a large amount and had
opened mail and taken all valuables.
Hanson will be brought back at once.
1 he I'rUtHirr 1 iat not II an
Chicago, Dec. 21. In the Pendei-
iiast trial yesterday the evidence heard
was mainly on ti e question of the
prisoner's sanity. Most of the wit
nesses examined testified to their be
lief that the murderer is perfectly sane.
There is not likely to be much more
evidence Introduced and the attorneys
are in hopes that the end of the case
may be reached by Saturday.
Attorney Wade who represents As
sassin preiidergast, made a startling
statement in court. The attorney is
thoroughly imbuded with the idea that
Prendergast is Insane, and he will fight
a verdict of hanging to the highest
courts. Said he: "1 will not consent
to any form of a verdict, and 1 am
prepared to state that the prisoner's
family will not object to a sentence for
life In the penitentiary or confinement
jn some institution for the insane for
tbe period of natural life. In fact I
will go so far in my argument to the
Jury as to suggest ttiat disposition of
Prendergaal's case. Hut the prisoner
must not hang. The jury can make
whatever form of verdict it choses,
aside from Infliction of the death pen
alty, and I will accept It."
Grave Kebheri Sentenced.
Des Moimcs, Dec. 21. Judge
rad overruled the motion for a
trial in the grave robber cases and
new Sen-
tenced Dr. John W, Scliaeffer to six
months in the penitentiary, and fined
two of his associate, J. W. Sloan and
James Martin. Judge Bishop, counsel
for Scliaeffer, gave notice that he would
tppeal th case to the a. i pre me court,
where he hoped to get a reversal of
the case on tbe ground that tbe
court erred Ip refusing a change of
venue, this community being preju
diced against the defendants. This is
the ground upon which the celebrated
'"red Crafton murder case was recent-)
ly reversed by the supreme court
fleet h Sentence Ualarrd.
Coi-LMBi s, 1 nd., Dec. 21. A sensa
tion was created In the circuit court
Thursday morning by the attorney of
Cyrus Brown, condemned to death for
the murder or bis wire, tiling an
'affidavit charging J. I. Griffy, a Juror,
with being drunk when on tbe witness
stand. Griffy Is a leading church mem
ber. Tao court permlttod the filing of
.AeilA mMs4mtaTlfa fear a( Wmw inmmmm
I ajias?iac a diCarsnt state of facta. Tba
B- retries 0 C., FaO.
PrrrsBi RO, Dec. 16.-R. Patrick A
fjo bankers, have cloned their doors.
IV firm is one of tbe oldest private
bai king bouses in the city.
Their liabilities are 1000,000; assets,
The trouble began six months ago,
when the stringency in the money
market commenced nd the firm has
every since been making a hard strug
gle. Several times it was enabled to
pull through. The immediate Clearing association to pass checks
amounting to 21,000.
The firm was nnable to realize on its
ssseu speedily and could not pay the
chec-.s, and the only thing to do was
to c ose. An assignment will be made
as soon as the papers can be drawn.
W. T. Wallace, tbe cashier, said:
"This trouble was caused by the fail
ure to realize on our assets, which con
cluded to close, and will make an as
signment so all w ill be protected."
The assets include some valuable
real estate, which, when realized on,
will more thau pay all liabilities. Mr.
Wallace is also quite wealthy, and de
pcauors will be paid in full. Tbe sole
survivor of the firm is W. W. Patricb,
w ho had gone home and could not be
seen. This is the first bank failure in
Pituburg in years.
Inrarrllng the Mjrulerr.
Chicago, Dec. 15. The prosecution
In the Coiiglilm case devoted Its en
ergies largely to unraveling the mys
tery surrounding the story of tbe
wagon in which Cronin's remains were
said to have been carried from tbe
Carlson cottage to the catch basin.
Policeman tSteib testified that he
was on duty on the night of May 4.
He was called to testify to having seen
the mysterious wagon, but his evidence
was strongly objected to by Judge
Wing. The objection was overruled,
however, '""1 the witness stated that at
llo'ch on the night in question he
saw three men in a carpenter's wagon
drawn by a bay horse, in the wagon
was a large trunk. He was unable to
describe the occupants of the wagon.
Hie vehicle at the time was going
towards the catch basin where the body
was afterwards found. On the cross
examination Steib contradicted the
statement made at the former trial re
garding the color of the ( horse that
drew the wagon. Then he said It was
a dark gray, while this time he was
positive that It was a dark bay. Ofllcr
James Itiley was with Steib at the
time the wagon passed and corrobor
ated that officer's testimrny.
It is stated positively that Mrs. Foy'a
brother.'Joe McLaughlin, will sail for
America within a few days and that
an ocean ticket has already been sent
to him.
Unconfirmed rumors were current
that counsel for the state has disagreed
as to the manner of conducting tbe
case, and that either Assistant Attor
ney Bottum or Associate Counsel
Scaelon may withdraw from the case.
Married an Karl
London, Dec. 16. The marriage of
Miss Adele Grant of New York to
George Devereaux Devere ( apel, earl
of Easei, took place yesterday morn
ing at the St. Margaret's church, West
minster. The archdeacon of West
minster, Frederick W. Farrar, assisted
by the private chaplain of the earl of
Essex, officiated Tbe church was
crowded and included among the con
gregation were nearly all the best
known Americans in London, as well
as representatives of the aristocracy of
the United Kingdom. Among those
present were Unit'-d States Ambassa
dor Bayard and all the members of tbe
United Htates embassy. The marriage
was followed by a reception at Mrs.
Grant's lesldeuce on Cumberland
The best man was Baron Detuyee,
tbe bridesmaids were Miss Edith Grant,
Miss Alberta Paget, daughter of Lady
Alfred Paget; Miss Diana Stuart,
daughter of Lady Florence Stuart;
Miss Mary Colebrook.daugbte-of Lady
Colebrook; Miss Gweffa Williams
daughter of Mrs. P, W. Williams and
Miss 1L Dorothy and Miss Sells
Dswnay, daughters of Hon. Kustis
Dawnay. The bridesmaids wore white
Norman satin dresses, bordered with
mink and blue velvet with Charles I
capes and velvet toques, ornamented
with fur. They carried Louis XV stocks
surmounted with tiny gold coronets,
the gift of the bridegroom. The bride,
who was given away by her uncle, Mr.
S. Grant, wore a cream satin dress,
embroidered with silver and trimmed
with point de Alcen lace and a veil of
the same lace; upon her bead was a
dlamod tiara, the gift of tbe bride
groom. The service was fully choral
and Sir Arthur .Sullivan officiated at
the orgsn.
, Heated fore Triple Mardrr.
Bkockvili.k, Ont., Dec. 18. Chsrles
Luckey was banged here at 8 o'clock
yesterday morning. He walked smil
ingly to the gallows and protested his
innocence to the last. After two trials
he had been found guilty of murdering
bis father, stepmother and sister at
New Biles, Octobe 8, 1802.
Charged erllh Illegal Fnollag.
St. Louis. Dec. 16. The ease in"
volvlng an llleged Infraction of tba in
terstate commerce act by tba Wabash
Railroad company and other common
carriers csme np In tba United Ntatot;
district court. Tba road Is charged by1
!tba government with having gone lata
a pool eontrary to tba proviasiont si
jshio utorstats eommaros act. Tba aa
kin day was davoted to argn moats.
Ho dtsjsjstj was roasted.
ttltUfoMM MP. awm.
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